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Super Ducktales Part Three

Reviewed: 12/01/2009

Let's Get Vanity!!

So now Gizmo Duck is a big hit among Duckburg and the fans. Can he continue his run; or will his vanity destroy him like it did with Darkwing Duck? Let's rant on and find out shall we....?!

This episode is written and story edited by Ken Koonce and David Weimers. . I'll assume that because the story editor is not credited here. And Jymn Magon is the voice dialog director here! WONZA!

Opening Moment #1: The title card for this one is Full Metal Duck. Funny considering how plastic Gizmo Duck looks.

We begin this one back near the bunker as the overbooking continues with GICU2 over Gizmo Duck and Scrooge complete with sunshine background. Oh please; is this really needed guys?! GICU2 sees them and wants to hurt, maim and destroy. Okay; that is a slight improvement from The Duck Who Would Be King. Gizmo wheels up and he sees him too and he has a job to do. He orders GICU2 to step aside but GICU2 no sells so Gizmo threatens him with weapons the Pentagon is afraid of. So Gizmo has Weapons of Mass Destruction? I find that hard to believe. Weapons of Mass Stupidity maybe; but little of anything else. Gizmo tries to go to his suit; but he realized that he lost the instruction booklet. HAHA! You know this is the late 1980's when you had thirty writers on a series and you could write a proper story without deadline concerns nipping at your heels and remember details like that. I betcha Quack Pack forgets that in 1996. Gizmo wants a different time; but the GICU2 grabs him (he has claw arms too? I thought he could only do machine gun lasers) and we get laser fire and explosions off-screen .

Scrooge has his trusty lead pipe periscope and he ducks on cue. Wang Films screwed up since one of the laser actually hits Scrooge in the head when it was suppose to miss his head and Scrooge no sells it. And people call wrestling fake? Gizmo get dumped into the bunker as Scrooge helps him up like a coach in boxing. Gizmo wants to put the dime in a loafer; but Scrooge states that he is a state of the art duck and Gizmo gets inspired like the really stupid duck that he is. Gizmo Duck wheels out chanting that he loves his job and threatens GICU2 with his....wait for it....Quacker Blaster? Okay; that is incredibly lame even by lame standards. GICU2 blasts him with everything including the dreaded cream pie. Explosions happen and the smoke clears and Gizmo Duck is all right of course. D'OH! Gizmo cuts another full of himself promo as apparently GICU2 used 2,364 projectiles on him. So Gizmo Duck invokes the most vicious projectile in all of DTVA: The truck horn from the right hip side. HAHA! So GICU2 counters with the big ass horn. What is this now; a Drake Mallard Noise Pollution Contest? AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! BLAM! HEE HEE! Missed again Drake! YOU ARE NOT...POW! OUCH! Ummm..That is actually enough to short circuit Gizmo Duck as he falls flat on his back. That's almost as bad as Bumblelion pushing a button to start the engines to drown out Hoppo's singing of the Wuzzle National Anthem in Clutz On The Clutch. Almost.

GICU2 then transforms into a wrecking ball (this guy makes the Constructcons look bad) and Gizmo decides to do the next trick: Put on a wig and be a damsel in distress. He seriously thinks that those spring googly eyes are going to save him in this match. It's like Brutus wearing a protective mask at Wrestlemania IX. Nothing good comes out of this; trust me on that one guys. And of course it fails in hilarious fashion complete with decent bump to boot. It's a freaking robot; you expect it not to hit a woman? So he adds some glasses and gets whacked from behind of course. This is turning into a legit massacre now as he tries to get up and he gets whacked good into the bunker with a MAN-SIZED bump. Gizmo Duck sees stars; I see giggles. Gizmo gets up and asks for vacation time and Scrooge blows him off as Gizmo Duck wheels in again for more pain and suffering for my pleasure. So Gizmo has had enough and just pushes all the buttons on his suit and it lets off some stream and turns into the world most stupid golf ball; which GICU2 promptly swings out of the episode. At least the robot hopes that is the case. The golf ball goes rocket and flies around like a balloon running out of air and then crashes into GICU2 with a MAN-SIZED explosion (as it seems with this episode thus far) and Gizmo Duck is sitting down looking at the pan shot of GICU2 turning into an amusement park ride. HAHA!

