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Bubbeo & Juliet

Reviewed: 01/14/2012

Does This Mean Bubba Will Kill Himself And NOT Be A Scrappy Doo?!

Answer: Maybe, if creative didn't think Bubba was such a great addition to the Ducktales family. Well I guess it had to happen sooner or later. This episode is the first official appearance of Bubba The Cave Duck and his ride Tootsie, outside of the big five part episode. Well; considering that the finish to Ali Baba's Cave involved Bubba coming back; they had to use him at some point; even though most viewers were repulsed by him at this point. Considering how bad the Aussie Stereotype turned out; Bubba was used in small does as a focus character in comparison. Reading the title of this pretty much gave away the plot before I even had to watch it. So for those who complain about TaleSpin giving away plots two minutes into the episode; at least the writers in TaleSpin gave away the plot while we were watching the episode. So focus on weither the episode works or not instead. So let's rant on shall we..?!

This episode is teleplayed by Doug Hutchinson and the story is done by Evelyn Gabai. By the way; this cut is a Family Channel Canada airing; so don't expect cuts. Although it is hard to tell sometimes since Family Channel sometimes used Toon Disney edits; and sometimes they didn't. We'll see.

We begin this one with the Duckberg mansion and into the nephews' room with Miss Beakly as the nephews don't seem to like going back to school. But it's fifth grade so, Dewey gets his shirt back on by Mrs. Beakly thus Dewey becomes the second character to be completely butt naked in a Disney product. For those who accuse Kick Buttowski of pulling this crap: Bullcrap and you know it. Overdoing it; perhaps but don't insult me by claiming that it never happens to kids in the classic DTVA shows. I'm actually more shocked Kit Cloudkicker never did this spot; and some thought he actually did and it got censored. Bubba just sniffs the floor looking for something that I couldn't care about if I tried. He finds his club calling it a Clubba. I see he has been playing Bubble Bobble too much already. Ah; the pitfalls of video game addiction. Beakly takes the club away and puts it on the dresser drawers (NOT THOSE ONES!) as Bubba is going to school too. Wait; wasn't he expelled from school for his crappy prototype to High School Musical in Time Is Money Part Three? Or was it because he wasn't registered at the time? I don't think they ever explained this. Beakly runs down the different clubs (yeah; finding the club was a set up for a joke); but Bubba grabs the club and MURDERS the book club in a pretty funny visual. Sadly; Bubba screwed up the joke: He said club club; not club book club. Get it? I'm starting to write like DTVA writers. That's horrifying. But not as much as writing like a TNA booker. Beakly is somewhat horrified or this.

So we head outside with Mrs. Beakly and Scrooge walking out with his cane. Scrooge comes over to the limo which has Duckworth in the driver's seat sitting on the left side (!!!). Scrooge walks to the limo and asks if Webby and Bubba are happy to be having their first day of school. Bubba seems giddy and Scrooge messes up his hair playfully. Scrooge tells him that there will be people much different then he is and thus he should be patient. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Bubba is so giddy that he wants to go to school now and stomps on Duckworth's foot which is sitting on the gas and we ride off. Duckworth's selling is so bad; it might as well be no selling. Oh wait... Scrooge and Mrs. Beakly get together thinking that they will have peace and quiet all day...and then a tree gets floored and destroys part of the gate. Scrooge is not happy to see that as he walks over and we discover that another mansion has been built OUT OF NOWHERE. Strange since we didn't see it on the first shot where Scrooge was talking to Webby and Bubba, since he walked in the same direction as he looked. Ho hum; our first logic break barely two and a half minutes. So Scrooge and Beakly walk in and notice that this mansion is a walking version of proving “Pave paradise; put up a parking lot” mantra to be true. Except it's not a parking lot; it's a tacky mansion with a lot of tacky decorations including the dreadful pig angel statues and machine flamingos. And then a pig furry walks out of the house with blond hair; striped pink/violet shirt and green pants with triangles on it. She also has purple glasses and has a small brown dog. She greets Scrooge and addresses herself as Cookie Blurf. Think Miss Chickerelli as a pig gaining about 2.5 times her weight and without the dressed up dog.

