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The Bride Wore Stripes

Reviewed: 02/19/2012

The Groom Wears Air Head Syndrome!!

Now that those Yuppy Ducks have been put in their place; we can resume our normal ranting as Ma Beagle attempts to marry Scrooge and take his fortune. Geez; where have I heard this one before? Oh yeah; Till Nephews Due Us Part. So let's rant on shall we..?!

This episode is written by Ken Koonce & David Weimers. The story is done by George Atkins and the story is edited by David Weimers. George has written episodes for Mister Magoo, The Dick Tracey Show, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Jabberjaw, Madame's Place, The Get Along Gang, The Jetsons, Pound Puppies among others. Ducktales is his only DTVA appearance. Where's Waldo in 1991 is his final credit and has 35 writing credits to his resume. He debuted in 1956 for the Jonathan Winter's Show.

We begin this one with a shot of Ma Beagle's estate as Ma is blowing off the Beagle Boys and bashing Baggy with the newspaper. Big Time is hiding behind the chair proclaiming that Ma is on the rampage. Well; every episode involving her. Ma heads into the kitchen as Burger eats more chocolate cake batter to annoy her. Ma steals the bowl back because she's making a Chocolate Rasp Cake for Bonzar Beagle. So he's the Aussie Stereotype Beagle I heard about. She kicks the oven's ass good for a bit and Big Time proclaims that Ma is really on edge lately. Ma claims that she wants to be in a better house like those from her favorite book: Better Jailcells and Gardens; but her sons are dumber than a box of hammers. Burger and Baggy yeah; but I think that's cold of you to say that about Big Time. Baggy wants to make it up to her and Ma tells them to go to the panty to get the frosting mix which is next to the Nitro. The heels all run in and we cut to outside which is the signal for the explosion to happen inside the house and that's exactly what happens. The heels apologize and we head to the streets of Duckberg as the limo is driving and Huey wants to stop at the bakery. I know this because Duckworth addresses Master Huey in response. So we stop in front of the bakery as the nephews come out (sans hats) as they try to drag Scrooge out and Scrooge no sells for no reason that I can think of. See; the nephews want to buy a cake for Mrs. Beakly, who I am going to call is the one who is directly involved in the finish. Prove me wrong writers of the world. It's her birthday today as Scrooge wants her to buy the cake instead. The nephews blow off Scrooge for being so cheap. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. We drag Scrooge into the bakery as Scrooge claims that he has practiced that fine art. We see a blond haired female dogsperson (June Foray) ask what they want and Scrooge wants a day old cake at a reasonable price. The blond haired dogsperson shows them a three tiered heavenly chocolate/cherry cake for $15 only. The nephews jump up and down with glee since it's her favorite. I buy ice cream cakes for higher prices than that; so this is reasonable to anyone including a cheap, rich guy. Scrooge wants something lower and she offers a generic cake which looks like it has mold frosting on it for $2 and Scrooge asks how much without the frosting and the nephews blow it off because it's in awful shape. Scrooge counters by saying that Mrs. Beakly is in awful shape too. Yeah; let's be cheap AND sexist all at the same time Scroogie. You're CHEAP! WE F'N GET IT!