Scrooge walks in and thanks Gizmo Duck for his services as Gizmo Duck gives him the number one McGruffin....ERRRR....I mean dime; and Scrooge gives him the job to start first thing in the morning. So Gizmo celebrates with some fireworks and flags (Treason since he doesn't wave the American flag on this one) out of his suit just to amuse me and annoy everyone else. Scrooge then asks Gizmo how he can reach him in an emergency and Gizmo reaches out for his red phone and tells him to dial 555-GZMO. That's 555-.. POW! OUCH! Ummm...He blows off his phony elbow and then bounces away cheering stage right because he is somebody see. Okay; that was too close to blowing your cover there Fenton. Scrooge asks if he knows that voice... So we head to the trailer park and Mrs. Crackshell's trailer as Gizmo Duck wheels in and opens the front door as Mrs. Crackshell is still sitting on the couch watching television. Fenton then blows his cover in front of her commenting on his gear. Mrs. Crackshell asks if he joined a heavy metal band. HAHA! Fenton explains that he is Scrooge's security guard and asks if she is happy for him as we see the television with Millie again as Mrs. Crackshell blows him off and orders him to get the Quacker Jacks off the floor. Wow; even Mr. Hardcore doesn't stoop to this low and they stoop a lot these days. So Gizmo goes to his armpit (EWWWWW!) and brings out the vacuum cleaner of doom and cleans up. Now this episode really sucks. HAHA!

Ron Sparks: It sucks more than Shaun Desmond.

It even licks the floor for added effect which I think is a little more disturbing than I had intended it to be. Mrs. Crackshell is impressed at the cleaning job (as if she EVER cleaned in her life since Fenton does ALL THE WORK for her) and Fenton continues to demonstrate the mop-o-matic, a digital zucchini slicer, a turbo charged beet saucer and a country twanging toast timer. The toast timer is a cowboy singing that the toast is burnt (Frank Welker). Funny names; lame execution. Sounds like a vain man to me. It also has an alarm clock as it is nine o'clock and it's time for bed so he kisses Mrs. Crackshell (Oooooookkkkkkkaaaayyy) and sezs good night to her. He goes inside his room (complete with crimson red door) and then struggles off-screen badly as there is clattering off-screen which Mrs. Crackshell blows off and goes into the room as Gizmo takes a back drop right into the dresser with a MAN-SIZED bump. Mrs. Crackshell blows him off and suggests a crowbar and she provides one OUT OF NOWHERE and gets on Gizmo Duck and tries to unpry the suit while Fenton protests. No dice so Mrs. Crackshell runs out of the room and returns with her jackhammer...ERRR...I mean makeup remover. Even Fenton thinks she is crazy; so you know she's CRAZY man. Nice to see them playing around with the obvious symptoms of CDS. Gizmo gets dropped and jack hammered to hammer the point home. We go to the outside shot as the suit doesn't come loose; but her false teeth did. And even those have holes in them. Gizmo Duck wonders what he can do and Mrs. Crackshell grabs him and throws him out of the trailer which Gizmo bounces around like a super ball up his ass. He sleeps in the carport tonight; much to Fenton's protesting.

So we head back to in front of the Money Bin in the morning as Gizmo Duck wheels around guarding it. Gizmo sees someone coming and then buzzes and invokes his 2,367 PROJECTITLES OF DOOM for the kill; but it is only the nephews as they cower in fear. I don't blame them; the cream pie is lethal as a weapon man. They seem to have Gizmo Duck posters for some odd reason. Gizmo Duck recoils and wheels over to apologize for getting on the wrong side of the Buick that morning. So we get another marketing reference in real life. Gizmo Duck asks what he can do for them. Louie asks to become presidents of the Gizmo Duck fan club as they show a poster of Gizmo Duck wheeling in the city. And you thought Gosalyn was a bad seed in that type of heat. Gizmo Duck is amazed as Huey explains how he destroyed GICU2 which is funny considering that it was lucky button pushing that saved him from certain death. Dewey calls it a metal wonder as Gizmo is modest about it. If Drake was around; he would have been cutting voiceover of doom promos until the credits roll. That's why I like Fenton more than Drake because he has more modesty in uniform than Drake does. He then drops Marvel's name and calls himself the Iron Clad Crusader which is hilarious since he looks so plastic in that suit. And he cuts another full of himself promo in front of the kids as the nephews ask Gizmo Duck to autograph the posters.

