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Hotel Strangeduck

Reviewed: 12/21/2009

I guess so; since Scrooge bought it in the middle of nowhere....

Oh goody; I begin this day of the marathon with a Richard Merwin story. So I expect a lot of Scooby Doo-ing going on here before this one is over. And a guy who names himself after crude oil too. So let's rant on shall we...?!

This episode is written by Richard Merwin. The story is edited by Patsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti.

We begin this one as a castle (on a moat with vines surrounding it) on a dark and stormy night with purple clouds and thunderbolts. We zoom in and hear Scrooge talking about a little cleaning and a little paint being good as new. Dewey thinks it was never ever new. We cut to inside the family room as there are cobwebs, white sheets on chairs and a picture of a wacko duck hanging above the fireplace. He looks like Ludwig Von Drake's cousin: Ludwig Von Psycho Duck. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummmm... Louie's mouth flaps when he speaks are so funny when he talks about no one wanting to fix up the place I should note. I see Mrs. Beakly has the black/white maid outfit on today. I guess the purple clashed with the rug. Duckworth states that what really happened was...he coughs while Mrs. Beakly dusts a white sheet from a green chair. The nephews cough with him I see as Duckworth claims it's all those ghost stories. Mrs. Beakly gasps in horror as the white sheet buries the nephews. Scrooge blows off Duckworth reminding him that he's turning the castle into a hotel and the last thing he needs is bad ghost stories. Yeah; because somehow this hotel is going to make a profit despite being in a depressing place in the middle of nowhere.

Scrooge uses the cane from the fireplace to force the point on Duckworth and Duckworth has that look that signals that at some point he is going to snap. Duckworth flicks off the ashes as Huey wonder what weirdo would want a place like this. Do I have to tell them the obvious here; or do I have to spell it out for ye? Duckworth looks at the picture of the weirdo who so happens to look like the chemist version of Ludwig Von Drake; only with Don King's hairdo. Duckworth wipes some dust from the name plate and it's Doctor Ludwig Von Strange Duck. See; I told you Von Drake HAD a cousin! Let's get the voice out of the way as it is Arte Johnson in his first DTVA appearance! It won't be his last though. Duckworth claims that his ghost haunts the premises and it's absurd of course. Scrooge doesn't care because he will make Hotel Strangeduck the best in the world. I see Webby made the trip too.

So we head to outside as the thunderstorms have stopped; but the bats are playing now. Mrs. Beakly then gets all fussy about carrying something a certain way. Yippeee! She got fussy barely two minutes in; a new record even for her. She is showing one of the nephews (and they are wearing the exact same bellhop outfit and thus assuring that I cannot tell them apart.) how to hold a platter with a dome in the air properly. Geez; I wonder why so many people criticize Mrs. Beakly perchance? The nephews circle Beakly with a snooty expression and their noses pointed up because it's loved by guests. Isn't that look something that is hostile to guests Mrs. Beakly? Beakly calls the snob nephews effort very good and all three trip on the rug (with the left one tripping on the outer rug and they fall onto the floor with wussy bumps on their faces. One of them get the dome on his head too. He's the one who blows off getting the hang of the hotel business. I think they are lying since they got it in Ducky Horror Picture Show. Scrooge even agrees with me because the most important thing is tips see. Reach your arm out and don't move until you get some MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. With a portion passed along to him the main management. His chuckles give that fact away I should point out. He tells them to go to the main desk until needed and he tries to get away stage left; but the nephews don't move. So Scrooge goes back and gives them three coins a piece. The nephews salute him, thank him and run away stage right. Scrooge then catches himself and realized that he got screwed out of nine dimes. HAHA! So Scrooge blocks their way and wants his cut forcing the nephews to give back a dime apiece. HAHA! Don't screw with management kids. That's the moral of this story.

