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The Land Of Tra-la-la

Reviewed: 01/07/2012

Back To The Land Of Fenton...

Well kiddies; it's time to return to Ducktales as we head into Season 3 which is deep into the Bubba/Gizmo Duck chaos. At this point; it was the fall of 1989 which means Winnie The Pooh and Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers would have debuted or being aired for a year at this point; while Gummi Bears was into it's fourth season. So we begin with Scrooge being sick again like he was in Scroogello; but instead of going into a make-believe land; he goes to a land where money is not used. Hmmmmm.... Anyway; you may have noticed that recent rants have been shorter and more compact. That's because I'm trying a more “less talk, more rock” type of rant where the major details are shown, but only notable little details will be ranted on. It creates less spoilers that way and it creates more space on the website. No it has nothing to do with SOPA; not at all. So let's rant on shall we..?!

This episode is written by Doug Hutchinston and the story is done by Carl Barks (!!!). After a lot of checking; I have concluded that all episodes done from here on out are done by Wang Films/Cuckoo Studios. So the early episodes were done by TMS (two done by the Telecom unit), Down In Out In Duckberg were done by Burbank Studios, and the episodes past and including Scroogello (with the exception of the two 11 minute shorts done by TMS) were done By Wang/Cuckoo (educated guess on my part). The movie was done by Walt Disney France/UK and Pacific Rim Animation. Fairly straightforward unlike TaleSpin; which had constant animation (albeit stiff at times) despite being done by six animation studios; with only the non-Asian studios being notable due to the artwork.

We begin this one with a shot of a tree of blue birds as we head to the money bin and there is shouting as we head inside as various protestors are inside the bin office yelling and screaming at the door while the workers do nothing to stop them. So this is where the Occupy Wall Street thing started. Okay; maybe not. Scrooge is in his office answering his dozen phones which are ringing off the hook. This indicates that Scrooge has screwed too many investors which happens not so often. Pay no heed to the guy known as Nightflight in the room please; let's move on. Apparently; a woman is suing him for a million for not tipping his hat. Now THAT's a frivolous lawsuit guys. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SCROOGE'S HANDS? Has Scrooge been visiting Larson & Gary again? Scrooge swipes his phones away and in comes Fenton who manages to get through the protestors and proclaims that a woman is asking for donations to the The League To Ban Billionaires. Wow; this is only the non-violent version of the Anti-Materialism League that I used in my fanfics (Clouding Riches when Kit saved Oscar and his mother from a thug who was part of that league.). Scrooge wants Fenton to get rid of those pests after his three billion cubic acres of money and Fenton goes to his desk and gets swamped by the protestors as a pig furry named Saragen Snoopberry wants Scrooge to donate to a group who helps homeless homing pigeons. If only there was one for homeless bear cubs than Kit would never had joined the Air Pirates and be labeled as a terrorist by me. I believe this voice was done Georgette Rampone (if only it's Russi Taylor) who only has two credits: Banjo The Woodpile Cat and this show. Anyhow; Fenton pulls his hair and screams for quiet. Everyone stops yelling and Fenton tells them that they will be taken care of. So he goes to a conveniently placed door and opens it. Everyone races into the room which Fenton calls a filing room and slams the door and locks it. Okay; that was pretty mean. Anyhow; we return inside Scrooge's office and the phones are on the floor and he's blowing off someone informing him that someone is taking over his oil wells. Scrooge slams the phone and he is stressed out from the deadbeats. So he opens the conveniently placed door and is going to hide in the filing room. Okay; here's the obvious logic break: There are two doors in the filing room. So the people in the filing room could enter into Scrooge's office since that door is unlocked. Plus; if there was only one door; Scoorge couldn't have opened the door because Fenton had it locked and we saw it was locked. Ninety seconds in and we are already in trouble; just for a gag that will never catch.

