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Time Is Money Part Five

Reviewed: 11/24/2009

Welcome to JTS Hell Scrooge McDuck!

Well; we finally finish the story arc with the final battle between Scrooge and Flintheart for real after two episodes of nothing but distractions just to force the point that Scrooge hates Bubba. Now Bubba is gone and Ducktales can get back to normal right? Let's rant on and find out shall we....?!

This episode is written by Jymn Magon and Bruce Talkington. The story is edited by Jymn Magon and the teleplay was done by Len Uhley, Doug Hutchinson and Jymn Magon. Ah yes; this is one of the episodes Chris Barat was talking about that USIMDB missed. Oh well; go figure.

Opening Moment #1: The title card for this one is Ali Bubba's Cave. That pretty much gives away the ending right in advance doesn't it?

We begin this one with a shot of the ocean BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (Sunset) as the plane flies right into view. We then cut to inside at the back as the nephews are playing jacks and Huey wonders if Bubba got home all right. They already miss him as Louie's jack playing is a wee bit choppy for my tastes. Dewey proclaims that they aren't the only one as Scrooge is on a cargo box holding his penny and then we run into some rumbling as Scrooge drops on his face and we have some slip and sliding to grab the penny to waste time. The nephews bump for fun as they wonder if there is a typhoon on their tail. The outside shot reveals nothing happening in the clouds; so one guess who is causing this. Hint: It's the guy at the wheel with head phones on looking drunk. Scrooge takes off the headphones and yells in his ears to wake him up from his drunk state. Scrooge asks if he isn't interrupting him; and LP states that he's only flying the plane. The plane shakes in an awkward fashion as Scrooge takes the secondary controls and blows LP off as an opinion. Scrooge asks how long before they reach Duckbill Island. Launchpad then uses his hips to push on the lever (WRONG LEVER) and we do a nosedive. Ah; fatalism, how could we live without it in this show? LP calculates about 20 seconds. Is that to reach the ground; or crash and burn to ashes LP?

Everyone screams as Louie does some awesome hanging on the pan shot. Scrooge tells LP to do something and naturally if you see...oh; about two episodes of this; we KNOW what LP is going to do right? You know (Snoopy Camera nods back) . So LP takes the transmitter and addresses everyone before Scrooge takes it back and wants him to do something useful. I wouldn't say that around LP if I were you Scroogie. So the plane does a hyperbole and it....lands perfectly?! UH OH! The crappy touch is upon us and we are barely one minute in. Scrooge praises LP for not crashing the damn thing (BOO! HISS!). Even Launchpad doesn't like it so you know that was crap. The back end opens as Scrooge and the nephews walk out. Scrooge wants to hurry because he needs to find a diamond worth ten million dollars and get back before Flint signs the contract null and void. LP looks around the airplane and there is not even a scratch on the plane. Scrooge blows him off because he landed on the wrong side of the island. But; he is supposed to CRASH you bastard! How can LP live this down?! Oh wait; Til Nephews Do Us Part did the same thing and he lived through it; my mistake. LP thanks him for that one Scrooge blows him off on that one....

So we hike for a half hour and they are almost there and nothing is going to....and then Scrooge is SHOCKED and APPALLED because the whole cave is barricaded with iron walls. The nephews ask when he built a wall over the cave; and Scrooge states that he didn't and then runs to the wooden gate and kicks it calling Flintheart about ten names more or less as Flint pops up from the gate speaking bad French. The nephews call him out as Scrooge wants answers to how he got here. See; he took his fastest jet after deducing that this was the last place to go. He also brought some company with him; as Big Time, Burger and Bouncer pop up and greet him. To Chris Barat: That is why I gave Scrooge a free pass near the end of the previous episode. Had Flint not brought them with him; I would have dinged the writers without question. At least here; the writers covered their tracks and hedged their bets that Scrooge's insanity would rule here. Don't worry; there is probably lots of logic breaks still to come. Scrooge blows off LP for his choice of airplanes by the way. Scrooge thought they were holed in the Money Bin and the Beagle Boys say that Flint picked them up to watch Scrooge lose his fortune.