So we head outside as Ma's jeep parks behind the limo in front of the bakery and it's wheezing of course. Ma jumps out with her picnic basket and pistol telling the heels to leave the motor running. She's going to rob it and it will be a piece of cake literally. She walks to the door as we pan west to Scrooge and blond haired girl talking about wives. Scrooge is not married because she'll take half of his fortune when they do get married and half of it due to the divorce to come later. His fortune is his and his alone as Ma walks back to the car wanting to bet on that one. She returns to the car and tells the heels and she is going to get married BABEE! Burger thinks it has something to do with the state pen. If only Burger, if only. So we scene change to a flower shop (with Gedo style flower) as the limo stops and Scrooge blows off the kids because this birthday stuff is getting out of hand. The nephews drag Scrooge out. What is the point of them not wearing baseball caps today? So they drag Scrooge into the flower shop because Mrs. Beakly loves flowers see. We pan over to the side of the building as Ma is dressed in stripes like a wedding bride who busts out of jail. Memo to writers: I realize the whole dress is symbolic to the title of the episode and I realize that you need to pay it off somehow; but this is the worst way to do it because it is going to make Scrooge look incredibly stupid in the process. Oh; and Big Time stole the camera as shown when Ma asks Big Time for it. So BT sneaks behind Ma as we head into the flower shop as the bird furry (with the stereotypical old lady weaved hair) asks if she can help Scrooge. Huey proclaims that they are looking for flowers as Scrooge wants some flowers that are a week old and the nephews blow him off big time for that. Geez Scroogie; I agree with them. CUT THE DAMN CHEAP ACT OUT! Even poor people can afford those ragweeds you are holding which cost $20; and that three tiered cake for $15. The heels practice the fine art of not being seen behind Scrooge's back as Scrooge replaces those ragweeds and picks some yellow merrigolds for $15. He blows them off claiming that they are made of gold. Gold is $300 an ounce back then Scroogie; so you're just being an asshole at this point. Scrooge puts them back, but not before striking a pose with the merrigolds which allows Big Time to take his picture with Ma popping up behind the flowers. Okay; that was cute. Scrooge asks the price for seeds and they are 75 cents and Scrooge buys them because Mrs. Beakly might want to grow those flowers on her own anyway. The nephews sulk on cue. Oh well; at least it's better than that moldy cake for $2.

Scene changer of doom ensues and the Money Bin is in the background as the limo drives pass the card shop as Scrooge blows off the birthday card and the nephews blow him off in kind and order Duckworth to stop and he does in front of the card shop after backing up in front of it. So we head inside as Scrooge gets dragged by the nephews; as they claim that this is the last stop and they promised. Of course; they lied about Scrooge losing his money in the previous episode; so I have a hard time taking their word for it. The heels follow practicing the fine art of not being seen as Scrooge picks out a Halloween Card to his weightlifting brother for 15 cents which Louie blows off. Hmmm; I wondered where fanboys for Quack Pack got their ideas of Louie from. Scrooge walks over as he claims that he'll edit that out and he stops to allow Ma to sneak in and they strike a pose while Big Time takes their picture. Now can you see the obvious logic break: No one notices the flash of the camera which would easily give this all away. It's bad enough that Ma has to dress up like a criminal bride which is obvious enough; but those flashes from the cameras should have alerted the nephews that something is wrong. More so when Ma comes from behind Scrooge even though Louie was right behind Scrooge on the previous shot! So you cannot tell me the nephews didn't notice anything wrong. Scrooge shakes his head and proclaims that he wants to leave since spending money is getting to him. Boy the Airhead Syndrome is being laid thick and fast so far. So we head to the mansion as the limo stops in front of the building and everyone walks in.

We then scene change to the front of the stairs as Mrs. Beakly sounds panicky and Huey blows off Scrooge for being so cheap. Mrs. Beakly is informing them that she's not upset about the presents, cake or even the card; she's panicky because there are Beagle Boys upstairs along with Ma Beagle. Ma calls Scrooge her hubby and wants a kiss from him. Scrooge blows it off as he throws the cake down as he blows her off because they are not married and wants her out of the house before he calls the police. Ma dares him to because she'll divorce him and take half her fortune. Scrooge proclaims that they are not married and Ma leaves anyway claiming that a judge would decide that. The heels leave with her and Scrooge punts the present and the cake splats right in Mrs. Beakly's face on cue. HAHA! Mrs. Beakly is not happy about that one as Scrooge gives her a happy birthday while looking shameful. Okay; here's the obvious problem with this: In order to marry; you need a valid marriage license. Since Scrooge doesn't have one; he cannot be legally married to Ma. See; problem solved right?! Ummm; not in Duckberg apparently; because in that situation; the episode is over. So we head to outside the courtroom for Judge Befair's court as we head inside his courtroom. Befair looks like a white owl; plain and simple as we present "legal arguments" that would be laughed out of court if it was held today. Here's a clue: If Ma doesn't have a marriage license; then she is NOT Scrooge's wife. Plain and simple. Sadly; Ma Beagle uses the doctored photos and claims this as evidence of their wedding and thus legally married. And of course the judge buys it hook, line and sinker. Oh lord; this is so contrived. It's clear the writers have no idea how marriage works. If TaleSpin did this; we would have had it similar to what Douglas Benson did with Shere Khan: forge the marriage licenses with Baloo and the female heel of the day's signatures on it. Look; I have no beef with them doing this angle, but there is a right way and a wrong way to pull it off and they are doing it the wrong way so much that it's rubbing ME the wrong way. And that's terrible since I'm doing this episode AFTER Yuppy Ducks.

