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The Curse of Castle McDuck

Reviewed: 12/23/2009

What Kind Of Curse?! The Curse of Money or the Curse on Me For Ranting On It?!

So our next outing on Ducktales is where Scrooge goes back to Europe again to solve another mystery; this time a cursed castle with druids. Does that mean the Undertaker will show up somehow? Let's rant on and find out shall we...?!

This episode is written by Anthony Adams. The story is edited by Patsy Cameron and Tedd Anasti.

We begin this one in a field AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as we hear sheep and see a shepherd dogsperson (complete with wooden cone) with the complete mustache walking across the field. He finds a lamb in the fog (which looks like bad smoke) standing in a pond. The shepherd grabs him and tells it that there is nothing to be afraid of. The shepherd is voiced by the late Pat McCormick (passed away in 2005) and according to the USIMDB: Veteran comic Pat McCormick was one of those second tier funnymen whose career enjoy great longevity on the stand-up and TV variety circuits, but fell just short of making it to the all-stars. As a gag writer, however, he reigned supreme. Pat was born on June 30, 1927, in Lakewood Ohio. Already a king-sized presence in high school, he proved himself a championship hurdler. Shortly after World War II he entered the Army. Discharged in 1948, he had initial designs on a law career but dropped out of Harvard Law School to work in advertising in New York City. On the sly he started writing comedy material for stand-up artists and for TV, forming a duo comedy act in the process with comedian-turned writer Marc London, whom he had known from his days at Harvard. In the meantime Pat began writing special material for the likes of Phyllis Diller, Jonathan Winters and Henny Youngman. Pat's big break came when he was hired by Jack Paar to write for his family talk show. This created a chain reaction as his expertise for offbeat, often warped humor was utilized by Merv Griffin, Red Skelton, Danny Kaye, Lucille Ball, Bette Midler and notably by Johnny Carson for 12 years on his "Tonight Show."

Pat also wrote for such TV shows as "Candid Camera" and "Get Smart." In the 60s, at age 40+, he finally started appearing before the camera. He earned a job as announcer and regular straight man for Don Rickles on his short-lived TV variety show in 1968 and then became a regular on "The New Bill Cosby Show" (1972). Known for his towering but harmless girth, walrus-styled mustache and balding, combed-over hair style, Pat became a standard fixture on the talk show circuit and the ever-popular Friars Club roasts shown sporadically featuring contemporary comrades Jackie Gayle, Shelley Berman, Slappy White and Shecky Greene. His voice became a well-oiled instrument in hundreds of radio ads and commercials, many of which he wrote. As for film, the 6'7", 270 pound comedian was best known for playing Big Enos Burdette alongside Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit (1977) and its 1980 and 1983 sequels. He was also utilized by esteemed director Robert Altman in a couple of his films, portraying hefty President Grover Cleveland in Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson (1976) and Dina Merrill's moneybags husband in A Wedding (1978). He added to the innocuous fun in such popcorn movies as The Shaggy D.A. (1976), Scavenger Hunt (1979), The Gong Show Movie (1980), Under the Rainbow (1981) in which he also wrote the screenplay, Doin' Time (1985), Rented Lips (1988), and, his last, Ted & Venus (1991). On TV, besides the various variety and talk shows he frequented, he appeared as an actor in the sitcoms "Sanford and Son," "Laverne & Shirley," "The Golden Girls" and "Grace Under Fire," among others. His final credits before the massive stroke basically ended his career in 1998 were Grace Under Fire, Ted & Venus, Broadway Bound and Chinatown Connection. Ducktales was his only DTVA appearance. Of the 80+ credits; 25% of them were writing credits which is an usual ratio even for a movie actor.

