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Heroes For Hire

Reviewed: 12/30/2009

Let's get fired again...Part Trios!

So here is our first half of the double rants for today as we have Scrooge firing Launchpad again; Doofus trying to prop up Launchpad again...and Launchpad screwing up again as he tries to be a hero; but becomes the sad heel at the expense of the Beagle Boys and their final appearance on a Ducktales DVD set. So let's rant on shall we...?!

This episode is written by Ken Koonce and David Wiemers. The story is edited by Patsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti.

We begin this one with a sky pan shot of the city of Duckburg and to Scrooge's bank (the same one that would be in Time Is Money of course) as Scrooge is on the steps with Gyro and the mayor as Scrooge takes the podium and welcomes everyone to the grand opening of the McDuck Bank of Duckburg. It's a bank so safe; if you lose your money, it's not our vault. Oh my; that was lame. Scrooge chukles as the mayor (who seems to have changed his face too) isn't amused by this as we see the reporter lady in purple with the shades (the same one in Golden Suns according to Chris; and June Foray is doing the voice here) ask Scrooge what makes his bank so safe. Scrooge then shows the white cover of doom as it's the Anti-Beagle Boy Burglar Alarm. I see Scrooge has forgiven Gyro after nearly making his money vanish in The Money Vanishes. The pig fury uncovers it and it's the goofiest alarm I have ever seen. Then again; this is Gyro we are talking about as Scrooge explains that the alarm is so sensitive, it can hear, smell and see a glimpse of a Beagle Boy. He of course shows Bouncer's face to force the point.

He shows the picture to the alarm system and it goes off wailing. Scrooge then tries to press some buttons and of course the thing doesn't want to shut off. Can you smell Gyro screwing Scrooge again; or do I have to spell it out for ye? Everyone covers their ears in the crowd as we go to the back to see the Beagle Boys in trench coats and colored shades. That might have worked well; if the criminal number plates were under the coats. I see Bankjob, Babyface and Bebop/Bugle (depending on what drugs the writers were on when they did this episode) beagle here. The snappy fingers of the right hand Beagle give it away. So we get the better half of the Beagle team for this final appearance on DVD. Sure; I like Big Time and Burger; but Bouncer and Baggy weren't exactly good to being with. It was all Burger being Burger on that team.

Ma Beagle isn't liking this according to them as we cut back to Scrooge as he bangs on the table; but no dice. Umm; you are supposed to bang the machine to get it to stop; not the table Scroogie. And then we see in the skies Launchpad flying a green helicopter (the smaller version) with Doofus in the back seat. And Launchpad thinks Mr. McDee is being robbed. If it's Scrooge's dignity then LP is dead on the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH on that one. Launchpad does a nosedive with the helicopter as everyone bails away from the scene (duh); the red dollar sign ribbon catches onto the transmission tower (duh), Launchpad destroys the columns holding the bank (duh) and the bank collapses (duh) as the helicopter crashes complete with broken windshield (duh). Medical attention? What medical attention? Doofus and Launchpad are dizzy as hell as they stumble away from the carnage. I guess Scrooge got away; although on the far bank shot; it looks like he was STILL at the podium!

Scrooge is horrified (and still alive) about his new bank getting totally destroyed and I betcha Scrooge fires Launchpad on the spot for it. I check the DVD...Not yet as Scrooge calls him a nitwit. That's it?! Scrooge is losing his blow off touch as Launchpad just dusts himself off in response. And damn; I'm good as Scrooge formally fires him as I expected him to. Launchpad isn't even phased by it as the crashes have numbed him to the bone. Launchpad actually protests and gets off death reference #1 for the episode (nearly killed myself for his grand opening). Maybe Scrooge should consider a lawsuit here since that usually gets people to sell. Scrooge of course has to be restrained by Gyro and the pig mayor before Scrooge is placed in jail for justified assault and battery (as if that would phase LP either).

Post-Production Glitch #1: Another half second black slug. Nothing to see here other than Eisner's turn on toy. Let's move on....

