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Time Is Money Part Four

Reviewed: 11/22/2009

Can You Smell the Excitement? Or Is It Scrooge's New Prison Outfit?

Yeah; we march on some more with the thrilling saga of Scrooge and Bubba hating each other. Okay; it's really only Scrooge hating Bubba and Bubba being an idiot of course. However; I think this is the low point of the story arc. So let's rant on shall we...?!

This episode is written by Jymn Magon and Bruce Talkington. The story is edited by Jymn Magon and the teleplay was done by Len Uhley and Jymn Magon.

Opening Moment #1: The title card for this episode is Ducks On The Lam. So you know that a prison riot and breakout is going to be involved somehow in this episode.

We begin this one we a tree shot near the Money Bin as a rodent runs down the tree and towards the hills as we zoom in to the front entrance and see Tootsie run off and both Scrooge and Bubba get punted out of the Money Bin and they take wussy bumps onto the ground. Scrooge of course is on bottom as Big Time mocks Scrooge claiming that he will take care of his cash and then they slam the Money Bin shut. Scrooge pops Bubba from his stone cold grasp (he is wet; so it's apporos) and now Bubba is afraid of the heavenly wrath of Scrooge McDuck. Wait a second? Wasn't the point of this plan to kidnap Bubba and make him their brainwashed slave to screw Scrooge in the past? On the other hand; they succeeded in taking over the Money Bin; but they already did that in Cash As Catch Can episode #1. So this means nothing now. Scrooge panics as this is a disaster and a catastrophe...and then Big Time opens the door and thanks Bubba for letting them in. Okay; I see that they have gone to plan B: Poisoning the well to make Scrooge blame Bubba for everything. I wish that they stuck with plan A in hindsight. They double close the Money Bin doors and Scrooge of course blames Bubba for this. Bubba then gets the hint which is cute considering that he uses the title card from the previous episode. Scrooge is pissed off as he calls him a Neanderthal nitwit. He does a Grade C rant on Bubba and orders him to get lost as he throws his hat and it bumps in his face. Cue the waterworks on Bubba and Tootsie and they leave without further incident as Scrooge swears on his bloody honor that he will get those Beagle Boys out of his Money Bin if it takes his last dime. Sadly; that is all he got as he sulks on cue.

So we cut to inside the vault as Big Time proclaims that they have waited their entire lives for this auspicious occasion. Yeap; Cash As Can Catch doesn't exist anymore in the eyes of the execs. I guess we will have to wait with that fact now. Big Time wants them to conduct themselves in a proper manner..and then he dives into the coins yelling Cowabunga. A note on the word: It was pretty much invented in 1954 which means that in the TaleSpin world which combined everything from 1920's to 1950's; the word is plausible in their world. I mention this because I often ding characters in that era for using it. Bouncer and Burger follow and of course the LAW OF HEAVY METALS prevents them from diving in. Bouncer throws money into the air as Burger tries to stuff in more dollar bills then it is humanly possible in his pocket. HAHA! We then see them make a snowman out of money bags, gold bars and diamonds. HAHA! This is like Christmas Day everyday for these law breakers.

