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Sweet Duck of Youth

Reviewed: 12/24/2009

No Thanks Buddy; I'll Stick To Turkey....

Well folks; it's time for a special double episode rant special for Christmas Eve on this marathon and we start with the typical Fountain of Youth plot device. So let's rant on shall we....?!

This episode is written by Ken Koonce and David Weimers (quite a while since I've seen this duo). The story is edited by Patsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti.

We begin this one at the helicopter landing strip near the mansion AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) and the windsock is flying and we hear helicopter sounds. The helicopter lands without further incident even though Launchpad is riding it. Well; it doesn't have wings, so LP cannot crash it. At least in theory. Scrooge is sulking in the passenger side as LP tells Scrooge to not let it bother him. They are looking for a lost mine; wherever it is as Scrooge brushes himself off and proclaims that he's giving up. Scrooge; give up? What universe am I in now? See; when he was his age; LP could never talk him into flying home tonight. Everyone gets out as LP proclaims that he couldn't because when he was his age, airplanes were not invented yet. I guess LP has never heard of a boat in his life. LP has the luggage as Scrooge stops and notices that there are no lights in the mansion. LP thinks Scrooge forgot to pay the bills. That's somewhat plausible with Scrooge around. We then notice flashlight inside near a window and the adults think it's thieves. They split up as Scrooge takes the front and LP sneaks up from behind as he bails. Scrooge goes to the front door and goes inside with the green/blue lighting in effect here. Scrooge sneaks around the dark hallway (I guess it's the side door he went in) as we hear Gyro's voice inside saying when he opens the door; let him have it. If you cannot guess what will happen to Scrooge next; you have no business reading this rant.

Gyro (I'm not fooled guys!) wants the matches and this will blow Scrooge away as Scrooge is not liking this laughing at all. Scrooge flings open the door and calls Gyro out; but he slips on the skateboard and he goes skating on the floor as the lights come on and of course it's clear that it's a surprise party. Webby points out that he found her skateboard. Okay; Webby has a skateboard?! And how could she have missed it when it was clearly in front of Scrooge in the room?! And Scrooge takes a wicked MAN-SIZED bump into the desk which has Launchpad sitting in it looking like an idiot. HAHA! I see the nephews, Doofus, Webby, the nephews, Gladstone Gander, Gyro, Vacation Von Honk (GRRRRRR!) and a duck with a red dress and green hunters cap. I hope that is not McSlanty or I might have to retire from ranting. He of course destroys the punch bowl and some wine glasses in the process. Scrooge takes off the punch bowl from his head as LP proclaims that he would get him home in time. HAHA! And then we get a background mistake as LP is supposed to be inside the house; but it looks like he's still outside (logic break #1). And of course it's Scrooge's birthday. Scrooge is forced to recoil on that one.

So we go to the birthday cake which is pink with blue candles and dollar signs as everyone sings the remix short version of The Mad Hatter's Unbirthday song from the Disney version of Alice In Wonderland. I see 41 candles on the cake; so he's about 75 years old by my estimate. Everyone cheers as Webby wants him to blow out the candles and make a wish. Scrooge blows as hard as he could about only gets about six candles on the first time and coughs. So Launchpad proclaims that he needs a strong set of lungs and he blows out the remaining candles by himself. Everyone pops for that one as Webby skips over with Scrooge to the conviently placed gray with blue ribbon present. See; everyone chipped in as the TMS jumping spot is in effect for the nephews. Gyro claps for fun as Scrooge wonders what it is as he hopes it's something practical like a new office safe. He rips open the present Taz-Mania style and then sulks because it's a rocking chair. Perfect for those days when Scrooge is rocking to the oldies. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! BONK! OUCH! Ummmmm.... Doofus talks about his grandfather's rocking chair as Scrooge sits in it sulking since he is old enough to be a grandfather. Well; you are 75+ years old, so it makes perfect sense.

