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Time Is Money Part Three

Reviewed: 11/21/2009

Now we really go downhill.....

So Scrooge and company go back to Duckberg after two really good episodes and you would think Scrooge would have simply decided to go back three days again without LP or Bubba right? However; as you will see, the real problems with Scrooge and Bubba truly begin here. And I remember not liking this one damn bit when I was a kid. How does it do now? Let's rant on shall we...?!

This episode is written by Jymn Magon and Bruce Talkington. The story is edited by Jymn Magon and the teleplay was done by Len Uhley.

Opening Moment #1: The title card for this one is Bubba Trubba. You don't know the half of that pun Jymn Magon.

We begin this one in the skies as the Shortcut magically reappears again as it spirals around and then loses it's propeller barely ten seconds in and goes into a tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!). Scrooge has got to realize that safe and sound means nothing in the DTVA world. Everyone screams as I shudder in fear because they have decided to start in earnest. We cut down to Gyro's house as Gyro is rebuilding his roof and I'm betting that Gyro's roof is going to get destroyed again; only with more damage. I check the DVD...Nope; he gets the transmission signal from Launchpad as Scrooge blows Gyro off and wants something soft to land on. Gyro thought they just left which is cute in itself; but Gyro runs into the house (as the QUACKEROONIES OF DOOM scream their heads off) and returns with a....cupcake? Oh wait; it has a pull string thingy on it and it turns into a giant ass catcher's mitt. Okkkkkkaaaayyyy.. Gyro runs away and...Damn' I'm really good as we get the MAN-SIZED bump of doom right into the house. HAHA! The roof pops up and down on THAT one too.

Gyro swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (darn) as we head inside the house as the lab is destroyed of course. The Shortcut is cut off now as Scrooge blows off LP's landing skills and LP states that he has had bigger wrecks with a shopping cart. I guess that was the Domino Effect lawsuit I have heard of from Gyro runs in much to the non-amusement of Scrooge as Gyro asks if everything is all right and Bubba and Tootsie pop up to greet him. Gyro is SHOCKED and drops on his ass as Scrooge states that it wasn't exact. Bubba jumps out and grabs a light fixture (gold plated I might add) and asks if it's an egg. Huey corrects him as it is a light bulb. He then turns it on and it sparks, scaring him and forcing him to throw it away as the light bulb shatters. Along with his heat to boot. Bubba grabs a pink phone and goes moo. I guess Bubba was under the influence of a cow or Ardain Adonis in the previous episode as Dewey points out that it is a phone and you talk on it. Gyro is APPALLED now that Scrooge told them that they went back a million years more. See; Scrooge changed history and that is bad. Scrooge doesn't buy it because everything looks the same as Tootsie yanks on LP's scarf for fun much to the disdain of LP.

Tug-O-War ensues and LP loses that one as he takes a decent bump off-screen. Tootsie munches on the fray scarf as Gyro proclaims that if he toys with time; you are asking for trouble. You can blame Launchpad for that one Gyro. Bubba sniffs out a mouse trap with cheese as Scrooge calls this Poppycock. He wants Gyro to repair the Millennium Shortcut and Disney Captions screws up because Scrooge clearly called Bubba a pest in the audio; but it sezs beast in the captions. So pest is considered a forbidden word now? Bubba shows Scrooge the food and then the mousetrap works and sticks onto Scrooge's beak hard. That one was just there as a joke; although it isn't nearly ugly as what is going to follow. Scrooge yelling is terrible as Bubba bails stage right and the nephews come over and untrap the mousetrap. Huey pleads with Scrooge not to be angry because Bubba didn't mean it. Personally; I agree since Bubba is a caveman stereotype. His gimmick is not to know any better. Scrooge tells Gyro to fix the machine before he fixes Bubba's wagon. Ummm; he doesn't have a wagon Scooge.

Scrooge: That's Scrooge!
Gregory: Whatever.

Oh wait; he means that he is going to hurt him right? Well; at least he wasn't outright saying it...yet. Gyro proclaims Roger Wilcox. Who the hell is Roger Wilcox? And why is he so important to get his own name as a catchphrase? Gyro salutes him as we head to the mansion (with working water fountain) as Huey shows the inside of Bubba's new home. UH OH! So much for their decision to let the whole Bubba thing go. The limo drives in as LP is driving it (What? Duckworth is on strike or something?) as Bubba looks on from the gate which is either kind of funny; or the animators couldn't do a shot on the other side. I of course thought Kit's introduction to Cape Suzette was the best one in the history of DTVA; but what do I know? Anyhow; we head inside to the lobby and Duckworth is standing right there at the door with the babyfaces. How about that? Bubba calls it a big cave. Ah; close enough. Mrs. Beakly enters from the book room asking for Webby to arrive because there are guests and Beakly is surprised at Bubba appearance; but she thinks nothing bad about it. That is CONTINUITY from Jungle Duck by the way as the nephews have their bonding moment with Mrs. Beakly which is quite cute and a real show of character development that is lacking in newer series over the years. The nephews break up away as Bubba hugs Mrs. Beakly and he lifts her about two feet off the floor. Mrs. Beakly thinks he is quite friendly. It's so nice when Beakly doesn't automatically become fussy; isn't it? Hoppo should BE JEALOUS! POW! OUCH! Ummm...