He uses his pen and signs them without a second thought as the golden alarm clock of doom rings and the shift is officially over. He decides to give them a ride home and the nephews love that one. Nice flipping by Huey and Dewey as we go into town and see Gizmo Duck riding with the nephews on his shoulders and the back of his neck (Louie). Now that is amazing how the nephews can sit down on him without falling off as Dewey yells Gizmo Thunder. Now there is an attack Fenton needs to steal before Dewey trademarks it. Louie proclaims that he would never ride his bike again. So we head to the school house from Bubba Trubba as Doofus slams his ass on the seesaw and a boy (I believe the same pig furry from Time Is Money as well; voiced by Miriam Flynn) on it flings into the air and is grabbing onto a tree screaming for help. What possessed Doofus to do something with such malice?!

Gizmo Duck and the nephews hear his screams and Dewey blows off Doofus as super buns which adds creditability to my theory. The tree branch cracks so Gizmo Duck uses the GO-GO-GADGET LONG ARM OF THE LAW and puts the boy in the palm of his hand after the tree branch breaks. He brings the boy down to the sidewalk gently and the boy thanks him and man he sounds almost like a real girl instead of a real boy. I know that middle aged woman sound more like boys than middle age men; but it still takes acting to make a more convincing boy. This wasn't it. I see now why Ginny McSwain was hired. Gizmo Duck claims that it was no problem and gives him the safety lesson of wearing seat belts on a see saw. Riiiiiiggggghhhhhtttt. I smell lawsuit in this school's future. The boy salutes him as Gizmo Duck wheels away and then the pig furry looks at the see saw (Notice that Doofus is gone? How conivent of him.) and is confused at the lack of seatbelts on the see saw.

So we head to Scrooge's mansion as Gizmo Duck wheels in with the nephews and tells the nephews to brush their teeth, don't sass your elders and not to wear your jammies in the bubble bath. HAHA! Baloo recycled this promo to Kit for Barely Alive. This one is funny because it's Gizmo Duck (and he gave out some parting gifts to the nephews); the Barely Alive on was done for dramatic effect to make Kit feel like something was up. The nephews wave goodbye as Gizmo Duck wheels off because he is the greatest. So we logically head to the Beagle Boys Condemned Apartment Building of Doom as Big Time blows off Gizmo Duck because he is the worst. In terms of what measure Big Time? If you are talking about his plastic suit; then I agree on that. We head inside the damaged building in a room as Big Time is on his wooden crate proclaiming to the Beagle Boys (I think there is Babyface Beagle and Bebop there along with Burger, Bankjob and Bouncer) that they cannot steal Scrooge's money with Gizmo around as Burger seconds the motion and Bankjob stammers on the fourth degree. HAHA! Big Time wants Scrooge to give it to him instead. Riiiiiggggghhhtttt. You have truly lost your mind there Big Time and even Burger sounds smarter. Big Time gets flustered as he has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN as they huddle together. So we return inside the living room of Mrs. Crackshell's trailer as Mrs. Crackshell is....say it with me....watching television. Seriously; that is pretty much her routine. And you thought Bubba was a bad stereotype?

Fenton wheels in saying to Mama that she won't believe this. I cannot believe that Disney could GET AWAY with Mrs. Crackshell. He has his fan club as Gizmo blocks the television. Mrs. Crackshell doesn't care because her lucky lotto numbers are coming up and she wants him to be quiet. Good luck on that Mrs. Crackshell; we couldn't get Drake to shut up, you think Fenton is ANY better? Nice shoving there madam as Gizmo gets in front of the television again because this is important and he wants her to shut off the television and listen. She looks around and threatens to not buy chinchilla slippers for her if her numbers do come up and she misses it. That's the product of a true hardcore television watcher: threatening to think about herself instead of threatening to HARM the other for interference. She uses the remote control and turns it off and then the suit completely breaks apart as Fenton has his ass in a tire. HAHA! Mrs. Crackshell blows her husband off (I guess they divorced which is fine in this world; but it is out of place in the TaleSpin world) because he thought she was worthless. Ummm; you still are Miss Hardcore. POW! OUCH! Ummmm....The phone rings and Fenton answers it while still trying to get the tire off his ass. Sadly; the black phone doesn't work as it's the elbow that is ringing as Fenton answers the red phone and almost blows his cover with his normal voice before resorting to his Gizmo Duck voice. We then cut to Scrooge's office as Scrooge wants Gizmo Duck to meet him at the Statue of Duckburg as the Beagle Boys are at it again. Now how did Scrooge know something was going on THERE? Unless he is staging the thing to test Gizmo Duck's worthiness. Fenton is not happy to hear this as he tells him that he will come right away. Fenton has zero clue how to put the suit back together and he continues to struggle to put parts in the wrong places as he flops around to end the segment nine and a half minutes in. Pretty good so far and very limited overbooking here.