Mrs. Beakly tells him to cheer up and wants some fun as Scrooge blows it off because fun can be hazardous to his health. Well; if he calls on LP to have fun; then he is absolutely right on that one. Scrooge sighs as Mrs. Beakly becomes fussy with him (the pointy finger gives that away) on his age four minutes in. Until someone finds the fountain of youth; no one can stay young...and then Scrooge runs right out of the room like a race car. Geez; if Mrs. Beakly said that every day, Scrooge would run out of gas by the fourth day. Louie points out the obvious for me as we head to the book room as Scrooge is on the right bookshelf on his wooden ladder as he found a book called the fountain of youth. Scrooge climbs down and opens the book and starts reading. See; the Fountain Of Youth is a natural spring believed to hold the secret of eternal youth. We see a picture of a knight with red eyes, a suit of armor and an axe (I'm guessing that is the old swamp guy so it's Brian Cummings) as Scrooge turns the page to the fountain. Scrooge explains that an ancient explorer Ponce De Loon was certain the fountain was in the Okeefadokie Swamp. I wonder if that is where the idea of Kamquats came from. However; his expedition there was never seen again. Louie asks if he never came out of the swamp. Dewey claims he probably did; but no one recognized him. HEE HEE! Kind of like Michael Jackson eh? Scrooge closes the book and wants the nephews to pack up for an expedition. The nephews like that and they leave as Scrooge proclaims that he will find the fountain of youth if it takes the rest of his life. Oooookkkkkaaayyyy.....

So we head to the Okeefadokie Swamp (which looks like something close to a swamp in Florida Everglades) as we see the helicopter ride down below. Launchpad is piloting of course which places 2:1 odds that he'll crash the helicopter and prove the theory work within a few minutes. LP talks about everything from lost mines to rare animals. LP is uneasy about this fountain of youth though because he hates being a little kid. Scrooge asks about LP's unhappy childhood and LP claims it's because his clothes don't fit anymore. HAHA! Scrooge isn't so amused by that as Dewey points down and we notice Okeefadokie Swamp complete with birds flying and some place to land. Scrooge wants LP to take them down and land the helicopter. Launchpad sells it and I betcha he finds a way to crash the helicopter. I check the DVD....He lands perfectly on soft land without as much as hitting anything. Scrooge proclaims that there is a reason for it and it's because it's quicksand. DAMN; I'M SO GOOD! And damn you Ken Koonce and David Weimers for stooping to a new low with LP; no matter how unique it might be. Launchpad orders them to lighten the load so the nephews and Scrooge throw supplies overboard to create stepping stones for them to cross.

The nephews cross over the swamp easily as Scrooge tries to step onto the first package; but he sinks because apparently; Scrooge is just TOO FAT. Dewey tells him that the money belt is holding him down and he has to get rid of it. I think I speak for everyone and Scrooge on this one: GET YOUR DAMN MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER DEWEY! Scrooge proclaims that he would rather sink as Launchpad manages to get the helicopter out, so Scrooge uses the cane to get out of the muck. The nephews proclaim that they are up as we cut to the forest and see the swamp knight shoot his crossbow with the dreaded HELICOPTER KILLING ARROW OF DEATH as it nails the back props. Scrooge gets dropped and then the helicopter crashes off-screen. HAHA! I win $2 from myself as the nephews proclaim together that they were up and now they are down. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. The nephews run in onto the tree branches as we see the helicopter crashed within and Launchpad has his face stuck against the glass door like a freaking bug on my windshield (god bless Kenny Blankenship).

The nephews ask if he is all right and LP states that he is as he gets out. The nephews notice Scrooge's cane and asks where he went. Launchpad claims that he bailed out early and proclaims that any crash you can walk away from is a good crash. HAHA! Dewey claims that he didn't crash and Launchpad thinks it was a crash. I take LP's side on it since it did crash into something. Huey goes over to the back of the helicopter and notices the arrow hit the helicopter. Launchpad grabs the arrow and claims that some tiny little Indians are trying to make their point. I doubt that very much Launchpad. The nephews want to look for Scrooge as we head into the swamp jungle as the spider lands on Scrooge's top hat while Scrooge whines about being a weak old duck. The snake hisses on a tree as Scrooge whines about being doomed (used in the correct context this time) to spend the last hours of his twilight years as a crocodile misses chomping at him by a mile.

