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My Mother The Psychic

Reviewed: 01/21/2012

Fenton's Mother Needs A Real Job & A Sidebar...

Well kiddies; after two Bubba episodes that were actually pretty good (and Bubba even carried one on his back no less); we return to dealing with Fenton as the focus character who has got off to a rocky start. Although this one isn't so much a Fenton focused episode as it is a Mrs. Crackshell focused episode. She now has psychic powers and Scrooge wants to use them. How does this turn out?! So let's rant on shall we..?!

This episode is written by Alan Burnett. Yeah; I stopped revealing story editors since they are usually the same combination.

We begin this one with a far shot of Duckberg as we zoom in and then cut to a pan shot of the trailer park where Fenton lives (4Kids would be so paranoid to edit the power poles so they don't look like crosses; I swear to God they would) as we head inside the trailer where Fenton lives. Mrs. Crackshell is doing what she does best; doing nothing but watch television. Latest soap opera: All My Ducklings. We go to the action as a pig furry doctor (Alan Oppenheimer I'm guessing) as we hear a female voice (Susan Blu I guess; without Chris Barat's notes to guide me, I've no idea who is who) asking about the status of the patient. The doctor looks at the x-rays and proclaims that she has a fatal disease and she only has three hours to live. The duck female (I believe she's the same one that I saw in Super Ducktales and Hotel Strangeduck so she's the Duchess of Swansylvania.) is horrified as her name in storyline is Ericka. I know this because Ericka prances around claiming that she's too young and she never sezs the word die once in this. Contrast that with seven kills in a minute in Just Us Justice Ducks Part 2; and maybe GeoX has a point about this show being dumbed down. The doctor shakes Ericka (That's assault my dear doctor) and then the television snows out and flickers causing Mrs. Crackshell to be shocked and appalled. Television is her drug and anti-drug in life see. So Mrs. Crackshell slaps the television and it resumes with Ericka thanking Mrs. Crackshell for that. HAHA! Good fourth wall timing there. Mrs. Crackshell return to her couch as Fenton finally enters with the picnic basket of doom filled with goodies including lots of Quackerjacks. Considering with happened in 1991; hearing him say that makes me laugh. Mrs. Crackshell blows him off as amusement park music fills the background. Fenton claims that she promised to go spend some time with Fenton. And the outside world; as implied. Mrs. Crackshell blows it off because she'll miss her favorite shows which Fenton gleefully answers for me. And the television goes on the fritz again. She wants to watch the Young & The Featherless. Fenton's expression is a combination of boredom and disgust while Ma (I'm going to call her that unless she and Ma Beagle are in the same episode since it requires less words to type.) tries to fix the television. I guess you can only slap the television once a day or it will break. Sucks to be Ma's television. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then we have a knock on the door as Fenton blows off Ma; and it opens to reveal Scrooge giving Fenton a load a bills to care take of. Fenton complains which is kind of pointless since Ma clearly has no interest going out. Isn't it funny that Fenton doesn't care about his job now after he cared about it so much in Land Of Tra-la-la?

Anyhow; Ma continues to bang the television and Fenton takes it as proof she wants to spend time with him. I don't get the joke guys; so Ma gets behind the television and touches the spot where you are going to get fried and she gets fried with blue thunder. Nice selling from Ma by the way as she is actually carrying this episode on it's back. I'm beginning to see why certain people hate Fenton Crackshell now. Maybe I am confusing him with Gusto. None of this is cut by Toon Disney by the way as Fenton runs in and Scrooge unplugs the television. So Fenton has Ma cradled in his arms (no one can accuse Fenton of not loving his mother; that much is certain) as he puts her back on the couch and attends to her. Ma is pretty much all right; minus the swirly eyes and having re-runs flash before her eyes. HAHA! Fenton claims her perm is on the crispy side and Ma is more concerned about someone getting the phone and it rings seconds later. Hmmmm; Heavy Mental anyone? Because I have heard of this one before. Once again; this is more evidence of the dreaded Cartoon Duck Syndrome I was talking about: Whenever ducks are shown; kids love them so much that they have myopia on the quality of the episode itself and think that the episode automatically rules; even though in this case Heavy Mental was lifted from this episode in 1989. But when TaleSpin does it and does it better; it gets pooped and whizzed on because there are no ducks in the show as main characters. Ducks rule and bears drool as they say. It's amazing in hindsight how a child's mind thinks. Fenton wonders who it is as he answers it and Ma calls it a wrong number. Fenton tells the person on the phone that they have the wrong number and hangs up. Yeap; it's Heavy Mental Zero. Don't get me wrong; Heavy Mental is a good episode in spite of having a really tacky finish (although I blame that one on the writers not knowing when to finish an episode properly more than anything else since it happened a lot more often than was healthy.). Fenton is amazed of this happening as Ma calls it “a television that shows previews”. Scrooge ponders this over and anyone with a sense of logic and reason (in this case; knows how greedy Scrooge is) knows what Scrooge is planning before it happens. Does this mean I have psychic powers too? Sorry; but I'm not going to bring up Scrappy's promo parody like I did with Heavy Mental. If Bubba was the character doing this; this would be grade S material for me to mock. Not quite the same with Ma Crackshell.

