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Master of the Djinni

Reviewed: 10/20/2009

You just knew Bobo would get involved somehow.....

So our second half of day two of the Ducktales features one of the first episode in DTVA to use the Aladdin plotline that I hated with Monty in Lad In The Lamp. It's yet another thrilling battle between Flintheart and Scrooge as well. So let's rant on shall we...?!

This episode is written by Sam Joseph and Manette Beth Rosen. The story is edited by Patsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti. Sam Warren Joseph wrote the television movie Off Your Rocker and did Paws Paws, Batman: The Animated Series, Dennis The Menace (1986), The Further Adventures of Super Ted and Beast Wars. Manette Beth Rosen has done a number of movies with Midnight Kiss, The Beach Girls, Malibu Beach, The White Buffalo, Jackson County Jail and co-wrote the movie (Oh lord) Karla which is a movie about child murderer Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. So it's going to be difficult to keep my bias at the door here. Ducktales is her only DTVA credit and she's working on The Romanian Tomb in 2011!

We begin this one in the streets as a newsboy proclaims that Scrooge found the locked vault of Aladdin (Russi Taylor of course) as we pan over to various furries reading the newspaper of course. We look at the picture in the newspaper as Scrooge has a map and is on a camel while the newsboy proclaims that Scrooge is starting the expedition to find the magic lamp. So we logically head to Flintheart's castle (which looks evil with evil trees surrounding it and an iron gate) as Flint orders someone to get his jet plane ready for take off in 30 minutes as Flint is in his office slamming the phone down on his desk. He wants to beat Scrooge to the magic lamp see. He is going by camel see as we see two henchmen (one is a duck; the other is a dogsperson wearing brown coats and cowboy hats) and the duck one asks how they are going to find the lamp.

Golmgold's henchmen is voiced by the later Roger C. Carmel (passed away in 1986) and started with Stage Struck movie in 1958 as a stagehand. He went on to cameos in Everglades, Car 54; Where Are You?, Look Up and Live, Naked City, Route 66, The Man From UNCLE, My Living Doll, Batman: The Live Action Series, I Spy, the original Star Trek (!!!), The Smothers Brothers show, and in movies such as The Venetian Affair, Gambit and Alvarez Kelly. His breakout role was Roger Buell in The Mothers-in-Law and debut on Disney in 1969 with My Dog; The Thief as McClure. He began voice acting in 1971 with Aesop's Fables and Star Trek: The Animated Series (BOO YAH!). He was Cyclonus and Unicron in Transformers and Starnose in Glo Friends. The Adventures of The Gummi Bears was his DTVA debut and Ducktales would be his final credit before hypertensive cardiomyopathy laid him low in November of 1986.

See; they don't have...THE MAP~! Flint claims that they do (This paper is the Duckburg Times by the way) as Flint uses the magnifying glass on Scrooge's picture which shows an obvious map with an X on it. D'OH! So we head into the desert as Scrooge and the nephews are riding on two camels in the hot blazing sun to waste some time. Scrooge looks at the map and sees a mountain dead ahead which contains the vault of Aladdin of course. The nephews ask about the lamp, the genie and three wishes as Scrooge wishes he knew. And then Scrooge sees his worst nightmare come to life as Flint's white jet plane arrives above their heads and then lands on the back side of the mountain. Flint proclaims that he'll never find them on the back side of the mountain and proclaims that Scrooge will wish he never found that map and crackles gleefully. You don't know the half of that Flint. We head to the front side of the mountain as Scrooge and the nephews climb up the mountain commenting on Aladdin's security. Scrooge agrees with the security because in the wrong hands; the magic lamp is very dangerous. Pray due tell Scroogie. So we head onto the back side of the mountain as Flint and his two henchmen pant and proclaim that they cannot go on (the duck on sezs it). Flint blows them off and decides to go at it alone. He unties the rope and blows off the lackeys for not being good. Flint climbs up with ease; with the only difficult part being a steep cliff face which he struggles. HAHA!

