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Super Ducktales Part Four

Reviewed: 12/05/2009

What is this; the abridged Ducktales series I didn't know about?!

So we move on from Gizmo Duck giving Ma Beagle to what she wants; to the fall out of Gizmo Duck stealing against his will. Will the fallout be entertaining? Let's rant on and find out shall we...?!

This episode is written and story edited by Ken Koonce and David Weimers. . I'll assume that because the story editor is not credited here. And Jymn Magon is the voice dialog director here! WONZA!

Opening Moment #1: The title card for this one is Billionaire Beagle Boys Club. Which means a lot of Ma Beagle going shopping I guess.

We begin this one as the Money Bin on a tow truck appears with Ma and Meagebyte. Okay; I see an obvious logic break here: Why are the original Beagle Boys here? Shouldn't they be in jail? Ma tells Gizmo to park the Money Bin over there as Gizmo tries to no sell; but the suit forces him to pull the levers (WRONG LEVERS!) and he wonders why his suit has a mind of it's own and Megabyte blows his cover on the whole thing by showing him the remote control. Now why would the brains of the operation do something so stupid? Burger I can understand doing this because he is pretty dense; but Megabyte? I think the real Megabyte from Reboot is going to hurt thee Beagle Boy now. Ma sheds crocodile tears as Big Time wonders why she is crying and she states that she is so happy because all her life she settled for petty larceny and now she has ultra grand theft Money Bin. Ma hugs Big Time like a balloon (since Big Time sounds like hot air inside a balloon) as Big Time tells her that they need to hide the overgrown piggy bank somewhere.

She asks where to put it as we go to the scene changer on the streets of Duckburg (near Joe's) as the limo drives down the street with Scrooge, Duckworth and the nephews as Scrooge whines about his Money Bin again as the nephews see a doughnut factory as the limo drives away. Of course the dollar sign in the background clearly gives away that it's the Money Bin being hidden by a fake construction building as we cut to ground level near a doughnut truck where Burger asks about where the doughnuts are. HAHA! Big Time gleefully blows him off for that one as Baggy and Bouncer (thank you Chris for correcting me on the Baggy/Bankjob confusion) wheel in wheel barrows of dollar bills into the truck. Burger still wants doughnuts from glazed to jelly to chocolate sprinkles as he whines like a baby. Isn't that sweet tooth of his the reason why they were in jail the LAST TIME they tried to get Scrooge back? Ma consoles him and calls him a sweet thug. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Ma gets into the truck and cuts a shopping promo before driving away into the doughnut truck of greenbacks.

So we go to shop #1 as Ma parks next to the jewelry store with blue pump tent. We go inside as a dogperson furry female ( with light brown hair, in a park dress, purple purse, and jewelry) is looking at a crystal bowl (I think) while a bird female furry (with dark brown hair, in a darker pink dress with white gloves) looking at a crystal wine glass. Ma Beagle swipes as many jewelry as she can before going to the cashier (female bird furry who looks similar but with brown curly hair and a light pink dress) who sticks the arms up on cue. Ma tells her to stand down as Ma asks for gift wrapping. The cashier nods and Ma dumps a basket filled with that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. She is buying the whole store and wants a ribbon on it. HAHA! So we head to a museum near a statue of the Venus dog Milo; which rhymes with...I cannot say it on this rant. Four furries (three dogspersons, one male duck in a yellow shirt and green pants. One of them is a child; probably female since it is wearing a blue dress) are listening to the pig furry sales lady from Cash As Catch Can part one as she explains the duck statue which has it's arms cut off. The person who made this statue is a sadist. It's the most priceless statue on Earth which shows that Ducktales is basically on the real Earth; only with furries.