Anyhow; Scrooge has a theory of bad shock causing people to become psychic which of course is complete quackery; but they are ducks so it is really fitting in hindsight. Scrooge asks Ma to predict something else that is a lot less random. So Ma tries; but her eyes are on the fritz. So she uses her pink needles in her hair to adjust the reception. HEE HEE! Then she predicts that Fenton is going to hang from the ceiling. How ironic that she predicted something that is even more random than the last one. Fenton gleefully blows that off; but he bounces in the chair and the spring comes off and springs Fenton into the ceiling. HAHA! Don't screw with Ma Cleo. Which should be her middle name now. Scrooge uses his cane to hook Fenton's leg and both him and Ma pull Fenton down allowing Fenton to land on his ass and become a believer. Scrooge wants to bust his bacon because he has a way to predict the future and Ma is the key. Scrooge wants her to work for him and he can live in the mansion. Fenton goes to her and he blows it off because they are inseparable. Well; Ma certainly is inseparable...from her couch. Ma agrees with Fenton as she rips off duck parodies of North American duos; most of them are dead in real life. Eggbert is still alive; but in a wheelchair unable to formally talk without a computer. So Scrooge offers her a widescreen television (which was invented at around the same time as this show actually) and the old television smokes in some symbolic jealousy. Ma accepts the deal right there and shoves Fenton away calling him a leech. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Psychological projection much there Mrs. Crackshell?! Ma pulls Scrooge away as Fenton proclaims that Spot doesn't get treated like a dog. HA! Scrooge uses the cane to close the door on the way out as we head to Scrooge's mansion and we head inside the living room as Mrs. Crackshell thanks Duckworth for the snacks while sitting on the couch watching the television of course. Duckworth proclaims that it's not often they get request for caviar and Quackerjacks. Geez; I wonder why it doesn't happen too often eh? Duckworth walks off as Ma eats and Scrooge runs in proclaiming that she is right about coca bean plants dying thus saving his investment for the year. He brings him a wilted plant in a pot to force the point. Scrooge proclaims that a fortune saved is a fortune earned. Nowadays; it's more like a fortune stolen is a fortune earned as Scrooge runs out and in comes Fenton with a hand of colored flowers. He pleads with Ma because they spend less time together now. Considering that Fenton blows off his Ma for being a slacker; I cannot take this seriously. At least she's doing work now; even if it's simply predicting stuff for Scrooge.

Fenton tries to show her snapshots of the trailer; but Scrooge comes in and shoves Fenton aside because it's time for the stock market predictions. Fenton complains but Scrooge blows him off because the stock market waits for no man to get screwed. Okay; I made the screwed part up as Fenton waddles out sulking as Scrooge offers her to watch her favorite shows. Ma does her usual psychic stance (usually going ummmm like Launchpad did to clear his head in The Golden Fleecing. ) and her eyes spew out gibberish that I cannot read to save my life and then writes it down on the newspaper. Fenton proclaims that it's tough when your Ma is a working girl and walks into the hallway and out of sight. So we head to Flint's house AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) and into the war room as Flintheart is talking to the Beagle Boys. Wait; how? The last time we saw the Beagle Boys; they were in jail. Burger comments on the pretty colors and Flint blows him off because the line shows Scrooge's stock has been going up in one straight line. Not even the Rockafeathers have this kind of success. I'll say! Big Time wonders how Scrooge does it. Since Big Time is involved; it usually means Bouncer is the third man of this trio. Flint wants them to sneak into Scrooge's place; find the financial adviser he has and arrange him/her to work for Flint. Bouncer thinks this means kidnapping. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Big Time isn't so sure since it's hard sneaking into Scrooge's place. Heck; it was hard when the Beagle Boys OWNED the mansion in Super Ducktales; so they can project and relate. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Flint tells him not to worry about Gizmo Duck either since he goes into a room and returns with his secret weapon: The Ultra Zoom Spy Camera. It's from Glomgold Industries and it can see everything without them going inside. But this still doesn't help them kidnap what Flint wants since it's a camera after all. Unless...

