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Catch As Cash Can Part Four

Reviewed: 09/01/2009

The Rich Go to 11.....

Well; here we are at the grand finale of the second of four story arcs (and halfway through Volume 2 no less) as Scrooge and Flintheart battle it out for the biggest weigh in ever. So who will win this one? And will it be any good? Let's rant on and find out shall we....

This episode was written by Jymn Magon, Bruce Talkington and Mark Zaslove. The story is edited by Jymn Magon. The script is consulted by Tedd Anasti and Patsy Cameron and the teleplay is done by Bruce Reid Schaefer. Ah the writer who unleashed Darkwing Doubloon on us is back again; around since the Gummi Bear days I might add. Started with Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors in 1985 and Teen Wolf soon after. Extreme Ghostbusters is his last known credit in 1997. Then again; finding accurate writing credits on USIMDB is hell since most people tend to care more about the voices and the actors than the one in the trenches. Well; go figure; they aren't good looking and they cannot act anyway.

Opening Moment #1: The title card for this one is Working for Scales which also fits the context of this episode. You may not like Jymn Magon's bad puns; but at least they fit the episodes much of the time

We begin this one with a pan shot of of a rocky desert as a few lizards show up to prove that television animation is good I guess. We pan over to the giant ass scale as Flintheart's fortune has already arrived on the scale as the Grand Kishike calls this most not good for Scrooge. If he's talking about his attitude for the past three episodes than I have to concur. Kishkie has the golden Firefly fruit inside his green pot to show us that the contest is on as Flint is standing next to a white tent. Flint proclaims that Scrooge (a poor old kilt-kicker. HA! You're the one to talk Flint.) is still getting his fortune from the ocean floor. Of course like a good heel he leaves out the fact that he indirectly caused it. He takes the pot and wants Kishke to declare him the winner by default; but Kishke takes it back saying Scrooge has only one hour left. He takes a fruit out of the pot to force the point of the contest as Flintheart decides to resign to one hour since Scrooge couldn't get his fortune there in one hour. Could he? He wants his crates so he offers Kishke a rest while he takes a little ride. Kishke agrees to it and goes to his tent as we then see an airplane (which looks like something TaleSpin would recycle takes a crate and drops it in front of Flintheart by parachute. Wussy bump ensues and judging by the sound of Burger's voice; the Beagle Boys are inside. I check the DVD....Damn; I'm good as Burger comes out on top as he wants to eat a horse. Of course you do; and then you can place the horse's ass in Scrooge's bedroom when Flintheart cheats....ERRR...I mean wins. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...

I see Al Khan Whizzer is in the middle so that makes Big Time is on bottom. Talk about whizzing away your dignity. AHHAHAHA! Big Time blows off Flintheart's transportation decisions (and you thought Scrooge was CHEAP?) so Flint counters by telling them he'll send them back to spacious jail. Geez; these guys spend more time in jail for pettier crimes than NuJack. Big Time and company change their tune and thank him, DUH! Flintheart explains the MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN to them as they walk stage right as he wants them to run interference for one hour and prevent them Scrooge from getting his fortune weighed. We head to inside a communications building (which clearly was built by Flint) as Burger wants some kish (which Disney Captions has as keys, natch) as Flint blows him off. HAHA! Flint calls Kishke the local potentate which Burger calls him a potato. If he was wearing brown potato like gear then this joke would be funny and ironic. Here it is just funny as Big Time gives him the Rebecca elbow to the ribs. Flint goes over to the radar as he proclaims that if Scrooge comes by plane, boat or even go-kart (HA! As if...) the radar will pick up the engine noise. If there is a blip on the radar; they smash him like a bug. Al Khan Whizzer calls him slow just to annoy Flint as he calls him a rattle-brain and just to look up at the screen. He pushes the red button and the screen shows clouds moving and a far shot of the scales. Flint doesn't want him within a hundred miles of the scales.

