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Apes of Wrath

Reviewed: 03/26/2007

Gosalyn's Ultimate Fashion Faux Pas!

I've seen this episode a little bit; but not the whole episode so I cannot say that I fully like it or not. However; I should note that this is the Gosalyn in Tarzan outfit episode and she looked awesome in it. Well here we go; it's time to rant.....

The episode is written by Dev Ross and the story is edited by Kevin Crosby Hopps. This would be the fourth episode in a row animated by Sun Woo. Dev Ross produced a real good episode in A Star is Torn so let's see if she can help DW get out of his funk

We start at Drake Mallard's house complete with stock music just to annoy me as Drake is packing his luggage with various WEAPONS OF SOMEWHAT MASS DESTRUCTION while blowing off the suitcase. See; the suitcase hates Drake. Launchpad comes around to see that Drake is in search of the missing ape lady. He manages to get it close shut for about three seconds and then the suitcase pops Drake one into the wall as Drake takes a decent bump into the wall. Now he's officially stuck in the wall. Wow; thirty seconds in and this episode's already better than the last one I ranted. The Ape Lady is Doctor Brute and she's not an Ape Lady for your big fat information. She's an anthropologist who is employed with the famed organization that no one cares about... S.H.U.S.H. and for a moment there I thought that it was the Jack Cases fanclub...and since SHUSH is a awful organization; it needs DARKWING...DUCK on the case. Then Gosalyn appears with the LASSO OF BANE FOR ALL ACTION CARTOONS EVERYWHERE and wraps it around Drake's mouth. All right! Let's see some hog-tying Gos! Gosalyn is shown wearing a safari outfit which somehow makes her look like a bigger tool than when Guy LaDouce wears it.

Interesting Note #1: Remember that in the first episode that I stated that Gosalyn wears shoes and socks almost all the time? This is one of those episodes where she is not wearing any. I guess the hiking boots clashed with her style. Don't ask why I mentioned it. It's pointless to try anyway.

And of course Drake doesn't want her to go...since Drake would love to ruin yet another episode and bury someone else. Gosalyn better come up with something to convince DW; heaven forbid this turns into another VAMPIRE POTATO OF HIDEOUS DEATH! Gosalyn ties the noose around his mouth tightly and bounces him down the steps. Now that was awesome...Too bad all of Drake's bump were wussy. Did Disney tighten up the standards for bumps after Baloo took ultra-sick bumps in Polly Wants a Treasure? Gosalyn is FEELING IT though with that look on her face. Drake still won't bite though; literally and figuraity. Gosalyn shows up her strength as a leader by her handling of blood sucking leeches...and yes; she said blood sucking which makes all the Final Fantasy translators look like sticks in the mud. Drake still won't bite and Gosalyn decides to do the next thing to convince Drake: Holding her breath. Even Drake thinks it's stupid and blows her off. Gosalyn gets the CHEAP HEAT OF LAUGHS which probably means that she's not holding her breath to kill herself. Drake no-sells for a bit which means that he's going to lose this one and then.....

The next scene beckons as Gosalyn wins that fight because we can hear her voice in the Thunderquack. Told ya Drake! We see an island which looks like something out of Tarzan. We know this because Gosalyn calls it totally Tazarn. Now you know that you're watching a present-day time frame cartoon when you hear Valley Girl talk out of Gosalyn. And so Sailor Moon uses it every three minutes when possible to annoy purists. Gosalyn does the TAZARN YELL (complete with lame beating on the chest) which is so bad that it's funny. Drake is going to have a headache which is really the only suitable punishment he can get after burying Reggie Bushroot and the Muddlefoots. Apparently; the steroid eating apes hated it as well. Or they are trying to talk to Gosalyn about cribbing ideas from Kit. LP calls it a tough neighborhood and Drake blows it off because he's in EGO TRIP MODE now...and SHUSH packed him a radio and shrunken head. Yeah; that will draw. Oh wait; Drake now has an ordinary coconut. But it's really a bomb! Sadly; he gives away the instructions which allows Gosalyn to grab the coconut bomb and twist the top to set it. Well; you have no one but yourself to blame for that one Drake.

