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The Big Flub

Reviewed: 02/04/2012

I Betcha That's What Scrooge Thinks Of Launchpad...

Sadly; this episode is a Fenton focused episode so “Big Flub” doesn't apply so well to him. Maybe “The Almost Big Flub” would have been apporos. Right now; I'm not feeling 100% right now due to a nasty cold bug, so we'll see how this goes as Fenton shoots commercials and looks really stupid in the process. . So let's rant on shall we..?!

This episode is written by Ken Koonce and David Weimers.

We begin this one with the STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM as Scrooge wakes up from his bed and goes to the closet and cuts a money promo. He opens the closet and the arm of Fenton gives him a blue gown to wear. Scrooge grabs it; greets Fenton, closes the door and then catches himself. HEE HEE! I think we have a problem here. Scrooge opens the door and asks why Fenton is in the closet. Geez Scroogie; I think it's clear why... Wink! Wink! Nudge! Nudge! Fenton claims that the early worm catches the job. See Fenton wants the job for vice president in charge of new products shown on the newspaper which has a heart circle around it. Scrooge blows him off and storms off because Fenton has a job. I guess there is no such thing as a promotion in Scrooge's company. Scrooge goes into the bathroom and takes off the pj's and robe and wears a pink something as underwear. Okay; here's the obvious problem with this: The nephews don't wear any pants but have shirts on. So why can't Scrooge be naked when we already saw him naked once as a gag in Time Is Money with Bubba? He pours water in the bathtub and tries to get in; but Fenton has teleported into the shower. Ooooooooo... And he's fully clothed as he explains that he's more than a bean counter. Of course you are Fenton; you're Scrooge's bodyguard too. And his “partner” too. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmmm... Fenton cuts a full of himself promo and Scrooge blows him off and closes the shower curtain as they'll discuss this after breakfast. So we scene change to the dinner table as Scrooge is sitting at the end part of the long table and Duckworth comes in with Fenton Under Glass. Seriously; he does since Scrooge opens the dome and there's Fenton pleading for the job like a melodramatic child of the new Disney. Difference: This is funny because it's well timed and we have sympathy for Fenton.

Scrooge asks Fenton what he knows about marketing new products and Fenton cuts a full of himself promo about the ease of marketing. Remember this for later and you'll see why Scrooge doesn't have much support for Fenton at all. Which involves slamming the dome over Fenton and letting Fenton's legs jiggle. HAHA! Scrooge wants Duckworth to take away the leftovers too. So we head to Scrooge's home office as Scrooge walks to his chair and sits down as the filing cabinet opens and out comes Fenton asking why Scrooge won't let him have the job. Memo to Fenton: Scrooge is a “talentist” bigot. Get over yourself Fenton Crackshell. Fenton annoys Scrooge to amuse me some more complete with Scrooge doing the Gruffi pose. Scrooge then finally tells him that he's too short on qualifications and stuffs him in the filing cabinet some more before slamming it shut. So we finally end this funny stuff with Fenton doing the sulk walk on the sidewalk in front of the park. We are at the corner of Ducky Street and Quackeroonie Drive as the QUACKEROONIES OF DOOM show up (the nephews in case you were wondering) driving a three passenger bicycle. The nephews have never seen Fenton so low and Fenton explains the situation he is in. And the nephews claim that no doesn't mean no and that he has to convince Scrooge otherwise. Well; that is a “slight” improvement from the usual excuse. See they showed that it's cheaper than having Duckworth drive them for 13 years. So that means that they stop leeching off Scrooge when they are 23 years old because if Yuppy Ducks serves me; they are each ten years old. Interesting. Fenton thanks them by doing the triple wobble handshake of death on the nephews. Sorry; Baloo “Tan Margrant” does a much better job than you do Fenton. Better sound effects used too.