Flint sees the wooden doors to the large vault (with steel bolts and panels I might add) as Flint tries to open it from the left side; but no dice. Try the right side; maybe it is weaker that way and Aladdin is left handed. Or something like that. Flint claims to know the combination as he brings out about three sticks of TNT. YAY! That's the spirit Flint! Murder that vault door the old Bugs Bunny way. AHHAHAHAHAHA! We go back to the front side as they make it about half way and are forced to stop as Scrooge wonders if they are on the wrong side of the mountain. The nephews rest on the ground; while Scrooge sits on the conveniently placed rock which has to be a rock trap door of some kind. I check the DVD.... Close enough as the explosion happens and the ground crumbles where the rock is and Scrooge free falls down the hole with the rope hanging from the side. The nephews manage to brace the rope against the rocks and Scrooge lands about two feet from the ground. Dewey asks if Scrooge is all right and Scrooge states that he is (with rocks surrounding him below as we look inside the vault to see on the pan shot; the golden lamp of Aladdin resting on a tall stone column. Scrooge has the Pif helmet on and loses his cane as he hears Flint's voice and gasps in horror as Flint is on the right side near the door of the vault. Flint runs in as he notices the lamp on the column and Scrooge attempts to untie himself and we get some playground level insults to past the time. Scrooge unties himself just as Flint climbs the column; but struggles. Scrooge climbs up from the left side (Democrat!); while Flint goes to the right side (Republican!) . They both grab the lamp at the same time. No wonder ladder matches in wrestling are so boring; this cartoon is the BEST version of it and they didn't even USE a ladder at all.

More playground insults as we get the lamp version of tug-o-war. They drop to the ground as Scrooge gets the lamp when Flint has released it. In a ladder match; Scrooge would be the winner; but this isn't a ladder match so the tug-o-war MUST CONTINUE from the floor! Sadly; both of them let go as the smoke cloud creeps from the lamp (AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, MOVIE RATING AND QUACK PACK EPISODES!) to reveal Djinni (hence the episode title) who is a dogperson genie with red pants, green shoes and a yellow/purple striped hat with a red stripe parting the middle of it. He's also fat and flesh colored. Basically; nothing like Aladdin's genie in the Disney Aladdin movie. Djinni is relieved to get out of there too (voiced by the late Howard Morris; the Bobo 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo voice gives it clear away). He pulls out his bloody hourglass from his pants (HOLY CRAP- There's a BS&P nightmare right there) and it's 1200 years to be exact. That is one perverted hourglass there buddy. He blows off Aladdin for this and asks about who will be his new master. And of course both claim it at the same time. Personally; Scrooge wins on the basis that he had the lamp to himself on the freefall to the ground first. But that is one man's opinion of course. More playground level insults...Geez guys; just punch each other in the kisser right now and get it over with. It's not worth soiling your reputation to act like little kids.

Djinni blows them off for their childish antics and my respect for him has gone up about three notches already. Djinni asks who rubbed the lamp first and Scrooge chuckles and concedes that they rubbed it at the same time. Okay; now that makes sense. Flint lies of course and we get more playground level insults. Djinni is of course forbidden to serve two masters which makes him a narrow minded little magic creep; but whatever. Djinni wants to find a way to settle the score on this one. Djinni wonders and then sees Huey climb down to the ground proclaiming the last one down is a rotten egg (which is apporos considering their spieces) and Huey wins and Louie is the rotten egg as Huey and the nephews get bumped down onto the ground and he is on bottom. HAHA! Kind of like QP Huey is right now. Figures; knowing Louie's pranks. Djinni sees this as a great idea and snaps his fingers and disappears. HAHA! Djinni blows himself off for doing that of course and reappears as Huey gets off Quackeroonie #1 for the episode almost five and a half minutes in. Why didn't Gadget take the hint in Rescue Rangers not to say Golly every two minutes or so? Djinni giggles as he tells them how this is going to be settled. The two will have a race (that is so unoriginal since that is how these things always end up); winner becomes the master of the magic lamp. Loser doesn't get to eat Flint's stereotypical hat (BS&P: BOO! HISS!). The race is from here to back home in Duckburg where they live and Flint complains because it's unfair since he has to go further than Scrooge does. Scrooge thinks Flint is a lair and we get....say it with me....MORE playground level insults. And you thought Chip & Dale was overplayed? Djinni concedes that this is a problem and wants them to agree on a location to finish the race. They of course don't as Djinni claims that they agree on THAT at least. Dewey then has a location in mind: The Duckburg Ice Cream Parlor. Huey claims that is where Flint and Scrooge see each other....unintentionally of course as Louie would say. I doubt that last one Louie; wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