So Fenton enters the office and looks for Scrooge and Scrooge exits the filing room being chased by the protestors like Scooby Doo being chased by a “ghost”. Scrooge enters the vault and slams the door allowing the protestors to face plant into the door with wussy bumps. Scrooge is in the vault and he's mad as he kicks his money and hates it because it brings him nothing but work, sweat and tears. Funny how Scrooge cannot say blood; but Kit Cloudkicker can (and cut himself with a potato peeler). He then suddenly gets swirly eyes in his whites in a neat visual and is completely confused. Meanwhile, Fenton shoves everyone out of the office proclaiming that Scrooge isn't giving away free money today. Snoopberry claims that he hasn't given away any money away; and Fenton blows it off as details. So yes; Bea isn't the first one who has said that dreaded phrase. Fenton closes the door and opens the vault and Scrooge runs out on all fours and gets on the desk acting like a nut. Oh wait; that's Kit's gimmick. POW! OUCH! Hey....Anyhow; we segue to Scrooge biting his fingernails on the fainting chair as a female poodle psychologist (Georgette Rampone I believe, or Russi Taylor) deduces that he flipped out. I think that is what she said since the accent is very thick. She gives a prescription for some nerve remedy to Fenton (who is sitting down in between the nephews now). Fenton asks if it's industrial strength; but the doctor states that it's only a band-aid solution and the only cure is a long vacation away from money; which Scrooge flips out. Wait; if he HATES money; then he should feel relieved shouldn't he? Fenton explains that people keep pestering him for money; so the doctor suggests Tra-la-la; and Scrooge stops and hangs on the pink curtains. Apparently; Tra-la-la is in a Hymalya Mountains and no one has ever heard of money. Strange; if they never heard of money; then how does this doctor know about it? I smell logic break #2 for the episode barely four minutes in. Scrooge loves this and then the doctor shows the bill and Scrooge flips out like a squirrel. This ceased being funny now; and I know this because even Fenton calls the doctor sick.

So we scene change to an airfield as a white rocket like plane is taking off as we pan over to a green winged plane as everyone enters while Launchpad watches Fenton pushing a big wooden box. Launchpad asks why and Fenton calls it more dental floss. Even Launchpad thinks he's lying; but lets it go anyway. Scrooge arrives with a doctor's bag as he whisper yells to Fenton about it and Fenton admits that it is the Gizmo Duck suit. Fenton then demands 30 cents extra per hour for hazard pay and Scrooge flips out again. Oh god; stop it already and no more neck twisting. Fenton is flustered and then we...WHAT?! We're in the skies already with Launchpad telling everyone to wakeup as we are over the Himalaya Mountains?! What the hell? (Sees Toon Disney logo). Okay; I know what happened. So we lost a good forty seconds of footage in this episode due to cut. So Fenton or Scrooge must have done something horrible that BS&P snipped it out. That's the only explanation. I hope the rumors are true and there will be a Ducktales DVD volume four set because I want to know what happened between those points. We scene change to an overhead sky shot and LP states that he's working into overtime and that will cost Scrooge. You can guess what happens next. Oh god; please. So we scene change again as the plane moves slower on the next side shot. We head to the cockpit as Launchpad stops being like Baloo and sees a blip on the radar that looks like houses. Scoorge sees this as something and wants to land. So Launchpad spirals down the airplane and I wait with baited breath to see if I win the bet that will cost Scrooge $10. Oh lord....LP claims that he can land on a dime and he pops the cockpit windows off the plane pushing a dime like button. Logic break #3 since Scrooge doesn't flip out here. Why?! LP claims that he can crash on a dime and Scrooge doesn't flip out here either. So we crash into some rocks; allowing the usual bumps into the airplane by the boxes, Fenton and nephews. Wang Films seems to overshoot on body parts here as Huey's feet get way too big here. We twirl around as Scrooge swears in Mr. T style (Oh my stars and garters!) and then drinks some grape soda. He throws the bottle cap away and it falls down towards the valley. Methinks that will play an important part later. So Launchpad tells everyone to fasten their seat belts and brings their seats to an upright position. Scrooge gleefully answers that one for me and the plane ultimately lands in a swallow pool with the wussiest bumps in history and that somehow is enough to breakdown the plane.

