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Robot Robbers

Reviewed: 12/19/2009

Welcome Canada and the United States to Robot Construction Hockey Night In Duckburg!!

And we continue on with the marathon with the DTVA debut of Ma Beagle as she and her boys decide to smear the “good” name of hockey to get back at Scroogie. So let's rant on shall we....?!

This episode is written by Carl Barks (!!!) and Michael Keyes. The story is edited by Patsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti. That would be three for Carl by the way.

We begin this one with the STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM as Scrooge is reading the newspaper inside his study room on his blue chair as Duckworth is dusting the footstool and somehow Scrooge doesn't laugh once as a result. I guess ducks are immune to the tickle sentence after all. That doesn't explain Donald Duck though. See; Scrooge loves the business section because his name is on every page. No really; I'm as shocked as you are. It's mostly good news; until he sees that he lost the contract for construction to Flintheart Glomgold. HAHA! He jumps onto the footstool with feathers flying and mumbles through the news and complains about Flint's claim that he can complete the new banking complex in six weeks. Scrooge throws the paper down as it scatters everywhere while Duckworth works on the hat rack (which has Huey's baseball cap, natch). Scrooge proclaims that even if he cuts corners; he couldn't get it done in years. Duckworth gleefully answers that one for me as Scrooge jumps off the footstool and storms out to find out what Flint is up to now. Duckworth puts the top hat on Scrooge's head and gives him the cane as Scrooge storms out and slams the door behind Duckworth. So we go to the sky shot and then pan down to city level as the announcer on the PA (Terry McGovern) proclaims the beginning of construction at the Duckburg Banking Complex.

We go to the ground as the mayor of Duckburg (as we saw in Super Ducktales #1 and #4) shovel some dirt from the ground as the area is ready for construction and the cameras give him the cheap photo-op. Flint has arrived feeling proud for himself. He then notices a strange old lady with a black mask with a basket of apples; and calls her out. Flint blows her off for selling apples; as the old lady Beagle (June Foray as she is clearly Ma Beagle in disguise despite the masking giving her away again.) states that she only gets two cents profit from it. Flint offers her to stay as long as he gives her 50% of the profits and a free apple for him. Ma Beagle agrees to the terms and gives him the apple as Flint walks away stage right. Ma Beagle then blows him off as rotten to the core which is hilarious considering her track record and considering that her Beagle Boys have already worked for him on several occasions. And the apple is also rotten as Flint becomes cocky and eats the poison apple and is disgusted with himself. So we cut back to Ma Beagle looking behind the crowd as the PA announcer continues his talking and Ma is standing right next to the conveniently placed blueprints. Oh; yeah that wasn't contrived in the very least, no siree Flint. The announcer talks about the second largest bank vault (take one guess who will own it) as Ma takes out her apple camera and we get the shutter chance shot on the blueprints. This was recycled for Dale to do in Double'O'Chipmunks; only with the bow tie.

She continues to take pictures of the blueprints as we head to the podium with the mayor; the two tenors and Flint on stage as the crowd pops on cue. I think there is a spotted lizard in the audience as Flint throws the apple away and thanks the crowd. Flint then admits that he got it because he promised to do it faster and cheaper than Scrooge does. Wow; that is the first honest thing he has ever said in this series. We pan over to the wooden planks stored on the far right side of the property as Flint proclaims that everyone would like to know his little secret; more so Scrooge McDuck as we see Scrooge pop from the wooden planks watching on like a little spy. Flint proclaims that his secret isn't so little as he points to the world biggest iron storage area and it opens to reveal: The Robot Hockey Construction Players~! Basically; they are in different colors and have light bulbs for ears; along with longer legs and look like the Constructcons from Transformers. I think you can guess who built them for Flint now can we? We all know if they cannot stand rain. Scrooge panics as the robots come out and stomp so hard the ground shakes. So much so; Scrooge nearly gets buried by falling timber. HAHA! Ma Beagle hides to the back of the table after nearly getting her apple camera destroyed and everyone stands back. Scrooge tries to get up as Flint blows Scrooge off as yesterday's news. HAHA!