After the commercial break; we get a far sea shot of the bridge (I thought the bridge was orange?) with seagulls hawking around. We then see three tugboats with police officers and among others racing on the harbor stage left. We cut over to see the Dollar Motorboat as Duckworth is driving (on the right side no less) Scrooge and Mrs. Beakly as we get a shot of a buoy with a seagull on it. The driving continues as we head to the museum as barricades, army guys and police officers surround the building. The police chief (Hal Smith) from Ducks From Aquatraz (dogsperson with white mustache; balding, brown suit, brown pants, black shoes, and purple tie) explains that he has hostages and apparently three of the hostages are the nephews. Mrs. Beakly explains that they were here for a visit. One of the guards with the shield looks horrified and one looks bored in the shot with Mrs. Beakly and I cannot tell which I feel more sorry for. We pan up as they want the Statue of Duck Liberty as Mrs. Beakly ponders why they want it. We go to the crown as Big Time has the soapbox and the MEGAPHONE OF JIMMY HARTS demanding that Scrooge gives them what they want; or it's going to get ugly up here. We pan left to the crowd of museum visitors looking terrified; except for the nephews. Even two additional kids are there; so you can tell this is REALLY going to get ugly. Bouncer and Burger watch them.

Scrooge on ground level has his megaphone and dares them to torture them. Finally; the writers are going to torture the nephews and FINALLY stop the Disney protection. I don't care how you do it; JUST DO IT BIG TIME! Big Time offers the ultimate torture: Listening to....Bagpipe Music. HAHA! And considering how Scrooge couldn't play the bagpipes to save his life; I think this is an effective form torture. At least with that; I don't have to keep the audio down like I do with tickling scenes. Burger plays the bagpipes and he actually plays better than Scrooge does! Everyone inside backs up and screams as the noise is overwhelming. HAHA! Nothing says torture like playing something that sounds like the screaming of tortured cats. Dewey seems to have the big pipe headache as we get a shot of the statue's face with no movement and some spiraling as Mrs. Beakly calls it ghastly and inhuman. Considering that you are outside and the sound is muffled; color me unimpressed Mrs. Beakly. Your acting of the scene even more so. Scrooge LOVES it as it's the Filly of The Fifth of The Forth as he knows that bonnie tune anywhere. The police chief sticks his thumbs in the ears and calls it the worst thing since a terrorist held a city attorney hostage with an accordion. HAHA! So why can he call someone a terrorist; yet no one in TaleSpin can? I guess it IS the time period and not BS&P after all. It still doesn't the facts that the Air Pirates are terrorists; but at least I can see why no one does in TaleSpin. Mrs. Beakly wants someone to help these poor people and somehow her acting gets better as we get another shot of the statue.

So we logically head back to Fenton's house as Fenton is still trying to get the suit functioning again while his Mama is still sitting in front of the television. Fenton climbs on the unicycle to balance himself; but he wheels back behind the couch and circles around before crashing off-screen with a MAN-SIZED bump stage left. Fenton has a pot on his head (Jungle Aces revenge perchance?) as he goes over to Mama and grabs the remote control to try to change the channel to get the suit back on. Mama grabs it back and asks what station and Fenton picks channel five and that turns on the monitor on the suit as the music plays and we see an island with palm trees and a turkey with the Gillian cap on. Mrs. Crackshells calls it Gilligander's Island as Fenton wants channel seven and that is football (Frank Welker), so he tries channel eight and it's a police drama show. Fenton is in trouble so he wants PBS. HAHA!