Scrooge gets pissed off on that as he realizes that Flint masterminded the whole thing. NO?! REALLY?! Like the fact that Flint was rubbing it into Scrooge the whole time not a dead giveaway? He finally has some reason to blame Bubba (sort of) and now he cannot do it anymore. Flintheart dares Scrooge to sue him and Scrooge wants to stew him, fry him and fricassee him instead. Oooookkkkkkaaaayyy. Scrooge climbs up the wooden gate so Burger and Bouncer counter with the GOLDEN TUB OF DOOM as Scrooge eats waterfall and everyone gets soaked as Scrooge takes a wussy bump onto Launchpad. Scrooge pumps his fists and calls them a festering flock of effluvial....and Bouncer calls him out because children are present. For those who don't know: Scrooge call them a festering flock of poop. I think Bouncer needs to rethink what a cuss word is...And we fans of these shows accuse Dave the Barbarian of this crap?! Bouncer wags the finger and Scrooge is somewhat pissed off (the acting isn't that hot out of Alan Young I see) and he orders everyone back to the plane as he gets his top hat and cane. See; they are going to fly over it instead.

So we head back inside the plane as the nephews sit down and put on their seat belts (so they can be safe according to the LAW OF DORA) as Launchpad continues to pace around to wonder why he cannot crash a plane to save it's life anymore. Scrooge blows him off and wants him to hop to it. Launchpad hops to the cockpit seat and then we get more rumbling as the hole opens underneath and they drop down inside DA...HOLE (god bless baby Plucky!) which is conveniently placed next to an underground cave. So he landed on a sinkhole? Ooooookkkkkkaayyyyy. LP exclaims that this is more like it. No LP; you just got LUCKY! The rocks fall down as we pan down to the bottom of DA...HOLE as Scrooge proclaims that he just outdid himself. LP thanks him and of course Scrooge blows him off for thinking that he was being praised. LP gleefully responds for me on that one. We look around as there is a giant cavern beyond DA...HOLE and they deduce that one of them may lead to the surface; or to Bubba's cave as Scrooge would say. Scrooge gets off the educational line of the episode of caves often connecting (as Scrooge would find out during his mining days.) with other caves. He bets his glasses that there is a back door to the diamond mine.

LP then knocks on stone as they have a point. See; the plane is between the Rock Cafe and the Hard Place Hotel. Scrooge has an idea to counter that as we cut to inside the cockpit as LP walks in along with the nephews and Scrooge. Scrooge wants LP to nudge the plane a bit to get the crack opened. Ummm; what crack Scroogie? I don't see a crack anywhere. Logic break #1 for the episode four minutes in. Launchpad does a one for the money show and Scrooge blows him off for that as LP takes the controls and of course the plane goes super hyper speed now. How about that?! He crashes through the crack (which was larger when we first saw it. Sigh Wang Films) and clips the wings as the nephews do some really good bumping in the plane backside. The plane slides around breaking more spike ceilings and then rests to a stop at the end. We cut back to the cockpit as Scrooge and LP are sitting down on the job and LP calls it two crashes for the price of one. And the world is right again. Scrooge is not amused as we go to the back door and the door breaks down on cue. HAHA! Scrooge then asks the question no one dares to ask.....

Scrooge: Have you ever considered a career in the demolition derby?!

I think LP wouldn't think twice....After all; he would have to compete against Rhinokey and that's a hard joke to crack. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! LP gleefully tells him that he got them through the wall. Everyone jumps down (Scrooge uses the cane to aid him here) as they now have to walk for the rest of the trip. So we cut to a waterfall on a stone bridge as the babyface SHADOWS OF DOOM walk. So Wang Films couldn't find an effort to colorize the babyfaces. We get the cancer music (which is out of place here) as Dewey notices some golden spikes and a purple lizard pops up and nearly bites Dewey's finger as he pulls back on cue. Dewey calls this a zoo as Huey refers to the LIBERAL RED BOOK OF LIES THE KIDS EDITION~! POW! OUCH! Ummm...I mean the Junior Woodchuck Guide Book which states that there are animals on Duckbill Island that they won't find anywhere else. Scrooge gets all pissy and orders Huey to save the tour for later. Huey apologizes for that as they walk on.