So we head to the main desk as Duckworth stands in front of it as he tells Scrooge that a week has past and there is no sign of a ghost. They are ready for business as Scrooge (without top hat; nor a hope in hell of making a profit. Of course this is Scrooge we are talking about so I don't have a hope in hell of being right here.) gets behind the desk and is gleeful as the door bell rings like a badly designed church bell. Duckworth goes to the castle doors as Scrooge flips the guest book with glee. Duckworth turns the wheel and opens the doors to reveal a female duck (with luggage) with black 9 shaped curly hair, a fur coat, red dress, golden bracelets and earrings; and red lipstick. She looks like Millionaire Vanderbucks in a red dress; but she is really known as the Duchess of Swansylvania. She's from Hungary as the accent gives that away. She likes the castle and thinks it's perfect for a grand hotel (Joan Gerber). Errata: I stated in the Super Ducktales rant that Millionaire Vanderbucks was in Mrs. Crackshell's television. Well; it was actually the Duchess of Swansylvania instead. She and Millie look somewhat alike.

At least Joan can DO an accent properly as Scrooge rings the hotel bell and in come the bellhop nephews on the left side. Scrooge welcomes her to Hotel Strangeduck and Swans (because it's easier to spell) wants the biggest room of course. Considering that she is the first customer; that shouldn't be too hard to find. Swans signs her name and Scrooge is amazed to find out that royalty has invaded his hotel. Apparently; this the kind of guest the hotel specializes in. Of course it is Scroogie; it's in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Only crazy people would sleep in this castle. Scrooge's ringing of the bell is screwed up by TMS and he extends his hand and closes his eyes. He wants payment and so Swans gives it to him by liking men who kiss a lady's hand. HAHA! Nephew #1 has her luggage inside already (I guess he took the first strike there) as the nephews giggle under their breaths on cue. Scrooge is not amused by this funny business (he's using his CHRISTMAS MEAN STARE OF DOOM for THAT one); but recoils since this is a customer he's dealing with. He kisses her hand and orders Dewey to show Swans to her room. Which so happens to be the one who got her heavy luggage in the first place as he grunts up the stairs. He refuses to kiss her hand though. Cootie hater! Swans doesn't seem to like kissing from little boys as the badly designed church bell rings again.

Duckworth opens the doors and in comes a pig furry with a really nice car with an eagle on the hood. He's a pig furry wearing a green suit with yellow scarf and blue pants with greasy black hair and has an Italian accent. He comments on Duckworth's class and he likes it. I believe this is Benzino Gasolini; who is voiced by Gino Conforti who started on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in 1967 and How Sweet It Is in 1968. He also appeared in The Flying Nun, Room 222, That Girl as Nino, Fuzz, Poor Devil, Switch, Happy Days and even Buck Rodgers. He was Felipe Gomez in Three's Company too. He did some voice acting with Galaxy High School (the 1986 one) as Reggie Unicycle and Ollie Oilslick. Ducktales is his DTVA debut and he appeared in Gummi Bears in 1988. He appeared in a few cameos of Night Court, Small Wonder, Mama's Family, Family Matters, Good Grief, Suddenly Susan and JAG. He was in a few movies as well with The Gumshoe Kid, Monsters Inc., The Magic Voyage, and Thumbelina (the 1994 animated one). His most recent credits were on General Hospital as Brother Franco and Bill Donahue's most hated movie ever: Angels & Demons as Cardinal Pugini.

Benzino also has a second coat which is orange as he pulls on Duckworth's black tie which is uncool since it doesn't have a camera in it. As I said many times before; nothing is awesome then taking pictures with your bow tie. It's hands free operation. Duckworth blows him off as Benzino shakes Scrooge's hand (after ringing the bell of course) as he proclaims that this is the only hotel he has never stayed in. And I thought Vacation Von Honk was a bad gimmick?! This guy goes to hotels as his gimmick; at least Von Honk's had the element of adventure in his vacation taking even if it was a narrow gimmick at best. Benzino signs the guestbook with great difficulty and then spins the turn table as Scrooge reads his name. So his last name is based on crude oil. Why is it that Gasoini can use an Italian accent; but not Magica who uses the slightly more offensive Russian accent? It's not like Gasoini speaks proper English anyway. He's a famous playboy and champion ace car driver. HA! So he's does porn as a second venture of entertainment?! I sometimes wonder where Richard Merwin gets his ideas from. Benzino likes to see Atsa a lot as Scrooge rings the bell again as Nephew #2 pushes the bags up the stairs.

