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Reviewed: 12/30/2009

Did Scooby Doo Meet Larson And Gary or something?!

Okay; so for our second half of the double rants I was forced to do due to bitter cold we have another adventure with the Junior Woodchucks and Launchpad as the focus is now on Doofus being Doofus of course. And aliens attack in this one complete with lots of roids. So let's rant on shall we...?!

This episode is written by Michael Keyes. The story is edited by Patsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti.

We begin this one in a road near a river cliff as the squirrels are in the trees and acting like nuts. We then do a pan on the left as we see Launchpad in his scout gear leading the chants with the Junior Woodchuck kids close behind. The nephews are there and at least I can tell them apart this time. There is also a pig Junior Woodchuck and a swan one as well. Launchpad tells them to keep in step and follow him. The pig Woodchuck (and maybe the swan one too; I don't know) is voiced by Richard Beals (also known as Dick Beals) who started in Craig Kennedy; Criminologist in 1952 and then the movie From A to Z-Z-Z-Z along with Boyhood Daze and The Snow Queen. He was famous for being Gumby in the Gumby Show in 1955 and was in cameos of Peter Gunn and My Little Maggie. He then went on to animation with Adventures of the Road Runner movie and The Jetsons as Arthur Spacely. He did Davey & Goliath as David Hansen, Mister Magoo, Flintstones, Roger Ramjet, Garfield and Friends, and the Adams Family animated series as N.J. Normanmeyer. Ducktales was is only DTVA appearance. He went on to doing some Warner Brother characters afterward with Duck Dodgers (the 2004 edition) being his most recent known credit. He also did voice directing for You're In Love Charlie Brown.

We get a rock trip spot which Launchpad stays on his feet; but everyone repeats on cue. There is stay in step and then there is being nuts in lockstep. And of course Doofus is far behind everyone and he has packed enough stuff to go on a mining trip. And then he trips on the rock off-screen but there is no bump. Oy vey there TMS as we go to the twirling stick formation as merit badges are the stuff that makes them the baddest. So I guess scouting is the third best thing Launchpad can do; which would be a funny sign to us and a bad sign for the kids being with the scout in general. On the other hand; at least BS&P makes sure no funny business occurs that is beyond the pale; wink, wink, nudge, nudge! They then circle as they chant that they are the baddest and will earn their geology merit badges. And finally Doofus trips over the rock (so Doofus was faking it back there) and the bump FINALLY occurs as he bounces down the hill and wipes everyone out good. HAHA! Everyone is knocked down and the gear is scattered about as Doofus thanks them for waiting up. HEE HEE! Launchpad gets up and gets everyone to set up their tents here and orders Doofus to get dinner started and find some firewood. Doofus salutes him and leaves stage left without question. The pig furry blows him off because he'll NEVER win a merit badge unless they give one for screwing up. He does the Gruffi pose to annoy me.

So we head into the woods as Doofus picks up some sticks and gets onto a log to break a branch off a tree; but the rock gives way and we get the old log rolling spot down the hill. It's complete with HB running sound effect as the log crashes into some larger rocks and Doofus flies into the air and manages to get back onto the log with more log rolling. We then cut back to camp as the rest of the Junior Woodchucks are setting up their tents. We then see Dewey and Huey driving down wooden stakes on the right side of their tent as Dewey thinks that they have this tent raising merit badge in the bag. Huey asks about food as Launchpad states that Doofus should be here any minute now log rolling and destroying the tents like Launchpad crashes a plane. Okay; he didn't say that, but we know it's going to happen. Damn; I'm good as he got everyone's under the log and it goes down the canyon. HAHA! That leads to the lamest eye contact violence on Doofus (BS&P RULEZ!) as Doofus is down on his back talking about how he can gather firewood. Launchpad realizes that they will have to sleep under the stars tonight.

