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Yuppy Ducks

Reviewed: 02/18/2012

Yuppy: Quackeroonish for ummm...CRAP!!

Well kiddies we are now halfway through this series in the Bubba/Gizmo era and we stumble on one of those episodes I have been dreading for a long time. You could call this one the "Quack Pack" tuneup episode I guess. The nephews take over Scrooge's fortune and screw him like a bunch of leeches. What more can I say?! Is it worse than Bubba's Big Brainstorm (Chris: YES!!)?! So let's rant on shall we..?!

This episode is written by Ken Koonce & David Weimers. The story is edited by David Weimers. And people say The Time Bandit was awful?!

We begin this one at the ice cream shop (from Duckman From Aquatraz) as the nephews plus Bubba plop down on the counter and asks about flavors for milkshakes. The ice cream vendor (who looks like a cleaned up Barf) blows them off because they keep asking him the same damn thing and it's always the same damn flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry. The nephews are tired of such flavors. Ah; the pitfalls of mainstream marketing! Someone is always left behind. Louie suggests peanut butter and jelly shakes which Bubba approves. Yeah; that's an allergic reaction waiting to happen guys, followed by the reaction via a lawsuit. I cannot blame the vendor for being flustered. The vendor blows them off because he has been running this shop for 30 years and he's not changing it now. The sad thing about this is; the nephews have a point even if there choice of flavors isn't going to win anyone's hearts and minds. The nephews and Bubba walk out complaining about having their own malt shop. Then they have a brainstorm (Oh lord...); and they will just ask Scrooge to invest in one since he's the richest duck in the world. So we pan over to the Money Bin and then inside Scrooge's office as Scrooge walks out of the vault and seals the vault shut. We then discover that the kids come out for no reason as Scrooge nicely blows off the idea because they are too young to run a business. Oh swell; this is the template for Flight School Confidential; only without the awesome Kit Cloudkicker to save it. Scrooge checks his mail on the desk as we discover the nephews are ten years old which is two years younger than Kit Cloudkicker is as Scrooge brings up the title of the episode barely two minutes in. I'm smelling a long, long, painful episode commencing here. Dewey whines; but Scrooge no sells and the kids all sulk out stage left. Scrooge chuckles at their expense as they are itching their way into business and then Scrooge scratches like mad. Oh lord writers; you gave us H1N1 in Scroogello, you couldn't give him faking a heart attack at least?! What is wrong with these writers today? Pun-o-riffic Syndrome? More scratching ensues including using the cane and the conveniently placed moose head on the wall. Heh. Mrs. Featherby comes in (June Foray this time as per her voice in the Ducktales movie) and blows him off for using such moose head as a back scratch device. Scrooge blows her off and tells her to call Duckworth at once.

So we head into town as Duckworth's limo zooms in the wrong part of town and Scrooge sees something called a free clinic boarded up on an abandoned building which looks green and looks like the Beagle Boys hideout. Of course Scrooge likes free clinics since he doesn't want to pay for hospital visits he yells at Duckworth to back up and start in front of it. Oh swell; just what this episode needs; Scrooge to develop airhead syndrome barely three minutes into this episode. Lucky for us (for now anyway); it isn't a hideout as Scrooge sits down at a chair and this place is broken down as everyone bails the moment Scrooge scratches himself which is silly considering how sick most of the bailers are. A duck nurse with curly hair and dressed in white calls Scrooge in and we head to the doctor's office as Scrooge is sitting on a examination table and in comes a white haired pig doctor who addresses himself as Doctor Von Swine (late Howard Morris). Ummm; yeah, very cute KKDW...NOT!! Get used to it; this isn't the last time you'll be seeing him. Scrooge is wearing just his undershirt (which is smaller than Kit's I might add) as Von Swine notices Scrooge right away and blows him off because the mental health clinic for screwballs is down the street. Oh that is just patently offensive even in 1989. What the hell were the writers thinking writing that bullcrap?! And why should I trust a doctor who keeps eyeing the conveniently placed duck skeleton on his right? Someone is overcompensating here as Scrooge rightfully defends himself. Von Swine asks why he would choose a free clinic if he was the richest duck in the world and Scrooge gleefully answers that one for me. Anyhow; Doctor Von Swine uses his eyepiece and he sees something which is a German stereotype pun just to annoy me. I'm not going to bother dignifying it. Then he uses the magnifying glass and we discover that he has lice. Yes; apparently BS&P thinks being sick to the point of dying is bad, but it's perfectly all right to have a minor lice infestation. Yeah; let's just flush this episode down the crapper and make the nephews look really awful in hindsight from the get go; huh. Von Swine continues the offensive mental health jokes as Scrooge blows him off calling him psychotic. I wish he would just punch Von Swine in the face at this point. Or better yet; Ken Koonce and David Weimers for writing such BS in a children's cartoon.