So we logically go to the skies as a cloud is moving and Scrooge is laughing because Glomgold will never find him and his train up in the clouds as we see a cartoon eye inside the telescope lens. And then we see Scrooge looking on from the Floating City of Altantis as it's being carried by gaint ass pink/green and yellow balloons. Okay; it's not really a logic break per se, but HOW IN THE HELL DID HE MANAGED TO DO THAT? You mean that they are going to do 19 straight minutes of Scrooge VS. The Beagle Boys in a heel edition of Louie's Last Stand? This had better be good Jymn Magon; or else....We then see Launchpad on top near a sheltered building holding onto the red lever (WRONG LEVER!); getting ready just in case a crash is needed to get the episode over. We then see Gyro of course doing some treadmill biking just to make him one step above Mr. Hardcore in the life department. The props continue at great neck speed (well for a giant ass lost city) as Scrooge goes over to his MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH proclaiming that he'll win this contest and then he starts swimming in his gold hill just because it's been a week and he hasn't done it yet. He gets to the top and proclaims that he'll be the richest duck in the world.

Well; at least Scrooge is happier now that he is in his happy place so to speak. Where is Doofus Drake anyway?! Sadly; LP proclaims that Gyro is too tired to pedal anymore as Gyro shows that he lack of life is haunting him now. Gyro tells Scrooge that the nephews are supposed to take over and again; WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO DOOFUS?! AND HOW DID THE NEPHEWS GET INVOLVED?! I'm not calling this a logic break since the nephews probably arrived with Mrs. Beakly and the FCC Navy; but what about Doofus? That I think is logic break #1 for the episode. Sadly; the cloud machine the nephews are attending too has stopped and the clouds are dying on Scrooge which turns him paranoid again. Scrooge runs complete with Hanna Barbera running sound effect which shows how lame that is and he puts more firewood into the bottom of the cloud making machine while blowing off the lazy nephews. Better question Scrooge: Where is Doofus Drake?!

So we head to inside an ancient building as the nephews are looking at the western wall researching the place. Louie has the LIBERAL RED BOOK OF LIES THE KIDS EDITION~! POW! OUCH! Umm..I mean the Junior Woodchuck Guide Book as he found a clue and Huey proclaims that if they find the fabled treasure of Atlantis; then Scrooge will have the contest in the bag so to speak. Dewey of course states the real reason to do this: earn the archeology merit badge. Louie reads on that there is an ancient riddle which reads as follows: The treasure is hidden by rock and by lever. So find it to fish and turn them together. I guess that means a rock and lever is hidden somewhere and you need to find them and turn them together. Yeah; that doesn't make better sense with my translation either. The nephews aren't sure about it either as we go to the scene changer as the Beagle Boys are at the building sleeping on the job as usual. Actually; only Big Time Beagle on the near shot inside the building as Al Khan Whizzer and Burger are watching the clouds dreaming about seeing something when there is nothing for them to dream about. Burger of course is seeing cloud food in the form of cloud chicken and a plate of cloud mash potatoes. Which isn't all that different from the real thing all things considered.

Big Time blows him off as eating makes Burger hungry. I guess that's why he's called Burger Beagle right? Where I come from; that name is Hoppo. POW! OUCH! Ummm...Big Time yawns and finds nothing on the screen as he proclaims that if Scrooge doesn't show up, Flint wins the contest. I think we got the point about two minutes ago Big Time. And then Big Time hatches a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN of his own as he wants to steal Flint's fortune. Okay; this sounds pretty interesting as a possible sub-plot; but it still doesn't change the fact that this is the heel edition of Louie's Last Stand. Burger wants some pie and I'm sure the Rock will give him some. Like pootang pie there Burger? AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Al Khan Whizzer then notices Scrooge's floating city of Atlantis as he calls it a ducky. Well; you're close Al Khan Whizzer as Burger calls it an island hung with balloons. Big Time gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and gets up; runs to the conveintly placed telescope and then walks out. He looks up from the sky with it and yells out that it is a flying island. Well; so much for keeping it within 100 miles as he runs to call Glommy (Flint in Beagle Boy to English speak). And the cloud island doesn't move either which is bad form from TMS there. Big Time invokes the transmitter and calls for Flint.