....OH MY GOD! Ma DID produce a forged marriage license! I am proven wrong again! Although if she has a marriage license; then Scrooge must have one too. Otherwise; there is no proof of marriage either. So it's still contrived; but at least Ma thought this plan through a lot more than I had expected the writers to give her as a character. Ma wants a divorce and half of the fortune and Scrooge blows it off and foolishly claims that he would rather stay married. And now the judge thinks Scrooge is a liar. Oh come on judge! Just check for his license; if he doesn't have one, there is no marriage. If he does then he's a liar. The judge declares that they are married without even checking for said license and Scrooge gulps. That is just dumb as hell. We head to the mansion as Scrooge is in his office on the phone with his lawyers; but his lawyers want to send wedding gifts. Then Mrs. Beakly runs in panicking because they have been invaded. Looks like Scrooge forgot to mention that one little detail about the Beagle Boys as we head to the hallway as the Beagle Boys are putting a big ass picture of Ma Beagle from the Victorian era on the wall with the wooden step ladder. Okay; that picture looks neat; but it could be better if she took the black mask off. Duckworth is carrying the big ass picture of Scrooge to the door and then gets MURDERED into the door by Scrooge. Scrooge wants answers; as Ma explains that it's a gift Scrooge gave her which set him back $300,000. Riiiiiigggghhhhttttt Ma; that looks more like $30,000 set back. A hammer misses nails and the glass breaks on the picture before Scrooge yells at them to get the hell out. That's bad timing there guys. I betcha Ma Beagle threatens divorce if the Beagle Boys are forced to leave and thus Scrooge loses half of his fortune. I check the video....

Not quite; she took out the credit cards in Scrooge's name and Scrooge gasps in horror as Ma walks out and she's going to shop until Scrooge drops. Ma is out of the house as Scrooge slowly follows her in a huff. However; Dewey comes down the steps looking upset because the Beagle Boys have teleported somehow into the nephews' rooms and are fighting with the nephews for bunk beds and generally trashing them. Scrooge runs in as Burger wants the top bunk and calls Scrooge daddy. HAHA! Scrooge no sells that deal (BOO! HISS! Burger is the most over Beagle Boy they have; so he should get on top even if this marriage is bogus) as Big Time calls him pops and wants the keys to the limo; which Scrooge no sells and slaps the hand away. The babyfaces do Gruffi poses while Big Time threatens to hot wire the limo to get the hot date; thus reducing Big Time to being the old Disney version of Brad Buttowski. That's horrifying. Then a glass window shatters as Scrooge runs into the hallway and Burger destroyed a window with a big ass vase using it as a baseball bat. HAHA! Burger tries the old innocent routine; but it will not work no matter how charming Burger is. Baggy (who seems to be looking more like Bouncer by the episode) is playing baseball in the house with a $10,000 vase as Baggy throws the baseball and the vase shatters on cue in a pretty neat way. Burger gleefully sums this up nicely as Scrooge is steamed and sadly; the animators cannot animate the CHEAP HEAT OF LAUGHS properly. Scrooge's eyes have cheap heat and we head to a closeup shot of the mansion AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Scrooge is in his room in his nightgown pacing around wondering if this is all just a nightmare that he'll wake up from.