So then we get animals howling in the distance and the shepherd runs away stage right like a scalded dog with the lamb as we see on a rock on the pond; a Wii flashing wolf (Frank Welker, duh) howling at the moon. So we go to morning as we see sheep grazing in the fields together and then pan over to the train tracks complete with Scottish bagpipes playing in the background. So we see a train going by and go inside a car to see Scrooge, the nephews and Webby watching the window as Scrooge talks about bonny old Scotland. This is another in a series of attempts to explain Scrooge being a Scotsman even though he would fit the “No True Scotsman” logical fallacy to a fault. Dewey asks about the house still being there (interesting considering that Once Upon A Dime was a year after this episode aired.) and Scrooge believes that it should still be there. See nothing changes much in these parts. The key word being much there Scroogie. We go to the reflection shot as we go to one of the stone circles the druids built in the background as Scrooge would say. I see the train is smoking like a chimney as the nephews are wondering about these Druid fellows. Scrooge calls the druids an odd lot because they were secretive and kept to themselves. They refused the Scottish hospitality. Considering that Scotts are known for their hot tempers; I can see why they refused. They were driven out of Scotland centuries ago. Geez; I wonder why. Maybe it was because of the “Scottish Hospitality”. So we head onto the road as Scrooge, the nephews and Webby have to walk on the dusty road because no cab would take them to cottage McDuck. He blows off their lack of Scottish hospitality. And of the course; the nephews do the “bigger than body weight” spot with the luggage. Scrooge then sees the shepherd and his lambs bleeting as he welcomes the strangers. Well; nothing is stranger than a “No True Scotsman”. AHHAHAHAHAHA! BONK! OUCH! Ummmm....

Scrooge and the shepherd exchange pleasure thoughts as Scrooge is considered a neighbor. Scrooge explains that he was born in the cottage on the brae beyond the loch. Now there is something that would be edited today because no kid worth his salt would know what a brae or a loch is. Just like no one would know what a wind sock is. The shepherd has a jolly good laugh on Scrooge's Scottish speaking. Scrooge introduces himself and the shepherd and the sheep run away stage left down the road like a scalded dog and lamb (Frank Welker, duh!. Hmmm; scalded lamb...SLURP! Louie proclaims that he ran away on name value along. I think he ran away because he saw what a “No True Scotsman” looks like and saw hell unleashed upon thee. The shepherd's hat is on Scrooge's top hat of course as Scrooge wonders if he thinks Scrooge is owed that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. He is confused as he walks to a cottage and in front is two ladies getting down dry clothes from the clothesline. Which looks like a telephone pole. Scrooge approches them and greets them. One has blond hair; the other one has brown hair. They are both dogspeople in dresses. I'm going to say both of them are voiced by Russi Taylor before they even speak since I believe that she is the only female doing voices today. It's the brown haired one speaking as Scrooge introduces himself and of course they run away stage left. I'm beginning to suspect that they do not like ducks in general. Duckophobes! The brown haired one takes the basket too. Everyone is confused as heck on that one too...

So we head to Scrooge's abandoned cottage (the same one from Once Upon A Dime; only with more vines) and then we inside to the dining room as Scrooge explains his home to the nephews and Webby who look around. And then we get continuity error #1 as Scrooge states that his family left Scotland even though it's clear that Scrooge is the ONLY one (and maybe his uncle) who left in Once Upon A Dime. Dewey blows some dust from a clock as he asks we they left. Scrooge claims that his family were poor, simple farmers and taps on the floor of the fireplace. Scrooge continues the creditability streak by claiming the reason for the departure. Scrooge left because he wanted to live the American Dream in Once Upon A Dime. Oh swell; this episode is falling fast already. Scrooge claims that he didn't have the carefree childhood the nephews did and Webby proclaims that she sees toys. Everyone goes up as Scrooge tells them to be careful. The nephews make it up the stairs and it's Quackeroonie #1 for the episode four minutes in as they cannot believe the size of the teddy bear on the right side of the room slightly to the left of where Webby is standing on the rug. And man; there are a lot of toys. So much for trying to hide your nice parts of the childhood there Scroogie. He goes to his wooden piggy bank and blows more dust on it showing more compassion for it than the rest of the toys combined. He claims that his thrift started with it. I thought it was the dime he made breaking solid mud from shoes is where his savings began?! He built it himself see and it still has money in it. I thought he didn't have any and took it all to America?! This is why sometimes; having the same writer is a good thing.