So we head to a far shot of Scrooge's mansion in the morning as the blue birds fly around and we pan left to a tree with the Beagle Van of Doom parked on the street. We see Bouncer pop from the top of the tree with the camera. He asks like an idiot as he has a clear shot of the place and we see Big Time and Burger magically appear in front of the van OUT OF NOWHERE of course because Wang cannot do animation spots properly without logic breaks. Big Time cat calls as they will be watching and head back in the van as Bouncer uses the camera to look into the window as we see Fenton and Duckworth exchanging notes about Mrs. Crackshell. We see them walking in the hallway as Fenton plans to take her home today and Fenton has the JOKEY SURPRISE OF DOOM with him. Duckworth seems giddy about this which indicates that Ma has “cracked” him. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Fenton proclaims that he fixed her television set and thus she will come home. He tries to knock on the door; but Ma wants him to come in anyway. So we head inside the room as Ma is lying down on the job like she always does. That's the story of Ducktales Fenton era. Fenton walks in and remembers that she is psychic and she notices the box of Quackerjacks in his hands gift wrapped. Which makes no difference Fenton was clearly in front of him and the gift was unwrapped thus showing the box for all to see. Mrs. Crackshell puts the box over her head and deduces that there is a yo-yo inside and throws it away. Fenton feels disappointed as he tries to reveal his real surprise and Ma proclaims that he fixed her television set. Here's an obvious problem with this plan: If she has a paid job which includes the perk of a widescreen television set to watch on; then it is going to take a lot more than fixing her television set to come back. More so when she gets blasted for being a slacker by said person trying to woo her back to the trailer. And of course; despite showing a picture of the television and calling the mansion “oppressive”; she no sells the deal calling the trailer a scum dump. HA! Fenton begs for mercy and forgiveness claiming that they are losing touch with each other which is hilarious considering that they have much touch to begin with. Maybe if Fenton didn't blast his mom for being such a slacker; this would never happen. Ma ignores him and goes to the window proclaiming that they are being watched and we cut to the inside of the van as Big Time and Burger are so shocked that Burger loses his desire to eat his hotdog and popcorn. Ma Fenton = Burger's Future Weight Loss Plan. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm.....

Scene changer as we head back into the same living room (why the scene changer? I have no idea.) as Fenton paces around the couch (with Ma sitting in it) proclaiming that they never conserve which is funny considering that in Super Ducktales; they rarely ever conserve then unless Fenton is threatening Ma. Ma decides to turn off the television and have a chit-chat. Fenton is about to sit down to talk; and tries to get the words out; but Ma keeps saying yes and no every time Fenton tries to speak. HAHA! I just realize that Fenton is a lot funnier as Gizmo Duck then as Fenton Crackshell. Fenton gets really mad after she answers on what she wants for dinner and accuses her of playing Jeopardy. Umm; don't you mean Inverted Jeopardy since she's giving answers not in the form of a question? Ma accuses him of being so predictable. HAHA! I have to agree on him so far. He hasn't made me laugh as much as you have Ma. Fenton tells her to predict this and walks out. Ma doesn't even care enough to sell as Fenton proclaims that mother he has lost is gone forever. Then we see Scrooge run in with the ticker tape praising Ma for making him one billion dollars in overnight trading. Ma isn't as happy as Scrooge is and sighs. So we head back to inside the van as Burger and Big Time listen on to Scrooge's glee with shock as Scrooge proclaims that this is more book work for Fenton and asks her to predict when he is coming back. Ma predicts that it is never and she is SHOCKED and HORRIFIED. She cannot believe what she said. We cut back to Big Time and Burger as Burger calls Fenton's treatment of Ma criminal. If only Burger, if only. Big Time wants to get her out of the house so he has a Krackpotkin plan wondering if the spy camera can send a television signal. Why not call Flint up and ask him? Anyhow; we cut back inside the room as Ma cries her eyes out. Scrooge consoles her as Ma gets off a great line...