Webby opens the door and she runs over and hugs Scrooge asking if he brought anyone for her and then she gasps and then hugs Tootsie. Tootsie responds by licking Webby's face and she giggles as she calls it a pony. HAHA! Close enough right? She wants to keep her as the nephews blow her off because it's a dinosaur. Webby gets it confused with Tricycle Pops. Okay; that was Pepsi spit funny. I almost ruined a monitor hearing that one. Dewey then uses the Gruffi pose and blows off her smarts. I see the Tree house Syndrome is STILL in effect. Dewey and Webby go into their playground level insults and man; this episode is falling now. I have never seen the nephews stoop to this low in the first few seasons. Sure; Webby got it wrong; but even the nephews didn't rub it in this shamelessly. Scrooge pulls his hair/feathers from his head and yells shrilly (and badly) to be quiet. Funny that an adult cannot say shut up to a kid; but a kid can say it to another kid. BS&P is so whack. Scrooge points the finger and orders them to go away and play as the nephews, Bubba, Webby and Tootise walk away with their heads in shame. Okay; that is understandable on Scrooge's part since the whole situation was getting out of hand. Launchpad tries to leave; but Scrooge stops him and LP isn't amused on that one. Scrooge circles around with the troops as they have a lot of work to do. Mrs. Beakly asks about Bubba and what to do with him and Scrooge tells her to not mind him because he is bad news see as the kids stand near the fireplace doing nothing...Except for Bubba who has the vacuum cleaner and switches it on. Now this episode really sucks. HAHA!

Ron Sparks: It sucks more than Sean Desmond.

She sucks some yellow daises and the orange vase falls down and shatters right on screen. Now THERE is something you don't see everyday in cartoons...Oh wait; it's in live action cartoons now; my mistake. Bubba goes bye-bye as we cut back to Scrooge addressing the adults that he is going to tell the world that he outfoxed Flintheart again and he got the diamond mine back. LP asks how he is going to do that and Scrooge proclaims that he is going on television news. Good luck with that Scroogie. I think only Fox News would believe his story even if it is true in QUACKERIA. And then the awesome sucking powers of Bubba (oh crap; that just writes itself) sucks up Scrooge's suit as Launchpad gleefully blows Scrooge off on that one. That is the fourth time someone got stripped naked in this series and the second straight time for Scrooge. I guess the writers think an old rich man being naked is funny. LP I can understand; but what is their excuse? Scrooge does the see no dick spot (pointless since he doesn't have one to begin with as Bubba reveals himself with the vacuum. Scrooge wants to really blow him off but the nephews run in and Scrooge just simply storms off. Wow; this is better than I thought it would be all things considered.

So we head to a television set shot of the press gallery as Scrooge is on the podium with the PRESS OF FRAUD with cameras on as Scrooge presents Bubba Duck as he crawls onto the soapbox and said hello as the static sound nearly breaks his ears. So he does what all bad stereotypes do in these situations: Destroy the microphone with his club. Scrooge proclaims that he is not staying as we pan over to a second television as we see three lawyers in suits in chairs and oh my goodness; it's Webra Walters dressing all in blue for this one along with a new hairstyle. Okay; this is the first time in Ducktales that I have seen her; but I saw her in a cameo role in Darkwing Duck with Up, Up & Awry. Her set sucks though and I still don't get why she has a duck pun in her name when she is clearly a dogsperson. Shouldn't she be a duck? She asks the topic of the day if the markings on the diamond cave are legal and the three lawyers jump up and say yes. She calls it a controversy which is the first time I have heard that word on a DTVA program as we go to the third television screen as we head into the mayor's office (check the golden duck seal and podium in the back) as Bubba and Tootsie are on the red carpet and the pig furry (with English eye piece and top hat who dresses up funny) gives them the big ass key of the city while the television reporter (Frank Welker and the same guy from Time Teasers I do believe) proclaims that the Duckberg Supreme Court has ruled that Scrooge's lay to the claim on the diamond mine is perfectly legal and that the zillionare cheat Flintheart is out of there. Wow; that takes the law is an ass to a whole new low; doesn't it?