Anyhow; Scrooge must go down in isolation to kill off the lice as we head to the hospital. Yes; we just rendered the scene pointless and proof that it was all done for comedy which was not funny. On the other hand; at least it took five minutes for them to flush this episode down the crapper instead of thirty seconds like Bubba's Big Brainstorm suffered. So we head inside the isolation room as a lady in radiation gear walks in with Scrooge and Von Swine. Here's the obvious problem with this: Von Swine is not protected by a suit as he's wearing his regular gear. I mean; if a guy with no money can really get "loot lice"; than it's just regular lice and it's indiscriminate. Bad, bad logic break there doctor. Anyhow; Scrooge is placed inside the Isolation Chamber of Doom which renders Scrooge as a bubble boy. Everything should be fine in a week provided that he doesn't come in contact with money. Scrooge claims that he won't last a week at this rate. Von Swine calls it doctor's orders and cuts another lame joke which Scrooge gets angry. Good for him; I am sick of this Von Swine fellow already. So much so; he might bring back my cough. I'm not going to miss another dentist appointment for this crap. Anyway; Von Swine leaves as Scrooge then hears a voice and it sounds like...Burger's?! Apparently; Burger got food poisoning by eating food that is six days old. The green curtain is opened and we see Burger in bed. Okay; this isn't so bad even though this makes NO SENSE AT ALL~! Scrooge groans as we hear gunshots and it's Ma Beagle complaining about visiting hours being over in the hallway. I see she got her pistol out too along with her crowbar pie. Scrooge blows off the racket of course. Well; at least I am going to get some entertainment out of this episode even if it's going to be short lived. Ma, Big Time and Baggy come in and they mock Scrooge including pulling out the air hose. Okay; that actually is good because it gives the writers an excuse to make it seem that Scrooge is going to die. Burger whines and pounds his fists in anger since Ma wants to leave now and Burger hasn't got his visit in yet. I feel sorry for Burger; I really do. I mean; he had a chance to eat a crowbar pie and Ma is denying that buzz for him. So Ma stuffs the pie in Burger's mouth and walks out waving goodbye to Scrooge.

So we head out of the hallway as Big Time is confused as to why they left so soon. Ma proclaims that they have another visit to do; which is Scrooge's Money Bin. Which makes little sense since the security would still be on even if Scrooge is gone. There is no excuse for this since KKDW has written Ducktales episodes since the show started. Idiots! Anyhow; we head to the mansion at a window and then see a door open to mature lighting as Bubba calls for Scrooge. Bubba misses Scrooge as he walks into Scrooge's dark office at home and then the phone rings crazy and Bubba cuts an ET promo. Fine by me; since Scrooge has to phone home now since he's in isolation at this point. Although I doubt it's Scrooge on the phone anyway. Bubba answers the phone thinking it's Scrooge and it's Mallard Minge on the phone as I expected it to be. Mallard talks about hamburger stock and Bubba has no idea what to think of this as he scratches his head. Okay; here's the obvious logic break with this: Bubba clearly has a different voice and accent than Scrooge; so how does Mallard know it's Scrooge on the phone? Oh lord; this episode is getting dumber and dumber by the second. Bubba proclaims Scrooge will go bye bye and Mallard takes it as Scrooge wanting to buy the stock. Oy vey guys. The lights go on and the nephews run in and hang up the phone on Bubba. See; this is Scrooge's private line and the kids are forbidden from answering it at all costs. Huey puts the phone down and within seconds the phone rings again. Huey answers it anyway within seconds claiming someone has to answer it. Well; of course you do since the plot cannot advance without lying through your beaks. Charlie Jones from South John's and asks for a trade. Huey wants to trade baseball cards and Mr. Jones is confused while Huey is clearing looking at the camera. Again; how can these "experts" be taken seriously; if they cannot clearly tell that it's NOT Scrooge on the freakin phone?! Seriously; this is stupid and the nephews haven't even gone to crap yet. Apparently; the popular team of the day is the Calisota Stealers baseball team. Wow; you know the Duckberg Mallards suck so much when your home town fans are pimping a team from a city that doesn't exist in Ducktales. Huey hangs up the phone and calls this easy; but doesn't know what he just did. Oh boy; here we go, the toilet is about to be flushed and this episode is going with it now...