No dice as Mrs. Crackshell suggests pressing buttons on the suit and Fenton tries the robot arm button and that brings out the green laser from his ass which shoots and blows a hole into the trailer. That is going to leave a mark! On Fenton Crackshell. Mrs. Crackshell hates it because it was good imitation paneling. HAHA! See what happens when you DON'T buy the real thing? Fenton presses on the arm and the fingers turn into a machine gun and destroy Mama's television. UH OH! MAMA'S GOING TO KILL YOU! (God bless witty TNA chants!) She blasts him because she will miss the Ducks Of Hazard. Why would a self-respecting female ever watch that sexist show? Oh wait; I said self-respecting...Never mind. Mama then finally says the OH MY GOD promo (you know which one) and the suit sparks neon green and she gets the suit on. Fenton realizes how it's done and Mama wants him to get her out of there since she doesn't want to sleep in the carport.

So we head back to the statue as the bagpipe music plays some more and the crowd is screaming like mad. The fat woman in the statue of Duckburg (the one wearing the pink dress and brown hair- Joan Gerber) actually attempts to jump out of the open window; but Big Time and Bouncer pull her back in before she succeeds. I betcha that one gets cut from Toon Disney. We go to ground level as Scrooge wants Gizmo Duck so badly now while checking his watch. We head back to the trailer as Mama is watching the statue from a far shot as Fenton uses the remote control and that breaks up the suit for Mama to escape. Fenton realizes that it is a secret word as he thinks that it's the Ducks of Hazard. No sell from the suit. Then it's “Look what you done!” and that has no dice. Fenton is fed up as he cuts the Blabbering Blabberskites promo and the suit finally sparks neon green and attaches completely on Fenton. Mama cannot believe that word would work; but her mouth is clamped before she can finish it by Fenton.

Fenton proclaims that he has got to put those Beagle Boys behind bars where they belong. He wheels away stage left and breaks down the trailer wall with a Scooby Doo Snow Angel Spot. Sigh. Mama looks on in disbelief as we go back to the statue in a recycled background shot as the bagpipe music continues (and I betcha Scrooge is milking this for all it's worth now.) and Scrooge turns around and sees Gizmo water skiing by himself. Now there is a water spot that some technologist has got to exploit. The police chief wonders who (Disney Captions missed that one) as Gizmo wheels in and cuts a full of himself promo and Scrooge blows him off. HAHA! Now if he did that to Drake Mallard then Drake wouldn't be so sad. POW! OUCH! Ummmm....Gizmo agrees to it; but he needs two giant ass scoops of ice cream. And you thought Baloo's Ice Box Sea Duck in Lost Horizons was contrived? Scrooge and the police chief are confused as we go to the scene changer and see Gizmo flying in the sky with two helicopters lifting two giant ass scoops of ice cream. It's just not the same without Ride of the Valkyrie playing in the background.

I see Gizmo has found out how to invoke the helicopter now as Gizmo orders them to drop the dip and the helicopters drop the ice cream on the torch of the statue and the chocolate dip on top. So we cut to inside and see Burger continuing to play the bagpipes and like the idiot that he is; he smells ice cream (with no buildup for him to smell it mind you) and he shatters the window and goes across the arm towards the torch with the ice cream. Now you would think that Big Time would have just give the bagpipes to Bouncer and have him play. So what do Big Time and Bouncer do: They plead for Burger to come back and follow him towards the torch. Can you say contrived? I knew you could. Gizmo Duck drops down onto the arm as the nephews and company cheer on that they have been saved from the torture of singing cats. Gizmo stalks his Beagle Boy prey as Big Time tries to pull Burger away from the ice cream; but Bouncer slips on the ice cream and pulls onto Big Time's leg and I betcha they free fall on cue. I check the DVD.....Damn; I'm good as they take a really wussy bump into the top of the fountain off-screen. Oy vey there Wang Films; they fell from 70 feet which should kill them; and the bump was ultra wussy and off-screen. Shame on you; a curse on all your animators to make Molly Jolly Christmas look awesome. The Beagle Boys spit water from all directions on the close up shot.

So we head to the hero rally on the steps of city hall as the mayor of Duckburg on his soapbox proclaims that Gizmo Duck is given the stainless steel, super sleuth award for his services. It gets magnetized and sticks to Gizmo Duck's suit to prove that it's metal even though it looks like white plastic. The crowds pops loudly for that one as the cameras flash and the crowd clamors in and we get the football victory cheer spot as Gandra Dee rides in from her pink car gleefully ignoring everything as usual. The ladies want autographs and dates; but Gizmo Duck states that Gandra Dee is for her see. He wheels towards Gandra's car as it drives away; but Gizmo's female fan base surrounds him again just to make life more difficult for him see. Gizmo Duck isn't too happy about it as Gandra's car drives away stage right. So we cut to a sidewalk as Huey is on a wooden box with a poster shouting about the Gizmo Duck fan club again as the kids surround the area and we pan over to Gizmo Duck penning autographs for the kids.

