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Sphinx For The Memories

Reviewed: 12/13/2009

Donald Duck As An Evil King? Now THAT'S A Dream Job!!

Yippee! Another episode featuring Donald Duck and the FCC Navy and this time Donald gets to play an evil king. This could get very interesting. So let's rant on shall we.....

This episode is written by Michael Keyes. The story is edited by Patsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti.

We begin this one in an African town as we zoom in to the FCC Navy battleship and on the deck as Donald salutes Grimitz and asks for permission to go ashore. There is also a dogsperson officer in white naval gear beside him. Grimitz grabs the clipboard from him and asks him about certain duties performed and Donald salutes him and said he did them. Grimitz allows him to go and Donald doesn't sound happy about it anyway as he does one final salute and slowly walks down the stairs to the wooden dock and jumps onto the FCC motorboat with another dogperson sailor. Oh; and Donald mumbles like mad like he usually does. I see the brainwashing is starting to take effect here. And we have another American flag without stars on it as it is driven towards the town. So we go to the scene changer and head in town as Dewey is asking about Donald's timing along with Scrooge and the other nephews. Man; Dewey's voice sounds weird today as Scrooge talks about Donald meeting them at the Bugazzi Market. He gets upset because he should have known it was not a corner grocery store as it is a typical Egyptian marketplace filled with dogspeople and pigs in African clothing. HAHA! And TMS manages to animate the entire pan shot well as the QUACKEROONIES OF DOOM walk in the market as Huey wants to find Donald and some souvenirs. So we head into a cloth shop as the cashier is dusting his desk with a brush while two dogpersons in more stereotypical gear (and one has an evil mustache and glasses on) checking on silk cloth on a table. The bell rings and in comes Donald (the door has a Pharoh encased in gold on it) with his trusty camera in order to use it to greet his nephews I guess. Donald goes to the African Hat portion of the store and places his hat in his shirt and then takes on one of the hats and hums and giggle in the conveniently placed mirror. Then one of the heels (the one with the black beard) invoking the pointy finger of doom on him stating that it is him wearing the fez.

The second one states that the beak is familiar; but not the fez as Donald takes the hat off and replaces it with the PHARAOH HELMET OF BRAINWASHING DOOM as this is more like it for his tastes. The mustache glasses wearing heel proclaims that he is the one they are searching for. He then takes out a golden amulet with the same face as Donald and six holes surrounding him. Donald is the Garbled One; reborn. They show a zoom out shot of Donald admiring himself in the mirror as bread wearing heel proclaims that they must take him to the palace at once. Donald then notices Scrooge and the nephews walking away from the shop and runs out to go greet them as the heels follow them. The dogsperson (with white hair, a fez and a purple jacket holding the brush) wants them to wait because Donald STOLE a hat (of course). I don't know the voice (effendi!); but I'll take the chance and go with Joe Ruskin who started in The Honeymooners in 1955, Naked City, The Lawless Years, Wanted: Dead or Alive and Peter Gunn in cameo roles. He continued in mostly bit roles until 1961 when he was Louis Buchalter in The Untouchables. He did a few movies like Diary of a Madman, The Magnificent Seven (!!!), Hell Bent for Leather, and Banyon. He also did Mission: Impossible as Colonel Hatafis and the Bogard movie along with Panache as Cardinal Richelieu, Dr. Scorpion as Lt. Reed, The Gypsy Warriors as Gernault, Captain America, Power and The Munster's Revenge. Ducktales is his DTVA debut and started animation in 1981 with The Smurfs. He was Lewald in the 1995 edition of Spiderman, and has done such video games as Spycraft: The Great Game, Panic In The Park, and two Star Trek video games. He appeared in Alias as Alliance Member Alain Christophe and was in the Scorpion King as a Tribal Leader. His most recent credits were a cameo in Bones, Smokin Aces as Primo and Diamond Zero as Quentin Leeds.