So we go to the area AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as everyone is in their sleeping bags sound asleep. We then go into the sky and then into space as a red UFO dances towards something as it passes Saturn and dodges some meteorites that no one could dodge in a million years on the FPS shot. It goes around the moon as we head inside the cockpit as some fish man aliens exchange notes on the situation. Purple Alien (Peter Cullen) tells Green Alien (Brian Cummings) that the Star Police are still gaining on them. Green Alien proclaims that the Energy Crystal (which looks like a hexagon hollowed out) will have them defeat the police. Purple Alien asks how long before it activates and he checks his red alien watch (Whatever) and they have 24 time units. Purple Alien wants to hide because it's too long still as I see the purple alien has the Yoda speech patterns. Green alien presses some purple buttons and hides the energy crystal as purple alien proclaims that puny planet Earth is good as any to hide in. So they use the eject switch and eject from the red UFO with a golden something that looks like a long tipped vase as it nosedives down to Earth (or Quackeria; does it really matter?) to hide from the Star Police.

So we head down back to the ground with the kids and Launchpad still sleeping as the number of sleeping bags has reduced from seven down to just four. And they do me proud as the nephews continue snoring with the “wah-wah-wah-wah” spot I always love to hear. Okay; the thing is actually a red missile as it falls into the canyon below and crashes with a good bump below and then flashes. We then go to morning as Huey shows Launchpad what appears to look like gold and LP states that it's not. It's all listed in the LIBERAL RED BOOK OF LIES THE KIDS EDITION~! POW! OUCH! Ummm...I mean the Junior Woodchuck Guide Book. LP calls it pyrite which is of course Fool's gold. Fitting considering who is reading the book. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm.... The pig furry (holding a rock along with the swan furry who looks like Gyro's son) mocks Doofus again as usual. He laughs and the swan furry sounds like a middle age man laughing. Oh lord; it looks like he's voiced by Brian Cummings which is fitting considering how bad his acting is with little kids. Launchpad then asks for Doofus' location.

We then see Doofus trying to clean his glasses on the bottom of the canyon. Now how did he get there?! He then sits down on the hot rocket something wedged into the rock whining about not getting his geology badge. He wipes his glasses and takes hot rocket right in the ass. He jumps and notices something weird as he pours water from his canteen and it opens to reveal the energy crystal which he calls a diamond doughnut. Scene changer of doom and Launchpad tells him that it's not a diamond nor a doughnut and it's not listed anywhere in the Guide Book; thus DQ'ing him from the geology badge. Doofus tries to exit to keep looking; but Launchpad holds him back because they have to get back to Camp Woodchuck before dark. Doofus takes it well though as he keeps the energy crystal for save keeping as a necklace. We then pan over to the kids as Dewey whisper yells that he has been lucky thus far. Since everyone got a geology merit badge but him.

So we go to the scene changer as we go into space as the Star Police Cheesy Spaceship flies past the moon and finds absolutely nothing. Even space alien police forces are dumber than the heels in DTVA. Then the red UFO comes out and we have the usual conversation of fooling the police, and returning to the planet to get crystal and becoming powerful. Of course only one can hold the power of the crystal and become powerful as Green Alien asks if they can hold it at the same time. Purple Alien laughs it off as he will hold the crystal and rule the puny planet as he somehow talks normally; thus killing the Yoda speech patterns Mr. Keyes was shooting for. The red UFO goes down towards Earth as we return to Camp Woodchuck (six cabins, two major houses and a flag near the lake) as Launchpad asks where are we going. Your guess is as good as mine LP. Even the Junior Woodchucks do not know as pig kid and swan kid run in and call someone last a rotten egg. The nephews stop with Launchpad near the sign and ask if they should wait up for Doofus; or take a shower and get a good night sleep. And here comes Doofus who at least doesn't screw up this time and walks reasonably well as the nephews get in their thinly veiled fat jokes. Launchpad greets Doofus as Doofus whines about never being able to win a merit badge. Launchpad thinks that nonsense and tells Doofus to believe in himself. Keep telling himself that as Doofus asks him if he won his merit badges that way. Launchpad calls it a scientific principle called thinking positive. Well; of course LP uses it because he always knows how to crash a party and pretty much anything for that matter. Doofus calls LP smart as the sun is slowly setting as LP asks if he is positive and chuckles. Tomorrow is another day as he dismisses everyone to their cabins and everyone goes good night. Doofus thanks LP for the advice too.