He sits on the bed which is the usual sign for us to pan over and see Ma sleeping on the opposite side of the bed and that horrifies Scrooge in a "dead horse head in the bed" kind of way. Damn; I'm so good as Scrooge flops out of bed and blows off Ma who is wearing blue goo on her face and a rubber bath hat on her head. Ma blows him off because she's parking her ass on his bed. Scrooge prefers her to park somewhere else which Ma blows off as Scrooge's poopise has been pooped so to speak. Scrooge takes his blanket and pillow and slowly walks to Duckworth's room and knocks on the door. Duckworth comes out and Scrooge asks if he can sleep with him and that ends the segment ten and a half minutes in. This has been a really good episode thus far; in spite of the contrived nature of setting this up. And the nephews have gotten a lot better since Yuppy Ducks too. I guess Scrooge punished them by making them lose their hats for what happened in Yuppy Ducks too.

After the commercial break; we head into the hallway as Scrooge (in a blue bathrobe) is knocking on the door demanding that the Beagle Boys get out of the bathroom so he can have a bath. Baggy (in green) is doing some meditation with his toes in the bathtub which is a really neat spot while Burger is playing with the water toys. They are playing battleship in the bathtub while splashing around as we cut to Scrooge not being amused of this at all. So the heels flood the bathroom and we open the door and Scrooge is forced to do the swim swamp spot from Ducky Horror Picture Show as Burger and Baggy surf on surfboards for fun. Downstairs Ma and Big Time show up and they mock Scrooge floating in on his back. HA! Scrooge gets on her case about shopping; but Ma is only taking Big Time to a French Paris. HAHA! Scrooge is not happy to hear that one as Ma shows him the divorce papers as a way out. Scrooge blows it off and goes upstairs proclaiming that once he meets his lawyers; this problem will be taken care of. And speaking of those lawyers; we head to Scrooge's office as a green dressed blond duck female lawyer explains that the court records show that Ma Beagle was a good house worker. Scrooge blows off that suggestion; but the female lawyer has a plan: if she can prove that Ma has been lying about her status as a wife; she could prove to the judge that the marriage was signed under false pretenses. Which this is by a mile. Scrooge likes this idea as he is going to talk to Ma and make her prove herself. We discover that the gift flowers in a vase from Ma Beagle is a conveniently placed microphone which the animators did a crappy job of hiding as we cut to the truck as Ma Beagle doesn't like what she is hearing and decides to play it square for a while. Big Time (the driver) doesn't like this "not so easy" turn of events as he drives the truck away from the Money Bin.

So we head to the mansion in the morning complete with yellow bird flying as we cut to a sky shot of Ma snoring in Scrooge's bed. The alarm clock rings to wake her up; so Ma invokes the OUT OF NOWHERE mallet to squash the clock flatter than pop after being in the air for thirty days. She falls back to sleep as Scrooge tip-toes in and pulls on Ma's big toe to inform her that today is work day and the nephews need their lunches and supplies to school. Ma falls back snoozing telling Scrooge to have Chubby Chins do it. Scrooge tells her that Mrs. Beakly is off today and he needs a good housekeeping wife. Ma wakes up and blows off Scrooge because it's 4 am in the morning. Scrooge walks out proclaiming that he let her sleep in; but she's expected to be on her toes from now on. So we scene change to downstairs as Ma walks down the steps yawning as she walks towards the spot where the nephews run above her and drop a red water balloon right on her pinhead. HA! Ma is awake now as the nephews taunt her while coming down the stairs. Ma is angry and pissed off as the nephews run in and Louie has the vacuum cleaner. Now this episode really sucks. HAHA!

Ron Sparks: It sucks more than Sean Desmond.

