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Metal Attraction

Reviewed: 01/22/2012

Quackery's Biggest Foe Attracts On Gizmo Duck!

Ah; we move onto our next Fenton focused episode; this time he has to fend off a crush from a robot maid who seems to be in love with Gizmo Duck. Which sounds like a huge dose of Armstrong combined with Jackie The Stalker Whackerman. Hmmmm... So let's rant on shall we..?!

This episode is written by Alan Burnett, Ken Koonce and David Weimers. The story is done by Cliff MacGillivray.

We begin this one with Scrooge's mansion as we zoom in and head inside the basement as Gyro is standing in piles of dollar bills while Scrooge is doing something with a giant ass pot. He fishes out a jar with tongs as Gyro talks about having nothing left to conquer in the invention field. Scrooge puts the money in the jars as Gyro ponders making a machine to help him with his money canning. Yes; he's canning money. And you thought canned heat was absurd. Scrooge claims that canning money takes tender loving care and then he gets screwed as Tootsie barges in with the nephews, Webby and Bubba running in wearing different clothes for no reason that I can discern. So yes folks; this is the first episode where Bubba and Fenton were in the same episode. I'm guessing that Bubba and Fenton never met in the same room though; which is probably what Chris Barat meant. Tootsie breaks a jar of money on his rampage; but this is about it because you see, Wang Films cannot properly animate destruction, or something. Mrs. Beakly runs in with the mop and bucket and blows off the children for stealing her dress. Huey claims that it was the only thing that would fit Tootsie and Beakly blushes. Scrooge blows off the children for messing up his canning; and Mrs. Beakly blows off Scrooge because it's tough raising five children and a dinosaur on her own. She demands Scrooge help him; but Scrooge blows it off because he has enough trouble with the cash flow as it is. This inspires Gyro to go to his new frontier which is domestic engineering. Codeword: Cindy Armstrong; the successor to Cody Armstrong from the episode Armstrong. Beakly plays tug-of-war with Tootsie and the dress and manages to get it off Tootsie as Gyro proclaims that Beakly's work will be cut in half and Beakly is thrilled since her clothes cannot take much more than this.

So we head into the dining room as Gyro is putting the final touches on his new invention which is a robot maid. Sadly; she looks nothing like a stereotypical robot anime maid. It's a metal duck with red hair and a black dress. Gyro turns it on (oh boy!) and calls it Robotica. Robotica (Susan Blu) does everything, including windows. Sadly; she doesn't do Windows 3.1, 1995, 1998, 2000, XP, Vista and 7. She might do Windows 8 in the future; though that is doubtful at this point. She cleans under the fridge with the feather duster. She sadly has the uncanny valley on full blast since she calls the children; children units. She also stutters a lot and repeats words too much when she wants to play Simon Says. She spins her head and the children all get scared and run away while Robotica chases after them claiming that Simon Says is fun for the entire family. Beakly does not like this at all; so Gyro proclaims that it is back to the old computer board. So we scene change to a Gedo fashion sense house as movers are moving in and we head into the living room as it's full of flowers, banana yellow walls, and a couch full of Fenton and Gandra Dee. So this is Miss Dee's house, who knows. See; Fenton is here for a celebration: 100 days since their second date which was postponed. HAHA! Gandra wept and Fenton is in tears (of joy) because it's so emotional. These two have the emotion of a bad hair day. Gandra is weeping because she's allergic to roses and she sneezes. Fenton counters that he'll bring a gas mask from the second hand bean store. Gandra tries to explain that the easy thing to do is get rid of the damn roses. At least that is what I thought she would say; but the phone rings and Fenton answers it. It's Scrooge in his home office as he informs Fenton that he wants to see Gizmo Duck right away. Fenton agrees to it; although he is ruining the buzz of the moment with Gandra which of course involves lots of sneezing. HAHA! I'll give Gandra this; she can sell sneezing really well. Fenton informs Gandra that he has to go; but he has a surprise for her as he whistles and he brings in four guys dressed up as valentine chocolate boxes. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I see Bud Flood would later steal that spot for Dry Hard in Darkwing Duck; only with bottled water. And they sing really, really badly. Gandra does not know what to make of this; which causes her to stop selling her reaction to roses. Gandra proclaims that he shouldn't have and Fenton counters that he should have known that he should have gone with the acrobatic nuts. HAHA!