Scrooge hands out his arm for payment and Benzino has this evil smile on his kisser as he shakes Scrooge's hand and speaks some Italian (Grazie! Ciao bello!) He leaves and Scrooge gets a dollar bill out of the deal. Scrooge puts the bill in his flower purse proclaiming that he still hasn't lost his touch. Riiiiggggghhhhhtttt. A flower purse Scroogie?! Give me a break.... Then the doorbell rings again as Scrooge rings the desk bell and business is booming as the two nephews come back with two dollar bills apiece because business is booming for them as well. And of course; Scrooge steals two bills from them. HAHA! Management cut of course....Learn to love it boys. So we get MORE recycled footage of Duckworth wheeling the door open again. At least TMS is reducing the recycling in this series. Unlike The Wuzzles that I ranted on a few years back. And then in comes a suitcase with just a shadow. HAHA! Everyone is SHOCKED as the two nephews tell Louie that it is HIS turn to take a bag. The shadow comes over to the desk and signs his name as....wait for it....Ludwig Von Strangeduck. Scrooge reads it and then gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY. Scrooge jumps about 20 feet into the air (seriously) as the nephews scream out that there is the ghost right there. Then there is evil laughter and everyone is forced to bail away.

So we cut to inside the cellar as the nephews have sealed the door behind them on the pan shot. They look for the light switch as nephew #1 found a candle and asks for a match. So the ghost of Strangeduck strikes a match and lights the candle for him. (Toon Disney Cut Alert!). HAHA! The nephews are scared stiff as they know which way to run. And so they bail like scalded ducks bumping into boxes and throwing the candle onto the ground. The ghost picks up the candle and blows it out as we fade to black. So we head inside a room as Mrs. Beakly and Webby (in the same outfit Beakly is wearing minus the size and plus the pink visor, natch) prepare the room and Beakly is complaining about her back. Join the club you fussy fatass. POW! OUCH! Ummm...Webby then gleefully answers the immortal question of why Scrooge talks her into these things: It's all about the raise see. Russi does a better job in acting Mrs. Beakly then Joan Gerber does with the real character! Webby and Mrs. Beakly make the bed and Webby jumps about five feet in the air to pull it off. Man; TMS LOVES that spot for some reason. When the sheets are covered; we see a body covering on top of the bed. Mrs. Beakly unveils the sheets and there is nothing...AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING!

Mrs. Beakly and Webby are SHOCKED AND APPALLED as Mrs. Beakly puts the sheets back and wants to start dinner. I betcha they then run of the room screaming...I check the DVD...Close enough as the ghost moans from the bed rising with the sheets like a ghost. The girls panic and lock the door shut and run away. So we head down to the dressing room as Scrooge paces around with the rest of the babyfaces watching on. Scrooge proclaims that this is an optical illusion. Riiigggghhhhhtttt. If it was; then the science would be easily explained; wouldn't it Scroogie. It's only the wind as there are no such things as ghosts. Nephew #2 doesn't get it so he gets the double elbow to the ribs to correct him. Those are such manly elbows by the way. It's only the wind signing in at the front desk see. Scrooge recoils himself and they have a hotel to run.

So we head into the stone hallway as Swans walks out of her room and towards the window with purple curtains and knocks on the stone wall. Yeap; she is nuts. Scrooge notices her and she hides in front of the curtains. Scrooge asks if she needs anything Swans proclaims that she does not as she is only admiring the hotel. She likes strong hotels and strong creepy old men as she pulls on Scrooge's cheeks. I'm wondering if Millie and Swans ARE the same person; or in the same family? Swans sezs goodbye and goes into the next room beside the one she exited. Okay; explain THAT one kids. Wasn't she coming from HER room? Scrooge calls her a charming lass.