He forgot how to open it and he bangs it and then gets the loaded boxing glove right in the kisser. HAHA! That is the first funny spot of the episode at the 4 ½ minute mark. Not a good sign for this episode in general. And then Webby notices a picture of Young Scrooge in a kilt with a Scottish hat usually worn by Glomgold (who IS a true Scotsman in every sense of the word) and thinks Scrooge was a girl. HAHA! Scrooge chuckles because it is him in the picture. To Webby: That is not embarrassing. Scrooge being a baby in Super Ducktales #4 was. Webby calls it a skirt and Scrooge of course has to correct her since it is a kilt. This is the nice way of saying that Scrooge is not gay either. Webby gleefully gives him the best advice ever: Stay away from windy days. HAHA! There's one that got past the radar. The nephews are outside on the lookout and they notice a creepy castle complete with broken bridge in the middle. Scrooge calls it Castle McDuck. Strange since Scrooge never mentioned this in Once Upon A Dime. The kids are stunned to hear this as am I. Scrooge talks about his great, great grandfather building and no one lives there because according to him the castle is cold, damp and very expensive to keep up. Riiiigggggghhhhhhtttt. Would this have something to do with..I don't know...the neighbors running away from you when they hear your name or something.

And then Scrooge admits that there is a curse and the kids want to know about that. Scrooge laughs it off as a foolish story his mother made up to keep him from snooping around over there. Huey accuses Scrooge of going against her mother's advice of course and Scrooge claims in roundabout terms that mother could really tell a good story. Also known as he didn't go against her at all. Scrooge explains according to her mothers story that the castle is haunted by a ghostly hound. The nephews are impressed as Webby asks about the difference between a hound and a dog. Scrooge calls it more than a dog as it was a glowing beast that only came out at night and attacks anyone who got near the castle. Like they are now right Scroogie?! The kids want to go exploring the castle and call out Scrooge for being afraid of the doggy. Scrooge laughs it off because he wrestled bears, tamed lions, used alligators as water skis. Riiiigggghhhhhttttt. I've seen you wrestle Magica as Awesome Kong and you got squashed like a bug Scroogie. The nephews then drag Scrooge into the house as no story is going to scare them and Scrooge wants to do this after lunch. I'm guessing that lunch is going to be about three weeks long I wager. We then go to the front of the broken bridge as Scrooge notes (which the McDucks destroyed) that and the hound cannot get across or so the story is told. The nephews cross the river by skipping onto the rocks. Webby gets on as Scrooge doesn't want to go; but Webby holds out her arm and Scrooge decides to go along as they skip to the other side with the nephews already across. However; the HOUND FROM HELL howls already thus killing the CONTINUITY that the writers were shooting for. Can't you wait until dark before doing that? Webby and Scrooge do the splits on stones near the bridge on the another side. Thankfully; nothing else occurs except Scrooge tripping and falling into the river. Scrooge is not amused of getting and being all wet either I see.

So we head to the front doors of the castle as the nephews wonder why Scrooge is so worried about. Scrooge at least keeps the continuity of having his suit still wet with water as he and Webby make it to the door. The nephews think it is a sheepdog or something. It's something all right; it's a dull as dishwater episode thus far. The nephews open the door with considerable effort as they claim that the dog only comes out at night and therefore everything is okay. Scrooge proclaims that he was young when he heard the story and probably forgot some details. Can you smell the fear coming from Scroogie? I knew you could. Everyone enters the castle as we head to the sky shot of the living room as Louie comments about hide and seek. Scrooge blows it off and wants careful looking as Huey goes to the fire place and claims that there is lots of firewood (even though we don't see any). Webby goes to the closet and opens it to much glee to Scrooge. Scrooge goes to her and notices that there is a change of clothes; allowing Scrooge to change into a True Scotsman. So we cut to the fireplace as the fire is roaring and the kids are testing the warmth of the flames. They turn around and see Scrooge wearing the True Scotsman clothes and he also has his wooden sheep staff ready to go. Huey basically sums up the departure of the McDucks in one easy to say phrase as Louie goes to the wall with the big ass picture frame and we see a grandfather version of Scrooge McDuck in the clothes; plus boots near a curtain and table with a vase. Louie asks who it is. Scrooge calls him his great uncle Silas McDuck and that he built the castle. Okay; the continuity on the castle is making sense even though Scrooge gleefully ignored it in Once Upon A Dime. Maybe I rated that episode too high after all. We get the close up and some really good shadowing as the nephews want to hear the story of Silas.