I guess this is what happens well after the Rapture occurs. Or maybe not. Ma Beagle enters stage right which her doctor's purse of greenbacks and asks her to name her price. The art museum guide (Joan Gerber) tells her that this is an art museum and it's not for sale. Ma offers it for $400,000 and she sees the money and accepts the offer asking if she wants arms or not. So we go to the salon as we see a dogperson female and a bird furry female in matching outfits getting their hair dried while reading magazine with show nothing on the cover. They must be reading that Ad Busters magazine I keep seeing in the stores which is quite self contradicting if you ask me. Ma opens the door and waltzes inside proclaiming to make her look like a million bucks. I see that the statue is tied to the front of the pink car as Ma proclaims that she is rich. Scene changer leads us to the bank as Scrooge proclaims that he is poor as we head inside with Scrooge pleading for mercy from the fore-closer (dogperson with black greasy hair, black mustache, black suit and red tie with white gloves) not to foreclose the mansion. Since the guy has greasy hair; I betcha he forecloses on the mansion. The forecloser agrees with me as Scrooge states that he owns the bank and makes DA RULES (FAIRY GODPARENTS!). Don't you just love it when your laws come back to haunt ye Scroogie?! Would you like mustard with that crow? AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Flintheart must be having an organism so large that he dies from a massive heart attack as a result. The forecloser states no exceptions and tells him that the mansion will have to be sold as Scrooge sulks in despair.

So we head to the gate of the mansion as sale has finished putting up the for sale sign as the mansion is worth $1.5 billion. HAHA! The nephews holding the step ladder ask who would have enough money to buy the place anyway. A blue car rolls in and out comes a pink curly haired dogsperson (with purple glasses, a peach dress- voiced by Russi Taylor) and she is from Coldnose Banker Realty and she shows Scrooge her card and tells him that someone wants to buy the mansion. Take one guess who that is...And not comes Ma Beagle (without her hat no less as she looks million dollar ugly with that wig) and Scrooge is SHOCKED beyond belief. So we head into the lobby as Mrs. Coldnose (I know she isn't called that; but it's easier to say) shows Ma Beagle around with Scrooge commenting on the mansion as big and spacious. Scrooge asks how she got enough money to buy any house and Ma claims she did it by recycling. HAHA! She did some recycling all right and it's not what Ma thinks it is.

Coldnose asks if she wants to buy the place as she has her blue notebook on retainer and Ma chuckles since it is a steal. HAHA! It's little intentional things like that that make DTVA so great; that little wink, wink that already gets a funny reaction. Scrooge wants answers to this and Ma blows him off because if he is not nice she won't invite him to her party. Like she would ever invite Scrooge to one anyway. Scrooge asks what party as we head to the mansion AFTER HAPPY HOUR as we see various rich folks enter inside at the driveway. And there is a fountain with a block of ice on it; just for the overkill as Mrs. Beakly explains the part of the year as the Duckburg Chronicle calls it. We cut to outside the gate as the QUACKEROONIES OF DOOM look on while Duckworth does nothing as usual and Mrs. Beakly reads the newspaper. Apparently; they are the only ones uninvited as Scrooge rolls up his sleeves as he is going to make like Launchpad and crash the party. Oh boy; this is not going to end well for Scrooge as I get Idol Rich visions swirling in my head. Dewey asks how Scrooge knows it's his money Ma is using and Scrooge proclaims that he memorized every serial number of every dollar he ever made.

So we head to the lobby as various guests have made it and it even includes members from The Status Seekers just to piss Scrooge off some more. We head to the stairs as the Beagle Boys (in formal gear) and Ma Beagle (in a aqua green wedding dress natch) walk down while Ma proclaims that this party is a dream come true. Big Time asks what she is talking about because they have been in most of their homes before. Ma agrees with him since they only swiped the silverware. HAHA! Then we see John D. Rockefeather (Hal Smith) with a blond haired poodle with a purple dress and a necklace which looks like a cross (I got a strange feeling that it was originally a crucifix which was painted away for religious reasons) as he proclaims that he is here because it was an invitation he couldn't refuse. She asks about the “show up or else” part of the invitation and I smell My Fair Baloo coming into play here as the door slams open and in comes Scrooge wearing fireman gear. Ooooookkkkkaayyyyy; let's see where this goes. Scrooge is stopped by a snoby dogsperson butler and he demands answers to his presence and Scrooge proclaims himself as the fire marshal and he is here to make sure the party doesn't get overheated.