They play a little catch the bomb spot which is so cliché ; but I'll accept it because it isn't lame. Drake now has the coconut bomb; so he wants the doors open so he can throw it out. Gosalyn of course presses the wrong button which causes Drake to say no in a bland monotone voice and then the chair ejects Drake out of the Thunder Quack. Okay; that was pretty funny as Drake flies up into the sky and then gets off a lame promo before free falling like a Warner Brothers character. He then notices the coconut bomb is STILL IN HIS HANDS and gives off the worst scary face I have ever seen. This would be the first spot Sun Woo has screwed up completely. Drake throws the bomb up into the sky as if that is going to help him and yeah; I'm through with the bomb jokes as the bomb comes back after Drake is breathing a sigh of relief. He's just bringing down this episode again. So Drake throws it up again and it comes back like a boomerang. Drake is so screwed now; just take the shot DW and get it over with. Drake then throws the bomb to the east and it, say it with me, comes back like a boomerang. I guess SHUSH's bombs are boomerangs too. I can accept that since it's Logic Break #1 otherwise.

Drake then decides to give up and take the bomb shot as it explodes. Geez; these writers sure have time to waste to pull out pointless stuff. So Drake starts he falls down and lands in a swamp which looks cleaner than Dave THE CLEANING BARBARIAN OF LAUGHS' room on a good day. At least Sun Woo didn't screw up this spot. Drake swims or walks up and bashes his head like a wuss to get the water out of his ears which was pretty cute to see. Sadly; he punches out a fish which bounces on the water like a super ball and whines about it. I guess Drake punches fish too hard and should get hell from PETA after that spot. Drake thinks that he's safe and of course he rises up from a giant gator's head. Please kill him Mr. Gator; I'll give you a role with a southern hillbilly heel down the road who uses a zombie potion. The gator flips his head and eats DARKWING...DUCK!! TOTAL MARKUP CITY FOR THAT MOMENT!...Or maybe not quite since the main character NEVER dies in these shows so Drake snaps his mouth up and runs away quickly. Curses! Foiled Again! Drake runs so hard that the animators screw up the entry into the bushes and poorly animates the coconut tree that Drake goes splat into. Drake takes a decent bump though so it's all all right. Drake falls down flat as a pancake taking another wussy bump.

Drake blows himself up (NOT THAT WAY!) and staggered around as if he is drunk. Oh wait! That's when he's really sober. I get that confused as he then takes about seven coconuts (more or less) in the noggin taking some really good bumps in the process. Gosalyn and Launchpad come to help him as I suspect that Drake is going to MURDER Gosalyn for probably laughing at the sight of getting eaten by a MUTANT GATOR! I would too even if he died. Hey; if it means that we can have a decent episode than that's fine by me. Drake calls this Peachy. No Drake; Peachy is when Sony platforms only has five games while Nintendo platform have 45 games in the Top Fifty of the Japanese charts last week. Drake wants to return to the Thunder Quack; but the roided apes completely trash it. Oh man; those damn, dirty apes! They are one government probe anyway from a huge steroid ring. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?! Yeah; I'm using the dumbest joke known to mankind; but it's still better than Drake. Drake claims that the natives are getting restless.

I guess that's taking it lightly because that is an example of ROID RAGE! I guess Larson and Gary's next experiment was to use steroids on apes which explains why we NEVER seen them again after Beauty And The Beet. Gosalyn finally takes over and decides to climb a tree much to Drake's disgust. I'm surprised he isn't shooting blood from his eyes at this point. Gosalyn plays a Tarzan spot which doesn't work as well with the outfit she's wearing and manages to bowl right into Drake and Launchpad despite Sun Woo screwing the spot. They manage to whack themselves against the roided apes taking some decent bumps in the process. The two apes grab Gosalyn, Launchpad and Drake in order to sniff them. The steroid clearly have not increased their smarts any. Drake orders the GANG OF GAG to not make any sudden moves. I guess talking is not a sudden move Drake! Logic Break #1 for the episode. The roided ape sniffs Gosalyn's butt (EWWWW!!) and grabs a chocolate bar from her pocket. Sadly; Howard Huge is dead so he doesn't squash the ape in the process.