Scrooge is hopelessly lost in a deadly swamp (death reference #1) on the sky shot as he is without his cane too. Scrooge calls out for the nephews as we pan over about 200 feet to the right to the crashed helicopter as the nephews and Launchpad return proclaiming that they checked everywhere in the area. I doubt that very much guys. Launchpad thinks the tiny Indians kidnapped him which is more plausible than anything else thus far in this episode. Dewey wants to cover more ground and asks Huey for the LIBERAL RED BOOK OF LIES THE KIDS EDITION~! POW! OUCH! Ummm...I mean the Junior Woodchuck Guide Book. So we logically go to a sub pump device on the scene changer as Huey is hammering something on it while Dewey reads the book. Everything is all set according to Huey as everyone gets it and the helicopter has been made into a makeshift motorboat. Okay fine; but how are they going to get HOME now? LP states that it's good and they'll search every inch of the swamp if they have to. LP turns on the motorboat and of course the thing goes backwards and crashed off-screen with a MAN-SIZED bump. HAHA! They crashed into a tree like George of the Jungle played backwards as LP talks about searching here already. HAHA!

So we head into the swamp on the scene changer BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (sunset) as we see the nephews on the pan shot calling for Scrooge as Launchpad drives the motor boat through the swamp. No response as Launchpad lands on dry land and tells the nephews to set camp while he continues to look for Mr. McDee. Dewey and the boys climb out as Dewey tells him not to get lost as well. Launchpad tells him not to worry because people tell him to get lost all the time. HAHA! He always find a way back as he puts the search light on and motors away stage right. The nephews wave goodbye to him as we head to another area of the swamp as Scrooge is still wondering around. He calls for the troops and he gets no response. You know you are screwed when Scrooge wants to call for Launchpad as his top hat flies off. Scrooge chases the hat and it goes right into the lake side up. Scrooge swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE twice (drat! One blasted thing) as he goes to a tree branch of a tree and climbs on it and gets the hat.

However; here comes the crocodile to snap at Scrooge again which allows Scrooge to swear in DUBBED SCOTTISH STYLE and DUBBED ANIME STYLE (blast me bagpipes!). Scrooge panics and takes out his pink cloth and a dollar bill falls onto the crocodile. Scrooge is so paranoid about his luck that I betcha he wishes Gladstone was here. Scrooge climbs up the tree to a higher branch finding the conveniently placed vine and proclaims that the crocodile doesn't scare him. He swings like Tarzan and grabs the dollar bill from the crocodile and then lands on a pool of quicksand kissing his money (of course; because the duo writers have to ruin the episode somehow). And then we see Scrooge teleport near the edge of the water. WHAT THE HELL--?! Look; I know that the quicksand spot is old as dirt; but doing that OUT OF NOWHERE spot is worse if that's humanly possible. And then we see Scrooge teleport back into the forest collecting leaves as he won't last the night without some shelter. So we have two logic breaks and a quicksand spot in less than 10 seconds. I watch this show to get away from Hanna Barbera; not be reminded of it.

We then get the scene changer as we go to the cloud as the thunder claps and the rain comes pouring down. We pan down to see Scrooge sitting near the camp fire shielded by the elements with a lean-to which he still hasn't forgotten...yet. Scrooge then hears some pounding like drums and Scrooge slowly goes to his right and it's only some BELLY BOMBS OF DOOM (Teddy Ruxpin reference folks) banging on the log. Must be Cursing Stephen Colbert night. It has a better beat than most Launchpad dances; which is a good thing thank you. Scrooge breathes a sigh of relief. Of course; because it's not LP dancing. Scrooge proclaims that his ears are playing tricks on him and then he panics as we see in the shadow the old swamp knight with his ax (Mr. DeLoon; I'm not fooled guys) as Scrooge's eyes are playing tricks on him with the thunder.

Scrooge bails stage right as the swamp knight destroys the fire and the lean-on. The swamp knight does the usual “leave now; or die” promo on Scrooge complete with the dreaded pointy finger of doom. Scrooge tips his top hat and runs away complete with Hanna Barbera looping and running race car sound effect. No wonder Sun Woo is so screwed up now. Scrooge runs into the swamp jungle panting as he finds an old cabin in the middle of a lake and runs onto the docks. Scrooge pounds on the door; pleading for help as we get a coloring mistake on the window from yellow to black from far to close up shot. Scrooge pulls on the door handle and the window turns from black dark to lights again. Then Scrooge gets netted as the swamp night stalks Scrooge onto the docks as Scrooge swears in DUBBED SCOTTISH STYLE (Bless me bagpipes!) as Scrooge pleads for mercy because he's too young to die (death reference #2). Okay; if he wanted to make it funny, it would have been: I'm too old to die. Thankfully; that ends the segment 11 and half minutes in. Oh lord; I got a bad episode commencing...

