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Reviewed: 12/19/2009

Rust Up Like An Armstrong Brother!

Hello kiddies; it's time for the very first episode rant of the Ducktales Christmas marathon. I hope I pack some lunches because this is going to take a long while to complete. Our next episode (and this one) features Gyro being Gyro in trying to make the world better; but screwing up. That leads us to Armstrong the robot butler. So let's starting ranting shall we...?!

This episode is written by Michael Keyes. The story is edited by Patsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti.

We begin this one on a railroad track as a train comes riding down the tracks. We cut to the Scrooge coach (in crimson red with painted dollar signs on it) and then inside as we see Scrooge and the nephews playing checkers. Scrooge is of course using gold nuggets as playing pieces (HA!) and makes his move while proclaiming that he has a lot of gold and likes it. Huey grabs the nugget and asks that always thrilling question of what makes gold so valuable. Scrooge proclaims that it is very rare and he can sell very little gold for a lot of that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. And he basically does the old leap frog chess spot that never works in real life to steal the red checkers for the win. He can play a mean game of checkers with them as he said. I see he has been learning well from Goldie on the art of cheating. Too bad it was to cheat in front of his nephews on a mind game. We get another shot of the train for the far shot as we then cut to a cliff where some conviently placed loose rocks come loose and roll down the hill so we cut to a dogsperson train engineer (balding with a red mustache and a black nose, Chuck MaCann I guess since he does panic here) at the front wearing the train hat, overalls, blue gloves and he looks like a dog version of Mario from New Super Mario Brothers Wii. We see the rock pile on the tracks; so the train engineer pulls on the brake rope and the train stops as it folds up and we get a lot of flying and bumping inside the coach with lots of sacks of money. The nephews protest this as we see Scrooge buried in a gold coin sack tomb. HAHA! Scrooge pretty much sums up the problems with gold. So we logically go to....

A town (I guess Duckburg; it's hard to tell) as we go into the meadows and forest as there is a huge bonfire burning out of control. The fireman (Peter Cullen – Optimus Prime voice gives it away plain as day) proclaims that they cannot get to it and if it reaches the forest it will be a disaster. We then cut to the dusted up fireman (with ax, yellow raincoat and red fire helmet) along with a shovel man (dogsperson in a red raincoat and hard hat with shovel) as we hear an engine noise and he proclaims that he is coming again. This is truly making an tempest in a teacup in terms of fire fighting (check the hill at 2:14 of the DVD). We then cut to the sky and see Launchpad flying the red baron airplane with his goggles on! IT'S A MIRACLE! Or maybe not as the transmitter of doom beckons and it's Scrooge. LP takes the goggles off and answers with the microphone and asks what is up besides him. We then see Scrooge at the radio inside the coach proclaiming that his gold train has been trapped by a rock slide as the nephews pull on the sacks of money to clear up the passage. Scrooge wants him to come as fast as he can stand as we get a shot of the rocks from the back side with the train engineers standing to the right of the train itself.

LP agrees to it and will come as soon as he drops something for the Forest Service as he goes into the smoke (AND THAT IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, MOVIE RATING AND QUACK PACK EPISODES!) and is forced to put on his goggles again and cough. Well; he isn't an Airhead for no good reason you know. We get some flying like a video game for a while and then his scarf gets stuck against the water lever (WRONG LEVER!) and LP gasps for air. HAHA! That's why Kit only wears them during role-playing and not the real thing. He pulls on the scarf and the lever is pulled (WRONG LEVER!) and the water gets dumped as LP flies away. The fire is put out anyway. Well; that was really pointless and BS&P'ing there guys. The fireman proclaims that LP must be the best pilot in the world. See; this is why TaleSpin should have just brought Launchpad in for the second season. Who wouldn't want to see LP and Baloo try to win over Kit as mentor. It would have made millions I tell ye. LP flies towards the train cave in as Louie jumps up and notices him. Scrooge has the microphone and blows him off for being in his bi-plane because the thing cannot land anywhere. LP proclaims that it doesn't matter..and the engines sputter and he is out of gas. You want to see fatalism in action; notice how casual LP states that he is out of gas. No sense of panic whatsoever. The bi plane dives and then bounces off three coaches with MAN-SIZED bumps and finally rests in the coal car. HAHA! LP whips his scarf and takes his goggles to proclaims that there is always a place to land. HAHA!