Scrooge is steamed and Launchpad gleefully retorts that reaction. Fenton and the nephews run in and the nephews finally speak at six and a half minutes in. It's Louie in case you didn't notice. We then see five furries (one duck in a purple robe with banana yellow trim and a purple hat with a ying/yang sign on it. One bird dressed with fur skins and fur hat and looks like a Canadian fur trader. One really old dog furry with a stick, One dogsperson wearing green and one dogsperson wearing lime green and wearing glasses.) as the duck with the Ying/Yang symbol on his hat greets them and addresses himself as the High Mucky Duck or HMD. Hilariously Mass Destruction? AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Scrooge jumps down and asks if they know about money and HMD asks what is money. And somehow; the symbol changes to a musical note which actually makes more sense now. Scrooge loves this new land as HMD decides to show them to their quarters. Scrooge again does not flip out here either. I guess context is being used here; which is fine, but LP's “dime” quotes since refer to a dime as money. And didn't we debut season four of Gummi Bears with an Asian land? Why do this twice? Three if you include the China Town scene in Rescue Ranger's pilot story To The Rescue. So we head to a pan shot of the quarters which looks like an ancient oriental house. Fenton questions this as costing a pretty penny and Scrooge slowing starts to flip out with the eyes. So a dime doesn't affect him; but a penny does?! Logic break #4 for the episode seven minutes in. HMD states that it's on the house. Wait; if he doesn't know about money, then how can he state that it's on the house when he doesn't know that means free? So Fenton notices Canadian Bird and some other dogsperson who has changed his eyes and his clothes from green to gray and decides to play some mind games as he goes over to the men and stands at attention while wobbling. This is actually the first funny spot from Fenton 7 and a half minutes in! He shows them cash; but the men shrug their shoulders and the HMD states that they don't need pieces of paper. And Scrooge doesn't flip out. I guess he didn't really see it; although it would have worked better if the nephews told Scrooge to turn around so he couldn't have a chance to see it. Scrooge was looking straight at Fenton on the shot. Logic break #5 for the episode. God; this episode is crappy so far.

Scrooge calls this all paradise; but Fenton doesn't like it one bit because he is out of a job as an accountant. Wait; that makes no sense (as Fenton directly sezs here) because Scrooge is only taking a vacation to recover from money sensory overload and Fenton is around just to be Scrooge's bodyguard. He calls it phonier than three dollar lobster which Scrooge doesn't flip out. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS GUYS! Fenton thinks it is a hoax and we scene change to Fenton dressed up as an Asian noble as he claims that no one will see him even his mother. He means the guy in the green sweater and he sees right through and Fenton calls it a lucky guess. Memo to Fenton: Don't ever telegraph your plan by talking. HAHA! So we scene change to the oriental castle as Fenton (who has changed disguises to look like a cross between the HMD and his old disguise) climbs the steps to the Hall of Record to dig up some dirt to defame the HMD. Why? Did he watch Last Horizons or something? Was this episode ever barred for Asian themes or something? He reference Angleburg Humperdink here which makes no sense whatsoever. I'm not old enough to know this crap; so shoot me. We head into the massive book room as we see Fenton reading books while hanging from a green bamboo ladder. I do not think bamboo shoots are green guys. We hear a female voice and Fenton falls and lands on his ass. We see a big, tall female pink bird who may or may not be Gina's grandmother (from The Adventures of Marco & Gina which is an Italian cartoon made in France. Ultra weird cartoon too.) as she helps Fenton up. Apparently; we discover why Fenton was walking so bad on the step as he was literally walking on his knees. So Fenton proclaims that he is reading up on history and the female bird (wearing a lot of purple by the way) states that she'll get any book he likes...and calls him Mr. Fenton. HAHA! Fenton knee walks away claiming he never heard of the guy. So we get a sunshine scene changer as we head to the trees with the denizens of Tra-la-la picking apples. So Fenton races behind a tree and this is farmer's gossip time. He dresses up like an old lady picking apples on the ground and the denizens greet him as Mr. Fenton. HAHA! Isn't it funny that these guys can see through decent disguises; but the heels cannot see through flimsy disguises. This proves that they are the babyfaces here.

So we head to the watery rice fields as a dogperson with buck teeth and looks like an American farmer is raking the ground and notices the bottle cap that dropped earlier and picks it up. The farmer thinks it was from one of the guests and he goes over to Fenton who is half crossed dress now (minus the wig) to ask if this belongs to him. Fenton claims that it is just a bottle cap, and gets on their case about money and they still are clueless about it. So Fenton shows them his golden tooth in his mouth (Riiiigggghhhhtttt Fenton; you painted that before you did this disguise.) and a blueprint of a baseball diamond. The denizens still are clueless about the rich and precious part. Fenton is flustered as he explains that the bottle cap is rare so it is worth a dozen sheep. The farmer laughs and shows the bottle cap to his friends and they are amazed as the denizens play auction for it in exchange for sheep. The farmer goes over and proclaims that he will get seven sheep for the bottle cap (even though we never hear that number); and asks what to do. Fenton tells him to hold out for 15 as we get more wobbling for no reason. So we head to the lake as Scrooge and the nephews (with fishing rods) are about to go fishing. Scrooge proclaims that he is staying here forever so he will never have to worry about getting rich. Okay; now Fenton's screwjob (however unintentional) is justified now since Scrooge is screwing him out of a job with this decision. We see the green tunic guy sitting on the pier fishing as Huey calls this great as they cast off their rods. Scrooge puts down his bag and opens it as Fenton runs in and tells him that Tra-la-la is not what it seems as the green tunic guy with the glasses notices the open bag filled with bottles of soda. He notices the bottle caps and he is now the richest duck in Tra-la-la. Then three more denizens run in and pester him about exchanging bottle caps for various items including one for being a servant for ten years. I'm betting Scrooge will flip out right about now; but he doesn't as he throws the bottle cap away from the bottle as the nephews just shrug. The denizens run in and invoke the FCC FRIENDLY CLOUD DUST FIGHT OF DOOM as Scrooge calls this a nightmare. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. The babyfaces all watch (except for Launchpad, which we have not seen here) as the segment ends ten and a half minutes in (aired).