After the commercial break; we head to another part of the swamp as the Junior Woodchuck tent is made and the nephews are inside as the thunder is crashing. And it's raining of course as Dewey pops his head out and comments on the storm brewing. The nephews feel sad because Scrooge doesn't stand a chance in the storm. Dewey of course was talking about Launchpad instead. HAHA! Huey proclaims that Scrooge can take care of himself; but Launchpad cannot do it to save his neck. So we head into the swamp as Launchpad is still on his motorboat with the search light looking for Scrooge and having no luck whatsoever. There are trees, swamp, Spanish moss, Spanish Conquistador and snakes. Then Launchpad gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY as the thunder claps again. Launchpad uses the search light to scan to the left; but nothing is found. See; the conquistador would be dead since it would have to live 450+ years more to be alive and kicking. Or worse; he's a ghost. So we go to the trees as a hand with the crossbow shoots an arrow and hits the back of the boat right on the oil line. D'OH! Something tells me; Mr. Woodchuck didn't think his invention through enough to find a way to protect the oil line.

The boat starts sinking as Launchpad realizes that the water level is going down as well as Launchpad flaps his arms with struggle because he cannot swim. HAHA! Remember that for later in Time Merit Adventures. The swamp knight throws a net to him via a rope and we cut back to the tent as Huey proclaims that they cannot wait any longer. Dewey wonders about getting lost and Louie pretty much states the obvious for me. Huey hears some chains rattle and looks outside to see the swamp knight coming towards them. Huey was right as the shadow gets bigger and the nephews leave through the other side. Nice face plant from Louie on the way out too. They hide behind a tree near the swamp as the swamp knight cuts through the tent and destroys it of course. We get the usual “leave this place” promo from him. The nephews wonder if he's a ghost; but Dewey doesn't care because he is the cause of our trouble. Now that is lucky deduction there Dewey considering that you haven't seen him fire the crossbow yet. Louie wonders what they should do and Dewey of course takes the stupid route in following him. Louie sums up the whole thing as they follow Dewey's lead.

So we head to the cabin as we head inside as Scrooge and Launchpad are tangled in nets hanging above. LP tells Scrooge not to worry as they will be all right when daylight comes. Scrooge asks why and Launchpad claims that ghosts only come out at night to do their ghosting. So they come out to copy hard drives while the computer is asleep? Yeah; I stooped to using a Reboot joke; so shoot me. And I don't mean the television series either. Scrooge blows it off because ghosts don't use fishing nets. Well; at least real ones. Launchpad gleefully answers that one for me as Scrooge can only sigh in response. Scrooge gleefully proclaims that it was time to throw a net over him anyway as we get the insanity promo out of the way. So we head outside on the far shot as the swamp knight goes to the cabin while the nephews watch on from far away. The nephews are behind the log as Huey walks over because he wants a closer look. Dewey follows; but Louie wants to stay back which is actually a smart move all things considered.

However; Dewey doesn't want smart plans today so he goes over and drags Louie by his shirt out. So we head inside with the netted adults as the swamp knight enters and Scrooge calls him metal pants...and he's warning him that if he harms the nephews he will see to it that he's a real ghost. I cannot take Scrooge seriously after that one considering that he referenced the punishment Count Ray should have gotten in Iron Mask. Launchpad gleefully tells him not do him any favors as the swamp knight giggles and takes off the helmet as we see an old duck with glasses on and white hair. Scrooge saw through his disguise see and he found his cabin as Launchpad claims it was an “accident”. Riiiiiggggghhhhhttttt. Just like your flying right LP?! Swamp guy blows him off because LP would have died if he didn't save him. LP struggles around blowing him off; but no dice. The swamp guy yawns and takes off his armor as he decides to go to bed and decide what to do with them the next day while the nephews watch on from the window.