Flint proclaims that he is using the robot to put McDuck construction out of business as Gyro's voice can be heard from the robot's head and Scrooge is stammering and APPALLED as the head comes down and we see Gyro controlling the robot. MAJOR HEAT FOR THAT ONE~! This was Gyro's so-called heel turn on Scrooge that wasn't really a heel turn at all. Scrooge blows him off for building another robot (funny since Gyro built basically two for Super Ducktales later on) and Gyro gleefully answers that one for me. HAHA! Scrooge reminds Gyro of the last episode (Armstrong); but Gyro proclaims that everything is all right because he made improvements to these ones. Answer: He's the brain of the robot; not the robot itself. Scrooge isn't sure that is an improvement. I disagree; it's already a 500% improvement over Armstrong. I think Scrooge needs some lessons in eating humble pie....AGAIN! Life is so wasted on the rich. Flint mocks Scrooge because these improvements are going to make him a fortune and Scrooge will be parked in second place faster than he can go to the bank.

Flint orders Gyro to start the foundation and Gyro orders the boys to go as he pulls on some levers (WRONG LEVERS!) and we start building Robot Hockey Player Style~! Yeap; they have red light bulb for noses too. I guess that means that they cannot play any Money Reindeer Games. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm.... There are four robots and two of them transform into trucks while the other change their hands into scoops and dig a lot of dirt and place it into the trucks. Ma Beagle is still hiding behind the table and she has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN for those robots. She runs in as Scrooge and Flint make it to the trucks. Scrooge then notices Ma Beagle sneaking from behind the robots. Scrooge tries to explain to Flint about a trespasser; but gets buried in a dirt tomb. HAHA! Scrooge pops from the tomb and proclaims that Flint is making a mistake with these robots. Flint blows him off as he helps him from the tomb because Scrooge is soft in the head and he snoozed and he lost. HAHA!

Flint then shows Scrooge towards another area as it is the cement pouring procedure. So we see in the far shot as the robots grab four cement mixers and rips them from the trucks (!!!) and squeezes the cement into the foundation like piping a cake. One of the mixers drops on the ground and is stepped on by a robot as Scrooge is about to blow Flint off; and then he eats cement as he gets buried in a cement statue. HAHA! I am so loving this as Flint can only smile on that one. He knocks on five second drying cement (of course) as he goes to Gyro and orders him to break the old stiff out. Gyro agrees and invokes the finger jackhammer and jackhammers the statue breaking the cement to break the stiff free. He's as stiff as Hawk. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm.....Flint pulls Scrooge away as Flint proclaims that he will get all the construction jobs Scrooge used to get as the robots spot weld some steel beams together. This is only going to take three weeks at this rate as Flint proclaims that it will be like taking candy from a baby. Don't give Scrooge any ideas Flint. I don't have to remind anyone what happened in Super Ducktales #4 now do I?

Flint then relates his stealing abilities as we see overhead the bi-plane with a banana yellow banner that says: Glomgold Construction Company..And Scrooge is SHOCKED and APPALLED because LP has now gone to the dark side. HAHA! Scrooge wants answers and Flint giggles because he is advertising. So much for apologizing in Armstrong there Scroogie. It even has Flint's face on it as Flint proclaims that he is circling around the site all day. And of course the banner wraps around the construction beam and LP feels like he is on an amusement ride. HAHA! Memo to Flint: Never hire Launchpad as your ad banner in the air. Fatalism is not worth the price; unless you think it's funny of course. The banner breaks and the bi-plane crashes with a MAN-SIZED bump on the ground and misses the construction site altogether. How about that?! LP flies from the plane and does a perfect three point landing on his face in front of the creepy old money guys. LP asks about payment and Flint blows him off and fires him before storming off. LP gets up and proclaims that even Scrooge didn't fire him that past.