They even play golf with a tee, a ruby and Scrooge's cane. Now THAT is low. Man; the animation sequence looks like Japanese anime gone wrong here as we cut to Burger with the flagpole and a makeshift green out of green backs. It rolls in for a hole in one of course as Bouncer plays with the JAWS OF HALF LIFE as he stuffs money in piles and buries Burger with it. Something tells me that Bouncer has some jealousy with Burger. Maybe it's because he doesn't have squeaky feet or something. Burger thanks him for it as we cut to Big Time sitting on a gold bar throne with jewels and Burger fanning him with the branch of the Money Tree from What's Up Stox?! Big Time proclaims that they hit the jackpot as Bouncer decides to row his wooden boat. I didn't know Scrooge had a wooden rowboat. Man; and to think Scrooge is now merely paranoid instead of being paranoid, crazy and nuts on top before this. BONK! OUCH! Ummmm.....Burger and Bouncer love this because they don't have to steal anymore and they don't have to work for Flint anymore. Big Time wants to call him and rub it in see. I don't think that is very smart guys.... we logically head to Flint's office (on the boat I think) as we get a shot of a target board with Scrooge's face on it and Flintheart keeps throwing darts at it and he misses the head every time. Why bother? It's not like those are magic missiles or something where you can physically MURDER Scrooge like that. Flint swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (Blast) and blows off Scrooge's luck. One of the darts hits his hat and the tomahawk ax splits the forehead open for real. No blood of course since this is a DTVA show after all. Flintheart rant is terrible by the way. He even fires a harpoon gun (which shows that he is back at home now) which blows up in his face and causes his chair to fly backwards and take a sick bump onto the floor. Now that is the best spot of the entire episode right there. And I betcha Toon Disney cuts it out too. Flint gets up as the computer phone is buzzing (apparently it has a silencer in it too) and Flint pushes the button as the phone screen saver reveals the Beagle Boys. Flint blows off Big Time as a booby. Oooooo...I see where Three Men And A Booby came from then. He demands to know if they kidnapped the cave duck yet. Big Time no sells because they aren't going to kidnap him anymore. Flint blows them off because they won't get paid and Big Time and his gang show him the inside of the Money Bin. Flint just stammers and his eyes go all colorly on him. Flint knocks on bone as Burger explains that the cave duck let them in and boom they threw everyone out including Scrooge.

Flint then realizes that this fits into his plans perfectly. How Flint? They didn't kidnap the kid see. Bouncer claims that they have their own plan as Flint gets off religious reference #1 for the episode (pray) as Big Time is taking the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH and split. Flintheart then points out the obvious problem with this: How do you split with 6000 tons of cash? And of course the Beagle Boys didn't think their plan all the way through. HAHA! Told you it was a bad idea to call him and rub it in. Flint blows them off for being stupid as Scrooge now has every lawman in the state surrounding the place as the Beagle Boys head to the window and they see soldiers and tanks abound. So the writers seriously think that a reverse version of Cash As Catch Can #1 is going to win my heart. It's just not funny without the heels trying to get in silly. The Beagle Boys go over and pray and plea and beg for forgiveness and to get them out of dodge so to speak. Flint tells them to stay put and wait until tomorrow since Scrooge cannot pay ten million dollars and he wins the diamond mine according to the contract. Finally; Flint is going for MY original plan. Nice to see him paying attention as the Beagle Boys ask him how since the Army is out there. Flint tells them that they control Scrooge's security system. Big Time loves this as he rubs his hands and Flint hangs up the computer phone as Flint chuckles and grabs his stereotypical hat because he wants to see this for himself. Flint walks out the door and close it.

So we head to a shot in front of the gate as Scrooge addresses the green army troops (all dogspersons in green army gear, green hats and brown/green boots. Seriously; the only difference is the height.) as he wants them to smash through the finest security system money can buy. Scrooge then catches himself and orders them to try to not break anything. Well; that just made it so easy eh Scroogie? And then we see a cheese colored car stop in the street behind Scrooge and the windows open to reveal Flint waving hello. Scrooge asks why he is here and Flint mocks him for losing the keys. Scrooge blows him off because Flint is a despicable, conniving vulture. Where is the HAND OF IRONY when we really need it? The army moves its tanks forward as Flint mocks him some more and then reminds him that he has to fork over 10 million dollars tomorrow at noon; or kiss the diamond mine goodbye. Scrooge gets steamed over the use of the watch and the cheese car drives away stage left. Scrooge then orders the army to charge at once. I guess he has a spare cane since he lost it earlier in the episode when he was kicked out. The army brings in their wooden ladders and uses them to climb over the gate easily. Scrooge then uses the binoculars (which matches the color of the car Flint was in. Bad luck in 7 years there Scrooge!) and he hopes that the Beagle Boys are not smart enough to operate the defense system. Sadly; we see the Beagle Boys at the front desk where the computer system is and it is fully operational. So; we start with the army men charging and that is countered by the rocket net which captures the men. Okay; that was just lame.