So we go to a cliff as we see two wolves howling at the full moon which is never a good sign in a cartoon. We then see the red UFO come down towards the container and then a foot shot of the purple alien shining a green neon light on the ground as he notices the energy crystal is gone and of course the Yoda speech pattern is now on the Green Alien as he proclaims that the crystal will turn on soon according to his alien watch. Purple Alien uses the neon flashlight to turn Doofus' tracks glowing gold. He has the Yoda speech pattern now as we head to the nearest cabin on the left side as the pig furry continues to blow Doofus off to turn off the lights. We then cut to inside the bedroom as Doofus is in his blue PJ'S wearing the crystal around his neck as he uses the flashlight on the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook as he's cramming for the test. So the nephews blow him off on the bunk bed to go to sleep as Doofus puts the flashlight on the desk and turns it off along with the book. He then goes to sleep and snores as the crystal glows Wii blue. Which earns another blowoff from the nephews. So Doofus puts it under the covers and mumbles as we get more “wah-wah-wah-wah” from the nephews on the pan shot of the bunk beds as we see Doofus floating into the air with pixie dust below him. He then gets dragged out of the window and into the sky. I'm amazed that Doofus could fit through that window with ease. And then it hovers over the camp as Doofus thanks his mom for the soft bed. HAHA!

And then we get the ET moon spot in reverse minus the bicycle as the wolves howl at the full moon from the cliff. A red owl hoots at him and Doofus wakes up as he is looking down at the distance from the air to the ground and thinks it's one hell of a dream. If only Doofus; if only. And then he gets dropped down and nosedives face first into a rock with a really sick MAN-SIZED bump. HOLY CRAP! We might have a contender for the sickest bump ever done by a kid and how fitting that it's Doofus unintentionally cheating on the crystal roids doing it. Doofus pops his head from the rock and drops on his ass as he wonders how the hell he did that. He then notices that his crystal necklace is glowing. I see someone likes Teddy Ruxpin for some reason as the wolves manages to bounce down and are stalking Doofus. Doofus panics and then runs like Road Runner on speed to the other side. Doofus realizes that he can run faster than lighting and Kung-Foo fighters fighting. Doofus thinks his lucky doughnut crystal is magic as he gasps. He then lifts a large 100 pound rock with ease as he's super strong as well. And he throws it away with his bad hand. HAHA! He then wonders and jumps into the air and now he's Super Doofus~! He flies all the way back to camp and goes back into the cabin (as the glowing light makes it worse) and proclaims to the whole world that he has super powers. The pig furry (who is addressed as Bill from Disney Caption) blows him off to either go to sleep; or go to Mars. Doofus tries to explain; but everyone blows him off to pile on. And then Doofus realizes that it's better off not for anyone to notice that he has super powers and he chuckles in evil fashion that he'll win every merit badge there is. He goes on and on about his plan and of course the kids blow him off to put out that damn light. He grabs onto the crystal and looks evil which ends the segment 10 minutes in. Pretty good episode thus far...

After the commercial break; it's morning at the picnic tables as the Junior Woodchucks are tying knots as Huey calls him out for not even trying for the rope tying merit badge. We then see Doofus all cocky with the hands as Launchpad has his clipboard ready. He's just waiting for his turn see. Bill mocks him again and calls him a Woodchump (now there's a good pun if I ever saw one) as he calls him out. He dares him and that is enough to make Doofus tie up everyone's wrists while standing on the table as Huey gets off Quackeroonie #1 for the episode 10 and a half minutes in. And he jumps down and remembers to tie Launchpad up against the totem pole. HAHA! Doofus calls it all in the wrist and thinking positive of course. He lies, cheats and steals! CHEAT TO WIN! Eddie Gurrero is his favorite wrestler! Launchpad proclaims that he got his merit badge and then gets all pissy as he wants out. Boy; LP is sure being a fuddy-duddy today.