So we go to the flashback as we see the entire McDuck clan near a druid circle with only a baby with the rattle on the bottom right doing any animation whatsoever. HEE HEE! Scrooge explains that Silas' dream was to build a castle for his large and close knit family clan. We then cut to see Silas shoveling dirt and then we cut to the forest as a druid with red glowing eyes float from the forest and warns Silas if he builds a castle here; it will be forever cursed. He echoes the voice and then floats away into the forest out of sight. Silas looks at it and blows him off as hooey and balderdash and shovels faster. Which involved digging a hole to bury himself I guess. So we go outside the castle grounds near the bridge BEFORE HAPPY HOUR (before dark) as everyone celebrate with Scottish mugs of WE KNOW IT'S ALCOHOL BUT WE'RE NOT TELLING DRINKS OF DOOM. And then Scrooge proclaims in the flashback that the hound appears on the rock. Isn't the hound supposed to be there after dark; not before?! He snarls as everyone panics. Scrooge claims that it came right out of the ground glowing like molten fire (even though it should glow red; not blue if that occurred) howling like he's to wake the dead (death reference #1 for the episode) and everyone runs away like scalded duck as Scrooge proclaims that the family clan split up; probably not by themselves as we get another far shot of the castle and then appears the McDuck cottage and then the flashback is over.

Scrooge states that he fears the hound because of the mother's story. Louie proclaims that he doesn't believe in the story. I think Scrooge already answered that one by admitting that he fears the hound already. For goodness sakes; that is another logic break. Scrooge then claims that it is not true trying to act macho. I got to admit the great animation in this episode is saving it at this point. Louie states that it is good because it's dark already. Scrooge chuckles and wants to return to the cottage; but the fireplace swings about thirty degrees to the left and a druid hand comes out of the opening to steal the top hat from the hat rack (which Webby helpfully points out) and then leaves; swinging the fireplace back to it's usual spot. Scrooge and the nephews go to the right side of the fireplace and notice that there is a secret opening and wants the kids to help him push and they open it to reveal the druid from his story along with the Wii Hound From Hell snarling. Scrooge yells for everyone to push it back and they sell it completely.

Then Scrooge orders everyone to run and they run stage left out of the castle. The fireplace opens and the hound chases after them. It's the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE HELLHOUND EDITION~! The kids skip across the stones to the other side as they jump for Scrooge to make it across as well. Scrooge then breaks all logic and reason by walking right onto the water. Take that Jesus~! Or it's another logic break of course. Scrooge runs away from the kids with his kilt in tow as the nephews turn around and they see no hellhound anywhere (Well; it is a hellhound since it's dead and it came from hell as Scrooge implied earlier in his story). The hound disappeared and Webby thinks it is invisible now. Louie blows her off on that one of course. And then we hear some chanting and some lights lit inside the castle as Scrooge wants to listen.

We then go to the castle walls and see shadows of druids chanting and more lights inside the castle. Scrooge proclaims that there is more to this story than the hellhound itself. Scrooge has had enough and decides to return to the scene of the crime across the river as the kids shrug their shoulders and advance with him. So we head inside as we see more shadows of druids chanting as we cut to an open window as the babyfaces perch on the window looking down. Louie asks who they are and Scrooge calls them druids. We then cut to a sky shot on the floor with a stone table with one big ass candle as the druid circle around it and we see more mature lighting. How can the hardcore sleep at night calling cartoons out on their blue/green mush?! Dewey asks Scrooge why the druids are here when they were chased out of Scotland as Scrooge responds saying that it was the druids who chased out the McDucks. So the story was a white lie all long? That officially ends the segment 11 and a half minutes in.