The men struggle as Scrooge realizes that this is going to smart for the rest of the segment; he just knows it. We cut over to the cheese car as the roof is open and Flint is lying on a lawn chair eating peanuts from a bag while having the binoculars and MEGAPHONE OF JIMMY HARTS just to rub it in some more. He even has sunglasses on from The Uncrashable Hindetantic just to further mock Scroogie. So we go to the 3D map (no talking map in this one; thank goodness) as Scrooge uses his pushing stick and transmitter to order the Blue Squad to go. We then go to the desk as the Beagle Boys watch on the monitor the Army climbing up the Money Bin walls. And they have guns too. Sadly; the panel opens from above to reveal the giant shears and that cuts one of the ropes and the dog army man screams and free falls to a wussy bump off-screen. Oh crap; not this show too! Then we cut to Scrooge near a jeep as he orders a bull dog with a pipe bazooka to blast open the door. The bull dog salutes him (and wearing a black patch on his left eye I should note- all army guys are voiced by Terry McGovern) and runs past the Roman Cupid Statue and then kneels to get ready to fire; but the statue turns around 180 degrees (symbolic of this entire sequence) and fires the plunger rope and pulls the man back stage right who loses his bazooka and it drives into the ground and it explodes on the ground leaving a huge hole on the lawn. So much for breaking nothing.

The explosions force the army to flee on the binoculars shot as Scrooge is ready for real brass tactics as it is no more Mr. Nice Duck. This calls for extreme measures and that brings in....wait for it...three dogperson ninjas dressed all in black (Chuck McCann). When in doubt; be sneaky I guess. I see where Professor Villanova got his idea for Transmission Impossible which drops my respect for Scrooge down a further notch. The ninja bow to their master and go Hai before running in together. They get to the front door and unleash their samurai swords; but the panels above open and out comes three machine guns which turn the swords into ash. Oh swell; it's more metal equals wood from the logic fuzzies. I thought Ducktales was above such Darkwing Duckish behavior. They panic and run to Scrooge; say bye and bow and then exit stage right. Scrooge does a double take on the situation and then sulks on cue as we go to the far shot of the Money Bin BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (sunset) as the trees and the ground are completely destroyed; but the army walks away injured. How about that? It's DTVA; what did you expect?

We then cut to Scrooge and the Army General (who has nose hairs no less and glasses on- Chris doesn't give me a voice here; oh wait, it's Terry McGovern my mistake.) wonders how they are going to stop them and then we get probably the most absurd move yet as the clouds come in and Scrooge and the General get creamed with pies. Memo to Scrooge: Learn from everyone's mistakes. Do not use a weapon from Ghost Rustlers; or more to the point, Rhinokey. The General swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (darned) and orders a retreat. Scrooge proclaims that he is on his own now and then gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLARITY. See; he owns half the banks in Duckberg and he'll get the money from there to pay Flintheart as he runs off towards the banks. Flintheart is back inside his car as he has the advantage still as he goes to his cheese cell phone (I see a recurring theme here) as he has got another idea for the Beagle Boys.

So we head to the Duckburg bank as some furries are doing their business in the background as a scared bank manager dogsperson (in a brown suit, blue tie, black pants and shoes) chomping at his hand (OUCH!) as a bank employee (a old mallard wearing green with a black shirt and high heels- Russi Taylor) tells him that Scrooge is calling on a direct line from the Money Bin. They press on the computer phone (proving that it is 1999 more than 1989) as we get a picture of Scrooge with cut out eyes. Okay; this is actually a really convincing disguise to screw Scrooge over. The bank manager asks him and one of the Beagle Boys tries to mimic Scrooge; but it sounds flat and they overuse the Scottish slang so much that it sounds too fake and negates the disguise. I'm sure the manager is too stupid to realize it and he'll give the Beagle Boys what they want. See; someone is being an imposter looking like Scrooge and he has a secret password see. If you say “Do you have fish in my pockets”; if he shakes your hand, it is him. If not; throw the bum in jail. The bank manager writes it down in his notepad to make sure. The computer phone hangs up and Big Time wants the next bank on the list. By the way; the bank manager is voiced by Don Hill(s) who did a movie called Conjurer of the Monikers in 1994 and was a chaperone in Eagle VS. Shark in 2007. Other than Ducktales; that is it for his credits. He might have done the soundtrack to True Blood and Crossroads; but otherwise there isn't much to say about him in general. Phil Crowley had more exposure than Hills did.