So we head to the steps as Doofus sews his merit badge that he cheated on to the green sash. Now if Doofus was smart; he would screw up the rest of the time and keep the one merit badge he has. Then again; this IS Doofus we are talking about. We then see the nephews watching on as Launchpad comes over to see him. Doofus proclaims that even his shirt will be filled soon. Launchpad calls it thinking positive as we head to the totem pole near the bon fire rocks to see the kids all trying to light a fire which I'm sure Toon Disney would never allow anymore. Mimicking and forest fires and all that crap see. Doofus of course waits on them as he giggles and watches Huey Duck screw up every time. I see the crystal also makes him look like a heel too. Huey is fed up and challenges Doofus to do it himself. I don't blame him; that giggling is downright annoying to try something as dangerous as starting a fire. So Doofus kneels down and uses just a stick to rub and it creates a flame easily. And he does it with the buzzsaw sound effect I see. CHEAT TO WIN! He puts the log on the bonfire as we see him sewing the red merit badge on his green sash near the steps again. Launchpad has his clipboard of doom and seems more up and up again. Doofus calls him a big buddy. Launchpad is confused on that one as Doofus walks away stage left. So we go to the dock near the lake as Doofus goes first in canoing and Doofus breaks a Junior Woodchuck speed record in the process (and a world record to boot) as he goes through the floats easily. CHEAT TO WIN!

He also splashes some water onto the campers on the docks for good measure. Doofus sews his next merit badge below the rope tying one. We then get the post production glitch to turn Michael Eisner on as we cut to the camp fire as Doofus prepares flapjacks with a frying pan and pancake pour jug. Man; that fire must be roided since there is no way he can flip those pancakes onto the plates of the Junior Woodchucks sitting down at the table since you cannot cook flapjacks completely in half a second even on How It's Made. And why is there a girl dogsperson camper when we never SAW her anywhere else in the episode thus far? And man; the swan one has changed from red to black hair now. Launchpad is stunned as we go to Doofus' hand as he sews another badge below his fire making badge. We then fade to black again as we go near a wood stump with an ax on top of it as Doofus has a pocket knife and some wood and we get some buzz saw action when he turns around and he creates a wooden cage which apparently has a green bird in it. Doofus creates life; he IS better than mother nature! So we go back to Doofus sewing his wood cutter's badge below his boat racing badge.

Fade to black again; as we see Launchpad watching Doofus throw some yarn balls up into the air and do some juggling as he creates a kick ass rug out of it. At this point; even LP should know that there is something wrong with this picture. There's airhead syndrome and then there is stupidity syndrome and this is the later. Needless to say; Doofus sews that merit badge onto the sash. Then it's clay pottery time as he does some kick ass moves on the big ass vase as the nephews eat clay on the picnic table while struggling to make their clay vases. Huey thinks something weird is going on with Doofus and they decide to keep an eye out for him as Doofus comes to the table and sews another merit badge; just to rub it in their faces. One more badge left and he's the all time champion as Launchpad is full of clay doing the clipboard as he tells them that it's time to break for lunch. Doofus loves one of his three favorite meals and then runs fast as the nephews wonder how fast he could run. That's actually a neat spot since the nephews would expect Doofus to speed up for a meal like this.