So we logically go to below the giant ass scales as Flint and Kishke exchange notes on Scrooge's appearance. Kishke tells him that it's only fair to wait in spite of the fact that Scrooge's chances of winning are getting slimmer. Flint then whisper yells that he doesn't have to which sounds like Kishke can clearly hear him. Logic break #2 for the episode as his transmitter makes little beeping sounds. Sadly; it won't make him the oil boy for the woman's volleyball team. But I heard Duckberg Radio Transmitters Inc. is working on it. Sources have not be independently confirmed yet. Flint goes to his radio transmitter as Kishke claims he's beeping. Of course he is Kishke; but he hasn't swore yet. Flint tells him that he's off to answer it and bails stage left as Kishke is relieved to know that he was not beeping. I didn't know the guy had a pacemaker? He holding his chest with his hands adds evidence to that theory as we cut to Flint opening his jacket to answer Big Time and Big Time explains the situation. Flint simply orders them to check it out and calls them jailbirds. Big Time responds with a Roger Wilcox (which is a wee bit disturbing of a joke to use on children's television) and goes over and under.

So it's pick'em odds tonight. Flint just clicks it off as Kishke taps his shoulder (PERVERT!) as Flint closes his jacket while Kishke proclaims that he must love talking to his coat. HAHA! That puts him on the same level of mockery as Drake Mallard is now. Flint is quite amused at that comment as we cut to the Beagle Boys running stage right from the FCC BUILDING OF DOOM to an army tent pitched nearby. Oooookkkkkkaaaayyy. Then we hear engine noises and three blue jets fly into the sky as I suspect there will be some Top Gun references in this episode before this is all said and done. We cut to Burger in his plane making gunfire noises as he is a pilot now just to show off. I like Molly's Tailgunner Joe routine better; which of course Disney ordered Jymn and company to stop doing in TaleSpin. You don't want little girls acting like real boys nor act out machine gun weapons now do we? Big Time blows them off and calls Burger a Top Goon. HAHA! That's Top Gun reference #1 for the episode. More to come; I'm certain.

So the jet plane fly towards the front of the floating city as we see Gyro, Scrooge and Launchpad manning the cloud machine and LP reports banditos at 3:00. Gyro and Scrooge turn around to check as LP recoils and thinks it's 2:30ish. HEE HEE! I would have thought LP would get his flying lingo straight; but of course it's LP; what did I expect? Well; someone is coming as Scrooge proclaims that they have been spotted as the Golden G symbol in Wii Blue gives them away, DUH! So it's only going to be 14 straight minutes of Louie's Last Stand which is an improvement at least. Scrooge and company run back towards the bicycle as we cut back inside the ancient building as the nephews are looking around the area and then that spotted Glomgold's planes. Ummm; check your internal logic guys; there is a stone CEILING which prevents them from spotting anything. Logic break #3 for the episode. Wouldn't it hurt for it to be: That sounds like Glomgold's jets. And then they get the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY as they forgot the cloud machine. That's not the only thing you forgot. How about DOOFUS you doofuses?!

We cut to outside on the side shot as the navy blue jet planes circle the city as Scrooge is at the lever (WRONG LEVER!) while Launchpad gets to bike ride. Oh swell; let's REALLY lower LP's weight. It's not like he's thin enough as it is. LP wishes that he had a plane to counter those buzzards (as he states); so Gyro counters with the gray suitcase which LP gleefully blows off. So Gyro gets some space and uncorks the suitcase open to reveal a makeshift like plane with a stick. Hmmm; didn't I see that in Jumping The Guns? Scrooge calls it too small as we get a scene changer as Launchpad gets on it with his goofy goggles on just to be LP as he's ready to go into the wild blue yonder. The props start and Launchpad just bounces off the street a few times forcing the nephews to duck and cover. HEE HEE! LP approaches the makeshift plane like Baloo on speed (what a shock?!) and then the plane takes a nosedive barely one second after leaving solid ground. HAHA! LP pulls on the stick and breaks it of course just to be LP. However; he sticks it back and it stills manages to do a hyperbole up. Explain logic break #4 for the episode kids?!