Ma Beagle gets dusted in the face and the nephews bail away while Ma struggles like crazy. The nephews and Scrooge like this as Ma struggles over to the door as Duckworth is there to inform her that the mistress is gone and Ma has to do the ironing. Ma seems not to mind this as Duckworth opens the door to the book room as there are millions of articles of clothing to iron. Ma is shocked to see this as Scrooge wants her to get it done by supper time; since he is having guests coming over. Ma asks how many are coming and Scrooge proclaims that there are 60 of them. Ma flops on her back and faints. Yeah; even the criminals are female stereotypes, go figure. Clock scene changer of doom beckons (This is turning into a Wuzzles episode now) as Ma puts the clothes on the pavement and uses the jeep as a steam roller to steam roll and press the clothes. She then takes the clothes and puts them all on the coat racks. This is all outside the garage as we cut to inside the dining room as she is feather dusting with her right arm on the table and vacuuming the floor with her left foot.. She sings that she has the housewife blues as the male Beagle Boys enter the room as Burger wants some more munchies and Ma blows her off of course. Ma goes to the window and takes the garden hose and washes the chandelier with it allowing the water to cascade down and the heels bail under the table before they get splooshed. HA! Big Time proclaims that she is really into this housewife stuff as Burger calls her a regular Betty Crooker. And we would all like to see that image in real life now wouldn't we? Oh wait; we already did. It was Martha Stewert. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So we head to an outside shot of the mansion AFTER HAPPY HOUR as Scrooge has his suitcase and walks in proclaiming that the place is got to be a disaster. He walks in and he's SHOCKED and HORRIFIED because the place is clean as a whistle. HAHA! Scrooge cannot believe this as Mrs. Beakly and Duckworth inform him that he is going to be mega steamed to see how she pulled it off too.

Scrooge is shocked as the door opens and in comes Ma Beagle wearing the exact same outfit as in the painting we saw near the end of the first act. How about THAT for continuity?! That blue cape is awesome as she dances around Scrooge wondering where the guests are. She cooked like the Jolly Green Giant as Scrooge enters the dining room and is in shock as the room is ready for dinner as well. Ma admits that it was tough as hell; but she got motivated from Spouses Magazine. She proclaims that this work changed her into one who has gone legit straight. I am so loving this angle now; it's a shame that the Beagle Boys have to ruin it. I'm calling the finish right now and it makes perfect sense since Ma screwed them in Beaglemania. And Ma seems to like screwing kids over because we then see the nephews and the Beagle Boys dressed up as Donald Duck sailors. Since I'm not a professional ranter; I have only one thing to retort with: BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Serves them both right. Maybe if the Beagle Boys respected Ma in Beaglemania and the nephews didn't lie in Yuppy Ducks; this would have never happened. It hard to show sympathy for the nephews at this point; so Ma has done me a big favor here. Scrooge calls this one big happy Beagle family as the nephews stare ice daggers at Scrooge and that ends the segment sixteen and a half minutes in. Those Donald Duck Sailor outfits are awesome.

After the commercial break; we get a far shot of the mansion in the daylight as Scrooge walks over to the front door and Ma Beagle (with a gray wig and pink bathrobe) gives Scrooge his suitcase and wants a kiss. Scrooge grabs it and proclaims that he would rather kiss Shamoo the Whale. Now there is an image I would LOVE to see. Ma doesn't seem to mind the insult anymore as Scrooge storms out stage left. Scrooge walks to the limo as Ma wants to want the "Father Knows Best" reunion for quality time. Scrooge blows it off which is funny considering how he changed to loving soaps in Blue Collar Scrooge. Oh well; we pan north to the nephews' bedroom as the Beagle Boys are still wearing those awesome Donald Duck outfits as Baggy calls Scrooge miserable while stuttering. It's funny that WWE had issues with Bubba Ray Dudley stuttering; but not Family Channel Canada despite this show being a TV-Y cartoon and WWE being TV-14 at the time (Sure; they are TV-PG now; but the point still stands.). Big Time doesn't care about Scrooge because he is fed up with Ma being a babyface now. Burger stomps up and down in disgust because he cannot have anymore in meal sweets anymore. Okay; that is going too far Ma Beagle. You can dress them up as Donald Ducks; you can make them take baths, and you can make then eat their veggies; but cutting down on Burger's sweet intake is disgusting and evil. And just to make it more evil; we head to the family room as everyone is sitting in chairs (except for Ma Beagle) looking angry and the Beagle Boys are not wearing the same outfits as the nephews in regular gear now. Okay Ma; why?! So we have Ma wanting this quality time to get underway as she wants Burger to recite some poetry. Oh goody; this shall be fun.