So we go to the far shot of the camp as there is shouting near the meal hut while Purple Alien pops up and uses the alien blue binoculars on the wooden camp. He finds the crystal and orders the flamethrower as Green Alien laughs it up; but fires it backwards. D'OH! It starts a forest fire duh as purple alien blows him off and then panics. They both scream and run away as the fire spreads. Gosh; the grass must be drier than I thought around these parts. That leads to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE FOREST FIRE EDITION~! The aliens take some in the butts as we cut to the meal house as everyone gets out and Doofus asks what the next merit badge is and Launchpad yells fire. Doofus claims that they already did that one and calls him a big buddy. Launchpad then sees the forest fire heading for Camp Woodchuck as everyone bails from the camp; except for Doofus who proclaims that he could save the camp; but he might lose the badges he cheated on if LP sees the super powers. Then he gets the MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN as he runs into the cabin and rips a red sash from the wall and goes to the CHEST OF DEMONS to find some boots and under suit. He's going to have a disguise see and then he runs out and does this silly fanfare sounds. He then runs into the outhouse and opens the door and goes inside. He changes and shakes the outhouse a bit before coming out disguised as a super hero. He wears his woodchuck hat over his eyes and I see the problem here: The glasses he wears give him away as well as the body mass. He's faster than a flying saucer, stronger than 100 gorillas and able to jump over mountains on one foot. Okay that last one is funny as he is...wait for it....for it some more....Superdoo! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Scooby Doo must be groaning on that one as Superdoo flies into the sky as the fire spreads despite being on rock ground. Explain THAT one kids.

It looks like a moving fireball. We then go to the water tower as Launchpad orders everyone to line up for the Woodchuck bucket brigade. Huey then explains to Launchpad the one small problem: No buckets. D'OH! And then as the forest fire spreads like a bad mode 7 effect; here comes Superdoo flying in. The nephews are confused as Doofus grabs the top of the water tower as the swan furry (Disney Captions addresses him as Webster I should point out) notices Doofus pulling the bucket from the tower and water splashes around as the kids and LP have their overdue shower. HAHA! See; make the joke and then pay it off. The nephews blow him off as Superdoo then fills up the bucket with water as we see the animals bailing out from the forest fire (which at least looks logical now) as Superdoo pours the bucket of water over the forest fire and it is completely out. Superdoo then flies over to the tower; replaces it on the tower and cuts another silly Superdoo promo. He then flies away stage left as the Dewey swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (gosh) as they have seen a real superhero. Louie isn't impressed with the pot belly and glasses (Weighest!) as it reminds him of Doofus. Huey asks where Doofus is and Dewey thinks he probably went off somewhere practicing snide remarks. Huey wants to find the little merit badge champion as they exit stage right.

So we head to the river as the aliens cool their asses off in the river (EWWWWWW!) as purple alien wants a new plan and then notices it right in front of him as there is a dam right behind the camp. Now this proves that Mr. Woodchuck has lost his mind. Who in their right mind would place a camp right in front of a dam?! We then see the nephews walking in the forest talking about Doofus as Dewey isn't so sure about this. Huey claims that Doofus wasn't seen during the forest fire and then they finally notice Doofus in the outhouse coming out waving at them. The nephews have zero idea how to respond to that as the background seems to have them near to the camp despite the outhouse being about 500 feet away. So we head to the dam as green alien sets up the most funky bomb in the history of reality. It's a dino blast charge see as green alien on a rope get hoisted up by purple alien. We get a shot of the river downstream as the aliens chuckle about the village getting destroyed by crushing liquid as they get the crystal and become the most powerful criminals in the universe. Cue the evil laugh as we get the slot machine bomb as it has simple shapes as reels on the close up shot and that ends the segment 16 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we REPEAT THE SPOT again as purple alien asks how long before the dino blast and green alien states it's about ten phlarns. Since Open Office doesn't see it as a word; I have no idea what they are talking about. And then purple alien PANICS as it is really nine according to the green alien and the whole dam bursts in the explosion as the aliens ride the waves. They go down the river as the level rises. So we head to the camp as we cut to Huey at the picnic trying to do basket weaving which is the hardest merit badge there is. The nephews suck at it of course as Doofus keeps crushing them in it as he calls it a little too easy actually. At least he's got the powers under control enough to make it seem natural instead of the obvious cartoon steroid spots he has been doing of late. Huey has had enough of Doofus' cocky attitude as they hear water rumbling and notice that the dam has burst. NO?! REALLY?! The water comes down fast as the nephews bail stage left. Doofus stays his ground because this is another job for Superdoo. So he takes his clothes to the outhouse (not a teleportation logic break since Doofus has you know) and goes in and changes into Superdoo! We then cut to the camp as Launchpad orders everyone to get to higher ground at once.