We get some more thunder crashing and go to the far shot of the cabin as we head inside with Scrooge still in the net as Scrooge hears the front door opening. Launchpad thinks it's a real ghost of course. We cut to the door (which is next to the conviently placed armor. Nice to see DeLoon was on the ball here eh?) as the barrier get opened and in comes the nephews. Huey and Dewey tries to cut the nets; but Louie just had to see the armor and he walks backwards and knocks the nephews down with a thud. Louie apologizes and the swamp guy wakes up and the nephews are forced to bail away stage right just before the door opens to reveal swamp guy in his pink PJ'S. I'm supposed to take him seriously in that outfit?! He threatens to feed them to the crocodiles if they don't shut up. So Launchpad struggles like mad because it's better than spending a night in these nets.

Scrooge gleefully answers that one with sarcasm and fixing his glasses. Then we go to the bedroom shot as the door slams open and swamp guy wants answers to this outrage. Scrooge claims that it's real ghosts as swamp guy blows it off because there is no such things as ghosts and closes the door. It's sage advice for someone who is pretending to be one of course. And then we hear Huey's voice beckon as it's harken intruder time. The swamp guy is SHOCKED as the suit of armor hanging on the hook is coming to life as it blows the swamp guy off for using his name for his dirty evil deeds. Speak for yourself laddie. The swamp guy backs away as he thinks it's the ghost of Ponce DeLoon. I guess the guy is only a swamp guy after all. I was hoping that was his long lost son. The suit of armor deattaches from the hook and stalks the swamp guy as he is angry at him see. Huey laughs his ass off as we end the segment nearly 16 minutes in. Well; we are improving at least.

After the commercial break; we continue on inside the cabin with more ghost tricks from the nephews as they blow him off for using his armor to scare people. Again; projection much there guys?! The swamp guy drops on his ass near a conveniently placed wood pile and logs of wood rolls down as the swamp guy rolls a log with his feet (intentional? Accident? Who knows?) as it rolls underneath the feet of the armor (well; at least this one makes sense logic wise) and we get some dancing from the armor as it crashes right into the swamp guy with a MAN-SIZED bump destroying the armor. The swamp guy is out cold as the nephews pop from the carnage and Scrooge praises them of course. Scrooge wants them cut free and then get to the bottom of this mystery. So we go to daybreak inside the cabin as we see the babyfaces and swamp guy sitting down exchanging notes on the situation. See; the swamp guy spent thirty years looking for the fountain of youth but he only found his armor. See; he wanted to bottle the stuff and sell it, earning an elbow from Launchpad on Scrooge for not thinking of that first. HAHA! Dewey then looks inside the armor and notices some writing inside. The swamp guy cannot make heads nor tail feathers on it either.

Dewey states the riddle as: The path to your youth and your map back in time lies hidden around where I thought up this rhyme. Well; that doesn't help because that means that they have to read the guys mind and they don't have that type of information. Scrooge proclaims that if he can figure it out; he'll eat his hat. I wouldn't do that if I were you Scroogie. It's not funny unless it's Flint's hat. The nephews then deduce that he thought of the rhyme in his head; so the map must be in the helmet. HAHA! Good riddle for a change as Dewey finds the secret button on the helmet and presses it to reveal the old map. Huey grabs the map as the swamp guy tries to steal it because it's his; but Huey tugs it away. Scrooge tells him to calm down as they will share the profits 50/50 and be young enough to enjoy it.

So we head back into the swamp jungle as only the heads of the adults are seen through the bushes. Scrooge proclaims that it is not much further. The rest of the babyfaces are tired as swamp guy cannot believe that he couldn't find it in his head and Launchpad claims that it could happen to anybody. I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic there Launchpad. Scrooge flings the bushes open and discovers an ancient ruins and a tower. Scrooge believes that they have found the fountain of youth here. Scrooge and company run in as Scrooge gets giddy about the profits he will make as they make to the actual fountain with vines. Scrooge looks up and he sees no water anywhere and gasps in horror. NO?! REALLY?! The dust blows and Scrooge stomps his feet on the brown trim swearing in DUBBED ANIME STYLE four straight times (Blast this and blast it three straight times.) and then the wooden trim crashes and they fall through a trap door into the underground river of doom. We get some river riding to waste time (of course) and then head into a crystal cave as the crystals shine near a waterfall as Scrooge climbs out.