Mrs. Crackshell: The only thing left from that yo-yo; is this yo-yo. {Ma cries and plays with it at the same time.}

HAHA! I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Scrooge thinks that there must be someway for them to reunite. Sure Scrooge; since he has work to do as an accountant. The television suddenly fizzes and we see Big Time dressed up as a greasy salesman. I know that the numbers sign on them gives it away that it's a Beagle Boy and that it's a motif of this show; but they can be somewhat creative by covering it with construction paper or fabric or something along those lines. And they don't bother with the masks either. Anyhow; the guise is that Big Time asks if Ma is having problems with children as Burger pulls Bouncer by the ear while dressed as a stereotypical mother and sailor dogsperson, all in that order. HAHA! That visual of Burger pulling Bouncer by the ear is hilarious. I don't understand why GeoX hates Burger so much; probably has no sense of humor. And then Burger goes after Bouncer as he runs away shooting a gun several times. A scene Toon Disney completely kept. Seriously; they did. It's scenes like this that make TaleSpin's editing of guns even more laughable in hindsight. Big Time's spiel is that Ma is in a family crisis and there is a Duckberg Family Crisis Center to help her regain her family. The family she saves might be her own as the television fizzles out and Ma shoves Scrooge and runs out. Scrooge pleads for her to stay because he needs her. Wait; that makes no sense since Scrooge needs Fenton for accounting and Ma needs to find her son and save him. Never mind; as we find out that the Beagle Boys used a set outside as Ma runs out of the gate and towards the truck (instead of running to the right where there is less traffic of course) as Big Time makes a prediction and then throws the sack on her. I'm not going to complain about this one because she didn't do her sequence to predict stuff and that's how it works. They throw her into the back of the van as Big Time proclaims that he wanted to throw a bag on this bag all day as they drive away to end the segment 12 and a half minutes in. I'm guessing hag is forbidden in BS&P speak so to speak. Anyhow; solid episode thus far.

After the commercial break as we head back to Flint's castle AFTER HAPPY HOUR as we head inside a dungeon with Ma watching a portable television that keeps fizzling out on her. She's gone from regular television which is 50/50, to widescreen with no fizzle out, to a portable television that is completely broken. All in a span of 13 minutes. Lovely! She wanted cable television as Flint blows her off because she'll get it when she earns her keep. She is given the newspaper and he wants her to do what she did for Scrooge and he might give her a remote control as a bonus. The heels walk out and we return to the mansion as we head to Scrooge's office as Fenton paces around and he cuts the Oh My God promo. Sadly; no Gizmo Duck suit comes around to make him funnier. Scrooge claims that he's doing all he can to find her. He even went the next mile to put her face on milk cartons despite protests from the Diary lobby. Fenton is happy now because Ma cares about him and he finally gets his first full of himself promo. And he sobs like a baby on the floor. HAHA! Scrooge hears his old telephone ring and answers it as Scrooge's Money Line. Which should be his new catchphrase. Anyhow; he hangs up the phone and proclaims that Fint's profits went up the moment his Ma disappeared. Fenton cuts a full of himself promo in response which allows Scrooge to jump up and down on his chair proclaiming that Ma was kidnapped by him. Fenton storms out as Scrooge wants to think of a way to get her back; but Fenton is against thinking and it's time for action because Flint is such a slimy snake of course.

