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Super Ducktales Part Five

Reviewed: 12/06/2009

Nothing like a bunch of robot aliens to screw your story over.....

The final episode of the story arc (Disc Three and Volume 3 to boot) is upon us and the question is; can this get any more overbooked? Well; let's rant on and find out shall we?!

This episode is written and story edited by Ken Koonce and David Weimers. . I'll assume that because the story editor is not credited here. And Jymn Magon is the voice dialog director here! WONZA!

Opening Moment #1: The title card for this one is Money To Burn...Not to be confused with Money to Print which is Nintendo's gimmick.

We begin this one as there are about a million boats in Duckburg harbor (seriously; it's Status Seekers all over again) as they try to move without success. Even Mr. Quackerbill from Time Merit Adventures is back using a motor log raft so you know this is SERIOUS BABEE! More sailor arguing (Joan Gerber, Hamilton Camp, Frank Welker) as we cut to Scrooge (in his regular gear natch), Launchpad and Gizmo Duck on top of the McDuck submarine (I guess the FCC Navy owns it as it hasn't been repo'ed yet.) as Scrooge swears in DUBBED SCOTTISH STYLE because every Tom, Duck and Mary wants the Money Bin. Funny how BS&P stepped in to remove Dick from the speech even though this Dick was a pro noun. This is what happens when you try to censor the real word for sexual body parts. Gizmo Duck tells him not to worry because they will find it. That is so reassuring from someone who is weak against water. Gizmo then cuts his full of himself promo and Launchpad wisely pushes Gizmo into the submarine before CDS overtakes Fenton. HAHA! How did LP get rendered into a shell in Darkwing Duck; I'll never know.

And yes; the Beagle Boys (Ma, Big Time, Burger, Bouncer, Baggy) get onto a green tow boat as Ma Beagle has her pistol set to profits on a sailor (Toon Disney cut; although it may be far enough to allow. See Golden Sprocket of Friendship.). So the green boat goes speeding and it knocks over a rowboat with a sailor in the process dropping him into the drink of course. Ma is after the catch of the day as the near shot is clearly going to be snipped by Toon Disney. So we head under the sea as the submarine goes stage right and the sonar starts to beep. Scrooge is sulking inside looking out the window as LP tells him not to worry because he will find his money in a jiffy. We then cut to the cockpit as LP is driving the submarine and Gizmo Duck wants to do it just to see who can crash the thing in hilarious fashion. Okay; he didn't say that, but we know that is implied. Okay; he really hooked up himself to McDuck Enterprises space sphere of doom (complete with camera as we go to the scene above Earth) since it can find large masses of metal for mining see. We zoom in with the camera beeping and then return to Gizmo as his monitor is beeping. Scrooge wonders what that is and Gizmo Duck claims it as the Money Bin; or battery acid indigestion. Well; our stomachs are like battery acid, so there you go. Scrooge orders them to go north and LP sells as the submarine goes around and it finds...a rusty iron ship. HAHA! Scrooge blows off his own sphere for not finding precious metals and only rusty metals. Then Gizmo Duck's suit beeps some more (in yellow this time) and Scrooge tells LP to go east and we go east with the submarine and away from the rusty iron boat.

So we cut back above Earth with the sphere spy camera and then pan northeast to the moon as a spaceship arrives with a male robotic voice (Frank Welker) that sounds like something out of Star Trek as it picks up signal addressing him as #32751. UH OH! The overbooking has commenced nearly three and a half minutes in. Male voice #2 (Hamilton Camp- the Gizmo Duck like voice gives it away) calls him number #43618 and it's a mass amount of metal as male voice #1 wants to descend and male voice #2 agrees with him as the spy camera passes unharmed under the spaceship. Strangely; the camera doesn't beep in cue. I guess it's rigged to the submarine. Speaking of the submarine; we head back under the sea as the submarine heads west as we see Scrooge sulking again at the window and then glee as he blesses his bonnie bin since we see his Money Bin with the truck-dozer all still intact. We get the spotlight treatment as Scrooge cheers for victory as he tells LP to park it...which is codeword for crash in LP's airhead mind and so he crashes it with some half decent bumps onto the floor. HAHA! Scrooge blows LP off for that as Gizmo is sitting on his chin in response. LP claims that they did nothing and then we cut up to the surface as the green boat (I guess the sailor jumped ship) as Big Time claims that they snagged something to Ma Beagle. And it's big as Ma wants it hauled up and they do with great effort as the submarine rises to the surface.