We then go to the scene changer as LP grunts on lifting the rocks with limited or no success whatsoever. Now why would Scrooge ask a thin non-muscle guy like LP to lift rocks anyway? Is there some punishment Scrooge wants to duel out for some incident that is unspoken here? Or am I reading too much into these things like I usually do? LP calls it a start and Scrooge blows him off since it didn't move an inch. Huey then hears a helicopter whirring noise (helpfully labeled as such by Disney Captions) and we see a red helicopter land next to the train without incident. Wow; Scrooge only said that they couldn't land just to blow off LP like he usually does. And damn; that helicopter looks to be three inches thick at the most inside. The pop window opens and we see Gyro testing out his new invention as he always does in these situations. He heard the signal from Scrooge and Scrooge likes the helicopter. Gyro proclaims that it isn't his new invention as he shows the pilot piloting the helicopter who magically appears on the left side OUT OF NOWHERE as he is golden with light bulbs as nose and ears and has a radio like mid section with mickey mouse gloves. The nephews run up and are impressed with the real live robot as Gyro addresses him as Armstrong and orders him to clear the tracks. The robotic voice proclaims that he will clear the tracks (Peter Cullen of course) as he causally walks to the front of the train and transforms into a robot train (sort of) and then goes to the rock tomb and grabs as many rocks as he can stand and throws them up the hill to allow them to fetch a pail of mecho nuts. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Ummm...

It creates a makeshift ugly statue of Scrooge (the ugly top hat gives it away) and Scrooge blows off LP for taking a lifetime to remove the rocks. Launchpad is dumbfounded as I am watching the template for From Here To Machinery here without question. LP proclaims it might be longer as Armstrong looks at the cleared track. So we logically go to the book room inside the mansion as Scrooge and Gyro deal with Armstrong while LP and the nephews play with a mini red robot version of Armstrong. Which one will break dance first? Find out in Dancing With The Light Bulb Robot Stars on RBC! Or not. Scrooge asks what Armstrong cannot do and Gyro proclaims that he can do anything he asks him to. Armstrong whirls as we see Duckworth come in with the vacuum cleaner excusing himself for not being in the library. Now this episode really sucks. HAHA!

Ron Sparks: It sucks more than Sean Desmond.

Duckworth tries to leave; but Scrooge tells him to wait because he would like to test Armstrong's abilities to his vacuuming. Duckworth states that he would if he thinks that it is proper and Scrooge proclaims that it is. Gyro then gives Armstrong the green light to vacuum the place and Armstrong sells like a good little robot always does. He runs to the cleaner; plugs it into his chest and then proceeds to vacuum the entire place as we get some FPS shots of the hallway to waste some time. Armstrong's skip to my lou spot is almost as good as Ultra Cool Sidekick Toadie's is. We get some Scooby Doo hallway action; then some cleaning the dining area and then he waltzes into the book room and he is done. He needs some work with the hard to reach areas; but he is already an improvement over Duckworth in the easy areas of cleaning. Duckworth unplugs the vacuum cleaner from his chest (creepy!) and gets somewhat emotional as he decides to retire forever walking away stage left. Scrooge tells him not to go to extremes because he is sure to find something for him to do. Sadly; that might prove extremely difficult if you catch my drift because we see Armstrong outside near the garage cleaning the limo with speed and accuracy. The nephews voice over that they are impressed since it takes Duckworth all day to clean the limo.