The butler knows about city codes because HE'S the real fire marshal (Terry McGovern). HAHA! Considering that the suit doesn't fit Scrooge and his glasses are showing; this disguise is a total failure. At least the inspector gag was more convincing. Scrooge gulps as Baggy (or Bouncer or Burger) kicks Scrooge in the ass out of the mansion and onto his chin outside with a nasty anvil sized bump onto the pavement. Nice coverup to an otherwise bad bump. Baggy walks back in as Ma Beagle (apparently she has stolen some jewels before hand) walks in with Mrs. Pedigree II (Russi Taylor) as she has some petit fours to pop into the mouth. She eats a mini pie and it uncovers to show a real pistol (Toon Disney cut commencing) as Ma Beagle takes it back and threatens to make it her little secret. Then Lady De Lardo enters (Joan Gerber) asks if she wants to play bridge next week. She wants someone to play the dummy and Ma Beagle shows her jeweled covered fists near her kisser to force the point. It's nice to know that Ma knows what kind of bridge Lady De Lardo was implying.

I guess she doesn't like the Beagle Boys (and After Status Seekers; can you blame her) and she was trying to show her up. Ma Beagle recoils though and she would be happy to play bridge and play in her place. So Bouncer (or Baggy; I cannot tell anymore) walks in with a basket with a pink blanket inside as someone left it on the doorstep. And it's Scrooge dressed up as a baby. OH GOD! My respect for Scrooge has dropped about three notches. That would have worked if Webby was the one; but the glasses clearly give him away. The baby picks her pocket as Bouncer (or Baggy) points that out and Ma doesn't care because he fits into the family. Ma Beagle then invokes the most devastating move in all of DTVA: The CHOOCIE-CHOOCIE-COO OF DEATH which exposes Scrooge's spats. As if the glasses weren't already a dead giveaway. Baggy (or Bouncer) takes the basket and kicks it out as Scrooge takes an even wussier bump this time onto the pavement. Sigh.

We head back inside as Miss Pedigree blows them off as having the manners of terrorists. HAHA! It goes to show you how right I was when I called the Sky Pirates terrorists; and they are truly terrorists than the Beagle Boys ever could. Lady De Lardo proclaims that they can never be one of them and they want to tell him that as Ma Beagle is showing the police chief a tray of sweets for him to eat. The rich snobs walk in and they state in carefully crafted words that Ma Beagle is a block of coal. And now Ma is PISSED off of being called pollution more or less; but the dinner bell rings from a bird butler and Burger wants some din-din. Everyone goes to the dinner table as Ma has the world largest blackjack as she wants to get tough because they tried nothing short of a crowbar to get into this clique. Ma owns this town as she threatens the mayor as she wants to buy the next election as she thrusts the blackjack into the neck of Ma Beagle. She wants a few favors as she threatens a hostile takeover of his businesses if he doesn't play nice. And then she threatens Miss Pedigree to let her into the social or she's dead more or less. So we cut to the iron gate as Scrooge returns looking defeated as Ma has everyone eating out of her hand.

With a blackjack down their throats to boot. Scrooge wants to go home and Duckworth gleefully answers that one for me as we go to the scene changer and see Launchpad Unlimited (HA!) as he tells everyone that they are free to crash here since he does it all the time. HAHA! We then go inside as the nephews, Launchpad and Scrooge are huddled together in two hammocks on the right; while Duckworth is sleeping on a chair and Webby is sleeping in the basket used earlier. Scrooge thanks him for having the heart the size of his Money Bin and then he sobs that he wants it back on cue. HAHA! LP consoles him as he proclaims that this hammock will feel like home in 40-50 years as Scrooge cries again on the front shot of Launchpad Unlimited. The lights go out as we head inside on top of the dresser drawers as a pink blanket is covering the nephews as they have never seen Scrooge this sad before in their lives. We see that they are wearing matching green sweaters and hats as they will get his money back from Ma and the Beagle Boys. My goodness; that was Kit's plan~! And those green sweaters minus the patch provide even more evidence to the theory. Too bad the element of surprise is gone already; but still. They decide to sneak into the mansion and get evidence as they walk out of Launchpad Unlimited with the flashlight and that ends the segment 9 and a half minutes in. Pretty average episode thus far.

After the commercial break; we head behind a bush of the mansion as the Kit Cloudkicker nephews practice the fine art of not being seen towards the mansion to waste some time. We head to a window as middle nephew asks right nephew what the MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN is addressing him as Dewey. And of course they play the whole act from Duck In The Iron Mask. Did the writers seriously decide to use every plot thread from Ducktales into this five part episode? And doesn't that show that the show was running out of steam and needed Bubba and Fenton to prop itself up? Dewey brings out the bow and plunger arrow and fires it into the air to the edge of a roof top. They climb up and then we magically cut to inside a room at the ceiling as it opens and out pops the nephews doing some more fine art of not being seen.