So we head to the offices of Launchpad Unlimited as Doofus knocks on the door, addresses himself and walks in to notice Launchpad in his bed sulking as usual. Well; I already have seen The Right Duck; so I have a pretty good idea what is to come for Launchpad and Doofus in this episode. Launchpad proclaims that he is finished as a pilot without Mr. McDee. See; no one would hire a fatalism psychopath to fly anything except for Scrooge and now even he won't accept him anymore. Doofus pulls him from the bed and declares him a hero and everyone needs one. Launchpad is a hero all right; a hero to hundreds of fatalists the world over. Doofus proclaims that he is needed right here as we see a cat stuck up in a tree meowing. I betcha Doofus put that cat up there BEFORE he went to see Launchpad. That was way too obvious for me to see.

LP agrees with him as he watches out the window. He then goes out (teleportation here I come) as Launchpad climbs the tree doing the here kitty spot that should never be done with a real cat. Launchpad climbs onto the branches as the kitty looks like a corrupted version of Spunky from Catteries Not Included as he steps back. Geez; even the cats know Launchpad is a fatalist at heart. And then the branch breaks and they free fall down and land into the dumpster with a MAN-SIZED bump. HAHA! LP gets scratched by the cats in the dumpster as they leave off-screen and then gets up and looks like he wasn't scratched at all. BS&P RULEZ! LP is glad that one is over; and then here comes the conviently placed trash truck to lift Launchpad up and into the dump truck. HAHA! Nice to see someone in Duckburg was on the ball there eh?! Doofus proclaims that rescuing cats is not his thing after all. Geez; you guess?!

So we go to the scene changer as LP and Doofus are walking on a sidewalk as LP blows off Doofus's chubby thick skull for thinking that anyone needs a hero nowadays. I see Doofus has learned the waddle walk from some comic book. Doofus proclaims that he needs a hero as he points to the top of a building and see someone who his green to the gill looking like he is going to jump. Launchpad smartly wants to call the police on that one and Doofus proclaims that there is no time for that. Go! Hero! Go! So they go to the elevator inside the building (which looks bland to the gills) and pushes the up button on it. The elevator is clogged with furries so Doofus takes it while Launchpad takes the stairs to his left.

So we go up the stairs as Launchpad pants get heavier and heavier by the floor and he is tired out completely when Doofus comes out of the elevator and opens the left side door on the 47th floor. Despite looking like it only had 25 floors tops?! Logic break #1 for the episode; but Launchpad falling on his face afterward is funny; so I'll let it slide. Launchpad goes over to the window of the dogsperson wearing green overalls and a yellow shirt with wipers (Terry McGovern) as he tells him not to jump because it's not worth it. The dogperson blows him off because he gets paid good money for this. HAHA! Doofus is such a doofus today that it's too funny. So he whacks Launchpad right in the face with the window (OUCH!) and Launchpad sails back and through the trash chute. He free falls down (remembering to grab a woman dogperson's trash bag in the process) and gets thrown right into the dumpster. I betcha he then gets dumped right into the dumptruck again. I check the DVD...Damn; I'm good.

So we head back to the sidewalk as we see a dogperson walking around and then Ma Beagle comes from the alleyway with stolen licorice. We know this because a pig furry wearing a vanilla apron and white hat (Terry McGovern) comes out and pulls on the pink dogsperson shirt wanting him to call the police. We go further to see Launchpad with a business card as he thanks Doofus for doing this good idea. Doofus states that heroes have to advertise (Riiiigggghhhhttt) and give one to everyone you meet. They make it to the sidewalk as they are on opposite sides of Ma Beagle as Launchpad asks if she needs help. Ma isn't amused; but then sees a police officer with a white mustache and decides that she does need help after all. They help her across the street; and since the LAW OF DTVA has police officers dumber than the heels; the police car sails by them without a hint of irony whatsoever. Ma Beagle thanks LP for his service in ditching the police and Launchpad gives her a business card as Launchpad is a hero for hire.