So we head to a glass tower in the background and then scene change to the board room meeting with the execs of Scrooge Enterprises. We pan over as one of the execs (a dogsperson with glasses on) as he asks where Scrooge is because he wants to know about the deal he recently made. Then for no reason that I can think of; the kids are inside stammering. Now why would an exec seriously ask a child about business deals? And why would they seriously give the nephews/Bubba the time of day? In this world; these questions cannot be answered, do not think too much. Apparently; Scrooge is ill (how did they know about this?) as another exec (brown trench coat with brown mustache and brown hair) asks who made those deals. Then there's no music and the nephews claim that they will tell as long as they are not grounded. The execs seem more concerned about the answer so Louie proclaims that they did and apologize for shaking. The execs seem happy because the nephews made the right decisions here. Yeah; the luck streak clause of doom strikes again! You wish you were Kit Cloudkicker guys. Apparently; the execs have bought the Calisota Stealers baseball team and the cards are selling like wildfire. And the Duckberg Mallards are pissed off and calling these nephews a bunch of traitors somewhere in their offices. I would care if they actually WON a game in their lives. Glasses exec walks over and asks if they would like to make business decisions while Scrooge is recovering and Louie doesn't want to do it so Huey gives him the elbow of pain to shut him up since he wants to prove himself as a business duck. Huey proclaims that they will do it and he has the ultimate Krackpotkin plan: Milkshakes. Everyone is stunned to hear that. Yeah; I know this makes sense with the beginning scene, but here's the problem with this... Oh wait; I won't reveal it just yet because it leads to probably the dumbest finish in history.

So we head out to the ice cream shop and the local shop apparently has already been bought out by the nephews as denizens of Duckberg are at the grand opening of Haagen Duckz. Ummm; yeah, whatever turns you on writers. We head inside as the ice cream vendor is pouring milkshakes in rapid fire while the execs enjoy their milkshakes. Apparently; the brown mustache exec is voiced by Hamilton Camp while the glasses wearing one is Corey Burton. HC is having the watermelon milkshake (THAT'S RACIST!) as they love this idea of making big money. The background is downright choppy in animation here as we cut to the table with the nephews and Bubba sharing a milkshake together. Dewey suggests opening a chain of Haagen Duckz all over the country and the four execs of doom turn around and do a toast for that one. So we do the scene changer as we head to the car maker research lab as CB exec asks them what they think of the prototype cars and all of them give it a thumbs down and they stink according to them. I can see that I can avoid them for advice on car models; those cars look fine to me. And what would Bubba know about cars anyway? The lab techs (in white coats - one male, one female) are not happy to hear that; so the nephews suggest that they draw the car themselves. Thankfully for us; Bubba doesn't draw at all as the nephews draw on an easel with crayons and colored pencils. After a long while; we finally get to see it; and it's a purple car with orange tail fins that in any other universe would be seriously mocked. In other words; the car version of Nintendo Gamecube. Okay; that car does look pretty neat, I'll grant the writers that much at least. Then again; I like colors and interesting designs; so there you go. CB exec is not impressed; but there's nothing he can do about it because the SLEDGEHAMMER OF PLOT demands it.

Anyhow; we finally return to the hospital as Scrooge is pacing around in his isolation bubble while Burger is being Burger and eating hospital food which shows that indeed; he has an iron stomach and thus would eat anything. HAHA! So Ma returns with Big Time and Baggy; plus a wheelchair as it's time to go home. Burger proclaims that he will as soon as he finishes his awesome hospital food. Well; this hospital sounds awesome, I should get hurt one day and be taken there. At least the food will not suck as Ma has a mince meatball pie in the oven and even Burger cannot resist as he jumps into the wheelchair. Ma and the heel wheel Burger out as Ma taunts Scrooge on his breakdown. Scrooge blows her off on that as Ma proclaims that he will once he sees his Money Bin and then walks out. Scrooge tries to run to the door; but the air pipe springs him backwards as he yells for the nurse and that ends the segment 12 minutes in. That was not a really bad first act in spite of all the stupidity; but man there was tons of it. Sadly; this episode is about to get even worse now...