After the commercial break; we head to Scrooge's quarters as the denizens are outside protesting for bottle caps. We head inside as Scrooge is shaking like a leaf with a blanket on him as Huey and Louie are feeding him soda pop. We hear banging which is caused by Launchpad boarding up the windows and doors as quickly as he can despite the denizens managing to get their arms in somehow. The nephews are not wearing their baseball caps for some reason. Louie helps Fenton close the window shutters as one wants to make a donation for balding feet. Do not get it, and do not care to know. Scrooge wonder how all this happened. Simple: Greedy for a job. Paradise is ruined and Fenton blows it off because it was never paradise since they bought into the bottle cap nonsense like a religion. Scrooge wants answers to that and Fenton stammers like Honker after being bullied by Drake Mallard. Scrooge is pissed off and wants to punt that punk back to Duckberg. With that cane? Good luck on that one Scroogie. It also does not help when Huey is restraining you either. Fenton claims that he was protecting his job which has a lot of red ink. Scrooge does not care; but Fenton has a Krackpotkin Plan to stop this. Oh lord; this is going to be fun to mock, I swear to God. So we head inside the airplane as Louie and the nephews bring out the bottle caps and unscrew the caps, put them in a basket and gives them to Fenton. Fenton needs 106 caps as there is a line of denizens wanting bottle caps. HMD is with them and he is happy for Scrooge to share the wealth. I am betting that is the moral that cures Scrooge McDuck right there. So we pan over to the green tunic guy bringing out his glasses (he did not wear them when they were exchanging the caps and then he puts on some Asian facial hair. He then walks behind the plane and to the back of the line. So we have a totally random heel turn out of nowhere. So we scene change as the end nearly ends with the heel green tunic guy appearing to get his bottle cap and Scrooge blows off Fenton for counting wrong. So Huey tosses a bottle cap to Scrooge and Scrooge gives the heel his bottle cap. Now everyone has one and everyone cheers except for the heel guy. Hmmmmm. Fenton is happy of course; but the heel green tunic guy shows both bottle caps and proclaims that he is twice as rich as everyone in Tra-la-la. He is voiced by Hamilton Camp in case anyone was wondering. The crowd is shocked and appalled. We find out that his name is Suck Up. Really now guys?!

Everyone wants two bottle caps now and it is all approved by HMD. Scrooge decides to do so; but Launchpad proclaims that they have only five left. The crowd is getting restless so Scrooge invokes the foot stomp three times to stop that. I guess that is not a tap out. Something to ask Dana White from UFC. Scrooge calls for Launchpad to come over and tells him to fly back to the outside world and buy soda pop to cover a million bottle caps. Fenton suggests a billion and everyone cheers on cue. Scrooge calls himself a good egg. I guess Dough Ray Me doesn't apply here in this world, but whatever. So we scene change to Launchpad flying the plane away as Fenton panics because he is not going to make it. So Launchpad flies up the hill and spirals up which looks like a recycled background in reverse. Ho hum. Scrooge thinks it's going to rain bottle caps soon. So we head to the quarters AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as we see Scrooge inside pacing around wondering where Launchpad is. It has been two days as he looks out the window and we see Canadian fur trader and some guy looking at Scrooge with angry eyes. Scrooge claims that the native are getting restless. NO?! REALLY?! Louie thinks it is bad weather that is slowing him down. Scrooge thinks he ran into a mountain. Fenton asks if Scrooge is worried and Scrooge's knees are knocking near the bottles of soda pop. He opens the bottle cap and some of the soda causes an explosion. Fenton panics because Scrooge is shaking him so much that they will have to fire proof him too. So we head outside as we do the battering ram spot with the door by the denizens. They break it open and everyone runs in and surrounds the babyfaces. They demand bottle caps raining from the sky. Scrooge wants them to be patient and their patience is rewarded as we see Launchpad's plane flying back as the missile bay doors open and it is raining bottle caps. The denizens all run out and start raking in the mother lode of bottle caps. Now at this point; the episode should be over and everyone goes home happy. However, we are only 14 and a half minutes in and I fear this is the start of CDS for this series in earnest. So we head to the Hall of Records as we see a bottle cap exchange stand has been set up by the sleazy heel known as Suck Up. Doctor Peppi?! I smell lawsuit in their future. So we head to the swimming pool as HMD dives into the pool and he is swimming in bottle caps and acting exactly like Scrooge from the pilot I do believe.

