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Bermuda Triangle Tangle

Reviewed: 12/26/2009


Anyone who listens to Q104 radio here knows that sound. So we conclude disc three with a double dip and the return of Captain Foghorn. Yippeee! Now there is a goofball who would do that horn blow if I ever saw one. So let's rant on shall we...?!

This episode is written by Frank Ridgeway. The story is edited by Patsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti. Frank career is a little interesting with the movie Sick Transit, the television series Jokebook and the Gary Coleman Show; but otherwise little else. Maybe better known for the Captain N and the Super Mario 3/World shows more than anything else

We begin this one was a shot of the Money Bin from far away as Scrooge loves to count that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. He does; he does. He loves to count money, it's true; it's damn true. So we head into the Scrooge loving money while counting it into piles like a gambler. Has Scrooge turned into a stereotype of the MXC Scrooge character I used in my scripts? He counts the ways with 5's, 10's, 20's...and lots of dime. We see him writing down some notes as the nephews enter and Huey asks if he is ready to go. Scrooge proclaims that he is and it's not bad for a half days work and he can afford an afternoon off. The nephews cheer as they are going fishing this afternoon. Scrooge puts on his top hat as the nephews leave; but here comes Scrooge's clerk (dogsperson with a red bow tie, no hair, glasses and blue pants – Peter Reneday for the first time since Uncle Catfish in Once Upon A Dime) has some bad news and he is afraid. After Mr. Wimpleman's bail out on Scrooge in Cash As Catch Can; can you blame him? See; the Queen of the South has been reported missing. Scrooge is confused as the clerk reveals it as one of his cargo ships. Scrooge is in shock as the top hat pops up. See; the Queen of the South left two days ago carrying 50 tons of chunky style peanut butter. Now it's seanut butter; the ultimate sleeping aid for sponges. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Scrooge asks of the crew and the clerk states that they all vanished with the ship. Just like the others as he gulps to reveal that they are in the Bermuda Triangle. The nephews are then standing near the door surprised at this as Dewey swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (gosh) because it's the scariest triangle in the world. No crap; Sherlock Dewey! Scrooge calls this an outrage and deplorable as he pounds the desk and the money bounces up and somehow stays intact as the clerk calls this the third time in two years. Scrooge takes the report and proclaims that it's time to take charge of this matter personally. Huey then realizes that their fishing trip has gone up in smoke as Scrooge goes to the desk and telephones the coast guard to get his flagship ready at once and then goes to his desk to get the map as Scrooge is going there because this mystery stuff is just an old sea story. Dewey states the obvious and Scrooge counters saying that hundreds more pass through it daily and don't disappear. It's as safe as his safe. Dewey then trumps Scrooge by stating that they can come along so they can go fishing. Scrooge agrees to the terms (after all; if he doesn't then they know he is lying). They will leave on the morning tide...

So we head to a sky shot of the dock with the flagship in port and then that familiar voice of Frank Welker welcomes aboard Mr. McDucky! HAHA! Oh my god! It's the return of Captain Foghorn. LOOOOOOOOOOOOO-SSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEERRRRRR! This is just great as we head inside the cockpit with Scrooge blowing off Foghorn and Foghorn introducing himself. I see the sailor from Pearl of Wisdom is back; which makes me wonder what happened to the Pearl of Wisdom Captain?! Hmmm... The nephews and Scrooge have their life jackets on (so they can be safe according to the LAW OF DORA). Scrooge actually asks where his regular flagship captain and Foghorn gives Scrooge the usual runaround before stating that he is on vacation. Foghorn was sent over by Temp Cap. Scrooge wonders what that is and Foghorn states it's Temporary Captain Service. They have a special deal this week which is seven seas for the price of six. And naturally it's a sea joke which Foghorn laughs it up. Scrooge sighs and wants Foghorn to cast off at once. The nephews leave to get their fishing poles as we cut to a side sea level shot of the flagship making good time as we zoom in to the left side to see the nephews casting their lines and trying to get fish.