So we logically head to Duckbill Island at one million BC as the lizards are chirping on the trees and the Shortcut reappears and plops onto the ground with a squeak sound. Oh swell; this show started the covering up weak bumps with squeak sounds thing. I feel so betrayed. No; not really. The back door opens (and bumps better natch) and out comes Bubba and Tootsie. Tootsie does some exercises for fun outside. Bubba proclaims that he is finally home after some reservations and then runs around and starts hugging inanimate objects like they were human beings. Yeap; Bubba is lonely; we get it guys. He even kisses a fish on the lips (EWWWWWW!) and clearly the fish got the worse end of the deal. He loves it...for about three seconds as he sulks down. So we head to inside Bubba's Cave as Tootsie is shivering on her straw bed near the fire.

Bubba lays on his belly looking incredibly bored out of his skull. Tootsie begins to sleep in which Bubba walks outside his cave into the night sky (which is a really good visual I might add with the shadows on Bubba being used in the correct context I might add) and a shooting star falls down. We go to the close up and Bubba is in tears as he looks down and see the rock marker of himself (Weird since the marker was far AWAY from the cave in episode #1). He grabs it and looks at it as the voice of Scrooge is blowing his marker off in which the nephews correct him. Bubba puts the marker down and he misses Scrooge and he is going to go to Scrooge. UH OH! I do not like where this is going. Bubba yells to Tootsie and she wakes up and they go into the Shortcut. Please; don't do it Bubba Duck! You don't know what you are doing you selfish little brat! Bubba goes to the cockpit and states that the nice car take Bubba to Scrooge. He calls the Shortcut dumb and pushes on the yellow button and the engines start. Bubba is loving this along with Tootsie; and I am not as the Shortcut rises into the sky (after some goofy bumping) and then disappears. And now we are back in THE TIMELINE ZONE~!

So we logically head to Egypt to a constructed Sphinx (I didn't know that their construction was like us with scaffolding and all) as a dogsperson in a white robe (Terry McGovern); sandals and black hair is sculpting the final touches to the Sphinx and humming a tune. He does some chiseling (with a metal chisel?) and then proclaims that after years of work; the Sphinx is perfect see. And then the Shortcut arrives as the sculptor falls off the scaffolding and the Shortcut completely destroys the face of the sphinx. Art hater! We then cut to inside the Shortcut on the top shot as Bubba doesn't see Scrooge anywhere so he tries again as he pulls the levers (WRONG LEVERS!) and disappears on the far shot out of sight. Huh? How does he know how to pilot that thing so easily?! I guess it is beginner's dumb luck. The sculptor climbs up and whines that his sphinx is ruined and then he catches himself and now he likes it. Yeah sure; a human nose makes it look unique right?! So we go to the clock scene changer back into the caves as LP, Scrooge and the nephews walk as LP proclaims that he has had enough of walking in the dark. Ummm; check your internal logic LP; the cave is pretty bright all around. Logic break #2 for the episode. Even Scrooge blows him off for that so you know that was lame. LP asks him how many times he has steered him wrong?

Scrooge: Do you have a death wish and time for 60+ episodes?
Launchpad: Ummm; yeah...
Scrooge: Good. Let's begin shall we...?!

And watch it go downhill from there. And speaking of downhill; Launchpad, the nephews and Scrooge go over the cliff (looking is such a bitch with these goofs) and they slide down the cave slide. They slide for a while and they ultimately land in a cave which houses an underground lake. A lake that is at the most about two feet deep of water. What is with the oil like substance on top of the water. Has someone been dumping oil in this lake I wonder? LP cracks a joke about water tight jackets which wasn't funny. When LP isn't making me laugh then this episode is hosed. Scrooge wants an inflatable raft and there is none to see; so they do the EVIL STARE OF DOOM and LP doesn't like that one. So we cut to the lake as Launchpad has become the Launch Raft. HAHA! Now that is more like it and it took nearly 9 and a half minutes to pull it off. LP paddles as he blows off this idea and Scrooge tells him to quit babbling. The nephews think that they hear something coming and then they recoil. Scrooge then sees land and Louie will be glad that this is over. If only that actually HAPPENED Louie; if only. Scrooge gets giddy as he is ready to see those gems; but Dewey yells that he sees teeth. Scrooge corrects him; but Dewey turns out to be right as they are attached to the rising alien (Frank Welker, DUH!) from....

Staci: Don't say it!
Bradly: Uranus!
Staci: Real mature B-man!

