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Earth Quack

Reviewed: 12/24/2009

That Pun Was a 7.0 On the Jymn Magon Pun-o-riffic Scale!

So we finally get to our next Carl Barks written story as it's all about earthquakes and weird creatures. Carl Barks hasn't let me down yet though; so will he this time? Let's rant on and find out shall we...?!

This episode is written by Carl Barks (!!!). The story is edited by Patsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti with the teleplay being done by Mark Young. Mark Young started in 1985 with Galtar and the Golden Lance and has done mostly animation including a few good ones like Horrible Histories and Sitting Ducks. He also writes a few soundtracks and even voice directs as well. I'm not sure if he's related to Mike Young from Mike Young Productions; but it wouldn't surprise me since that studio also did Horrible Histories.

We begin this one with a far shot of the Money Bin and we zoom into the office and into the vault as Scrooge has his girly bathing suit on and dives into his money and swims around. No really; I'm as shocked as you are. Scrooge pops up and spits gold coins from his mouth and then he does the backstroke. Then he dives and the earth starts to rumble. Scrooge pops up and proclaims that there is an earthquake as the ground rumbles. We go to the rumble effect outside and then some more as money bags and dollars drop from the ledge up above. There's a weird place to be putting your money Scroogie. The moneybags create a wave which throws Scrooge head first into the sacks of money. OUCH! That is going to leave a mark! On the moneybags. Then we get the next tidal wave (helpfully pointed out by Scrooge as Scrooge gets engulfed by moneybags. That kind of sums up the world's wet dreams on Scrooge doesn't it?! More rumbling as Scrooge pops up and he's SHOCKED AND APPALLED as the side wall breaks free. And then more rumbling as the gold pours out the Money Bin in waves.

And then we see three giant ass Beagle Boys grabbing Scrooge and a handful of money which gives away the fact that this is a dream right in advance. Lots of laughing as Scrooge backs up and free falls into a greenback cyclone with golden echoes as then we get faint shots of all the sequences in the dream from the first two minutes! Eat your heart out QP Huey Duck. You wish your dream as president was that awesome! The dream stops as Webby and the nephews wake up Scrooge in his chair while having the newspaper. They are at the office as Webby states that he was having a nightmare in the middle of the day. Scrooge calls the daymare horrible. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Huey asks what he was dreaming and Scrooge explains that it was earthquakes as there was another one yesterday. The nephews point out that none of them were even near Duckburg as Scrooge responds by saying that they were in the dream and under his Money Bin to be exact. Webby claims that dreams don't mean jack; unless they come true. Yeah; that was so reassuring there Webbigail. Scrooge states that good old Gyro is dreaming up some safety measures.

So we go to the scene changer with Scrooge pacing in front of the vault in his office. I see he has the money insulation on the vault door again as Gyro tells him that he was right to be worried. Scrooge knew something was wrong as we go to Gyro and the nephews with a chart of the Money Bin and a zig zag hole toward an underground cave. Gyro explains that the Fudderman Fault runs right under the Money Bin and Scrooge has a terrible headache on that. Gyro then starts piling on that it is long overdue to cause an earthquake. If it's a big one; then the Money Bin will be a has been. HAHA! Scrooge claims it's not funny at all while striking the Gruffi pose. HA! Gyro tells Scrooge to cheer up as he pulls the map and shows a second one with the cave featuring the GEDO GENERATOR OF DEATH! It's really a shock absorber painted in banana yellow. They put it into the center of the fault see. And so we go to the construction area as a work duck wearing a red tank top and pants motions to a female driver who is driving the truck with the GEDO shock absorber as the nephews bail stage left.

We cut to Scrooge and Gyro on the left pan shot about a mile away from the Money Bin (with transmitter) as Gyro contacts the men on progress and the workman tells him that they are four miles down (Chuck McCann) . Gyro tells Scrooge they should reach Fudderman's Fault any moment now. And then there is a gangway as all the workers scream and holler out of the mine shaft for no reason; and run away like scalded dogs. Oh; the irony! We then see Scrooge use the cane on the orange hardhat worker with the transmitter (who is wearing a brown shirt and vanilla gloves) and blows him off for taking his lunch break two hours too early. The workman claims that he heard voices down there as he stammers like a victim. They are ghostly voices as Scrooge blows him off but stammers just to annoy me. The workman calls the tunnel haunted (and takes off the hat and changes his voice in midstream I might add) as he gives Scrooge the helmet and transmitter and runs away stage right like a scalded duck. Scrooge throws the hardhat down like a girl and proclaims that nothing...AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING will stop this project as he jumps into the mine car and tells the nephews to man the winch and lower away.