Dewey wants Louie to search upstairs and again they play the not knowing who is who part again. Super Ducktales equals Ducktales The Abridged Series two decades before that tactic was hammered into the ground. Dewey wants Huey to help him and we get the warning that the place is crawling with Beagle Boys. We sneak around some more as Dewey and Huey hide behind a hallway door leading into the nephews room where three Beagle Boys are sleeping. Now THAT is blastophmey! The nephews find a backpack filled with ball and jacks and somehow Bankjob (or Baggy) wakes up and looks around as the nephews do the Be a bunch of toys as a hiding place spot. HAHA! And I betcha the Beagle Boy falls for it too. I check the DVD.....Damn; I'm good as he falls sleep and the nephews continue sneaking around and out of the room breathing a sigh of relief. And you though Mad Dog couldn't find the two clicks in the making of a clue.

So we head to the kitchen as Burger is raiding the fridge like the sweet thug that he is. HAHA! Louie hides under the wooden table as he sneaks in as Burger returns with a huckleberry hand grenade cheesecake and he chomps on it and eats the grenade with it (an ode to the spot with the bombs in Golden Suns episode #1). He then takes the grenade and throws it out the window where it promptly explodes off-screen. HAHA! He eats the rest of the cheesecake (with the grenades inside mind you) as Ma Beagle storms in (in her yellow dress and slippers just to show how much of a heel she is. You have to be if you like Gedo's fashion sense) blowing off Burger for eating the cake for his brother in San Quentin. HAHA! He gulps as Ma swipes the remaining cheesecake left and Burger apologizes for it. She orders Burger to leave as Burger sulks stage left and then takes a slipper foot right into the ass for his troubles as Burger runs off out of the kitchen. Ma goes to the fridge and finds some milk as Louie hides on the left side of the fridge looking like he's trying to audition for Darkwing Duck in two years. Louie finds the double doors (how convenient of him?) and runs out unnoticed. So we head to the wood shed as Louie slowly opens the door and sees Megabyte sitting on a lawn chair reading a blue book with the remote control in his hand. Louie notices the obvious as we zoom out and pan right to see the doughnut truck with cash and out comes Gizmo Duck wheelbarrow cash out of it.

Louie realizes that Gizmo Duck is completely innocent of his actions after all. All except being REALLY STUPID of course; but you cannot win it all it seems. Louie grabs some cash and runs out of the wood shed just as Megabyte notices him and we get a chase up the stairs as he meets the nephews on top of the steps and once again they get their names confused. They do notice Megabyte chasing them and they bail upwards. The Scooby Doo Chase Sequence The Kit Cloudkicker Edition is on as Bouncer corners them from the nephews room as apparently Megabyte's voice sounds more like Freddy Jones by the second. The nephews are cornered right next to the conveniently placed dumb waiter and they open it and go downstairs. Another redo spot as they plop down in front of Ma Beagle and Ma Beagle wants her cash back. And she has a rolling pin in her hands so you know she is serious BABEE! The nephews bail onto the sweets cart and cart themselves out of the kitchen and through a hallway near a door as Burger gets the smells and licks himself. Oh boy; this guys is worse than Monty rarely. The nephews go into the living room as Burger follows Ma and they fall over the window and out of the mansion as Ma blows them off for being thieves that make real thieves lives lousy. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now THAT is honest psychological projection if I ever saw it. Burger licks the curtains filled with cake batter for fun.

So we go to Launchpad Unlimited as we head inside as Scrooge is sitting on the chair looking at the bills with the nephews wondering if he recognizes them. Scrooge does as he made these dollars ten years ago. See; he owned Duckburg's only door-to-door butcher company. I wonder why it's the ONLY one. Wink! Wink! Nudge! Nudge! It's called Spamway. HAHA! No wonder the business tanked as Scrooge wants to see Ma's face when she is hulled away by the police. So we head to morning as Scrooge and the police chief are together as the police chief knocks on the door. Burger answers it eating a hot dog and he drops it and raises his arms in surrender. HAHA! The police chief wants to see Ma Beagle. Now considering that the police chief was actually at the Party of the Year earlier; I predict that Ma Beagle got to him and the police chief will arrest Scrooge for some trumped up crime. Burger explains that she is playing bridge out back see. So we logically go to the backyard as Ma Beagle has bought the London Bridge and she, Mrs. Pedigree and Lady De Lardo (along with Gloria Snootlick) are playing hopscotch. Huh? I guess bridge is too complex for Ma to play with. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm...

