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Darkwing Duck Rants

Update #96 (09/11/2012)- Extinct Possibility rant is completed and posted.

Welcome to the SHACK OF THOUGHTS. This is the place for reviews of your favorite (and most hated) television shows and VHS/DVD content. It's time for all shows to get what they rightfully deserve. Before you select a link to your favorite review; I should point out that all opinions are solely mine and may or may not reflect the views of the people who vist my site; or even people who don't visit it. Although I'm sure that there are people who completely agree with what I say. For the protection of the innocent (and even the guilty) I shall not name names unless I am forced to by a court of law.

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Darkwing Duck DVD Set Volume One- About As Constant As The Entire Series Itself.

Darkwing Duck DVD Set Volume Two- About As Constant As The Entire Series Itself. Almost anyway.

Darkly Dawns The Duck Part One Rant- The PILOT OF SILLINESS Begins Here!

Darkly Dawns The Duck Part Two Rant- Gosalyn Might Have _Spirit_; But She's Also Got TB! And It burns! HA! I KILL ME!

Beauty And The Beet Rant- I Thought Tad Was Immune To Bad Title Syndrome?


Night Of The Living Spud Rant- It's The Night Of The Nightmare Rant!

Apes Of Wrath Rant- Gosalyn's Ultimate Fashion Faux Pas!

Dirty Money Rant- I Wonder Who Dave The Barbarian Is Going To Cheer For?!

Duck Blind Rant- I'm Going Blind Seeing This Episode!

Comic Book Capers Rant- Now this One Will Surprise You.

Water Way to Go Rant- Water A Way To Rant On Disc Two!

Paraducks Rant- I Knew Elvis Was A Bad Influence!

Easy Come, Easy Grows Rant- IT PRINTS MONEY & IT STILL BLOWS!!

A Revolution in Home Appliances Rant- Sparky's Got The TINGLE TOUCH!!

Trading Faces Rant- David & Ken Have Been Vindicated!

Hush, Hush Sweet Charlatan Rant- Now This Is COMEDY BABEE!

Can't Bayou Love Rant- Is That Crazy Eddy's Hick Cousin Or Somethin?!

Bearskin Thug Rant- A Prelude To The Goofy Movie?! Say It Ain't So! It's So Kiddies!!

You Sweat Your Life Rant- I Was Sweating When Ranting On This Episode!

Days of Blunder Rant- IT'S PLAYTIME!

Just Us Justice Ducks Part One Rant- The Debut Of NegaDuck Is Here & Please Have Mercy On The Fearsome Four Lackeys!!

Just Us Justice Ducks Part Two Rant- Read This Review Now Or I'll Throw...THE SWITCH!!

Double Darkwings Rant- When In Doubt; Have Granny Throw In A Zombie Potion I Guess!

Aduckyphobia Rant- It Took Them 23 Episodes To Parody Spiderman?! FOR SHAME!!

When Aliens Collide Rant- This Is What Happens If Mcnee Was A Babyface.

Jurassic Jumble Rant- Fossil My Butt!!

Cleanliness Is Next To Badliness Rant- Round Two Of The Cleaning Gimmick & A Heel Who Is DIRTY!!

Smarter Than A Speeding Bullet Rant- ...And More Roided Than One Too. HA! I KILL ME!!

All's Fahrenheit In Love & War Rant- This Rant Is Best Served At Absolute Zero!

Whiffle While You Work Rant- This Is Pure Irony At It's Best..

Ghoul Of My Dreams Rant- The Nightmare Rant Is Back; But It's More Dreamy This Time Around.

Adopt-A-Con Rant- More Like Adopt-A-Scorn To Me!


The Secret Origins of DARKWING..DUCK! Rant- It Just Sounds Better This Way.

Up, Up & Awry Rant- It's The Mega Volts VS. The Mega Ego Maniacs!!

Life, The NegaVerse & Everything Rant- I Smell A Lawsuit In DIC's Future!

Dry Hard Rant- Rubber Terrorism; Who Knew It Would Be More EVIL Than The Real Thing?

Heavy Mental Rant- Controlling Children's Brains; One Episode At A Time!

Disguise The Limit Rant- "I'm A Rotten Kind Of Guy!"- NegaDuck. "No Crap; Sherlock!!" - Gregory Weagle.

Planet of The Capes Rant- Dumb People Breed Dumb Superheroes.

Darkwing Doubloon Rant- Just As Justice Ducks As Sailors?! WHAT THE HELL?!