So we cut back to the bicycle as Scrooge pedals to the metal as the nephews apologize for being such dicks and Scrooge rightfully blows them off for deserting their post. As bad as he was with Doofus in the previous episode; at least this blow off is apporos. The nephews feel shame except for Huey as he continues to defend their attempt to find the treasure of Atlantis for him. And then Scrooge really blows them off big time as the nephews walk off feeling sad. Okay Scrooge; that was taking it a wee bit too far for my liking. Sure; they deserved the blow off; but to cross the line on them betraying you like that is absurd, even for you. Baloo at least had reason to believe Kit betrayed him simply because Kit's act on the pirates was really convincing to him. So we cut to the navy blue jets as Big Time is doing some Top Gun references to Flintheart Glomgold on the transmitter of doom as we head inside Kishke's tent as Kishke is sitting on a pink pillow (Geez; how girly can you get?!) as Flint is sitting on one beside him and his coat is still making beeping sounds. This is like someone getting a cell phone; only a lot less annoying and a lot less likely to have a really pissed off woman storm in and grab it and smash it onto the floor while the victim runs away like a scalded dog. Now THAT'S a run on sentence.

Kishke calls it his coat calling him (HA!) and Flint would like some privacy. Kishke agrees to grant him that using more broken English just to piss off the PC crowd. So he turns around and plugs his ears. Thankfully; there is “I'm not listening lalalalala..” from him. Flint opens his coat and he's talking loud which I'm surprised Kishke cannot hear him. Must have a busted hearing aid as Big Time tells him it's Scrooge sneaking in with balloons. Flint then yells at him to shoot them down; remembering to call Big Time a moron. HAHA! Big Time gets the point and then signs out as Flint closes his coat. He then goes to Kishke and unplugs his ears as Kishke thanks him and loves his coat. This guy is getting stupider and stupider as this episode goes on. Must be the side effects of the firefly gold pears he wants to sell I guess. He wants to buy the coat as Flint walks away and tells Kishke to get out more. So that logically leads to Launchpad flying the makeshift plane over the rocks as he blows off the jet jerks as they will never get past the ace of Atlantis. Sadly; the jet fly back making sure to put the plane into a tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!). LP claims that they are running scared. HAHA! I agree if only because they want the balloons and not you. The jets arrive at the city as Burger shoots with the machine guns (Finally; some real manly shooting in Ducktales) as Big Time tells Scroogey to say his prayers (his words, not mine; religious reference #1 for the episode) as he giggles to end the segment 10 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see Big Time swoop down (wasn't he flat just a minute ago?) and he shoots straight at the balloons with the machine gun (which is only a 0.2 Trigun at this point) and the bullets simply bounce back from the pink balloon (Huh? Explain THAT one kids.) and two of jets bail in opposite directions as Burger gets the bullets just because he's an idiot. Burger calls them big flies in Macaroon. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Scrooge is amazed that the balloons didn't pop and Gyro on the bicycle casually tells them that they are steel belted. Oooookkkkkaaaayyyy; that makes sort of sense as Scrooge praises him and that almost tempted him to give him a raise. Gyro is a little confused on that one as we go back to the Big Time navy blue jet as he is on the transmitter calling Glomgold again. We cut back to Flint checking his coat again and Big Time tells him that they have a big problem. Flint blows off Scrooge as a sneaky tightwad (which Open Office sees as a word no less) and tells him to get some steel cable and tow him away. Big Time proclaims that they'll haul jets and giggles badly. Flint walks out of the tent as he proclaims that will take care of the bucket-headed old bird. I doubt that plan will work on Jim Ross Mr. Glomgold; but you are welcome to try that on Scrooge, thank you. Kishke is outside on the pan shot and he sees a flying island as Flint tells him that he is seeing things again. Again; the side effects of the fruit I guess. Kishke insists that it's a flying island and Flint states that it looks like a ducky. Isn't that pretty much the same thing in terms of context Flint? You are letting Burger get into your head there pal. Flint then proclaims that he left his mongoose on spin dry and Kishke gets off the first golly in DTVA and swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE to boot (gosh). Take that Gadget love! BONK! OUCH! Ummm...And then Kishke doesn't know what a spin dry cycle is. Geez; what a shock that was?