So we go to Scroogenount Studios and...wait a second? How did Fenton manage to get IN the studio? And he's already started shooting a commercial with Gandra Dee? Already? Anyhow we are in studio hanger #1 (how fitting?) as Fenton is the director of the camera and Gandra is the actress on a swing with a model tree in the background. Fenton wants to start; but Gandra wants to know what her motivation is for this. Fenton takes it as her being temperamental; but Gandra wants to know what these commercials are for. Fenton proclaims that it's to prove that he can be vice president of new products and Gandra is pleased to hear that as she swings into things literally. She then stops and asks what the product is and Fenton hasn't made it that far. I wonder if that is where Scrooge pointed out how “short” he is on qualifications. HAHA! Fenton is full of himself and REALLY STUPID. Fenton references the pep talk the nephews gave him and decides that this commercial is about “Pep”. The prototype for “Frosti Pep” perchance?! Gandra asks what that is and Fenton doesn't care as along as he has a good sample commercial. So we see Gandra doing her promo on Pep as she is in the swing of things. Then we see her in a green one piece bathing suit diving into a swimming pool. Similar promo of course as Fenton calls it a wrap when Gandra pops up from the swimming pool. Gandra gets out of the pool and dries off with the towel as Fenton calls her marvelous. Fenton wants to do lunch sometime as he takes the tape out and proclaims that he cannot lose this now. So we head inside Scrooge's office at the Money Bin as Scrooge hears the phone ring and answers it. He blows off Fenton of course; but it's a dogsperson with two teeth called Harvey with the videotape. He asks about the commercials and sounds completely dumbfounded about it. So Fenton gave the tape to Harvey and not Scrooge? Interesting move there as Scrooge wants them to air because they are television commercials see. Harvey sells without question and that logically leads to...

Commercial #1 which is a re-enactment of Little Red Riding Hood. Take one guess who plays Red Riding Hood and who plays the wolf. Fenton's eye wiggling just cracks me up and for all the wrong reasons I might add. Fenton said shut up and steals the basket because he wants his “Pep” see. We then zoom out and notice that Fenton and Mrs. Crackshell are watching television in their trailer. Mrs. Crackshell wants to know what the product is and likes the commercial; and so Fenton cuts a full of himself promo which is funny and even funnier he catches himself because it's on television. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Fenton is REALLY STUPID to give it to Harvey after all. So we head into the butcher shop as Fenton is spying on a girl who wants a lot of meat and some “Pep”. The butcher tells her to go to the hardware store instead. Fenton's face facials are too funny as bails and walks on the sidewalk and gives a dime to a homeless dogperson who sounds like a hippie. He no sells the dime; but wants “Pep” instead. I guess Pep is worth more than ten cents. Figures; knowing Scroogie. More funny faces from Fenton as we cut to the streets as the denizens of Duckberg are lining up to buy “Pep” as a pig furry with the yellow shirt grabs Fenton by the neck and throws him down for cutting in line. Fenton's last sequence hearing about Pep is so funny that it knocks me out too. So we head back to Scrooge's office as he's reading a piece of paper and in comes Fenton with a bow and arrow; and a target on his green shirt as he throws down the weapons and begs for Scrooge to kill him. Seriously; Fenton literally wants Scrooge to put him out of his misery. I betcha that scene wouldn't pass muster today. Fenton admits that he made the commercial and shakes on the chair wanting Scrooge to kill him and get it over with. He apologizes but Scrooge instantly forgives him because he created demand for a product that doesn't exist. And Scrooge is HAPPY about it; plus Scrooge has Gyro to fall back on. Which is funny considering the number of times Scrooge has wanted to kill Gyro for screwing with his fortune. See Dough Ray Me, Money Vanishes and a few others I cannot name off the top of my head right now. And Fenton is such a coward to wear the blindfold too as Scrooge names Fenton vice president in charge of pep. Needless to say; Fenton loves the new job description and kisses Scrooge's spats and webfeet. I didn't know Fenton had a fetish and was a sadist. Scrooge is annoyed and threatens him with the arrow to make him stop. HA!