Apparently; written contracts mean nothing anymore. We then cut to Flint's office (in the boat I think) as we see three television sets going on as we pan over to Flint and the Beagle Boys watching with popcorn in hand. Flinheart is PISSED off as he wants something to throw. Bouncer gives him a priceless blue vase and Flint jumps up and throws it right into the newscaster who apparently can magically see Flintheart for some odd reason and panics as the television set shatters and sparks of course. What a peeping tom this television newscaster is. And then Flint realizes that the vase was worth $250,000. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Bouncer does the Gruffi pose because it's worth zip now as Flint sulks in the chair because Scrooge double crossed his double cross. That is called karma folks. Don't underestimate it's power folks. Bad logic break: Big Time wasn't wearing his mask on the far shot when they sigh; but on the closeup, he clearly is. Big Time proclaims that it is too bad that they cannot get Bubba on their side. That would really clip Scrooge's wings see. Flint then gets the LIGHTBLUB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and he wants to kidnap Bubba and brainwash him. How Flint? He doesn't have a brain to wash. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BONK! OUCH! Ummm...Flint wants Bubba to destroy the markers when Scrooge sends him back in time see. No markers; no diamonds for Scrooge see. I think there is an easier way; say just distract Scrooge with Bubba long enough so he cannot make payments on the island and you get it back square and legal. Oh wait; that would make him a babyface then and we cannot have the simple solution get in the way of heeldom right? Flintheart tells him to get that cave duck and man; they used the old zoom in ninja movie spot from Snuff to force the point.

So we head to the Money Bin as Scrooge (in his bathing suit natch) is relaxing under the green umbrella (how does that work) with a pail of gold coin yawning. He makes a gold coin sandcastle as Scrooge talks about that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. And then Bubba comes in to ruin a perfectly good sandcastle as Bubba and Tootsie dive in and Tootsie lands on her feet. I guess Bubba learned his lesson from the previous episode. Scrooge pops from the gold coins about 20 feet away as the nephews climb down the steps to make sure Scrooge doesn't attempt to really blow off Bubba. Tootsie walks around as Bubba admires a golden coin and Scrooge grabs it from him and Dewey tells Scrooge to be nice. Nice? When it comes to finances Dewey? You think that they would have realized that Scrooge takes money very seriously. As well as he should be even if takes family more seriously than money these days; you don't suddenly be careless with money. See; Bubba likes Scrooge and sadly; the feeling is not there from Scrooge as he has an ice cream headache with all of this understanding nonsense. And then Scrooge tells him to understand this that these shinies are his. Man; the attitude Scrooge performs here just reeks badly as he literally backs up the kids on that one. Dewey asks if he could have one shiny and Scrooge refuse of course as we pan left over to Tootise over at the pile of green backs and I betcha she starts munching on them. I check the DVD....Damn; I'm good as Scrooge is SHOCKED and HORRIFIED as he runs in and grabs the green backs and calls her out like a bad dog. Tootsie whimpers on cue as now the real problems with this episode are starting to take shape. Scrooge calls Tootsie a two ton billy goat and now he has to get rid of them before they eat him out of house and bin.

So we logically go back to Gyro's nearly destroyed house and storms in pleading for Gyro to help him. He asks about the status of the Shortcut (which still has the broken windshield I see) as he uses the cane to force Gyro out of the bottom. Gyro proclaims that he needs only one more day to fix it. Scrooge feels relieved and that all his problems will go away. Gyro responds by saying no to that as Scrooge wants an explanation to that. Gyro shows Scrooge a jigsaw puzzle of the planet Earth to start and Scrooge blows him off for working too hard. Gyro explains that by keeping Bubba here; there is a huge hole in the puzzle and then the hole got bigger. And apparently; if history were as big as Duckberg; the hole could be his Money Bin. Scrooge is paranoid now as I am so not buying this since if there was such a thing; we would have really seen the effects in the negative for Scrooge. Everything has been positive for Scrooge; minus Bubba and Tootsie annoying him, but that is minor. Scrooge grunts and blows off Gyro's nonsense. I agree; you would think that we would have clearly seen a negative effect by now. Scrooge shows Gyro some dollar bills and the wind howls and blows them away as Gyro claims that it is starting already. That is lame; it was JUST a gust of wind and Scrooge was foolish enough to show dollar bills in an open roof. I am not buying this as the dollar bills spiral up the sky with Scrooge yelling badly again to end the segment nine minutes in.