And man; Wang Film's animation of the kids is terrible. One of the pigs looks so badly drawn; I swear she looks like a piggy doll. So we return to Ma's house as Ma returns with the green jeep as a woman on the radio (Miriam Flynn) explains that the robbery was stopped in progress as she stops the car and Ma turns the radio off. Ma gets out and blows off Gizmo Duck's new found populairty (or pooplarity as Jean would say from Royal Canadian Air Farce.) as she brings out her ingredients needed to bust her boys out of the slammer. Ma then notices Gyro's instruction book on the seat and it is titled: How To Be A Gizmo Duck in Six Easy Lessons. UH OH! I think we know where this is going. She reads through it proclaiming that this is a recipe book that she can use as she crackles badly on the zoom out shot of the house and that ends the segment nearly 15 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we head to the prison of Duckburg and we go into the hallway of cells as a pig furry police officer (Alan Young) brings in a pie which is half baked and filled with snipers and tuning forks. Like I said earlier; the police in DTVA are more stupid than Fenton is. Just accept it and let's move on. The pie is for Megabyte Beagle. We head inside as the police officer opens the door and there is a pig furry's cellmate along with Megabyte Beagle who is the brainy Beagle. Of course we shouldn't ignore the fact that the CONTINUITY of the Beagle Boys is shot with this character. Why not Bitbyte Beagle which would maintain the continuity of the Beagle Boys starting with the letter B. Ma could get away with it because she's not a boy see. Megabyte is also wearing goofy glasses, a goofy bowtie and a green university hat and is voiced by Frank Welker. Megabyte grabs the pie as the officer closes the cell door while a pig furry cellmate (blue shirt, blue overalls, green hat and brown shoes. He has braces on his teeth and is voiced by Hamilton Camp) asks him what mother brought this time around.

It's a metal meringue pie with wire cutters and a tuning fork. Man; those glasses are badly animated as Megabyte uses the copper wire cutters to cut the wires to the PA system and then he ties the wire end to the tuning fork and then he uses the pig furries braces (while explaining the whole thing which is more boring than Gadget's explanation of things. So much so even the pig furry is confused) after striking the fork and touches the braces which brings sparks electricty into the PA system and the sounds just gets overwhelming as everyone wakes up from various things (including arm wrestling) and the cell doors open as Megabyte calls it a piece of cake. Everyone runs out as police guard #2 (A dogperson officer- Chuck McCann. Although the guards are interchangable here) as he tries to grab some of the prisoners; but gets dragged as we get a shot of the prisoners escaping the prison. So we head to Ma's house as we go inside and see Megabyte Beagle reading the instruction book for Ma as Ma asks what he thinks about using it to stop Gizmo Duck. Megabyte goes all tech dork on us and Ma Beagle blows him off for not saying it in plain English. His speed wording is an amazing part of acting on Frank Welker's part though as Megabyte proclaims that they got it made in the shade so to speak. They slap skin and Ma proclaims that putting him through college was worth every dollar she stole. So that why he was in prison then?! Talk about taking the fall Kingpin style. We go to the zoom out shot of the house....

...and logically lead to the trailer park and back to Mama's trailer park as we see Mrs. Crackshell watching television on the couch again as Fenton enters from his room in his red Pjs proclaiming that he has to go to work now. Mama blows him off because Let's Make A Squeal is coming on see. And of course the pig squeals right on cue. Man; even new Disney is better than the fake shows on the Old Disney. Unless it is a radio show of course. Fenton apologizes because he has another big day coming as a guard for Scrooge. Mrs. Crackshell blows him off because they never spend any time together as a family. Just now you bring that up? After spending almost an hour convincing us otherwise? Even Fenton is questioning her on that as Mama admits that this was before he had a television in his chest. Yeap; she hasn't changed her tune one bit. Fenton calls her out on rendering him as a home entertainment system. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If only you knew Fenton; if only you knew.