Cookie Blurf is voiced by Mary Jo Cattlet and according to the USIMDB: An unmistakeably happy and hearty veteran character actress and comedienne who has found success in all three mediums (stage, film and TV) with her trademark flowery voice, giddy demeanor and ever-cheery disposition, the endearing Mary Jo Catlett is now broaching five decades in the entertainment business. She was born on September 2, 1938 in Denver, Colorado, the daughter of Robert and Cornelia (Callaghan) Catlett. A graduate of Loretto Heights College in Denver, she was drawn to acting quite young -- musical comedy, in particular. While she made her off-Broadway debut in a 1963 melodrama, "Along Came a Spider," which opened at the Mermaid Theatre, the following year Mary Jo was right back in her tuneful element scoring as Ernestina in the original Broadway production of "Hello, Dolly!" starring Carol Channing. She toured with the production when Ginger Rogers took the show on tour. Eventually building up her resume in regional theater, she served as a replacement in the 1969 musical "Promenade," then returned to Broadway at the end of that year where her broad, burlesque style well suited the bawdy musical takeoff of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales," which lasted about four months. Other New York-based productions came her way but most were short-lived, including "Greenwillow" (1970), "Different Times" (1972), "Lysistrata" (1972) and "Fashion" (1973). She did, however, enjoy a scene-stealing role as Mabel in the New York revival of "The Pajama Game" in 1973.

While Mary Jo has a propensity for humor and laughter, she has also demonstrated an award-winning dramatic side. Her role as Lola Delaney in "Come Back, Little Sheba" earned her the Los Angeles Drama Critics Award in 1976. Four years later she won the award again in a production of "Philadelphia, Here I Come". Over the years she has flitted about not only in musicals ("Annie Get Your Gun" (as Annie), "How to Succeed in Business..."), but has tackled Shakespeare ("Twelfth Night," "Romeo and Juliet") and other serious stage roles ("27 Wagons Full of Cotton," "Naomi Court", "Our Town"). With her plaintive and matronly features, ample size, wallflower demeanor and instincts for broad levity, Mary Jo has proven to be a natural for small screen comedy. In the late 60s she began to apply her trade on-camera. One of her earliest mid-career appearances included a role in the TV fantasy The Littlest Angel (1969) (TV) where she and fellow comedienne Lu Leonard played plus-sized scribes, but it wasn't until the mid-70s that she began making the normal rounds with dozens of appearances on the sitcom circuit, including roles on "The Bob Newhart Show," "M*A*S*H," "Mr. Belvedere," "Night Court," Gimme a Break," "Saved By the Bell," "Maude" and "Welcome Back, Cotter". In 1982 she joined the cast as a housekeeping regular for TV kids Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, and Dana Plato on "Diff'rent Strokes" (1978) and found plentiful work on lightweight dramatic shows too such as "Murder She Wrote," "Matlock" and "Fantasy Island." In daytime, she was nominated for an Emmy during the 1989-1990 season of "General Hospital" (1972). She also became a TV face in households with over 30 national commercials to her credit.

Sparingly used on film, she made her debut in an unbilled part in Woody Allen's Bananas (1971). Other supporting work include roles in High Anxiety (1977), Semi-Tough (1977), The Champ (1979), The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982) and, more notably, Serial Mom (1994). She has had a slight upsurge of late in movie parts with roles in the gay-themed Surprise, Surprise (2009) and Anderson's Cross (2010), and the comedy How to Be a Serial Killer (2008). On stage Mary Jo has continued to put her best foot forward on the musical stage in such productions as "Beauty and the Beast," "Big River" and "The Full Monty", not to mention several variations of "Nunsense" and its offshoots. Her most popular and enduring voice work of late has been that of Mrs. Puff in the animated series "SpongeBob SquarePants" (1999). She can also be heard in its animated feature-length movie film. Over the years Mary Jo has shown that her heart is as big as her talent as a consistently reliable and fun-filled novelty song performer at charity fund raisers and musical benefits, most notably for various AIDS and the Broadway-oriented "Help Is on the Way" organizations.
She began in 1969 as a Scribe for The Littlest Angel. Ducktales is her DTVA debut and she appeared in Quack Pack (Long Arm of The Claw), Mrs. Applebaum in That's So Raven, Aunt Jane in Kim Possible. She has 73 credits to her resume and her most recent credit is 2 Broke Girls as Elaine.