So we head to a roadside cafe as Fenton and Scrooge are enjoying a drink and a meal as Fenton is so happy that they will forget about bottle caps. One of the waiters gives Scrooge the menu and he is SHOCKED at the outrageous prices as a hamburger is 45,000 bottle caps. Okay; now they are foreshadowing Dough Ray Me. Which is good because it makes Scrooge's turnaround make sense now. I am betting Scrooge flips out now. He doesn't. DAMMIT! Scrooge proclaims that paradise is ruined and now bottle caps rain again on the land. Scrooge and Fenton duck under as Scrooge reminds Fenton that he wanted a billion bottle caps. Which is 1000 planeloads. Scrooge panics because Tra-la-la will basically drown in them. So we head back to the oriental house as the denizens are outside protesting. WHY?! I thought they LIKED this? Scrooge paces around inside as the nephews ask what to do next. Scrooge decides to radio in Launchpad and whisper yells to Fenton to get into the Gizmoduck suit and put it on. Fenton claims that he would if he did not have two problems. One is that the suit is still in the crate and the second is that the crate is still on Launchpad's plane. Fenton defends himself and apologizes on cue as Scrooge apologizes for meeting Fenton. Then we see the denizens uprooting the house (Fenton is right; this paradise is a hoax. How else can you explain their roided strength?). HMD tells them that they have a date with the high court. So we head to the lake (littered with bottle caps) as the HMD declares them guilty of the high crime of littering. Which is funny considering that they did not mind being littered with bottle caps in the first place. Their justice is as whacky as Thembria as we see Scrooge, the nephews and Fenton in a cage suspended by a pulley over the lake as a denizen is on top of the pulley with a kitchen knife to cut the rope. Scrooge warns them to stop because if they die; the denizens will be drowning in bottle caps. Ooops. HMD and the denizens panic as Scrooge proclaims that they will hike to the outside world to inform Launchpad to stop his order. Suck Up does not buy this; but HMD does. Sort of because he is not a dope. I beg to differ sir. So the adults will go hike; however, if they do not return by tomorrow; then the nephews will sink to their deaths. I know these nephews do not suck; but thank the writers for at least not protecting them this time. If they allow the nephews to be tickled; then I will really be happy. Although this is not half as cool as the TaleSpin comic where Kit and Baloo are tied up on a raft engulfed in flames and later Kit is tied to a rock covered in honey and threatened with fire ants if Baloo does not return with the Ruby Monkey Head in time. Everyone is not amused as the segment ends 17 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we head up a mountain top already with Scrooge and Fenton (in fur coats) and Fenton is apparently afraid of heights or something. Fenton calls this hazard pay and Scrooge flips out. Oh lord why do you test me so?! Fenton apologizes as the rope is now green. Geez; did Disney turn casual during this period?! So we scene change to the top of the mountain as they made it to the top. Scrooge notices the town; but Fenton proclaims that it will take days to make it. Scrooge blows it off since the nephews lives are at stake. So Scrooge takes out his sleeping bag and wants Fenton's canteen. He pours the water onto the sleeping bag while Fenton does nothing but retort. Scrooge twists the front and we have an instant sled. Scrooge and Fenton get on and we race down the hill as Fenton calls his OH MY GOD promo to turn left. Scrooge laughs it off as he is not shaking due to saying money. Wait; so he was supposed to take a long vacation and yet he is cured within three days or so. Boy does this episode SUCK! So we race up the mountain to fetch a pail of fatalism nuts and we stop midway up the mountain. Scrooge and Fenton get off and we scene change to another section as Fenton whines. Scrooge blows him off for being soft. This episode is so damn soft on the quality that it is not funny Scrooge! Then we have another problem as it is a cliff and they have to fly as Scrooge checks his pocket watch. Fly now or the nephews will have to breathe underwater. I still say it is not half as painful as getting covered in fire ants. However; we see LP's plane in the skies as Scrooge waves with the icy sleeping bag. Here is a good idea: Cut the OH MY GOD promo out loud now. I am sure the suit can hear it and come out of the plane from the box. However; Fenton goes over asking how to spell SOS and Scrooge is still waving the sleeping bag; but no dice. Then we jump cut to Launchpad at the side door calling out to them and the two babyfaces yell for LP to stop delivering bottle caps. And they are covered in soot. WHAT THE HELL?! Clearly that scene was cut by Toon Disney, it is SO obvious that Fenton lit a fire and it exploded. LP does not get it; so Fenton cuts his OH MY GOD promo and of course the Gizmo Duck suit flies out and covers him while destroying the left side of the plane. They could have done this from the start so they didn't have to book a scene where RESPONSIBLE ADULTS would not light a fire. So yes; TaleSpin is not the only show that had matches cut by Toon Disney.