So we head to the basement with Gyro as he puts a red disk in the back of Robotica as the children and Mrs. Beakly watch on. Gyro claims that he programmed feelings into Robotica and she should be more human. And of course she overacts like crazy. She's more human all right; more like a psychopath now. We get a shot of the blue birds in the nest for no reason whatsoever and then we get Robotica cutting promos and generally overselling everything like a joke. I know this because the drum banging punchline sound is being used here. She goes to the children and grabs them and kisses them more times than all of DTVA combined. If you thought Marge Simpson was overbearing on Bart; then this should change your mind instantly. The hugging continues as Beakly calls it industrial strength emotion. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. So Scrooge comes in and demands answers to this outrage. Gyro points out his machine and Scrooge blows him off because he said “NO MORE F'N ROBOTS” and he MEANS “NO MORE F'N ROBOTS”. I guess “Duck In Robot Suits” are still allowed. Well; after Robot Robbers; can you really blame him? Scrooge demands him to take her to the scrap heap. And Robotica gets all emotional and grabs onto Scrooge's legs and whines and begs for mercy. This only HELPS Scrooge's point there madam. She is too young to be recycled into hub caps see; and that is enough for Scrooge to give her another chance. See; he cannot stand to see a woman cry; even if she's a robot. Robotica thanks Scrooge for that and she'll work her fingers to the chrome. Heh. Then the door bell rings and Robotica goes to answer it; but not before going into an awesome rant that goes on and on before Scrooge blows her off. Robotica does the Link promo from The Legend of Zelda: The Animated Series. Sadly; there was no princess involved so she doesn't bother to say “Well; excuse me Moneybags”; or something like that before walking off. And we discover that it's Gizmo Duck at the door. Why Scrooge needs him now; I don't know. However; considering what we are dealing with, it might not be a bad thing. Robotica answers the door and she goes nuts complete with heart eyes popping out. Oooookkkkkaaaayyyy; Robotica is totally whacked out now. I see most of Gizmo Duck's spots for Darkwing Duck were stolen from this episode too. Including fireworks; surrender flags and heart coming out of the chest.

Then she calms down and offers him to come in. Gizmo Duck asks if she is still under warranty (aka she needs help) and Robotica grabs his arm and they all go inside with Robotica carrying Gizmo Duck inside. HAHA! Now THIS is more like it. Gizmo Duck protests this of course; but no dice is forthcoming, which is a good thing, thank you very much. Gizmo Duck jumps off and bails into somewhere as we play “hard to get” for a bit. With the girl chasing the boy instead which is a million times funnier and more interesting. Gizmo Duck heads to the money canning cellar as Scrooge greets and tells Gizmo that he has met Robotica. More like Robotica has slobbered all over Gizmo Duck Scroogie. Circular chase ensues around Scrooge as Gizmo Duck asks Scrooge the question I was going to ask anyway (Why does he need Gizmo Duck?) and Scrooge has repairs to do with the Moneybin and Scrooge is carried out by Gizmo Duck as he bails; only because Robotica thinks he likes her. That's dangerous people. So we head to the Money Bin as Scrooge is watching outside while Gizmo does the Go-Go-Gadget Waist Extender~! He also uses the finger flamethrower to seal up something even though it appears that he was opening the panel. He comes down and claims that the work is done; and here comes Robotica and Gizmo has to hide behind Scrooge. Still better than hiding behind a puppy as Robotica arrives with multiple arms and goodies because she wants Gizmo to stay for lunch. Gizmo no sell because he's on a diet; which involves only one girlfriend and that girlfriend is real (no, not really). Robotica offers her coffee maker (to have coffee of course); but Gizmo bails again. Robotica needs a lesson that no means NO. Sadly; we all have that rape impression inside all of us and want it to mean YES in this case. Robotica takes it as Gizmo Duck loving her because he said dear. Umm; he wants to hook you up to a John “Deere” Tractor. With the best position being under the wheels being crushed. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Scrooge just turns his head not thinking anymore of this in spite of the oversell.