Now if you know my odds makers for this in Scrooge's Pet; then it applies in open water too. The nephews realize that the boat is going too fast for fishing and Louie cracks a water skiing joke on his bait. We then go to the wheel house on the far window shot as Scrooge wants Captain Foghorn to plot the straightest, fastest course into the dead center of the Bermuda Triangle (death reference #1 for the episode). We head inside as Scrooge has the map on the table and Foghorn suddenly has a headache since he said the word “dead” (second death reference of the episode). So he's the one who told 4Kids to avoid the word die then. It's scary see as Scrooge asserts his role as boss slapping the cane on his hand to force the point. He basically threatens to fire him and have him arrested; if he doesn't get him to the Bermuda Triangle while screwing the cane on Foghorn's belly to force the point. Foghorn looks like the devil screwed on that one (check the tongue).

So we head outside with the side sea shot BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (sunset) as we head to the left side again with the nephews as they are still fishing and they notice a school of dolphins as they chirp in fear and swim away stage left when they are shown. Dewey points out that they are afraid of something. Louie's joke is that he seen the same expression in a can of sardines. Okkkkkaaayyyy; Louie seems to have some issues with seafood. Huey wonders what scared them as we go to the sea side shot again as the waves get more violent and a storm brews. The captain's mate (I'm guessing Frank Welker) tells Captain Foghorn that they have just crossed into the Bermuda Triangle. Foghorn wants his mate to turn back because they don't have a chance see. Scrooge calls this nonsense since it's just a little storm. Foghorn wants to know how to spell SOS. HAHA! Scrooge is taken aback on that one as we go back to the sea side shot as Louie proclaims that they are heading into a storm. NO?! REALLY?! Like the violent waves didn't give that fact away.

Dewey than decides to show Kit Cloudkicker how to be a navigator (baseball cap backwards) and refers to the LIBERAL RED BOOK OF LIES THE KIDS EDITION~! POW! OUCH! Ummm..I mean the Junior Woodchuck Guide Book as it states that you can tell how many miles away a storm is by counting the seconds between the lighting and the thunder. Memo to Dewey: This is common sea knowledge; don't need book to prove that one. It's only one second for Huey as they huddle together and the screaming and thunder clapping ensues as the ship get violently shaken. The lighting bolt actually strikes the worms and they revive and get the hell out of the old tin can. HEE HEE! They go overboard too as we head inside as Foghorn proclaims that this is the worst storm he has ever seen in all his years at sea. Can you smell the obvious joke coming at six o'clock?! HAHA! Apparently 20 of those years were spent running the boat ride at Kiddieland. Scrooge gasps at horror for the nephews and walks out as Foghorn talks about the kids as they called him Captain Toot-Toot. Geez; I wonder why Foghorn. LOOOOOOOOOOO-SSSSSSSEEEEEEERRRRRRR! You need to do it with a foghorn sound to get the full effect. He whistles twice on his whistle and addresses the mate as Mr. Sparks as he wants to take over the wheel and blows the whistle twice again. Oh goody; he gets to screw up like he always does in these situations and then run away and come back with help looking like the smartest bird in the entire episode. That is always fun.

Mr. Sparks is voiced by the late Alan Melvin (passed away in 2008) who started in the 1959 television movie Keep In Step as Steve Henshaw and then The Phil Silvers Show (AKA Sgt. Bilko) as the same character along with soundtrack. He then did three movies as Sgt. Snorkle: Et Tu Otto, Psychological Testing, and Home Sweet Swampy; and then a television series called Beetle Bailey as the same character (and even wrote episodes to boot). He was also in Krazy Kat as Offica Puppa. He then got into voice acting for Hanna Barbera as Magilla Gorilla (and Whacky And Packy; Tyrone and Chucky in Foofurs) right up until his death in 2008. He also voice in the Flintstones in 1963 and was in multiple episodes of the Dick Van Dyke Show and The Andy Griffith Show. He was Drooper in The Banana Splits Adventure Hour and Sgt. Charley Hacker in Gomer Pyle, USMC (see a trend here?). He would then go on to be Sam Franklin in The Brady Bunch and Barney Hefner in All In The Family (and Archie Bunker's Place). Ducktales was his DTVA debut; but he appeared as a Troggle in Gummi Bears from 1988 onwards and as Warden Slammer in TaleSpin. He basically went into semi retirement after that; doing mostly Magillia Gorilla for the rest of his career ending with Scooby Doo In Arabian Nights in 1994 (he also voiced Sinbad in that one.). Fun Fact: He played Al The Plumber in the Liquid Plumber commercials from the 1970's until the late 1980's; almost 15 years in fact.