Cookie (I just realized that this is a TNA booking name for their Jersey Shore gimmick, thanks to her getting her ass kicked by J-Wow. If you can call it an ass kicking.) notices Scrooge and grabs him and brings him over to her husband who so happens to be the one who is cutting trees down and landing on Scrooge's property. And yes; the chain saw is gold plated too. The hubby is also a pig who uses a snorkling mask as safety goggles wearing a purple flower shirt, cheese pants and brown leather shoes. Think Herb Muddlefoot with an even more annoying voice. He also has a wobbling handshake too. Baloo does a much better job (and Mary Lamb does a better job selling it; heck even the clipboard does a better job than Scrooge here.). He sounds like Wendell; so I'm guessing Frank Welker here. He's Tiny Blurf in case you didn't notice. They are not only tacky; they gambled on a lottery ticket to win $10 million. Scrooge blows them off for not earning it. Now don't get me wrong; Scrooge does earn a sizable chunk of his fortune by working; but when you really think about it; the stock market is a form of gambling since you take risks like gambling. The Blurfs don't seen to care and smile like a bunch of cocky swine. It was truly a game of chance as Mrs. Beakly asks why he is cutting down beautiful trees. Tiny bails and then returns driving a go-kart. See; he is making a race track. Scrooge faints dead away and Mrs. Beakly is forced to check him on the rebound. Methinks this was to silence critics on female stereotypes. Did I mention that Tiny's hair is a hair wig? I know this because the price tag is still attached to it. Miss Beakly bails with Scrooge because he got way too much excitement for his liking (Riiigggghhhttttt) and the Blurfs don't care and offer them to come back like a bunch of good Beverly Hillbillies. Only; they are merely a suburban version of any sitcom released in the last 20 years. And they say cartoons are just for kids too.

We return to the mansion as Mrs. Beakly places Scrooge on the front lawn and waves a dollar bill like smelling salts. Okay; that is different at least. Scrooge wakes up and Mrs. Beakly informs him that this is no dream as another tree falls down in the background; and it probably hits the wall too; although there is no evidence of that from the animation. Scrooge calls it worse than having the Beagle Boys over. Really Scroogie? I thought you would say Donald Duck or Launchpad's family next door. That would make more sense. Sometimes I think the writers have no sense of context. So we scene change to the crumbled wall with all the tree stuff on it as Scrooge wants Mrs. Beakly to call a contractor and repair the wall and make it two feet taller to boot. Only two feet? That doesn't sound like much. Scrooge storms off as Mrs. Beakly writes it on her notepad. So we finally head into the hallways of school (They are in fifth grade despite being in a one room school in 1989. Don't get it at all) as we pan over to the lockers as Louie shows how to unlock a locker with the combination lock to Bubba. Bubba of course clubs it off. HAHA! Simple; direct and effective. Mark it on your calenders folks; Bubba outclasses everyone in this episode five and a half minutes in. Dewey sums this up nicely as we head to the baseball field as Bubba is the pitcher of the team as they are wearing yellow cream shirts and blue shorts. The nephews hope Bubba does better in gym class. So a guy who clearly looks like a 20 year old adult bully dogsperson with a black skull and cross bones t-shirt and a jacket that looks something out of Captain N: The Game Master, gray pants and a missing tooth with brown hair. Bubba is not impressed and throws a 500 MPH fastball for an easy strike as the catcher almost gets MURDERED when he flies into the steel fence. Huey is amazed by that. We discover that the bully's name is Whizzer. I guess this is Al Khan's son. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm... Bubba gets the ball back and Whizzer isn't playing around anymore. So Bubba throws a slower ball; and Whizzer hits it as he bounces right into the chest of Bubba and he goes flying right into the volley ball net where all the girls (wearing matching pink gear to boot) looking like walking female stereotypes. In other words; walking Shellseas.

So Bubba bumps into the pig girl (it's always the pig girl) and she gets bonked (and a MAN-SIZED one at that) on the mud and Bubba gets dropped on his ass. The other girls laugh at her expense; so she's the hated one of the team. The pig girl (Russi Taylor) is upset over what Bubba did. Well; she was hit from behind; so I guess it's understandable. Bubba apologizes anyway and she's embarrassed as she walks off muddy. And of course Bubba looks at her and his eyes turn heart shaped. Well; no one can accuse cave ducks of being enlightened that is for damn sure. The nephews and Webby (Shame on Webby for laughing at that girl) walk in and Dewey gives him his club. Sadly; Bubba walks in and runs in to MURDER the pig girl with it; but the nephews and Webby tackle her down. See; in the caveman days; in order to get the girl; he would MURDER her from behind with the club. Then he would take her to the cave and make her his slave so to speak. They think the baseball scrambled their brains. Apparently; they don't know history and that this is Bubba's normal function as a cave duck. Anyhow; Bubba claims that he wants to clubba (yeah; that is his catchphrase, we will have to deal with it) as the nephews finally get that Bubba's in love. Huey thinks Bubba is mushing out. Which is hilarious in hindsight when you consider what Huey Duck turned into in Quack Pack. And I'm wrong as they do reference how cave ducks get their woman. Webby informs Bubba that they don't do that stuff anymore. Personally; getting clubbed in the head is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Getting stoned for not being a virgin is far, far worse. So the cave woman got off relatively easy. Still very sexist though. Webby suggests doing something nice like giving her flowers. So Bubba uproots the conveniently placed out of nowhere blue flower tree and whacks it on Webby's head. HAHA! She asked for it. It's hazard pay when you are dealing with a cave duck stereotype. It's also nice that male on female contact is still allowed in DTVA; even in later airings. Webby's reaction is so damn priceless with the dirt on her bow. The nephews proclaim that Bubba needs a lot of help. Why? Bubba is actually providing some real entertainment for me; something that Fenton is supposed to be doing and not quite catching yet.