Ma Beagle gives them a dime and calls them very sweet. Ma Beagle runs into the alleyway as Launchpad proclaims that she must be in a hurry to spread the word of mouth. If only you knew LP; if only you knew. So we head to the Beagle Boys Apartment Building as Bankjob Beagle explains to Ma Beagle sitting at a table doing something I cannot tell; about Scrooge's new alarm system at his new bank which Launchpad destroyed and got fired from. Bebop proclaims that it produces some sounds as Ma asks the question of using their heads. I think you need to rephrase that one dear and she does as she told them to be clever, creative and to think things out. And never give up unless the cops surround you of course. HEE HEE! Babyface asks how they are going to rob something that is Beagle proof. Ma proclaims that they simply hire someone else to rob it for them. I guess she is counting dollar bills as she shows the business card LP gave her to Bankjob. Bankjob calls Launchpad pretty stupid. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Ma chuckles on that one on the zoom in shot.

So we head to Launchpad's bed as Launchpad is sulking again. Doofus doesn't understand why LP gave out 200 business cards and no response. LP calls it not easy since most people kept giving them back. HAHA! And then the phone on the wooden box rings off the hook and Launchpad answers it. It's Ma Beagle and this is the Big House Studios calling and tells him to hold for Mr. Spielbig. Now you would think that the word Big House would be an alarm bell for anyone in this cartoon; but this is Launchpad we are talking about here. Bankjob is dressed up as a director complete with the MEGAPHONE OF JIMMY HARTS all in crimson red. Bankjob Spielbig takes over the phone and calls him McQuack. See he produces and direct movies for Big House Productions (alarm bell #1: Changing the full studio name in the middle of a telephone call) and Launchpad is the big hero for his next picture. Babyface and Bebop are cameramen on this assignment I see.

Launchpad claims that he doesn't know how to act. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Keep telling that to yourself Launchpad. Spielbig doesn't want acting; he wants action see since that is what sells today – like stunts, chases, adventures and daring-do. What; no explosions?! I am so disappointed in you Launchpad. Launchpad agrees to the terms as it's at 1313 Bayside and he hangs up the phone. Doofus asks who it was; but Launchpad tells him that he'll tell him on the way and walks out stage right. So we head to 1313 Bayside (which of course is the Beagle Boys Apartment Building) as we head to the basement (check the cracks in the walls and the floors) as the Beagle Boys (and Ma dressed up like a producer now) sit in their director's chairs while watching Launchpad dressing behind the FCC FRIENDLY CHANGE CORNER OF DOOM (pointless since Doofus is half naked already and has no dick to see) as Spielbig asks if he is ready. Launchpad proclaims that he feels a little silly. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just keep believing that it's so little LP.

LP comes out and is dressed like Superman; only with Gedo's fashion sense (alarm bell #3 – Thinking that banana yellow is a good color for a super hero not named Mighty Mouse.) as the Beagles gasps with glee. Spielbig proclaims that he was born to play the Webbed Wonder. So they are comparing him as Wonder Duck (Wonder Woman; despite using Super Man's type dress.) . Bebop Bugle (might as well in this case) proclaims that he is perfect for them to be a perfect patsy; making sure to whisper yell that last one to annoy me. Spielbig agrees with the terms and wants to shoot first thing in the morning; and then whisper yells that only when the police show up. HAHA! Okay; that one was funny along with the ribbing on Bebop. Ma Maples goes to her clipboard and asks about the first scene up for grabs. Spielbig wants the bank scene done first (alarm bell #4) as every Beagle producer pats each other on the back for that one. LP is so giddy because he will become a movie star in the same way he was an ASS-TRONAUNT...