Scrooge comes up from the porthole and pumps his fist in outrage and demands that the submarine be put down or else. Ummm; since you are half man, half animal, I don't think putting something down is a wise thing to say Scroogie. And then we get the TOTAL ECLIPSE OF DOOM as Big Time demands answers to this outrage and then the spotlight treatment comes from above. Burger thinks that it is the police; but we look up and see the metal alien spaceship arriving down. Scrooge swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (Great Scot!) as he is regretting ever doubting Duckworth and company for their belief in alien life forms. The spaceship scans and then beeps white buttons on the bottom of the ship about 15 times and then shoots the laser as the sea parts completely from the ocean as Scrooge is shocked and swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (Holy Sesame! Disney Caption ignores this part by the way.) as the green boat and the submarine land onto the Money Bin as the water is being drained out. And then we get logic break #1 for the episode as the Beagle Boys and the submarine are now about 30 feet away from the Money Bin as the panel opens and the JAWS OF HALF LIFE grab the Money Bin from the sea in spite of Scrooge's protestations (Man; that laser is so narrow; I cannot tell if the sea has parted from the water level shots) and the spaceship flies away stopping the laser allowing Scrooge and company to eat ocean again. The ocean redefines itself as the Beagle Boys pop from the water and then tread it. The submarine comes up with Scrooge on top of it all wet as he proclaims that they haven't seen the last of him and calls them purse snatchers in the process.

So we head to Launchpad Unlimited launchpad as Scrooge taps on a cheesy yellow plane and kicks the worn tires as Scrooge wonders what it is. Launchpad calls it the USS Jumpstart as it is the first space ship with a clutch which is hard to fly; but easy on the pocketbook. I betcha Kit Cloudkicker is panting like a dog to fly one of those planes if you catch my drift there. It gets 35 light years per gallon as I ask: Why can't we have this technology in cars? Then we will never have to buy oil again for the life of the car. Saves on drilling for at least three million years. Scrooge blows him off as Launchpad claims it was the only thing he could find as he asks for all to go aboard along with the nephews. I guess this is Scrooge's why to apologize to them for Scrooge's disbelief in space aliens. So we go inside the Jumpstart (basically a spaceship that looks like a plane) as LP goes through the checks like the goof that he is. We see Launchpad in the cockpit with Scrooge (wearing spacesuits with glass bowl helmets) as he asks LP about flying the rocket. LP claims that he knows what he is doing as he starts up the rocket and it's the tightest rocket launch in history as Scrooge and GizmoDuck complain; but they manage to get it into the air while the nephews wave goodbye near LP's office. Okay; I was wrong about them coming which is weird since they seem to accept this one without complaining or anything. LP then complains about those back seat ASS-TRONAUTS....


We head into space and into the cockpit on the front shot as Gizmo Duck asks in his seat (and he has a helmet; how cute?) where they are going. LP basically blows him off because he really doesn't know where they are going. HAHA! What a shock that was? Scrooge notices some noise clanking on the ship and goes to the window and sees his money coins clanking on the side as he invokes the butterfly to snag some. He even quotes the Luck'O'The Ducks episode just to really bug me as he knows where to go because the Money Bin sprung a leak see. Scrooge orders LP to follow that cash and LP follow as we go to the planet of Nuts and Bolts as we see metal balls, nuts and bolts (all giant sized) as Scrooge thinks the Money Bin is on the planet with the three laser lights, nut and metal ball all fused together. Scrooge tells LP to land and LP proclaims that he is turned on the fasten seat belt sign and pushes the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and presses a button. We get a landing sequence which ends with the Jumpstart crashing near a metal cliff in wussy fashion. Sigh. The door opens on the left side and everyone gets out as LP talks about the no smoking sign. HAHA! Well; the Jumpstart has some smoke so it is apporos here.