So we go to the scene changer as the navy blue jet fly away as Launchpad is heading back to the flying island it looks like as LP assumes that they are back looking for more. HEE HEE! Launchpad is THAT dense. They fly by as LP does a 180 and goes upside down before floating right side up; and then goes headfirst through the wooden seat on the recoil. HAHA! LP proclaims that those guys really missed him; but not very much. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. So we cut to the stone steps as the nephews sulk on the bottom as Scrooge is no longer going to forgive them for screwing this up. Maybe if you just let Doofus do the job and come along; then you could still do your research. But of course we needed the logic break just to make Scrooge look like a jackass once more. I know he's paranoid; but this crosses the line. Huey thinks that they can save face with the hidden treasure; but Dewey blows it off as they call themselves as many mean names on themselves as possible in a ten second span. And of course they screwed that up too. So we cut back to the navy blue jets before the real water works can start as they fly into the army tent with the LASSOS OF BANE TO ALL ACTION CARTOONS EVERYWHERE (and it has a grappling hook; how cute!) and then fly out of the army tent on the other side without touching the tent whatsoever. Now THAT is quality flying.

They turn around and since Launchpad and his makeshift plane are RIGHT THERE; we get some more funny business as he goes upside down and LP blows everyone off as a seagull laughs at his expense. HEE HEE! LP calls him a comedian. In other words; that seagull is Rhinokey Force One. AHHAHAHAHAHA! So we cut back to Big Time on his transmitter as he tells his squadron of three (making him a bit less manly than Rick Skye) to prepare for the grappling run and match altitude and trajectory speed. Careful now Big Time; you know big words make Michael Eisner nervous. Oh wait; this is a cartoon duck show, so Big Time is perfectly safe even if he's a dogsperson. Of course Burger and Bouncer (formally known as Al Khan Whizzer; as I can finally retire the joke for good) are confused as hell; so Big Time blows them off with more meaner words than the nephews. When even the nephews cannot formulate put downs on themselves; you know that they really screwed up. They go through the city and attach the grappling hook to the top of the building center and then fly off west. Of course since the city is BIGGER than they are combined; the planes go nowhere fast. HAHA! This is just making Scrooge's blow off on the nephews seem even more unjustified now. However; the full throttle of doom pushes the city back as the nephews take a spill and notice that the Beagle Boys are pulling them back and they want to do something. However; Scrooge probably is too pissed off for them to get near. So the nephews go into MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN ACTION as they bail to try to find an extra balloon.

So we cut back to the red handled lever (WRONG LEVER!) as Scrooge orders Gyro to pedal faster; and Gyro is pedaling like he has never pedaled before as Gyro pants and pleads for mercy because his legs are going to fall off. Scrooge blows him off remembering to violate ANIME DUB CONDUCT RULE #12 in the process. Gyro is not amused as the props are slowing down. So we cut to a building as the nephews use the yellow balloon as a slingshot and Huey and Dewey pull towards a column about fifty feet away as Louie wants to tie it up; but he lets go and the nephews get catapulted into the sky in a cute visual and then spring back and then Louie ties up the hook and hooks the thing to the slingshot just as the nephews come back and they take wussy bumps onto the floor as they have the dizzy eyes again. So Louie wants a big rock and we go to the scene changer as Huey and Dewey put a rock in position as Louie plays Kit on us for a bit and then decides that shooting the silly thing would be better. So they slingshot the rock and it flies into the air and if it lands square on; will Scrooge really care? Which of course it destroys the central steel plug to the tow ropes as the navy blue jets go unstable while the lost city tilts to the right and goes even faster than before as Scrooge free falls off of the lever (WRONG LEVER!) building as we see Gyro pedaling faster than should be possible for such a nerdy guy. He goes right into Scrooge as he drops onto the bicycle and they ride with flames coming off the wheels as they rush past the nephews and they do a whirlwind spot in the process. Huey and company realize that their little plan worked way too well. Gyro and Scrooge drive right off the cliff of the lost city and then start to free fall as they lose the bicycle and that officially ends the segment exactly 15 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see Gyro and Scrooge free fall through a cloud as Launchpad and his plane notice them and calls them free falling fools. HAHA! So he goes to them as we cut back to Gyro and Scrooge falling (and Gyro loses his goofy hat to boot) as Scrooge demands him get a gadget to save him from certain death. Well; you cannot blame Ducktales for trivializing Kit's free fall in Plunder and Lightning since the episode didn't exist for another three years so they are safe. No Captured for at least a few months either. Gyro then annoys Scrooge by taking out a tire pump and a yo-yo and does a trick with it in midair. HAHA! He tries the tennis racket and blue umbrella; but Scrooge does the LAME KARATE MOVES OF DEATH. So this is where Drake got his skills from. And considering that Rebecca floated to safety on an umbrella; Scrooge is looking more like a jackass as a result. And he takes out the alarm clock and notices that he was looking for that as Scrooge really blows him off for it. At least I can understand him being angry for this; but he really has no one but himself to blame for being so careless. Launchpad arrives to ask a question and Scrooge blows him off as an airhead. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Launchpad wants this on autopilot so he pushes the red button (there was a console on this thing?) and Gyro panics as the thing turns into a gray briefcase again. HAHA! Launchpad then gets the funny joke of the episode....