Okay; we scene change to outside the mansion as Scrooge is sitting down under the umbrella tree (Oh lord Gregory; you are really dating and localizing yourself with that joke aren't you?) as Duckworth arrives with a bowl of soup (known as Scottish Haggus according to Duckworth) as Scrooge is doing the Gruffi pose. I'm betting that the two feet extra of wall is not working at this point. Scrooge sniffs the bowl and feels happy as he forks into the sheep's stomach (he is from Scotland; so it's apporos) as Duckworth looks shocked and we have smoke (AND THAT IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, MOVIE RATING, AND FENTON'S HEAT ON THIS DAMN SHOW!) and everyone coughs on cue. Let's just say that Tiny is having a big ass BBQ and move on. He's brushing the BBQ sauce thick which contains horseradish, sauerkraut and a dash of rubber cement. Must be fake rubber cement. Well; gum is made of edible rubber so it is quite fitting. Scrooge is repulsed by it which is funny since Scrooge is eating sheep stomach and other body parts from a sheep. And steak comes from cows. And Tiny has a bucket and paintbrush to boot. He likes doing this everyday as Scrooge and Duckworth just walk back to the mansion as Duckworth proclaims that he showed the restraint of a saint. Scrooge tells Duckworth to odor proof the house and add an extra five feet to the wall. So we head back to the nephews at the cafeteria outside looking at the windows. We zoom in and Webby notices her despite the fact that she is nowhere in that shot of the tables. That's logic break #2 for the episode and the first one I don't accept eight and a half minutes in. Webby remembers that her name is Julie. Is that really a surprise? After all; the title of this episode is Bubbeo & JULIE-T! Bubba likes this as the nephews proclaim that this is his chance now that she is all alone. Bubba runs in with a tray of goodies on it as he sits down with Julie who is the one in the far background on the first shot. And to make matters worse; she went from being a duck in the background to clearly a pig now as she is supposed to be. Logic break #3 for the episode. Julie's last name is clearly Blurf since she has blond hair and a blue shirt and sneakers.

Bubba asks if he can sit here and Julie thinks it's all right. Apparently; we get a zoom in shot of a carton of milk which makes me think that we are setting up for the cow mooing pun that they did in Time is Money Part Three; but instead it's Bubba grabbing the squirt container for the ketchup and it squirts all over Julie's shirt. You can tell this was BS&P'ed since ketchup is very similar to blood; and it looks pink-ish here. Funny how Your Baloo's In The Mail could use it without consequence. Bubba brings the napkins in the napkin holder and apologizes and tries to clean her shirt; but the mustard squirt bottle drops and Bubba unintentionally steps on it and Julie takes WITH MUSTARD! Poor girl; she has annoying ass parents and a clueless lover. Everyone at the tables laughs like a bunch of sexist idiots. Julie sobs and runs away stage right as Bubba proclaims that he flubba again. HAHA! No kidding Bubba. So we head into the hallways with the kid babyfaces heading to art class as Huey suggests painting a picture of Julie to win her over. Oookkkaaay. So we head to art class and do a pan shot of the kids painting pictures. We see Julie painting a picture with a brush and Bubba is painting and he shows her a picture of herself. Which looks a lot better than I expected. It's not quite Gusto level's; but it is serviceable compared to some. Sadly; Julie does not get cave duck art at all and she hates it; cries and runs out of class. Bubba runs after her into the hallways calling for her. She is at the lockers (Funny how she missed the obvious here) and gets cornered as Julie blows off Bubba for making fun of her. Bubba claims that he wasn't trying to make fun of her and she's not buying that one because she's new to school. Bubba admits that he is new and he did these things to win her heart; but he is dumb. And yes; Bubba speaks in the third person here. Julie then recoils and she starts to mellow out. Nice to see someone realize that Bubba is merely clueless and not vile. Bubba asks if she likes him and Julie states that she might and wants to return to art class to paint his picture.