We then see the GOOFS WITH ATTITUDE magically teleported and walking on a green passageway before we go to the scene changer. We go to the Eight Ball Building (my words, not theirs) as we head inside and see Scrooge, LP and Gizmo Duck pop up from a metal railing and they watch on seeing metal cars in a line as this is really out of the Jetsons' motif now. Scrooge proclaims that he is going to march in there and demand they give him back his MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. Scrooge turns around; but it is stopped by the electronic billboard as a shot of a robot with sonar radar on his head proclaims a standing of attention because he is the electronic leader (he seems to have Newton Gimmick's stuttering as well- Frank Welker; I believe that is MEL and that's the last voice for this story arc.) as he does a thunderclap and proclaims that there are non-robots around and they must be destroyed. This isn't a robot planet; this is Mr. Hardcore's vision for the future Earth. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm.... Scrooge runs away towards Gizmo Duck as he points out that Gizmo Duck is a robot sort of. And I guess there is air in Metal Planet since the fishbowls are off too. Scrooge orders Gizmo Duck to march in there and demand they give back his Money Bin. Gizmo Duck salutes him and decides to get a little user friendly with the natives and get the scoop on his loot so to speak as he wheels away. This shall be fun to mock.

So we go to the scene changer as Gizmo Duck wheels on the street with various robots walking on; wheeling or floating. Then Gizmo Duck notices the female robot and gets inspired and giddy about it. Gizmo Duck wheels beside the female robot (who looks like a Pharoh) and tips his helmet off (showing off Fenton's face which contradicts his persona by the way) before putting it back on. He asks about misplacing a huge vault and she asks if it is full of metal and Gizmo states that it is some of it. She basically tells him that they melt it down in a female robotic voice (Russi Taylor I guess) and then floats off; allowing Gizmo to gulp. We then go to the scene changer as Gizmo Duck returns with metal parts and throw them in front of Scrooge proclaiming that he has good news as he found some disguises and a lead to the Money Bin. Scrooge wants to go forward now; but LP tries to put on the metal underwear; but no dice. HAHA! So we do another scene changer as we head to the metal melting factory as we pan down to see two guards standing at the door. We pan west to see behind the junkyard Gizmo Duck, Scrooge and Launchpad dressed up in disguises. Sadly; Scrooge's spats give away the cover right in advance. Then for no reason; we cut to them walking across a bridge with glass and metal. So they manage to get past the guards somehow? Logic break #3 for the episode.

They stop as Scrooge is SHOCKED AND APPALLED as a voice orders the Money Bin which is hanging at the end of the path near the giant ass melting pot below. Scrooge screams for his Money Bin and runs away blowing his cover as Launchpad tries to get his disguise off; but no dice. Gizmo Duck follows as Scrooge demands answers to this outrage. The workman (Terry McGovern or Alan Young again) in a hard hat explains that he is melting it down to produce more robots. Gizmo proclaims that it is over his dead battery (death reference #1 for the episode) and that the workman is no match for Gizmo Duck. The workman gleefully blows him off and shows off the real match for Gizmo as the tanks roll in just as LP gets the disguise off. D'OH!