We then head outside as Scrooge and the nephews walk north into an alleyway while Donald stops and notices them and yells for them as he is in between six baskets stacked up in two rows of three. And of course they are the contrived hiding places for heel #1 and heel #2 as they do the We Are Not Worthy spot on Donald as they hail the Garbled One. Donald backs up as the heels want to show him the palace; but Donald no sells because he wants the tour after he finds the nephews. Donald's arm get grabbed as heel #1 states that they must leave at once and Donald pulls his arm away and proclaims that they have to kidnap him. Good going Donald; give the heels ideas, that's real smart of you. Donald goes in between them and then gets grabbed and stuffed into the basket as his camera and sailor hat get stripped onto the ground in the process. Then we see Scrooge and the nephews noticing Donald being kidnapped as Scrooge wonder what he has gotten himself into this time. By the time we go halfway through the episode; I don't think Scrooge would like to know. We then see the heel tie the basket with ropes (and Donald is inside) and then they roll it away stage left with Donald being hot tempered as usual.

Huey and Louie notice the camera and hat as they grab those and Scrooge notices them going north down the street as that leads to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE BASKET EDITION~! Neato spot occurs as they jump over a wall using Donald and the basket as a springboard and then heel #1 pulls heel #2 over the wall. Scrooge and the nephews do the human ladder chain spot as Huey invokes the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH and proclaims that they are getting away. NO?! REALLY?! We see the heels riding away with their camels into the desert as Scrooge and the nephews are forced to stop since they wouldn't last a day without water and supplies. Funny since Baloo and Louie managed to live through ¾ of a day easily. I think these ducks are total wimps. Or not. Scrooge wants a guide and someone offers a guide for them (a dogsperson with the heelish black beard and mustache, wearing green/white striped gear and bandana; voiced by Peter Cullen) since he has camels and knows the desert like the hot wind that blows across it. Scrooge asks for the fee and it's a half price sale this time as Scrooge wants to haggle over the price; but doesn't. HAHA! I see this guide knows Scrooge too well. Scrooge and the nephews exit stage right; as the guide turns heelish on them and his amulet necklace is exposed which he is forced to put back. Which indicates that he is one of the heels of this story.

So we head into the desert with heel #1 and heel #2 riding three camels with the middle camel holding the basket of the kidnapped Donald. They manage to make it to the palace (complete with Crescent Moon which would be painted out of anime dubs I might add). We then head inside to the throne room (and it's all outside) in front of the stone sphinx as a crowd gathers around as a priestess (dogsperson in a white dress; golden snake tiara and a green trim on the front of the neck with black hair) holding a golden Egyptian Jar proclaims on the near shot that the Garbled One will return to earthly form. The priestess is voiced by Marilyn Lightstone who was from Montreal Canada and started with Lies My Father Taught Me as Annie Herman in 1975. She is another actress who was on The King Of Kensington so I like her already. She also was in In Praise of Older Women, Love, 3 Days, Spasms, The Wild Pony, The Tin Flute and the Surrogate. She also was in the animated movie Heavy Metal and started animation with Heathcliff in 1984 and Kissyfur in 1985. She was Crasher in Gobots, Alice Mitchell in Dennis The Meance and did additional voices in The Super Mario Brothers Super Show. Ducktales was her DTVA debut and she also did a cameo in Darkwing Duck. She also was Muriel Pettibone in Road to Avonlea and Sunny Bernstein in Street Legal and Kay in ENG. She also appeared in Iron Eagle IV, Timescape and Crow's Nest. Her final credit was Madeline: My Fair Madeline and Dennis the Menace in Cruise Control as Miss Higginsbottom and Alice Mitchell/Martha Wilson.

There is also a pig furry sitting near the throne wearing a goofy purple hat and purple suit with white trim on the neck carrying a large golden cane staff. He claims that it will happen even if it takes a thousand years. And until then; the High Priest rules and that is him (I'm amazed a heel priest can be called that in Disney; but not in Shaman King). I'm guessing that he is either Sarkus or Khufu; but I'm not sure. Speaking of the heels; in they come with the tied up basket with Donald inside as they claim that they found the Garbled One is inside Donald. Considering Donald's temper; that makes sense sort of. They put the basket down' untie him and bring out Donald as the priestess examines him by the beak and proclaims that he is the one. The crowd pops and hails the Garbled One right on cue. I'm certain the crowd voices are everything who did the recording on that day; I guess. The makeup is mostly dogspeople and pigs as usual with Ducktales species. The priestess orders heel #1 and heel #2 to bathe him and feed him; and to prepare him for the ceremony. The moon is right for midnight as heel #1 and heel #2 take Donald away stage left. They go into the Garbled One's private quarters as Donald struggles; but then notices about seven virgins inside. Oh boy! That is not going to go over well today. Donald calls them toots as the high priest watches on (Strange since he wasn't involved in forcing Donald inside the quarters) and he wants him dead like all the other because he will lose power very soon.