So we head back to Scrooge in his mansion somewhere (I cannot tell since it's a sky shot) as he paces around. He wants to forget about the Blurfs and move onto business. However; he looks out the window and we have quite probably the biggest, most absurd weather vane in the history of cartoons. Seriously. Not even Gadget is that insane. Scrooge steps back as Duckworth arrives with the mail on the platter as Scrooge orders him to brick up the windows and make the wall ten feet taller. Scrooge opens a letter as Duckworth praises Scrooge for showing restraint and then Scrooge is SHOCKED and APPALLED. Scrooge has had it apparently as he proclaims that he is going to show the other side of the welcome wagon. What was in that letter that offended him and what does it have to do with the Blurgs? Anyhow; we cut to the Blurgs in front of the weather vane as Scrooge runs in and blows off the Blurgs. See; he can take having his garden ruined, his air ruined and his view ruined; but when his mansion loses a million dollars in value according to the real estate agent in that letter he opened up; he can take no more. That's kind of like saying that a girl has no trouble being called every possible insulting, sexist term in the book; but when you mention that her breast size is 38DD she can take no more. WHAT THE HELL?! And Scrooge of course has still not learned to not climb onto bellies of adults yet. Sadly; the dog that have is not like Oskar since he doesn't bite Scrooge in the wallet. Cookie claims that the property is perfectly fine while Scrooge calls it a freak show. Geez; this would have worked a lot better if the Blurgs were as weird as the Addams Family; but in 2011, this is quite normal. Scrooge demands that the Blurgs stop screwing up the property with non-weird stuff and Tiny wants a fight, using southern style words I do not get at all. His fist was enough to tell me that he wants to MURDER Scrooge. See how useful non-verbal cues are new Disney? Anyhow; we see Bubbeo & Julie-T walking together hand in hand exchanging notes. She does question Bubba pulling the locker out of the wall which Bubba is carrying. HAHA! Then Julie hears noises and she proclaims that her dad is in fight and Bubba drops the locker and they run into the Blurf's property as Scrooge and Tiny are yelling at each other. Yeah; a fight sure. A fight where no one throws a punch. Sure; A Fuel Dollars More had none of the punches make contact, but at least they tried to fight; but BS&P is such an ass sometimes. Bubba and Julie try to get their parent's to explain what is going on; but both get blown off twice and then ordered never to see each other again and then get carried off as Julie and Bubba say their goodbyes with as little emotion as possible all in stereo. Bubba puts in more effort as he gets dragged off by Scrooge out of the property and that ends the segment 12 minutes in.

After the commercial break; we head in the family room as the nephews (san hats) are sitting in chairs, and Bubba is sitting on the floor. Scrooge paces around and he wants revenge on the Blurgs. Huey has a suggestion which involves drowning them in pink water balloons filled with pink paint. And just to insult me some more; they show it in the CHILD CORRUPTING BALLOON OF DOOM with even Julie getting it. And we see a out of control bus destroying the property near the pool while the Blurgs bail. Then we get another really bad sequence in which we see Scrooge looking completely evil (Stylist choice? Who knows) and square as he dumps a bag of flea down the chimney. We cut back to Louie calling it fun. So this is “Hating Redneck Pigs Day”. Then Huey talks to Bubba on the ground outside BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (sunset) right in front of the iron gate. Wait; he was clearly in the same room with the kids and Scrooge; plus we never saw him leave. Bad, bad form there guys. Webby goes over to console him as Bubba talks about Julie having a party; which explains why there are cars in the foreground; including one gapping logic break of the Blurg family coming in a green car despite the fact that they OWN the property. I know this because I clearly saw Julie in the last car in the foreground sequence. We cut a shot of a sky shot of the cars heading to the Blurgs and it looks like the Grauman's Chinese Theater complete with spotlights. We zoom in and notices everyone getting out in costumes; since this is a costume party. Webby has a Krackpotkin plan in mind as we head inside the main hallway of the Blurgs (and the inside looks a million times better than the outside; thus making the Blurgs look like Pete heels out to annoy Scoorgie.) as we pan over to the doorway as Tiny is dressed like Mozart as he welcomes cousin Wilfred who is a pig with a big body and a small head and wearing a hotdog suit complete with relish and mustard. And he has arms like a muscle duck. Then Tiny notices that Bubba is dressed up like a Englishman with a black mustache, top hat and eyepiece on a stick. Not a smart choice by Webby; it makes him look like Scrooge with facial hair. Bubba calls himself cousin Bruiser and Tiny lets him in thinking that he is from Cookie's side of the family.