So the nephews push on the big ass lever (WRONG LEVER!) and Scrooge's mine cart goes down the tracks quicker than even Scrooge would like. Scrooge goes in the mine as he decides to test the transmitter and of course he uses billions just to be Scrooge. Gyro hears him loud and clear as we get the third person action sequence when Scrooge asks for more speed. We zoom into the rope and then we cut to Gyro telling the boys to give more speed as the nephews pushes on the lever (WRONG LEVER) some more. We head back in as Scrooge is calling this good and then the transmitter goes dead since Scrooge is out of range. D'OH! Okay; here's the logic break; if the workers were four miles down; how come Scrooge's transmitter is getting static; while the workman's was clear?! Gyro tries to gain a response as Scrooge is going to fast and he yells at Gyro and Gyro hears that. Okay; that makes no sense as Scrooge is losing control. The nephews try the lever (WRONG LEVER!) in the opposite direction and it works; but the rope and hook breaks off the mine cart.

The rope wraps around the wheel and the lever breaks allowing the nephews to take some really good bump onto the ground. Scrooge goes deeper into the mine as the nephews get another mine cart (they had a spare?) as the nephews get in and use the lever as a brake. Huey and Gyro push with great effort and Gyro falls flat on his face. HAHA! Huey gets on the mine cart and they go inside. We get some mature lighting and shadows inside with Scrooge as Scrooge finds he is at the end of line (namely a huge stone wall) and swears in DUBBED SCOTTISH STYLE (Curse me kilts!) and then he covers his eyes and goes straight through the wall and breaks through to the other side into a spiral tunnel which looks like a tamed version of hell. Scrooge spirals down as the nephews follow him as well into the hole in the wall and we get a FPS shot before going back to Scrooge going around the curves. What does Scrooge think he is in; Whacky Racers?! He goes through the dinosaur bone cage (complete with Hanna Barbera bone tapping sound effect) and then the mine cart free falls down DA..HOLE (god bless Baby Plucky!) as Scrooge screams and drops onto a water pillar and onto another path beside it.

The same thing happens to the nephews (with same sound effect and screaming) as we cut to the action video game sequence with Scrooge in the mine cart almost losing his hat; but Scrooge manages to regain it in time. And we get the cross roads shot; but the mine carts don't crash. Scrooge then goes through another path which is littered with stone spikes and the mine cart destroys every single one of them. More riding as the Scrooge has the low path under the tunnel; while the nephews have the high road above. Then we see Scrooge bouncing and destroying another spike and riding like a bumper car. Sadly; there is one spike that somehow takes the impact and MURDERS the mine car; allowing Scrooge to be thrown from the mine car (like what happens when you don't wear your seat belt) and takes a wussy bump off-screen (DAMMIT!) as we get the square ring. So we look at the carnage as Scrooge is down and knocked silly from the impact. And then some shadows appear as they surround Scrooge as he proclaims that he likes a roller coaster ride and then he faints away which ends the segment 7 minutes in. Wow; that was a really short segment even by DTVA standards. Unless you count the Wuzzles of course.

After the commercial break; we head to another part of the underground as we see the nephews in their mine cart riding by. They are heading straight into the abyss as Huey orders Louie and Dewey to hit the brakes. Louie and Dewey use the lever (WRONG LEVER!) onto the wheels as they grind. They manage to stop the mine cart exactly one inch over the edge of the abyss. However; on the near shot; it's more like ten feet. D'OH! The nephews breathe a sigh of the relief for the logic break. Huey is amazed as this is bigger than the world as we go to the right pan shot and then we notice faint whistling and the earth rumbles again. Dewey proclaims that it's an earthquake and Louie makes a joke about whistling and Dewey states that they can. They let go on the brake and let the mine car race for it's life down the side of the abyss as they go for the brakes again; but the lever breaks cleanly. Well; that was pretty stupid of you wasn't it?!