Djinni agrees to it and of course he calls it the You Scream Parlor. HAHA! Sadly; he is going to have more lamp cramps as Scrooge then starts buttering him up for him to go to his mansion and getting the Grade S treatment; until the race is over. Flint gleefully points out the same thing I am pointing out to Scrooge. Scrooge hides behind the shirts of his nephews (How drole?!) and pushes them forward as Scrooge proclaims that the staff will take good care of him. The nephews are not so sure; but Djinni is liking this role reversal. Djinni snaps his fingers; agrees to the terms and both the nephews and Djinni disappear into thin air. Scrooge panics wondering where they went. Scrooge's animation is pretty shadowy to say the least as he notices Flint causally walks out of the vault. Scrooge gasps in horror and Scrooge runs out to follow. So we head back inside the living room as Mrs. Beakly is sitting in her chair knitting a yellow something for Webby I guess while Duckworth has a bronze plate of some papers. Beakly proclaims that she will be relieved when the nephews come back home. And speaking of the boys; the nephews and Djinni appear before her and Beakly shrieks....badly. Huey greets Mrs. Beakly and introduces their newest dinner guest Djinni as he flashes the title teeth.

So we head to the back side of the mountain as Scrooge climbs down to the bottom and looks for Flint's escape path. We pan left to behind a rock where henchmen #1 and #2 are hiding and they flop onto Scrooge and rough him up as Flint causally walks in spinning his flute from the right side. Flint introduces his henchmen of doom as henchmen #1 still sounds drunk. Scrooge accuses Flint of being a cheater. I don't see a DQ clause in this contracted race Scroogie. You are hosed and you know it. Flint blows him off and walks off stage right; while Scrooge struggles without putting a dent into an escape. So we head inside the dining room as Djinni gets Scrooge's seat while everyone else sits in their regular seats. Except for Duckworth of course. Djinni is eating up a storm with his hands as he opens the platter and steals a steak from it and closes the dome. HEE HEE! Djinni loves Mrs. Beakly's cooking by the way as Beakly is more worried about the nephews lack of hunger. The nephews are worried about Scrooge big time and Mrs. Beakly at least is understanding of the situation. Mrs. Beakly doesn't like the silly race either as she drinks up her orange juice (or wine depending on what mood I was in when doing this rant.)/ Djinni's voice sounds terrible on the tasty promo as he floats up and asks what is a swimming pool. Huey shrugs on that one.

So we head back to the back side of the mountain as Scrooge is tied down and up against a rock and gives a hand to Flint for getting the three wishes and get all the gold as well. Namely; his gold of course. Henchmen #1 turns around and ask what gold. Scrooge explains that the vault is full of gold see. Plus; Flint is going to keep all that gold for himself see. Henchmen #1 and #2 climb up the mountain to protest this outrage to Flint as Scrooge chuckles on cue. Scrooge uses his foot to grab his cane and he unhooks the rope and that releases him easily. That must be one of those knot busting skills Huey demonstrated in Send In The Clones. As I said before; TIE THE DAMN KNEES! Don Karnage had no problems doing it to Kit. We then cut to the mountain side as Flint climbs down struggling and down comes Scrooge doing it more easily thanks to the rope of course. Flint then magically lands on a flat portion of the mountain and lights a TNT stick (I smell Toon Disney cut commencing here) and throws it onto some rocks and it explodes. The rocks loosen up from the mountain and head down the hill towards Scrooge as Flint cues the evil laugh. Scrooge gasps in horror as we get more shots of the rocks and that ends the segment nine minutes in.