LP and Scrooge bail behind Gizmo Duck (who looks like Roadkill Rodney from TMNT video games) while Scrooge orders him to show him who is boss here. Scrooge has faith in him as he and Launchpad push Gizmo Duck towards the robots as Gizmo isn't so sure about this. Gizmo Duck wheels towards them as Scrooge and LP do the Scooby Doo Shaking Teeth spot as LP asks about what he can do. Scrooge tells him to get back to the Jumpstart and get it warmed up. Of course; because that is what LP ALWAYS does. No wonder he was such a screw up in Water Way To Go. So we begin the thrilling battle between Gizmo Duck and the Tank Robots of Death. Gizmo threatens them with force if they take one more step including the dreaded skunk, pie, baseball and lobster which is apporos since Fenton does have that lobster courage going on here. The tank robots counter with lasers and rockets as Gizmo Duck is trumped good. HAHA! Might as well bring out the feather Gizmo; that might have been more effective. Might. Gizmo falls back as the skunk drops and bails stage right in fear of course. The robots blitz into Gizmo Duck and the parts go flying as Scrooge cannot bear to watch as there is crashing abound off-screen; all MAN-SIZED bump. Now that is the spirit Wang Films!

The robot play tug-of-war with Gizmo Duck's body as Scrooge tells Gizmo Duck to push all his buttons. Gizmo Duck doesn't want to as Scrooge cannot watch anymore as he gets tapped on the shoulder and it's a fourth robot of death (with purple shoulder pads, natch) as Scrooge is grabbed along with Gizmo Duck and they gets wheeled away stage left complete with thunderclap as we head to the EIGHT BALL BUILDING OF DEATH and inside the main throne room as the Giant Ass CPU of Doom from the billboard as he stutters like mad. Scrooge blows him off for being called a non-unit because he is Scrooge McDuck see as he blows him off for trying to melt down his money. MEL calls himself the Master Electronic Leader as he spins his head like mad. Okay; MEL is pretty funny, I'll give him that much. Scrooge doesn't care how many names he calls him unless he gives Scrooge his money back of course. MEL no sells because his money is valued as a way to make useful robots. Scrooge calls it a waste which is funny projection considering who is with him now and all those other robots in previous episodes. MEL is pissed because non-robots are inferior. Memo to Hardcore: Switch non-robots with non-gamer and ask yourself this: Is this what you want in video games? And why are you surprised when the rest of the world HATES you?

Scrooge orders Gizmo to show him who is inferior and Gizmo wants to step outside with MEL which I take only slightly more seriously than when Dale did it in Mind Your Cheese And Q's. MEL blows him off for talking like a non-robot and when Gizmo goes into his person and pride speech. MEL laughs his robotic ass off on that. The sameness between him and the hardcore are so uncanny. I think Sean used the wrong pictures in comparing the hardcore to a freak. MEL works even better. MEL grabs Gizmo Duck and plucks the suit off completely as Scrooge realizes it's Fenton Crackshell under the suit and Fenton takes a wussy bump on his ass. Even Scrooge calls it inferior so you know that bump was wussy. Fenton blows Scroog off for that one because he could talk with Mrs. Crackshell if he wanted that kind of back talk. HAHA! I agree with Fenton on this one. MEL wants the non-robots to be processed into useful stuff and Fenton does the stutter thing back at him as they will be processed into axle grease. That is an even worse fate than Mr. Hardcore throwing a new gamer into a bonfire. Mel orders his guards to take them to the processing station as two floating male guards (wearing brown helmets and golden medals) grab Scrooge and Fenton by the arms (OUCH!) and drive them away to end the segment 11 and a half minutes in. Well; it is well paced and written, I'll give them that much....