After the commercial break; we head to the Money Bin as apparently; all the bill collectors have arrived to collect as they are lined up at Scrooge's office with Mrs. Featherby trying to keep order inside. Mrs. Featherby tells them to wait as the junior execs will be here shortly as we head inside Scrooge's office as the nephews and Bubba are now dressed in color coordinated suits. If this is their idea of formalities; then they are bad business partners from the get go. They are wearing no hats as Huey is sitting on the desk for no real reason that I can think of as they are discussing more ideas with the CB exec. Okay; Huey is listening to a Squawk Box as the nephews want something special. CB exec claims that they are special as he shows man made diamonds called zicorns. A pun on cubic zicronia I see. Which pretty much sums up the nephews string of luck doesn't it?! Louie has the Gruffi pose on full blast as he calls it a snore. Huey suggests AM/FM earrings so they can listen to music and look good at the same time. Yeah; but how could you listen to music without everyone else hearing it nephews?! You still don't think your ideas through don't you? Bubba is the only one dressing casual today (considering that casual means dumb; does that really surprise us?) and he's their Yes-Man. Bubba agrees which is fine because it gets him to do nothing which is fine because after Bubba's Big Brainstorm; he's now officially useless. The nephews want the CB exec to see the new door Scrooge invented and Bubba pushes the button on the door and CB exec drops like a stone below. Well; at least the nephews were nice to him; so there you go.

So in comes victim #2 who is a female dogsperson with gray hair and a light green dress. She is addressed as Mrs. High Pollute- WHAT THE HELL from the educational television service as states by Mrs. Featherby. We'll call her High for the purposes of this rant. She is pitching a new show called Webster's Dictionary. The nephews gleefully blows it off because Huey wants cartoons 24/7 with Gruffi poses abound. You know what; as stupid as this episode is, it's quite entertaining and doesn't offend me. Yet. And I don't blame the nephews for wanting cartoons since cartoons take more effort and feel more entertaining than live action anyway. Well; a large chunk of them anyway. Bubba sezs yes; pushes the button on the intercom and the green carpet forces her out the door. Okay; that was cute. Mrs. Featherby returns to inform them about the Bass Brother's takeover; but the nephews don't want any more appointments for the day. Mrs. Featherby asks them what should she tell them and the nephews run out telling her to tell them that they are having recess. Oookkkkaaayyyy. So we head outside the Money Bin as the nephews and Bubba are on the bicycles wanting to rock and roll. However; they then notice four bushes dressed up like the Beagle Boys. Wow; now I know why the Beagle Boys stopped with the disguises the last half dozen episodes or so. Huey wants to play Keep Away and Louie gets confused. Huey proclaims that he wants to keep the money away from the Beagle Boys as they run back into the Money Bin. Ma proclaims that this is like taking candy from three babies which is bad since there are three nephews and a cave boy. It should be four babies if they want the joke to make sense. Baggy gets his contracted line in as we head inside the vault while the heel practice the fine art of not being seen. This is actually a smart move on the writer's part because it eliminates the stupid factor and gives us at least some entertainment to work with. Plus; it gives us a payoff of the heel's appearance at least.

So we zoom out to the war room control center as Huey pushes three lime button and wants to roll out Scrooge's welcome mat so to speak. Which involves a toxic waste pool, a pool of sharks, cannons, guns, spikes, this entire hallway has it all. Ma stammers and then the heel gets dropped via the trapdoor and the nephews proclaim that this is going as well as when Scrooge is in charge. No kidding; you guys have the Gladstone touch. So we scene change to a meadow for no reason whatsoever as a duck couple are in a red roofless car making love to each other. Then the lady's earrings start reporting the news and then we cut to a car lot as we get to see the HDL-500 in full profile as a couple blows it off claiming a ten year old could have designed that. Now I see why everyone blew off Gamecube. Screw them since it still made a profit anyway. Then we return to the office as all the execs are in the office blowing off the nephews as educational television is now a laughing stock which is hilarious given what PBS has become today; and half of that reason is due to cartoons. The nephews actually got that right in real life; they just skipped the "educational" part of it. CB exec proclaims that Duckberg Enterprises is going to go bankrupt without some fast cash. Yeah; apparently, just three ideas from the nephews has put the business into ruin. I am so not buying that crap. So the nephews offer their piggy banks and the HC exec claims that it has to be a much bigger piggy bank. The nephews wonder how much bigger as we cut to outside as we see a few trucks riding out past the vault with dozens of sacks of money. The nephews wonder how much money they took and they go into the vault and it's dry as a bone. Yeah; like we are buying this crap at all. The nephews proclaim that Scrooge is going to be mad when he gets home and that ends the segment sixteen and a half minutes in. So stupid; but really not much in the way of offending me.