After the commercial break; we head back to the STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM as we head inside Scrooge's bedroom as Scrooge (in his white gown and purple winter cap) and paces around not being able to sleep, eat or think. The stock market dropped fifty points see. Today; that would be a normal drop in profit taking. I don't see how Scrooge can be paranoid at this as he walks out of the room and down the stairs as Duckworth and Scrooge meet and greet in the hallway and somehow we have LURCH BUTLER ON FIRE~! And Duckworth absolutely no sells it. Well; there is the 1987 Darwinism Award Winner right there as Scrooge enters the kitchen and there is a spit fire in the middle of the floor with cans of food as we pan left to see Bubba and Tootsie raiding the fridge. Okay; that was cute as the kitchen is smoking (AND THAT IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, MOVIE RATING AND BUBBA DUCK EPISODES!) and Bubba shows off his prehistoric cooking skills. Scrooge finds a pitcher of water in the sink and douses the flame out with it. Scrooge rears back as the nephews run in and blitz Scrooge and force him down onto the floor with a nasty sick bump. OUCH! Scrooge blows off the nephews for interfering as Scrooge takes a nasty bump off his head with a wine bottle and it shatters off-screen. OUCH! That is going to leave a mark. Scrooge grabs some broccoli as he claims that Gyro is right in that Bubba is costing his money. Scrooge wants Bubba to go away and then decides to force the nephews to take care of him. The nephews don't like that because they have to go to school today. Scrooge then goes into his hissy attitude fit as he tells them to take Bubba to school and even the cleaners. Just as long as he is away from Scrooge and then Scrooge storms out. Well; at least Scooge was nice enough to give him some yellow stinky raw fish to eat.

Scrooge: That's Scrooge!
Gregory: Whatever.

So we go to the scene changer to a red brick, red roof house which has a bell. Funny irony: The nephews go to a 1930's type school in a rural area while in TaleSpin; Kit and Baloo go to a school that looks 1980's onward in a urban city. Probably one of the few aspects of TaleSpin where the writers DIDN'T do their research. Still; the irony is juicy enough to mention. Everyone enters the school and we cut inside the classroom (and it is a one room classroom which looks 1980's inside) as we go to the desk and see the real Mrs. Quackenbush (Russi Taylor) for the first time. She has the old female stereotype hairpiece as well along with the purple dress. As least she looks normal here instead of the spawn of Satan in Nothing To Fear. The nephews tell Bubba to come in and Bubba comes in relucently with his new suit and he looks like he is going to a rock concert. Funny how Bubba is fully dressed with shoes on ; but the nephews have only a shirt and baseball caps on. That is just peachy folks. Bubba comes in with his red boom box (a gift from episode 1) as Tootsie enters wearing the SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT and a blue sash on. The kids are not fooled as they run in and try to get a good look at the cave duck (the girl voice is Russi Taylor and I believe she is the same character who rides on the carousel later on). And all of them are fully dressed with shoes on making the nephews look like a bunch of poor kids. One of the girls has anime blue hair. Yeah; anime blue hair. SHOOT ME NOW!

Mrs. Quackenbush gets up and nicely orders them to take their seats. Wow; I think the nephews are lying about Quackenbush; she sounds as nice as Susan from Sheepskin Deep. Everyone rushes to their seats as we get a logic break with her looking mad after the shot even though there was no indication in audio or video previously that she was mad. Must be another snip for syndication. Anyhow; Quackenbush introduces Bubba who is visiting today. She offers her hand and Bubba greets her by licking it hard. Quackenbush shakes the fluids away and calls it nice. She wipes the hand with a cloth and asks what Bubba thinks about her world. She asks if he likes comic books, movies and school and Bubba draws a blank from her. She then asks what he really likes and Bubba jumps onto her desk and slams the boom box down proclaiming that he likes tunes. The pop music plays as he takes the trash can and inverts it on the desk (which contains a green water gun and slingshot. Bad hiding place there Quackenbush!). He flips the rulers and begins playing. I see Bubba comes from the School of Fixing Gadget's Wagon. AHHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...And we got another song so as I do with most entertainment songs; I will not call the spots; nor the lyrics since I'm not interested in them. Strange how this is the first time Ducktales had a dance/musical number. Quackenbush actually dances to the song as well which just goes to show you that the nephews are dirty, homework hating liars. Translation: Your average student. I wonder who is voicing the kids here because they don't sound like Russi Taylor. I think one of voices of Cavin is singing here. Not R.J. Williams though. I'm just not sure here. The pig girl voice on the chorus is annoying here. We end with the lamp fixture spotlight spot as the nephews are on the desk and Bubba is on top of the kids mountain spot.