We cut outside as the nephews slowly slide on the left edge of the ship (which is really dangerous in a storm all things considered) as Scrooge finds them. The nephews are all right; but a little worried. Oh boy; that will change once Foghorn gets control of the wheel; any Scrooge tells them to hang on like he does and then the giant ass wave crashes over the boat and swipes Scrooge away stage left. That was good shielding for the nephews though. Scrooge manages to hang onto the back of the ship (using his cane of course). The nephews arrive and tell him not to let go. Geez; why bother telling him; just pull on the cane already. They pull onto the cane; but no dice as Scrooge takes a thunderbolt right on the ass. HAHA! That is enough to force Scrooge over the edge and back into the ship as the babyfaces take some wussy bumps onto the wooden deck. Louie asks if he is all right and Scrooge is ticked because Captain Foghorn is the one he is worried about. Scrooge calls him looney. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. They go inside as we see Captain Foghorn screwing around with the wheel with Mr. Sparks shocked...Wait a second; let's try that again and this time: GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER GREGORY WEAGLE!

So we head inside as Captain Foghorn is spinning around with the wheel with Mr. Sparks looking stunned. There; that's better. Foghorn drops on his back in the worst bump ever since Getting Antsy as Scrooge runs inside and takes over as Captain. Scrooge takes over the wheel and Foghorn is drunk to the gills as he wants to flip for it. Scrooge gleefully responds for me on THAT one as he is in command now. So we get another side sea shot of the flagship riding through the storm and then we go through the storm completely as we head to smooth seas AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark). If that storm is happy hour; then I can see why alcohol is a no no in the new Disney. So we sail through as the nephews notice on the sky shot that they are going into thick fog and cannot see a damn thing. Even Louie's own beak it seems; even though the animation has it that we can see their faces clearly. Not one of TMS' shining moments I see. And then we crash as the nephews are thrown back and they bounce with better bumps this time and crash against the side of something with a decent bump. Then Captain Foghorn stumbles in and get tangled up in the ropes near the anchor. You cannot tell me that Captain Foghorn wasn't drunk BEFORE he sailed with Scroogie now.

He asks for his whistle (another sign of being drunk) as Scrooge walks in saying that they have run aground. Scrooge then looks aboard and they are in big trouble as we look and the fog lifts for no reason whatsoever and it's a seaweed graveyard of ships. Scrooge orders the engine room to try it again and reverse the engines. That produces nothing as the seaweed is tangled completely against the motor on the close up shot. Mr. Sparks proclaims that it is no good (Disney Captions clearly wrote this one on the fly since they addressed him as captain's mate before it was clear that he was Mr. Sparks) as we head inside with everyone looking outside while Sparks complains about the seaweed. All except for Captain Foghorn as he fiddles with the map and telescope ruler. Scrooge tells Sparks to stand by as he sighs since he has never seen anything like this. Louie calls this a reminder of the worst dream he ever had. Dewey calls it Louie in Spinachland as the nephews now all have their caps like Kit Cloudkicker. I know you guys do not suck by a long shot; but you are no Kit Cloudkicker. Funny how Louie in Disney Captions is the one saying it and yet it was Huey who answers the question. Must be Disney Captions screwing up again. Scrooge proclaims that the fog is blocking out the sun and he wants to take a closer look with the nephews.