After the commercial break; we go to a reverse shot of Flint laughing as there is a lighter colored slab which I betcha will come apart and he goes crashing down. I check the DVD.....Damn; I'm good as Scrooge hides behind a rock slabs and let's the rocks crash down near him. Flint goes rock boarding taking some really nasty bumps along the way and goes off the ramp where Scrooge is hiding and then slides onto the sand; flips onto it's left side and slices the back of Flint's jet plane in two. HAHA! Flint stops in front of the stone slab as Scrooge asks if he is all right. Flint turns around and whines as his plane is wrecked and Scrooge blows him off for cheating again. Flint blows him off in kind because at least he is back where he belongs; in the lead as he runs away stage left. Scrooge blows off his chuckling as he climbs down. So we head back to the mansion to the swimming pool as the nephews and Mrs. Beakly watch Djinni bopping up and down in the water having a fun time. He calls this more refreshing than the Fountains of Fatima. How fitting considering that he could be Hoppo's or Beakly's girlfriend. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! POW! OUCH! OUCH! Ummmm... Or the great water falls of Saladin.

His splashing is so kick ass as Huey is betting Scrooge would like to have a dip in the swimming pool right about now. So we logically go to the desert as Scrooge wants a dip in the pool right now too. HAHA! He follows Flint's webfoot prints of course and hopes the nephews will be taken care of soon. Scrooge then gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY realizing that if Flint has three wishes he wouldn't leave them with a dime and he stops sweating and starts to run faster. We then head to the mansion AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Djinni and the nephews are inside doing something Djinni has never seen anything like it before: Nice animation on the lamps by TMS on the gate. We then see Djinni watching television on the green chair drinking some lemonade in a glass as the nephews aren't interested in watching television on the couch as Duckworth just stands there with his bronze platter. The nephews are still worried about Scrooge see. Djinni claims that he is all right and uses his zapping powers to change the channel from a Godzilla monster fighting movie (it's TMS; what did you expect?) and we see Scrooge struggling in the sandbox of death. Huey feels sorry for Scrooge as Djinni wants more lemonade for Duckworth; thus explaining his presence right there. He puts it on the platter and Duckworth is not amused by this as he walks out of the room and in comes Mrs. Beakly to tell the nephews that it is bedtime. The nephews sulk about Scrooge as they walk out of the room allowing Djinni to zap the television again to the channel as Scrooge has caught up to Flint and it's BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (Sunset). Quick logic break: If it's night time in Duckburg; shouldn't it be noon time where they are; or at least 3 pm; instead of 7 pm? And since they are near the equator; shouldn't it still be shining sun even at 7 pm? My head hurts here.

Djinni calls them serious about winning this race. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. So we go to the race as they....say it with me...hurl more playground level insults. Djinni laughs it up as Duckworth appears with the lemonade forcing Djinni to change the channel back. HAHA! Djinni watches some western channel as he takes the lemonade and tells Duckworth that he has had enough juice for a while. Duckworth blows off his manners and walks out again as Djinni drinks up. He giggles about being a master as he continues to watch television as we pan to the door ajar as the nephews, Webby and Duckworth shows the children something he noticed for no good reason. Djinni sighs because no matter who wins; he will be their slave in the end of the day. Djinni then turns heel for real proclaiming that he'll just make a race that never ends. Now that is more like it Djinni. If only he was in Lad In The Lamp; Monty would be tortured for my pleasure and maybe shed that gimmick of his. Or maybe not. He zaps the television again and decides to send them back in time so they don't have a home to go to.