Strangely; there are about ten more kids besides the three I saw earlier running away stage left which is weird since Launchpad seems to be the only adult here. Huey wonder where Mr. Superdoo is and Louie points him out as Superdoo flies into the sky again and goes to a cliff bed and gets some caked mud to use and then gets in front of the river ahead of the water. He then blows with his supersonic breath because that is exactly what this episode needs: More windbags! The water stops like it hits the wall literally. Superdoo then literally blows it back beyond the dam and then throws the caked mud onto the dam to seal the joint. Superdoo then uses his pottery skills from earlier to mold the mud into the joints of the dam to shape it properly. He then jumps backwards and cuts another lame promo while doing the Gruffi pose to annoy me. He then flies away stage left and goes in front of the outhouse. He looks around and then opens it up and goes inside. Then we see the nephews hiding behind the outhouse (Magica's Magic Mirror anyone?) and then open the door and Doofus is officially BUSTED. Doofus has no counter for that as the glasses are off on that one.

We then go to the water less river as we see the aliens on the bedrock in mud tombs. The green alien and purple alien pop from the mud tombs and green alien proclaims that the settlement is undamaged and then asks for a status report on purple alien. Purple alien mutters something as we return to camp as the nephews walk away stage left pissed off as Doofus asks what the difference is? The nephews explain in roundabout terms that he's cheating. Don't be afraid to tell him how you REALLY feel there nephews?! Doofus flies around because hard work is easy. However; the nephews have a bigger beef with Doofus than cheating see. They cannot stand him as the crystal has made him into a heel in roundabout terms since Doofus has been mocking everybody. Now I can understand the nephews being upset; but Bill deserves the blowoff for putting Doofus in the depression in the first place. The nephews storm off blowing him off because they liked him when he was useless. Doofus calls them out for being jealous as he flies around for some new friends and asks for Webster and Bill's approval since Doofus did save them. The kids blow him off for showing off and storm out as well. We then cut to Launchpad going through the Junior Woodchuck Guide Book and there's nothing to DQ Doofus from being a Superhero or a Junior Woodchuck so Launchpad declares Doofus the champion. HAHA!

So Doofus' didn't cheat after all according to the context of DA RULES (FAIRY GODPARENTS!) and yet Launchpad feels so crappy as he was the merit badge champion. Doofus' attitude just simply reeks here and I think it is time to mercy kill Doofus' attitude right now. Launchpad doesn't want to blow him off so he does the sad routine and refuse to arm wrestle him and walk stage right. I think Doofus is screwed now as he sniffles as he even lost the only one who give him true sympathy towards his screw ups. Doofus cries (and at least he doesn't sob this time) and then we cut to see him go to the cliff and he doesn't like being a superhero anymore. Doofus realizes that the mocking just doesn't work with fat asses either. POW! OUCH! Ummm. He wishes he never found the crystal and then he throws it away down the canyon as it bounces off the purple alien's head and then skips over the stone and goes into the hole of a tree. Doofus wipes his hands clean of this whole ordeal and that's it for Superdoo. We then cut to the tree as the green alien and purple alien get the crystal necklace out of the tree. Well; they rip the entire tree out and purple alien gets bit in the arm by a roided squirrel. This is just not my day to rant on this. The squirrel floats down pissed off as the aliens run into the red UFO as the doors close after the squirrel comes in. So the red UFO flies up into the sky and out of sight.

So now we go to the dock on the lake as we see Launchpad skipping rocks or acorns as Doofus walks in from behind with the sash in hand and sits down. Doofus proclaims that the crystal doughnut earned him the badges and not himself; so he is giving the sash to Launchpad and forfeiting the badges he got from earlier. Even though really; Doofus didn't actually chest according to the rules of the Junior Woodchuck Guide Book; this is the right booking decision and Doofus earned his crew cut here. Launchpad is pleased with this as Doofus made a really powerful decision. Launchpad is proud of him and so am I. No matter how badly acted it was; the writing was absolutely rock solid here. So we cut to the camp as Doofus catches up with the nephews as the nephews ask where the crystal is and Doofus decided to throw it away. Louie is surprised that he gave up Superdoo. Doofus then admits that he forfeited his sash as well as the nephews are glad that he made the right decision even though the context of the rules state that he didn't really cheat at all.