So we head at seaweed level near the ship as the nephews and Scrooge climb down the rope ladder. Scrooge uses the cane and notices that it looks almost firm enough to walk on. Scrooge slowly tests his theory and he gets on easily as it's safe to walk on. The nephews follow him on the seaweed as Huey calls it walking on mint jelly. Or lime Jello; it's not like Disney didn't allow that one in TaleSpin. It gets firmer and firmer as Scrooge realizes that it's downright solid now and looks around and sees the graveyard of ships. Dewey deduces that the dolphins were trying to get away as a result. We do a pan shot of the graveyard of ships for fun. We then do an ass shot of Scrooge proclaiming that they no one could live here for very long as a seaweed monster with eyes spies on the babyfaces (Frank Welker of course). Huey sniffs the air and it smells like...chunky peanut butter! The Queen of The South is nearby. Scrooge tries to run away; but gets his foot stuck in the seaweed as the seaweed monster blitzes to eat the web leg; but Scrooge pulls it up at the last second. Scrooge complains about his spats of course as they get caught in the seaweed. They run towards the Queen of The South and the ship has been seaweed to death and the cargo is spread out. Scrooge declares it a total loss.

Dewey deduces that it wasn't the wreck that caused it; it was someone cutting open the hull to get the cargo. Even though I cannot see the hole in the far shot of the ship. Scrooge whines about it since he wants it to happen to the Love Boat. Now what self-respecting millionaire would be willfully wanting to watch the Love Boat? Huey comments on the seaweed growing in the last few days. There is also no sign of the crew either. We then go to the sandwich boat front shot as the nephews comment about the ships being here for hundreds of years and wonders what happened to all these people. And then we see a bunch of seaweed cover zombie furries surround the babyfaces as Huey asks Louie if he has anyone bright questions to ask. They also bring out the weapons from all the time periods too as Louie asks the question of it being possible to make friends with zombies. Short answer: no. See Resident Evil for the standard bearer. That ends the segment 10 and a half minutes in....

After the commercial break; we go back with the zombies of doom and then they giggle it off because they are not zombies see. The pilot survivor (Peter Renaday) proclaims that it will all be explained and calls them newcomers. He states that he will take them to Captain Bounty. Everyone walks stage right towards a seaweed clogged naval ship as he said unwelcome to the newcomers (HA!) as he addresses himself as Captain Bounty (a pig furry who looks green with the blue sailor's uniform and striped sweater with seaweed, the late Alan Melvin) as he is the ruler, the main boss man, top dog, big cheese of this triangle. He orders them to join their people; or they walk the plankton. I see the Spongebob jokes on Plankton have already begun and he hasn't been invented yet. It's only a little joke when they unwelcome newcomers as the babyfaces are not amused by sea humor. I see the Gruffi poses are on full blast here. Scrooge asks about why they say unwelcome. Bounty proclaims that they are as unwelcome as the seaweed monster on his way to dinner. They laugh that one off as the last thing they need is more people to keep track of. Huey uses the finger and declares his loopy. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Bounty then asks if they think he is Santa Claus and then laughs right on cue. Scrooge thinks he seems to be meeting a lot of loony sea captains lately. NO?! REALLY?! Captain Bounty then gets serious on the situation as they are hopelessly struck on the seaweed drifting back and forth in the Bermuda Triangle with no hope of rescue. And no hope of sanity either. They like good jokes though and they laugh as the pilot proclaims that it's the only way to keep up their spirits see. Bounty wants them to lead them to the ship and he gives them the standard tour.

Everyone goes outside as we see some seaweed denizens uses bags to collect rain water to drink. Bounty proclaims that it is good because it rains all the time. Scrooge mocks it as explaining his warped sense of humor. The nephews giggle under their breath on that one as he walks away and the denizens laugh on cue. If only they realized the context Scrooge was using. We then go to some tables as the seaweed denizens are chopping up seaweed for food. Bounty explains that everything is made of seaweed as there are seaweed pancakes, seaweed pudding, and the tasty sea dog. Ahh; it's too bad that they don't make seanut butter here. I hear it's a good sleeping aid too. A seaweed weenie in a seaweed bun. Oh man; that was more disturbing than Frank had intended. And Bounty chomps it down in one bite of course as he claims that he would have called it a hot dog; but it's cold see. Okay; now he's grasping with straws in the comedy department. Scrooge asks them about leaving this dismal place and Bounty proclaims that they cannot because every ship that comes near them gets hopelessly stuck. The best they can do is stick together. Yeap; it's another bad joke.