So we cut to the park as Tootsie and Bubba are sulking and feeling bad because Scrooge doesn't want him anymore. NO?! REALLY?! Bubba is still happy that Tootsie is still loyal to him though and they hug as we go over to the carousel and see some children playing (two female dogspeople, one male duck in a goofy red hat and one pig furry who looks like Chucky from the horror flicks- all voiced by Russi Taylor I do believe.). Bubba sees this as a great way to make new friends and ignore Scrooge for good. The blue ribbon/blue dress female stops the ride and asks Bubba if he could spin the wheel and make the deal. Okay; maybe not the deal point; but the spinning will do though. She sounds like Webby as Bubba gets the circling of the girl's finger and spins the carousel so hard that the children go flying off-screen and the carousel goes flying into the air as Bubba is confused that his friends go bye-bye. You don't know the half of that Bubba.

We then go over to a punk like teenage duck in a red tank top which shows more skin than needed; blue shorts, glasses and yellow hair (Terry McGovern- he even has the same build as Launchpad) as he throws his banana yellow Frisbee (And he thinks he's sooooo cool. NOT!) and asks his dog to fetch. His dog sells it and grabs the Frisbee without incident. Now why is it that Goofy and Pluto get all the heat from the “Why is Pluto a dog; and Goofy a dog but can speak?” Answer: One is a real life dog; the other is half man, half dog anthro. It makes better sense once you understand what an anthro is.). The punk is pleased with his dog as he returns. Bubba thinks this is all fun and games as he pulls off a wooden table top from the park and tells Tootsie to fetch as he flings it and it spins in a great fashion. It nearly scares the dog as it dodges and we get the third Scooby Doo scare spot of the story arc. Sadly; it is enough to completely behead and be-torso a colonel statue which the police officers see clearly. And he cuts some trees down which completely destroy some picnics as one of the man pops up with a bird's nest and he gets the CHEAP HEAT OF LAUGHS which forces the bird away. Okay; that was a cute spot and it ends with everyone surrounding Bubba and Tootsie (including the police) and they look like they are ready to rape Bubba (or throw him in prison; same thing) as Bubba doesn't like his actions anymore.

We head to the Mansion as Scrooge walks in and Scrooge seems to be all beat up as he blows off the bank managers for not noticing that it is him. Ummmm; aren't they supposed to throw you in jail? There's our first logic break of the episode as Scrooge storms in and wants the nephews to help him. Huey and Dewey run in as he gets the first golly of the episode and asks what happened to him. Scrooge is so angry as he was thrown out of three of his own banks. Louie asks why and Scrooge doesn't know since it has something to do with fish in the pockets. Scrooge walks up the stairs as he asks the nephews to look for loose change as he needs to get ten million dollars by tomorrow. That leads to the nephews running in opposite directions as they look under every nook and carny as it seems that he has no trouble finding gold coins, dollar bills, gold bars and the like. Even the piggy bank contains a diamond. Scrooge plays the piano keys in the entertainment room (and his hat is still damaged from before- good thinking Wang Films) and that opens the piano to a sack of MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH.

We head to the lobby as they count the money and they are still eight million short according to Scrooge. Scrooge runs out the door as he decides to try another bank. And so we instantly cut to inside the bank as Scrooge pants inside. And all without any context or continuity whatsoever. This is turning into a Darkwing Duck episode. Scrooge demands the manager and he enters wobbling acting like a dick. The bank manager claims that he got his call. UH OH! I think we know where this is going. Scrooge is confused over this as the bank manager proclaims that he has fish in his pockets and he chuckles. And he offers his hand and Scrooge slaps it. Scrooge is totally steamed of this and his paranoid reeks insanity at this point. If he had just shook the hand; he would have solved his problems by now. He runs onto the desk and kicks the papers violently as he is tired of this runaround because it's his bank see. Geez; I'm beginning to suspect this episode was done to please socialists now. And it failed badly because it was done by a multinational business and no one bought it as good anyway. Man; Wang Films' bad animating is slowly starting to show in the repeat stock animation of Scrooge kicking the papers. The bank manager thinks it's the imposter and wants someone to call the police. Scrooge actually agrees with him and jumps down and backs up the bank manager. And to think; he could have avoided all this by SHAKING his hand. I agree with Elf Scrooge; he has no one to blame but himself for this. So the police cars arrive with sirens blazing near the bank (which has a dollar sign to indicate who owns the place.) The police with billy clubs arrive inside and then shut the door; and then they return outside with Scrooge in their arms as they take him to the cars to end the segment for real 12 and a half minutes in. Well; the worst is yet to come; but the crap has been limited so far.