Armstrong then uses the eye laser to open the garage door easily. We then cut to the nephews watching from the window as Louie is impressed by Armstrong's COLLIEEN JONES CARE BEAR STARE OF DOOM. I swear if anyone sees that; they will be injured with curling stones beyond belief. Armstrong uses one hand to push the limo right into the garage and then uses the stare to close the garage door as the nephews admit that Armstrong can do anything. Except be a family since he is a machine and the family is not. Unless it is a machine family of course. Dewey has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN in mind as they mess up their room (or it is already messed up; same thing basically) as we head outside in the hallway as the nephews order Armstrong to clean up their room. Armstrong sells it and does his Toadie run into the room and gets out within two seconds. Huey blows him off for doing nothing...until he looks inside and the room is glittering with spotlessness. Huey swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (gosh) as they cannot even mess it up that quickly. I think Gosalyn would have no trouble with that though.

We then get the scene changer as Armstrong enters the dining room (check the submarine windows there dude!) as Scrooge, the nephews, LP and Gyro are having a fest as Armstrong brings in some hot meals and even turns his finger into a tea/coffee maker and pour spout (check Armstrong pouring tea from his finger into Scrooge's cup 7:07 into the DVD.). Scrooge calls this fast food. I call this Express Version Zero as LP calls Armstrong's bluff since he is only good for house chores. See; some jobs require courage, daring-do and a sense of adventure. In other words; they need a sense of fatalism right LP? Scrooge claims that Armstrong is an excellent pilot and LP calls him out and challenges him to a fly off contest. Can you see the template to From Here To Machinery; or do I have to spell it out for you. Scrooge agrees to that as he orders a flying contest between him and Armstrong. Gyro LOVES that bill of goods as I say: LP is soooooooo screwed. If only Baloo realized that; he would just walk away from it knowing that he was already had. Scrooge jumps from his chair and he likes the PR and buyers that would come as a result of this.

So we head to the Duckburg County Fair (check the Ferris Wheel in the background) as we go to the airfield with the crowd watching in the stands and television cameras on full blast with photograph camera. We then cut to the podium with Scrooge announcing the air race between LP and Armstrong. Gyro is here along with the nephews, Webby and even Mrs. Featherby who makes her DTVA on-screen debut! What; Scrooge couldn't find a big enough chair for Mrs. Fat Ass Beakly? POW! OUCH! Ummm....Anyhow; we see the obvious logic break as Scrooge refers to LP as human. Problem is; there are NO humans in Ducktales; they are anthros. We might be mammals; but we are unique mammals even if we share a lot in common with animals. Scrooge chuckles at LP's expense as we know who he wants to win this race. CONFLICT OF INTEREST~! We cut to the starting line as we see Launchpad flying a lime green helicopter as a windsock flutters in the breeze it makes. Surprisely the public cheers for him which is strange considering what happened in later episode when he was booed off the runway so to speak. Scrooge then introduces his opponent and soon to be available for Duckburg Industries (just show how unbias Scrooge REALLY is) as Armstrong appears in Gyro's helicopter on the left side of the line of course (Democrat!). And the batteries are not included (Strangely there is a software called that which has been defunct for years now I do believe) with Armstrong I see. The crowd goes somewhat dead as Scrooge lifts his cane and it's Ready...Steady...GO Sadly; the cane doesn't double as a starting pistol.

The helicopters go neck and neck from the start and Armstrong takes the lead after the first turn using the Go-Go-Gadget Arms move Gizmo Duck would be saddled with later on. LP creeps up as we go into the candy cane poles of doom as Armstrong continues to use the GO-GO-Gadget Arms move some more. Launchpad then takes the lead as LP exposes him for making mistakes there. Funny how that works since the Auto Aviator was build up to be this invincible monster in From Here To Machinery; and we go to the over and under the bridges. Which LP does easily as LP waves goobye to Armstrong and smacks right into a billboard that was being painted of a blond woman with earrings. THAT IS SEXIST! Or maybe not as the painter on the wooden scaffolding is SHOCKED and APPALLED (in that order) at the destruction LP caused. It was shocking to be sure.