Launchpad: Gee; I never crashed a briefcase before...

BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Scrooge has been debriefed; he needs a doctor and a sidebar. AHHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm.....Gyro then brings out the same blindfold Baloo would later use on Molly in Jolly Molly Christmas and Scrooge is not amused by this. Gyro calls this a hanker-chute and Launchpad think he sneezed even though he clearly did not. LP plays with it and it turns into a parachute and LP floats up as Scrooge grabs onto Gyro like a paranoid greedy guts businessman....Oh wait....Gyro actually goes into his left pocket and finds a lime green one as the last parachute and Scrooge wants him to rip on and then grabs onto Gyro's hip as Gyro unleashes the parachute and they float down.

So we logically cut to a scene changer of doom as the nephews are on a different set of steps crying because Scrooge is gone. This makes Kit Cloudkicker look good in comparison since he wasn't afraid to say die. Lucky for me; Russi Taylor does a much better job acting this one out though so it isn't a write off at least. They proclaim that it's all their fault which I disagree. Scrooge was dumb enough to sway like an idiot into Gyro and cause the chain of event himself. Your plan worked; Scrooge pretty much got what he deserved for being so careless. At least we know as an audience that he's not dead. Huey then bucks up and proclaims that they are going to win this contest for Scrooge. Nice to know that no matter how messed up in the head Scrooge is; the nephew can forgive. Sadly; in later episodes we find out that even they have limits to Scrooge's dickiness. So we head back into the tent as Kishke and Flint are having fun with the fruit as Flint wants Kishke to guess a number between one and ten. Kishke guesses seven and Flint calls him wrong and steals the rest of the fruit. Flint calls Kishke out on that one and I agree. Never gamble with a cheat; you'll lose every time.

We then hear some yelling from Scrooge ans Kishke hides under the carpet calling it a deranged buffalo. Nice to see all the stereotypes of a Middle Eastern babyface laid out for all to see. This guy makes Prince Neverhas Beenbroke look like a real Middle East human being in comparison. We cut to outside the roof of the tent as they break through the tent and drop with a decent off-screen bump as we cut to inside as Scrooge is on solid ground and looks mighty pissed off. Gyro plays around with the lime green parachute for fun as Kishke pops from his hiding place to greet him. Scrooge then really goes loco as he grabs Flint by the throat and starts calling him as many evil and sick names BS&P would allow. Nice right hand which would have awesome if it connected properly; which it didn't. BS&P RULEZ! Kishke runs in (OH THE IRONY!) and wants them to stop fighting. We just knew Scrooge would really cross the line and go loco; it was coming since he is nearing zero hour; nine am now. Then it goes dark as Launchpad is outside waving to Scrooge as everyone goes outside (I see Gyro has eliminated his problem.) as Kishke finally proves his point as he sees the island for real. Scrooge then cheers proclaiming that his nephews came through. WHAT THE HELL?! You didn't even SEE them do anything and you're praising them now? Logic break #5 for the episode and a really bad one at that.