Oh lord; this episode was going along so well until Captain Bounty came along. Scrooge is not amused either as he proclaims that they need a new head man around here. Someone who is enterprising like him. See he has a new approach; plans for escape, better jokes. Bounty takes exception to this one because he's the only leader around here. The only leader he has become is the teacher for Rhinokey. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Bounty does win on his suit grabber skills though as Scrooge will follow orders like everyone else. Bounty bounces Scrooge onto the seaweed on his ass as the nephews console him. Bounty will show them the ways of life and they all pop for him. He puts them to work to the seaweed fields as Scrooge, and the nephews are forced stage right by the pilot and I believe Captain Slattery (Peter Renaday – The pirate who looks more normal than Bounty only in pirate gear). Bounty also orders the seizing of their ship and divide everything equally. Well; at least he's not being a greedy guts here.

So we head to the seaweed pile as Slattery and the pilot stand guard while Scrooge shovels seaweed from the pile and the nephews carry it with nets to another bigger pile. Scrooge complains about his aching back as his place is horrible. I guess that drop on his ass by Bounty rearranged his spinal cord a bit. So we get another ass shot of Scrooge as the seaweed monster does some more peeping tom on Scrooge to waste time. The nephews pull back the seaweed nets as Dewey goes all yuck on cue from it. Then the bell rings and Louie hopes it's not the dinner bell. Luckly it is not as a captain in a blue uniform with brown hair on his face and head proclaims that it is midday. Okay; that is clearly Captain Slattery since the voice of Peter gives him away as such. He goes over to the guard and whispers to them and they look the other way. Then he goes over to Scrooge and whisper yells to him to speak quietly and he must be brief. Scrooge doesn't want another captain but Captain Slattery works for Scrooge and he was on the first ship that he lost. They exchange notes on the situation and both agree that Captain Bounty is a joke as he won't listen to reason and his people outnumber them. However; Slattery tells him that they want to leave as well but are too afraid to stand up to Bounty.

Scrooge decides to take charge as he tells Slattery to round everyone with him and bring them here as Scrooge wants to return to the flagship and get some help from there. Slattery bangs his head on the bell of course and then leaves. Scrooge proclaims that Bounty thinks he can buy loyalty with seaweed hotdogs, corny jokes and bullying like Drake to Honker. Okay; I made up that last part. Scrooge then drives the shovel down as the seaweed monster takes a shovel right in his left eye. HAHA! The joke's on him and I don't mean Bounty in this case. The seaweed monster sinks as we see the nephews and Scrooge walking as Scrooge proclaims that he is going to get everyone off this miserable island and nothing will stand in his way. And then the seaweed bursts open on the FPS shot and here comes Mr. Seaweed Monster. He's basically a fusion between a octopus and a sea hag. I see Captain Bounty was the birth father of him and Rhinokey. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...