So we get some more racing down the wall as we head inside another cave as Scrooge is looking around with his cane and there are color balls (one red, one yellow and one blue – Primary Colors BABEE!). Scrooge swears in DUBBED SCOTTISH STYLE (bless me bagpipes) as he could get lost down here forevermore. He looks around some more as there are three more colored balls (and one of them is green). Now considering that no idiot would leave his balls inside an underground cave; you would think that Scrooge would be noticing something odd about this situation? And when Scrooge turns his back on them they move (and we get a purple and red ball to boot) and then we get another purple ball when Scrooge rounds the left corner. And more balls still as Scrooge walks for a while and turns around and sees nothing but balls. The balls laugh which pretty much blows their cover in advance. Scrooge is pissed off as he swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (what in blazes) and Scrooge pokes the cane on the red ball and the arms come out and order him to stop that. If only Howard the Duck would do the same; then his live wouldn't be so sad. He grabs the cane and reveals himself as a red blob with eyes and a green sash. Scrooge is SHOCKED as the rest of the balls rise up and turn into blobs. I see the video game A Boy And His Blob came from this episode alone. See Terra-Firmians do not like to be poked. And the feeling is there my blobs. I'm guessing the two red ones are guards; so we have Frank Welker and Alan Young. The scheme is that the second blob already sezs: Doesn't everybody when the first red blob talks about the games. Then the blobs turn into balls and bounce away as Scrooge protests this outrage like a father scolding his son who walks away from him.

So we head back to the mine cart fun with the nephews as they do some mine cart climbing up the ceiling and then back onto the beaten path we go. We then go into the light corner of hell as we go to the pan shot on the right and some more horn blowing. We head to a flat area where the red blobs and a larger white blob with a whistle and a little purple blob are standing at attention. And then the white blob turns to green on the close shot as he blows the blow horn of doom (he's wearing a green hat as well). By process of elimination; he's Chuck McCann; and the little one is Joan Gerber. She's the one wearing the bow tie. The coach wants one more practice roll as they change into the triangle formation into balls and orders him to go as the blobs roll down the hill and they mess up the formation and then rumble right into a pillar with a MAN-SIZED bump. The coach blows his blow horn and proclaims that they are as ready as they will ever be and it's time to roll away. The purple blob taps the coach on the shoulder as the red blobs roll away; and asks the coach if she can try to roll. The coach groans and he has told her a hundred times that he's too small to roll and crash as the little one has the Mr. T smile on. The little blob wants to do it just this once of course and she even said the magical word please as well. The green coach gives him a shot while covering his eyes in shame.

And only if she promises to stop pestering him. The little one is happy as he rolls down the hill and then messes up his timing and then goes splat against the wall with a wussy bump. It still renders her flatter than Alexander the Grape. Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk! Little one groans as she looks up at the ceiling stunned. The coach comes up to help her and tells her that she doesn't have the size for it. And then they hear the nephews voices as the mine cart races down the path again and pass the blobs. They go up the hill on the mine cart; but miss the top by about a foot and then they go back down again. They go right straight at the blobs as the blobs bail in opposite directions. And finally; the mine cart knocks against something and the nephews go flying into the air violently (now that is dangerous!) and land with nasty bumps on their asses onto the ground groaning.

Then the coach and the little on roll over and the coach is not amused with the presence of these nephews either. The coach calls it an illegal roll and crash. I don't know about illegal; but it was certainly stupid so I think we can compromise on this. No machines allowed and if they tried that; they would be thrown out the door. The nephews are knocked silly and wonder what hit them. I know what hit ya; an overbearing coach. The coach bounces away stage right; as the little one tells them not to worry since she cannot be in the games either. Huey is confused at these games as the little explains that everyone is going to be there see. The nephews wonder if Scrooge will be there and the little one offers to show them around and to follow her. The nephews hop with her stage right.