Scrooge then asks Kishke if he could borrow some of his firefly fruit and remembers to say please. Which of course Kishke agrees to and I betcha Flintheart gets pissed off on that one. I check the DVD....Damn; I'm good as LP and Gyro bail with Scrooge stage right. Kishke reminds him that he said the magic word please of course. Yeah; because that will kill the fact that Kishke wants Scrooge to win. Which means he's ON to Flint's coat transmitter scheme and Flint doesn't know it. Flint goes to his coat and orders Big Time on the transmitter to stop Scrooge's nephews. So we logically go back to the floating city on a side far shot as we see Huey and Dewey on the lever (WRONG LEVER!) as Louie is running the tread mill. Dewey mans the telescope as he cannot see a damn thing and then he sees a glowing X as he asks Huey to go left and then tells Louie to stop running because they are in perfect position. Sadly; here come the Beagle Boy Squadron of Three B's as they land their jets onto the ground of the lost city. Huey and company bail stage right as we then see the lost city tip like a tea kettle and pours the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH onto the right side of the scale.

Scrooge at ground level near the scale gets giddy for no reason (since he wanted to strangle the nephews earlier) and then we cut to the ground of the lost city as the Beagle Boys are sitting down as Burger notices the island is tipping. Big Time proclaims that two can play that game as they bail stage left and then they untie several balloons on the left side of the city and that balances the whole thing and then tips to one side and allows the gold to drain right onto Flint's side of things. HAHA! Finally; the Beagle Boys do something right as Scrooge is pissed off on that one. Flint cheers for death as the nephews throw balloons onto the other side which TMS screws up since it was supposed to pour into Scrooge's part of the scale; but it still seems it's going into Flint's side. Logic break #6 for the episode as the nephews gets carried by the gold wave. TMS corrects itself by having it pour onto Scrooge's side and then Scrooge declares himself the winner as the needle points to the dollar sign in red for the first time in the episode and then it sways towards Flint's side and he declares himself the winner. The needle then ultimately lands right smack in the middle as Kishke swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (holy nimrud) and declares it a tie. Hogan/Orndroff steel cage match 1987 anyone? Would have worked better if Kishke had WAITED until the needle landed as such.

However; Scrooge decides to call Flint out and invokes his number one dime as we get to see it for the very first time for rant purpose after 12 episodes. And this dime becomes a plot device/Mc Gruffin for much of the series which makes the Sub-Electron Power Amplifier look fresh in comparison. He flicks the dime onto his pile and the needle goes to Scrooge and makes beeping sounds while glowing red. NOW; he's in the lead for the first time. Sadly; there are about three minutes left in the episode, so this is not over yet Scroogie. Flint calls on his transmitter for real (and without any sneakiness this time around) as Scrooge is not amused. He has a right to be upset as the construction scooper shows up and scoops in more gold coins onto Flint's side of the side and Flint takes the lead as the machine makes the same beeping sounds. Flint calls it checkmate and brings out his pen as he's ready to sign the contracts and make Scrooge watch in agony. Scrooge grabs onto Flint's beard and calls him a cheat because he has more wealth than he. Well Scrooge is right; but Kishke didn't see it and according to professional wrestling protocol; you cannot call what you don't see. Flint blows it off and laughs in Scrooge's face.

So we return to the lost city at the building as the nephews sit there and Huey swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE as now the only way to win is to find the treasure of Atlantis. And naturally; the Beagle Boys arrives as Big Time wants to help them look for it. The nephews are so SHOCKED that they fall backwards and take wussy bumps down the street and into the ancient building. Nice head over feet bumping from Louie as the green double doors open (Huh?!) to the outside; so the nephews grab onto the stone side with a human chain ladder to save themselves. The Beagle Boys enter as they have the nephews now as Big Time wonders how long that they will hold on. Not long as Dewey notices that Huey has the key to the whole treasure hunt as there is a fish lever on the stone slab. You just knew Magon would not ignore that subplot and the rock is right next to the Beagle Boys. Of course now they have to turn them both at the same time. Huey has that covered as he tells the Beagle Boys that if they help them they will tell them where the treasure is and the Beagle Boys get giddy on that one.