After the commercial break; we head to morning near the look out with the castle in the background as Scrooge blows off the druids as thieves and they chased off the McDucks to steal their property. Louie wants him to charge back rent. HAHA! Scrooge calls them out on stealing his property; but also robbing him of something more important: his heritage and his roots as Webby thinks that it's the top hat. Scrooge aims to get his property back. The nephews ask about the druids and the hellhound. Scrooge has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN in mind; but first he has to get some supplies. So we go to a neighbor's house as the shepherd and his family blow him off right away since they believe his family brought the hell hound upon them. And apparently; the ghost hound cannot be contained by all the rope in Scotland after Scrooge asks the shepherd for some supplies. And by the way the brown haired lady addresses the shepherd as William (Chris missed that one in his notes) when Webby starts feeding the scared lamb with carrots to help him back onto it's feet. Yeah; they went with that one. Scrooge chuckles about the lass's way with animals as William decides to help him with the supplies after all. So we get the open door spot as the babyfaces enter the castle with a bucket, a brush and some rope.

Scrooge proclaims that they have lots of time to stop this madness. Everyone goes in as Scrooge talks about the druids only coming out at night as well as the hound. Scrooge then tells everyone to get ready to set the traps and the kids scatter proclaiming that they will show those nasty druids who the king of the castle really is. We then cut to the second floor above the fireplace (and near a stone Silas statue) as the babyfaces raise the net above the fireplace. Notice that when they walk backwards with Silas' fishing net; Webby disappears like magic. How about that for an animation error? Webby backs up into a circular brick wall and then the brick wall consumes her. No really; I'm as shocked as you are. Has Mr. Adams morphed into Mr. Merwin and I didn't notice? Scrooge ties the rope to the candlesticks on the wall and tries to speak to Webby; but no response as he panics. Huey wonders where she went. Scrooge goes to the consuming brick wall and does notice her muffled voice as Webby is as confused about her location as I am. We do some dark promos and pushing around for a secret passage button; but no dice from the nephews as Webby is getting frightened by the dark by the second. Scrooge and company decide to go to the fireplace since that passageway they know about.

We then cut to inside the dark passageway (which is so lit that it breaks logic on being so dark to Webby) as Webby calls for Scrooge and gets no response. Webby decides to follow the passage to the right and then down the stairs and into a torched lit secret cave which Webby calls scarier than being in the dark. At least she got her shadow back again as we head to the fireplace as Louie wonders if the hellhound will return to sic on them again. Scrooge is ready for him as Huey calls that one of them. Funny since he didn't seem scared of it earlier. Scrooge and company push on the fireplace and it slides to the left. There is no hellhound of course since it isn't dark yet. They go inside the secret lit cave as the nephews comment on it being built to the druids. They walk inside for a while and then notice the exit to day light as Scrooge thinks Webby went outside. Everyone walks out as it is nearly dark as Scrooge notices that this is the oak forest behind the castle. The nephews shiver on cue as it's spookier than the castle itself and it's getting dark now. Louie hopes to find Webby first before the hellhound finds her or them first.

Scrooge states that there is a wee bit of daylight left. Scrooge tells the kids to follow and be careful. They sell as we go to the scene changer of doom and see the druids in the forest circling a black pot on a fire which is probably a ritual to keep Shawn Michaels away. The boys and Scrooge hide behind the bushes as Huey and the gang exchange notes on what the druids are doing. Scrooge wonders where the hound is. To Scroogie: Look behind you; you greedy little bastard! Huey does the honor for me and panics as he slaps Dewey on the shoulder. Okay that expression on Huey is priceless and the other nephews follow his lead as Louie taps on Scrooge's shoulder panicking. Scrooge tells him he cannot be bothered because he is looking for the hound. He then hears the snarling and turns around and blows off the nephews for fooling around. We get a shot of the snarling hellhound of course and then he gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY as we get a struggle in the bushes and then out of nowhere we get the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE HELLHOUND EDITION~! Oh; the irony of it all! They get trapped next to a rock cliff wall as the hell hound snarls and traps them like rats. Huey then proclaims that one thing is for sure and that it doesn't come out at night. Ummm; it's pretty much nightfall now Huey. God; another bad logic break in a series of them as we end the segment sixteen minutes in. And man; I am sick of this boring episode already!