Gosalyn of course makes her sudden moves and gets off death reference number one of the episode. Now that's more like it. Sadly; the ape shows off his ROID RAGE; screaming right into Gosalyn which is awesome to see and Gosalyn flies right into Drake and they take a MAN-SIZED bump into the coconut tree. Drake takes about 13 coconuts to the head (all good bumps I might add). That sequence was used in the eyecatchers for Darkwing Duck in case you wanted to know. Drake demands that Gosalyn learns the word diplomacy. Memo to Drake: YOU CANNOT REASON WITH SOMEONE WHO'S IN ROID RAGE. Otherwise; Scott Steiner would have retired a decade ago so I wouldn't have to see him in awful matches with HHH. Drake does make me laugh with the ultra-sick phillac symbol on the top of his head. WAIT A MINUTE?! There's a phillac symbol on his head?! QUICK! CALL... Okay; the joke was dead a long time ago. Live with it.

The second ape (the one with the hat) starts kissing Launchpad. It must be a female monkey or else this could be disturbing. Oh wait; it's already disturbing. The ROID RAGE ape thinks that LP is trying to take away his girlfriend and they get into a pulling rack match with Launchpad. Okay; this could work out since it was sooo funny on MXC. Launchpad isn't selling it properly for some reason. Drake sides with the female ape (of course) and they manage to pull Launchpad off causing a chain reaction and they take a MAN-SIZED bump into the coconut tree. Sadly; no coconuts fell down on Drake..yet...ROID RAGE APE is now concerned because female ape is nearly dead even though Sun Woo screwed up because her eyes were still open and she looked all right. ROID RAGE APE slaps some sense into her. Oh yeah; that's a domestic violence lawsuit waiting to happen. Too bad they are real APES! That would have been an intriguing one. Of course she's all right and ROID RAGE APE is really stupid.

Then again; that's the consequences of steroids. The ROID RAGE APE tries to show his loving side (I was laughing when I wrote that!) and the female ape gives him the worst POWER OF THE PUNCH I have seen this side of Molly in From Here to Machinery....and ROID RAGE APE takes a MAN-SIZED bump off screen of course. Gosalyn looks into her safari hat and finds monkey hairs in it. It turns out to be the female ape's hat as there is writing inside of it. The hat belongs to Doctor Brute and she's alive. We think as Goslayn complains about keeping the hat. Sadly; ROID RAGE APE and FEMALE WEAK APE swing like Tarzan and steal the hat away from them. Launchpad sells fear throughout just to amuse me. Drake deducts that they are responsible for kidnapping Doctor Brute. Launchpad deducts that they have a thing for hats. Since LP is more over than Drake; he wins. Sadly; gunfire erupts (YAY!) and the GANG OF GAG is forced to scatter.

It took them four episodes to have someone shooting with real guns. Dust picks up and dies as two Englishmen wearing safari gears and shooting rifles miss MURDERING the ROIDED APES. You can tell they are Englishmen because they have stereotypical English accents and has a glass eye. Drake comes out to protest that he is not a monkey while his clothes are slightly Swiss cheese. Geez; that really worked for Fang there Drake! The English hunter wants Drake to prove that he is DARKWING...DUCK! So DARKWING...DUCK does some lame karate moves while jumping around and does the sabot kick onto a coconut tree which nearly breaks his webfoot in the process. That was funny though...and he takes one more coconut to the head before taking a wussy bump onto the ground. So that's where ECW logic comes from. 21 coconuts don't put him out; but one does. Thankfully; the Englishman decides to sell it as proof of Drake's pitiful existence.

We continue on as Major Trenchrot and his nameless sidekick follow behind the babyfaces into the jungle. Drake and Trenchrot exchange notes on Doctor Brute's whereabouts. See Trenchrot thinks of Brute as a sister to him. Which is funny since Brute is a female duck and he is a dogspeople. He does Oscar's blow nose spot just to annoy me because Oscar was funny when he did it. See; Doctor Brute was going to be a partner for Trenchrot and was going to donate free bananas to the apes. However; Doctor Brute was kidnapped by said apes and he calls them ungrateful. He does not know the power of ROID RAGE folks! Plus; Trenchrot is almost perfect codeword for heel. I don't know who comes up with the names; but at least come up with names that don't sound heelish from the start. He does one more Oscar spot to annoy and then Gosalyn goes to the barn of the banana plantation and tries to unlock the SECRET STUFF OF DOOM; but no dice. I betcha the bananas are budding with steroids in them. Geez; Larson and Gary went from hamburgers to bananas now. How low will they go? Trenchrot pushes Gosalyn away and defends the place because that's where they peel the bananas. Riiiight. I guess Gosalyn isn't stupid after all since the name of Major Trenchrot is soooo-heelish. Besides; Drake wants to find Doctor Brute before the ROID RAGE APES MURDER her. Well; steroids can have that effect on you in really rare cases. Trenchrot says not to bother since the ROID RAGE APES will come after him. See; they attack his plantation at night and Drake likes that since night is his perfect day. Now do you realize that Drake has no life.....?