Okay; the song is a pointless waste of time (albeit cute) and I think this shows to me how hypocritical critics are with the new Disney. This is High School Musical type material and yet we bash the hyperbole of HSM for doing the exact same thing. I can understand people criticizing HSM for being a dead ringer to Grease and the hyperbolic nature of the songs, along with the lack of talent to execute the songs; but really, HSM is no more fiction than Ducktales when they did it. Why praise one while denouncing the other? Or does it prove that a lot of the people who praise Ducktales didn't watch the show with a more critical eye? There are lots of reasons to say HSM sucks. Saying that it's unreal is not one of them. Sadly; the school principal comes in (a dogsperson with a weird brown shirt on- I'm guessing Terry McGovern) heard the music and orders Bubba out of the school. Wow; he must be a High School Musical hater too.

Never mind as we cut to outside the school as the nephews tell Bubba and Tootsie to go home since they have to stay after school. Man; the animation is terrible as the pointing of the finger as he brings it down. Bubba calls this pooka and sulks away stage right with Tootsie. We then cut to the brick fence as Big Time is hiding behind along with Burger as he tells Bouncer to get ready. We then pan over to the see saw as Bouncer is wearing a Sailor Moon uniform and goofy hat. Blastomphy~! Bouncer chuckles as he asks Bubba if he wants to play with him and Bubba has no problem with that (ooka). Bouncer sits Bubba on the left side of the see saw. Bouncer swings the see saw around and tells him bye-bye. Bubba waves back like the idiot that he is and Bouncer bounces on the left side and Bubba springs into the air as we cut over to the street as Big Time and Bouncer have the white cloth as they realize that it is taking longer than it should for Bubba to be kidnapped. Bouncer looks around and they see Bubba stuck up a tree and if you don't know what happens next; then you have no business reading this rant. Bouncer gets launched into the air and is POPPED OUT OF THE SCHOOL..and out of the episode. Yeah right?!

So we head back to the book room as Scrooge is pacing around and the door opens which scares Scrooge for about a second before we see Mrs. Beakly come in with a tray filled with a soup bowl. And it contains a top to keep it piping hot; how thoughtful of her. Scrooge doesn't want to eat as he walks off and Mrs. Beakly is surprised that he is so cross with the little fellow. Man; Mrs. Beakly has grown up before my eyes. Maybe the fussiness had it's place after all. Mrs. Beakly takes the spoon and stuffs green stuff into Scrooge's mouth on the rebound. HAHA! Scrooge really gets mad as he calls Bubba a curse. Geez Scroogie; if only the writers had TAKEN THE HINT; your show wouldn't have jumped the shark until the Ducktales movie. By then; the show would have outlived it's usefulness in Eisner's eyes. Mrs. Beakly stuffs more green stuff into his mouth as she blows him off for blaming Bubba for everything since he took him out of his time. Scrooge blows that off because he wasn't his fault either. In a way; I agree with him; but if he hadn't dumped the bones and saw the T-Rex chomping on the Shortcut; then the door wouldn't be closed and Bubba wouldn't have come. So it was his fault; albeit indirectly. Scrooge proclaims that his future is at stake as the glass breaks and it's STONE COLD, STONE COLD, STONE COLD.

Oh wait; wrong show, it's only Bubba sliding down the railing and Scrooge grabs him and then the ball comes OUT OF NOWHERE and takes a sick bump off of Scrooge's head and he gets knocked silly. Okay; that was funny as Tootsie hops in for fun. Scrooge then gets REALLY paranoid and stands on the chair in mortal fear over Bubba and Tootsie. Well; getting squashed by a two ton dinosaur is deadly; so I don't blame Scrooge for it. Mrs. Beakly then gets fussy at last; calling Scrooge out because Bubba is lonely. Riiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhhtttttt. Social Engineering at it's best. Bubba isn't lonely; he's having too much fun. Scrooge then invokes the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH and challenges Mrs. Beakly to spend time with him and Mrs. Beakly accepts the dare. Oh goody! This shall be fun to mock.

So we logically head to a large mansion as a dozen rich folks (including one duck in a weird red hat and gown with the purple FEATHER OF SLIGHT SUFFERING) talking to another rich snob. There are balloons; a hose statue for a fountain and if you look closely; you can see a version of Mrs. Quackenbush in the background. Mrs. Beakly narrates about the Duckberg Rose Society being a lovely soiree. We cut to the gate as Bubba (with groomed hair and black bowtie. Wow; he kept his hide armor though), Mrs. Beakly (in a pink dress and pearl necklace with a wine glass of strawberry milk) and Tootsie (with a daisy necklace) arrive from the grass gate. She calls it genteel and refined. Bubba calls it a PAR-TIE~! Mrs. Beakly sells it with some disdain as she calls out for Mrs. Parveau (Disney Captions has it as Parvenue) who is the society chairwoman see and they walk on as Bubba tells Tootsie to stay before walking behind her. They are going to say hello to her and Mrs. Beakly wants no funny business from Bubba. They walk past a bouncer who has drinks and then we turn around and see Bouncer, Burger and Big Time as servers for the event. How does that work? Has Parveau suddenly gone rogue to reduce costs. I SMELL A FANFIC coming! Big Time (Bouncer's outfit only fit for a midget, Burger gets the medium one) tells them he has a new MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN.