Cue evil laugh as we go near a Egyptian temple which has a watering hole as the camels drink up; while the nephews look around. The guide tells Scrooge that it is time to set up camp and Scrooge blows him off because he wants to pull an all nighter to find Donald. We then cut to the nephews sitting on some curved stones looking at the camera and feeling bad for their Uncle Donald. The guide takes the camera and offers to take their pictures and both Scrooge and the nephews accept as they strike a pose. The guide tells them to take three steps back and then we see him near the written stone as he uses his foot to strike a lever (WRONG LEVER!) and that opens a trap door about a foot behind the nephews and Scrooge. Dewey asks about the sound which shows that he is not exactly thrilled with this setup. They take another step backwards (idiots!) and fall into a basement room as the guide mocks them with goat cheese before leaving and sealing up the top. Scrooge blows off the half price offer (What did you expect you cheapskate!) as the light slowly goes and then it's pitch black as the nephews proclaim that it is a trap. NO?! REALLY?!

Scrooge strikes a match and we have light (if Toon Disney doesn't cut this scene out; then they have no excuse for cutting the Chamber of Eternal Night scene from In Search of Ancient Blunders. Scrooge proclaims that everything is going to be all right and then the walls come closing in. HAHA! Don't you just love it when Scrooge is shown to be wrong. I'm sure it's every hardcore gamers' wet dream. And just for overkill; the statues on the walls also have spike like spears as Scrooge wants them to hurry and find a way out and naturally the flame hits Scrooge's fingers and goes out. Scrooge lights another match as Dewey tells them to search the walls. Louie of course proclaims that they cannot read hieroglyphics. That has to be a complete bummer to the intellegence levels of these ducks doesn't it? Dewey then realizes that they can; all due to the LIBERAL RED BOOK OF LIES THE KIDS EDITION~! POW! OUCH! Ummm...I mean the Junior Woodchuck Guide Book.

Dewey translates it as “To escape; push belly button”. Okay; that is more disturbing than they have intended as Dewey pushes on the belly button of an image of a female and that springs a trap door and the ducks fall down the slide as the spears break against the wall; even though they miss the wall by about a foot. Not one of TMS' brightest moments and they land with wussy bumps inside a dark cave with dark lighting. Even funnier; the WHITE EYES OF DOOM show up and they look invisible since there is not enough darkness to engulf the bodies and therefore we should still see them. Scrooge lights another match and then finds the conveniently placed torch and lights that. At least it didn't light itself this time (Raiders of the Lost Harp; I'm looking at thee!) as Scrooge proclaims that they will get out of trouble and sadly we get the MAZE OF DOOM from The Golden Fleecing. Dewey comments about Donald's troubles of course.

So we head to Donald (in royal Egyptian clothing) on a bed of pillows getting fed grapes by a female dog virgin with breasts. How does Disney get away with this and not 4Kids; since the shows are basically for the same demographic?! The female holding the turkey is in brown clothing (and there are midriffs abound) as Donald wants a nap and wants to phone Scrooge and the nephews tomorrow. Heel #1 asks what the hell did Donald say and the high priestess doesn't know; but gives him rest anyway. He needs his strength for tomorrow's ceremony anyway as they walk away outside. So we head to the Donald Sphinx AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as the high priest goes into the sphinx (which doubles as a treasure room natch) and uses a torch to light the big ass torch in the middle of the sphinx.