We get some loop-de-loops for only 15 cents and then we do the old go into the barn and scare animals out of their wits spot that is so overplayed that LP should be ashamed of himself for trying that. And then he crash lands into the mud as the yellow and pink paint get destroyed in the process. I think that is the only time the 2 second drying paint spot wasn't used here. The pigs squeal and the hen clucks as LP has a nest of birds as a parting gift. HAHA! It is BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (sunset- Must be an afternoon flying session) as Armstrong's helicopter drives around the last candy pole and rides towards the county fair and lands perfectly for the win. We then pan over to Duckworth and the nephews on the right side as they wonder what happened to him. Duckworth proclaims that the possibilities are infinite. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Duckworth and the nephews decide to pack it in since the nephews have homework to do and it's dinner time. The nephews sulk with Duckworth stage right as the search and rescue helicopters (all black) are searching for Launchpad which shouldn't be too hard since he landed on a farm and some farmer should notice him easily. That ends the segment nearly ten minutes in.

After the commercial break; we head to the mansion with a shot of the red helicopter AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as we see Launchpad come to the door and he rings the doorbell. Duckworth opens the door and sees Launchpad all muddy and dirty. Duckworth admits that he is quite worried about him along with the nephews. Of course; nowadays, that worry would never exist since no one would like to be with a joke like LP after that performance. They go into the hallway as LP mopes about not missing the billboard and missing dinner in the process. Scrooge is in the study room while the nephews are in their room. LP then overhears as we see Scrooge and Gyro talking about making more Armstrong robots like the one which squashed LP earlier. Launchpad greets him and apologizes for letting him down and Scrooge thanks him for getting dozens of orders and then he politely shoves LP out of the door and gives him a big vacation forevermore. Scrooge then walks stage left trying to get back to his orders as we head inside the nephews room as dozens of printer pages of homework shoot out of Armstrong's chest. Dewey is impressed of the brains of the computer which Armstrong has. Huey proclaims that Armstrong did their homework in just five minutes.

Launchpad then is seem in the background as Huey proclaims that Armstrong is the best friend they ever had as Launchpad's heart is cut out on THAT response. The nephews embrace the robot and Armstrong proclaims that they are his friends. Armstrong then gives a mean stare to Launchpad in a neat symbolic spot and LP slumps away sulking as the world has basically ended for him. We then get the scene changer as we see Huey and Louie wrestling on the floor while Dewey reads a book (all in matching stripe Pjs I might add. Scrooge walks in and tells them that it is tuck in time for bed. Scrooge calls on Armstrong to take care of the proceedings (I guess Mrs. Beakly took the hint and left before Armstrong even showed up) as Armstrong wheels in (He even has the Gizmo Duck wheels to boot) with a tray of hot chocolate. Scrooge tells Armstrong to get them to brush their teeth and Armstrong sells as he looks more and more heelish with every passing second. Huey grabs some chocolate cup and he is upset because there is only ONE marshmallow in it. Scrooge proclaims that it was his idea because Armstrong has found dozens of way to become efficient. UH OH! I think we know where this plot line is going. Dewey thinks this is overkill and Scrooge insists that Armstrong knows what he is doing see. Scrooge waltzes out as he proclaims that he is going to use him for business practices first thing in the morning. Armstrong said good night to him and acts even more heelish on it.

So we head to the Money Bin on the close entrance shot as the limo has already arrived and the birds are chirping. We head inside as the employees at their desk greet Scrooge and Armstrong. Scrooge proclaims that before they start work; he has a little announcement to make. I betcha he fires all of them too. I check the DVD....Damn; I'm good as the employees completely disappear on the next shot. HAHA! Armstrong is the only one left as he uses the stare of doom on the typewriters and they go in rapid fire quickly. More laser beams and the production levels go to the equivalent of thirty employees within thirty seconds. Scrooge is impressed with his work as we go into the office and see Armstrong in Scrooge's chair taking phone calls and dialing up paperwork up the ying-yang. We see a factory in the background smoking as Scrooge on the pan shot is sitting down in his red couch and playing with a paper airplane.