So we head to another area of the hallway as Duckworth is polishing a knight's armor while whistling Rule Britannia because he is a British butler after all. The knight armor raises it's arms as Duckworth foolishly continues to whistle and clean. The helmet visor pops up open and Duckworth calls it an improvement. I guess considering that he looks as dense as lead. He goes for the helmet as the knight gloves take the helmet off it's shoulders and gives it to Duckworth. Ah yeah; more Scooby Doo-isms from Richard Merwin I see. Duckworth shines the helmet and thanks him. Then he catches himself and backs up as the gloves take the cloth and shine the helmet himself. Duckworth tells him to carry on and then runs like a scalded dog (oh the irony!) and crashes into something off screen. Then we go inside the book room of doom as Scrooge looks at the book shelves and likes these books because they are worth a fortune. He calls this place a bargain. Of course it is Scroogie. It has it all; including a real live ghost. Well in cartoon context at least. We pan and then go to the far shot as Scrooge reads the titles like Rare Birds Of The Bleak Forests, Great Men Of Swansylvania History (which pretty much gives away who is causing this in advance)...and then we see a book flying away into the screen. Then more books fly around and drop onto the ground on the sky shot as Scrooge swears in DUBBED SCOTTISH STYLE (Blow me bagpipes.). Scrooge blows off the book treatment as he stammers on ghost and then takes a side of the book right up his ass. HAHA! Good shot too as Scrooge doubles over in pain. More evil laughter and then a bookshelf in front of Scrooge tips over; and Scrooge gets buried in a book tomb. The ghost walks out the door laughing and shuts the door as Scrooge proclaims that even if he does exist as a ghost; he is not going to allow it to chase him away from a bargain. So we logically head to.....

.The kitchen as Mrs. Beakly and Webby talk about being safe in the kitchen. Riiiiiggggghhhhtttt. With a stove and all those sharp knives Beakly?! Mrs. Beakly wants to start dinner and walks away stage right as Webby raids the cupboard as this is like at home...minus the ghost of course. Webby grabs the teaspoon measures as we cut to Mrs. Beakly at the table with the bowls (Huh? Shouldn't she walk stage left instead since the bowls were there from the start?) and measures some stuff and asks Webby for a couple eggs to start. And then some eggs float to the bowl; are cracked open and the eggs are placed in the bowl while Beakly's back is turned. Mrs. Beakly thanks Webby for it as Beakly looks at the cook book and wants some flour poured into the other bowl. Beakly stirs the bowl as Webby arrives with two eggs and Mrs. Beakly tells her she only needed two eggs. We then cut to Webby pouring flour into the other bowl and placing the flour bag into the trash can. Thankfully; there is only one X on the bag so it's only a third of the porno inside. Coloring mistake: I see Webby's pink visor had gone white since I last saw her. She puts it on the table as we cut to the far shot of Mrs. Beakly singing again while sprinkling salt into the mixture as one of the pans fly away from the pan holder on the ceiling. We cut to the stove as the pan is placed on the top of the burner and we see a flying knife and a pair of carrots being sliced into the pan. I see the ghost of James Barber has infected this episode.

I probably forgot to say this a few years ago; but The Urban Peasant James Barber passed away in 2007 in a pretty fitting end for him as he was stirring soup on a stove. For a guy who did so much in his long time on Earth; it's only fitting that it would end doing what he did best: Being a down to earth type of cook. Mrs. Beakly turns around proclaiming that Webby is already cooking the..and panics as we see some celery gets sliced into the pan magically as Webby panics and backs away from the stove. Who would have guest that the ghost was MORE dangerous than the stove itself?! Webby runs away as Mrs. Beakly grabs the rolling pin of death and swings air as she isn't going to allow a ghost to haunt her kitchen. How dare she take a swing at the late James Barber?! REVERSE SEXIST~! She runs around and smacks the bowl of batter and it flies right into the ghost covering him with batter. Man; she swung hard with that pin since the pin went flying WITH the bowl when it dropped. More evil laughter and moving as the ghost is completely headless. I guess the bowl hit his midsection and not his head. That is kind of disturbing as the ghost runs out (with batter on him mind you)....