So we head to the bean counting factory (with bean logo on top) as we hear Gandra Dee and Fenton at the lunch room as he and Gandra sit down to a formal dinner. HAHA! He even brought the candle lights just to make the dinner complete. Gandra likes it; but she doesn't like the Mexican Merrochi (?sp) Band of Death with him. Ah; another thing Spongebob Squarepants stole from this show. Which shows that Mexican stereotypes are still allowed even at this point. At least Gandra has some enlightened sense in her soul as the band of doom plays badly as usual. At least the music is not “Coo-Coo-Ra-Cha” or the Mexican Hat Dance or anything like that. Thank goodness for that. The workers are not amused; but Fenton thought that music would be awesome. Memo to Fenton: Try classical music next time. Less need for clearance rights too. Gandra blows off Fenton and does not want to go out tonight to celebrate. She walks out of the lunch room towards the window overlooking the Money Bin as Fenton wonders what is wrong with him. Gandra is such an airhead so I doubt it's your politics Fenton Crackshell. Fenton thinks he's not doing enough for her; but Gandra thinks he's doing too much. Then she notices a heart and arrow on the side of the Money Bin with the letter's R & G on it (Robotica and Gizmo Duck sitting in a tree; KISSING!) and Fenton panics because Scrooge is going to be pissed with this vandalism. Fenton walks out as Gandra claims half of the city can see it. So we head to the Money Bin on the vandalized side as Robotica oversells her handiwork. Gizmo Duck wheels in and calls her nuts. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. She doesn't care anyway as she cuddles up with him. Gizmo backs up and invokes the polisher cranes to clean up the vandalism as Gizmo proclaims that Scrooge will reprogram her if he finds out that she did this. Robotica takes it as proof of Gizmo Duck's love for her. If only Robotica, if only. Gizmo Duck claims that he has more affection for his vacuum cleaner. Now this Gizmo Duck fellow really sucks. HAHA!

Ron Sparks: He sucks more than Sean Desmond.

Robotica doesn't care and embraces Fenton like a love sick opera foozy. Apparently; Gizmo Duck tickles her transformers in her mind. Gizmo tries to escape; but the iron grip of death from Robotica prevents him from swimming out of her grasp. She uses her arms to tie up Gizmo Duck and drop him down while going on this awesome rant about love which is better if the reader just watches the scene than for me to explain it. Robotica has massive issues and it's all Gyro's fault of course. Gizmo breaks the fourth wall claiming that kids are watching which of course they are. Sadly; the moral guardians are not. Otherwise; this division would have been beaten down A LOT more than Feature has been in terms of sexual content. Robotica doesn't care of course because she is in love. She demands that Gizmo Duck be with him; or she'll never let him go looking like she had turned heel. Gizmo Duck decides that he will go with her and that allows Robotica to let go of him and do the whirlwind spot in the process. She walks out looking for her tool box to make up a new face. Gizmo Duck doesn't know what to do since she probably likes Tuneup Masters. So we head to Tuneup Masters (well; a garage gas station anyway) as we see Gandra inside a beauty salon as a orange shirt, brown pants dogperson is fixing a car like a mechanic. At the table we see Gandra sitting down with a female dogsperson with orange hair, green dress and green pumps. And banana yellow sleeves to boot. She is Midge according to Gandra (Susan Blu voices Midge by the way) as Midge is doing Gandra's nails with the nail file. We then cut to a different angle; closer to Gandra with Midge watching as somehow we can see Robotica strapped to the table retorting whatever Midge said. HEE HEE!