So we head into the deeper caves as Scrooge is surrounded by Terri-Fermians as he demands to speak with someone in authority. They giggle on cue for that one and then gasp as the red blob proclaims that the king is here. The blobs bow as Scrooge thinks that the king will do nicely here. Scrooge asks him where the king is and the red blob points it out as we see about eight balls circling below the orange blob king with a purple sash, crown and trophy. He is voiced by Frank Welker of course. The king and the ball coach arrives in front of the red ribbon tied to two pillars as the king declares the Great Games open for business. He bites through the ribbon with his mouth and holds the trophy up for everyone to see as the blobs cheer for him of course. He rides away stage left as all the balls bounce with him; causing Scrooge to get bounced around and getting more pissed off by the minute. Scrooge rides on the ball for my pleasure (and not his) as we head to some seats as the little on and the nephews are sitting down. Huey wonders what in the hell have they gotten themselves into. The little one explains that it's the Great Games of course. We then get a far shot of the blob crowd and center stage as the green coach and the red triangle formation are about to start with fury. The crowd pops on cue for excitement and that ends the segment almost 13 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we start with the pan shot of the column as Huey talks about the Super Bowl not being so super after this. What about the Olympic Games Huey?! No matter how screwed up they are; they are still a huge event for sports fans. We get more cheering on the left pan shot and the close shot with the nephews and the blobs in the stands. Everyone calms down as we pan over right towards the six triangle formation blobs (each triangle in the colors of the blobs natch) as the little one claims that the king is coming as the king blob and the circle coach along with his train arrive from the right corner of the arena. He's also carrying the Crack Pot Trophy. Okay; someone who had this idea is clearly on drugs. POW! OUCH! Ummm..Okay; Carl Barks is not on drugs. None whatsoever. Pay no attention to the annoying dumbass ranter behind the curtain. And here comes Scrooge on the blobs and two blue blob guards in front as the little one has always dreamed of rolling in the Great Games and winning the Crack Pot Trophy. Scrooge keeps rolling in as Huey and the nephews notice Scrooge bouncing around. HAHA!

The nephews call out for Scrooge; but Scrooge is still dealing with the balls and then get gets dumped and dusted as the blobs bounce in different directions. HAHA! And Scrooge gets a parting shot on his head from Gedo Blob~! Okay; now how am I going to mock him?! Scrooge gets up and wonders where the balls rolled off to. We then see the king bounce up to the pillar of excellence holding the trophy as four blue guards guard him. He addresses the crowd as he shows the object of all their endeavors. Scrooge butts in through the crowd and the crowd chants Crack Pot. And your welcome Mr. McDee. He puts the trophy onto the pillar and he proclaims to let the games commence. Everyone cheers as Scrooge tries to gain an audience with the king; but the two blue guards butt in as they tell him that he cannot go up there. The two guards are Frank Welker and Alan Young of course; similar to the other balls earlier. Scrooge demands that he speaks to their king and invoking the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH. Hey! You can take an eye out with that Scroogie!

The guard grabs Scrooge and we have the earth rumbling again. They call it the opening roll as the red balls from earlier roll into the arena to a cheering crowd from the northwest side. They bounce against a pillar and that was ultra wussy and even more wussy than it was in practice. Scrooge proclaims that they are shaking up the whole place. NO?! REALLY?! They are Terri-Firmian after all Scroogie. Terra=Earth and earth means earthquakes. It's so simple really. More rolling as the red balls roll away and now it's the purple triangle formation's turn. We then cut to a side shot of the crowd as the nephews and little one run down and Huey states that the games are causing the earthquakes. NO?! REALLY?! I thought it was really a Japanese Catfish. Look; it's an earthquake. I don't have anything to work with here. Little one explains that this is what it takes to win the Crack Pot Trophy. Little one bounces away stage right as we get some crashing off screen. We then go to the judges writing on their stone tablets. Ah; I see they went to the Fred Flintstone school of writing and then cheated on the tests. The guard think that there will be some perfect ten's today. The purple formation gets two 9.9's, a 9.5 and a 9.7. I see the red blob went to the French Judge School of Judging too.