So we have Burger rising up and he's wearing Louie's colors and hat (I wondered where the baseball caps went? Nice attention to detail there guys.) and anyone who has seen Burger enough times knows what kind of poetry he likes to recite. Ma can only shed a tear in response and personally; she should go back to wearing that dress in the previous scene. That was awesome BABEE! Her regular gear isn't all that awesome. It's also nice to know that Burger is a glutton for punishment and embarrassment; kind of like SEAL BOY Kit. POW! OUCH! Hey.....Ma runs off to get the camera and will be back in a flash. And of course since this is a kids show; they have to force the point since Ma keeps mentioning in a flash which is a joke. All the babyfaces then run off to the door stage left as Duckworth and Mrs. Beakly quit because they are about to throw up. Scrooge blocks the door in front of the nephews and the nephews blow him off because this family is dead to them and they run past Scrooge in spite of his pleas. Screw them; the nephews are leeches anyway. I realize that this is getting sick; but the nephews sort of deserve it for Yuppy Ducks; so screw them. At least Ma stopped dressing them like sailors. Anyhow; the nephew Beagle Boys walk to Scrooge and admit that they cannot stand living here. Scrooge doesn't want them here either; but until he can prove that Ma's marriage license is a fraud; he's stuck until death due us part. And then he catches himself and has a demented Krackpotkin plan. UH OH! He's going to do the finish that Baloo and Rebecca would lift off in Balooest of Bluebloods. Personally; it's getting easier to understand why TaleSpin was such a Ducktales wannabe. The Beagle Boys love demented plans by the way.

So we head into the dinning room as the heels are pigging out on dinner and having a good time as Ma demands to know who is doing the dishes. Big Time (the Huey of this group) wants Burger to do them; and Burger refuses because he broke them last night; so it's Big Time's turn. Big Time whines about daddy giving him special treatment. Ma then asks where Scrooge is and the heels claim that he went for a swim in his Money Bin. Ma goes to the conveniently placed picture and opens it to reveal a television screen showing Scrooge diving into his vault. Ma calls him cute and Burger goes to dump his meal into the trash bin which shows how much weight those dumplings have since they drop with a resounding thud. Burger questions Scrooge diving too early (BS; but whatever) after eating; and Scrooge sinks like a stone into the money and does a three count and then sinks and is out of sight allowing the heels to panic on cue. Now anyone who knows Scrooge's gimmick knows this is bullcrap; but the heels fall for it anyway and run out of the dining room to get shop. Burger wants a symbol paramedic which is pretty funny. So we head to the Money Bin AFTER HAPPY HOUR as the police and the Red Cross show up (and the Red Cross symbol is there in full view for all to see) as we cut to inside the vault as the police dig up money and there is no Scrooge. The dog police officer (from Ducky Horror Picture Show) informs them that they cannot find Scrooge's body and the heels and babyfaces all cry. Oh great; the nephews and the servants all return after quitting and turning on Scrooge after he "dies". How convenient of them eh?!