She is getting her feet polished as Midge and Gandra exchange notes on her dial tone hands (caused by being on the phone at work). Midge informs her that she is dunking her hand in motor oil and she in fact is. HEE HEE! Robotica gets a light shined on her as she talks about Gizmo Duck playing hard to get and Gandra calls her lucky because Gandra gets fawned over by Fenton. Then we discover that Robotica has been watching wrestling tapes because she has to almost literally hit Gizmo with a pile-driver to get him to notice her. Gandra calls it heavenly. Unless it's your neck; then it's downright hellish. Midge has a suggestion that both boyfriends can learn something and both parties agree to have their boyfriends meet each other. UH OH! This is not going to end well for Fenton Crackshell. So we head to the trailer park as Fenton in on the phone inside talking to Gandra informing him that she will go out with Fenton tonight. Fenton likes this of course and he is going to cancel his plans on something else as we cut to Gandra's room as Gandra informs him that she is going to Duckyland to see him. She also tells Fenton that they are meeting another couple which is Robotica and Gizmo Duck. Fenton hangs up the phone agreeing to the terms and not suspecting a thing. And then he gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and realizes that he is screwed big time now. HAHA! Fenton screams loudly; allowing his tongue to flap as we zoom in on his throat and that ends the segment 11 and a half minutes in. Really fun episode thus far.

After the commercial break; as we head to Duckyland which is an amusement park, DUH! And it's surprisely well animated (thanks to the fact that the still artwork doesn't look so fake) as we see Gandra and Robotica together exchanging notes. Robotica is excited beyond belief as always. Fenton walks in dragging his giant ass gym bag (which contains the suit natch) as he wonders where to hide it until he debuts and he discovers that there is a changing room in Duckyland and walks into the dressing room with lockers and stacks it up near the costumes. He walks out and we teleport to Fenton walking to Gandra and Robotica. Fenton greets and meets as Robotica is more concerned with wanting Gizmo Duck and Fenton is sure he might come. Robotica oversells that Gizmo Duck has dumped her and she is pissed. Fenton tries to assure her that Gizmo Duck is just finishing his duties with Scrooge which is the most plausible reason you can think of. Sadly for Fenton; Robotica has emotions in her chips; but no “reasoning” in her chips. Robotica seemly calms down as they decide to walk until Gizmo Duck arrives. They notice the “we don't see the ride because Wang cannot animate it properly” teacup ride as Fenton pushes them together and then bails to get some “drinks”; also known as “change into Gizmo Duck”. I think we all know where this is going and it's not going to end well for Fenton nor Gizmo Duck. So we get Fenton's sequence of changing to Gizmo Duck and then he wheels out; remembering to go to the vendor to get some Fizzy Fizzes. Then we head to the teacup ride which Wang Films animates all right (proving me wrong again); although when the bunny furries get dunked; it looks awful. I think that's the only time they used bunny rabbit anthros for this show. And both Gandra and Robotica get dunked of course. Gyro then proves that he didn't invent Agent X from Quack Pack; because she is rust proof apparently. See; the teacup ride involves the people getting dunked into giant ass teacup filled with warm water. I'm shocked Magic Mountain didn't come up with this one. Oh wait; the teabag are for protection as they get off (since it's zipped up); never mind. Gandra complains about her hair and Robotica complains about her complaining as she is starting to rust. On second thought; he did create Agent X. Or maybe not. Gizmo Duck arrives with the drinks as Robotica hugs him like he's her you know what. The drinks spill on cue as I ask the obvious question: If he has the drinks; doesn't that prove he and Fenton are one in the same. I doubt Gandra will suspect a thing either.