And so we head into the hallway again with Swans looking around seeing a picture of a badly drawn Donald Duck (I guess this is Webby's drawing that Scrooge put up) as she lifts the painting and knocks on stone. No response; so she replaces it and walks away stage right. More knocking on doors as one opens and it's Benzino greeting her. Oh goody. I thought Richard Merwin would write him out somehow. I guess I shouldn't have THAT much faith in a Scooby Doo writer shouldn't I?! Swans claims that she is looking for the ice machine and thinks that it's that way as she walks away stage left. Benzino waves goodbye and happy haunting. So we head to the courtyard on the far shot and then go to the near shot as the nephew hide behind a headless statue that looks like a beheaded Pete. Or worse; PJ. The nephews claim that ghosts hate sunlight. Which would be fine if this area wasn't covered in clouds 24/7. And then the statue comes to life and the nephews jump about four feet into the air shocked. Stop overplaying the obvious there Richard! Lots of screaming and running due south happens to the nephews. So we head to a window near a tree as a Casper like ghost with a witch hat and cape stares into it. WHAT THE HELL---?! Has Richard lost his mind?

So we head inside at the dinner table as Scrooge, the nephews, Swans, and Benzino are seated. Duckworth is standing in the background in the left of course as the nephews proclaim that there is a lot of strange stuff happening around here. I think the beheaded statue was a dead giveaway to all this huh. Scrooge waves it off because there are no such things as ghosts. This is the same guy who faces Magica Despell on a regular basis for goodness sakes! The nephews don't believe it either (same thing as Scrooge facing Magica works here); but they are scared of them as Duckworth proclaims that it is becoming an inconvenience as Webby and Mrs. Beakly have platters and dome risen up like good little maids as Webby proclaims they almost didn't have any dinner. They put the platters down as Swans wants to ask the ghost what he wants since it's not even a toll call. Scrooge cannot resist a hard bargain and agrees to let Swans do her thing. So she is a ghost psyhic? No wonder she got her own show in Super Ducktales. She clears her throat to annoy me and then sing-songs towards the ghost of Ludwig Von Strangeduck. Swans asks what the ghost is after as we cut to an ax on top of the fireplace with a growling sound and he is after Scrooge as the ax is pointed straight at him on the pan shot as everyone backs up from their chairs. This ends the segment 11 minutes in. Okay episode thus far; but I cannot stand Benzino.

After the commercial break; we get a close up of the ax pointing at Scrooge in mid air as everyone gasps in horror. Everyone scatters as plates breaks, chairs fly and a table gets cut into two in mid-air. So we go to the scene changer before any more violence occurs. We go to the lobby stairs as Webby is in the left corner fanning Mrs. Beakly who is tired with a pink cloth. We then go to Scrooge and the nephews (Did Scrooge tell them to change back into normal clothes?) pacing around in a circle on the green rug. We pan over as the nephews want to go home as we pan over to Duckworth, Swans and Benzino with Gruffi poses all about. Scrooge stops them as they bump into his ass again and Scrooge proclaims that they must think of their guests. Duckworth blows that one off gleefully as Swans calls this nonsense because she is in touch with the spirit world see. Swans and Benzino decide to stay (YAY on the former; BOO HISS on the later) and Scrooge wants to stay and that is final see. Scrooge walks away stage left as Dewey calls the final word his final word. Huey does the Gruffi pose and wants to do some looking around and find some answers. Louie gleefully answers about the questions they should ask. Huey is asking about Swans snooping around the hallways. How come Benzino isn't around when the ghost is? That question has been answered since Benzino WAS at the dinner table when the ghost showed up when Swans was speaking to it. And it's DEWEY asking of all ducks. Bad form there Richard. Louie still calls it good questions. Only one is good; the other is a logic break as they slap skin. I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader. So they walk away and we logically head to...

.A sky shot of the castle and then pan shot to the graveyard as some of the nephews are having second thoughts of this; but they must be inside the graveyard to find Doctor Strangeduck's grave. There are leaves fluttering around and in the background there are two Christian Cross grave markers in the shot. We hear some fluttering branches in the background. The ducks hope that was the wind as they are checking markers on the grave stones. We go to the Huey back shot as Dewey proclaims that they looked at every grave (and there are three more Christian Crosses in the background including two engraved on slabs of stones.) and there is no Doctor Ludwig anywhere. They then hear a cat meowing and they think someone else is here (and on the sky shot; there are at least two more Christian Crosses clear in sight. And 4Kids thinks this is somehow offensive?) as we see yellow eyes in the thorny vines in the background (an indication that there is a cat behind them).