We pan up and see two spouts with crystal heads as statues. I see one obvious logic break: If the water is part of the river; why doesn't anyone feel young right now? Unless you have to drink the water and I'm sure some water got into them during the river ride. Everyone gets out (as the nephews have to help LP out since he cannot swim natch) as swamp guy thinks that they found the fountain as Scrooge looks at an image of the water and sees himself about 30 years younger, and so does the swamp guy. The nephews look at the water and they are just eggs. HAHA! Dewey gasps about something worse than being in diapers again. However; everyone notices that no one has even changed and they are still their usual ages. D'OH! This fountain is merely a reflection of youth; not a creation for youth. The swamp guy calls the whole thing a lie and a terrible cruel joke as Launchpad scratches his head over the whole thing. Scrooge agrees with him; but there was a moment that he felt young again. Scrooge proclaims that age is a state of mind as the swamp guy blows it off because he wasted half of his life looking for the fountain that is now rotten. Scrooge states that he can always make up for it be spending the rest of his life doing something else. And of course we get the Launchpad young image and he claims that he has to grow up all over again. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Scrooge gleefully answers that one for me and decides to leave since he doesn't want to spend his twilight years down in a crystal cave. So the babyfaces walk through the cave and go up the hill to fetch a pail of Youtho Nuts. AHHAHAHAHAHA! BONK! OUCH! Ummm..

So we cut to above ground near a tree in front of the ruins as Scrooge gets up and helps the nephews get out of the hole in the ground as Scrooge feels young once again. So we then go into the jungle swamp as Scrooge leads the charge to find something which is not clearly explained. Okay; this episode is dead as a doornail now and it's time to mercy kill it. We get more walking and Scrooge telling the rest to keep up; but nothing happens, literally. The music is the only thing keeping me from boredom at this point. So we get another scene changer as everyone but Scrooge is struggling to keep up with him. Swamp guy comments on Scrooge's energy level. Launchpad gleefully answers him for me as we then cut to the airport. Huh?! How the hell did they get home when they have no helicopter when the nephews created a motorboat out of it?! Stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID! Did I mention stupid?! We head out of the airport as Scrooge is happy to get home. I guess he used his teleportion powers from earlier in the episode. Swamp guy comes out with a paper in his hands as he thanks Scrooge. If it's for sucking; then I agree with him. The nephews and Launchpad comes out tired as Swamp Guy has two papers in his hands (when he had one in the sky shot). Swamp guy is happy because he has 30 years of catching up to do. Scrooge tells him to go now; or he'll miss the flight to Tahiti.

Scrooge and Swamp Guy shake hands and everyone waves goodbye as he walks into the airport again. So they wasted time going out instead of doing it in the airport?! Scrooge calls it some adventure...It certainly was; the most dull adventure in history. The nephews are out of breath as they hope that they have as much energy as he does. Louie yawns that maybe less is enough as we hear the horn honk and here comes the limo with Duckworth, Webby and Mrs. Beakly. Mrs. Beakly greets them as the doors open and Webby comes and Scrooge and her have an embrace. Yeap; we are going to get a good ending out of this crap as they exchange notes while walking to the limo. They climb into the back of the limo as Mrs. Beakly thinks Scrooge is 20 years younger. Scrooge proclaims that he is only as old as he feels. The limo starts up and drives away from the airport as Launchpad proclaims that he feels at least 700 years old. HAHA! He yawns as the limo drives into town while a seagull flies overhead to end the episode at 21:15. Good ending; boring finish and very, very slow with animation mistakes out of the wazoo. I see the Wuzzles TMS team was working on this one. ** (40%).


Well; it took half of the entire volume for our first truly bad episode and it wasn't because it was terrible per se. Well; there was TMS's animation mistakes out of the wazoo and some logic breaks. The story was solid enough; but it was boring. I could never get into the mood for the swamp guy and he dragged it down no matter how much Launchpad tries to save it. The finish was the right one; but we spent almost three minutes with the babyfaces doing nothing but walking to the final logic break and somehow making it to the airport because having no helicopter left to go back. Scrooge's old act didn't convince me much either. It was mostly good start, bad middle, bad finish and then good ending. It was just plain boring and tiresome which as I said before can be worse than being terrible for a ranter. Overall; a below average episode that could have been better if they just cut the crap and then have one more heel turn for the swamp guy (out of insanity) before turning back for good. Thankfully; the next episode is Earth Quack which should be better. So.....

Thumbs down for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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