I betcha he fires him as well. I check the DVD...It doesn't happen as Scrooge ponders about being too careful as he walks away stage right. LP then calls for Mr. McDee (as Disney Captions would say) to give him a lift home. Scrooge agrees with it as long as he doesn't do the driving. HAHA! LP follows Scrooge as we cut to the storage area and see Ma Beagle sneak in stage left and hides behind the oil barrel as Ma takes off her cowl and decides to wait until dark since she is a night person anyway. So we go outside BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (sunset) as the red whistle blows and Gyro tells the robot that it is quitting time. The Robot Hockey Players walk into the storage bin (which looks like the TARDIS from Doctor Who (a British Phone Booth; only made of steel and is green. ) and the doors close behind them.

So we go to a far shot of the green storage bin AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark as Ma Beagle likes it I guess) as we head inside and get a shot of the robot's head open and then a pan shot to the oil barrels as Ma Beagle hears a door opening and hides away as a spotlight is upon us. We then see some strange lighting as the night watchman (dogperson in a blue uniform with a flashlight – Chuck McCann) watches around. Ma takes out her hairpin and flings it into the flashlight which bounces off and onto the ground with a ping sound. The night watchman turns his back (Fatal mistake there pal) and sneaks up from behind as the watchman circles around and Ma Beagle shows off her dancing skills. She gets behind the watchman again and they do the ass dance. Seriously; these two could be on Dancing With The Stars and win 10 points for originality; but minus 100 for style and grace. The watchman walks forward and then more dodging and dancing as Ma Beagle does the splits. OUCH! This watchman is like Mad Dog; he doesn't the two clicks in the making of a clue and it's almost as funny as the mind games with Kit and Mad Dog in Bad Reflection On You #2. Ma waltzs away and hides behind the barrels again as the watchman shines the lights on the robots.

He then goes to the door and slams it shut from the storage area (yeap; there is a side door near the front). Ma practices the fine art of not being seen and climbs into the robot's head on the scene changer. She sits down in the cockpit and looks around and see the green manual in the holder. She picks it up (reminds me of Super Ducktales #3) as she reads it (she has green gloves and sleeves to boot as well which doesn't seem possible with her) as she blows off Gyro's complex brain. So Ma throws the book away and decides to wing it ala Kit Cloudkicker (by the seat of her dress) as she his wearing a green bow tie. What is this; Green Dressing Day?! She pulls the world's tiniest lever (WRONG LEVER!) to start the robot engines and we get some rumbling and pulls on the other levers (WRONG LEVERS!) as the robot hockey player walks away. We go outside near some wooden planks as the night watchman drinks some coffee (extra strong I wager) behind them. There is some crashing going on (nice animation of the hot coffee by TMS by the way) as he turns around and sees the robot coming towards him and the night watchman goes all Shaggy on us and he runs away dodging a foot which crushes the wooden planks in the process and the cup of coffee going flying like mad. The robot walks stage left and crushes an innocent wooden fence in the process. What a prick this Ma Beagle gal is?! And there is a Scooby Doo Snow Angel Spot right where the storage bin door is in the background that I didn't noticed.

So we head to the prison which has been moved to inside Duckburg this time around as the spotlights are on as we head inside the prison cell as Babyface, Bankjob and Baggy (I guess) want to get the hell out of here. Because they want to get into Scrooge's Money Bin. I see these guys have more spunk than Big Time does as Baggy asks Bankjob something about how to get out and Bankjob doesn't know...until he sees the head of the Robot Hockey Construction Player at the prison window. The shadows panic as the roof breaks open and the Beagle Boys gasp in horror. The boys grab onto the bars to try to pull the cell door down; but no dice. Thankfully; Ma Beagle proclaims that their loving mother is here to bust them out of here. The hand grabs the shirts of the boys as Babyface is giggling and happy to see her. She pulls them out of the prison and sees them up close as she proclaims that there is work to do. The robot's top opens and the Beagle Boys get dumped inside much to their protests and the cover closes.