After the commercial break; we see the hound blitzing towards Scrooge as the boy hide behind Scrooge's skirt. POW! OUCH! Ummmm...I mean kilt. HAHA! POW! OUCH! Ummm... So Scrooge then invokes the string with the hot dog and throws it at the hell hound. It eats it of course and then it walks over and snarls at Scrooge again. HAHA! Finally; that trick backfires in someone's face. IT'S A MIRACLE! Scrooge then gets another one and simply throws it into the bushes as the dog goes after it. I spoke too soon as Scrooge and the nephews run away stage left. We run for a while into the forest and then they stop in front of the oak trees to rest. Why? So that the druids can capture them silly. Or maybe not as they exchanges notes on who is the meanie of this outfit and they settle on the druids. Of course as then they hear puppies giggling and one of them sounds like Webby. So the babyfaces run stage right and we go to a tree like cage (which has a horn lit with a flame on a stick with markings) as Webby is playing with the caged puppies of course. Scrooge and Webby reunite together and Scrooge embraces her and even kisses her to boot.

Scrooge is thankful nothing bad happened to her; unlike in that ultra perverted parody opening someone did on Youtube. Webby then blows him off because she went through a wall, got lost in the dark (Riiiigggghhhhht Webby?!) and walked through a scary tunnel and ended up in the spooky woods. I see Russi has her Speed Minnie voice on today. Huey asks about the creepy druids and Webby didn't see any; just the puppies in the wooden cage. Dewey and Louie pet the puppies as they deduce that they are trained to keep people away from the castle. Scrooge proclaims that they are doing it since putting the curse on Silas many years ago. Of course; they failed to answer the obvious question: Why do it? What would the druids have to gain to see the McDuck family clan gone? Why do I get the feeling that question won't be answered? Scrooge proclaims that they cannot make a fool out of him (or for 150 years or so) and he wants the kids to return to the castle so they can teach the druids how to respect people's property.

So we see a full moon; with a red trim in the sky as we head to the castle and then inside to a pan shot to the fireplace. We hear the nephews and Scrooge getting ready with the trap as the fireplace door opens and out comes the hellhound from the passageway. Huey and Louie on top proclaim that it is now and lower the net; which misses the hellhound by about four feet. D'OH! You know this is a off day episode for the duck when THAT happens. The hellhound growls as the boys proclaim that they missed. NO?! REALLY?! The hound growls some more and the druid comes out and walks onto the net. Okay; this guy is REALLY STUPID not to notice that there IS a NET on the ground. Huey and Louie decide to tie it to the Silas statue. Damn; I knew that thing would be used somehow. Then a second druid (grayer robe) enters with a torch onto the net (idiots!) as we cut to the second floor again as Huey and Louie push on the statue (Louie on his back, Huey with his hands) and it drops and the druids are bagged. I'm guessing these druids are voiced by Frank Welker and Alan Young. They get risen to the ceiling as the Silas statue comes down. The druids protest this outrage as the Druid Chieftain (with the wooden walking stick) arrives as the druids want to come down. Two more druids are with him as the chief looks around for whom created this trap as we get some Silas shaking (which looks like anime style to me). Then Dewey's voice is heard and the chief notices the intruder.

The Druid Chieftain is voiced by the late Brock Peters (also passed away in 2005) who started in 1954 with Carmen Jones, and then Porgy and Bess, The L-Shaped Room and then as Tom Robinson in To Kill A Mocking Bird (and yes he is African American in case you didn't notice). He did mostly television cameos and movies such as The Pawnbroker, P.J., Daring Game, The McMasters, Black Girl and even Soylent Green as Hatcher (that movie seems to be popular with irrational people on the current president of the US's health care reform it seems). He has over 120 credits on the resume including Gone Are The Days and Five On The Black Hand Side as a producer. He appeared in the Disney live action movie The Million Dollar Dixie Deliverence. He started voices in 1985 with Galtar and the Golden Lance as Tormack, and then Gobot as General Newcastle. Ducktales was his DTVA debut and his only appearance. His final credits were Borg War in 2006 and a few cameos in JAG, Static Shock, The Wild Thornberry's Movie and The Locket.