So we cut back to in front of the scales as Scrooge is pissed off as Flintheart wants the contract now. However; Scrooge calls him a weasel and tells him that he still has thirty seconds left on his watch at 20:47. Flintheart blows him off because the only way he can win now is pennies from heaven. So we cut back to a shot of the fish rock as the Beagle Boys have lassoed it and have walked down towards the stone slab. Big Time now demands that they tell them where the fortune is. Louie then walks up from the chain (Huh?) and then jumps right in front of the Beagle Boys and pulls the rope to switch on the rock fish as Huey steps onto the fish lever with his foot just as Dewey and Huey climb onto the stone slab. Dewey proclaims that they did it as Big Time is SHOCKED as the vault door opens from the side and out pops the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH! Wait a second. Isn't that wall the front entrance to the building? Logic break #7 for the episode as the wave of gold carries the nephews and the Beagle Boys down the doors and over the cliff as it drops right on Scrooge's side and destroys the scale; DUH! Not before it beeps that Scrooge is the defacto winner which of course is the right booking decision; assholeness aside.

Flint is not amused as then a lead bar drops on Flint's foot and he does the foot grabbing spot. Scrooge then realizes that he was cheating with lead bars on the last money addition after all. Which makes no sense since we saw the bars as yellow. Why must Scrooge bother with this? He won fair, square and squashed Flintheart good. He doesn't need to turn this into a morality play. Kishke proclaims that cheaters never win as he awards the contract to Scrooge as the Beagle Boys drown in their own failed scheme. We see the nephews on top of it all as they are HAPPY because Scrooge and Gyro are still alive. They slide down the gold and have a bonding moment with Scrooge as they apologize for letting him down. Scrooge easily forgives them because they saved his reputation as the richest man in the world and Flintheart now has a lot less money than he did before he got started. That is why cheaters never really get anywhere in the end. Kishke speaks of poor and offers to buy Flintheart's stereotypical coat. I just knew BS&P would step in at some point. Flint is pissed as he walks off slowly with Kishke stalking him. Everyone including Launchpad and Gyro laughs at Flintheart's expense to end the episode at 21:15. Scrooge jerkiness aside; this was a pretty fun episode in spite of the glaring TMS mistakes and logic breaks. So we end on a high note which this series needed after the PC episode previously. **** (80%).


Well; we end this story arc on a high note as Flintheart got exactly what he deserved for being such a lousy cheater with a talking coat; as Kishke would say. That being said; I found Scrooge even more unbearable than he was even in Aqua Ducks with Doofus; and he really crossed the line with the nephews when he accused them of ruining him as if he thinks that they were turning heel. It sounded really contrived (In part due to Baloo/Kit version was so good everything seemed second rate) and then when he started praising them for their efforts; it is very jarring. TMS animation didn't help out much as they blew a few spots and there were some glaring logic breaks. Still; that was pretty much it as it was really fun with the Top Gun Beagle Boys, the talking coat gag, the Treasure Riddle, Flintheart cheating with lead bricks and the finish made perfect sense as Flintheart got rightfully squashed for cheating the whole way right from the start of this story arc. So we got a really great payoff in spite of the writers not explaining why Doofus was gone and why the nephews turn their place. Sadly; they didn't explain the whole balloon thing either; but I'll let that one slide since it's Gyro Gearloose anyway.

So we end at the midway point of Volume 2 in a little over a month which is faster than my previous rants. So we continue on next week with three more rants: Time Merit Adventures, The Golden Fleecing and Ducks Of The West. Then we finish up with Time Teasers to end the second disc the week after. So; I'm really happy with the show thus far; as much as TaleSpin does; Aqua Ducks notwithstanding. So....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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