The robot then does the high jump over the brick fence (Wood hater!) as we cut back to the broken storage bin as the police has arrived scratching their heads. We then pan over to the street as the robot practices the fine art of not being seen (HA!) and hides besides the storage bin which is shining flashlights at the front. So Ma tells the boys to do it as she uses her finger and drills a decent hole in the side; allowing the Beagle Boys to enter DA...HOLE (god bless Baby Plucky!) from the top of the head. We cut to ground level as the night watchman explains what happened in such a way that discredits himself right off the bat. And then there is more crashing as we see all four robot hockey players break through the storage area (WONZA! That thing IS like the TARDIS!) and all police officers bail (the dark skinned dogsperson is voiced by Terry McGovern I do believe) as one of the robots crushes the police car in the process. Ma proclaims that the long arm of the law is no match for the big foot of the Ma. HAHA! And it's so true in this case too. The robots laugh at their expense as Ma tells his boys it's time to paint the town in red crimson blood. Or something like that. The robots laugh and walk away as we get the first logic break of the episode as one of the robots clearly stomps on a car; but it has no damage whatsoever; or any animation whatsoever. That ends the segment 11 minutes in.....

After the commercial break; we head to Duckburg's midnight Hamburger stand (like in DARKWING...DUCK!) as we see various furries ordering up from the hamburger stand. The robots stomp with rumbling as one of the dogspeople is an actual baseball player. One of the dogspeople gasps and drops his drink and they all scatter. I guess the 72 hour wait period doesn't apply here as Baggy grabs a burger (and Disney Captions screws up thinking he is Burger. Burger has a criminal sign number eaten out; this Beagle Boy doesn't.); in this case the sign top and the robot eats it as a light snack. Ma Beagle kicks Baggy's ass and even she is stupidifed since she addresses him as Burger. Burger's voice is much higher than that Ma and we saw him in Send In The Clones. He is Baggy no matter how screwed up the writers are. I guess that explains Michael Keyes's writing I guess. Ma then asks the age old question: What does he think this is a cartoon? HAHA! She doesn't even suspect a thing.

Babyface wants to rip up Scrooge's Money Bin as she promised. Ma proclaims that it's all in good time; but she wants to do some window shopping. So she finds a conveniently placed clothing store (with a dress window) and breaks through it with her finger and steals the pink dress. I guess she has had enough of Green Day as the sirens wail as about ten police cars surround the four robot hockey players. Seriously; that is what they do. We then cut to ground level as the police chief #2 (the one from The Ducky horror Picture Show so it's voiced by Peter Cullen) has the MEGAPHONE OF JIMMY HARTS (in glorious metal) as he proclaims that they have them surrounded and get their hands up. Police Officer #1 and #2 have pistols ready to fire as they raise their arms up....for about three seconds as Ma realizes that they are the powerful force now and the police are not. The boys realizes that as well as they step forward so the police chief orders them to shoot and they shoot to kill. No selling from the boys as the Trigun is about a 0.3 at this point as all the officers bail in different directions with their police cars. Except for the police chief (Chris states that he is a Chief O'Hara clone from the Mickey Mouse shorts I should note.) who car gets crushed as a result as he bails stage northeast.

We then go into the sky with a helicopter with Launchpad flying as he sees the Robot Construction Hockey Players are out of control and managed to grab the police cars and are getting perverted looks at them. LP states the obvious for me as he flies the helicopter away to the mansion to warn Mr. McDee. So we head to the landing strip as the helicopter has landed (it is morning by the way) as we head to the study room as Scrooge paces around blowing off Flint and Gyro for ever building them. LP proclaims that he showed Flint; but Scrooge is worried because he will be ruined if the robots get to the Money Bin. I guess Scrooge has already figured out who is behind the whole scheme anyway. He doesn't know as LP proclaims that he showed him. Scrooge grabs his top hat and cane and it's time to do an investigation. So we head into the sky as the helicopter flies around (from the opening) as Scrooge calls for Gyro and there is no response; so Scrooge blows him off. How convient of Gyro to not respond to Scrooge after the fact that he built the robots for Flint. Great shame much there you dork? AHHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Ummm...Scrooge flings the transmitter down as Launchpad notices the robots crushing the train tracks and the overpass as LP gets off the usual witty retort to the chaos and destruction going on. And so on as Scrooge tells LP to land a few blocks away and thinks he can sneak up on them. LP calls him Mr McDoo (oh boy! This IS a special episode!) as Launchpad spirals down and lands in an alleyway.