So we see Dewey mocking the druids like a child on the second floor near the bucket with a brush. Dewey then blows a wicked raspberry while looking like the devil with that tongue. The Druid chief orders his druids to get him (and he doesn't say After him Disney Captions) as everyone climbs the stairs (including the hell hound) ; but the blue grease causes the hellhound to slip and slide. And then it rolls like a bowling ball and we get the worst bowling pin spot this since of my bowling skills and they land with wussy bumps onto the rug. Folks; it's too late to save this episode; let's mercy kill it now. Scrooge tells Webby to go now as Webby and Scrooge release the rope and that brings the wood sides down while raising the rug up into the ceiling; capturing the rest of the druids like a bag. Dewey is on top of the stair case commenting about the bucket of axle grease. That's three times in as many episodes that the nephews did that spot (Top Duck, Pearl of Wisdom albeit with marbles; but still...). TaleSpin? Repetitive?! What's that?! Me not know how those two go together.

Scrooge and Webby dance a Scottish jig for the win. The nephews join in; but the bag breaks loose and the hellhound pounces out while the Druid just hangs around. Man; there's another logic break since all of them should be coming down on top of him as well. The hellhound gets onto the ground and snarls. Scrooge and the nephews bail stage left. Wait a minute? How did they get onto the bottom floor without slipping in the grease? Stupid, stupid, STUPID! Did I mention stupid. The druid chief drops down on his ass with a good bump as we get the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE HELL HOUND EDITION #2 as the babyfaces make it to the door; but it is sealed shut. The hell hound stalks and if you don't know what Scrooge does next, then you have no business reading this rant. The hell hound calms down for good and chews on the hot dogs and then licks Scrooge right on the lips of the beak. EWWWWWWWW! The Druid chief tries to order the dog to sic them; but the hound turns on his master because it was due to Scottish hospitality as he gives the dog more hot dogs. The druid chief realizes that he is had and reveals himself to be a dogsperson with a brown beard and hair. Scrooge wants him to give up the castle and property as well since Silas built every stone. And then the druid chief blows him off because it's really their property. So they ARE going to explain it all? See; Silas built his castle over a druid circle and robbed them of their past and heritage. Scrooge asks why Silas would do such a thing and the chief proclaims that he did it to save money on building costs. Scrooge has a knack for saving money and making money and he has a plan to make both parties involved feel right at home again as we fade to black with the post-production glitch (of course).

So we head outside at the front entrance as we see the castle turned into a historic site complete with druid stuff to buy as the crowds come in by the hundreds. One of the druids plays bag pipes for fun as we cut to a shot of numbered buses as Scrooge proclaims that a haunted castle makes a great tourist attraction. Kind of like Fortress Louisberg I guess. We pan over to the hill as Scrooge and the chief reveal a compromise that they can hold their ceremonies in peace at night; while the attraction runs during the daytime. I don't care; I just want the episode to be over with. And of course we get the payoff for the glow in the dark flea powder the hell hound used. Webby then reminds them that they don't have to teach doggies to be mean anymore (which pretty much explains why they went to the compromise ending) as we see the hound with his puppies as two of the puppies chew on Scrooge's top hat. HAHA! Webby giggles about the playfulness of the puppies as Scrooge gasps in horror on his top hat. I think this compromise is going south faster than my sex life is now. Scrooge grabs the top hat as Huey asks about them taking the hat in the first place and the druid proclaims it was to create a familiar scent as the hound licks Scrooge's face again. HAHA! Everyone laughs on cue as Huey calls it love at first scent to end the episode at 21:16. The finish and ending saved this episode from being a thumbs down as the whole episode was loaded with logic breaks and was dull for most of it. ** ½ (50%).


Oh boy; we were that close to a thumbs down episode for the first time on this volume. It certainly was better than Luck'O'The Ducks as most of the logic breaks were simply continuity errors and it depended on which episode you liked more; this one or Once Upon A Dime. However; the real problem with this episode was it was basically dull as dishwater. Other than the hound chases; it was basically a squash for the heroes and there was no real danger present for the most part. All we got were the basic in character stuff (like Webby's animal angle). Thankfully; the story was solid and the finish and ending were super as I was sort of glad that they didn't go for the heel finish because it was clear that a druid misunderstanding finish was the only way to go since Silas did built on a druid circle. Everything else was just there and TMS animation was super so in the end it ended as a split down the middle episode. Next up in the second half it's Launchpad's Civil War which I think has the juice to be a perfect episode. We'll find out soon enough. So....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you next time.


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