After the commercial break; we go to the glass bridge as the guards take Scrooge and Fenton (by his ankles no less; the bastard) as Fenton sulks and whines about Gandra Dee and about the first 12 things that come to his mind while Scrooge has to take it like a man! Scrooge sulks because life is not worth living without money as Fenton does his trust speech and then he grows a set and goes all Kit Cloudkicker on us as he pops his ankles from the robot's grasp and then runs away stage left as the robot guard goes after him. Scrooge goes all Blue Screen Of Death on us as he gets dragged into the processing plant as there is still Launchpad to save him; but Launchpad yells out to him as he is already “piped up” onto the conveyer belt. HAHA! Scrooge is piped up without a sound and placed onto the conveyer belt and then they get pushed down as a robot falls into the molten metal pot of doom. And so we return to MEL's throne room as Fenton enters wanting a fight with MEL as robot guard #2 re-enters inside. He wants a duel to prove his worth as Robot Guard #2 salutes him. MEL denies the request and invokes the trapdoor of doom and Fenton falls down in it...and then reappears from the grate to the left looking pissed off. Fenton blows off his smarts and MEL laughs again because he is the most sophisticated computer in the universe. With that stuttering of his? Yeah right?!

Fenton asks him the most devastating questions in the universe: The color of an orange? Can A root beer float? And of course the old woodchuck chucking wood question? I know that one fries my brain just thinking about it. MEL then thunderclaps and accepts the duel after all. Fenton wants some jars filled with ball bearings and we have a counting contest until one of them drops dead. This could be fun as robot guard #2 drives away and returns with a tray of jars of metal bearings as the guard holds up the jar and it's ready...steady....go time~! MEL and Fenton count as the computer is falling behind after three jars as he lays around stuttering. More counting from MEL as it's clear that he is had as he is steaming and his circuits are being damaged with every count as Fenton is cool, calm and collected with his count. MEL breaks down as Fenton bails to the tray and takes one out for him to count and MEL counts them. Fenton calls it wrong because it's nuts instead of bolts. Which is irrelevant since he asked for ball bearings which is logic break #4 for the episode. MEL loses as the bunnies hop in his head and he explodes in the mutest explosion before Quack Pack and Fenton jumps for joy. And that is why Fenton is better than Drake Mallard right there. The three robot guard elite ( I guess) march in and want Fenton's ass so Fenton invokes the OH MY GOD promo and the Gizmo Duck suit shatters the radar from MEL's head as Fenton bails stage right on the sky shot. The suit goes into a tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) as we get the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE FENTON EDITION for a bit and then the suit finds him and reattaches in mid air in a neat spot. The robots bump into each other and surround Gizmo Duck which Gizmo Duck promptly counters with the torso missiles which the robots gets completely destroyed of course. Since they are robots; it's all okay according to BS&P.

Gizmo Duck races down the glass bridge and heads to the processing room stage left door. Gimzo gets to the conveyer belt. Logic Break #5: Notice the conveyer belt in the scene is moving to our left and Gizmo Duck goes to our right (his left) and sees Scrooge and Launchpad near the melting pot. Guess which direction the conveyer belt is going on the Scrooge/LP shot? If you said to our right; then you will never write for the new Disney ever. That implies that you can spot logic breaks see. Launchpad is close to dropping; but he and Scrooge get grabbed by a wheeling Gizmo Duck and then he wheels off the conveyer belt and out of the processing plant as Scrooge is HAPPY to see him and Fenton. He places Scrooge and Launchpad down as Gizmo Duck is a hero. So much so that the gray pipe ropes change color to a light brown when Gizmo Duck unpipes them. Scrooge apologizes for his treatment of Fenton because it proves that it takes more than a suit of armor to become a hero. And this is why I like Fenton more than Drake because while both of them are full of themselves and REALLY STUPID; Fenton knows how to fold them when it is on the line a lot better than Drake Mallard ever could. And this is the right booking decision; overbooking notwithstanding.