Bubba looks around as everyone is in costume including Usagi Yujimbo, a TMNT (sans mask), and a brown Spiderman. Bubba is looking for Julie and checking every midget he can find; but not succeeding. One involves screaming and running in opposite directions. Bubba finds Julie in a princess outfit and pulls on the golden mask. So Julie notices Bubba right away and Bubba apologizes and leaves. HAHA! Then he catches himself and they hold hands. It's clear that Julie is voiced by Russi Taylor because at times she loses the accent and it's clear that the voice sounds like Webby's. Julie isn't amused by Tiny's hate for Scrooge and she is going to bring Bubba over to him to tell Tiny that Scrooge and Tiny should reconcile. Considering that name of this episode; this is not going to end well for Julie at all. So we head to Julie and Bubba over at Tiny and Cookie dancing looking like Frenchmen. Julie tries to talk to Tiny; but Tiny wants to dance instead and blows off the country music stars on stage to play louder. Yes; a bunch of rednecks who try to act enlightened, that is so rich. So we head to Scrooge's bedroom AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Scrooge wakes up like me when one of my brothers turns it up too loud all night. I am a light sleeper after all. Scrooge feels an earthquake coming and he runs to the closet like a Hanna Barbera character with no heat and does the Wuzzles throwaway spot in reverse. Scrooge proclaims that this is Scottish Warfare which means it's time to bring out the bagpipes and blow goats. As least that is what I think “Scottish Warfare” involves. So we return to the party as more dancing ensues. And damn it to hell; if I wasn't right. HAHA! That is the first funny spot not named Bubba nor Fenton since I started ranting on this season; three episodes and 14 minutes into this one. Tiny walks out as we head in front of the gate with Scrooge blowing the bagpipes with Duckworth wants him to blow louder. See; make the joke and then pay it off. Mrs. Beakly doesn't seem to be amused since she's wearing earmuffs and doing the Gruffi pose. Tiny storms out and protests this outrage; but Scrooge doesn't give a crap. Tiny claims that he didn't start it; but he is going to finish it. Which is BS since he was the first one who destroyed Scrooge's brick wall at the beginning of the episode. So; he's starting it and finishing it. A sure sign of a heel right there.

So Tiny walks up to the look off (with green spotted walls I might add) and opens the door and invokes the SQUEEZE BOX OF DEATH! Needless to say; everyone hates the sound and runs out of the mansion, and the combination of playing loud music from both greedy guts causes the mansion to crumble from the sound. I know that Scrooge is such a dickhead and you like tacky stuff Blurfs; but just because of that, doesn't mean that it is a good idea to build a mansion that is NOT UP TO CODE! I mean; you don't want to give the creators of Kick Buttowski any ideas now do...Oh wait; never mind. Glass shatters; lights light up in town and here come the BAD EPISODE POLICE~! Okay; not really since this hasn't been a bad episode at all; just plain silly. The police cars all park in the house and Scrooge is grabbed by the police and throw in the police wagon. Geez; you would think that Scrooge would know better after nearly eight episodes and one movie that the police need an excuse to throw you in the slammer. The good news for though is Tiny is also going to jail too. Scrooge and Tiny blow each other and threaten to get them removed from the neighborhood. So we cut to Bubba and Julie holding hands on the steps as Julie proclaims that their families will never make peace now and that ends the segment 15 and a half minutes in. Well; this episode has been a lot more entertaining than anything Fenton has done; and Bubba is doing it out of all ducks.

After the commercial break; we see Duckworth at the limo near the house as Scrooge climbs out of the limo and Duckworth asks if he had a pleasant stay in jail. Scrooge ignores it completely and motions the kids to come in and prepare for war. The nephews love it and run in and so does “Sgt. Beakly”. Well; why not. Everyone except Bubba runs into the house as we head to in front of Scrooge's property as Tiny is paying off garbage trucks to dump garbage on Scrooge's front lawn. Julie is pleading for Tiny to stop this insanity; but Tiny does the old “you'll understand when you are older that this is how grown up's solve problems”. Yeah and give Kick Buttowski ideas for his show; real smart. I really feel sorry for Bubba and Julie now because they are the smartest people in this entire episode and Bubba looks like freakin Gyro Gearloose with the humor of Launchpad and DW's version of Gizmo Duck. Scrooge is inside and turns around and he is PISSED off now. So we see Scrooge knocking on someone's door and it's Tiny's as Tiny wants Scrooge to surrender. Scrooge no sells and points to a construction team destroying the front driveway of Tiny's property. Tiny gets the CHEAP HEAT OF LAUGHS (careful there Tiny; you'll turn into ham if that happens too much) and he demands them to leave. Scrooge gives him a letter proclaiming that his front yard is now a disaster area. Scrooge leaves as Tiny is PISSED. I agree with Tiny. It's tacky sure; but it is NOT a disaster area. Tiny rips up the letter in disgust as we head to Scrooge in his swim trunks heading to his pool as he wants to swim in it. If you cannot guess what happens to said pool; you have no business reading this rant. Duckworth mocks this as Scrooge dives in and gets MURDERED by lobsters. HAHA! Take one guess who put those in the pool. Duckworth answers that for me as Scrooge now has cheap heat. So we head inside Tiny's living room as he is on the phone as he yells that he will spend to make sure Scrooge gets spitled. Sorry; I don't speak redneck sir. We hear Cookie scream badly as Tiny runs to the swimming pool area (Cookie is wearing a one piece bathing suit) as we discover that Scrooge put a killer whale in the pool. Someone DID remember Cash As Catch Can Part Two. Tiny is pissed off because he didn't think of it first and he and Cookie gets splashed of course.