He then nods off and it is AFTER HAPPY HOUR on the scene change as Scrooge is still asleep as he wakes up and talks about closing time. Scrooge wonders how Armstrong has done with his profits as he walks to the vault and it's open and he screams out that he was robbed. Take one guess who is here. We then see the Money Bin is still there and much of the money is still there as we see Armstrong using a forklift to carry money. Scrooge asks how he got into the vault and Armstrong proclaims that he used computing multiple variables. Well; that pretty much explains why Scrooge has the super lock in Scrooge's Pet. Scrooge chuckles on cue as there is nothing Armstrong cannot do. Scrooge is in the spotlight as he proclaims that he prefers to count his own money and then Armstrong uses the forklift on Scrooge. Can you see the heel turn commencing at six o'clock or do I have to spell it out for ye? Scrooge wants answers as Armstrong proclaims that he is counting money which is HIS money as his eyes glow red and the irony of depending on a smart robot is revealed. Scrooge proclaims that Gyro wouldn't like this and he doesn't either as he escapes up the ladder somehow; but the vault door closes on cue and Scrooge is trapped like a rat. The mature lighting is in effect as the spotlight is on Scrooge as Armstrong addresses himself and he is Scrooge's friend. With friends like that; it might be time to fire Gyro for good.

We fade to black with the red eyes as we return to Gyro's home as the helicopter returns and lands in front of the house. We then cut to inside as we see Gyro playing on his computer again. Only it's the ancient version of Brain Age For Geeks And Dorks. AHHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Ummm.... Gyro whistles and the door slams open as Scrooge calls out Gyro and Gyro greets him and turns his chair around. Gyro asks if something is wrong and Scrooge blows him off as Armstrong has him grabbed by his legs. HAHA! So we go to the scene changer as we see a control panel and Armstrong flips a switch on it and then we go to a satellite in orbit around the Earth as it flashes in red. We get some zapping to waste some time as it hits the power lines and transformer towards Gyro's house. Someone is going to get a high electric bill when this is all over. We then see helicopter sphere drones (in violet no less) and then we cut to inside as Armstrong is fiddling with the controls while Scrooge and Gyro are locked inside a room with a zapping barrier around it. It better be around the room because otherwise; lighting the room on fire seems very effective here. Gyro explains that he is linking up with communication satellites and electric power stations.

He is going to power everything electric using his own remote control. Scrooge rolls up his sleeves proclaiming that no battery-operated dictator is going to stop him; but the barrier of zapping death stops him dead in his tracks. He gets thrown down with a wussy bump as Gyro proclaims that nothing can stop him. We then go inside the dining room as Duckworth has prepared the meals for the nephews and the nephews run in and sit down. Louie wonders where Scrooge is since he is always first at breakfast. Duckworth admits that this is most unusual since he didn't even sleep in his bed last room. Considering all this; maybe he is MISSING somehow Duckworth?! Louie states that Scrooge usually calls and Dewey suggest calling for Armstrong's help. Duckworth proclaims while pouring water into a glass that Armstrong isn't here either. Dewey proclaims that they must be at Gyro's then and Huey goes to the cellphone as he asks Gyro if Scrooge is here. Gyro's voice (which is crackling which clearly indicates that it is Armstrong) states that he is not here and doesn't expect to see him. We then cut to Armstrong making the call (He has Kit Cloudkicker all rolled into one; minus the robot powers of course) as he blows them off and doesn't want them here at all and then slams the phone down. He pushes the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and calls them meddlers. He proclaims that if he was human; he might find this amusing. He laughs badly and that ends the segment about 15 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we get another shot of Gyro's house at dawn and then zoom in as the drones of doom guard the house with their cameras. The drone see something and fly to it as we head inside as Armstrong proclaims that he will give them trouble as he pulls on some levers (WRONG LEVERS!) as he has a television camera onto the mansion and sees inside the breakfast table near a phone the nephews talking about Gyro. They already think something is wrong with Gyro as Huey decides that they are going over there to investigate. They run to the garage and open it with the button; but it slams shut and open and shut over and over again. Huey wants to time the thing; but Dewey suggests going through the window on the right side of the garage. They pick the later and take out the bicycles from the window as Armstrong looks on from the drone camera. Armstrong proclaims that they will fail. If they can figure you out without electrical devices then you are already hosed. Armstrong pulls on more levers as we see the nephews biking down the street near the toy store.