Gizmo Duck gives her the drinks and pushes her off as Gandra actually questions this whole thing since it was Fenton who was supposed to get the drinks. HA! Gandra is smarter than she looks. Gizmo backs up and proclaims that Fenton gave them to him; so he could get some candy apples and candy floss. Gizmo offers more rides; but Gandra blows it off and walks off to find Fenton. Gizmo Duck blocks her way because he wants to find him instead; and he wheels off stage right. That leads to the scene changer as we see Robotica and Gandra drinking on a bench and here comes Fenton. Sadly; he forgot to take the Gizmo Duck power glove off his hand...and forgot the treats as well. He sits down and notices the glove and cuts the OH MY GOD promo; which forces Fenton to play misdirection involving a flying elephant. Fitting for Fenton since the elephant was named “Dumbo”. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Gandra is fooled; Robotica is too into her drink to care as the suit comes back and Fenton changes back to Gizmo Duck. Just as well; since Fenton nearly blew his cover for a moment there. Robotica notices and hugs like a love sick duck maid. Oh wait...Gandra demands to know what happened to Fenton since he was sitting NEXT to her. Gizmo Duck claims that the elephant scared him off and pulls Robotica off and wheels away to find him. So we scene changer back to the bench as Gandra and Robotica are bored as usual. Gandra has the Gurffi pose on as Fenton arrives panting. Gandra demands answers and Fenton blows his cover claiming to find Gizmo Duck and Gandra is not amused. Fenton then add dearest to it; and she slightly forgives him because Fenton was supposed to get the sugary snacks. Fenton claims that he was supposed to and he will as he tells them to meet at the Tunnel of Love (Mis-love now) as he bails. Gandra calls this strange since he has done a 180; from too much attention to not enough attention. Robotica can NEVER get enough attention. I swear to god; she is the template to Jackie The Stalker Whackerman now. She cannot wait for this either as both girls bail stage right.

So we head back to the costume room as Fenton walks in as he makes it to the suit pack and proclaims that being a lady killer is going to kill him (two kill references in two seconds. HA!) so Fenton has a Krackpotkin plan to have one less lady in his life. Now logic dictates that Fenton will chose to smite Robotica simply because Gizmo Duck had no love for Robotica to begin with. So we head to the Tunnel of Love And Death as we pan down and see Robotica arrive with Gandra and Gizmo Duck wheels in. Okay; this could be interesting as Gizmo Duck wants to go on; but Gandra no sells because she wants Fenton with her. Gizmo Duck proclaims that he went to win her a prize at the shooting gallery. Gandra has had enough and storms off telling Gizmo that she is going home and doesn't want to see Fenton again until she is treated like a lady. HA! Gizmo Duck breaks character literally as Robotica restraints him as she doesn't care and carries him into the tunnel of love which is the long sequence we get inside complete with hearts, cupids (with underwear on.) and crescent moons. Wang Films does a reasonable job of animating the backgrounds despite the obvious repeats here. We cut to the boat as Robotica cuddles her Gizmo Duck and calls this romantic. HAHA! Gizmo Duck has something to tell him and Robotica hugs him because she thinks it's a signal to marry her. And thus the template for Jackie is now complete. I wondered why I loved Jackie The Stalker to death in Kick Buttowski for so long now; and now I have the episode to prove why I do now. Thank you classic DTVA as usual. Gizmo Duck blows it off of course because he wants to stop seeing her and now Robotica is PISSED. UH OH! That's a no-no Gizmo Duck/Fenton Crackshell. So Gizmo admits that there is another woman in his life which is a bigger no-no and she invokes the POWER OF THE PUNCH off-screen as Gizmo Duck flies through the heart wall and bounces with decent bumps off his head on the brick road. Gizmo claims that she took it well. If only Gizmo, if only. Robotica walks in the water with blue sparks and apparently; she is fried up. Ah; who knew the power of being pissed off would be so wonderful to watch. Jackie needs to consider this plot device for the next stalking episode involving her and Kick. Gizmo Duck bails as Robotica growls and grows curly hair as she walks for her closeup and that ends the segment 17 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we head to Scrooge's mansion as Robotica is feather dusting the fireplace harshly and she notices a picture of the family and it has Gizmo Duck in it..and this is the first major proof that indeed; at one point, Gizmo Duck and Bubba met at some point. So Chris Barat was incorrect after all. Okay; I am grasping at straws now. This is me grasping straws. Anyhow; Robotica is pissed of course which begs the question: She was after Gizmo Duck right when the segment ended. So why is she inside the mansion cleaning? Logic break #1 for the episode. She notices that Gizmo Duck has his arm on the shoulder of Mrs. Beakly and Robotica thinks Beakly is the other woman in his life. UH OH! So she throws the feather duster away and we cut to Mrs. Beakly folding up clothes after she was ironing them. She takes them and walks stage left to somewhere as Robotica kicks the door down and it shatters into atoms and disappears. Okay; that was awesome even if it breaks logic and reason. Mrs. Beakly is at the closet and Robotica shows her the picture as evidence looking mighty pissed off. Beakly claims that she barely likes him and has nothing to do with him. Robotica storms off threatening to make her beakless if she is lying of course. Then we cut to Scrooge on the phone as he is calling for Gizmo Duck; but has the answering machine. Scrooge hangs up proclaiming that Gizmo Duck must be at Gandra Dee's house. Scrooge walks off as we pan over to Robotica listening from the wall and she proclaims that Gandra's the one who snatched her Gimzo Duck. Geez; this works out perfectly doesn't it? Robotica goes after Gandra; Fenton rescues her and becomes the hero. So convenient eh?