After the commercial break; we head to a jail cell as Scrooge is flinged into the cell wearing the same clothes; but they are striped black and white. How about that for a logic break? Scrooge protests this outrage because he is Scrooge McDuck. The police officer blows him off (Hal Smith) because he is Quacky Onassis (A pun on Jackie Onassis). HAHA! We can only dream now; can we? Scrooge then goes back to blaming Bubba Duck again. I'm shocked that it took him ten minutes to finally blame him. I thought that he would blame Bubba on EVERY bad thing that happened to him over those ten minutes. And then Elf Scrooge's voice beckons again as Scrooge sees him lying down on the job. Scrooge really blows him off for being a fictitious flack-doodle and that he lied to him. Riiiiiigggggghhhhttttt. It just goes to show you that a handshake really does pay off in this world; or any world for that matter. Scrooge then really goes over the edge by whacking at Elf Scrooge as the heel heat is layered on good now on Scrooge. I'm on Elf Scrooge's side this time around. Elf Scrooge tells him that things are okay; and Scrooge keeps swinging for the fences with his cane as he proclaims that he was jinxed and a victim of destiny.

You know he's insane when he believes in destiny now. Nice continuity from episode #2 of this story arc. Scrooge swings and misses and lands on the bed as he proclaims that he gambled with time and lost. Elf Scrooge tells him to grow up and after that display of nuttiness; I agree with him. It ranks right up there with Gribbit. Everyone has problems see and Scrooge blows it off because he needs ten million dollars, he is stuck in jail, and nobody believes that he is Scrooge McDuck. Elf Scrooge gets on his beak and proclaims that he isn't Scrooge because the real one doesn't blame anything on luck, destiny or Bubba. I disagree with the last one Elf Scrooge. He has blamed LP a million times before this and even the nephews on more than one. The first two without question. The last one; no. Elf Scrooge is ashamed to be his conscience and decides to leave; but Scrooge pleads for mercy and another chance. I wouldn't grant him one Elf Scrooge; let him figure it out on his own, like he DOES in the other episodes in this manner. And Elf Scrooge decides to allow it. OH TAG! Don't chicken out now after all this. Elf Scrooge tells him to find the money as Scrooge proclaims that it's hopeless because he's locked out of all his businesses. Elf Scrooge states there is one more left and Scrooge finally realizes that it's his own diamond mine. They cannot throw him out of there and Scrooge shakes his hand thanking him and then Elf Scrooge disappears away. Funny how he shakes hands with his conscience; but wouldn't shake the hand of real people when he needed it the most. That is insanity folks.

So we continue on as Scrooge paces around wondering how he is going to get out of jail and then he hears Tootsie bellowing and blows off Bubba because he cannot think. Bubba apologizes for it and Scrooge proclaims that it's okay. And then he gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and they meet at the wall talking to each other. And Bubba and Tootsie have striped outfits on; just for fun. Scrooge asks how he got in jail and Bubba claims that he yelled at Scrooge. I disagree; Bubba is in because he vandalized a park. It's not that hard to figure out. Bubba is the first official DTVA child to go to jail by the way. Bubba gets all waterworks on him as Scrooge realizes what a jackass he has become as Bubba has no home and no friends now. Scrooge feels bad for yelling at him because he lost all his shinies and Bubba gives him a penny in a logic breaking prison window (#2 for the episode) as the scene is pretty good; but the logic break and lack of convincing acting from Bubba is negating it somewhat.