Anyhow; night befall on the banana plantation (which looks like a small farm for your big fat information) as Drake and Launchpad sneak on the property legally as LP asks how Drake got Gosalyn to bed so quickly. Drake thanks the secret of being a good parent which is to show her who's boss. Which means that Gosalyn is the boss judging by the ten speed bicycle Drake mentioned. It's not going to work Drake Mallard since Gosalyn is suspicious of Trenchrot's heelish name already. And of course; Gosalyn manages to sneak into the barn storage area of the banana plantation to look for some bait for one of her gorilla traps. She uses the AUTOPILOT OF DOOM (crowbar in case you are wondering) on a wooden box of ROIDED BANANAS. Hey; you explain the gorillas kids! I'll create the bad jokes. Sadly; Trenchrot catches her and she's so BUSTED. Gosalyn does a fake out spot while looking like a coward. Hey Gosalyn; he's about twice your size; you should be able to handle him. Don't start acting like a total pussy now. Sadly; Trenchrot foolishly walks into the crowbar and takes it right into the eyes. OUCH! That is one long crowbar there. Trenchrot is blinded and walks right into some crates and takes some wussy bumps off of them.

Which is enough for Drake and Launchpad to return to the storage area of the plantation. Launchpad call them large termites. That would have been funny if it were true. LP and Drake go in and see Trenchrot and Gosalyn in the barn. Gosalyn claims that she didn't hurt Trenchrot. Well; she does have a point there and Trenchrot agrees! Drake grabs her and forces her out of the barn which is silly since Gosalyn doesn't resist at all. Drake demands answers and Gosalyn gives him one: She was trying to catch gorillas. Drake blows that off with sarcasm as we see a rope trap on the left as Drake foolishly steps into the loop. I guess you can tell what happens next. He takes wussy bumps in the process. Oh come on! If you're going to do that spot; the bumps must be MAN-SIZED. Launchpad sees the trap has worked and Gosalyn runs away back to bad complete with HB looping and running sound effect. Now you know that you're watching a classic.

We go to a shot of the plantation as the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM beckons again. STOP DOING THAT DRAKE! Drake and Launchpad are then seen sneaking behind palm trees as Drake continues to talk to keep his ego average up. Thankfully; gunfire beckons again as LP screams gorillas. Drake and Launchpad run due west and see Trenchrot and his useless sidekick shooting at something. Funny how Sun Woo messes up here because Drake and Launchpad are right in the line of fire as they were shooting behind the bushes. We are approaching 0.5 Trigun in this episode as Drake wants answers. He gets them as we see a shot of the storage area of the banana plantation as a TRUCK OF PAIN drives through the walls of the storage area from the inside and speeds away. I must say that those gorillas are decent drivers all things considered. Drake then gets off the dumbest line of the episode:

Darkwing: Why would they steal bananas when you give them away?

Maybe because {a} It's called please and thank you. Learn it Drake! And {b} The bananas are full of steroids so the apes go into ROID RAGE whenever they see bananas. It makes perfect sense to me. Trenchrot calls the apes evil and they take everything which is pretty fitting for a bunch of ROID RAGE APES! They even take a truck and lift it above their heads as they are walking to further cement my theory. Sadly; Drake tells them to hold their fire because Gosalyn is on the truck. Drake goes after her; but he of course gets caught in another of her gorilla traps. More wussy bumps commence afterward. Basically; it's the same stock footage from earlier. And you thought TaleSpin was bad?! Gosalyn is doomed as they carry her away. Now; I don't want to spoil anything. However; she clearly wasn't tied up so the apes must be babyfaces by proxy. Even ROID RAGE APES can be good guys; ask Scott Steiner about it. Also; Sun Woo screwed up because we don't see Gosalyn in the truck in the shots until Drake mentions it. Par for the course from them.

We head into the head as Drake searches for clues with the MAGIC LENS OF DOOM in the jungle while Launchpad stares into a dark patch and the 100 EYES OF FEAR beckons. Sadly; only about six pairs of eyes show up. Silly Sun Woo! Launchpad sneaks away; six more pairs of white eyes show up and LP is scared. Drake looks at a leaf as ROID RAGE APE'S HAND grabs Drake's hat OUT OF NOWHERE.