The nephews huddle together and pan backwards (one more Christian Cross in the background) as a black cat jumps out and they run stage north like scalded ducks to find Scrooge. We then see the cat sitting down near a log and then the Casper Ghost of Doom with the witch hat hiding behind a tree. The cat yells a bit and then runs away stage left as the Casper Ghost hides fully behind the tree. So we head inside another hallway as Swans is looking around as she opens the closet and butterflies flutter out of it just to bug her. She panics and closes the closet just as Benzino enters greeting her again. Benzino asks about the ice machine. Swans shakes her head no and Benzino cannot find it either and speaks some Italian and then walks away to the right as the painting in the background shows a solider duck in uniform. Swans breathes a sigh of relief as she walks into the next hallway to the left as Benzino takes the middle and the Casper Ghost appears from the right. Well; that pretty much eliminates those two as suspects right from the starting gate. The ghost waddles onto the left hallway path.

So we head to the living room as Scrooge is sitting down reading a red book on a green chair near the fireplace. The nephews run in and tell him that they couldn't find him in the cemetery. Scrooge is confused about this as Louie explains that there is no grave and asks the question how there cannot be a grave if he's a ghost. Scrooge is going to ponder the answer; but there is some wimpy tapping on stone which stops that conversation dead. Scrooge sneaks towards the curtains and opens them to reveal Swans excusing herself for taking a wrong turn. Scrooge then notices a clear stone door in the wall (what a shock?) as Scrooge asks her about what she was looking for and she gets hot under the collar. Huey wonders where it goes and Louie thinks Strangeduck is buried there. A secret tomb sezs Dewey as Scrooge thinks it's a broom closet. There is only one way to find out. Scrooge swings the stone door open and it leads to some stairs spiraling down. So the broom closet is out of the running right from the start. Scrooge strikes a match from the door (Toon Disney cut alert!) and tells Swans to stay put.

Scrooge and the nephew walk down the spiral stairs like in the opening (this was recycled for Balooest Of Bluebloods which is weird since WD-Japan was animating that episode instead of TMS.). They go around the corner and into a rocky cave. Of course the match doesn't last long and burns Scrooge's fingers before going out. Scrooge swears in DUBBED SCOTTISH STYLE (Curse me kilts!) because it was the last match too. So it's pitch black with the WHITE EYES OF DOOM. We walk for some more time wasting and Dewey pulls a rope which turns on the lights as there is the conviently placed light bulb fixture on the ceiling. Louie does the Gruffi pose on that one and I agree. That is OUT OF NOWHERE to be sure. Scrooge and the nephews walk into the 3D FPS shot and here comes the bats of blood sucking doom, because it wouldn't be a Scooby Doo homage without them right Richard? That leads to the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE BAT EDITION and then they trip onto some more stone stairs and tumble down them with really good bumps along the way. Huey gets the honor of using his ass to bop Scrooge on the head when he tumbles down to the bottom. HAHA!

We see them in front of a door with Doctor Von Strangeduck's face in bronze on the top of the door. Huey wonders what is inside and Dewey thinks it cannot be any worse than outside. The nephews think it is a tomb; but Scrooge dusts himself off and thinks it's his secret lab. Same thing basically; knowing geeks and nerds. Dewey asks why Swans would be looking for a secret lab. And then the door opens and we see a shadow skeleton on the wall with an evil laugh. The nephews run up the stairs like scalded ducks (Geez; enough of the Scooby Doo stuff kids!) as Scrooge rolls his sleeves and has had enough of this ghost's tactics and antics. Funny logic break; the nephews ran up the stairs and yet the background is recycled to the bottom of the stairs when the nephew plead for Scrooge to run. So we head outside the door as Scrooge's shadow blows off the skeleton shadow and demands answers to this outrage. More evil laughter and then the skeleton wrings Scrooge's neck (I smell Toon Disney cut here; since they cut Kit choking on rope in All's Whale That Ends Whale) as Scrooge is being choked out.