So we head to Gyro's lab as Scrooge and Fenton walk in (and Fenton is still wearing the green shirt with a target on his chest which tells me this is a setup for Scrooge to nail him there if Gyro screws him since Gyro is the genius and Fenton is not see) as they look around and they notice Gyro on the table being measured by Light Bulb. And yes; Gyro has shrunk to the size of an action figure. See; he made a diet drink to shrink a person's appetite. So he's the one who created the diet pill?! I learn something new everyday. Or not. Scrooge wants Gyro to work for him on creating “Pep” and Gyro has seen the ads and wonders what it is. Scrooge proclaims that it can be anything he wants since Gyro's the one who invented it; other than Fenton pointing out that they need it next week for the grand opening of “Pep”. Scrooge is forced to let Gyro go since the drink wore off and he becomes normal size again. Gyro claims that he thinks he can handle this. So we head to an arena/cinema/something as we hear the chants of “We Want Pep!” echoing throughout Duckberg. We head inside the theater as Fenton is backstage looking out from the curtains and Scrooge is pacing around wondering where Gyro is. We then see the nephews arrive with a box as Gyro has made several invention pending final approval from Scrooge. He made a horn umbrella (to wake us up with opera which we know puts Scrooge and the nephews to sleep.) and a sheep wheel bed (ironic considering that Pep is to have extra energy.). Even Fenton doesn't approve as Scrooge wonders if he's trying to get a part on the Gong Show. The Gong Show ran on NBC last in 1988-1989 (on the same network that ran Gummi Bears and later The Ducktales Valentine special); so that explains why it exists. Fenton goes to the curtains and then panics because the crowd will tar and feather their feathers. Funny since Fenton went to the curtain and the crowd was dead.

Scrooge asks Gyro if there is anything else as we see the nephews blowing bubble gum that makes them float into the air. Gyro calls it Flubble Gum; which makes them rise into the air. Fenton grabs a bunch of sticks and declares that it's now known as “Pep”. Well; Pep does mean rise up above average so it makes perfect sense. Gyro protests this; but Fenton blows it off and doesn't care because he apparently doesn't like tar. After Liberty's Kids; can you blame Fenton? Not really; since they would probably grease and spoon him. BS&P RULEZ you know. Fenton asks what could possibility go wrong as he walks to the stage in a somewhat neat 3D-equse animation spot and that ends the segment almost ten minutes in. If Bubba's Big Brainstorm didn't bury Bubba before; this episode sure as hell does now. Which is really sad because Bubba could have been something if booked right; but at this point, Ducktales was starting to show the first signs of what became a huge problem for Darkwing Duck: Cartoon Duck Syndrome, which ultimately fell Ducktales and Darkwing Duck as “excellent shows; but flawed booking”; killed Quack Pack's and Mighty Duck's creditability before it even started and slowly throughout the years allowed Gummi Bears, Rescue Rangers and most of all TaleSpin to be seen as “aging better”. Again; people love cartoon ducks; but age shows that we can love ducks; but we hate bad writing and it exposed a lot of cartoons throughout the ages. I cannot blame the new Disney for making Kick Buttowski and Fish Hooks; no matter how bad those shows are in quality.

After the commercial break; we cut to a billboard on the highway showing a stick of gum with Gandra Dee holding it. I hope Gandra's getting mass royalties for this; she is pretty cool. Still; the writers do annoy me because I wanted to see Fenton demonstrate the gum to the denizens; just to see their reactions. I guess the writers figure: The denizens are stupid; they'll buy it anyway regardless how dopy the stuff is; why bother doing an extra scene. The media blitz is so huge that it is reaching a level Pokemon and Nintendo couldn't reach even at their best. I'm not going to bother recapping this. Let's just say; everyone is buying “Pep” and leave it at that. Oh; and we have the first annual pep challenge on a ball field which is the first signs of sponsorship in Duckberg. The announcer is a chicken in a purple suit and he's Chick Hern (Hal Smith- The Gyro voice gives it away) as the challenge involves chewing and rising up a measuring pole and the kid who floats the highest before bursting wins. The winner is a poodle girl with blond hair (I may have seen her in previous episodes; but I'm not going to go over them again right now) by a mouthful. And yes; they had a safety net to catch the kids of course. Wusses; Kit doesn't need a net. Yeah; my cold is making me feel bitter today. The real scoop is the next scene as we are on Oprah. Yes; the Duckberg version of Oprah; starring Oprah Webfeet (Tress MacNeille; although she sounds like Jo Ann Worley's Hoppo voice here at times.). I crap you not guys. She's a chicken hawk (in the literal sense; not in the “coward” sense.) and fat as I expected. She's wearing a purple dress with yellow thunder bolts on it and she's interviewing Fenton as he's the richest guy right now. Considering that the USIMDB states that there is no one else; methinks the heel of this episode will be Scrooge McDuck.