The nephews scatter in opposite direction as Scrooge nearly gets the POWER OF HENTAI; but Scrooge whacks it with his cane. I see Scrooge hates animated porn as much as I do. Scrooge bails stage right as the monster chews on his porn arm and then chases after Scrooge. It's the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE PORN MONSTER EDITION~! The belly flopping is a sight to behold on the FPS shot as the pilot yells that it's the sea monster and orders Scrooge to run to the old galleon. I betcha most kids today would not understand what that means at all. The nephews run behind; but they cannot catch up as Scrooge tightrope walks the chain anchor up onto the old galleon and he bounces and does some forward rolls with wussy bumps to boot. Scrooge pants and groans on his ass as the monster rises from the galleon as the shadow causes Scrooge to be horrified like a timid little bunny rabbit as that ends the segment nearly 16 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we have the seaweed monster ready to MURDER Scrooge good; but then some music plays in the background and we see Captain Bounty playing on an organ in the front of the ship. Okay; that is different; usually this would happen in a bad western movie...usually with no one playing it. The seaweed monster dances and calms down before sinking into the sea. Captain Bounty plays some more before stopping as he explains that Harpsichord music is the only thing that soothes that savage beast. Scrooge praises Bounty for his talents on playing the piano as Bounty proclaims that he takes care of the people here; even the ones he doesn't like. Wow; he just turned babyface on that one as Scrooge thanks him for saving his life and it's not easy for him to say this but he is TAKING OVER! Bounty is ticked off as he swings on a rope and then chokes on Scrooge's neck as he is about to invoke the POWER OF THE PUNCH on Scrooge to force his eyes open; and Scrooge blows him off and wants HIM to open his eyes. After all; he forced his people to live on without hope that escape is possible. Bounty asks for what hope as Slattery and everyone else surrounds him and wants him to stop. Bounty blows them off for betraying him as Slattery is thankful for Bounty's attempts to have them live on; but they want to try to escape and go home. Bounty then wonder if that is what they feel. They agree that it's what they feel and Bounty admits that he had no idea and finally gives the chain the command to Scrooge without further incident. At least now; the bad jokes are over.

So we head to the Flagship as everyone finally gets cleaned up and they start chipping away at the seaweed. Scrooge watches on as Huey found some diving masks as we see the nephews wearing them and Captain Bounty doing the Gruffi pose. Scrooge is happy because they can now cut the seaweed from the props. Bounty proclaims that this will never work. We then go underwater near the back of the ship as the nephews struggle to get the seaweed off the props as Scrooge comes with and uses the garden shears to cut the seaweed vines from the props. Once Dewey's is cut; we then see the seaweed monster coming forth to stalk Scrooge again. I see he didn't have his hentai fix this week. We go topside with Mr. Sparks and Captain Foghorn (where were they in all this? Performing AA on Foghorn?) as Sparks proclaims that if this works they are going to be packed with passengers. Foghorn loves this because it'll be just like the boat ride in Kiddie Land. I have only one thing to say to him: LOOOOOOOOO-SSSSSSSSSSSSSEERRRRRRRR! And he blows the whistle twice of course as Scrooge pops up from the seaweed panicky and then runs away as the seaweed monster goes after him.

And so we get the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE PORN MONSTER EDITION #2! And besides the mask; it's the same recycled background and sequence from earlier on! And people thought TaleSpin's animation was sub par?! The nephews pop up from the seaweed as we get the old “this should be the ending sequence of the episode; but it isn't” chase spot . Notice the pre-score holes in the background which the monster dives perfectly into them. Nice to see the animators being on the ball there eh?! So Scrooge gets back on the galleon and then plays the Harpsichord Piano again to try to calm the beast down. The beast tries to resist as Scrooge keeps playing and hoping the beast goes to sleep. His playing is much worse than Bounty I should point out as he keeps mistiming the keys for some reason. The monster still goes down of course as Scrooge breathes a sigh of relief. So we head to a sky shot of the flagship with passengers on it like a cruise ship. It manages to sail through the seaweed and into the thick fog complete with foghorn sound. I see Captain Foghorn has done his one sane spot of the entire episode. They go through completely as We head to the deck to see Captain Bounty proclaim that he did it; but Scrooge thanks him for making them live long enough for them to make that escape. Now the episode should be over right now; but there are three minutes to go; which means we have to do something stupid and CDS in order to pad the time. The nephews then point out the giant ass seaweed patch on the back of the boat; and Scrooge tells them not to worry since it won't give them any trouble. I betcha the seaweed monster is under it too. I check the DVD....Damn; I'm good.

