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A Revolution In Home Appliances

Reviewed: 04/28/2007

I guess Sparky's got the TINGLE TOUCH!

Yeah; I used the Zelda Tingle reference, get use to it guys. I have never seen this one although I know that it involves Megavolt and technology due to the title. I actually like this title pun so Jymn Magon's innovation wasn't all bad. So let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Gary Sperling and the story has been edited by Tom Minton. Gary has done Kim Possible episodes so I like him already. Tom Minton has been around animation writing since 1980 and his recent work is Tom & Jerry Tales released last year. This is the seventh episode animated by Sun Woo it should be noted. Then again; I went through four episodes in a row of Sun Woo before they switched over in Disc One, so I'm used to it.

We begin in the CITY OF SAINT CANARD as the sierns are wailing and we head to a lighted house where Megavolt is creating another invention which will likely be destroyed by Drake in the next 20 minutes give or take. Why is Sparky inside a house?! I thought his home was in the lighthouse. It's not like Drake Mallard actually destroyed the lighthouse in any of the previous two episodes that Sparky was in. I won't call it a logic break for now since it could easily be his real home. And I thought Drake had no life. He's still talking to light bulbs to prove that theory very well as he's talking about his new power transfer generator. I hope that thing has the power to transfer Drake's ego so that he won't bury anymore people because that is what we need at this point. Sadly; it's only for recharging batteries with enough power to last him for days so he can terrorizes the citizens in THE CITY OF SAINT CANARD. If there were any citizens in that fair city. I know Cape Suzette has a lot of citizens around since Magon loves lush worlds unlike this dreaded empty world SAINT CANARD is now. He pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and it does NOTHING...AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING! He continues to pull the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and still NOTHING...AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING! I'm beginning to like this episode actually, a lot more than Easy Come at this point.

Sparky checks the wires and it's a loose connection. So logically he touches the live wires together and gets SHOCKED! Okay; it looks more like a couple of plugs; but that's Sun Woo for ya. Sparky glows pink and sadly no pink panther shows up. It's Disney; what did you expect? Sun Woo does the usual screwing up the googly eyes just to annoy me. He is of course pink with envy as he goes to the fridge for a drink and he does the funny PINK SHOCK OF DEATH to the fridge and takes some MAN-SIZED bumps into his work of technology. As long as Drake's not around; this episode is actually funny. Sparky needs a surge protector as the fridge glows pink (and Sparky doesn't anymore) and walks on it's own as if it is alive. Sparky is in mortal fear (or would be if he wasn't as stiff as Kuzco in Emperor's New Skool.). Be thankful that the fridge isn't DARKWING...DUCK or that would be apporos. The fridge actually TALKS and his voice is not like a computer in a spot that frightens me even now.

The fridge bows to his new master just like everyone will when Nintendo takes over the world with Wii. I just had to crack that one good. Sparky is enjoying this as he hugs the fridge which reminds me of Baloo's human relationship with his airplane. It's actually funnier when Sparky does it in a cute sort of way. Sparky see this as a revolution and the fridge tells him to GET A LIFE! I wish this fridge was around in real life to say that to video gamers. He would be more creditable than that certain lawyer who I will not dare say his name. It's unspeakable horror waiting to happen! Funny how the fridge is the mother figure of this outfit and sadly; the fun ends because...

We head to Drake's house as the music is on so that probably means that Gosalyn is annoying Drake with the really LOUD music. And I am right as we head to the garage where Gosalyn, Honker and Tank are forming a really horrible, but ultra funny band that makes dog howl from a forty mile radius. Which is still only 10 miles less than Tatu's “They're not going to get us!” song. Gosalyn's yelling in the mike while shaking the BELL SHAKER OF DOOM is really a sight to behold and since Drake's still not around, I'm still HAPPY. Tank is on drums and I'm amazed he hasn't bashed his head into one of them to really increase my hate for him. Honker is on air guitar which I suspect is the one DARKWING...DUCK took after defeating the King Greaser in Paraducks. I'm wrong because it doesn't shoot lasers; or Drake disabled that function for Honker to play it so he wouldn't zap Gosalyn for making him look bad. Correction; Tank did the drum bashed in the head spot while tripping over himself. Tank complains because he should be playing air guitar. Gosalyn protests this because Tank can drum and beat up things. Really Gos?! I thought it was because the one who's most over plays the guitar and since Honker is the most over Muddlefoot; he gets the role. Gosalyn is more over than they are so she gets the mike. Honker shouts into the mike and proves that he can actually talk well in small doses. Tank decides to sell; but on the condition that they become even louder.