So the plane goes into a tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) as Scrooge gets on Gizmo and orders him to return to Tra-la-la to save the nephews. Gizmo invokes the go go gadget copter spot and we fly away as LP finally crashes into the rice fields of Tra-la-la. Launchpad spirals out the side door proclaiming that he did it with no hands. I am betting that he gets captured and thrown in the cage with the nephews now. He does not as we return to HMD proclaiming that it is sunrise and he has not arrived so the nephews must die. And yes he does use the word die here with impunity. The nephews gasp in horror as the denizen on the pulley cuts the rope, slowly. I do not recall a giant boulder anchoring the cage on the bottom previously. Fine by me though as the nephews do a Woodchuck salute and then the rope is snapped and the nephews fall to their deaths. Ummm; no, Gizmo Duck arrives and grabs the rope to save the day. Whatever. Nice effect of weightlessness by Wang on the nephews when the cage starts to fall. Yeah; it is go go gadget arms indeed as he sets the cage on the bottle caps and frees the wooden bars as the nephews come out and cheer. So we scene change to Gizmo Duck using his vacuum cleaner mode to clean up the bottle caps as HMD and Scrooge exchange notes. The land will be cleansed; BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Gizmoduck splashes into the lake off-screen just to annoy Scrooge. Scrooge calls it almost no time flat. So we head back to the plane AFTER HAPPY HOUR as we get a shot of the nephews (with normal webfeet this time) wrapping this whole thing up. Mode 7 foreground too as the background is not moving. And of course none of the denizens ever figured out it was Fenton in disguise thus killing the continuity the writers were shooting for. Launchpad proclaims that he is the first ever to find Tra-la-la and the first to be banned from it. The later one, yeah; but if the doctor mentioned it, then it must have been found before Scrooge did, at least in some form. The doctor acted as if it existed to start with. Another logic break. Scrooge does not care either way because he is cured and he can handle the protestors now. Fenton wants his hazard pay, the nephews want their hazard allowances for almost getting killed (And people hate Kit why? He would never ask for hazard pay since he IS a hazard. POW! OUCH! Hey....), and LP wants overtime. Scrooge's eyes swirl out of control; cut to the outside moon shot and end the episode at 20:25 aired. Over 45 seconds cut from it. Must have been the funniest parts too; since this episode sucked hard. * ½ (30%).


Well; the first episode of Ducktales in the third season are in the books and what a drop off in quality already. This episode sucked! It didn't help that this episode was released at the same time as The Magnificent Seven Gummi's which used a similar setting, that the logic of Scrooge's panic attacks were not constant logic wise (a penny flips him out; but a dime does not?), and there were logic breaks out of the wazoo. High Mucky Duck was all right; but he still is not half as cool as Wang Lo and his denizens of Panda-la; but it is also a lot less racist in the process. There was one cute sequence with Fenton getting his cover blown by the denizens, and it was nice to see the nephews take a death trap, but (a) that is all Fenton did as he came off as a jerk accountant throughout most of it and (b) the one Kit took in the comics was a million times more painful and deadly. At least Wang Film's animating did not suck; although they need to stop acting like they are Kennedy or something because the inflatable feet and hands did annoy me somewhat. Oh god; this was almost as bad as the shorts I ranted on Kick Buttowski last week. Look; I am not going to give a free pass to this because they are Ducktales and it is the most popular cartoon Disney ever had in their television division. THIS SUCKED! Next up is Allowance Day, so I will be able to get past the only episode I actually dread in this season. So.....

Thumbs down for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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