Launchpad proclaims that when it is all said and done; his face will be everywhere as I see the coloring mistake of his goggles turning from the natural color he normally wears to the Super Man color scheme. Spielbig chuckles gleefully on that response. HAHA! Well; Launchpad was already “wanted” since he got his second role as Darkwing Duck's sidekick of course. So we head to the Money Bin of Doom as Scrooge is talking to J.Q about the bank being fully rebuilt (really fast I might add) as we go to the office as Scrooge tells him that he will send someone to pick up the gold deposits today. He then calls for Mrs. Featherby and she comes in from the door (and switched voices from Tress MacNeillie to Joan Gerber.). And Disney Caption's calls her Featherbee this time. I can see why some people blew off the DVD packages now. Scrooge tells Mrs. Featherby to get Launchpad right away. Did Scrooge take one too many gold coins to the head or is this Airhead Syndrome again? It's hard to tell which at this point. Mrs. Featherby gleefully reminds him of what he did earlier and Scrooge realizes it as he wonders what LP is doing now. You do not want to know Scroogie as we head to a street outside Scrooge's new bank as the armored car is open and the Beagle Producers are on standby with Doofus and Launchpad standing behind the armored car. Launchpad proclaims that he is ready to Mr. Speilbig as he is nods which ends the segment nine minutes in.

After the commercial break; we go to a sky shot of the street and bank as Spielbig explains that in this scene the Webbed Wonder has just learned that the safe in the bank is not safe. We then go to a shot at the bushes with Spielbig, Launchpad and Doofus watching on. Spielbig tells Launchpad that he needs to get all that money out of there fast. Spielbig asks if he has it pat down as Ma Maples gives Launchpad the script of lines. Launchpad asks where the camera will be and Spielbig explains that they are all inside the bank; the little cameras on the walls. Launchpad goes through his lines and the last sentence should be another alarm bell as Spielbig sits down into his director chair. On 9:21 of the DVD; there looks to be a church on the top left in the background (check the cross) as the cameras are ready and it's ACTION TIME~! BabyFace Full Nelson clamps the take two board and Launchpad springs into illegal action heroism. He runs into the bank as Bugle Bebop rolls tape on the fake camera and Launchpad springs into the bank lobby. He looks around as everyone does their business.

Launchpad proclaims to never fear...and then he forgets his lines. HAHA! He runs out of the bank as one duck looks on in disbelief. I agree; seeing Launchpad stoop to Gedo's fashion sense is unbelievable. Spielbig blows him off for coming back and wants the money. Launchpad apologizes because he forgot his lines see. Even as an actor; Launchpad crashes and burns quickly on the first line. This is A LOT better than The Right Duck; and we haven't even got halfway through the episode yet. Spielbig tells him to ab-lib (admitting that voice actors do it all the time as an inside joke) and he wants LP to make something up and get the damn MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. I don't understand why Spielbig needed to recoil there since Launchpad is too much of an Airhead to notice something like that. So we get Take Two from Babyface Full Nelson and it's action time again as LP springs into illegal action heroism the sequel! The Ma Maples walks in as she realizes that there are a lot of banks in town and LP can take the fall for robbing all of them. And then Launchpad returns with the sacks of money as LP proclaims that he still doesn't seem to think that was perfect; and then tries to run away again to get it right. HAHA! Spielbig grabs him by the cape and tells him that it was perfect and that is a wrap. Spielbig wants to get out of here as Launchpad asks about how he did and Doofus calls him a real hero. Yeah; an illegal hero as the Beagle Producers push Doofus and Launchpad into the armored truck as we hear screams of bank patrons inside being robbed (one is Joan Gerber of course). Ma Maples steps on the pedal and we see the armored truck whizzing away.

So we head to the bank from Super Ducktales #2 (the one with the fancy F in the name) as the armored car is parked to the right of the building while Spielbig explains to Launchpad Airhead that in this scene he robs the bank. And now he's forced to recoil (too obvious) as he means rescue the money from another unsafe safe (alarm bell #5). Launchpad gives that look of WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT as he asks why again and tries to invoke some suggestions for a more exciting scene and Spielbig grabs onto Launchpad's beak to shut him up of course. After all; it gets more exciting later on. He will love it too as Spielbig uses the megaphone as it's lights camera and action take three as Launchpad springs into illegal action heroism #3.