Interesting Moment #1: What is with Drake anyway? That's the third time he used the word terrorist in this series. You know something Drake; most of your heels are super villains or criminals. But terrorists?! Wouldn't that fit more with TaleSpin since the Air Pirates are really a terrorist organization. Now FOWL is the a terrorist group; but Steelbeak doesn't appear for another like six or seven episodes. As for those apes; they aren't terrorists. At best; they are a couple of ROID RAGE APES who want their steroid laced bananas.

Now back to the rant as Drake scratches his head and he is ticked off now that someone stole his lucky hat; I guess. The ROID RAGE APE also destroys the magnifying lens. Man; those steroids must be super strength. Launchpad tries to warn him; but the female ape grabs LP's backpack and basically kidnaps him. Drake turns around and find Launchpad to be gone. Instead of panicking; he decides to cut his ego trip promo as ROID RAGE APE does the Tarzan spot and tries to grab Drake; but Drake manages to duck under in time. I think the writers kidnapped everyone so Drake can get more screen time. If he was over then I could understand; but he's not so it's pretty silly to try. ROID RAGE APE lands on his feet as Drake backs away. Sadly; he get caught by female monkey. I guess LP was kidnapped by a different monkey....and I'm so good as we see Drake surrounded by badly drawn apes on the far shot. Drake is SO BUSTED as he decides to bribe them with a banana which causes ROID RAGE APE to turn it into banana mush on Drake's poor little pinhead. Too funny as the segment ends at 11:34. This is actually turning out to be a great episode for a change with Drake getting screwed. I just wish Sunwoo's spots would actually hit.

After the commercial break; we head to the apes treetop home as Drake and Launchpad are forced to walk with the ROID RAGE APES. Well; really only one, but who's counting at this point. Launchpad declares that they should fight their way out. I agree if only because Drake as international object equals funny. Drake of course claims that diplomacy is the only way out...and of course he jumps on the ROID RAGE APE and screams in his face. Yeap; Drake is really stupid. Drake admits that he doesn't practice what he preaches. Neither does any major babyface in Baloo for instance. Shaking the ROID RAGE APE is just asking for trouble Drake! ROID RAGE APE growls and it's completely screwed up by Sun Woo and thus look absolutely uncool compared to Gosalyn getting it earlier. Drake takes a decent bump into Launchpad and they take a wussy bump onto the ground. LP claims that the ROID RAGE APE is challenging Drake.....and LP just noticed THAT now?! LP apparently watches Wrestling For Dollars which I believe was a rejected show that Vinnie Mac was going to try on broadcast television as his first reality show about ten years BEFORE that became popular.

ROID RAGE APE shows those roided muscles and the FBI agents are going to raid this episode after reading this; I just know it. Drake of course accepts it and runs into battle because he's really stupid. He does some fake out spots including a dancing spot to amuse me as I wait with baited breath that ROID RAGE APE MURDERS him. Drake asks for impressions and ROID RAGE APE completely back hands him hard (complete with yellow impact star) as Drake goes through some three palm trees while taking some sick MAN-SIZED bumps along the way. Now that's more like it Drake! A few more like this and you'll be remotely over. The last bump was againest a large granite rock complete with Scooby-Doo angel spot. So Drake decides to try again. The weapon of choice: His head. Did I mention that Drake is really stupid? At least it's fun to see him get his just deserts and getting MURDERED for my pleasure. He takes a really sick MAN-SIZED bump into the midsection and ROID RAGE APE no-sells of course because he's got BODY OF ROIDED STEEL and this is COMEDY BABY!