The nephews wonder about another problem that needs Superdoo and Doofus thinks that it won't happen. And then on the FPS shot; here come the HOUNDS FROM HELL. Or timber wolves according to the panicky nephews. Everyone bails from the camp as the wolves go straight for Doofus (nice continuity from the screw job by Doofus earlier) as Doofus backs up and he bumps into the water tower. And if you cannot guess what Doofus does next then you have no business reading this rant. Huey calls for Doofus to run; but Doofus won't as he runs forward and then charges into the water tower and the water shed flies off the tower and drops right on top of the wolves as they whimper in their sheddy doom. Yeap; even my puns are getting crappy by the minute. The nephews praise Doofus for doing something right without the doughnut and doing something even Bill couldn't mock him for. All he needed of course was his fat ass and some of Hoppo's See Food Diet. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm.

Post-Production Glitch #1: Another fade to black as I'm suspecting Michael Eisner has something bad to hide.

So we go to a shot of the bonfire AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Launchpad tells another scary story about the children never seen again. The lost mine was never found as we see the Junior Woodchucks and Launchpad circle the campfire hearing Launchpad's story as on nights like this people swear that they heard the old ghost miner walking these very woods. So he is talking about the Miner 49er then?! Launchpad claims that he is rattling the pans he used for panning gold. And then we hear a loud crash as Launchpad fiddles with the flashlight and turns it on as we get a shot of Doofus with the cooking gear and popcorn falling flat on his face. And we get another example of mature lighting here. The kids call him out as Doofus rises up and he thought about popping popcorn for the Junior Woodchucks. Well; you cannot accuse him of being thoughtless when he's not on the roids; that is for sure. Dewey proclaims that Doofus is back to his old screwy self. Louie proclaims that neither him nor Doofus would want it any other way. So we get one more trek into space as the red UFO flies around Saturn as the roided squirrel causes the aliens to scream like little girls. Or like Ned Flanders. Either one works here as the red UFO flies stage right to end the episode at 21:16. It's too bad Doofus didn't win a merit badge for his heroic on dealing with wolves. Pretty fun episode; although the background scenes were breaking logic and it did feel slow at times. **** (80%).


Well; Doofus' last appearance in Ducktales was a really good one for the most part. The story was simple enough and although the loophole in the guide book prevented them from going to the DQ cheat finish; they played it smart and went for the Doofus stops being an asshole finish and forfeits the badges. The alien scenes were pretty fun; although I don't think the writers did enough to keep the Yoda speech patterns straight. And of course green alien is really silly as they do a good job in scaring the furries; but get their asses handed to them by a small flying squirrel. As I stated before; the scene where Doofus forfeits the sash really did it in for me because while Doofus states that he's forfeiting the sash because he cheated; he is really doing it because his friends (even Bill and Webster) thought he cheated outright and even worse mocked them as revenge for mocking Doofus all this time.

Proving that revenge sometimes doesn't work all that well. Doofus's Superdoo routine was cute; but he needs to work on his promo cutting. Also; I felt that in some places; the backgrounds broke logic (the nephews being near the camp despite the outhouse being about 500 feet away for instance) and there were a few logic breaks. Otherwise; this is a good way for Doofus to go out instead of the Super Ducktales #3 debacle when he thrusts a kid up into a tree using a see-saw. So; we have 72 episodes down and only four more to go as I'm planning to do Maid Of The Myth and Much Ado About Scrooge for the New Years Eve special double rants (last one for sure). Then on New Years Day; it's Duckman of Aquatraz and then on Saturday Down And Out In Duckburg to complete the DVD rants. On Sunday I plan to do the DVD review and then next weekend; it's TaleSpin prep work and then I don't see anyone for five months. So....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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