He goes through the spiral doors and then out about a half second later (teleportation RULEZ!); with the sacks of money; but his cape gets stuck in the door. HAHA! Great music in the background on this one too. And then he goes into the spiral door and spins around like he is on the merry-go-round. HAHA! And then he gets launched into the street and lands with a sick MAN-SIZED bump on his neck and back on the street. OUCH! That is going to leave a mark. On the pavement. And just to make it more funny; when the armored car drives on and rolls camera; they miss him by a country mile. HAHA! Then to make it even more awesome Launchpad flips onto his feet and runs to the armored car as Spielbig is yelling with the megaphone as he likes more pathos. Memo to Spielbig: (1) Watch TaleSpin's Stormy Weather, Her Chance to Dream and Plunder and Lightning. (2) Take notes. Spielbig yells cut and grabs LP with the sacks of money into the back of the armored car and we race away stage right.

So we head to another big bank as Spielbig wants to go over the script again (which is the same thing); but Launchpad blows it off because he'll do it HIS way this time. So we then see Launchpad running away into a building and we see the elevator in glass going up the top floor. And then we see Launchpad's Webbed Wonder helicopter (WHAT THE HELL--?!) flying overhead as he flies towards the museum like bank. Now you know that Launchpad (and the writers) are on an illegal substance in this episode. He sets the helicopter to hover (I guess) and then climbs down a rope towards the bank. Bebop Bugle (Disney Captions has him as Bugle Beagle today I should point out) calls Launchpad a nut. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Doofus opens the door to the bank; but Launchpad swings like Tarzan and does the Scooby Doo Snow Angel Spot through the wall. HAHA! Probably one of the few times I wanted to see that spot in DTVA I should point out.

He is dizzy as the bank officer has a carrier with sacks of money right in front of Launchpad (how convenient of him) and Launchpad takes them and then cuts a Julius Cesar promo on the bank. And away he whisks stage left (funny since the bank door is to the RIGHT of him. Logic break #2 for the episode) as Bugle Bebop blows off his lyrics. HAHA! Jealous much there Bugle? We head to Scrooge's second office as Scrooge paces around with the newspaper in his hand. We then see Mrs. Beakly walk in with some breakfast (eggs and orange juice) onto the table as she tells him not to worry as they will find out who is the Webbed Wonder and arrest him for robbery. All unarmed and airheady I might add. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! One problem: Scrooge already knows who it is and he claims that it was he who drove him to it as he shows the newspaper front page and it shows Launchpad McQuack for Mrs. Beakly's eyes to see. Mrs. Beakly is in shock of this as Scrooge throws the newspaper down because he cannot let the police find him first because they'll lock him up for life. Scrooge takes his cane and leaves the office to find him first. Well; someone has to strangle him and it might as well be him.

So we get another scene changer as we see Launchpad (without the goggles and weird hairdo) in his dining room (using a wing as a table) reading the newspaper with his pink slippers and robe on. HAHA! Doofus is of course having all the pancakes with him just to be Doofus. No wonder Launchpad is so thin. Launchpad chuckles as the comics section because Andy Dandy cracks him up. I guess violating Anime Dub Conduct Rule #12 does crack up some airheads some of the time. Doofus then notices the picture of Launchpad on the front page and tells LP about it. LP turns the newspaper and thinks that it is some big publicity Big House Studios is putting out on him. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Remember kids; airheadness is NOT a toy. Only real airheads should be using them. He reads the header and takes a glass of water and drinks it. And then he gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and does a picture perfect Pepsi spit take. HAHA! Nowadays that can ruin a perfectly innocent monitor and/or keyboard. Launchpad reads some more of the body and he realizes that he is the biggest crook and fugitive since the Beagle Boys. With a plan only the Beagle Boys could cook up.

Launchpad realizes that his movie career is over and finished. Doofus then realizes that the movie producers are the real crooks. I guess Doofus doesn't realize the term “Aiding and Abetting.” And the fact that Doofus is PART of the conspiracy...and I doubt Doofus will get off easy as Bubba certainly didn't for vandalism in Time Is Money. Launchpad proclaims that he should have suspected something when his first paycheck bounced (alarm bell #6 for the episode). Doofus then suggests that he turn in the movie producer crooks and Launchpad thinks that it's a great idea. But Doofus will have to sit this one out since he doesn't want him involved in this. After all; Doofus is PART of the conspiracy to rob banks after all. Launchpad decides to go to the police to explain to them that he was getting the drop on them and just playing around. Doofus asks what if they don't believe them. Well; they didn't believe Baloo in Bullethead Baloo; so I doubt this will work too. Launchpad proclaims that it will work because he's an awesome actor see. He then walks away as Doofus isn't so sure about this one.