So Launchpad turns around to see and we get him running on water ala Dale from Kiwi's Big Adventure. How about that?! It is complete with Hanna Barbera looping and running sound effect. If this was Sun Woo; this would be a classic. Otherwise; it's only close since Wang Films is animating this. The green sharp teeth monster growls and that ends the segment 10 minutes in. Well; the real flaws of the episode haven't shown up although we are getting close now.

After the commercial break; the drooling green monster snarls some more in the underground lake as it follows the paddling Launchpad. The nephews call it a sea creature; so they head for land as Launchpad paddles out of the water and up the hill to fetch a pail of airhead nuts. AHHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm...Launchpad gets up and the babyfaces bounce off as LP deflates. Louie calls this cleaning out the swimming pool and declares that the sea creature cannot get them now. So; the green monster simply climbs up the mountain. Instant face palm there nephews. The monster chomps at them as Launchpad tells the nephews to tell him that. I see they recycled this for The Bigger They Are The Louder They Oink. LP then gets inspired (UH OH!) and proclaims that in the movies that monsters were always afraid of fire. He then strikes a match (Disney Channel cut alert!) which he threatens the sea monster with which the monsters sells...for about three seconds as it gets evil and blows the match out. Ah; I see the new censor got a cameo role today. Scrooge is not amused by this as LP chuckles it off since it is not a movie buff. I guess not either. Scrooge checks his watch and realizes that he has only 15 minutes left to pay Flint and he has had enough; so he breaks off a part of the spike ceiling and throws it onto the face of the green monster with a MAN-SIZED bump. And then it cries. What a heartless bastard this Scrooge fellow is? Aliens have feelings too you know. Everyone bails from the stair way...Wait a second? They could have just ESCAPED from the back side?! So they wasted time with this bullcrap? Logic break #3 for the episode right there. They run further into the cave as the green alien snarls and the chase continues on...

So that logically leads to a castle as we pan up to see white feathers falling down. We then see a pig furry in jester clothes gluing a barrel of feathers on himself on a diving board. Ah; this must be one of Chuckles The Silly Piggy's cousins. Or his son; I don't know. I see he took too many bumps on his head as well. A bearded dogsperson with a blue hat and purple tunic tells Chuckle's son to stop this foolishness (Alan Young) because man was not meant to fly. So he has the same Gruffi tinfoil hat paranoia I see. Well; if Chuckles' son doesn't study the nature of flight; then the wizard has a point there. We then get a flash of light and out pops the Shortcut flying as the back door opens and out comes Bubba looking for Scrooge again. He casually calls out for Scrooge and gets no response from anyone. So he walks back in and closes the back door. The Shortcut disappears afterwards. The wizard of ID then decides to help glue the feather on Chuckles' son. And yes; the old Chuckles thing is a joke. So we return to the thrilling SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE GREEN ALIEN EDITION~! Scrooge swears in DUBBED SCOTTISH STYLE (Curse me kilts! About time he said that) as they run into the depths of hell.

Seriously; there is lava everywhere and they should be cooking and steaming. Somehow; I doubt the writers will take that logic into account. Apparently; the monster is faster on land than water as they hide behind some boulders. Not really; they look like giant ass tomatoes. The green monster stops on cue and admires them as Scrooge blows him off because the rocks confuse him. Dewey pushes his finger in one of them and tells Scrooge that they are not rocks. See; they are giant ass mushrooms and LP doesn't like that because they make him sneeze see. Scrooge gets flustered on that one and Louie tells LP not to worry because he cannot sneeze unless they pop. That is so reassuring. NOT! So the green monsters stomps on the mushrooms and the pollen goes flying right into Launchpad's face. Scrooge orders them to stop LP from sneezing; so the nephews tie his scarf around his mouth to muffle the sneeze. Scrooge breathes a sigh of relief....and then he sneezes. HAHA! That is the second funny spot of the episode I should note. The nephews and LP are not amused and all are BUSTED! So we run some more stage left as the monster stomps on more mushrooms for fun...