And speaking of Gandra; we return to her house as she is sitting on the sofa as the movers have cleared out all the flowers out of the room. Gandra hears a knock on the door and goes to answer it as it's a black dog truck driver at the door to inform her that she got a giant ass cake with lots of icing and aluminum siding. And at the top of the cake it has F & G on it with heart icing. And Fenton jumps out of the cake and plops down. Yeap; he's more full of himself than ever. Gandra blows him off as Fenton tries to apologize; but Gandra isn't buying what he is selling because Fenton doesn't understand and runs into the house and locks the door behind her. Gandra sits down in a rocking chair; and then gets grabbed by Robotica. Gandra is relieved to see her. Memo to Gandra: When someone comes in unannounced, it usually means that someone is trying to kidnap you. And the curly hair should have given that all away too. Robotica gets on her case while Fenton watches from the door as Robotica accuses Gandra of loving Gizmo Duck. Fenton blows off Gizmo Duck...and then catches himself. HAHA! Then he gets slammed into the wall by the door as Robotica has kidnapped Gandra by grabbing her arm and forcing her out. Gandra demands to know where she is taking him as the door creeks open and Fenton pops out after doing a Scooby Doo Snow Angel spots. He proclaims love hurts and then drops on his face off-screen. So we head to the money canning cellar as Scrooge is screwing the lid on a jar of money. Scrooge thinks his money is safe; but in comes Fenton opening the door and the door somehow throws the shelf of jar money down and we have a lot of shattered glass. Methinks Scrooge and Fenton are going to have swollen feet when this is over. Scrooge is mad, Fenton apologizes and asks for Robotica and Scrooge blows him off for not straightening out his love life. How does Scrooge know about this? Oh wait; Mrs. Beakly, never mind... Anyhow; wee hear beeping as the picture of the Money Bin doubles as a Bat Signal. Fenton blows off Scrooge for caring more about his money then love; and then Scrooge just walks upstairs. No mean look or talking; just went up. This issue was NOTHING to him. I was disturbed!