This story arc is automatically better than Time is Money hands down with about seven minutes to go. Gizmo Duck then mentions the money and Scrooge realizes that it is not over yet. Gizmo Duck states that he will handle it and wants Scrooge and LP to go home; but Scrooge cops the Gruffi pose because he wants his money. However; the white lasers beckon as the PURPLE FOOTBALL ROBOTS OF DEATH arrive as Gizmo Duck proclaims that this is the job for him. Launchpad grabs Scrooge and bails stage left (How? The exit is stage right and blocked by the robots you idiots!) as Gizmo Duck brings out the full force complete with the dreaded pie as he blitzes forward towards the robot. So we get the scene changer as we go onto the green path as LP is dragging Scrooge and Scrooge is showing a lot more effort in struggling than he did with the robots earlier. HAHA! They get onto the left side of the Jumpstart as LP opens the door and tries to throw Scrooge in; but Scrooge hangs onto the edge of the doors like a spider monkey. LP tells Mr. McD to lighten up. Good luck with that LP; we have been trying to do that for years and money being safe is the only cure for Scrooge. LP pops the question about his life over money and Scrooge asks if it is a trick question. Man; Scrooge must have a bad memory if he doesn't remember the finale to Golden Suns.

LP tries to start the engines; but they sputter as LP walks out of the Jumpstart as the robot guards are coming after them. LP tells Scrooge to pop the clutch when he tells them too as Scrooge goes to the cockpit and LP pushes on the back of the Jumpstart to force it over the cliff while LP hangs on for dear life. Golden Suns episode #3; just saying. The Jumpstart free falls down towards the molten metal and we cut back into the cockpit as Scrooge is driving the thing and Launchpad yells at him from behind (I guess he found a way inside) to pop the clutch. Now THERE'S a back seat driver I can live with having. The Jumpstart does a hyperbole and rises into space as Launchpad resumes in the pilot seat and Scrooge breathes a sigh of relief as he sits down in his seat. Scrooge proclaims that wonders will never cease as we go to the scene changer and see a side shot of the Jumpstart as Scrooge wonders if he will ever see his money again. LP proclaims that there is hope still and there is always Gizmo Duck; and then the planet MEL explodes completely on the front shot. WHAT THE HELL?! There was no indication that the place could be blown up. I hope there is some sort of explanation for this because it was OUT OF NOWHERE. Scrooge gasps in horror as the planet blew a fuse and then spins around like a top and then spits some bolts as the segment ends for real nearly seventeen minutes in.

After the commercial break; we cut to Scrooge in his seat as he sobs for his money and Gizmo Duck and his money and then sobs like a baby. HAHA! We then get some beeping in the cockpit as the robot ship is now after them and Scrooge tells LP to floor it and LP's foot goes through the Jumpstart and the engines sputter again. Oh boy; they are going to overbook this episode after spending 17 minutes trying to keep it in check as much as possible. The Jumpstart goes into the space ship bottom as a knock on the Jumpstart is heard. Launchpad and Scrooge get up and LP chuckles about Fuller brushes and Girl Scout cookies as we get Cash As Catch Can references as the door is opened and in comes a damaged Gizmo Duck claiming that he came back as promised. Scrooge is SHOCKED to see him and then he asks about the Money Bin and Gizmo Duck points to it which is standing in a demo display inside the ship. Scrooge is so happy to see it that he goes over to it and kisses it like a human being. EWWWWWWW! How he was able to kiss it with the glass helmet on is a sight I don't want to see. Now this would be the finish and ending in any other universe (except for Darkwing Duck's of course); but there is still four and a half minutes left in the story arc, so there you go. Scrooge proclaims that his worries are over as the spaceship flies towards the planet Earth in record time on the scene changer. We then head inside the cockpit as Launchpad is flying with Gizmo and Scrooge looking on. Scrooge is so happy to see it again as it approaches the planet.