Fenton cuts his OH MY GOD promo and the neon green sparks and we get the Gizmo Duck sequence again as Mama completely ignores him again doing her lips with lipsticks and the tiny mirror of sadness. Fenton proclaims that he is somebody now and that somebody is Gizmo Duck as he cuts another full of himself promo. Fenton goes towards the door and tries to leave; but he stops because the batteries are dead. Mama admits that she watched the Late, Late Show last night. Oh snap! Mama pushes him out of the house and towards a busted up green family sedan as Mama tells him not to get his crankshaft out of kilter. She opens the hood of the car and attaches wires leading to the car battery and clamps them onto his shoulders as Fentons wants answers to this. She clamps the jumper cables to the battery and goes into the car and starts it up which we get the X-RAY SPOT OF DOOM and the blue sparks jump start the batteries on Gizmo Duck as he stands up. Gizmo Duck thanks mother for that one and drives away seemly on fire. Ummm....GOOFY PLASTIC MAN ON FIRE~!

So we go to a television screen with a sunrise and a black clock on the right side as then we go to the return of good ol'Webra Walters wearing her regular news gear from Send In The Clones (And I just realized that in Up, Up & Awry; Gizmo Duck calls her Barbra even though she is clearly Webra. I don't know if that is a logic break in that episode; or a trait.) sitting in a green director's chair to show who the boss of this television show is. An airplane flies overhead as we are in front of the Money Bin as Webra and Scrooge are sitting in chairs interviewing Gizmo Duck for the first time. Webra wants a demonstration of his abilities and Scrooge wants to start with the laser cannon. Fenton gets up from the chair (huh?) and sees a pillar of steel ready to be sliced and diced. He shoots with the Astro Boy finger laser and the steel gets cut easily. Webra's fake acting sounds like she is not impressed. Then again; Joan Gerber is doing her; so....Scrooge then proclaims that she will love the boomerang bazooka as we cut to inside the room of Ma's house as Ma and Megabyte watch on the monitor.

We cut to the purple sofa as Megabyte has a remote control device and he wants to show a few technical difficulties to the proceedings. We see the remote control as Megabyte presses a red button on it as we cut back to Gizmo Duck opening his nozzle from his left side of his chest and it goes back in and out comes some green sprinklers watering himself. HAHA! Scrooge and Webra are SHOCKED and APPALLED (in that order) and they all eat a lot of water on the rebound. Scrooge wants Gizmo Duck to water the lawn later and show the damn bazooka. I see Webra has the same sticky perm gel Rebecca Cunningham uses. Gizmo Duck tries to push buttons on his suit; but misses everything as this demonstration is turning into a Project Natal/Microsoft showing at E3. As in really, really bad. Ma Beagle laughs at home on such stupidity. I join her because it is so funny. Ma Beagle proclaims that this is the best video game in history. And you can see John Bruce hedging his bets even though there is really nothing he can do about it as Megabyte wants the always popular hot seat routine. That's kind of pointless considering that Webra and Scrooge are already grilling him in a gentle sense. Gizmo Ducks brings out the flamethrower and Scrooge and Webra bail stage right as those green director chairs are toast and ashes. Scrooge calls this a wee joke because he is the toast of Duckburg. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Gizmo Duck goes into copter mode and flies away stage right as Webra proclaims that she quits and throws the microphone away as she goes stage right. So she's Scrooge's media PR director or something? Ma Beagle cannot stop herself laughing as Megabyte wants Gizmo Duck to go on a shopping spree.

So we head to the Department Store of Doom as we see patrons walking outside as Gizmo Duck wheels in against his will and crashes into the front door of the store. Gizmo Duck wheels in and steals a shoe that an old lady (dogsperson dressed in a blue coat, purple high heels and purple purse- June Foray) saw first as she pumps her fist in outrage. He grabs the shoe shelf and steals all the shoes from it as Ma Beagle is loving every second of this. She calls this better than the Home Shopping Network and then she steals the remote control device from Megabyte because she wants to play now. Now I know why Mr. Hardcore thinks females playing video games is a bad thing for them? Sexist morons! She wheels Gizmo Duck out of the store which the door gets destroyed some more of course. We then cut to a male dogsperson at the ATM pushing buttons and getting cash from the account. He walks away as Gizmo Duck wheels in and invokes the POWER OF THE PUNCH to grab that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH.