And just to be more insulting to Scrooge; Ma even stole his blunderbuss as she blows off the snobs for not having any fun. HAHA! She fires the blunderbuss (Toon Disney Cut commencing) and the snob ladies play much faster than usual. The police chief arrives and pokes the back of her neck as Ma turns around. Considering that and his smile; Scrooge is seriously (insert swear word here). Scrooge wants Ma arrested for stealing his money and the chief goes to her at once as he sees the evidence clear in sight. Ma claims that they stole it from her and Scrooge claims that she stole it from him as the chief gets confused. So Ma informs him that the mayor and herself are very close and basically threatens his job if he arrests her. So the chief has no choice but to arrest Scrooge. At least this makes a lot more sense than Double Darkwings; even if it kills the chief's creditability as a babyface. The police chief grabs Scrooge and drags him away as Scrooge protests this outrage while Ma smiles like she has MURDERED someone for real and that ends the segment 14 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see the nephews and Mrs. Beakly in the courthouse with their piggy bank asking to set up bail for Scrooge. The bailiff (a pig furry with gray hair, a blue tie and suspenders- Hamilton Camp) no sells since the bail is $10,000. The nephews are not happy with this as Mrs. Beakly prays and tells the boys not to worry since a judge and jury will hear him out. The bailiff isn't so sure since in come the Beagle Boys as they are judge and jury as I see Citizen Khan being played out before our eyes. Oh goody; this shall be fun to watch. We go to the stairs of the courthouse as the nephews sulk in defeat because Scrooge will never get out of jail now. Louie states that he won't and he has an idea. Oh the irony of it all that Louie the prankster has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN and Dewey doesn't. And this will be a piece of cake. So we logically head to the prison as a bus stops near it. The nephews and Mrs. Beakly stop in front as Louie orders Mrs. Beakly not to drop that cake.

Mrs. Beakly asks if the huckleberry hand grenade cake is a good idea. I don't think this is going to work. Louie claims that it works for Ma Beagle as we head inside as Mrs. Beakly walks to the prisoner communication booths as Scrooge sits there and sulks. Police officer #2 watches on as Mrs. Beakly smiles with that fake smile which clearly shows that she is up to something. Mrs. Beakly shows Scrooge the cake and Scrooge blows it off because he is in no mood for sweets. Mrs. Beakly states that it is special in roundabout terms and Scrooge pushes it away. Wow. Scrooge knows what Mrs. Beakly is up to before the police guard does. No wonder no one respects the police anymore. They truly believe that the police are stupid. Mrs. Beakly gets fussy (nearly sixteen minutes in) and pushes it in which Scrooge pushes it back. Mrs. Beakly gets REALLY PISSED off as Scrooge takes the cake and pulls the pin on it which Mrs. Beakly panics and then throws the cake away as the explosion is heard off-screen again in some recycling as the nephews as at the bus stop (near a prison?) as Huey thinks it's Scrooge McDuck making an escape. And then they see Mrs. Beakly in the prison window with Scrooge waving to them.

So we head to Launchpad Unlimited inside his house as Launchpad is playing with a toy Gizmo Duck by remote control (nice to see Launchpad likes Gizmo Duck still) as the nephews go through their plans with a blueprint of the prison. How in the world did they find THAT information?! Huey wonders if they could use Gizmo Duck as a pawn to smash through the prison walls and no one could stop him. Launchpad demonstrates from his remote control and the toy Gizmo Duck smashes into the wall and does absolutely no damage whatsoever. HEE HEE! LP apologizes for forcing the point as Louie now has a wonderful MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN as he steals the remote control and bails as LP asks about the plan. So we head to the Beagle Boys' Mansion with the pool as the Beagle Boys relax in the sun while still wearing their prison underwear. HAHA! We pan over to Ma Beagle sleeping with the glass of lemonade as Gizmo Duck races around for no reason other than to be more useless than Meg Griffin. Ma Beagle asks Megabyte for another hit of lemonade as Megabyte sits on a lawn chair using his remote control to render Gizmo Duck into a lemon squeezer. HAHA!