He is serving some blocks for some odd reason as he tells them to kidnap Tootsie; to force Bubba against their will. Burger eats some cream cubes for fun before Big Time swipes them away because they are bait see. Burger apologizes for it as we head to a shot near the pool as Bubba and Mrs. Beakly greet Mrs. Parveau (a pig fury in a light link dress, pink high heels, a golden pearl necklace and gel like blond hair. Voiced by Joan Gerber) Bubba shakes hands and bows at her with grace and beauty. This scene just makes Scrooge look like a real asshole now; doesn't it? Mrs. Beakly then refers to the rose bushes growing in front of the left side of the building and she calls them yummy. Bad move Mrs. Beakly; as Bubba runs in; grabs a rose and eats it. See; I knew his good manners wouldn't last. The ladies are SHOCKED and APPALLED. Well; Mrs. Beakly has no one to blame but herself for that one. Bubba proclaims that it needs salt as we cut to the pool near the fountain as Tootsie is eating a life preserver in some sick sense of symbolism for Scrooge as the BLOCK OF SMELLS is given off. We pan over to Burger waving the smell towards Tootsie. Tootsie smells it and sells like a drugged animal. He runs over and eats the entire tray along with the bait. I'm surprised she didn't eat Burger's hand as Burger tells her to follow him.

Burger backs up and Tootsie follows him as they make it to the iron truck as Burger steps onto the platform that leads inside. Tootsie stops in front of Burger and Big Time and Bouncer pounce in and try to drag Tootsie in. Tootsie struggles and shrieks as Tootsie is an overgrown iguana in their eyes. We then cut back to the party as Mrs. Beakly and Mrs. Parveau do the double drinking spot as we pan over to see Bubba drinking out of the punch bowl. I see Mrs. Parveau suffers from the same infection Mrs. Pedigree suffered in Class Dismissed. Bubba is standing on the table as Tootsie is shrieking. Mrs Beakly asks what it is and he hears Tootsie and he gives the punch bowl back to Mrs. Parveau as she does a pretty impressive balancing act. Bubba praises her and then it's the Road Runner racing spot right on the table as he mashes everything and it splats right into the rich snobs face. We then cut back to the truck as Burger is riding Shoe Boy on Tootsie. Now THAT is funny. I guess he got his squeaky feet fixed after all. Tootsie does the back dropkick of death and Burger goes flying and does a cannon ball twist right into the pool in a really neat spot. Tootsie runs away stage left as Bubba notices Tootsie running in the opposite direction.

And then Bubba follows and ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE as the pump tent is destroyed (Huh? Logic break #3 for the episode right there) and then we get the annoying whirlwind spot from Mrs. Parveau with the punch bowl thus channeling Miss Pedigree and Butterbear all in one fell swoop. I see the mayor of Duckberg is here as Parveau falls into the fountain near the statue. I see she is getting her yearly bath in six months early. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...She looks pissed off as we pan over anime background style to the other side of the pool as Burger gets pulled out by Big Time and Bouncer and they scatter away stage right. So we head back to the book room office as Mrs. Beakly runs down the damages she owes which is $900 for the tent, $1200 for the gazebo and $4,200 for the rose bushes. And the worse of it is that she has been banned by the Rose Society until May of 1999. So she is banned for ten years from this airing I see. Mrs. Beakly sobs like a baby and runs away as Scrooge sounds concerned for her well being as she runs away. Scrooge goes to the door and the worst nightmare in his life comes alive as it's Bubba sitting on Tootsie. Bubba jumps on Scrooge and hugs him in a funny way. Bubba proclaims that he is glad to see him. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If only Bubba; if only. Scrooge looks pissed off as the segment ends sixteen minutes in. Man; this episode is a LOT better than I remember it now.

After the commercial break; we go to the front door as Launchpad stands in front of it and rings the door bell. Scrooge opens the door and LP tries to greet him. However; Scrooge pulls him by the scarf to the lobby as he tells LP to babysit Bubba and Tootsie. LP gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and wants out of it at once. Geez; that was just cold. At least the others waited until Bubba and/or Tootsie screwed up. Scrooge guards the door and wants him to stop being so cold. LP proclaims that he's dumb; but not crazy. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Logical fallacy much there LP? Scrooge claims that the time machine is almost ready; and he wants LP to just distract Bubba and Tootsie until then. He wants LP to name his price as he shows the pen and notes. LP blows him off because he is absolutely, positively unable to be bribed. Scrooge asks for the scarf and they shake hands on the deal. HAHA! Well; he lived up to his fallacy; hook, line and sinker. Scrooge opens the door and LP does the second whirlwind spot of the episode as he slams the door. Scrooge slides down the door as LP really cracks me up by asking Bubba if he is ready for his walkies.