Funny headless horseman spot from Drake ensues. I am so loving this episode now. ROID RAGE APE grabs Drake, slaps him on the butt to pop his head and throws him down on the ground as Drake takes a wussy bump on the ground complete with BOING sound. Drake decides to foolishly try again. The weapon of choice this time around: A giant palm tree. Drake's steroid must really be duds if ROID RAGE APE is killing him at this point. Hanna Barbera running sound effect (All Rights Reserved) ensue as a MAN-SIZED bump off screen occurs and sadly; the ROID RAGE APE no-sells again. Oh wait; he's doing the annoying pick your teeth with a toothpick spot while being covered in a million or so toothpick; my mistake! Too funny as Drake does the googly eye spot which Sun Woo doesn't screw up amazing enough. Drake is screwed as ROID RAGE APE goes in for the kill. Drake goes for the next weapon of choice: Air-Pump Shoes. Didn't Drake get the memo that real products are banned on FCC time? Oh wait; wrong format, never mind what I said. Drake pumps the shoes as tries to run away; but takes a wussy bump (despite the sound producers efforts to cover it up) into a tree. I do admit that sound was funny on that spot. Drake thinks that he is safe from the coconuts and of course; about 50 of them fall on him. Too funny as Drake is screwed again big time. That sequence was just great....and finally a female voice beckons (Victoria Caroll) as we see Doctor Brute in a Jane like outfit doing an awesome spot with the vines (using her strong legs) as she is having some tea. TOTAL MARKUP CITY FOR THAT MOMENT!

Of course; female scientists on early DTVA equals awesome hot ,sexy characters. Well; Lotta wasn't a scientist and she was the hottest of them all; but whatever. Brute also wears GOOFY GLASSES which means that she's the babyface by proxy. Female Ape gives Drake and LP some tea and LP is HAPPY because it has a slice of banana. Well; he needs some bulk if you know what I mean so I take it as a blessing here. Doctor Brute's first name is Beatrice in case you care; but she is so over now even Gosalyn is going to have to work hard to catch up. Brute swings down and uses a stick to grab some ant snap from a rotten tree in a pretty disturbing. So disturbing even Drake agrees with me. Then she decides to do what the apes do and go...well...ape! That was simply awesome to watch. Brute offers Drake to try it out and Drake hates it because it's really stupid. Riiight Drake. Like it was smart of you to leech off the Muddlefoot's heat in the last episode? ROID RAGE APE decides to give him one second to live and Drake does the spot so badly that it insults all apes everywhere. Drake's acting makes Baloo's Bullethead acting look awesome. Then again; it's so bad it's funny so I'll let it slide. Just don't expect ROID RAGE APE to do so because he's know....Then we hear Gosalyn's voice beckon with the Tarzan yell as we see Gosalyn swing across to a hut on the top of the treetops wearing an awesome Tarzan outfit...and it matches her hair too!

That is just awesome to watch her as Sun Woo did an awesome job animating her in that sequence. That's a rare feat. Gosalyn asks DW if this is wild or what. Drake wants what instead as Doctor Brute wants to celebrate and of course the ROID RAGE APES sell by creating MAN-SIZED bumps on the ground. Yeah; those bananas aren't laced with steroids no siree! The ROID RAGE APE is Bongo and the female ape is Congo..I think as Brute wants some primate punch which SHOCKS Drake and LP! Bongo goes over to the juice maker as he makes..well...punch. In shake-a-coconut style I might add. This better is becoming a classic now and I'm loving it! Bongo pours it into coconut cups with bamboo straws on a tray that Congo is carrying. I guess Brute taught them Hawaiian culture. Brute claims that it is refreshing as she does more ape sounds to amuse me before handing a cup to Drake. Drake decides to drink it (after tasting it with his dirty finger) all and says its not bad at all. Sadly; the drink is clearly TOO HOT because he does the five-alarm chili spot and rocket spot from the last episode.

Only this is super steroid powered because he does some awesome building up wussy bumps, he rockets right out of his clothes and zooms around a planet naked as a jaybird. We don't see him naked; but his clothes were off when he did that spot, and then lands back in his clothes before taking another MAN-SIZED bump on the ground. That was just great and a lot more feeling then the last one. Congo offers LP one; but he declines. BOO! I wanted to see LP do that spot. Gosalyn goes to the cafe to get her fix and Drake doesn't want her to explode. Why? Doctor Brute didn't explode so I guess the juice only explodes on stupid ducks like Drake. Besides; they came here to help Doctor Brute escape from the damn dirty ROID RAGE APES. Doctor Brute doesn't want it because Major Trenchrot is a criminal and she's helping the apes to fight their evil way. Drake blows it off because those apes are criminals because they stole Trenchrot's bananas. He's got a point there Brute.