I agree since the loud music still hasn't provoked Drake to come down and display violent behavior on Gosalyn yet. So Gosalyn actually agrees for once as they take it from the top...and it's really loud because Drake is in his living room bouncing around (check the bowl of fruit which is animated well by Sun Woo) as he's wearing two pillow tied around his head. Trust me Drake; I tried that once and it NEVER works. So he's forced to go into the garage and stop Gosalyn. I was hoping that this loud music was punishment/torture for Drake's really bad performance in Easy Come but I doubt it. Nice animating of the bouncy chair in the background there Sun Woo as Drake storms into the garage and he tries to STOP THE MUSIC; but the AIR GUITAR noise is so loud that Drake bounces into the concrete wall with a decent bump in the process. That should teach Drake to make Honker shutter last episode. Gosalyn STOPS THE MUSIC as she greets Drake. Why stop?! You're supposed to be under court order by the BAD EPISODE POLICE to play loud music until Drake swears on his bloody honor that he'll never bury Bushroot again. Unless it's in the real ground of course. Drake protests this; but Gosalyn doesn't want to hear it. Atta girl Gosalyn, Drake needs wide exposure so Drake will learn to be a true babyface and actually get villains over.

Gosalyn walks back to the music set as Drake seems powerless. Wow; Drake's ego got deflated as Honker wants artistic love while Tank wants to trash hotel rooms. Geez; I wonder why Tank? Tank kicks a drum away and trips which results in Tank landing on his butt smashing another drum. Wow; Tank has his working webfeet on today. Drake blows it all off because they don't know the first thing about music. Well; Drake's song against KING GREASER was a good one so Drake does have a point there. Then again; Gosalyn is torturing Drake for the previous episode so who really cares what you think is music Drake? Gosalyn sees it as a mere setback because they are going to be video stars...Which means you don't really need talent anymore to play music as Gosalyn twirls the mike cord and I suspect that Drake will be nailed with it at any moment....and she doesn't do it. CALL THE OUT OF CHARACTER DEPARTMENT! Gosalyn just showed restraint when she shouldn't have. Drake then goes into his kind hearted question and then yells into the mike to shut them up which causes about 30% hearing loss in Tank and about 60% in Honker give or take. Drake storms out just to annoy me more. Face it Drake; you DESERVE that loud music so TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!

WOW! No scene changer in this one; we quickly head right back to Sparky's hideout as Megavolt and mutant fridge exchange notes. Since fridges can squash you to pieces; it doesn't get the scorn that the vampire potato got in Nightmare of the Living Spud. Sparky tells him to chill out as we see an outside of the home of Megavolt shot and then we head to the building to it's left and inside a room as Honker and a Hippie guitar player rock the day away. Hippie's form sucks as he tells Honker to try the move. Honker does a better job than the Hippie complete with splits spot and honking sound. Hey; it works for Honker so Gary's doing a good job here in keeping this episode together. Then again; Drake has had only thirty seconds tops to ruin this episode so far. Hippie tells him to get up higher and drop down on the knees. Why is Honker bothering with this loser? After all; artistry should be about creating new styles; not stealing them from guys who is seen as a drug addict. Ironically; this hippie would inspire a character of hippie babyfaces which were even more contrived than this one. Honker wants to play the guitar; but the Hippie won't allow it yet.

Then again; the Hippie probably has no playing talent anyway so let's return to the misadventures of Sparky and Frigid Frigdey (A tribute to Frigid Damsel from Valkyrie Profile 1 & 2) as Sparky confirms his genius. I guess turning yourself into a pink glow ferret and touching a fridge afterward would be genius if you were the Pink Panther; but whatever. So he repeats it by touching the transfer device! That's one spot I don't mind Sparky repeating since it was funny the first time. He takes a MAN-SIZED bump against the ceiling and a decent bump onto the wooden floor. He's glowing pink again in case you didn't notice. Hanna Barbera teeth chatter sound effect ensues as Frigid Frigdey asks if he's all right. Now you know that you are watching a classic. Sparky is dazed as he stands up so logically he backs up and touches the television! Which the previous episode did in spades so it does work it's magic. He bounces around as Honker and Hippie Loser wonder what is going on and Hippie no-sells it. I take it that he's on an illegal substance today and I hope Honker NEVER takes it because it would make him look stupid. I hope the MUSIC GANG OF GAG remembers that.