After the commercial break; we head back as the nephews wonder what they can do. Stop giving advice would be a mighty fine start. We discover that Scrooge is coming home tomorrow and Dewey just wants to tell the truth; but the nephews are panicky so they decide to fill the bin with money. So we start with dropping a gold coin into the Money Bin and then we do some metal detecting in the park to waste more time. Then we look for money at the beach and then give dinosaur rides for 25 cents which serves no purpose other than to give Tootsie an appearance. And then we help an old lady across the street; which the old lady gives Huey 25 cents and a blow off since she didn't want to cross anyway. Umm; yeah. So we head back to the Money Bin and there is still no luck with filling the vault. There is little money in the vault; as Louie doesn't want to do the Junior Woodchuck thing of truth telling. Oh lord; they are turning into Quack Pack nephews now and this episode planted that seed. The nephew decide to do whatever it took to keep Scrooge away from the Money Bin. So we go to the hospital as Duckworth wheels Scrooge out with the nephews (wearing regular clothes now) as the nephews are "relieved" that Scrooge is feeling better. Scrooge blows it off because he wants to see his Money Bin safe and sound. Now you would have thought that the execs would have called Scrooge and told him about his investments by now. Again; it's more writing BS!

Anyhow; the nephews panic and Scrooge no sells as he walks into the back of the car. The nephews go through the loot lice thing and Scrooge claims that he's cured of that. The nephews want to visit the girls first; but Scrooge claims that he can take care of that after the inspection of the vault. So we drive the limo for a while and Huey elbows Louie again (how fitting?) as Huey claims that Louie's tummy hurts. Sure it does Huey; you elbowed him in the ribs. Scrooge doesn't buy it as Huey didn't want to tell Scrooge this but Louie is a vampire. Oh my lord; why do you test me so? And people accuse Fanboy & Chum Chum of this random crap?! Even Louie is in shock; so you know this is BS. After all; it's LOUIE who is supposed to be the prankster of the group. Then Louie plays along and does this awesome Dracula face which at least looks impressive, but it doesn't lead anywhere. Scrooge rightfully blows it off and at this point; this episode is sucking the life out of me. Scrooge tells Duckworth to go faster and we head to the Money Bin as Scrooge gets out at once. The nephews gang tackle him from behind to prevent him from entering of course which pretty much gives away the fact that Scrooge is screwed. Scrooge gets into the office by teleporting and then shrugging them off. He opens the vault and he dives into the vault without even noticing it is pretty much empty. Bubba calls this an ouchie. When Bubba is the smartest guy in the entire episode; you know this episode is stupid. Scrooge has dizzy stars and created a Scooby Doo Snow Angel on cement to boot. Scrooge gets up and panics like a madman and goes into such a stupor that he actually has a heart attack and faints dead away on his stomach on the last of the money. Huey claims that he took it well and Louie proclaims that it's back to the hospital with him too. Yeah; the nephews escape punishment despite all their efforts to not let Scrooge see the vault. What a waste of time that was?!

So we get a far shot of the Money Bin as the Beagle Boys and Ma arrive in army gear riding a jeep as Ma is taking no prisoners this time around. This pretty much assures that this episode is going above DUD now; as stupid as the finish is supposed to be. Ma jumps out and blows up the door with the bazooka just as Baggy gets her contracted line in. The heels all run in to the vault as Ma dives in like Scrooge and she takes a MAN-SIZED bump right into the exact same spot Scrooge landed in. HAHA! You got to admit; the heels have saved this abortion of an episode. So now we head to the hospital as Scrooge is in a nightgown on the bed watching the heels console Ma Beagle who is in bed recovering from a concussion. Burger claims that this makes strange bedfellows. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. The nephews are with them and then in the next scene changer; we see them and Bubba on the street with clothes on a stick proclaiming that they are running away from home since they wished they listened to Scrooge about being too young. Wait; so we never get to at least hear a Grade S blowoff from Scrooge (like in Nothing To Fear) to justify this scene at least. Ye gods; what is wrong with these writers?! Okay; so plot holes aside; logic breaks and a mental health joke that is not funny anymore aside; this episode has been okay and nothing seems to offend me.

And then this happens....