It's A Wonderful Leaf Rant- Bushroot Ruins Christmas. That'll Make Him A Good Heel. I Think.

Twitching Channels Rant- UnAmerican USA!!

Dances With Bigfoot Rant- This Is What Happens When You Watch Too Many Crimson Avenger Episodes!

Twin Beaks Rant- Now THIS Is Creepy!

The Incredible Bulk Rant- Why Does Reggie Get These Episodes?!

My Valentine Ghoul Rant- I Wondered Why This Episode Got So Much Heat?!

A Duck By Any Other Name Rant- Proof That Drake Is REALLY STUPID!

Let's Get Respectable! Rant- Save This For Quack Pack; It's Going To Need It!

In Like Blunt Rant- Wait, Are They Saying That Don Blunt Is gay?!

Quack of Ages Rant- Toys Go Dark Ages On Drake's Sorry Little Butt!

Time & Punishment Rant- DARKWARRIOR..DUCK Is Really AWESOME BABEE!!

Stressed To Kill Rant- First Kill Reference In A DTVA Episode title?! DARKWING...DUCK Is SO Hardcore. NOT!!

The Darkwing Squad Rant- Don't Screw With Vlad The Russian Stereotype Impaler!

Dead Duck Rant- How I Feel After Watching Bad Cartoons.

Inside Binkie's Brain Rant- Drake Is Going To Need Protection From Binkie After This One...

The Haunting Of Mr. Banana Brain Rant- Does That Mean Darkwing Duck's Brain Or Launchpad's Brain?

Slime Okay, You're Okay Rant- Gosalyn's New Career: Being A Bubble Slime!

Whirled History Rant- Is It Any Worse Than Revisionist History?!

U.F. Foe Rant- You Fantastic Foe? Huh?!

A Star Is Scorned Rant- Wonder If Rockwell Has Kidnapped Gadget Yet?!

The Quiverwing Quack Rant- Round One Of Gosalyn Being The Better Superhero Than Drake...

Jail Bird Rant- Oh Come On; Drake's Action Aren't Criminal! Just REALLY STUPID!

Dirtysomething Rant- Ammonia Pine's Last Stand...!

Kung Fooled Rant- Well; You Didn't Fool Me!

Bad Luck Duck Rant- If That's Bad Luck; Then Kit Wishes He Were A Duck!

That Sinking Feeling Rant- ...In Quality OF DTVA Marches On!

Film Flam Rant- A Full Of Himself Production!

NegaDuck Rant- Origin Story?! What Origin Story?!

Fungus Amongus Rant- Morgana MacCawber: Drug Enabler.

Slaves To Fashion Rant- Like Bea In A Fish Shopping Mall....

Something Fishy Rant- And It's Cartoon Duck Syndrome Rearing It's Ugly Head Again.

Tiff Of The Titans Rant- Gizmoduck VS. FOWL In A Titanic Struggle To Make Drake Look Bad...

Calm A Chameleon Rant- I Think This Requires Boy George...

Battle Of The Brainteasers Rant- Brain Sucking Alien Hats? Honker Finally Growing A Set? GET ALL THIS!!

Bad Tidings Rant- Smell The Hate!!

Going Nowhere Fast Rant- That's The Sign of DTVA Today!

A Brush With Oblivion Rant- Isn't That Quack Pack's Gimmick?!

The Merchant Of Menace Rant- Doesn't That Sound Like A Company Who Uses DRM?!

Monsters R Us Rant- Morgana's Dream Toy Store!

Inherit The Wimp Rant- The Story Of My Life When Ranting On This Series!!

Revenge Of The Return Of The Brainteasers, Too Rant- The Revenge Of Flarg & The Evil Alien Hats!!

Star Crossed Circuits Rant- Ummm, No Thanks!

Steerminator Rant- Taraus Bullba Vs. Darkwing Duck In A Wheelchair? Okay..

The Frequency Fiends Rant- Ah! The Scourge That Is Talk Radio.

Paint Misbehavin Rant- Phoenix Goes Loco On Comic Books...YEAH!!

Hot Spells Rant- ...And Cold Shoulders From BS&P!

Fraudcast News Rant- Nowadays; It's Shorten To FOX News.

Clash Reunion Rant- The Day Sparky Lived & Died....

Mutancy On The Bouncy Rant- More Like Mutiny On The Vanity.!

Malice's Restaurant Rant- The Revenge of The Bunny Killers!!

Extinct Possibility Rant- Just Another Codeword for "DTVA is Doomed"....-NEW!!

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