So we head to Flint's castle to his office as he is pleased with Mrs. Crackshell's progress and soon he'll be richer than Scrooge McDuck. Ma wants the remote control; but Flint blows it off because it's too expensive. Back in 1989; yeah. But now that gives Flint even MORE heel heat than usual. Anyhow; Flint gets his papers and and gives them to Ma since he wants predictions on the international markets by tonight which allows Ma to whine about Webra Walters special. Flint gleefully retorts that one for me and gives her the paper. Ma throws the papers down and wishes she never became a psychic and then she gets a brainstorm and proclaims that Gizmo Duck will barge into through the door in the next ten seconds. The Beagle Boys bail including Bouncer going through the glass window over Flint's head and that alone takes thirty seconds. Memo to Flint: She's losing her touch at this point. Flint takes it as predictable and goes to his globe as he opens it up revealing a control panel. And Gizmo Duck busts through the opposite door thus taking almost a minute after Ma made the prediction. Gizmo dusts off the wood and cuts his usual full of himself promo as Flint pushes the red buttons and the wall slides over revealing a giant ass magnet beam which fires a beam straight at Gizmo Duck and he's caught. Okay; not exactly as he wheels over to Glomgold and resists for almost thirty seconds as Flint then twists the nut and that powers up the magnet enough to catch him for real. Nice fire on the rug there Gizmo as Ma calls for Gizmo Duck as Gizmo struggles talking about sticky situations as the segment ends 16 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we return with a reverse shot as apparently; Gizmo Duck has smarten up and decided to lay there on the magnet unmoving. Okay; not quite; he does bang the magnet with the wheel as Flint calls it useless to struggle. Ma wonders what Flint is going to do with him and Flint proclaims that he is sending Gizmo Duck to the moon. Considering how much cartoons screw up the lack of air spots; this is a BS&P decision if I ever saw it. Although Kid would be proud of that arse kicking from Flint; that is for sure. Flint pushes the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and the roof opens up. Ma and Gizmo apologize and regret screwing each other. It's nice that they manage to have this bonding moment without blowing Gizmo Duck as Fenton Crackshell. Flint sezs goodbye and pushes on the levers some more as Gizmo cuts his usual “I'll get out of this” promo and Flint counters by asking Ma to predict what will happen which she foolishly does as she sees Flint pulling the lever and then we hear an explosion and Ma whining about the horror of it all and then she faints and drops on her back. Gizmo blows it off as Flint takes it as thinking Gizmo Duck is dead, done, toe-tagged, whatever. Considering the explosion that happened; I think Gizmo Duck is going to be okay and Flint is screwed. Did I mention that the device Flint is using is a robotic arm that throws Gizmo Duck like a discus? He goes through cloud spinning out of control of course. So Gizmo decides to steer the thing instead of stopping it as he struggles and manages to get it to spin around back towards the earth which looks quite impossible to do as the discus Gizmo is near the ground. Gizmo Duck proclaims that he did this because he was an expert at throwing a Frisbee. Uh Huh.

So we return to Flint's office as Flint continues where he left off and gives the papers to Ma; but then problems arise as there are police sirens and here comes about five police cars stopping at the castle. Out comes Scrooge and the Police Chief (I believe from various episodes) as they run to the house and the police chief is not amused to be doing this. Scrooge blows him off because he bets his Money Bin on it. We cut to inside as Burger wants some lawyers; but Flint isn't quitting that easily as they all bail. Ma tries to sneak away stage left; but she's clearly too slow as she is grabbed. We cut to the front of the door as Scrooge knocks on door with his cane; then we get a far shot and pan down to a rock wall as it opens up and out comes a limo. I know this because there is pavement on that road towards the rock wall. Heh. I see I lifted that spot for Unforeseen Impact. We cut to inside the limo as Bouncer is driving and Flint is declaring victory as they are heading to Bombay India. Ooookkkkaaayyyy. We cut back to the door as we see the police chief demanding a battering ram; however, that is stopped as Gizmo Discus Duck arrives spinning out of control and slices the entire castle. Sadly; the castle is still standing in spite of that. I club BS&P! Scrooge turns around and adjusts his glasses and realizes that it might be Gizmo Duck. We cut to Gizmo Duck spinning hoping that he doesn't have skeet shooters on his tail. That should be involved in the finish; but BS&P RULEZ so I doubt that. The discus catches up with the limo as Bouncer does the Superman promo and the sunroof opens to reveal a laser gun. The most circular logic laser gun ever made. HAHA! See; make the joke and then pay it off. So yes; BS&P found a way to involve skeet shooting in the finish. The shooting doesn't work so the limo turns to allow the discus to pass through and Gizmo proclaims that you don't have to be a psychic to know that this is going to hurt. This of course is a telegraph for the transmission tower to conveniently show up and the discus slices through it and we get a really choppy animation sequence (at times it seems that the tower won't come close to hitting the limo) as the sun roof closes and of course the tower smashes into the limo from above which in any other universe would cause death and massive injuries to everyone inside. Sadly; everyone is unhurt of course as it appeared to do little damage inside. BS&P RULEZ~!