We see LP and Scrooge hiding behind a building as Ma Beagle is mumbling too soft for them to hear. LP motions to Scrooge to follow him as they try to get closer and LP looks forward without seeing where he is going and falls down into the sewers with a splash. HAHA! Scrooge mocks him for THAT one and climbs down DA...HOLE as we cut to a sidewalk grate shot of the robot hockey players as Ma is sitting on a building throne. HAHA! She is the king of the hockey players. Must be from LA. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Babyface complains about wanting to smash Scrooge's Money Bin; but Ma tells him that they will after some more shopping. I believe this is Ma's downfall right there as Scrooge watches on using the rise spot from LP. Scrooge should have guessed that it was the Beagle Boys. NO?! REALLY?! Scrooge then gasps in horror as Flint walks across the street looking pissed off. He goes to the robot's foot and kicks it with his web foot...The recoil and foot grabbing spot is absolutely hilarious as he didn't sell the shot until about two seconds AFTER he kicked it. That's a wrestling type of bad sell there Flint.

Bankjob blows off Flint for kicking their Ma around and Babyface wants to crush Flintheart and calls him a punk. I didn't know Flint was into Scottish Punk Rock Music. AHHAHAHAHAHA! And then my entire funny name calling of the robots come to life as Bank Job and Babyface grab some barriers and they become their giant ass hockey sticks. Now you KNOW why they are called the Robot Hockey Construction Players~! I love it when Disney goes all Canadian on us. They change their feet into roller skates (it's not ice you know) and start to skate. Flint tries to run away; but he is the Ducky Pucky. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! We get some FPS video game shots of the three man breakaway as Ma grabs a lamp post from the sidewalk nearby and plays announcer for fun. This is the best hockey game EVERAH~! She still thinks Baggy is Burger as we get some neato passing and dodging a car in the process and then passes it to Baggy (still called Burger) and the slap shot and Flint takes a MAN-SIZED bump into the orange barrier for the goal. HAHA! Now that is what I call No True Scotsman Sportsmanship~! AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Flint falls into the sewers with a splash as the robot hockey players hi-fifteen each other in victory. Babyface does the heel act from It's The Great Race Charlie Brown (you know which one). Bankjob likes it because he's tired of being number two. Actually; you guys ARE still number two on the Beagle Boy depth chart. POW! OUCH! Ummm...Okay; they moved to number one. Happy creeps?! POW! OUCH! Ummm....

So we head inside the sewers as Flint is knocked silly on his ass as Scrooge mocks him and asks him what he intends to do about it. I know what he won't do: Play hockey. AHHAHAHAHAHA! And he just said it just to bring the funny even more. HAHA! Launchpad plays with the sewer water (EWWWWWW!) as he relates to Armstrong getting fried by water in umm..Armstrong. Scrooge decides that they have to find some way to get them into the Duckburg Reservoir. And they will do it with the helicopter LP was using. We see them walking away stage left as we cut to inside the helicopter in the skies as Scrooge blows off Flint because he doesn't like it any better than he does. Scrooge wants to work together to solve this problem see. Flint does the Gruffi pose and decides to get this over with. Scrooge chuckles and rubs his hands because timing is everything of course. We see the outside as the helicopter shows a banana yellow banner that has a mustached Ma Beagle and sezs: MaBeagle has fleas! That's an insult somehow? That would be a normal Saturday night for her. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...They fly down behind the robots and show the banner and then act all childish all of a sudden. I see the nephews have rubbed off onto Scrooge a wee bit too much for my sanity. Bankjob does some knee slapping as no one makes fun of their Ma see. The Beagle Boy run after them stage left to defend her honor. However; Ma wants them to stop. Why? Because she knows: IT'S A DAMN TRAP~!