Scrooge goes limp and the door closes much to the nephews yelling. We then head into the lab as Scrooge is placed in a chair on the sky shot and he's tied up (like Butterbear from Bumblelion & The Terrified Forest mind you). The light is on him as Scrooge wakes up and asks who he is. The ghost addresses himself as Doctor Strangeduck's ghost. Scrooge blows him off because he is no more of a ghost than he is despite not knowing how he does it. The ghost shows his skeleton shadow hand to Scrooge and proclaims that it can be arranged as Scrooge calls that a poor choice of words. So we cut back to the door as the nephews wonder how they are going to open it again. They go to the door as it opens and the nephews hide behind the wall as the ghost comes out and looks around while clearly seeing them; but does nothing but walk away like a skeleton. Bad form there Richard as Louie wonders how a ghost can use a door. Dewey wonders if the question is a riddle or a knock-knock joke. I don't know and I don't care as the door closes again. Louie calls Dewey out and just wants to get Scrooge the hell out of there as they do the human ladder chain spot and pull on the bronze beak of the statue as it twists left and the door opens allowing the nephews to take wussy bumps on the floor. The nephews run inside quickly and then the door closes on them and that ends the segment 16 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we go to the door shot as Scrooge is struggling in his chair to get free and the nephews notice him right away. Huey unties him with his knot busting skills as Scrooge thanks him for it. Dewey and Louie look over the beakers and test tubes and messy table Strangeduck left. Scrooge wants to check this lab out and they look around handling flask with careless ease. Scrooge proclaims that he won't be surprised to find anything including the secret to their “ghost”. So we head inside Swans bedroom (Wasn't she supposed to stay NEAR the door?) as Swans is sleeping in her bed under the pink covers with the Rebecca sleeping patch glasses from Balooest of Bluebloods. Now all we need is bronze cupids firing arrows and this episode will be complete. We cut to a close up of the door knob turning as the door opens while Swans continues to snore...badly. The ghost steals her diamond necklace (there was one to begin with) and puts it into the CHEST OF DEMONS and tries to leave; but knocks over the gas lamp and the glass shatters on cue waking her up from her slumber. D'OH!

Swans rips the patch from her eyes and sees Ludwig's ghost leaving the room. Swans pleads with him to stop as she wants to prove that he isn't a mad scientist. I think it's way too late for him Swans considering about the stuff he has pulled thus far including almost choking Scrooge to death. The ghost is confused and then flies away as Swans goes after it. They go down the stairs as Swans yells for Duckworth's help. Duckworth wakes up and then starts putting up his dukes. You wish you were Mr. Lewis there pal. The ghost gets up from behind Duckworth and pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and opens the castle gate. Duckworth blows him off because only employees lower the castle gate and pushes on the lever (WRONG LEVER!) to pull it up. So the ghost growls and Duckworth is terrified of course. So we head inside the lab as the nephews and Scrooge make a mess on the floor with papers. They don't know where to look; but they'll know when they find it as Huey sees a spray can on the table with the sun on it and sprays some equipment which disappears. Huey calls it invisible paint as Scrooge tests the equipment with his hands as it is clear the ghost is as real as they are. The nephews of course blame Benzino for this even though it's clear that he is not. The nephews and Scrooge run out of the lab; with Huey going last as he grabs the spray can and leaves.

So we head back to the thrilling pulling of the lever (WRONG LEVER!) between the “ghost” and Duckworth. The castle door smashes into the wall with a MAN-SIZED bump and everyone falls down as the jewels fly from the jewelry case. Duckworth does the whirlwind spot and then gets his ass kicked stage right as the “ghost” pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and the castle doors go down. Duckworth wonders what a ghost would want with jewels as the “ghost” grabs the jewels and places them into the box and tries to leave. Here comes Scrooge and the nephews as Scrooge lunches and grabs onto the box, stopping him so much that instead of being in front of the door; he's on the side of the lever. Scrooge gets shook away stage left; but the nephews hold him down in response along with the jewelry box. Dewey and Louie gets raised up as Huey sprays the wooden bridge invisible to waste some time while Scrooge and the rest of the nephews horseplay with the jewelry box.