He goes to his scroll of spells displayed on a winged monster (and there is a coffin to the left which looks downright weird) as he goes onto the stepladder and chants some African spells as the smoke opens the coffin as he addresses the mummy inside (dogperson in mummy wrap) as Kahoofu (According to Disney Captions; Chris has it as Khufu which makes total sense here. Voiced by Peter Cullen) and the high priest name is Sarkus (Sacos according to Chris; I think Disney Captions got this one right) who is voiced by Larry Moss (Chris has it as Peter Cullen; but USIMDB has him as Larry Moss) who started his career in the R-rated animated movie The Nine Lives of Fritz The Cat in 1974. He was in the Patriot as Devon, Fatal Attraction as a Party Guest, Jaws: The Revenge, Miles From Home, Fatal Judgement as Dr. A, Coupe De Ville, Cover Up, Scissors and Beauty And The Beast. He also was in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, Babe: Pig In The City, and Deuces Wild. He was in cameos such as Knight Rider, Meitantei Holmes, The Fall Guy and Fame. He has only done a few animated series such as Scooby And Scrappy Doo in 1979; the Smurfs in 1981 and The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest in 1996. Ducktales is his only DTVA debut. He was in Battlezone and Quest For Glory V video games. His final credit was the Elder in Glenn Beck's most hated movie: Happy Feet. So servants #1 and #2 are either Alan Young, Joe Raskin, Larry Moss, Peter Cullen, or Tony depending on what mood I was in when doing this rant.

Khufu opens his eyes as Sarkus is happy that this spell is working. Sarkus orders Khufu to remove a threat from his power (in this case Donald Duck) as Khufu moans and groans. Khufu does the zombie walk of doom as Sarkus tells him to obey him or he will never be free from the mummy's curse. He tells him to go to the royal chambers and find him in order to gain his freedom as the mummy zombie walks away stage right. He zombie walks out as Sarkus tells him to destroy him and laughs badly. Man; that lisp is annoying as Khafu zombie walks in the desert night towards the royal chambers. We then see Donald inside the royal chambers sleeping with the Wa-wa-wa-wa sound. I see where the nephews got it from and Donald got the copyright from it. Then we hear Khufu moaning and groaning loudly this time around as he stalks Donald with the shadow. Donald blows him and Grimitz off because he is in charge now. HAHA! If only Donald; if only. Khufu stalks his prey as he puts his arm out and that ends the segment nearly 10 and a half minutes in. Pretty good one thus far.

After the commercial break; we get another shot of Donald as he turned on his right side as Khufu stalks with his shadow again and does his moaning again. He tries to grab Donald; but Donald sleep dodges him. HAHA! Khufu shakes his head and then pulls the covers on the left side of the bed and Donald goes flying stage right and takes a wussy bump on his ass in front of the Garbled One Golden Statue doing the Egyptian Dance. How fitting for someone like Donald. Donald wakes up as Khufu stalks him and Donald gets frightened like a timid bunny rabbit. What a shock?! Khufu growls this time as Donald hides behind the statue (on his head no less) as Khufu tries to stomp him; but Donald dodges stage left and destroys the entire statue. Prick. Khufu sees Donald's stocking purple cap and thinks he has MURDERED him and then zombie walks away stage right. Riiiiiiggggghhhhhtttt. Khufu laughs along the way as Donald is seen behind the left side of the bed and then goes right back to sleep thinking it was only just a dream. HAHA! If only Donald; if only. So we return to the temple as we go to the front entrance and Scrooge and the nephew open the front double doors (badly drawn I might add) and walk out with the torch as the wind is whipping. Man; the lighting is amazing in this scene as it looks almost like night in real life. Scrooge notices that the guide has run off with the camels.

Dewey then notices the camel tracks are close to Donald's camel tracks as Scrooge hopes that means that the destination is nearby. We then go to the scene changer as Donald is sitting in his royal chair eating a feast as expected. He is being fed with grapes as Donald calls this being in charge is not so bad after all as he giggles. I see the virgins are fanning him and feeding him grapes at the throne room while the priestess watches on. Donald asks what he should do first; and asks about a speech to his subjects. The priestess proclaims that the speech is out of the question as Sarkus appears from a pillar and is outraged that Donald is still alive. See; never trust a mummy to do a daddy's job. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm... Donald agrees as some servant is being used as a foot stool for Donald's leg. Donald calls this the best vacation ever. Oh; and it is not over yet, not by a long shot. Then the FCC Navy ships show up in his eyes as Donald realizes that he has to get back to Grimitz right now. Donald jumps from his throne and pounces on a female virgin in the process (I smell Toon Disney snip).