He makes some lemon juice and gives it to Ma (I guess she likes it sour) as Megabyte and Ma drink out of straws. Megabyte places the remote control onto the table which Louie grabs it and replaces it with a remote control with a joystick but no buttons. We then cut to the white fence to see Louie playing with the remote control with the nephews behind the bushes. Gizmo Duck smiles because he is now a slave to the nephews which is better than being a slave to the Beagle Boys; I guess. Gizmo Duck steals the glass of lemonade and pours it over Ma Beagle's face. HAHA! The nephews giggle as Ma Beagle blows Gizmo Duck as a mechanized moron. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. She orders Gizmo Duck to clean her up and he does by taking the lawn chair and dumping it into the swimming pool. I guess this doesn't fall under no female contact by males since Gizmo Duck didn't make contact with her. Gizmo Duck wheels around and towards the nephews. They inform him that they rescued him and they want him to rescue Scrooge. Gizmo Duck no sells because he could never face Scrooge again because he is a fiend and a blemish on society.

This is the kind of speech that we should have saw in Plunder and Lightning; but didn't due to being only 90 minutes long because this would have been perfect for Kit just after Baloo radios to Rebecca that Kit and him are coming home after Baloo saves Kit from the deadly drop into the sea from the Iron Vulture. It is in the Plunder and Lightning Novelization which I have on the Unofficial Kit Cloudkicker Homepage if anyone wants to see it. Louie decides that enough is enough as he controls the remote and plops themselves onto his shoulders and then wheels away. Megabyte and Big Time help Ma out of the pool. She demands Megabyte to stop them from taking her retirement funds and Megabyte goes to the remote control (after Big Time and Ma dump themselves into the pool as a result) and uses it and the toy Gizmo Duck lays waste down in front of his feet. HAHA! Megabyte wonders if he shrunk in the wash which is funny considering that in a later episode during the Gizmo Duck era; Mrs. Crackshell did in fact shrink the real Gizmo Duck suit. Don't you just love foreshadowing?!

So we head to the prison as the nephews drop down and Gizmo Duck gets repulsed because he thinks that they are putting him in prison. HAHA! Sorry Gizmo Duck; not going to happen. If it was Drake Mallard; then yes do so. POW! OUCH! Ummm....Huey wants Gizmo to break someone out so Louie uses the remote control and it's Go-Go-Gadget Copter time! He rises into the sky and then drops down into some seven police guards (including the one in brown- Alan Young or Chuck McCann) as they notice Gizmo Duck right away as he lands. Everyone has their guns set to profits as Gizmo Duck wants them to tighten up on the triggers and I agree. You are wasting bullets since that suit is bullet proof. The nephews do the human chain ladder spot as it's Operation Launchpad as Gizmo Duck races in and the police shoot him with...water pistols?! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! Gizmo Duck breaks down the wall (no Joey Styles witty remark here) as he manages to see Gizmo Duck and blows him off as a tin-plated traitor which is funny considering that he looks so plastic.

Gizmo Duck claims that he is here to save his neck and he misses Scrooge's neck when grabbing him. HAHA! We get the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE GIZMO DUCK NECK GRABBING EDITION~! Scrooge is grabbed by Gizmo Duck and he is wheeled away as Mrs. Beakly watches on in horror. He breaks through the door (and another wall for fun) as the police officer shoot to kill with bullets that look like yellow lasers. HAHA! I see the Transformers BS&P is in effect. It's GO-GO-GADGET COPTER time as Gizmo tries to launch himself into the air; but Mrs. Beakly follows and grabs onto the wheels. Gizmo tries to get up some more; but is dragged down because Mrs. Beakly is just TOO FAT! She still gets them over anyway despite coming within three inches of barbie wire on the prison gates. Mrs. Beakly drops down to aid Gizmo Duck again in front of the nephews as the nephews show that Gizmo Duck was being used with the remote control as Scrooge hugs Gizmo for it. Gizmo asks if he could be his security guard and Scrooge would agree to it; if he needed one since he doesn't have the Money Bin.