So we head to Scrooge's office as Scrooge sits down in his green chair and wants some peace and then he hears noises and sees lights as Tiny and company have turned their property into a carnival. Tiny does some bowling with glass bottles for fun as he thinks this will break Scrooge; but the yellow water balloon hitting the back of his neck makes him think otherwise. We then cut to the babyfaces minus Bubba in a makeshift bunker complete with barb wire and binoculars from Scrooge. So Scrooge yells for stink bombs and the gang slingshots about 100 skunks complete with about a dozen scene changers. This seems to be a trademark of Wang Films; since I have seen this with Jolly Molly Christmas near the finish with Louie and Molly. Only that episode didn't overdo it like this one and Allowance Day. The skunks parachute and stink up the joint. Geez; can this be anymore overplayed?! So Tiny throws a baseball and shatters one of the windows in Scrooge's mansion. So Scrooge orders more paint bombs and Dewey slingshots them right on Tiny's face and belly. Both pink and blue. Oh god; this is getting really silly now. More baseballs are thrown into windows; more paint bombs, more fireworks literally as finally the BAD EPISODE POLICE step in to stop this silliness before it can get anymore stupid and offense to good taste. Tiny and Scrooge get thrown in the same jail truck and they both speed off. Logic break: If they are in the same truck; why are they looking out holding the bars? Why not have the over due fight in the truck? I club BS&P! Finally; we head to the bushes near the mansion as we see Julie looking around and Bubba walks out of the bushes and she's happy to see him. Julie thinks everyone has gone crazy and must do something. Bubba wants them to be nice; but Julie thinks that they are well past the point of no return now. So they will leave a note and run away. And they do as Bubba leaves his club on the ground. We then discover that Webby apparently was with Bubba and she is shocked and appalled. So we head back in the mansion as Webby is pleading with Mrs. Beakly; trying to explain that Bubba's gone; but the front door opens and in comes Scrooge protesting that it took $250 to get out of jail and it's costing him a fortune. Sucks to be a rich man eh Scroogie? He is turning into Nightflight's vision of Scrooge now.

Scrooge notices a letter on the ground and opens it and it's from Bubba and Julie. Yeah they have ran away. Then Tiny runs in and blames Scrooge on all this because he got the same letter. One huge problem with this: We clearly saw them running AWAY from the house. UGH! UGH! UGH! Even worse is the fact that the club was on the damn ground for no reason. Who is booking this crap? Seriously; there was supposed to be a point to Bubba dropping his club. So Webby could come in and show it to Scrooge as evidence that he ran away with Julie. It should have been Webby with the club, Scrooge complaining and then Tiny running in showing his note and blaming Scrooge; and then Webby chimes in with the club to show that Tiny was telling the truth. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE WRITERS?! We were in such a good groove until right now because this makes no sense. Scrooge accuses Julie of brainwashing Bubba into a stunt; and Tiny takes offense to that. Sadly; it was Julie's idea to run away so Scrooge has a point. Scrooge blames Tiny for moving into his neighborhood; and even Mrs. Beakly has had enough of this nonsense and screams. She proclaims that we can assign blame later. Cookie has no idea where to start and Webby tells them that they were running towards the carnival thus making the logic break even worse. So we head to the carnival; inside the cotton candy stand as Julie and Bubba are enjoying cotton candy. Then Tootsie and the dog arrive and they panic. That's right; Tootsie is on Scrooge's side of things. Traitor! Julie and Bubba run away as they are blocked by Tiny and bounce into his fatass belly. Rebound and bail; but Scrooge and Duckworth are blocking the entryway. So they run left; and are forced to bail on opposite sides in front of Cookie. Bubba and Julie finally reach the roller coaster and hop in. Bubba pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and we coast along. Julie is not happy to do this at all. So the next set of cars ensues and Tiny rides behind them. Then we cut to Scrooge climbing up the roller coaster tracks and hopping like he has springs on his feet. Scrooge stands on the rail as Bubba and Julie are riding. And then we get one of those moments that made me scratch my brain pan in awe as Scrooge jumps into the roller coaster ride despite the fact that Bubba and Julie jumped well before Scrooge began to jump and held onto the side of the roller coaster track. The timing here was horrible. This episode is dying before my eyes.