So we head downtown as the traffic in Duckberg is thicker than fog at this point. The horns are honking as we cut to street level with Bubba and Tootsie in front of the traffic as Tootsie has become A Tricycle Pop~! HAHA! See; make the joke and then pay it off. Launchpad is hating this traffic as Tootsie no sells the spurring from LP. LP tells Bubba to get the glue bucket in gear. And now here comes MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN #3 for the Beagle Boys as Burger Beagle dressed AS A OLD LADY with sandals. That's not funny! We then cut to the man hole cover as it pops open. Oh wait; it's Burger and Bouncer in the man hole cover so Big Time is dressed up as an old lady. Funniest Big Time disguise ever! Now THAT'S FUNNY! That lipstick and hair is so messed up that you know her designer must have been Miley Cyrus. SLAP! OUCH! Ummm... Burger claims that her beard is darker as Bouncer pushes him back into DA...HOLE (God bless Baby Plucky!) as he bails.

Big Time Lady asks Bubba to come to grandma and she will give him a gift: The most pointless washing of the brain in history. He stuffs a brick in her green purse as the pennies come out of it. Nice animation spot there Wang Films. Considering that there is a hole in the purse; I believe this is going to backfire in her face. Big Time Lady waves to Bubba and asks for a Junior Woodchuck to help her cross the street. Bubba salutes his new master and walks over to the cane side of Big Time Lady. We then cut back to the sewer near the man hole cover as Burger rubs his hands with glee. Bubba looks both ways before they cross (So they can be safe according to the LAW OF DORA.) and they cross as Bubba walks forward and Big Time Lady stops to get ready to strike. Then we see the conveniently placed penny on the ground and Bubba sees it and kneels down to pick it up. Big Time Lady swings and misses; but the power of suggestion flings her over Bubba and into the manhole cover. Explain THAT one kids?! Bubba wants to give it to Scooge as the Beagle Boys complain about Big Time's failed plan in the sewers and some knocking on heads go and the Beagle Boys apologize to Big Time as Big Time groans on cue. Bubba looks around and then walks back to Tootsie and LP. The police officer dogperson is over there and he orders the Tricycle Pops to walk back to the sidewalk as LP states that he doesn't get a merit badge for losing them even if it wasn't his fault anyway.

So we logically head to the Duckberg Museum as we see some interesting stuff including some Sphinx statues and a blue flag which Wang Films decided to be lazy on. LP, Bubba and Tootsie enter inside as LP explains the Museum is a little of the great outdoors, indoors. LP and company enter into the dinosaur exhibit as LP jokes about running into someone he knows. Bubba gasps in horror as the model dinosaurs scare the duo right out of their skulls. This is going to end badly for Launchpad; I just know it. Tootsie shrieks the worst and runs like the wind with Bubba in tow on a leash. LP tells them to relax because they are fake. Kind of like wrestling is fake, right LP? AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Days of Blunder anyone? We then to inside the dino bone room as several furries (including a green jumpsuit with purple helmet that looks like a cross between a dog and a duck) look on as the Museum Guide (pelican wearing a brown suit, black pants and a brown top hat with black stripe in the same color as his tie. Voiced by Alan Young) explains that scientists say the Triceratops was a slow moving gentle creature in reference to the dinosaur bones which are orange in color with white tusks and a brown like shield on the head. And then Tootsie enters inside and wrecks the joint like a kid in a candy store, like a bull in a china Shop, like Tommy Dreamer in a weapons match at the ECW arena.

The Museum Guide then turns on science like a creationist and someone in Duckberg should fire his ass as that is a direct violation of the separation of church and state. Or maybe not. Tootsie goes into the Romans room and knocks over some golden pillars like dominoes for fun. The same furries then magically are in the room and they create a human totem pole to escape (Golden Fleecing anyone?) as Tootsie and Bubba race through the turn-style and LP notices Tootsie doing his version of a baseball slide and he headbutts the fake T-Rex and it falls and crumbles like the fake that it is. Everything falls down like mad as Tootsie runs around frightened to the gills and Launchpad gets trapped in some rib bones in a symbolic moment of the whole process and Tootsie slides in and whimpers like a baby. LP yells to Bubba as Bubba consoles Tootsie as the angry mob arrives (seemly using the same face for the lead dogsperson as everyone else earlier). Bubba rides on Tootsie and yells for Scrooge as he leaves stage left. So we head to a far sky shot of the Money Bin as we head inside Scrooge's office and see Scrooge on the phone with Gyro as the door is barricaded with two boards, a siren barrier and a pillow. You know Scrooge is cheap when he won't buy a proper barricade for his office. Scrooge asks how much longer is this going to take. We then cut back to Gyro on the phone as the pressure cooker is cooking up the bombastium now and it will only take two hours to go. Scrooge then hears some buzzing and he pushes the red button on his intercom and a female voice tells Scrooge that someone is here to see him (Russi Taylor). Scrooge proclaims that he doesn't want to see anybody at this point. The barricaded door slams open as Bubba screams for help and Scrooge yells at Bubba to get away from him at once. Bubba pants as he misses Scooge see.