Huey wants to go in and MURDER him; but Dewey shuts his beck and holds him back as Djinni casts his magic powers as he zaps the television and the two creepy old men back to the days of Sim-Salla-Bim! The sands whip up like a storm as Scrooge notices a column and forces Flint's hand toward the side of it as the sands continues to whip up like crazy and then they stop to reveal the MIDDLE EASTERN CASTLE OF DEATH! Then the three shadows of doom show up as Flint wakes up and sees bandits and they are doomed. Scrooge blows him off because it's only a mirage. If only Scroogie; if only. Two are fat dogspeople; while the other one is a pig wearing red Aladdin type gear and have the middle eastern swords on retainer (set to profits of course). Sadly; he touches bandit #1 and it's flesh and blood of course. Memo to future old men: Never pinch the nose of a dogperson. Bad things always happen; nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

So we head to the castle as the Sultan (a typical middle eastern king dogsperson wearing the stereotype stuff and cream bodysuit with purple trim and has the evil black mustache – Roger C. Carmel) accuses the creepy old men of being servants of Emir (Roger C. Carmel again so we get that out of the way) who want to rescue his greatest treasure of all. Thank you for admitting that you are a heel Sultan. That treasure is the star of the heavens and the flowers of the desert which is a middle eastern mallard with blond hair in a ponytail and lots of pink known as the beautiful Schwebazade (Chris has one extra e in it- Joan Gerber voices her). I'll call her Zade because it's easier to spell and is close to Zelda. Her eyes see the mug shots of the creepy old men as she is the teller of a thousand and one tales of the desert. Sultan asks what they have to say for themselves. Do you really want to know Sultan? All they say is water of course. The Sultan then orders his men to feed them to the crocodiles which are in the crocodile pit. Who does this guy think he is; a student of the Looney Tunes death traps?!

Even Zade doesn't like that so bandit #1 and #3 (the third one is a pig of course) drag Scrooge and Flint by their back shirts and drag them out of the room as both have that look of: We are soooooooooooo dead. Zade doesn't like this one bit as we head to the crocodile pit of death AFTER HAPPY HOUR as Scrooge and Flint are chained to wooden post and standing on the edge of the stone pit. And down below is the pit where the crocodiles are, DUH! Scrooge is thankful that the water level is too low for them to reach them. So we up the ante as water is poured from the fish pourers on the side of the stone pit. HAHA! The water level rises as one croc misses Scrooge's leg by about four feet on the jump. The three bandits are loving this as the crocodile pit guard #1 (Chuck McCann) claims that the crocs love spies see. Then up the stairs comes Zade greeting the good captain as the captain of the crocodile pit greets her. They bow before her as Zade feels that the duty would be more bearable with one of her stories. Man; she acts like a young girl better than she does Mrs. Beakly. Maybe June was a better choice for Mrs. Beakly; although I think that would have made her too close to Granny and a WB lawsuit. The captain is pleased with that happening along with his other guards. Scrooge isn't so thrilled of this dragging on as the water level rises more and more. Zade starts her story about the camel tribes and shepherds roaming the sands. It's the story of Aladdin if you listen closely....

Narrator: One hour later....

The guards are asleep at the crocodile pit snoring their heads off. HAHA! Even the prisoners and the crocodiles are sleeping as the STOCK MUSIC OF DOOM is being used. Zade: cure for insomina. AHHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm....Zade steals the keys from the captain (of course) talking about buying a hat and goes over and unlocks the chains of Scrooge and Flint. Scrooge wakes up and mocks Zade's stroytelling abilities because they are BOR-ING! Zade, Flint and Scrooge run out of the crocodile pit area and that ends the segment 15 minutes in. This is pretty much an average episode thus far; but still more enjoyable than Lad In The Lamp; that is for sure.