Anyhow; we zoom out as Fenton and Mrs. Crackshell are watching television inside a mansion like room. Already? It's amazing that the writers focused on the customers getting Pep that they completely glossed over what happened to Fenton until now. Mrs. Crackshell is so proud of Fenton in a red nightgown as he got on Oprah Webfeet. She also claims his class voted on him most likely to be homeless. Probably the same class who voted Rebecca to most likely not be shot and most likely for Kit to not be homeless either. I wouldn't trust that group of thinkers. We discover that they still live in a trailer; only it's uptownish now with satellite television and even a pig butler giving her television dinners. We then change scenes to the butler pouring champagne into Fenton's tub while Fenton takes a bath. HAHA! Who said Fenton has no sense of taste or decency? Anyhow; Scrooge comes in (after Fenton calls him in French of course) and wants to take Pep to a global audience now. Fenton gets annoyed because he's having a bubble bath with champagne. Scrooge proclaims that profits wait for no man and he wants a plan before he goes overseas to market the product. Fenton jumps out and snaps his fingers as he is on the table and gets rolling pinned on his back by the pig butler. A spot that Darkwing Duck later stole. Scrooge cannot believe that Fenton is no longer humble. I can Scroogie; remember how “humble” you used to be? Fenton apparently remembers that because he's an equal partner now to Scrooge; at least in his mind anyway. Fenton wants Scrooge to book an appointment for Crackshell Enterprises to be done by his secretary on his way out. Scrooge is not amused as he storms out and slams the door behind him. So we head to the mansion AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as we go to Scrooge's room and apparently; he bought Gyro's sheep wheel bed since he's using to to count sheep and go to sleep. It's failing badly of course.

He then hears noises of pots and pans which is supposed to sound like the nephews are raiding the kitchen; but Scrooge goes to their room and turns on the lights as the nephews are floating in the air about six feet above the bunk beds. Scrooge blows them off for blowing Pep at night. Oh; that was more disturbing than I had intended. I know I have a bad cold; but GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER GREGORY WEAGLE! The nephews claim that they have had none since the afternoon. And Scrooge believes them without a second thought as he goes over to the conveniently placed phone and dials for Gyro Gearloose as we go to the split screen of Gyro waking up and answering the phone. Scrooge and Gyro exchange notes on the situation. Here's a real bad animation spot: Scrooge's background is all green without any detail whatsoever despite being near the door when Scrooge was dialing the number; while Gyro has a wood grain wall in the background. Sloppy work there Wang Films. Gyro explains in science and in English that too much chewing causes them to float and reminds that Fenton was supposed to test the damn gum. Scrooge panics and needs to stop Fenton before this gets out of hand. Scrooge then goes to the window and opens it and it's too late as everyone in floating like crazy and that ends the segment fourteen minutes in. Well; that looked really quick and rushed.

After the commercial break; we head to Duck Rather doing his evening news room on the side effects of Pep; and he issues a surgeon general's warning that Pep may cause headaches, concussions, and Dutch Elm Disease as jackhammered by bonking heads with other denizens and trees. The subway ceilings are packed and Pep has already gotten to the part of having a No-Pep section of the table like smoking which leads me to wonder if this was supposed to be an anti-smoking episode; and BS&P couldn't use actual smoking; so they used an BS&P product to compensate. I'll never know the true answer; but at least this episode doesn't suck like the Anti-smoking episode Babs Bunny did for Tiny Toons. And stewards are flying around before the planes can take off and passengers are complaining about this. Here's a logic break: Why complain? Just fly by yourself; the writers have not explained how long the side effects would last and if they are long lasting, why complain? I would love “Pep”. No more caring about car pooling, bus strikes, or even getting to the office and home on time. I can even go shopping whenever I want to. It's a perfect product; so I hardly see the reason behind Scrooge panicking or anyone else panicking. They need something that is legit dangerous to happen to make me think otherwise. We end with Duck Rather asking where Fenton Crackshell is who is responsible for this. So we cut to Scrooge in the bathroom going to the medicine cabinet (which is big ass; which makes it too easy to tell where Fenton is) and opens it to reveal Fenton taking gulps of Pepito Bistmal. Scrooge demands answers to this outrage and Fenton admits that he's hiding from the floating people who want to kill him. Scrooge gleefully answers that one for me and it's Fenton's mess so he has to do something about it. Fenton asks what should he do and Scrooge blows him off because he's done enough already. However; since Gizmoduck is blameless; Fenton should be him to clean the mess. Naturally; Fenton is stupid and Scrooge has to blow him off to get the point. HEE HEE!