We head inside the toy store as remote control tanks and airplanes start beeping and start working. The door magically opens (huh? Explain THAT one kids.) and the toys start flying and driving out of the toy store. The nephews notices the toys attacking them and they pedal faster as they deduce that it is being done by remote control. The drone camera watches on as one of the airplanes is dodged by Huey on the fly and it pin point makes the drone camera explode right on cue. Yeah sure. Huey rides faster and dodges the next plane as it hits the tree and explodes; somehow the tree doesn't catch on fire. Oooookkkkayyyy.... The nephews then stop pedaling as they realize that they are just merely toys. So they climb off and grab the tanks and put them upside down. Only three toy tanks in a toy store? I guess it is mom & pop run. Huey chuckles on cue as they wonder who is behind this and Dewey then deduces that only one fiend has remote control powers and it is Armstrong. Louie blows him off for lying about being their friend. They get back on their bicycles and ride around the corner as Armstrong watches on from the camera.

So we head to Gyro's house as the nephews make it to the fence as Louie wonders when Gyro installed cameras and fence basically turning his compound into a biker gang compound. Short Answer: About three hours give or take having Armstrong do all the work. Simple really. They open the gate and bring their bicycles in and the laser of doom melts the bicycle tires on cue. The nephews bail as Armstrong walks in proclaiming that it is useless to resist. Louie calls him out for MURDERING their bikes. I speak for everyone in this one: He melted the front tire you jerk! Just buy a new bicycle tire! It'll be all right. Louie is mad as hell (and you do not want to see Louie mad since it is ugly for him and me); but the laser forces lobster courage into him and he bails. See the poem I put in from Lewis Carol in the Where No Duck Has Gone Before rant for the point of lobster courage. He knocks into the nephews and Louie runs away like the coward that he is. The nephews run and bail behind a storage barn as Armstrong nails some lasers at them and they miss. I see the high jump spot TMS loves to use is back.

The nephews hide behind the barn panting as the nephews admit that they need help. Huey asks who is crazy enough to face that robot. Take one guess who gets the honor of fighting the damn robot. So we logically go to Launchpad's torn up room as LP is packing his bags as the door opens and in runs the nephews calling for him. Launchpad greets them as they pant some more and ask where they are going. LP is going away for a while as he thinks. Dewey tells him that he cannot do that because Armstrong has gone haywire. And have him captive in Gyro's barn as LP loves this turn of events and decides to help them anyway because he is a good friend to them anyway and holds no grudge. LP proclaims that his copter is wrecked and Dewey states that it is just as well since Armstrong controls anything electric. Launchpad decides to use the joy rider since it's gas powered and only goes up and down. The gas powered is made up by me; but it's implied. So they leave and go to the hanger as Armstrong looks on from the far shot as the red baron plane flies from the hanger. Armstrong is amazed and he twists some knobs on his control panel on the right side wall.

So we head to the airport as a jet plane with missiles on it turns on by itself as an airport mechanic (dogsperson wearing all white- Chuck McCann) notices the T-shaped buttons flashing red and something isn't right here. His goofy voice stinks too. The jet engine starts from the tail section and it flies away and knocks the mechanic off the platform to boot. No bump is present so it was wussy. And two more jet planes (all with the same color scheme- Blue, white nosecone, orange on the under wings) fly into the sky following the lead jet. Armstrong: Master of the Overkill. AHHAHAHAHAHA! ZAP! OUCH! Ummm...We get some radar stuff and joystick controls in the cockpit as they ready their orange missiles on LP's bi-plane (which turns red when on target in a creepy spot) and the missiles fire..Three of them. We then cut to the bi-plane as the nephews are in front and LP is at the back. Geez; I guess being a backseat driver is a culture thing after all. The missile flies towards them and it misses the bi-plane by about three feet. Well; that kills the theory that those thing are heat seekers. Missile #2 follows them (Missile #1 shows no signs of exploding) as Launchpad goes to the stick; but it breaks. You know you are screwed when THAT happens.