It is the right booking decision though since it would be stupid to allow Bubba to turn on him even at this point. That would be contrived and forced. Wow; this episode is better than I remember it. Scrooge is in tears as no one has ever given him all their money before and he proclaims that he will get Bubba home safely if it's the last thing he ever does and Bubba does the forced petting spot again for the first time since the end of episode #2 of this story arc. So Scrooge sits down on his duff wondering how in the Dow Jones (now that is cute swearing there Scroogie) he is going to get out of here. Bubba then has an idea and he uses Tootsie as a battering ram and breaks down the stone much to the shock of Scrooge. Bubba calls it rock and roll time. That is so symbolic and yet so broken in logic. Bubba could have escaped anytime he wanted to. I guess Scrooge's anger had that effect on him.

So we go outside to the prison AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as the front doors break down and the prisoners have escaped the prison. The spotlights come on as expected and the police cars give chase as it is the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE PRISON BREAK EDITION~! Scrooge tells Bubba that he needs a phone and Bubba gets confused on it. Scrooge explains what a phone does (which is ring, ring according to him) and Bubba goes hello back. HAHA! Scrooge gets fluster and tells Bubba to turn here as the CHASE MUST CONTINUE~! The police cars knock over some trash cans for fun as we make it to the 24-hour store and the police cars stop. One of the officers (Hal Smith with Gyro's voice) uses the flashlight on the store and he swears on his bloody honor that ducked in the store. He thinks that they are further down the street. Another obvious logic break: Only TWO police cars? If a prison break happens; shouldn't there be at least a dozen cars on duty? The police officer drive away without further incident as we look up on the lamp pole and see Scrooge, Bubba and Tootsie on top. Man; Bubba's strength is incredible to lift Tootsie like that. Or it's another logic break.

Scrooge slides down the pole and looks around and goes to the phone booth to insert a dime; but the spotlights blinds Scrooge and he jumps into the conveniently placed shopping cart. It turns out to be the headlights of Flintheart's car. Okay; this is getting silly now as Flint has snared a jailbird. Flint is standing in the car as he calls the police on his cheesy cellphone. Bubba realizes that he has to save Scrooge and he sways the lamp pole from side to side as Flintheart nearly blows his cover on who Scrooge really is before recoiling. In real life; Flintheart would be screwed stiff; but this is DTVA so you know the laws of it. He's trapped at Yuri's Market and he'll see the police soon. He hangs up as Scrooge blows him off for being a concerned citizen and accuses him of being behind all this. Flintheart agrees with him as he'll win the diamond mine anyway once Scrooge is back in jail. However; Bubba swings the lamp pole and it breaks allowing it to timber and it absolutely MURDERS Flintheart on the way down. HOLY CRAP?! That was absolutely sick to watch as Tootsie lands on the front hood natch.

Bubba lands on Tootsie and does the Tarzan yell while beating his chest. Doesn't that contradict the fact that he hasn't seen a movie yet in this world? Oh whatever; the logic isn't making any sense whatsoever anymore. Scrooge blesses Bubba's primitive little heart as we get yet another logic break as there is no roof hole on top of Flint's car and no lamp pole and Flintheart is all right on the close up shot of the car. Bad, bad form there Wang Films. Flint tells them not to get away and I hope it's the writers and animators for that lousy break in logic. Somehow I doubt it; but it would be nice for a change. Bubba goes to the shopping cart; turns it 180 degree and flings it away down the street as Scrooge uses the cane to turn. Bubba gets on Tootsie and follows along with Flint's car with the head lights as Flint wants to kidnap Bubba again. I guess he's going back to Plan A now. And it's Netherdal-brat; not Netherdal-patt Disney Captions! The chase is on as Scrooge tries to get over the hill; but misses it by about a handful according to Scrooge. The shopping cart rides down the hill again and Scrooge yells out to end the segment 17 minutes in. This is like Polly Wants A Treasure in that I hated it for no really good reason; but then hated it for the really good of breaking logic like mad. Nice going guys.