He tries to escape; but two arms grab him who are green guard and red guard (dogspersons wearing matching gear; only in green and red.). Donald yells at them to let him go as we see heel #1, heel #2 and the priestess explain to him to forget his other life as he can rule Garbabble forevermore once his spirit is replaced. Heel #1 proclaims that the moon is right for tonight as Donald lets go and gets evil as he wants them to bow before him since he is the king of Garbabble. The subject sell it as they bow and Donald wants them to lower and they bow with lower voices. HAHA! Donald tells them to bow lower until they touch the floor and the subjects sell; even Sarkus. Donald states that it is good and then he runs away stage left. What a bunch of fools these people are? Then again; what can you expect from a dicatorship?! Then they get the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and go after him into the passageway with red guard, green guard, heel #1 and the priestess. They look past the door which of course contains Donald inside. Donald blows them off for trying to make him king as heel #1 wants to look in the room Donald is and the priestess blows him off because no one would be stupid enough to hide in the jackal pit. Donald would be torn to shreds see as Donald turns around and sees a pit filled with jackals. HAHA! Donald opens the door and screams as he runs out and does the Shaggy spot on the priestess. HAHA! The priestess is not amused by that as he giggles. Donald proclaims to long live the king.

So we logically go to the throne room again as the crowd chants for their king and green guard brings in Donald who struggles and swears in his usual style. Green guard throws Donald onto the throne as Donald wants answers to this outrage. Green guard uses the sword to prevent Donald from getting out again. So we head outside the gate with more chanting as Scrooge and the nephews arrive. They go inside as the nephews wonder why the palace isn't busting with people and Scrooge deduces that they are at the strange ceremony. The nephews wonder if Donald is there; and Scrooge proclaims that he would not be surprised if he was as he looks at the statue. The nephews gasp in horror as we cut back to the throne area as the priestess has the jar and proclaims that it is time to release the spirit of the Garbled One. One of the female dogsperson servants opens the jar and out comes the spirit smoke as he looks exactly like Donald; only more angry. We then cut to the steps as Scrooge and the nephews wonder what they are doing to Donald. Scrooge claims that it will be an improvement regardless as Donald meets his spiritual ancestor as Donald pleads that he doesn't want to be king at all.

The spirit engulfs Donald as we get a shot of the face up close and then cut to a shot of the crescent moon and then a pan southeast towards the throne room. Donald looks like a zombie now as the moon beam from the sphinx's mouth above shoots a laser towards the top of Donald's crescent moon on the top of his helmet and it resonates white waves from Donald. The Garbled One is born as he rises and laughs with an evil laugh. As opposed to the regular laugh Donald uses? We then cut back to the steps as Scrooge comments on the half price guide being in attendance as he and the nephews get stalked from behind and then blows off the guide as a no good worm...and it so happens that the guide is the one stalking them. HAHA! Scrooge turns around and stammers like Honker being bullied by Drake.

Garbled Donald rises up again and introduces himself as the crowd bow and hail the new king of Garbabble. Garbled Donald has had enough of this bowing and wants them to salute him and say aye-aye sir. HAHA! Heel #1 is confused; but the priestess proclaims that they must obey him anyway. And then in comes the guide with Scrooge and the nephews in tow as he tells them they are intruders and they were caught spying. Scrooge and the nephews get dropped with better bumps off-screen as Garbled Donald proclaims that they look familiar and the guide explains that they were his friends in his earthly form. Sakrus enters (I wonder where he went?) tells them the traditional punishment is in order for this one as the babyfaces huddle together and Sakrus wants them fed to the jackals. I wonder why that pit was there; other than to make Donald look stupid. The crowd pops for that one which proves that in a dicatorship; it takes nothing to amuse them. Garbled Donald orders silence since he gives the orders around here see. Sakrus apologizes with a thousand pardons and then salutes him after almost blowing the orders. HAHA! Dewey is happy that Donald is king and therefore there is no jackal pit for them. And then morning arrives; and Scrooge and the nephews get tied in rack formation against the sand as the servants hammer the stakes down. It's nice to know Donald is a good enough sadists to make sure the nephews don't get protected here. I wish he was in this series more often. Donald orders them of course and let the vultures pick their bones as shadows of vultures fly overhead in a neat spot. That officially ends the segment sixteen minutes in. Wow; I thought this would come at the first commercial break and then Khufu does his murdering of the mummy. Oh well....