So we logically head to Mount Ducksmore as Bubba calls out for Scrooge on top with the Shortcut. We zoom in and cut to a front shot of the cockpit as Bubba is almost ready to give up hope. Bubba gets frustrated as the bombastium is almost gone and pulls on the levers but no dice. Bubba sulks and sniffles for Scrooge as he bursts into tears. Tootsie then shows him the marker with her mouth. Strange; I thought he dropped it earlier in the episode on the ground before he went into the Shortcut. Bubba sees the picture and that leads to the BALLOON OF CHILD CORRUPTING DOOM (oh lord) as we see him thinking about making fire. So Bubba goes over to the clock and turns the hand one notch and draws a picture of Scrooge on the end of the notch before telling the Shortcut to find Scrooge. Oh god; that was terrible and the second really bad logic break of the episode. And it's the first one directly on Bubba's caveman like hands. He pushes a lever (WRONG LEVER!) and out comes a tentacle eye (WHAT THE HELL-?!) and he notices the drawing on the clock and goes back in and it shifts to automatic controls as the bombastium reactivates and the Shortcut rises to the sky. We go to the far shot of Mount Ducksmore and the Shortcut disappears with Bubba exclaiming yeah. Can this episode get any more canned? So we head back to the cave as the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE GREEN ALIEN EDITION MUST CONTINUE~!

And the tunnel doesn't get damaged at all despite the monster scrapping the walls and ceiling. Scrooge hopes he is lucky and the cave gets way too small for him. Sadly; we get the dead end which is worst as the monster has the babyfaces surrounded. And then Huey of all ducks becomes officially the second child character in DTVA to say die. Sorry Kit; you lost that little honor when Doofus did it in The Right Duck. The monster chuckles as Scrooge wants to fight back as he goes to the monster and then the Shortcut appears right behind it and lands right on the monster's tail with a MAN-SIZED bump. That is CONTINUITY from the first episode. Wait a minute?! NO! NOT THIS WAY! NOT THIS WAY! Sigh...damn it. The monster shrieks in pain and runs off stage right. The nephews wonder if it is Bubba and the back door opens to reveal Bubba and Tootsie as Bubba runs in and hugs Scrooge like a fool. Oh swell; they ARE going for the Broken Aesop ending. The babyfaces thank him and hug him and shake his hands for it. LP calls it a worthy crash as I get flustered over all this. Scrooge asks him why he came back and Bubba states that Duckberg is his new home. Scrooge teases a heel turn badly and then hugs Bubba again. Oh lord; SHOOT ME NOW! This is either executive meddling gone bad; or the writers really lost their minds. Scrooge asks Bubba if he knows a way to get into his cave and Bubba looks around and states that he does in caveman talk. They run off stage right and they continue to run some more as the sunlight is shining down on the cave now and they head to a cliff and there are gems sticking out of the cavern. LP whistles as we get a pan shot of a waterfall (small one this time along with diamonds sticking out of the chasm as LP sees more diamonds than in the American Baseball League. I betcha they added Baseball to that to prevent trademark infringement from the MLB. Scrooge has six minutes left to screw Flint over which is about the amount of time left in this episode.

And speaking of the evil Scottish stereotype himself; we cut up above the chasm as Flintheart is soaking himself in diamonds as he and the Beagle Boys enjoy and admire the diamonds. Flintheart then hears Dewey's voice commenting on the amount of sparklers in the 4th of July. Flint wants to know what that is and Bouncer thinks it's bat. Shouldn't that be Burger's gimmick guys? Big Time blows him off because bats don't talk. Maybe not; but there was a talking baseball in a CGI movie so at least Bouncer is in the ball park here. Flint goes over to the edge and sees the babyfaces on the bottom edge as Scrooge tells them that it's time to get up there and pay off Flint for good. Flint of course is SHOCKED AND APPALLED by this as he is next to the conveniently place big ass boulder. If you cannot guess what his plan is next; you have no business reading this rant. Flint orders the Beagle Boys to roll the rock and they sell as they struggle like mad to roll the rock.