After the commercial break; we continue the great dinosaur chase with Bubba and Tootsie running away from Flint's car with a front shot like a 3D-video game. Well; Wang Films did at least try to make the buildings look somewhat real; instead of looking like cardboard boxes. Bubba wags his ass mocking Flint as Flint goes all Wizard of Oz on us (I'll get you laddie; and your little dinosaur too.). Oh goody; will Flintheart melt to death if he gets hot water thrown in his face? Scrooge comes up from behind (I guess he was on a different street after all; because I didn't see it that way) on the right side and grabs Flintheart's phone. He pushes some buttons on it as we return to the mansion on the far shot as Huey proclaims that there must be some way to get Scrooge out of jail. We head inside the living room as the nephews are circling the coffee table as they hope they can track down Bubba. The phone begins to ring and the nephews run in different directions to get it. They answer the phone in three different rooms (Don't care which; they are different and they don't break logic anyway) as Scrooge asks for Louie as the car is forcing the phone to hang by a thread. It's no-no-yes and Scrooge wants them to make up their minds.

He crashes into some trashcans for fun as a cat becomes an unintentional hitchhiker. They ask where he is and Scrooge tells them that they wouldn't believe him if he told them as he tells them to listen up and it's the triple okay spot. Scrooge wants them to get the plane ready with Launchpad. And here come the bad episode police with headlights on as Flint looks from behind him and he protests this outrage of Scrooge using his cell phone. Oh grow up Flintheart; you are 12 hours away from winning back the diamond mine. You are going to get a heart attack if you keep this up. Scrooge tells them to bring the time machine over and that is all as we get the triple yes sir spot. Scrooge thanks Louie and tell him to try to not repeat himself. I agree; that was not funny. Flintheart tells his driver to stop the car and he does which invokes the car crash with the officers. Good thing Scrooge was to the side to break logic away and scoot by unharmed eh? Scrooge flings the phone back and mocks Flintheart as Flintheart blows off the phone; earning a MAN-SIZED bump of the phone right in the back of the head. OUCH! That thing must be make of a brick. It certainly felt like one. Scrooge waves goodbye as he goes down the hill and that allows Bubba and Tootsie to bump into the shopping cart and fly into the air and land into the cart squashing Scrooge. Never mind that Tootsie is TOO FAT to force that bump to exist. So the cart rides down towards the Money Bin.

So we go to the mansion and then we pan over to the magically out of nowhere airport (WHAT THE HELL? Can ANYONE keep the continuity straight in this story arc or something?) as we go into the hanger as Launchpad checks out his planes. Does he accept the medium left hand sided plane; the jet plane in the middle or the Red Baron Plane on the right side. He does the catch a tiger by the toe promo and picks the reasonable sized plane for this one. No really; I'm as shocked as you are. We then cut to the front of the mansion as a owl hoots in the distance and in comes Gyro with the Shortcut. Gyro is panting as the nephews run out the front door (helpfully opened by Duckworth who is absolutely useless in this story arc. I guess he got the fire out of his ass.). Gyro asks where is Scrooge while wiping his forehead and Dewey states that he will be here soon. Louie points out that he is here as the shopping cart drives into the driveway and takes a wussy bump into the fountain on-screen and the prison babyfaces fly right into the fountain with better bumps. Sigh Wang Films. Morning arrives as Bubba looks for Scrooge when he pops up and he is on bottom again. Bubba helps Scrooge out of the fountain as the sun rises and the roosters roost. Scrooge pets Bubba as an unspoken way of consoling him as the nephews run in and plea for Scrooge not to hurt his ass. Scrooge then pets his red hair chuckling because he has totally forgiven him. Dewey is confused because he lost him his fortune. Scrooge claims that he did; but he gave his fortune in return as he shows him the penny Bubba gave to him. They have a chuckle for fun as the nephews don't get it.

Scrooge and Bubba run to Gyro as Gyro asks why he wants to use the Shortcut again after all that trouble. Scrooge state that it is for Bubba and he's finally going home. And Bubba doesn't like this one and tries to run away but Scrooge grabs his hand. Scrooge admits that he was wrong to bring you here and that he belongs in one million BC and not in this crazy place of sirens and thoughtless old misers. Nice to see Scrooge admit guilt for a change. Scrooge does the force petting spot in Scrooge's head as they will miss each other. And then the sirens blare as Scrooge tells Bubba and Tootsie to enter inside. Bubba sulks away as Huey says his goodbyes and call sometime as Dewey does the Gruffi pose to annoy me. In the middle of a goodbye?