After the commercial break; we head into the hallway with Zade, Flint and Scrooge running southeast. The bandits somehow wake up from this and it's the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE SULTAN EDITION~! We then cut back to the television as Djinni is watching on having a good time drinking his lemonade as usual. We then cut to the door as Webby asks what can they do. Huey suggests jumping him; but Louie blows it off because of the magic powers thing of course. Dewey suggests tricking him and Duckworth had that precisely in mind. Riiigggggghhhhhhtttt...After Dewey said it clear as day Duckworth? So we return to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQENCE THE SULTAN EDITION for real as they are surrounded by four shadows forcing Zade to go right into the next room. And so we logically head to the pool bar as the 72 virgins from heaven arrive along with the Sultan entering the room with his pig guards watching on with Gruffi poses. See; he is here for the harem inspection and I'm starting to have that sinking feeling that this should be cut from the Disney records for it's own good.

He runs in with glee (oh god; this is absurd beyond belief) as he sees Flint and Scrooge dressed up as ugly virgins. This takes creepiness and lowering of the dignity scales to new lows. Even Scrooge as a baby wasn't this low in his life. The Sultan protests this outrage as Scrooge gleefully proclaims that it was a two for one sale at the HAREM SHOP OF SEXISM. The girls giggle and eye lashes lash about. Zade arrives from behind as she asks Sultan if he wants to hear a story. The Sultan wants a story; if he can catch Zade and do sex acts on her; but Zade runs away stage left. The Sultan is such a pervert; even by DTVA standards. Everyone huddles in front of the pillows as Zade and Sultan lay down on the pillows on the left pan shot. Zade than starts her story about a powerful sultan which I betcha puts everyone to sleep. I check the DVD.....Damn; I'm good. She's the next Poly Esther. AHHAHAHAHAHA! SCRATCH! OUCH! Ummm....So Zade goes over to the sleeping Flint and Scrooge to wake them up. Scrooge comments on her sleeping words and chuckles over it. Zade shows them the way out and they follow stage left.

So we head to the tower tops of the castle as a tower guard dogsperson (Chuck McCann) on lookout and notices Flint, Scrooge and Zade riding out of the castle stage left. He sezs goodbye to them and they wave back; but the wind whips around and the masks are off. D'OH! The tower guard sees the spies and orders the sound of the alarm. So the spies ride out of the castle stage left and that leads to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE HORSE RIDING EDITION~! They go down the hill and Flint's horses gets ticked off and rides off the beaten path to the left allowing Scrooge to blow him off again. The guards ignore the stupid one and go after Zade and Scrooge. Why you ask? Because they want the harem back for the Sultan to have sex with silly. We see Scrooge make up up the hill; but Zade's horse gets stuck in a sand trap and it slides back down. Scrooge is forced to follow down and the horse's legs are stuck in the sand. Zade tries to climb onto Scrooge's horse; but the Sultan's guard have then cornered....For about five seconds as the Emir's troops whistle and surround the area with camels. Zade looks around as we see one of the camel riders unmask to reveal the dogsperson with a babyface mustache which Zade addresses as the Emir.

The Sultan Guards realizes that they are vastly outnumbered by Emir's camels (by about 25 to 1) and are forced to flee stage right with their horses. So we head back into the living room as Djinni is still watching on the television enjoying his lemonade as he calls it better than a cartoon. I guess the nephews showed him what one was; otherwise that is a logic break. He floats up as Webby (Disney Captions has him as Webbigail) calls for Mr. Genie. I guess he's called Djinni Genie as Djinni zaps the screen dead and addresses Webby. We then see Webby enter the room with a table of milk and cookies. I think Webby is confusing Djinni with Santa Claus. Djinni looks at the cookies as Webby talks to him about living in the lamp for thousands of years. He likes the cookies by the way as Webby proclaims that he cannot fit in the lamp because he's just TOO FAT! My words; not hers, but implied. Djinni proclaims that he can while having his mouth full and Webby accuses him for telling fibs. I see she has the Molly wording down to a science as well. Djinni accepts her dare and disappears into smoke and goes into the lamp. That is his fatal mistake as Huey and the nephews jump in from the green chair and put a cork on the spout of the lamp. HAHA! Djinni protests this outrage; but no dice. The fact that he cannot push a tiny little cork speaks ill well about his ability to move around. Or is another logic break in a series of them. Who knows?! Dewey basically tells him out that they are not letting him out until Scrooge and Flint are brought back to their time. Well; Scrooge anyway.