Scrooge pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and the castle door goes up as the ghost wiggles free; but then smashes his face against the invisible door with a MAN-SIZED bump. I called that thirty seconds before it happened by the way. Scrooge jumps in and grabs the jewelry box; but the ghost counters and somehow pushes the lever (WRONG LEVER!) to open the bridge again. They tumble onto the bridge as Scrooge has the upper hand on the situation as the nephews cheer for death or serious injury. Depends on what BS&P will allow I guess. The ghost gets the advantage as he slides Scrooge closer to the poisonous water (I guess) and then they both fall into the drink. The nephews then climb onto the bridge (they must have X-Ray vision in their eyes to notice where exactly to kneel down without going overboard) as they still think it's Benzino. You wish lads; you wish. Swans comes out asking why and the nephews still think there is something fishy as Benzino comes out of the shadows asking of his name. D'OH! Huey wonders who it is below as Scrooge and the ghost pop up in mud as Scrooge wipes the mud from his face. The nephews cheer for victory though as Scrooge has him bagged. Scrooge drags him to the another side as it's clearly a dog; so Strangeduck is out of the running as Scrooge wipes the mud from his face to reveal a dog furry which Swans addresses him as Bernado (Chuck McCann) who is his brothers lab assistant. That means; Doctor Von Strangeduck is Swans's brother: Featherika Von Strangeduck (Chris missed that one). The nephews are SHOCKED to hear this. So who the hell is the Casper Ghost of Doom? And my question is answered as the Casper Ghost arrives from the trees and takes off the mask and witches hat to reveal himself as the real Doctor Von Strangeduck. The two embrace in a rather disturbing way as she calls him Schnapsie as his first name. HAHA! Chris missed that one too.

So we head inside the lab as Bernardo is tied up to a chair (how fitting) as everyone looks around while Scrooge and Schnapsie (Sorry Chris; but that is a wicked name for a dork) exchange notes on the situation. And we get a wrap up of the case Scooby Doo style as everyone chimes in on the clues of the mystery. Man; how intentional can Richard Merwin get here? He couldn't find the book because he sprayed it in invisible paint in a box. D'OH! That has to be a slap in the face for Bernardo. Proof that henchmen are REALLY STUPID. He sprays the purple sun spray can which removes the invisible paint by the way. Scrooge reads the world and loves the inventions Ludwig did because they could change the world and make millions. Riiigggghhhhhttttt...Scrooge gets a halo golden dollar signs in his eyes as Ludwig didn't think about that; or the golden halo. Swans proclaims that Schnapsie is stupid with money as Scrooge has a deal in mind: They can stay here and make the stuff while Scrooge sells it to mankind. Ludwig likes that since he works really cheap. He shakes Scrooge's hand in violent wobble fashion and Scrooge proclaims that he could never resist a hard bargain. And then the book moves on the table and Scrooge gets paranoid about ghosts again. I betcha it's the nephews playing with the invisible paint. I check the DVD....No it's not as the adults bail stage left; as the nephews sneak up to the book and lift it up to reveal....a little mouse. Yeap; another Scooby Doo spot from Richard; what a surprise? The nephews breathe a sigh of relief as the mouse runs away stage right. The nephews ponder about telling Scrooge; but decide to let him figure it out for himself to end the episode at 21:17. Just another average Scooby Doo-equse episode that got way too much into a homage for my liking. ** ½ (50%).


Well; it's a Richard Merwin written episode; so we got nothing but Scooby Doo sucking up from him. And this one was so chock full of it that I got sick when the finish rolled in as it was as predictable as a Scooby Doo episode. Although I'm glad they didn't go to the Economy of Characters syndrome like so many did. Swans was fine; Ludwig was okay; Bernado was okay as a ghost; but Benzino is annoying as hell. And I have to deal with him in Top Duck after the next rant is over! Everyone else was all right; although the nephews Shaggy (original Scooby Doo) and Freddy Jones accusation act (Pup Named Scooby Doo) got old fast. So we got a middle of the road episode that almost turned into a thumbs down episode. Luckly; TMS's animation was well done for the most part. So; the second half of the marathon day 3 concludes Disc One with The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan. So.....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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