Scrooge calls them out on their games and the guards gleefully respond to it because they give them pride and team spirit. A chance to come together in Frimi-hood. I cannot take that last one seriously; really I cannot. Scrooge blows them off on it and calls them blockheads. HA! They are jellybean shaped Scroogie! There is no block nor head in sight. BONK! OUCH! Ummm... We then cut to a ledge above the crowd (huh?) as the nephews and little on watch on and they lost sight of him. Louie spots him and little one wonders what the hell he is doing. Besides look like a blockhead himself. BONK! OUCH! Ummm....Scrooge goes to the column from earlier and demands the games to be stopped. And here comes the yellow triangle formation and this is NOT going to end well for Scrooge. Scrooge tries to stop them in his own name; but the yellow balls engulf him and the crowd gasps in horror. Well; that is what you get for playing with a set of balls. And they do a wussier job than the purple team; although understandable in this case. Scrooge is down as the king orders the arrest of the intruder. You JUST noticed that now?! The guards grab Scrooge as he asks for a hospital; and the guards blows him off to jail. The guards bounce Scrooge out of the stadium (helpfully pointed out as such by Huey) as we get a shot of Scrooge being carried away by the blue blobs.

So we head to the snake eyes jail cell as Scrooge is behind bars while the guards are guarding and blowing off Scrooge for them missing the games. HAHA! There is also a slide near the cell as well which I'm sure will be used at some point. The rumbling continues as blob guard #2 proclaims that they never get any fun. I guess they have people coming here every time a games happens like this. We then see the nephews with the mine cart on top of the hill as they push it over the hill (I guess that one remained intact) as we go to the close up of the guards chuckling about one rolling right out of the stadium. And then they see the mine car riding down the hill and they get bowling pinned in opposite directions. And it somehow crashes into the cell with Scrooge in it causing a cringe worthy moment for the nephews. Of course it was cringe worthy; it was a logic break. Scrooge goes to the nephews and the nephews want to get out of here and they try to leave; but they notice Scrooge taking the mine cart up as he proclaims that if the games are not stopped the Money Bin will be destroyed see.

Scrooge plans to take their stupid trophy and if that doesn't stop them then nothing will. My money is on nothing will in this case Scroogie. You do not want to piss off earthquake makers. The nephews follow Scrooge up as the little one has bounced in looking all over for them. Louie tells her to stay away from them as they go up and the little one follows. Dewey pleads with him that they don't want to get her in any more trouble than she already is. The nephews get into the mine car as the little one wonders what kind of trouble. Scrooge then states the MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN which is to reach the king's seat and grab the trophy. The little one panics because they cannot take the Crack Pot Trophy which would ruin the games. Scrooge states that it's the general idea as he pushes on the left side of the mine car; but the little one counters on the right side. Scrooge blows him off as a little bowling ball. Oh come on Scroogie; there are children present and the one you blew off is a child for goodness sakes. Little one loses that one and gets bounced down the hill into a ball and rolls down the hill causing the crowd to gasp in horror as the king realizes that it's a solo roll and it has never been done before. And the purple ball manages to do a really MAN-SIZED bump into the column and plops down completely shaken up. The crowd pops on that one as little one realizes that he did it and he rolled in the Great Games. And the judges give him four perfect tens for the trophy. HAHA! Well; he did have the face that he outclassed everyone by doing it himself and that it was unintentional.

The crowd pops some more as Scrooge is inside the mine cart and that it's their turn this time around. So the mine cart races down the hill as the crowd is excited for this one. We go to the column and the nephews lean left to go around the column left as little one notices that they are going to steal the trophy he earned..and probably smash it to boot. The mine cart rides around and then we get the second bowling pin spot of the episode as Scrooge steals the trophy from the pillar. They then do the third bowling pin spot on the guards as the king orders them to stop them at once. That leads to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE BALLZ AND CART EDITION~! Their ball rolling allows Louie to point out that they are gaining on them. Huey states to go in there as they lean left into a cave as all the balls roll past them like idiots. I see that they are not the sharpest blades in the drawer. The nephews get down from the mine cart as we notice that the cave has hot liquid water and steam. Scrooge takes a look around the area and declares it hopeless as there is no way to get back to the surface.

Dewey then has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN of his own and he pushes the mine cart right onto Old Faithful as Dewey sees the bad guys coming. Ummm; the bad guys are already in the cave since the blobs did nothing to deserve this. Other than act like catfishes; but that isn't their fault. The balls roll in as Old Faithful blows its top and hot water rises up to about 200 feet above sea level. The nephews get off on the left side; but Scrooge gets almost dropped down as the water level falls quickly. WB spots ensue as the nephews grab the trophy to aid Scrooge; but Scrooge loses his top hat. We then see the mine cart crash and break into wood splinters as the babyfaces exit stage left. The wood nearly bashes some of the blobs by the way; but they don't sell much. The wood falls into the water as one of the red blob proclaims that they stole the trophy. Thank you are stating the obvious there sir. The purple blob proclaims that they cannot have a games without the Crack Pot Trophy. Everyone agrees as the king is very annoyed at this and then the top hat drops on his pointy little crown. He takes it and looks at it as this is their new trophy. Yeap; these guys are REALLY STUPID.