Scrooge: That's Scrooge!
Gregory: Whatever.

Scrooge backs up towards the vault and Scrooge runs over and guards that as Scrooge's full paranoid mode is on and the part that I feared the most in this episode has finally come to past. Scrooge then stammers and asks Bubba for help. Bubba is a little confused at this as Scrooge brings him to the washroom and they go to the sinks as Scrooge explains to Bubba to stop the sinks from dripping. Bubba gets the no drip part good as he watches the sink and Scrooge runs out and goes into the vault and closes the door. He then dives on his diving board into the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. Scrooge pops up and fans himself with the dollar bills as the paranoia continues in earnest. Scrooge thinks that this will keep Bubba out of trouble. And then the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM beckons. What is this; a DARKWING...DUCK episode or something? And then we see elf Scrooge (aka his conscience) blowing him off as a sad man. Even TaleSpin didn't stoop to this Fred Flintstone low with Baloo. Elf Scrooge claims that he likes Bubba which shows how absurd his conscience is and why he didn't show up earlier in the series. Scrooge blames Bubba again and Elf Scrooge blows him off because Scrooge turned his life upside down and the moment he stops blaming the boy the troubles will be over. Scrooge gets a revealation on this as we cut back to outside the washroom as Bubba and Tootsie back up and proclaim that there is no drip.

Then he sees the conveniently placed fire hoseand states no drip as he turns the wheel and it's the WATER HOSE SNAKE OF DEATH~! He thinks the opposite of what Scrooge thinks is a drip. Nice psychology there guys. Bubba yells and eats water as he grabs the hose and fights with it. Tootsie whimpers and backs up as Bubba pulls on the hose and it sprays water even more. Bubba and Tootsie run away with hose in hand as they yell for Scooge and make it to the window. So we cut down to the Beagle Boys as Big Time is ticked off because Bubba is safe in the Money Bin and they will never get him now. Bouncer takes a sick bump with the nozzle part of the hose and then grabs the hose as they look up (if the Wuzzles did that; Birds of A Feather would have ended in four minutes I should note). Bubba wants the men to help him as the Beagle Boys are glad to help him. So we head back up the iron ladder inside the Money Bin as Scrooge climbs up telling Elf Scrooge that he has handled worse than this and he'll give the boy another chance. Elf Scrooge praises him for his decision and then disappears from his top hat as Scrooge opens the vault door thinking that he was going to lose the Money Bin and here come the Beagle Boys in front of the door to greet him back. HAHA! So much for the apology as Scrooge faints on cue and Bubba and Tootsie shriek for him as we end part three at to end the episode at 20:20. Well; they really did well until Scrooge and Bubba got involved directly and then it was downhill from there *** 1/2 (70%).

Closing Moment #1: Bubba's Song is written by Silverster and Silverster; the same people who wrote the Spin It theme for TaleSpin.


We go through another Bubba era episode and it was a lot better than I remembered it. Still; I couldn't help to notice that the really bad stuff with Scrooge's paranoia was starting and it just reeked lightly throughout the first eighteen minutes of the episode. Once Scrooge was directly involved; it really reeked and I fear for the worst in part four as we have to go through 22 minutes of this before they get Bubba back into the Shortcut. The school sequence was really awesome to watch and Quackenbush seemed to be really good. The other ones not so much. The whole Gyro history thing is absurd on it's ear because it's clear that the writers are shooting that Scrooge's problems are because of him rather than Bubba. Let's face it; Scrooge HATES Bubba and some fans believe that the feeling is understandable and even justified. I don't hate Bubba anymore; I found him tiresome which is somehow worse. Scrappy Doo had the hatred and therefore he would work as a heel in the live action movies. Bubba doesn't have that excuse and therefore no one cares if he lives or dies. Several logic breaks also didn't help; but the animation was pretty solid for the most part. Overall; this turned out to be better than it had any right to be, but mostly because the real problems haven't completely surfaced yet. One final note: Apparently; someone in creative decided that Scrooge's conscience needed a high pitched voice and he got one in the Part Four recap. So the continuity is already being broken as we speak. So....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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