Brute doesn't like that so she goes off on a triade on the ROID RAGE APES which is so funny you got to see it for yourself. Brute then blows off Drake using a banana peel as a metaphor for deception as the ROID RAGE APES take the truck they just stole and fling it down hard on the ground in a MAN-SIZED bump. They take out a banana crate and open it to show Drake the error of his ways as LP and Gosalyn are SHOCKED. First holy reference in the series; another Keen Gear for Gosalyn. Launchpad is cooler here Gosalyn. The crate contains...the same stack of weapons leftover from Time Wait For No Bear. See Trenchrot is storing weapons so he can turn the island in a playground of mass murder on the ROID RAGE APES just so that the villain hitmen could enjoy themselves. Now that is just EVIL! I sense the steroid lace bananas are there just for the challenge right?! Those weapons are for the first 100 house guests. See; Brute did some snooping around for SHUSH before she was actually kidnapped by Trenchrot and was rescued by Bongo the ROID RAGE ape from the banana plantation.

Hey; the joke works here and I'm having fun ranting on this episode. Drake admits that he was had and plays with the machine gun as it goes off. 2:1 odds that this would be cut on Disney Channel. Trenchrot is watching them using the binoculars which is a good sign. You know; this would have been even more awesome had it not been for the fact that Trenchrot sounds heelish to begin with thus ruining the heel-babyface lines from the start of the episode basically. Stupidity Question #2: Why are dogspeople in Ducktales and Darkwing Duck not named Duckworth tweeners or heels? Do the creators have a problem with dogs? I know TaleSpin doesn't have that problem since the heel/babyface ratio is about even. Apparently; Trenchrot used Drake to find the gorilla's hideout as we see three more dogspeople armed with rifles ready to shoot to kill as the segment ends at 17:04. Just a great fun little episode so far...

After the commercial break; we see the dogspeople hunters shooting their guns off carelessly into the night shouting. We are approaching 1.0 Trigun for this episode which I believe is the highest this show ever gets. The dramatic music is here which is a faux pas in COMEDY BABY! Drake isn't scared because there is only four hunters and six babyfaces. However; five of the six scatter away like scaled dogs. Drake is left alone to be screwed by the hunters. Too funny. Then again steroids create water sacs in the body to mimic muscle mass and are like balloons..and balloons easily burst...and did you think Brute and Gosalyn were going to fight since they have no weapons to counter...and Launchpad is a coward so he's out. So Drake has to save himself; so he manages to stop the hunters for a photograph and invokes the flashlight to blind them. If you're dumber than Drake than Trenchrot should hire new hunters. They of course are stoned as the drug flash continues.

Trenchrot is not pleased with this so he invokes the bottle rockets on the ROID RAGE APE'S home. Oooooo...that is so EVIL...NOT!! Okay; the laugh is pretty EVIL; but not in a good way. The entire gang meets on top of a cliff as they see their homes destroyed and still standing for some reason. Brute's acting is annoying when she says that evil has won. Drake disagrees say that they are outmatched and outnumbered even though it's six against five for the babyface side. Logic Break #2 for the episode. Notice how this episode is actually devoid of logic breaks? Drake decides to come up with a plan; but he cannot think of one and that just depresses Brute even more. We then see Congo drinking some primate punch and does the whistle spot and blows down as she falls to the ground. She give LP once but he refuses it because he doesn't want to blow up..and Drake overheard that because that's the new plan: Use the primate punch bomb as a weapon. Curses; I knew that pointless spot earlier would be used as the finish somehow.

So we head back to Trenchrot's plantation as he cuts a pretty cute promo about his killing fields resort as the cucko-clock beckons firing a machine gun about eight times. Now THAT IS SOOOO EVIL!! Trenchrot demands that the chopper be prepared as we see the damage from the machine gun clock! Nice CONINTUITY from Sun Woo for a change. It's time for the monkey genocide. Well; Trenchrot didn't say that; he calls it a monkey massacre which is still a first for DTVA joining terrorist and hitmen in those forbidden words list and of course we hear a bomb dropping and everyone ducks too quickly as the coconut bomb rears it's ugly head and explodes. In real life he would be a pile of goo; but this is COMEDY BABY!! We head outside as more explosions beckon and they are all wussified by Sunwoo. Sunwoo is ruining a perfect episode; which proves that some things never change. We pan to see Congo pulling back the SLINGSHOT PALM TREES OF DOOM carrying the coconut bombs which is about thirty by my blind count and she fires right on Drake's command. Gosalyn is so loving this and so am I as the hunters scatter.