So we head outside the mine as Mrs. Beakly is demonstrating her digging skills with the hardhat and she sucks badly. Webby, Duckworth and Gyro wish they were somewhere else right about now. The earthquakes have stopped and it's time for them to looking after them. And then here comes Scrooge and the nephews tired beyond belief. Webby thought the earthquakes got him as Scrooge proclaims that there won't be anymore quakes now that he has the trophy. And then the earth rumbles big time as the balls in the arena all jump and bounce against the column in rapid fire. The cracks are showing on the mine tracks as Scrooge proclaims that it is heading straight for the Money Bin. HAHA! This balls are smarter than I thought they were. Everyone gets into the limo as Scrooge orders Duckworth to hurry at once. The limo drives on as it is the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE EARTH QUACK EDITION~! The race is on as Scrooge wants Duckworth to drive faster as we get some of the weirdest 3D racing scenes in history. We make it to the Money Bin and it's CHECKMATE BITCH as the Money Bin splits open and all the money goes down the drain. The nephews try to restrain him; but no dice as Scrooge makes it to the crack; but the last gold coin is lost down the drain. We head outside as Scrooge and the nephews walk out of the Money Bin as Scrooge proclaims that he is finished and ruined. He goes over to the rest of the babyfaces as we go back to the arena as the money drops right in the middle of the stadium as everyone is buried in a gold tomb. HAHA!

The king pops up and calls Scrooge's money worthless litter as they cannot roll and move in it. So they decide to do one last roll and crash for old times sake. We cut back to Scrooge as Webby tries to console him but no dice as he calls himself worthless. The nephews tell him that he still has them to tag along with. And they still have Scrooge as Mrs. Beakly would say. Scrooge feels somewhat better as we see them try to embrace. However; the deus ex machina ending kicks in as the balls roll and crash the money up into a pillar and upwards which just breaks logic and reason. We then see Scrooge proclaim that he made a fortune once; and he can do it again. It will just take a little time as the gold gets sucked in the Money Bin (with the bin jumping about three feet in response) and everything is back to normal. Damn; and I was liking the ending of Scrooge remaking his fortune over again too. Scrooge enters the vault and the gold is all there in a pile. I guess the sack made for the new floor because that is a logic break as well. Scrooge dives in and pops out cheering for victory as he thinks it happened quicker than he thought. We then go underground as the blobs do the football victory spot on little one as he wins Scrooge's top hat as the trophy. I see with that Gruffi pose; little one has become a cock good for nothing as the blobs bounce and roll sing he's a jolly good roller which no one can deny. We then go over to the guards and the king as guard #1 asks about the next Great Games. The king proclaims that they will be to the west under a place called Califermy. HAHA! Everyone bounces and rolls to the northeast to end the episode at 21:16. Good story; bad finish. Then again; this is Disney so status quo was going to happen no matter what. Still; I could dig for Scrooge regaining his fortune the hard way instead. **** (80%).


So we end our Christmas Eve special rants with a really good episode this time around. Sure it was mostly bumping and earthquakes and stuff; but the episode was pretty interesting with the jellybean Terri-Ferminain balls and their character design and gimmick. And yes; I am done with the dick jokes in this rant. There were quite a few logic breaks and there was of course the finish which I didn't like at all but was needed since it is a Disney show. I would have dug for a story arc where Scrooge makes back his fortune the hard way. The only other problem was the pacing as the commercial breaks were placed at the seven and 13 minute marks and thus made for a really long third act that was mostly bumps from the mine cart. If this were an 11 minute episode; it would be perfect, but the padding didn't do much to drag down the episode. Overall; I felt this was a good episode. So next up is one episode rant for Christmas Day and that is Homer Sweet Homer as we debut Quacky McSlanty. Smell the excitement...of is it my feces? So.....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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