So we head out into the streets as Fenton is dressed up with a brown monk suit and an orange beard, with glasses on looking like an old wizard stereotype bum. He notices a couple trying to get their husband down as Fenton sulks and complains about making the worst invention since the cordless extension cord. And yes; Fenton floats up and takes a MAN-SIZED bump into the lamp pole. Fenton cuts the OH MY GOD promo and blows his cover completely. Yes; without even as much as thinking; he takes off the disguise and asks a workman tied to a power pole working on the pole for directions. I know Fenton is REALLY STUPID; but this is so obvious even Drake Mallard would blush in embarrassment. The telephone worker blows him off and kicks him right in the face (on-screen, no impact stars) and Fenton floats to a lamp pole next to a billboard where Gandra Dee is vandalizing herself. Okay; she has no idea how dumb that is. Gandra blows Fenton off and doesn't want to speak to him as Fenton gets shoved. She is now the worst character in Ducktales since J.R. Mooing. Did kids really hate Gandra so much in 1989? I don't know what GeoX's position is on Gandra; but Gandra being worse than J.R? Even J.R doesn't suck much in Ducks of The West. Bubba is far worst than you Gandra. Farddigg from Luck O'The Ducks even more so (at least Bubba had two or three decent appearances before Bubba's Big Brainstorm natch). You clearly have a problem with self-esteem there madam. So Fenton floats around and almost gets MURDERED by a jet plane. So instead of swimming down to the ground and staying away; Fenton tries to hitchhike. HAHA! And he fails and almost gets killed in the process. Wow; Kit Cloudkicker has a better success rate at getting a ride than Fenton does. Maybe because Fenton screwed everyone and Kit didn't. And Kit is cute and awesome while Fenton is somewhat just awesome. Whirlwind spots ensue as he plops into the clouds and then pops up and blows them off as Sunday fliers. HAHA!

So we head to the limo on the ground with Scrooge and Duckworth as he notices that Gizmoduck is no where to be seen. So Scrooge orders Duckworth to go to the trailer park to Fenton's new trailer. So we head to the trailer as Scrooge heads to the door and knocks on it while we see people floating around of course; just to force home the point of Pep. Mrs. Crackshell answers the door and Scrooge wants to know if Fenton has changed to Gizmo Duck. Mrs. Crackshell goes to the closet and of course the suit is still there. Scrooge wonders what happened to him as the door knocks and here comes a postman with airmail and there is postage due. Wait; so Fenton somehow didn't put a stamp to indicate that he paid the postage? This leads to a really stupid joke about Mrs. Crackshell's ability to pay up (she's short on change) and Scrooge wants to see her credit line, credit card and driver's license which she has none of course. Oh lord; we were doing so well in this episode too. It's not funny and even the postman gives up and gives them the letter and storms off. This is why they should have cut the scene and put the scene where Fenton is demonstrating the gum to the denizens of Duckberg. That would have been funnier than this segment. And now that I think about it; how did Fenton manage to send a letter to Scrooge when he's in the clouds? Huge logic break there guys. And he is screaming for help of course which allows Mrs. Crackshell to panic. Scrooge asks about a worry room and Mrs. Crackshell claims that she does have one as we go to the worry room complete with statue of pondering Fenton and a waterwheel so that the ground doesn't wear out. Scrooge gets on the wheel and paces around. Suggestion #1 is to fly the suit to Fenton; but Scrooge dismisses it for being too risky. Suggestion #2 is to put Pep on the suit and float it up; but Scrooge dismisses it as it could go into the wrong hands. However; the boxes of Pep might be useful as he notices them in the storage room when Mrs. Crackshell opens it.