So we head to the police station. We know this because there is a sign of handcuffs on the top. Now what sicko thought that putting a probable sex toy was such a great idea? We then see Launchpad (in regular gear) walk in addressing the police officer at the desk with his black telephone and white mustache. He then makes the obvious mistake of proclaiming his name; but the officer has to answer his ringing phone (Terry McGovern) on the desk. And the officer then gives it to Launchpad as Launchpad answers it. It's Spielbig calling up as he was worried about him showing up for work and got worried. They knew the phone number to the police station?! No wonder the Beagle Boys failed so much. Sadly; we see them actually inside Launchpad Unlimited's office as the Beagle Producers have Doofus surrounded. Doofus has the phone as he confessed to telling them that Launchpad went to the police. LP asks if they hurt him and Doofus claimed that they tortured him by eating his pancakes. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Burger just BE JEALOUS! LP calls them rats as Spielbig threatens to turn Doofus into a pancake if he squeals on the police; and to be in costume at the studio in ten minutes.

The phone gets slammed down as Ma Maples goes to the next phone at the wall and decides to make one more phone call to end the career of the Webbed Wonder. So we head back to the police station as he asked what LP wanted to ask him and LP claims that it's a joke about a robber who was so successful that he quit making house calls. Nyuk! Nyuk! Launchpad leaves the police station just as the phone rings as the officer blows off the bad joke. Spoiled sport. The officer answers it as Ma Maples tells the officer that they can find the horrible Webbed Wonder in person. We then cut to inside the limo as Duckworth is driving and Scrooge is in the back seat. Scrooge sighs as he sees nothing and proclaims that no one has seen him in weeks. Then he hears a helicopter whirring as he sees Launchpad's helicopter flying in the area and orders Duckworth to find him and not lose him. So we head back to the Abandoned Beagle Boys Building barricaded for another scene as Launchpad enters the abandoned room and looks for Doofus; but doesn't see him. Then Launchpad hears sirens approaching as Launchpad goes to the window and sees the police have surrounded the building with their rifles set at profits. We see the Officer from earlier with the white megaphone ordering Launchpad to come out because he is surrounded.

And here comes the limo from the street as it stops and Scrooge comes out pleading for the officers not to shoot since he is a friend of his. Launchpad looks on and realizes that Mr. McDee still believes in him; but if he's locked up for life he cannot get the money back or Doofus. Then he has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN; he'll act like he's dead as he blows of the police because they will never take him alive. Now in real life; this would NEVER work; but this is DTVA and you know how police are in this. Launchpad runs away and up to the top of the roof as he gets into his helicopter and flies away as Scrooge and the police are SHOCKED AND APPALLED to hear LP trying to commit suicide. So we get the police chase plus limo chase as we pan over to the bridge (finally that bridge comes into play in an episode!) as Launchpad crashes into the bridge (!!!) and it falls into the water with a resounding splash. Scrooge opens the door and goes over to the side; and there is no hope left as he yells out for Launchpad and the acting from Alan Young is terrible. Very little emotion whatsoever as we end the segment 16 and a half minutes in. Lovely episode; but the little logic breaks are not helping this episode achieve the awesome status it deserves.

After the commercial break; we then see the helicopter sink into the harbor below and then the Webbed Wonder suit floats up to the surface as the police officer uses the grappling hook to fish it up from the bridge as the cancer music plays. Scrooge blames himself and at least his sobbing is better than Doofus' was in The Right Duck. He sniffles as he hugs the suit as we return to the top roof of the abandoned building as Launchpad is in his under suit chuckling that the automatic pilot crashes almost as good as I do. HAHA! Well; it IS LP's helicopter after all. Launchpad walks stage left and wants to rescue Doofus; but then realizes that he still has his undersuit on and does the see no evil on his dick promo because he would be arrested. So what is Scrooge's, the nephews, Webby and Doofus' excuses then?! These cartoon spots are pointless as hell as we go to the post production Eisner turning on glitch and head inside Launchpad Unlimited from the green curtain as he looks around for clues and sees something on the plate of Doofus. Doofus spelled something out of maple syrup and it spells Beagle Buys. HAHA! Doofus' spelling is on par with Kit's in Vowel Play as Launchpad finally gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and realizes who is behind this and then we fade to black. Huh?! Shouldn't Doofus have spelled out where they were going too? Logic break #3 for the episode....