After the commercial break; we get a ground shot of the vultures flying around overhead and then we pan down to the babyfaces being absolutely helpless. Now in a TaleSpin fanfic; Kit Cloudkicker got out of this one by himself. Okay; we pan down actually to Garbled Donald in his throne chair being fanned by green guard as the priestess and Sakrus watch on. Dewey talks about Donald being under an evil spell or something. Huey doesn't like the shape they are in either. Nice attention to detail to put the caps on each of the stakes of the victims too TMS. Scrooge states that it was the moon beams that let the spirit take over Donald's body. Scrooge sweats (nice touch there) as he has an idea as he asks Donald if something is missing and Donald asks what is missing. Scrooge proclaims that it is a pyramid as every great pharaoh has one. Garbled Donald asks the priestess about it and then gets all pissy and hissy about it. Yeap; he's only a more sadist version of Donald. Scrooge offers him and the nephews to build him one and Sakurs calls them out because it's trick and he cannot trust them.

Funny how Sakrus is now allowing Donald to have his way after trying to kill him earlier with Khufu. Garbled Donald agrees to it and tells the guards to release them to get the pyramid started. So we then cut to a ground near the sphinx where Sakrus swabs the ground with the SHANE DOUGLAS MOP OF DOOM and bucket. HAHA! Sakrus proclaims that the meddler's dynasty is about to end soon. Khufu will walk again tonight in earnest. We then cut to the area where the pyramid is going to be (with a helpful bill board just to make it worse for Scrooge and the nephews) as Scrooge proclaims that they have made some progress which is just about ten blocks tops. Dewey proclaims that it will only take them 28,611 years to finish. HAHA! Huey rubs his back as Scrooge tells them not to worry. HA! Like that worked earlier with the moving wall right? The guide arrives just as Scrooge was whisper yelling about a break for tonight as he tells them to return to the palace before HAPPY HOUR (Before it gets dark). Before the mummy comes out as Huey gets scared by it because somehow grabbing someone by the throat and rising from the tomb is scary. HA! That's a normal Saturday night for the nephews. The guide tells them to go and everyone is happy to leave stage left.

So we go inside a prison cell (with blue/green lighting in effect) as the nephews do a human chain ladder spot with the bandages. This is not going to work at all; since the nephews' legs blow their cover right in advance. Dewey wonders if this is going to work (Oh; the irony) as Scrooge goes to the door and proclaims that they will find out soon enough. Scrooge goes to the bars and screams for help from the guards. Then the guide arrives wondering where Scrooge went as he disappeared stage left. He opens the door which create enough light to cast a shadow of the mummy nephews to do their projection scare pose. Next time; never open a door for anyone as the guide gasps and screams before running away. Scrooge comes out as the nephews follow stumbling and bumbling of course. So we go to the scene changer as Scrooge and the nephews practice the fine art of not being seen in between pillars in Scooby Doo fashion. Scrooge proclaims that they must find Donald and remove the spell. Scrooge goes around the pillar from the left; the nephews to the right as Scrooge sees the shadow and blows off the nephews for pranking him. With that moan Scroogie?! We see Khufu and then pan down to his legs as Dewey appears to tell him that it's not them.

Scrooge gets the point of the moaning and stammers before ducking Khufu's POWER OF THE PUNCH into the pillar doing some decent damage (for a mummy) in the process. Scrooge backs up against a big ass Egyptian rug as the shadow stalks him. Scrooge climbs the rugs like a rug rat (HA!) ; so Khufu grabs the rug and shakes it all about for fun as Scrooge panics on cue. Scrooge falls down; but the rug somehow snags the mummy. Explain THAT one kids?! Khufu struggles inside as Scrooge and the nephews bail stage left. Khufu punches through the rug and tears it apart (Huh?) and then moans and goes stage left towards the steps. Regardless; we head inside Garbled Donald's bedroom as Donald is sleeping again and then he slowly wakes up and sees Khufu moaning and groaning in his sights. Donald is scared stiff as Khufu tries to go for the choke hold of death; but in comes Scrooge and the nephews with a torch as Scrooge threatens him with it. We get some torch waving as Khufu backs away and he looks frightened as he back away towards the right side and cries like a mummy would as the torch gets flinged down to the floor with the power of suggestion. Khufu thinks he has won; but he steps on the torch and his bandages get set on fire. D'OH! I sense Khufu's IQ is that of a randomly selected paint chip.

He gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and we get the HB ouchie sound effect (the same one from Pound of the Baskervilles). Khufu stomps his foot to put out the fire and runs out. Scrooge and the nephews cheer for that lucky victory. Scrooge grabs the torch and notices Donald looks like a zombie as his eyes go all wonky and then he talks about sailor talk while looking absolutely drunk. Scrooge proclaims that Donald is fighting with his former self to get out; so they must get him to the throne room before midnight. Donald dances on the bed doing the navy song of doom as Scrooge grabs his left leg and he gets dragged away. So we head to the throne area as the nephews and Scrooge manage to get him onto the throne; but Donald still struggles like mad while singing another song. I don't know what is worse for Scrooge and the nephews: Donald struggling or Donald trying to sing navy songs?!

Scrooge then has a plan and he tells Seaman Donald to be at ease and Donald salute him and then faints away. Ooooookkkkkkkaaaayyyy. Huey proclaims that they won't have any problems now; but here comes Sakrus from the back side and he order Khufu to destroy them all. So here comes Khufu from the blind side as the nephews and Scrooge magically get to the back side of the throne and notice him right away. Louie points out the obvious as Scrooge wants a torch at once. Huey states that there aren't any as Khufu stalks his prey slowly doing the usual zombie walk. Without Donald to bring the funny; this is pretty much an average Scooby Doo episode. Huey then proclaims that they are going to be mummified. Okay; that is a pretty unique way to avoid the word kill. Khufu groans and then the moon beams shoot from the sphinx above and hit the crescent moon on Donald's hat. Garbled Donald is released and goes over to Khufu and calls him an old friend. Garbled Donald proclaims that he too is cursed to an eternity of unrest. He unwraps the bandages revealing Khufu as a dogperson servant (or general) and tells him that it is time to go. Khufu and Garbled Donald float away into the sky as Scrooge and the nephews watch on.

So we head to morning at the entrance of the palace as the heel #1 is leading Sakrus away stage left tied up (I wonder how the priestess conversation went in that one?) as we pan over to the priestess and the crowd addressing Donald, Scrooge and the nephews on the camels as she talks about relying on magic and superstition for centuries. It has made them sheep; living in the past of their ancestors. Scrooge forgives them as hard work and the priestess as their leader; he is certain the people of Garbabble will find the outside world rewarding. Yeap; the moral is do not think religion can save you from grief; more or less. The 700 Club will not be pleased about this happening. Not that I care. Scrooge, Donald and the nephew leave stage right on the camel as we go to a sky shot of the harbor in Cairo (I guess) as we see an orange jet plane leaving the area.

We then cut to inside the plane as we see the nephews watching on commenting about Donald's aircraft carrier. Scrooge sees it from his seat as he laughs it up. The nephews wonder if Grimitz is steamed for Donald getting back two days late. Wait a second. He was only gone three days tops. So his vacation lasted 24 hours?! Logic break #1 for the episode. Then again; it's the FCC Navy for ye. Scrooge proclaims that it wasn't Donald's fault (which is true in this case) and he thinks Grimitz will be understanding of the situation. And if you cannot guess Grimitz's reaction and what happens to Donald next; you have no business reading this rant. Damn; I'm good as we head to the deck of the FCC Navy as Grimitz blows him off as I expected him to. Donald gulps as his punishment is to swab the deck..and that means the whole deck. HAHA! Donald salutes him as he is pretty angry himself as he gets the SHANE DOUGLS MOP OF DOOM and starts swabbing. He gets his trademark phrase Aw phooey for good measure too to end the episode at 21:16. Just an average solid Ducktales love in; with some funny stuff from Donald. *** ¾ (75%).


Well; I don't have much to say for this one as it was basically another average Ducktales episode with the usual Donald Duck placing; who didn't get much in the way of funny. Sakrus and Khufu were basically your standard heels and the priestess was pretty much just another character who didn't do much. Other than the death trap spot near the end of the second act; this was basically just a solid episode with nothing awesome; but nothing terrible or boring either. Which suits me just fine since it means that they didn't do anything stupid as there was really only one logic breaks and TMS was on for the most part minus the bad bumps. Overall; another solid episode and we move on to the next episode Where No Ducks Have Gone Before featuring Major Courage and the DTVA debut of Doofus Drake. Not to mention that I have officially finished half of the Ducktales series with this rant. So.....

Thumbs in the middle pointing up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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