The Beagle Nephews proclaim that Scrooge is dead in roundabout terms even though it's clear that Scrooge is not dead since his body hasn't been found yet. He "drowned"; so he has to have a body somewhere. Ma cries...for about five seconds and then proclaims that she has the right to all of Scrooge's fortune. D'OH! What a freakin idiot Scrooge McDuck is. Mrs. Beakly blows her off while sobbing as I just want to wring her neck for that comment. You babyfaces turned on Scrooge for crying out loud! The Beagle Boys proclaim that they lost daddy; but Ma Beagle is turning heel on them. Ma is cheerful; and the police want her to come to police headquarters for questioning. Ma is confused as Duckworth claims that this is a classic case of Ma offing Scrooge with dumpling to make him sink into the vault and drown him to collect the fortune. Yeah; even though the evidence proves that Scrooge committed suicide on his own as the video tape in the mansion proves that Ma is innocent. This is a really dumb finish; but then again, I would expect nothing less from dumb police officers in DTVA. I'll give the nephews and the babyfaces credit for their acting skills as they are a step above the acting in Break Up, Shake Down from Fish Hooks. So Ma gets handcuffed and arrested for murder as Ma fumbles and stumbles and then makes the fatal error that she is not Scrooge's wife and that she was pretending to be his wife.

Then Scrooge pops up and proclaims that this is what they wanted to hear. Scrooge walks up the ladder as he asks Louie about the evidence and Louie shows the evidence on tape. Wait; this makes no sense since the nephews turned on Scrooge earlier. So that bailing was just all an act from the start? I find that hard to believe. Ma cannot believe this as the police chief tries to take Ma away; but Ma comes over and exchanges pleasure thoughts on Scrooge. Ma blows him off for faking his own death and Scrooge blows her off for lying about being his wife from the start. You know; this could all have been easily been solved if Scrooge just produced the fact that he was single from the start and didn't have a marriage license. Ma asks if their memories meant anything. Scrooge admits that they do; and they confirm that he'll be single for the rest of his life. UH OH! Goldie isn't going to like this as Ma is dragged away from the vault with the Beagle Nephews running after her and Burger asking her the favorite cake. That ends the episode right there at 21:10. Huh? No denounment on being cheap? That's as sloppy as the ending to Case Of The Cola Cult guys! Too bad; because this episode was great in spite of the bad setup. **** 1/2 (90%).


Okay; I enjoyed this episode a lot, even if it took some leaps of logic to pull it off; both in the setup and for the finish. I mean; using doctored photos and a forged marriage license would have worked better if Scrooge's signature was on it and that Scrooge had one; but Scrooge never did thus it required the leap of logic on Scrooge fumbling his words to make him sound like a liar. That is just bad writing on the writers part. The finish is also silly because there is no evidence that Ma offed Scrooge even if you believed in their acting. Ma even had the tape to prove that she had nothing to do with it. Plus; the ending make it look like the nephews were in on the whole plan even though there they turned on Scrooge legit earlier and there was no signs of them being a part of the plan. Sloppy finish and we never got a chance to see an ending of Scrooge getting his comeuperrence for being cheap. The rest of the episode however was dead on awesome. Ma being a babyface was funny and the Donald Duck sailors spot with the nephews and the Beagle Boys was cute and awesome to see. And considering after Yuppy Ducks and Beaglemania; it was fitting for me too. This episode was basically Ducky Horror Picture Show if it got whacked a few times with the suck stick. Only a few though. It's too bad Ma appears in New Gizmo Kids On The Block because this would have been a fitting final shot: Ma arrested by the police and taken away to the slammer for good. It would be fitting for her due to the number of times she's escaped. Overall; a really good episode marred by some really contrived writing to set the episode up and the finish. Next weekend; I'll be doing three episodes: The Unbreakable Bin, Attack Of The 50 Foot Webby and The Ducktales Valentine Special (which I'll probably do first since I already am behind these rants as it is). So we get the return of Doctor Von Swine, the last stand for Magica Despell and a goofy Valentine special that seems to be written just because. Ransom Of The Red Chimp; it is not. So.....

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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