Gizmo Duck proclaims that he knows where the Money Bin is hidden and his name is Gizmo Duck and not Fenton as he nearly blows his cover on. So we head to the fake doughnut factory as the limo arrives with Ma Beagle driving as the Beagle Boys and Ma get out and head to the tow truck near the bin as babyfaces run in; but the doughnut building is torn apart in a neat visual and both Scrooge and Gizmo Duck are forced to bail. And then; just to gain more heel heat ; the tow truck and Money Bin crush Scrooge's limo which wasn't funny...until a tank did the same thing to Mr. Bean's car. Scrooge gets this as runaway inflation as Gizmo Duck follows the building and Scrooge tries to call a taxi; but no dice. A motorcycle dogsperson stops though and asks where to (Terry McGovern) and Scrooge orders him to follow that building.

So we get a far shot of the city from the top of a roof as the Money Bin advances towards the sea. We get the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE MONEY BIN EDITION! Mrs. Beakly riding front saddle on the motorcycle is downright hilarious by the way. Some buildings get scraped despite having zero actual damage done of course as Gizmo Duck grabs onto the building as Burger points out the obvious on the tow truck. The motorcycle and Gizmo Duck run beside the tow-dozer as the motorcycle blows off Mrs. Beakly's weight with the best thinly veiled fat joke in the history of DTVA. HAHA! Take THAT Rhinokey! Mrs. Beakly does Hoppo's eye contact violence to counter as Ma Beagle decides to lose them in the park as she pulls some levers (WRONG LEVERS!). Funny since the money bin is closer to the sea than any suitable land park. Unless it's a marine park of course. We go into the park as everyone sitting on benches and BBQ-ing scatter like scalded ducks and dogs. Ma calls it a runaway skyscraper as Gizmo Duck still follows and it's Go-Go-Gadget Arms as Big Time and Bouncer (or Baggy) get dragged off the tow truck. Baggy (or Bouncer) get dragged off as well despite some of the weak punches this side of Molly Cunningham and then Gizmo Duck climbs onto the back seat of the tow truck and demands that Ma Beagle gives it up.

Ma Beagle tells him to eat bolts as we head to the docks on the far shot and the tug-o-war with the levers (WRONG LEVERS!) ensue. More destruction as the fisherman bail into the water to escape as more struggling occurs. They see the end of the docks and since Gizmo Duck is weak against water (logic break since Gizmo was hit with water during the prison sequence); Gizmo Duck bails like a coward. Ma Beagle then sees that she is screwed and bails as well as the tow-dozer and Money Bin go straight into the drink and sink. The motorcycle gets to the edge with Mrs. Beakly in horror. Funny since the docks were torn up completely and still seem perfectly intact. Scrooge is upset that his Money Bin was in the drink and Gizmo Duck proclaims that he tried as hard as he could; but he is weak against water. HAHA! This is proof that Agent X from Quack Pack was developed by Gyro Gearloose since she could stand a thousand impacts; but rusts to death in water. Scrooge wants a boat to fish them out as a vulture sailor (who looks like the guy from Time Merit Adventures- Hamilton Camp) with a smoke pipe arrives to tell them to fish it out soon. That's the third time I have seen that in Ducktales. And when it comes to sunken treasure; it's finders keepers see. Scrooge is SHOCKED to hear that and that ends part four at 20:12. Well; good, I thought that it would end with the aliens attacking; but they are going to wait until midway through the next episode which justifies the overbooking. Good episode otherwise; but it felt like the writers were repeating spots from previous episode. *** ¾ (75%).


Well; I'm personally glad that they this episode is not going to be overbooked and that should make for a decent finale. However; watching this episode and others; it's clear to me that the writers have run out of ideas and they were creating an abridged version of Ducktales instead of an episode that was exciting. The episode itself was solid and it made total sense from start to finish with two logic breaks and a few errors from Wang Films; but I just couldn't help but think that I have seen all of this before which put a damper on the entire episode as a whole. And I'm glad that the overbooking isn't going to happen until well into the next episode because now they can justify it and we can have fun watching the finale instead of groaning thinking that the story arc should be over now. So we go to the finale of this whacky story arc with Money to Burn as we get the Duckworth's Revolt/Right Duck story angle added to the mix along with more Status Seeker references and more. Super Ducktales=Ducktales: The Abridged Series. So.....

Thumbs in the middle pointing up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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