We head to the sandbox as Emir and Zade on horseback talk about going back to the Golden city of Somnambula. Zade thanks Scrooge on horseback and sezs farewell to him. Zade then kisses Scrooge on the cheek and it's a decent one all things considered. Scrooge blushes as the sand storms whip up around him again as everything disappears in Wii fashion including the horses as Scrooge comments on the kiss. HAHA! Flint takes a tumble on a horse for fun with some really good bumps in the process. Flint is dazed and confused on his ass as a jump arrives with and explorer dogsperson wearing all yellow with a white mustache on the nose and glasses (Howard Morris) and his dogperson brown haired driver. The explorer mocks him for being an exceptionally absurd mirage. HAHA! That is so true too my good man. Flint gets up and shoves the explorer as he wants to get to the airport. So we logically head to the Ice Cream Shop as the nephews, Scrooge and Duckworth slowly carry him to the front of the building. How in the world did Scrooge get home?! Dewey proclaims that there is something he should know and he opens the door and Scrooge is SHOCKED and APPALLED to see Flint with the magic lamp sitting down on the chair as he wins the race. HAHA!

Well; he did use the airport. Flint rubs the lamp and we see Djinni coming out as he asks for his first wish. Flint's wish is to maroon Scrooge onto a deserted island. Djinni obeys without question and zaps Scrooge and he disappears in front of the QUACKEROONIES OF DOOM and lands onto a deserted island in the middle of the sea. HAHA! Flint then makes the fatal error of wishing that he could see the look on Scrooge's face. Oh why did you have to make Flint so stupid NOW?! Then again; I'm dealing with a writer who wrote a movie on two real life serial killers for entertainment; so why am I not surprised?! Well; it took me almost 21 minutes to bash the writers on this episode. So Djinni sells the second wish and zaps Flint onto the right side of the deserted island. Flint blows it all off as he cannot stand to be in the same place as Scrooge. Sadly; he wishes that they never found the stupid lamp in the first place while swearing in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (blasted). Flint covers his mouth; but it is too late as both get zapped off the island and we...

..reappear right in Aladdin's vault right at the point where Scrooge and Flint notice each other with the lamp at the top of the column. So we repeat the explosion; only with the magic lamp falling onto the ground right away. We repeat the scenes from earlier in the episode and I'm not bothering to relate to them again since we have the Manos ending commencing. Scrooge coughs a bit as the dust settles and Scrooge realizes that the vault is empty. So we repeat everything from earlier including the playground insults. The difference is that Scrooge chases Flint out of the vault on the right side and Scrooge proclaims that he is very angry with him. Isn't he usually like this? The nephews climb down and this time; they don't fall into a pile and then all hell breaks loose. The roof is craving in as the nephews escape stage right through the door and the entrances collapse completely. We pan over to the column at the lamp as it glows gold and Djinni calls for anyone to help him; but no dice to end the episode at 21:16. Much better than Lad In The Lamp; but it was paint by the numbers finish and with some really silly stuff near the end. Just okay. *** (60%).


Well; the writers did an okay job here as there really wasn't anything terrible about this episode. I like Djinni with his voice and half-heelish tactics. The storyline was solid; but I didn't like the fact that they magically bring Scrooge back home without any explanation on how he got back. And they had to make Flint stupid in order to set up the paint-by-the numbers Manos ending. Emir was nothing, the Sultan was a pervert with 72 harems and Zade was the only character who was developed and was a gimmick at best with her Poly Esther story telling. And there were way too many playground insults in this one as Flint and Scrooge acted like little children throughout most of this. And did we need the crocodile pit scene and the Sultan's perverted harem inspection?! I just found it disturbing for obvious reasons. So it was pretty much an average episode with a few cringe worthy moments; and not for good reasons. So we head to the next two episode to end disc one: Hotel Strangeduck and The Lost Crown Of Genghis Khan. So.....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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