So we head to the Money Bin and Robotica is invoking the rocket of death at the door to a tied up Gandra standing there. Here's a tip Robotica: Tie the knees up because Gandra can hop away from the rocket easily. Gandra struggles; but no dice of course. So Gandra has turned back to airhead now. So charming guys; NOT! Gyro, Scrooge and Gizmo Duck run in as Robotica is blowing up Gandra and the Money Bin to destroy Gizmo Duck's life. Ah; it's the old Venom method of killing someone. She fires the rocket missile; but Gizmo Duck gets in front of Gandra with ease and cuts a full of himself promo. Robotica is not loving this at all as she gets in between Gizmo Duck and the rocket and takes it right in the chest and it explodes and destroys her. Wow; that was quick and decisive. She died to protect Gizmo Duck out of love. Gyro goes over to pick up the pieces and proclaims that some putty will make it good as new. Strangely; Scrooge doesn't blow him off right there, which would be his right of course. Gizmo unties Gandra and Gandra hopes she's less emotional this time around because she smothers Gizmo Duck like Fenton smothers Gandra. Gizmo Duck realizes why she doesn't like Fenton anymore and thinks Fenton has got it since they are best buddies. I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic there Gizmo Duck. Gizmo asks Gandra for one more chance and we head to the Tunemasters Beauty Salon/Garage as Fenton walks in. He sees Gandra getting her hair dried in the chair hair dryer as Fenton wants to go on a date, which involves ice cream, video games and pizza. Now that's my dream date even if I don't have a date to spare. A dream because I'm barred from going pizza places and ice cream stores. Video arcades are still acceptable though. Gandra tries to remind him about not smothering him and Fenton changes his mind and just wants a walk. Gandra likes it and they hold hands. Then we get the plot twist of doom as they get into a pink ThunderDuck (Thunderbird in case anyone doesn't get the reference) as a woman duck in all black finishes with it. We see her face and it's Robotica. Acting like Astro Boy now. Robotica proclaims that Gyro has given her a new set of emotions (aka a reasoning chip to stop her from becoming violent) and she is in love with the DIGNOSIS MACHINE OF DOOM as it gets hearts on it's radar. Good enough I guess as she has a new job thus implying that Scrooge indeed fired her. Gandra drives away in the ThunderDuck (thus contradicting the whole “I want a walk only” thing Gandra wanted for logic break #2) out of the garage and Fenton calls it grand as the Thunderduck drives out of sight. Heart fade out to end the episode at 21:12. Almost perfect; just that the finish and ending appeared a little too rushed as it only took about thirty seconds to kill Robotica the first time. However; this was Gizmo Duck's first awesome episode and that is what counts. There is a future for him after all. **** ¾ (95%).


Gizmo Duck/Fenton Crackshell finally has lived up to the funny billing that I expected him to be. And it took Gandra Dee and a robot named Robotica. Robotica was awesome; and it is a reminder that sometimes one shot characters can be amusing to watch. Chris Barat mentioned one of TaleSpin's biggest flaws was the lack of having the one shotter become regulars. One thing is certain; Robotica may have been wasted in Ducktales; but her template lives on as Jackie The Stalker in Kick Buttowski. Thank you guys. The plot was your standard double date with a huge dose of Armstrong and a dose of Fenton acting like Drake Mallard. The only flaws to this episode was the finish and ending. It wasn't bad as much as it felt completely rushed because they didn't build up the emotion here and it was boom-boom; destroy Robotica almost the moment Gizmo Duck showed up to save Gandra. Gandra was also very impressive; although she had to contradict her character a bit to make it work. Wang Films did a pretty good job in this one; it was no Jolly Molly Christmas, but considering that JMC was their best work ever; it was going to be hard to top, so they were good enough here. Overall; this was the episode that made Fenton and Gizmo Duck and hopefully they will continue that streak. And yes; Bubba and Gizmo Duck have met and were in the same episode. Next up is the infamous inflation episode with Dough Ray Me which has gained a certain amount of heat over the years; and then from there it's Bubba's Brainstorm which is the one I most dread right now. So.....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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