Launchpad proclaims that he just has to press this button (from a selection of 12 white buttons no less!) which is the tenth button that glows red when pressed. He says oops and pushes the third button which glows red as well. LP proclaims that they land safe and sound.....Scrooge asks what button LP pressed before and LP states that it is the one to release the Money Bin. Oh great?! They are going to waste four minutes with that crap?! Scrooge is relieved for one second and then gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and then jumps up and down as he sees the Money Bin falling towards Earth. Scrooge runs out towards the door; as Gizmo Duck tries to stop him from burning up in Earth's atmosphere. Scrooge kicks Gizmo away claiming that he's burning up now; and there is little difference now. He slides the door (no wind whatsoever) and dives into space. Scrooge swims down with a dog paddle as Launchpad blows off his paranoia to save a couple of quadrillion dollars. At least that figure is realistic this time around. Scrooge manages to grab onto the top of the dollar sign of the money bin and tries to pull it up but no dice as the flames forsake thee. Thankfully; the bottom of the Money Bin shields Scrooge from burning up. That makes no sense whatsoever as Scrooge lifts off his top hat and rides like a horse. And it doesn't burn into ashes. Man; the logic has left the station now as the CDS is coming in.

So we head to ground level near the freeway construction as the workers continue to work on the ground and then one of the workman notices something coming down on them and the entire work group bails in different directions like a bunch of scalded dogs (Oh; the irony!). Everyone runs as the Money Bin comes crashing down and we see the nephews on their bicycles as they notice the Money Bin falling instead of Launchpad. So we cut to Ma's House as Ma is sitting on her rocking chair with the Beagle Boys. Burger wonders if they should have never moved that freeway. Big Time agrees with him because then the Money Bin would still be around and they would have something to do. I smell BS finish coming at six o'clock as Big Time does the Gruffi pose and Ma Beagle blows off their pouting as she is still owed a birthday present as we see the Money Bin go BOOM and a yellow explosion which should have killed the nephews and everyone within a 100 km radius; but all it really does is cause the freeway to let go from the ground and cause a smoke dollar sign in the background. That leads to Ma's House as Ma and the Beagle Boys bail as the entire freeway destroy Ma's house in a layer of pavement like Jenga. That makes no sense; but it is still damn funny so I'll let it slide. Big Time proclaims in lobster courage a happy birthday to Ma.

We get another shot of the Money Bin in the distance smoking as the spaceship arrives (which is much bigger than the city; despite being a lot smaller when it grabbed the Money Bin in the first place) and the elevator from below brings down Launchpad (out of his spacesuit I might add) and Gizmo Duck. It stops in front of the Money Bin doors as the nephews bicycle in and they hear Scrooge yelling. They open the door and go inside the vault as they see the ceiling has caved in with Scrooge's body. So we wasted all that time just to make Scrooge do a cartoon spot? Save that crap for Don Karnage or Drake; but not for Scrooge. Gizmo Duck wheels onto the gold coins (which didn't even melt in the heat for another logic break) and uses his Go-Go-Gadget legs and arms with finger lasers which opens the ceiling and Scrooge pops down into the gold coins sea. Louie takes off the helmet as Scrooge groans and wakes up. Scrooge wonders where he is and Launchpad proclaims that Scrooge did something he couldn't do himself: Crash a Money Bin. I think you lost your memories LP because you did it about three times in the story arc already. Scrooge stammers about the crash as the nephews tells him that the bin is safe and sound where it used to be. Louie asks if Scrooge is all right.

Scrooge groans and then dives into his money for a while to break into the Money Bin once again as he jumps and dives in some more. The nephews proclaim that he is fine as Gizmo Duck wheels away stage right as Scrooge pops up in front of him and proclaims that he will see him bright and early tomorrow morning because he just gave his job back. Fenton is so happy with this that they shake hands on the deal and then Gizmo Duck races around the Money Bin at great neck speed feeling so proud of himself as he should be. He calls himself two somebodies as he races out of the vault. So we head to the trailer park and Mrs. Crackshell's trailer as Fenton wheels into the trailer and proclaims that they are home to his mother. Mrs. Crackshell blows him off to be quiet as she is watching As The Feathers Fly. I guess she found a spare television from somewhere. Fenton gets in front of the television again because he had been gone for days see as Mrs. Crackshell blows him off again because she wants him to wait until the commercial break see.