We cut back to Scrooge taking a big ass diamond from the walls as he values the diamond at 10.3 million dollars which is enough for the win. Flint calls Scrooge out on the payment from above and Scrooge states that he is ready to pay up once he gets up there. Flint blows him off because he shouldn't count his checks before they are cashed. So the giant ass boulder gets rolled down as the babyfaces bail inside the cave and the area is sealed shut. One problem: It's pointless since I don't see them with any rope to climb up anyway. Flint blows off the added rocks in Scrooge's head and laughs it up. So we look on the side shot as the boulder only blocked the top route and not the cave itself (huh? How does THAT work since the thing should have dropped to the bottom?). As Dewey proclaims that they are trapped and they have only less than five minutes left to win the mine back. Huey asks what they can do now and Scrooge proclaims that they lose as he gulps while Flint is laughing in the background which ends the segment 16 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we pan up from the boulder to the top of the chasm as the Beagle Boys and Flint admire their work. Flint thanks them for a job well done and the Beagle Boy like that praise. Flint then tells the Beagle Boys to load up the plane and they all leave stage left. So we head back below the boulder as Scrooge addresses the troops (Nice to see he got over his sulk before the commercial break quickly now didn't he?) and asks for ideas. Huey suggests chipping through the rock and Scrooge drops it since they have no time left. He asks Launchpad and LP suggests calling a moving company. HAHA! I cannot argue with that overwhelming logic there LP. Scrooge states that there is no phone as he asks Bubba and Bubba wants a boom; and Scrooge drops the ideas because they have no cannon. However; the nephews look down and they see a way to cut through the rock. So we head back to the part of the cave which had sunlight (I just knew that would be involved somehow) as Dewey uses a diamond to reflect a light towards Huey as we cut over to the rest of the babyfaces as more diamonds are used to fragment the light and then it goes through the flashlight lens to form a red laser beam. Lightning Gun anyone?

Huey aims the beam down at the waterfall to the lake and that causes the water to boil and create steam. Which causes the thing to go pow. Launchpad asks what they will use for a cannon ball; and Bubba enters with the biggest diamond he could find (probably the same one from episode #1) and throws it down onto the hole in the ground. The laser cannon fires as the pressure gets too much; so the babyfaces retreat as ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! The diamond blast through the boulder with ease and into the ceiling as the cave starts to collapse. We then cut to the airplane near the island as Flintheart and the Beagle Boys are packing the cargo plane. Flint notices the rumbling and smoking from the diamond mine volcano and they run back inside. They go to the edge of the chasm and the boulder is gone. Flint is SHOCKED to see that as the babyfaces climb up the chasm edges. Bouncer wants to use the fossil head on them; but Flint tells him no since he has only 12 seconds left to win. Another logical lapse since if they were at 12 seconds; the show would be about 21 minutes in instead of 18 minutes in. Oh great; that means that they are going for the cheat ending on top of the Broken Aesop ending.

Scrooge climbs up as the timer counts down; and Scrooge gives Flint the diamond (as if he teleported from the top to Flint in the last second) right on time. The nephews cheer for victory; but Flint states that they are late. Dewey rightfully blows him off for that; as Flint claims that he lied. In a way; he's right except that he would still have at least three minutes left; so Scrooge should win the diamond mine outright. Bad, bad logic there guys. The Beagle Boys cheer on the logic lapse simply because they are evil see. Scrooge checks his pocket watch and realizes that Flint was right all along in time. Flint reminds him of the terms of the contract and wants them off his island. The Beagle Boys come in and force the babyfaces out stage left. Flint cheers for his first true victory over Scrooge in a business deal and throws the diamond away as it nails the crack good and shines it's light. The crack gets bigger and if that assures Flint loses the diamond mine; I'm going to strangle the writers if I haven't already done so. The cave ceiling crashes into the hole below.

So we return outside as the babyfaces are placed onto a wooden boat and then Flint tells them goodbye as Bouncer pushes the wooden boat towards the other island as the babyfaces take a nasty sick bump onto the ground backwards. OUCH! Louie calls this unfair as Dewey wonders if they had more bombastium to go back. Except that the Shortcut is STILL on Flintheart's side of the island. Thankfully; Scrooge makes up for it by proclaiming that he doesn't want to cheat time anymore since there are enough cheats as it is. Flint blows him off because he still has that splendid piece of land and everything on it. One problem: If Scrooge lost the payment; then he should be off THAT island as well. Bad, bad logic break there guys. This episode is falling fast. Big Time mocks them on the island..... And then the rumbling starts and the whole cave explodes on cue. The volcano blows it's top off up into the sky and it starts raining diamonds. Yeap; we also get the deus ex machina ending on top of the previous two things. LP takes cover and I agree since this is an ultra stupid finish in my view.