Scrooge yells for the kids and doesn't see them, DUH! Bubba cries out for Scooge (Scrooge in case you didn't get the joke from Time Is Money) as we cut to the main control set as Mrs. Beakly and Cookie are trying to figure out what to do to stop the roller coaster. The suggestion: use them all. Which they did and that only changes the track's direction in places as Tiny realizes that he's screwed. So Mr. Beakly and Cookie try to push the lever (WRONG LEVER!) back; but it's stuck. How convenient that Bubba can push it without fail; but Mrs. Beakly and Cookie are too out of shape to push it in the other direction. GeoX has a good point: These female characters are truly “Just There To Suck”. I almost said “Duck” there a moment ago too. So Bubba does some jungle gym climbing on the roller coaster track and comes in and pushes with the fat ladies and it finally works and both carts finally come to a grinding stop in front of each other. Julie is sitting on the track; looking like she is drawn and shaded from the Kaboom's version of Ducktales. Never a good idea as Tiny is thankful that she is all right and calls her running away childish. Julie gleefully mocks that one for me as Scrooge concedes that they acted horrible and offers to shake Tiny's hand for a truce. Tiny agrees with Scrooge and they shake hands. Scene change to morning as we see Bubba heading to see Julie; but the moving vans are coming and everything is moving out. Bubba notices Julie and we discover that the Blurgs are returning back home because Tiny spent so much money on the feud that he is basically back to where he started from before he won the lottery ticket. In essence; Scrooge won and it goes to show you that being an asshole, tacky heel really doesn't pay in this world. Julie does say that she will still be seeing him at school (Wait; how?) and Bubba offers her his club. Julie gains it; whacks Bubba in the head lightly and then kisses him as his eyes have hearts in a slot machine formation. Well; I cannot blame him, he was in the right throughout this whole ordeal. Bubba walks to Scrooge to inform him that the Blurgs are leaving and Scrooge is not happy because he has the sprinkler system on since there is a killer whale on his lawn. HAHA! Serves you right Scroogie. Zoom out and we end the episode at 21:15. Thank god this one is over. This episode was on it's way to being a great episode; until they screwed up the entire climax and it got really too silly for it's own good. Can you believe Bubba The F'N Cave Duck actually carried this episode kicking and screaming? Call it *** ¾ (75%).


Well; this episode was actually a very good episode as most of it was pretty entertaining. Bubba actually carried an episode; yes you heard it right. Bubba was pretty entertaining for me and I did laugh at some of his antics. Julie was pretty good; although her southern accent bothered me throughout it and the southern speaking from Tiny and Cookie. Tiny was an okay foil for Scrooge and Cookie was all right; but man the whole feud was absolutely silly and petty. However; they couldn't turn it into a blood feud because the episode title would imply people dying. Bubba and Julie made this episode tolerable. This was actually on it's way to being a ****+ episode; until they got to the climax and it all fell apart. How did Bubba and Julie write a letter to Tiny and Scrooge (more so Scrooge) when it was clear that they were running away from the house and towards the carnival. This was made even worse by the fact that Bubba dropped his club and it never played into the finish at all. So there's a magical letter and Scrooge reads it. What they should have done is have Webby with the club, Scrooge comes in complaining, then Tiny runs in and accuses Scrooge of having Julie kidnapped for some reason and then Webby chimes in showing the club and informing everyone that Julie intentionally ran away with Bubba. This outraged me because what they did made absolutely no sense and I would not be shocked if this wasn't what happened in the first airing of this episode in 1989. There was a major mis-timing of a spot involving the roller coaster and they rendered Cookie and Mrs. Beakly to look absolutely weak just so Bubba can set up the finish for real. There were a few other logic breaks; but otherwise, other than the climax, this episode entertained me. Although I shudder to think when Bubba's Brainstorm comes along; that could be a stinker. Thankfully; the next episode is Good Muddah where Webby gets kidnapped by the female version of the Beagle Boys. Oh goody! So.....

Thumbs in the middle pointing up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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