Scrooge has a Krackpotkin plan in mind as we head to the kitchen and he stuffs the Pep into the trash compactor and adds just a pitcher of water. Mrs. Crackshell is as confused as I am as Scrooge shuts the lid and pushes the button on it. After some noises; Scrooge pushes the button and brings out the wad of chewing gum. Now that I really think about it: did Fenton ever chew any of that gum beforehand. Because if he didn't that's a major logic break. Scrooge wants a tire pump and Mrs. Crackshell does have one available as Scrooge pumps air into the gum. The gum blows up and it allows the trailer to break from the foundation and rise into the air. Scrooge calls it rising higher than a blue market. I think he meant “bull market” but his accent made it sound like blue. Fenton notices the trailer and thinks the air is thin and he's seeing things. I'm beginning to see things too and this cold is not helping matters any. Mrs. Crackshell wants Fenton to cut his OH MY GOD promo now; and Fenton states that he will. And he does some full of himself moves to waste some more time. Wow; the pacing of this episode is absurd even for this cartoon. After some swimming motions; Fenton finally cut the promo and the suit buzzes out and here comes Gizmo Duck freefalling. HA! Sadly; he invokes the Go Go Gadget Copter move and we head for the finish as Gizmo Duck invokes the FAIRY GODPARENT KILLING BUTTERFLY NET OF DEATH to catch the floating denizens of Duckberg as the kids are saved and put with weighted objects and lead shoes. Everyone cheers for Gizmo Duck as we cut back to the floating trailer as a Gedo sense bird arrives and pops the bubble inside the trailer causing it to freefall.

Gizmo Duck: DAMN YOU GEDO~!

The gum splatter on Scrooge allowing him to conveniently chew it; blow a balloon and jump off the trailer with Mrs. Crackshell in tow. The trailer drops like a lead balloon (as Scrooge gleefully answers that one for me earlier in that scene) and it explodes somewhat off-screen (making the explosion looked muted) as Mrs. Crackshell whines about not even trying out the remote control popcorn popper. I do feel sorry for her; that invention is wicked. Gizmo Duck comes over and thanks Scrooge for saving his mother; and Scrooge blows him off clearly swearing since the bubble gum prevents him from talking. Gizmo Duck blows him off for being rude; so Scrooge spits the bubble out and blows off Gizmo Duck before freefalling again. HA! He might be the richest duck in the world; but in a drawer full of knives, he is certainly not the sharpest. Gizmo Duck shrugs his shoulders and swoops down to save him. We then head to Scrooge's bedroom as a telephone rings on the drawer and Gandra answers it much to my surprise. We then see Fenton stuffing envelopes of cash and apology letters into them as Fenton is on his cellphone and we get a really well animated split screen. Fenton pleads for forgiveness and promises to make up for her getting screwed. Gandra considers it and agrees to dinner and a movie as soon as he finishes the refunds. He has about 480,000 to go as Scrooge is standing there tapping his foot with the Gruffi pose. Okay; BS&P must have stepped in because they set it up the finish in a way that Scrooge should have suffered an injury since we didn't see Fenton save Scrooge; nor Scrooge hit the ground with Mrs. Crackshell. Fenton wants a week for next Thursday as we end the episode at 21:16. Really fun episode; but the pacing was horrible and a few jokes really sucked harder than eating bubblegum with laxiatives. You cannot really fault Fenton for making this episode work; but Gyro is unavailable to be blamed on anyway. **** (80%).


Well; after reviewing the worst episode on Ducktales ever, it was great to see it bounce back with more vigor than ever. Fenton has a way of doing that for me, and so does Drake Mallard to a lesser extent. Still; this episode wasn't without problems. The story itself was very good; most of the jokes were pretty good and I did laugh at Fenton's facials and melodramatic scene involving a fantasy of Scrooge killing him with a bow and arrow, the characters pretty much performed all right; and the build was fine. However; the pacing at times was silly as they rushed through the second act like mad and then slowed down to a crawl during the third act with scenes that were clearly padded out far beyond the line of good reason. One joke in particular with Scrooge and Mrs. Crackshell made me ill and should have been cut and that time wasted should have been moved to the end of the first act where Fenton should have demonstrated the gum to the denizens beforehand which would have been funnier and maybe after they accepted it; Gyro does the same fainting sequence Fenton did earlier which was hilarious. I also found the ending to be BS&P'ed as they set it up to make it appear to be teasing that Scrooge was seriously injured; but the ending showed that Scrooge was completely unharmed. What makes this funnier; is that BS&P disallowed a tease in this episode; yet a year or so later in A Fuel Dollars More; they allowed Baloo to not only take an explosion (of Baloo's own making, on purpose no less); but Baloo took some MAN-SIZED bumps into the Seaduck and then we shown in hospital seriously injured in bed. Still; these are mostly nitpicks (maybe the logic break with Fenton and chewing the gum and floating which I'm not sure of); and I enjoyed this episode. Next up is A Case of Mistaken Secret Identity as the nephews think Gizmo Duck is Launchpad. FINALLY; a Launchpad focused episode in the new season. So.....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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