The babyface hide under the wooden boat (Never mind that diamond can easily cut wood) as Scrooge takes out a diamond and realizes that the steam cannon is still working. Remember that this is Flint's fault for throwing that diamond away into the wall as the heels run into the cave (which somehow didn't cave in mind you) and goes to the chasm and they see the HORROR OF ALL HORRORS as there is only a waterfall left in the mist. And it stayed completely intact as if there was no cannon to begin with. Oy vey Wang Films. Flint cries like a Christian after losing to DDP after Wrestlemania 18. And Hal's acting is as bad as Alan's by the way. We then cut back to the little island as Scrooge and company cheer on in a mountain of diamonds. Notice the bad animation with Huey jumping on the wooden boat? Funny stuff as Scrooge calls this his idea of a tropical paradise as he swims into the diamonds. The Beagle Boys throw their hats (well Big Time anyway) in disgust as Bouncer wants to go straight and then the Beagle Boys decide that it's not worth it. Besides; they will be back in SUPER DUCKTALES~! Because the regular kind just isn't enough. The Beagle Boys run to the airplane as Bubba looks on and waves goodbye to his cave.

Scrooge goes over and asks if he misses it and Bubba nods his head while shedding a tear. Scrooge and Bubba hug each other. So we logically go to a makeshift cave AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Scrooge is tucking in Bubba and Tootsie. I see Bubba somehow got his red boom box back even though we never saw it in this episode being used. Scrooge pets him and then walks out as Bubba goes to his boom box and he has the MAX STARE OF EVIL INTENTIONS~! We then see Scrooge, the nephews, Mrs. Beakly and Duckworth. I guess Beakly got out of the mental hospital after the Rose Society incident. Scrooge calls him a fine lad as they walk away from the cave and out pops a...T-Rex? Everyone is scared except for Scrooge which means the dinosaur is fake as Scrooge pushes a button on a gray remote and the dinosaur suddenly dies on us. We then see in the back of the bushes that it is clearly a robot (check the legs) as Dewey wonders if this cost a fortune. If he was talking about Ducktales over runs in budget; you're damn right it was. Scrooge claims that it is worth it since Bubba needs his own place. He needs somewhere for peace and quiet and then the rock music starts playing AGAIN! Scrooge covers his ears and storms off yelling at Duckworth to move the cave to the far side of the yard. I didn't know Webby was even here until now. The rest of the babyfaces giggle under their breath and then follow Scrooge towards the mansion to end the story arc at 20:36. I take back what I said; this IS the worst part of the story arc. And it was doom and gloom from the moment Bubba came back as the bad logic piled up fast. Even worse; we don't even know if Scrooge cleared his name with the police on the imposter angle as it was dumped completely. What a terrible way to end a story arc after three decent episodes. Call it ** (40%).


Wow; just wow. I thought this would be a decent one and it ended up being the worst part of the entire story arc. Let's begin with the obvious breaks: The whole Scrooge is an imposter angle is dropped as it was clear to me that the police were not exactly buying Duckworth's reasoning on Scrooge to begin with. Then we have Bubba coming back. There was no reason to bring him back whatsoever; even more so in hindsight as he became persona non grata (except for two episodes which proved just how limited Bubba really is) and it was a really stupid Broken Aesop since they could have easily made the Shortcut go on automatic pilot and then bring the Shortcut back that way on programming. Then we have the lucky shot ending with Flint cheating despite in real time Scrooge had three minutes to spare instead of 12 seconds and yet Flint still wins anyway. And then Scrooge wins back the diamonds due to Flint's stupidity and unlucky throw. What a lame ass finish that was. At least the ending was cute; not sensible or anything, but cute. Then there was the green monster chase where somehow they play some games as if they were trapped and then they bail down some stairs at the back which showed that they could escape anytime they wanted. And Wang Films animation really showed signs of cracking to boot. Basically everything from the first commercial break onward reeked as it was grossly overbooked and I felt that I wanted to scream at the finish. Everything else was all right though; but really the writers really needed to write a great finale like they did in the previous two story arcs before this and they blew it badly. And what was the payoff for Bubba and Tootsie? Only two episodes as focus characters tops (and one involves turning Bubba smart; real original guys; the second one with the love interests was more interesting though). I did like the steam cannon with diamonds even if the logic turned out to be shot to hell; so it wasn't a total write off.

So next up for the Ducktales gang: picking up the pieces and starting Super Ducktales. Bring on Gizmo Duck~! So......

Thumbs down for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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