He then goes over and steals a gumball machine and a dime from a little boy while apologizing to him and then wheeling off as the boy cries on cue. What a lowlife bastard this Ma girl is?! We then head to the Burger Joint as several patrons are in their cars (one of them the dreaded banana yellow) as it drives away from the drive thru with their meals as Gizmo Duck bounces on several cars and then tries to get his meal from the cashier. So we head to the street as we see Gandra Dee driving her car as Gizmo Duck puts a sack of money into his suit and then drives and stops Gandra Dee in her tracks. Fenton waves at her like a blushing idiot as we go to the monitor with Ma Beagle wanting a pink Thunder Duck badly. Ma wants to steal it....ERRR...I mean borrow it permanently. Gizmo Duck opens the door and drops Gandra Dee out of the car (Disney Caption has her as Sandra Dee and Gizmo's accent is closer to Sandra than Gandra) as she blows off Gizmo Duck for stealing her car. Fenton begs for forgiveness for stealing her heart and car as he lifts it into the air. Gizmo drives away as Fenton tries to explain his actions; but stammers on everything just to kill his creditability as a babyface. Figures; knowing how REALLY STUPID Fenton is. Granda is not impressed as she counters with the Gruffi pose of course.

So we head to Ma's house as Gizmo arrives with the pink Thunder Duck and stuffs it into the front door and then something that shouldn't fit either; but does like a glove. Logic break #1 for the episode 20 and a half minutes in. Gizmo goes back and forth and then we cut to inside a music hall (I think) as someone on piano is playing soft music while a pig furry is about to sing; then Gizmo wheels in and steals the piano and the pig furry's golden necklace before leaving. The pig furry is SHOCKED and APPALLED by this as we return to Megabyte and Ma inside the living room playing with the video games and the stolen spoils of war on Duckburg. Ma then suddenly has the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY as she is not happy with just small change anymore and wants the mega bucks. So we head to the front gate of the mansion as protesters with Gizmo Duck's head crossed out signs march on the sidewalk protesting the stoppage of Gizmo Duck and saving of Duckburg. I don't know who voiced the protesters as we go to a close shot of Scrooge at the window sulking while Duckworth looks on in disgust. Scrooge goes to his chair and declares Gizmo Duck a monster and wonders what he might do next.

The engines rev up and Gizmo Duck drives right through the bookshelf and the wall. HAHA! Scrooge gets up and demands answers to this outrage as Gizmo Duck blitzes towards them and Scrooge and Duckworth back away. Scrooge calls him out on it with his cane. Oh lord; even Duckworth is taking the glove out and slapping Fenton with it so you know that they are serious. Fenton begs for forgiveness as we cut back to the protesters at the gate as the nephews open the door and walk inside blowing off the disbelief that Gizmo Duck is a criminal now. The nephews walk in as they wonder if someone is pushing his personal buttons or something. They walk into the house and try to greet Scrooge and they hear muffled yelling as they go into the book room and down the stairs as Scrooge and Duckworth are tied up and gagged. The nephews gasp in horror as they untie Scrooge as Scrooge blows off Gizmo Duck again. The nephews wonder why they tied him up and Scrooge proclaims that he wants something. We then cut to Gizmo Duck in the forest driving the tow truck with the Money Bin in tow as Gizmo Duck admits that he should have stuck to bean counting. What exactly was the point of tying Scrooge and Duckworth up? Unless he was looking for keys; but they weren't mentioned in the previous sequence. We then cut to Ma Beagle and Megabyte outside Ma's house as Megabyte uses the remote control and Ma wants the Money Bin to come to Mama. The bulldozer tows the Money Bin towards her on the back shot to end part three at 20:30. Maybe the best part of the story arc right there as they pretty much limited the entire overbooking to a few spots. **** ¾ (95%).


Now this is more like it as the writing was much more sound and there were few logic breaks if any. The only things that bothered me were the bad animating in some places by Wang Films and some scenes that seem to pad the time. I wasn't really warming up to Megabyte Beagle much since he was just another Beagle Boy with a gimmick of being smart and building things. I really like the bagpipe torture as it backfired because Big Time didn't realize that Scrooge likes that music. Of course Fenton Crackshell carried the rest of the episode kicking and screaming as the story line was solid for the most part; but not really awesome. I really don't have anything else to say other than say that this is the best part of the story arc. Now we go to the Billionaire Beagles Club as we go to massive overbooking as Scrooge is bankrupt; broke and in jail to boot while Ma Beagle enjoys herself and then we end Volume 3 with Money To Burn which concludes with alien robots. Yeap; welcome to Cartoon Duck Syndrome folks. So......

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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