She runs after them as we head to the dam (near a forest) as the helicopter plays chase ball and then over the dam. Now this would be a great time to bring the hockey sticks back; or is high sticking over the line for them and/or BS&P? It's made of cement as you can see; which matches the brain power of the boys. They jump over the dam and fall into the water with a splash. They struggle and plead for Ma's help before sinking as the helicopter hovers over them. Ma stops in front and proclaims that she has got to save them. I betcha she breaks the dam open and frees them since we have about six minutes to go in this episode. I check the DVD....Not yet as she kicks the dam and it bursts with water as we cut to inside the helicopter and Scrooge mocks Flint again. Flint is not amused as he has his notepad and asks for the insurance company. HAHA! Scrooge takes exception and they go beak to beak with playground level retorts on payment (will too! Will not!). LP stops the stupidity as Gyro is on the transmitter and I betcha Gyro tells him that one of the improvements is making them waterproof and shock proof. I check the DVD....Damn; I'm good as the water level falls and damn; I'm good #2 as the GOOFS WITH ATTITUDE panic as the robots look like they are ready to MURDER them to end the segment 17 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see the water level of the damn fall to foot level (in this case; the robot's feet) as Bankjob blows off Scrooge as this is the last time they are made into fools. They try to surround and grab them; but the helicopter flies away stage right as they have a meeting of the minds; and man I hope they live through that head-on-head-on-head collision. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is such a fun episode to mock and enjoy. The helicopter flies away as Scrooge decides to pick up Gyro since he is the robot expert after all. We then head to the Money Bin as the Beagle Boys smash it up for a while. I see Ma has finally decided to stop window shopping for a change before Scrooge finds a real idea to sink her and her boyz. We head to the skies in the helicopter as Scrooge blows off Gyro again. Why? The Beagle Boys and Ma did this and it was Flint's faulty security; not Gyro's inventions this time. Scrooge proclaims that they are destroying his Money Bin and Gyro calls it good since the more energy they use and they will run out of juice in the batteries. They will be waiting for them as the helicopter flies away as the stone walls of the Money Bin are gone and replaced with just a steel safe left. I guess walking in through the green door on the right side isn't enough for these over-killjoys.

Bankjob then invokes the finger drill on the green door (good thinking there guys!); but it stops as he wonders if he is losing his touch. HAHA! Baggy tries some biting; but no dice there either. We cut to Ma Beagle looking in the book of doom and finds out that the batteries are low. How did she deduce that when she couldn't comprehend the book to save her life? Logic break #2 for the episode. I see Keyes wrote that spot. Ma pulls on some levers (WRONG LEVERS!) and tells them to follow her as we go to the scene changer as they make it to some high voltage wires transformers. We head inside the power station as Gyro explains that they channeled all the power of Duckburg into those three switches on the left of us. The zapping goes all as Gyro plans to overload the robots with juice and MURDER them good. They blow their fuses as Scrooge looks out the window and wants to get the hell out of there as the robots walk slowly towards the power generators.

The robot pull on wires and drink from them. I betcha this gets cut from Toon Disney; it's too obvious! And they STILL confuse Baggy with Burger. Isn't the lack of jaw marks on the criminal number sign enough evidence or something?! Gyro proclaims that they cannot wait any longer and they push the levers (WRONG LEVERS!) in stereo as the robots get SHOCKED literally. No really; I'm as SHOCKED as you are. Can I make anymore bad puns in this episode or what?! Everyone holds on as they get zapped with enough electricity to kill 50,000 beagles; but this is Disney and BS&P RULEZ! No X-ray spot though as Ma Beagle watches on in horror. Wow; she IS the smart one of the team. The boys stop the glow in the dark stuff for a while as Ma grabs them from the tops of the heads which open as three of them are out....So they can only do about a quarter of the damage. This should be easy pickings for the babyfaces now...and Gyro....