So Ma recovers and proclaims that she predicts that the police cars are coming to arrest Flint and the Beagle Boys which is exactly what happens; but she doesn't tell him because Flint doesn't want to know. So Ma bops on the head of the heels and climbs through the sunroof and out. We cut to Gizmo Duck wheeling in punch drunk and dizzy. Scrooge and company embrace as Scrooge points out that he destroyed the broadcast tower and thus all television signals in Duckburg. UH OH! To Gizmo: MA IS GOING TO KILL YOU! Yeap; and we discover that these were the horrors she envisioned. HAHA! She calls it the worst thing since the television writers strike. HAHA! I know that this joke will go over the heads of every kid born after 1987; but there was a writers strike sometime before this episode was produced. It's little stuff like this that make old DTVA worth watching; even if the new kids don't get the joke. The new Disney doesn't need to be serious and more mature; they need to engage people above age 12 and jokes like these help very much. Gizmo Duck and Ma shake hands and Gizmo's paw is like an electric joy buzzer (I'm guessing that he got the energy from the transmission tower; otherwise; it's the same joke buzzer Rhinokey used on Hoppo) and Ma fries again and I'm betting she returns back to normal and Scrooge is screwed out of his future money. Okay; he had a loose wire and we smoke a lot. Scrooge goes over to Ma and Ma does recover as she redoes her rollers on her hair; but she tries to think and her mind is a complete blank and she has blew a tube. Yeah; she's back to being a slacker as Fenton and Ma embrace. Yeah; in front of the police force. I think; they might have gone somewhere or are distracted by the heels, who knows. Scrooge cries badly as Fenton thinks it's tears of happiness. Scrooge blows it off (with hanky) and walks away proclaiming that he now has to earn it. HAHA! Yeah; because you don't like keeping your word about making that money square don't you? So Hollywood-ish of you. Fenton brings out the long arms containing the picnic basket as they can now spend some time together; and he'll even allow her to watch television with her. Ma points out that there is no television signal; but Gizmo Duck has a built in satellite dish (the prototype to Internet radio) and we do a circle fade out and then a circle fade in as they walk on the path as Ma proclaims that a mother should always have a television...ERRR...son as thoughtful as Fenton. I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic there Mrs. Crackshell. Circle fade out to end the episode at 21:17. Surprisely good episode; thanks to Mrs. Crackshell of all people. She did make me laugh and it got even better once Fenton started becoming funny. Not the best episode out there due to a few glaring logic breaks; but this one had something Heavy Mental didn't have: A proper finish and ending. **** ½ (90%).


So Flintheart Glomgold and the Beagle Boys finally made their debut along with Mrs. Crackshell who was the second weakest character of the Bubba/Fenton era when I was young. Watching this again and I have a very different opinion about her. This episode was great with great writing and a really fitting finish and ending; although the transmission tower falling sequence was downright ugly to watch. Fenton finally got into a groove once he started channeling Darkwing Duck and acting all vain and stuff. The first two episodes seem to try too hard to make Fenton funny with throwaway jokes instead of letting his full of himself, really stupid personality be the joke in order to setup the punchline and build up the jokes and pay them off like we saw in the second half. Mrs. Crackshell was pretty funny as well; maybe not belly laughing funny; but funny enough that I could root for her because despite being a slacker, she did the job Scrooge wanted which was to make money. Although; it's kind of hard to buy into Scrooge's “making it square” because if this happened today; Scrooge would be arrested for insider trading and so would Flintheart for that matter. One more beef: Wang Films has got to stop with the pointless scene changers; they are annoying me. Overall; I enjoyed this episode and next up is Metal Attraction which is Gizmo Duck having trouble with a robot maid Gyro made for Scrooge. Oooooooooo; this will be fun to watch, albeit it sounds like a female redo of Armstrong. So.....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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