We go into a dive as Launchpad waste some time putting the handle back on the stick and we get some loop-de-loops for only 15 cents as the bi-plane dodges that missile. The stick is back on (I see Ikea has struck again!) as Louie calls that great flying. Nah; I just call that fatalism under control Louie. LP proclaims that it takes years of mastering the art of fatalism to do that spot. No really; I'm as shocked as you are. So we fly some more as missile #3 (missile #2 doesn't explode either) as the bi-plane dodges some more (intentionally this time) and this missile is heat seeking. I guess the other two were practice missiles. Then the three jets come up from behind and Launchpad pushes on the stick and takes a nosedive. Then he flies into a hyperbole circle and then away as it hits the first jet perfectly and THAT one explodes. And somehow the power of suggestion makes the other two blow up the same way. Man; that missile must be loaded with Larson & Gary. LP flies away in his bi-plane as he makes it above Gyro's house and then he runs out of gas again and drops down onto the roof and destroys the transmitting equipment. HAHA! You cannot stop LP's fatalism; you can only hope to contain it. Due to that; the zapping stops in orbit and the drones are rendered powerless and drop to the ground with off-screen MAN-SIZED bumps. We then cut to inside as Armstrong is trying to restore order; but the devices are knocked out dead.

Armstrong is ticked off from this as we cut to the roof as Launchpad brings the rope ladder down and he and the nephews climb down. They practice the fine art of not being seen as LP wants to go first. LP goes to the door and the door gets knocked down by Armstrong. HAHA! LP ducks as Armstrong misses the POWER OF THE PUNCH and destroys part of the wall. We get the chase around the house spot from Armstrong and Launchpad as the nephews enter inside the house. LP climbs the rope ladder and misses the eye laser as part of the rope ladder is blown to ashes; but not all of it. Explain THAT one kids?! Launchpad goes into his bi-plane and it's Go-Go-Gadget Arms grabbing LP's webfoot (How fitting considering how LP lost earlier?).

We get the rack spot as LP pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) which opens the water chute (which still has water in it natch!) and it pours right onto Armstrong and he blows his light bulbs literally. Another robot that cannot stand water. More evidence on who created Agent X in Quack Pack. His head spins around and he crumbles to pieces, DUH! We head inside as Scrooge tests his leg on the room divider; but there is no zap as the nephews cheer for victory for Launchpad. Scrooge magically teleports out for some reason as he apologizes to Launchpad for making him look bad earlier. They shake hands as we head inside the study room as everyone involved in the episode toasts with hot chocolate and two marshmallows. Greedy little bastard those nephew fellows are. Duckworth comes in with the sugar bowl on a tray (I think). Scrooge calls Duckworth out for having zero marshmallows and Duckworth blows it off as inefficient. HAHA! Scrooge blows him off because it has no place in his hot chocolate. The nephews agree with him as Duckworth concedes as he places three marshmallows in his hot chocolate with the small tongs. Scrooge smiles to end the episode at 21:16. Very good template to From Here To Machinery. **** ¼ (85%).


So we begin the marathon with a really good template to From Here To Machinery. Very few logic breaks and the animation was solid as a rock for the most part. It was played more as a cartoon than what From Here To Machinery did which was more dramatic and had the hypocrisy and historic value as the first syndication episode for TaleSpin. Plus it was all Gyro's fault in this one for creating a robot that was too efficient for it's own good. The only thing that bugs me is that Armstrong's motivation wasn't really explained clearly enough for me. The Auto Aviator was more convincing in that it was merely following orders and the orders went into chaos when the Air Pirates attacked. And of course; Launchpad redeemed himself quite nicely here and at times; it felt better than Baloo's. So it's all well and good. Next up in the marathon; Robot Robbers as we finally see what I have been waiting for since ranting on Ducktales: The Robot Hockey Construction Players. So.....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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