They run out of the power station as we head inside Ma's robot cockpit as the door slams and the Beagle Boys look stunned. HAHA! Ma blows off Scrooge again and Bankjob wants her to MURDER him more or less. We get some attempts to swipe the helicopter down from the robot; but no dice as the helicopter rides into town. Launchpad asks how long before they run out of gas again. Gyro proclaims that they have 24 hours left before that happens. Sadly; we only have 2.4 minutes left if you catch my drift. And LP is going to run out of gas in 24 seconds. I hope you have your stop watches on; starting at 19:51...and here we go! Give or take half a minute. HAHA! Mocking time compression; I love it! The robot chases them as we head to the construction site and apparently; the second largest vault (and it's Flint's for sure since it has a G letter on the front doors) has already been built! How about that for a logic break?! The front doors are shut tight as Scrooge whines on cue. Flint counters with the red button remote control and that opens the vault doors easily. Scrooge praises his certain style. Too bad it's rotten as that apple Ma gave to him earlier. AHHAHAHAHAHA! BONK! OUCH! Ummm....They fly inside as the robot stomps in destroying anything that it within reaching distance of it and goes inside the vault. They see the helicopter has landed and Bankjob points out the obvious. Ma declares the party is over and they smash LP's helicopter! Those rotten bastards and their bitch mom. POW! OUCH! Ummm....

We then cut to on the top of a conveniently placed something with a slide as Scrooge tells Flint to do it now. Do what?! Flint uses the remote to close the vault doors and then pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) along with Gyro on the left side and out comes the quick dry cement. Dammit; I knew that would be used in the finish somehow. The cement pours into the vault as the heels realize that they are screwed big time. And they wish Big Time was here even if they don't say it. Scrooge and Flint are liking this as we see the cement fill up to the top. Problem: if they filled up to the red light bulb nose; shouldn't the babyfaces...and entombed as well since the robot is TALLER than the platform itself? Logic break #3 for the episode. This one is clearly TMS's fault though as the top pops open and out comes Babyface, Bankjob and Baggy as Ma pleads for them to wait five seconds; but they dive into the cement and get encased. HAHA! Well sort of...Flint mocks them for that as Ma Beagle steps down and she turns on her boys and escapes through a brick window to see Uncle Bobo in South America.....


She is gone as Bankjob proclaims that with Ma; family comes first. That is living proof that these boys have no sense of irony whatsoever. Babyface then realizes the logical fallacy as the police chief and his force finally arrive to arrest the Beagle Boys formally. HAHA! So we head outside the construction zone as the police wheel away the Beagle Boys with their torso still in the cement in blocks. HAHA! They wheel them into the police van as Scrooge talks about working together and Flint blows him off with the Gruffi pose as his robots are still intact. Sadly; the police chief, bastion and law and order (and kissing the mayor's ass I see) informs Flint that the robots have been dismantled forevermore. HAHA! And he gets a bill of damages to half the city before the police chief leaves stage right. Flint whines about having to rebuilt the city without his robot and Scrooge offers to rebuild it for him with his company. Flint asks him how much and Scrooge asks how much he has. Flint calls him a ruthless low down rat. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Projection much there Flint?! Scrooge proclaims that Flint brings out the best in him and walks away stage left as we go to the far shot with the destroyed city. Flint throws down the papers and stamps his tender webfeet in protest to end the episode at 21:18. Minus a few logic breaks; this episode was PERFECT! A fun ride from start to finish and some continuity from the LAST episode. How about THAT for awesome?! **** ¾ (95%).


Well; I don't have much to say other than, what a debut for Ma Beagle. With the exception of a few mistakes by TMS and Keyes' silly writing; it was an awesome episode to watch as we got everything from robot hockey; power line struggles, Flint getting screwed in more way than one; Ma turning on her Beagle Boys and of course lots of crushing. Plus; I really liked the fact that Gyro didn't learn his lesson (what a surprise?) and created an even better sequel than the original with Armstrong which has a slower pace and more comedy; while this one had more action and Flint and Scrooge working together. So; we get yet another excellent episode. Although I would be slapping Keyes for confusing Baggy with Burger as it was the only thing that was annoying. So next up is the next two episodes with Magica's Shadow War (and the debut of the dreaded Vacation Von Honk!) and then it's on to The Master of Djinni with a genie battle between Scrooge and Flint for Aladdin's Magic Lamp.

Thumbs way up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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