So we head to the McDuck Bank Of Duckburg AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as he goes into the bank and takes out the Anti-Beagle Boy Alarm System from the vault inside the office as Launchpad proclaims that it will lead them straight to him. Logic break #3 is popped out of the episode. So we head to the Launchpad unlimited hanger as Launchpad gets into the red bi-plane and takes off with the device in the front seat, natch. So we head to Ma Beagle's house with smoke coming from the chimney and zoom in. We then head to the kitchen as Ma Beagle is cooking up another Break Out Of Jail Cake Of Doom like she always does. The chainsaw gives it away as we see the Beagle Boys sitting around and being bored with a tied up Doofus sitting on the purple sofa. Babyface asks Ma what is cooking and she is cooking up treats for the other less fortune Beagle Boys still in prison. We then see the custard crowbar pie, pumpkin pistol popovers, and there is a grenade cake and her favorite which is chocolate chainsaw surprise. Proving that the one who made those flambe treats were the SANE ones.

Babyface then sneaks in and tries to get his hands in the profits; but Ma counters with the spoon and screams her lungs out. I see June Foray is on her best behavior acting wise. Babyface runs away stage left complete with Hanna Barbera running sound and looping effect. So we go outside to the half moon shot as Launchpad arrives in the bi-plane overhead and the alarm is wailing away like crazy. Launchpad flies away as we return to the house and see all the Beagle Boys trying to get their paws on some cake; but Ma counters with the spoon and some ass kicking on Babyface who actually gets his face in it. HAHA! She threatens to tie them up with Doofus if they continue this funny nonsense. The Beagle Boys are dizzy on the floor as Ma Beagle hears the bi-plane engines roaring and goes to the green curtained window (which doesn't have prison bars on it) and notices Launchpad coming out from the bi-plane. So Bankjob goes over to Doofus and shuts his beak. Bankjob shatters a perfectly innocent pink lamp onto the ground and slams Doofus' ass onto the table and then slams a lampshade on his face. He threatens to MURDER LP if Doofus makes a sound.

So we go to the door as Launchpad knocks on it and he sees Ma Beagle at the door as LP sees her as the lady he helped earlier. Ma goes into her sweet lady routine from before and forces Launchpad to come in. She forces him onto the sofa which keeps changing from dark purple to light purple and sometimes light blue. Ma goes into the kitchen and returns with a cherry pie which may or may not have a deadly weapon in it. Launchpad tells her that he is searching for a friend of his high and low. Kind of like his life in general actually. AHHAHAHAHAHA! Launchpad explains Doofus in a nut shell (while forgetting the irony of the size of the lamp on the table) as Launchpad has some pie while Ma Beagle gets behind him and tries to MURDER him with the rolling pin (well June Foray also voiced Grammi Gummi; so this makes perfect sense I think); but Launchpad eats file. HAHA! Ma wonders how that file got in there as she grabs it while Launchpad sees the evidence right in front of him on the fireplace in the form of a picture above the fireplace. D'OH! Ma Beagle is BUSTED!