Louie proclaims that maybe they are too young and they go to the conveniently placed police officer (the same one from the pilot natch) and ask the officer if it's illegal for a ten year old to run a business and the officer states yes due to child labor laws. Okay; that's fine on it's own although it doesn't explain how a lemonade stand would count in that. Louie loves it as the nephews run off cheering that they broke the law. Yeah; and the officer is confused and nothing comes of it. Now this is not the offensive part; the real one is we head to the glass tower as the nephews are addressing the execs (in regular gear) proclaiming that since they broke the law and gave advice to the execs on deals that they were too young to give informed consent to; they should not count; therefore, the deals are null and void. WHAT THE HELL?! The problem with this is obvious: The execs themselves MADE the decisions to make the deals and they made the decision to take advice from them. They are grown adults who made the bad decisions even if the kids gave them advice. That means the deals would in real life still count. And needless to say; the execs get on the phones and all deals are canceled and the money is put back in it's usual place in the Money Bin. DAMMIT WRITERS! This outrages me! Because of what I said earlier. Now; if the execs signed contracts under false pretenses (meaning they wanted to sign something else); this would be a valid legal argument to kill off the deal. But this isn't the case since the deals were intentional and only the nephews gave advice which no court in the world is going to void in real life. Stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID! DID I MENTION STUPID?! The kids slap skin for this loophole that seems to create a black hole of logic into itself. So we scene change to Scrooge in bed (and wearing regular clothes) as Scrooge groans over losing his money in an empty bin and even Ma thinks she's coming down with the same illness since she saw the same thing. Louie sarcastically claims Scrooge is really sick because there was nothing wrong with the money while they were away and the kids wink on cue. Oh my god, NO! That is so Quack Pack-equse of them that it's not even funny. So we head to the Money Bin as Scrooge dives in and swims the backstroke (complete with water splashing sound. WHAT?) as Scrooge is being pissy again since he doesn't feel a nickel in the bin. So Louie flicks a nickel into the bin and Scrooge gleefully goes back to swimming. Yeap; that concussion fried his brain since I would be getting on Louie's case on where he got the nickel. The nephews decide to celebrate saving their asses by having milkshakes in three flavors and that ends the episode at 21:12. This episode was very stupid; but it had it's moments unlike Bubba's Big Brainstorm. I guess the world is not ready for watermelon milkshakes, AM/FM earrings nor a purple Gamecube car. And the Beagle Boy subplot was a dandy and carried this episode into positive range; even better than Luck'O'The Ducks. But man; that finish; oh GOD that finish was beyond repulsive. Call it * 1/4 (25%).


Well; the dreadful episode is in the books, and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Yes; most of this episode was stupid and requires massive leaps in logic for it to work, like the execs buying into the nephews being idea miracle workers; or even giving them the time of day. Plus we needed to buy that they didn't once contact Scrooge at the hospital. Then there is the free clinic gag that was only designed to allow the god awful Doctor Von Swine to stink up the joint with his mental illness cranks which are not funny and borderline offensive. GeoX claims that he might be an ex-Nazi and considering the attitude of Swine towards mental health; it certainly is possible. This episode actually drained me of life at the end. I wasn't upset with it until about the 20 minute mark even though much of it was stupid with logic breaks out of the wazoo. Most of that was helped by the Beagle Boys and Ma which was pretty funny including Ma taking her lumps and diving and landing in the exact spot Scrooge landed in the previous scene. I didn't find the nephews to be dictators at all as they acted much better than Scrooge did with the employees; they just sucked at giving out sound advice. What really killed this episode for me was the finish as it was straight out of a bad New Disney script since it doesn't make sense and would never work in real life. It's not a legal argument to void a deal just because you took advice from a kid. Yes; it's illegal for a kid to run a business; but they only gave advice and it's the execs who should be in jail for allowing them to be decision makers and it's their fault for accepting deals from kids in the first place without final say from Scrooge. It DOESN'T void a deal. You only void a deal under false pretenses; which would have happened if the nephews just told the truth to Scrooge in the first place instead of running away. What a stupid finish it was? If it wasn't for the Beagle Boys; this is a negative star episode and almost on par with Bubba Big Brainstorm. I say almost because this episode was stupid; but the finish offended me compared to BBB which offended me from start to finish. Thank god this episode is over. Next up is The Bride Who Wore Stripes which is pretty stupid in it's own right, but the Beagle Boys might make this one entertaining, so who knows? So.....

Thumbs down for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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