Fenton is now mad and has had enough of her ignoring antics as he pulls the plug on the television. Oooooo....MAMA'S GOING TO KILL YOU FENTON CRACKSHELL! Fenton demands that there be a few changes around the house and she salutes him standing up. HAHA! That is telling Miss Hardcore off. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm....So we head back to the Bean Counting Factory with car horns honking as we see at the desk Gandra Dee writing papers as Fenton walks in and Fenton addresses her as Gandra (which the crack Disney Captions team gets right. Oy vey!) as Gandra gets flicking with the eye lashes and Fenton stammers like he is being bullied by Drake. Fenton talks about his employment with Scrooge and Gandra asks what they want to talk about and Fenton asks for a date with her; but she doesn't have to which pretty much assures that it isn't going to happen. Gandra then agrees to the date carte blanche because she wanted to date him when he was a bean counter.

Fenton asks why they never went out and Gandra basically answers that one for me looking coy. HAHA! Fenton goes all boing on his head as we head to the drive in cinema as Fenton and Gandra (who got her car back I see) watch a duck couple do some bad kissing on the screen. Must be a Z-Grade Romance flick. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! They cuddle up as Mrs. Crackshell (in blond hair and a dress) eating popcorn protests this blocking of the screen like the jerk that she is. She wants another box of Quackerjacks as Fenton gleefully passes her one without any second thoughts. I guess they compromised on the chores after all. The cinema screen on the far shot does a heart fade to black and then we heart fade to black to end the story arc, disc 3 and volume 3 of Ducktales at 20:32. The episode was really good until they pissed it away with a horrible finish. Still a lot better than Time Is Money that is for sure. Logic break didn't help the cause though. *** ½ (70%).


Well; we end Ducktales Volume 3 on a subdued finale; but still better than Time is Money. Despite the overbooking of the plot line as a whole; the writers were at least smart enough to keep it in check until the 17 minute mark when it fell apart due to Launchpad's stupidity to release the Money Bin which led to a funny freeway finish with the Beagle Boys; but a really stupid finish with Scrooge doing a cartoon bump. There were also several logic breaks and bad mistakes by Wang Films that dragged it further. However; the rest of the story line is solid and Fenton Crackshell finally redeemed himself in a way that I was happy for him as a whole and looked forward to seeing him in the 1990 season. Launchpad was Launchpad (cheap joke aside) and the robots were basically nothing as MEL was just your average super computer with Gimmick's stuttering trait. Overall; I'm happy that this episode didn't get degraded by stupidity like Ali Bubba's Cave did; but I still didn't feel it was complete enough.

So we finally end Volume 3 and Disc 3 of Ducktales. So we have for this disc 2 thumbs up, 4 thumbs in the middle and two thumbs down for a grand total of this volume set as 12 thumbs up, 9 thumbs in the middle and three thumbs down. Not a bad total if I do say so myself.

So what happened after Super Ducktales aired? Well; we got Allowance Day which was recycled to Time Bandit for TaleSpin. We got the Beagle Babes kidnapping Webby for ransom; Fenton attracted to a robot maid; Dough Ray Me which is the infamous inflation episode; Webby growing to 50 feet; Scrooge becoming the Mask Mallard (and the basis for Darkwing Duck); The Ducktales Movie in the cinema (which bombed badly), a valentine episode, and then we get the debut of Dijon the Middle Eastern Stereotype Thief Heel which ends Ducktales in a thrilling two part episode; with the end of the world which is death by gold wave which was considered one the scariest moments in DTVA history (more so when the nephews die in that fashion.). That's the highlights of the remaining 24 episodes from September 1989 to November of 1990. Sadly; none of those episode are on DVD yet; but there are still 27 episodes left to rant on as we finally go to Ducktales Volume 1. Bring on the early episodes! So....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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