Trenchrot calls them a bunch of cowards. Better cowards than dead Trenchrot as he nearly get killed by a weak coconut bomb. He's forced to flee (complete with monotone voice on wait for me before screaming like a bad girl.). The smoke cloud arrives AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH as Drake appears at 19:53...Errr...he doesn't have time to cut the promo because Trenchrot bowls him over which Sun Woo screws up. Drake doesn't like that although in a different sense than I'm not liking it. Trenchrot takes off in the chopper as Drake and ROID RAGE APE (now in Hawaiian T-Shirt outfit with goofy pineapple hat.) use hand gestures to explain the job. Bongo gets it and folds up Drake into a bowling ball which is the first time Drake has agreed to have someone squish him into a cartoon object. Bongo then throws him like a ROID RAGE freak onto the chopper as Drake gets out of the cartoon shape; does a lame spot which I don't care to explain and takes a wussy bump on the chopper run with his mid-section. Trenchrot tries to get away as Drake is holding on for dear life. What is this..a TaleSpin episode? And why don't they do this more often? Trenchrot tries to shake him off as they fly towards the moon, but no luck. Trechrot tries to get into position as Drake swings himself from the second run into the chopper's driver seat as he finally cuts his promo at 20:32...

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the flea you cannot flick.

Drake's voice sounds so funny that he should be doing it from now on..and that look by Sun Woo makes him ultra creepy. Trenchrot swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (Blast it!) as he kicks Drake in the midsection and he goes flying out of the chopper as Trenchrot tries to steady the chopper again; but Drake holds him by the EVIL RED MUSTACHE OF OIL-CAN HARRY. How does that work?! Trenchrot calls him chopped duck as he unleashes the REGAL CUTLASS on Drake. He misses of course which is absolutely sad because it was point blank range. More slashing and missing commences which leads to Trenchrot destroying the console of the chopper. Trenchrot is done for now as Drake and Trenchrot hold each other in a bizarre moment as the chopper goes into a tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!) and Drake free-falls and Trenchrot declares victory. However; he then gets tied up by the vines as Darkwing Duck appears OUT OF NOWHERE from the left side of the chopper. UGH! Logic Break #3 for the episode.

Trenchrot goes into a tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!) and that's enough to knock Trenchrot out as Drake tries to take the controls but then sees that he cannot do anything about it because the chopper is going to crash into the jungle and it crashes hard; exploding into a ball of flames. Lucky; Drake and Trenchrot escaped via the parachute before Eisner can lay down the law on any more death on the Disney Afternoon. Drake thinks LP would be proud of that crash. Well; he could, you never know with that crazy guy. We now go to the ruins of Trenchrot's plantation where Launchpad and the apes are celebrating with steroid laced bananas. We then see Trenchrot in a wooden banana prison as he takes a banana peel to his face. Talk about cruel and inhumane. Oh wait; Gosalyn blowing off Trenchrot is cruel and inhumane and perfect for him. Drake looks for Doctor Brute since it's time to go home; and she swings down with Bongo and Congo to inform him that she'll be staying with the ROIDED APES in case they really get out of control. Drake decides to accept that and walks stage right and Launchpad throws a banana peel in front of Drake and Drake of course slips on it on cue just to show how stupid he is. He takes a MAN-SIZED bump in the process as the episode ends at 21:12 . Oh man; if it wasn't for blown spots this episode would have been perfect! **** ¾ ( 95%)


Finally; a really perfect episode storyline wise with few logic breaks and only several blown spots which is a real improvement compared to Night of The Living Spud. Then again; I like hot sexy female scientists with goofy glasses since Disney can do that stereotype without insulting the audience. The only thing that bothered me was Trenchrot's name which is really heelish and it basically made the gorillas the babyfaces from the very start. Which is really sad because the story is perfect otherwise. Dev Ross finally found a perfect use for Drake: Be an international object for the heels or babyfaces to use and abuse. Plus; have Drake do really stupid spots and have the opposition no-sell also helps. The flow of this episode was excellent; a decent villain that I really am thankful that Disney can still do English stereotypes in this PC world. Plus; a lot of gunfire in this episode about 1.4 Trigun by my count. Sadly; don't expect that kind of violence in every other episode though as Darkwing was pretty tame in comparison to TaleSpin. The only other thing I didn't like were the blown spots; but that is to be expected from Sun Woo. Next up is Dirty Money which should end the debate on why I hate Dave THE CLEANING BARBARIAN OF LAUGHS and The Cramp Twins so much.

Thumbs way up for this episode and I'll see you all next time.


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