So we head to the docks as the crowd cheers on the docks as the Flagship docks at the docks. The banana yellow balloons animate away as everyone on board waves to the popping crowd. We then cut down to dock level as Mrs. Beakly and Webby have even shown up for the CDS finish. We see the band playing in the stands (same ones from Launchpad's Civil War I might add) and we cut back to the ship as the seaweed monster is roaring because he hates that music. Or something. And then Duckworth magically appears OUT OF NOWHERE on the second crowd shot. Everyone panics as the seaweed monster rises from the back of the ship. Everyone bails from the docks and the ship; along with the band abandoning their instruments. We then see the seaweed monster climbing up the ship deck as everyone flees. Dewey states that it is coming back after Scrooge again. NO?! REALLY?! I don't supposed getting a poke on the left eye wasn't a knack for revenge there Dewey-mister?! Scrooge hops down onto the docks and you know; Scrooge should have brought the organ with him on the trip back; but of course he probably didn't. I guess Seahead syndrome and Airhead syndrome are related.

The monster gives chase and flops onto the docks causing them to roll like paper. How can boards do that when they are separate and nailed down is beyond me. Scrooge gets thrown up and dives right into the band stand with a MAN-SIZED bump on-screen. Good; it's about time TMS animated something awesome in this episode. Scrooge pops up with a musical instrument around his neck. He rattles as the monster stalks him for his daily dose of porn; so Scrooge counters by playing the tuba out of tune. HAHA! I knew that piano was auto played somehow. No dice of course; so Scrooge takes a flute and plays it with no sound whatsoever. I betcha Scrooge feels REALLY STUPID not to bring the Harpsichord piano with him now; doesn't he? No dice on that one either. He then plays the trumpet with better results because somehow that is going to stop him. No dice either. Scrooge then blows off the monster because no one plays the Harpsichord anymore. The monster roars as we see the nephews on the docks inside the wrecking ball with Bounty on the ball in this one.

Huey pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and Bounty swings like Tarzan and saves Scrooge; while the octopus eats Scrooge's hat. HAHA! A cabin gets destroyed of course and while they should still be on the crane; the power of suggest manages to made them fall into the wood boards tomb. Explain THAT one kids?! Bounty and Scrooge pop from the carnage as the shadow has Scrooge right where he want it. However; the sun comes down and the sea monster hates it with a passion as he runs away like a scalded piece of seafood and jumps into the ocean blue under the seaweed and goes away as Bounty explains the obvious scene. We hear the PRESS OF FRAUD muttering and then the flash bulb cameras go off in Bounty and Scrooge's faces. The reporters surround them as Bounty realizes that his home is back in the Bermuda Triangle too. Scrooge wants one reporter at a time as the microphones are jammed into his kisser. Bounty gets out of the media mob and walks away as we fade to black.

We return to the docks BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (sunset) as Bounty is sailing in a little wooden tugboat as Scrooge doesn't actually agree with this; but then they never did. What a lousy joke that was? I see the rope with the seaweed and monster is attached to it. Bounty then gets off the most fitting joke of the episode: He rather be a big fish in a little pond; then a little fish in a big fish market. Good point; the green does make you look like a freak. And the seaweed monster needs a ride home as they are friends now. They thank each other as Scrooge thanks him for saving his life; and Bounty thanks him for giving him a new boat to get really stuck in the Bermuda Triangle as he will be there to save ships that are wrecked. He goes into the boat and rides away as the nephews and Scrooge wave goodbye to him. The tugboat sails towards the sunset as the seaweed monster waves one more time to end the episode at 21:15. Another average Ducktales love in with bad jokes in the middle and funny jokes with Captain Foghorn. As I said before: LOOOOOOOOOOOOO-SSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEERRRRRR! *** ½ (70%).


I have little to say about this episode other than the fact that it's another average episode. Captain Foghorn was hilarious as he usually was and Captain Bounty would have been fine if he didn't do his lame joke routine. Otherwise it was an average story with good performances from all and I did like the ending of Bounty redeeming himself from a greasy heel to a cuddly babyface who was misguided. And the seaweed monster was cute too. Still; the animation from TMS left a bit to be desired as I saw repeated backgrounds out of the wazoo. There were no logic breaks (unless you count the return of Foghorn and Sparks; and Duckworth's appearance in the crowd near the end) so it was just another good Ducktales episode. Last up for disc three of this volume is next with Micro Ducks From Outer Space. Then it's on to disc two for the remaining nine episodes on DVD! YAY! So.....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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