Launchpad ponders it over as Doofus does the smart thing and just tumbles down to the ground to expose himself as not a lamp. Wussy bump; but I'll forgive him for it. Launchpad tries to untie Doofus; but Bankjob as the huckleberry grenade of doom in his hands ready to blow the frosting right out of him. He tries to throw it; but it slips down onto the ground in front of him and the cake explodes. No; really I'm as shocked as you are. Maybe Ma should fully bake those cakes next time. Launchpad covers Doofus as the Beagle Boys and Ma sit on their asses dizzy as hell. Launchpad carries Doofus and they run out and get into the armored car. Launchpad drives the car away as the Beagle Boys and Ma Beagle go to their green jeep near the garage. I guess Ma's house is a halfway house. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm... So we have the SCOOBY DOO CAR CHASE SEQUENCE THE ARMORED CAR EDITION~! Doofus (still tied up) thanks Launchpad for saving him and LP calls it all being a hero see. The chase goes on for a while to waste time as we head to the police station with the limo parked outside. We then see inside Scrooge stating that he is going home as the officer helps him towards the door. He blows his nose on the hanky as he has the terrible moment of breaking the news to the nephews.

So we go outside as Duckworth is waiting near the limo and he sees headlights as the armored car and the green jeep play bumper cars which forces the jeep into the alleyway and the armored car to crash into the bank (what a shock knowing Launchpad). Duckworth is at the other side of the limo (no logic break since he moved BEFORE the bumper cars spot) as he watches the jeep crash into the brick wall and the three Beagle Boys fly into the air and land with MAN-SIZED bump into the conveniently placed police van and the door closes. Oh; that wasn't contrived in the very least; no siree. Babyface hangs onto the bars as he cuts a seat belt safety promo. And that's why I ignored Ma Beagle telling them to buckle up earlier since they didn't. Nice attention to detail there. Ma Beagle backs up from the brick wall and destroyed the partially crumbled up green away as the second group of Beagle Boys have been abandoned by their mother again. So we head into the bank as the bank is a mess with sacks of money all over the place and engines hissing as the second police officer's desk and officer is cornered by the armored car. We pan over to see Doofus is somehow untied (the miracle of crashes I guess) lying down while Scrooge and Launchpad are huddle near a desk with the sound effects of birds chirping. Scrooge groans as he wakes up as see three Launchpads as LP greets him. Then Scrooge gets off this gem:

Scrooge: Launchpad? You are alive! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!

BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeap; everything is back to normal around here. But before Scrooge can murder him for real; Doofus stops him at the pass as LP and Doofus embrace because LP is a hero see. LP saved him and got the money back from the Beagle Boys and wants Scrooge to hire him back as LP wants a raise with it. Do not push your luck there LP as Scrooge is not amused while dusting himself. We go outside the destroyed doors of the police station as the tow car tows the destroyed armored car away stage right. Launchpad thanks Scrooge for not pressing charges because he was duped see; and Scrooge proclaims that no one knows better than him what a dupe he is. HAHA! Scrooge proclaims that Launchpad can have his job back as LP asks for the raise and of course Scrooge refuse because he's being paid twice what he is worth. HAHA! Which is zero dollars of course. So LP offers to come back at HALF the money; not a penny less and Scrooge shakes on it as Doofus and Duckworth are stunned to see just how duped LP is. HAHA! It's still zero dollars of course. Scrooge and Duckworth walk away as Doofus and LP share some chuckles. LP proclaims that they have to get pretty early in the morning to dupe this duck. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just keep believing that LP; just keep it up. Doofus winks at him to end the episode at 21:15. And this is why I probably shouldn't have rated The Right Duck so high. This is the better “LP gets fired” episode. **** ¾ (95%).


Launchpad delivers the goods again; but unlike The Right Duck, he gets a lot of help this time. A great effort from Ma Beagle and the better group of Beagle Boys as their plan this time was almost fool proof since Launchpad is such an airhead and Ma Beagle is a much better leader than Big Time anyway. We got a fake suicide scene from LP; Doofus being a tied up lamp who got tortured seeing the Beagle Boys eat his pancakes and of course Launchpad being LP in getting himself fired from his crashes, being a good movie star in spite of the conspiracy, saving the day, crashing an armored car in hilarious fashion and allowing Scrooge to directly say I'm going to kill you when it's all said and done. And Scrooge got his revenge by allowing LP to dupe himself in the end to a pay cut. Only a few minor logic breaks and some questionable acting in the death scene from Scrooge prevented a perfect episode. So; the second half is next with a Doofus focused episode and some aliens attack. It's time for Superdoo! So.....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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