Huey responds by having Bubba send a postcard. Dewey isn't amused as Bubba hugs them and raises them into the air as they are Woodchucks for life and time. Bubba walks over to the back and Duckworth gives Bubba his club. Shouldn't it be Mrs. Beakly giving him his club since Duckworth was useless in this story arc. Bubba takes the club and bows as the nephews run over to the gates of the mansion and close it. The police cars are stopped at the gate as we cut back to the front shot of the Shortcut as Gyro sets the coordinates for Duckbill Island one million BC; although it has only one of bombastium. Didn't Gyro try to make more in the third episode? Why not just admit that he only had one inside in order to force Bubba to stay in his own world. Scrooge states that it doesn't matter because a promise is a promise after all. Gyro pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) to put it in automatic and then leaves the Shortcut as Bubba and Tootsie sit down. The engines rev up as the Shortcut raises into the air as Bubba is sad in waving to the nephews who wave back on the sky shot. Bubba sezs goodbye for the last time and the Shortcut disappears for good.....

I'm sure that we will NEVER see him or Tootsie again....ever......

So Scrooge waves goodbye as the police climb over the gate and the nephews bail stage right. Scrooge tells them to get into the plane as they are going to Duckbill Island. The nephews cheer for victory as they run to Launchpad's selected plane as Scrooge changes into his original suit and runs off leaving Duckworth with his prison suit. The officers with bully clubs and the LASSO OF BANE TO ALL ACTION CARTOONS EVERYWHERE run in and want everything to halt. If he is talking about the logic breaks; dream on man. We can only hope for that in ours. Scrooge runs into the plane and the plane is the same one from Golden Suns episode #5 as it turns into a heliplane and rises into the sky. Duckworth manages to stand his ground and grab hold of the prison suit while the plane flies away towards Duckbill Island.

The police officers of course get pushed back by the wind. I see Duckworth is wearing cement shoes today. Officer #1 (the same one with the flashlight earlier) gets up and blows off Duckworth for letting the imposter escape in Mr. McDuck's plane. Duckworth gleefully points out the obvious logic break because there is only one Scrooge McDuck and he was just in the plane right now. The pig furry asks if he was sure (all officers were voiced by Hal Smith) as Duckworth is absolutely sure. Duckworth then cuts a Shakespeare promo which clearly is not as he tells them to hit the road Jack. And don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more. Officer #2 is not amused as they shrug their shoulders and Duckworth waves for good luck as he goes into the mansion to end part four at 20:15. Yeap; this episode sucks, but Scrooge's attitude didn't reek nearly as much as I thought it would. It turned out to be really poor animation and terrible logic breaks out of the wazoo. Call it ** ¼ (45%).

Closing Moment #1: And once again; part four has a PREVIEW for part five. Make up your minds guys!


So the worst part of the story arc is over and I discover that it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. At least from the character's performances. I thought that Scrooge's family would turn on him; but they didn't at all. I thought Scrooge's attitude was beyond obscene and it turned out that he was a total jackass; but he didn't go beyond the pale on it and I felt compelled to at least forgive him a little on the count of paranoia compared to me being completely on Scrooge's conscience's side. However; the real obscene problem with this part was that the logic kept constantly breaking and the continuity was shot all the way to hell. It was like watching Up, Up & Awry; but Wang Films at least managed to keep their logic breaks to a bare start at the most with better animation than Kennedy Cartoons.

The whole bank imposter thing was absurd beyond the pale and Scrooge should have been in jail the first time; but they kept going for like five minutes in order to pad the time. I mean they rendered Scrooge into a total idiot who only had to shake a person's hand and he would have got service. Even he is a gentlemen to do that at least. This whole ordeal was to try to get Scrooge out of character (which is fine); and all it did was make him look completely stupid. Let's replay the entire Catch As Cash Can Money Bin break in sequence; only in reverse and make it worse to add insult to injury. It just felt insulting to me. On the other hand; we got a really good sequence with Bubba and Scrooge escaping prison and they would make the right booking decisions with it in the episode. However; as you will all see, they will piss it all away in episode #5 which I thought was all right when I was a boy, but now in hindsight, it proved to be a deus ex machina that this series didn't need. So.....

Thumbs down pointing towards the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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