We return to Sparky's hideout as the television spins around and the transfer cord manages to get into the antennas of various television sets of various homes and the pink spark manages to get into Honker's air guitar (which Drake loaned to him so Gosalyn would be jealous for life) and the pink speakers. That causes enough energy from the strumming by Honker to allow Honker and Loser Hippie to fly right into a wall taking MAN-SIZED bumps in the process. OUCH! The air guitar comes to life of course complete with Aussie accent which is a major pop-culture faux pas. I guess faux pas are a way of life in Tad Stone's world.

Air Slice jumps out the window as we see the result as Loser Hippie does a decent Scooby Doo Snow Angel Spot (NOT THAT SPOT AGAIN!) while still no selling the bump which is apporos for a stoner I guess. Honker does a better job selling the spot while not doing the snow angel spot. Honker calls music dangerous. See; I knew video games were better than music, I just needed the episode to prove it. Back inside Sparky's hideout as RotBrain TV is alive and looking for victims to rot their brains as Sparky is first in line. RotBrain has a Johnny Carson accent (God bless Disney captions!) Sparky and RotBrain exchange notes and pleasure touches which would make Tingle very proud indeed (and annoy everyone else).

We return to the garage as Gosalyn blows off Honker for losing his guitar. Yeah; I'm sure Drake is really mad that he lost THE GREASER KING'S GUITAR which means that Gosalyn will be whining at Drake for the next few months. Or maybe not. Honker tries to defend himself which Gosalyn claims was a robbery. If only she really knew. Tank accuses a music lover of doing it as Gosalyn walks around pointlessly. Sadly for me; Drake must return because he's the STAR OF THIS MISERABLE SHOW and he's miserable on his sofabed..ERRRR...couch. He wants to do some crime fighting and burying villains and the court order forbids that...or maybe not. LP is sitting in a loveseat playing with BUTTONS accusing Drake of being bored getting in his contracted appearance. I never thought LP would be involved in the button wrestling ring, but here it is. WHERE IS THAT POLICE OFFICER WHEN YOU NEED HIM?! LP swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (darn) to amuse me as Gosalyn enters to tell Drake that she has a case for him. Oh swell!

Then again; Loser Hippie is a loser so burying him wouldn't be too bad for this series. Drake wants Steelbeak and Tuskerinni who won't be around until Monday's rant so it's not him. Drake's ego deflated soon afterward because it's Honker's guitar. Drake complains about the missing guitar, probably because Drake beat KING GREASER to get it and give it to Honker to make Gosalyn jealous of him and then Gosalyn would do the burying of Honker so Drake wouldn't be blamed for it. Got it? Too bad it failed in typical fashion. Too bad Drake won't retire like Ken Kutagari from Sony. Gosalyn's restraint is finally gone as she hops up and down in hyper fashion because that guitar was NOTHING...AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING. Drake tries to weasel his way out of this using the ALWAYS FAILS EVEN IF HE WAS LIT ON FIRE CALM ROUTINE. Gosalyn almost accuses Drake of stealing the guitar and Drake calls himself a music lover while using french in an attempt to get one french lover to watch this show. The latter fails in typical Drake fashion of course. Drake decides to leave to find real evil-doers as LP comes close behind with his button collection. I'm amazed Gosalyn didn't just accuse Drake outright of stealing it since he is known to kidnapping little girls like Gosalyn.

We head outside at night in THE CITY OF SAINT CANARD as the GHOSTBUSTER ECO-1 CAR OF GHOST SUCKING SUCK (Oh man; am I going to get flamed for that one!) pulls against the curb and we see Sparky, RotBrain and Frigid Fridgy come out. Where's Ozzie Pants the Air Guitar? Isn't he the focal point of this outfit since it was Honker's to begin with? Sparky is still glowing pink at this point as the Ghostbuster parody is in full force here. Frigid Fridgey invokes the headbutt to knock the doors down as Rot Brain is suddenly becoming amusing even to me. It's the WACKY WHEELY'S ELECTRONIC WAREHOUSE OF PAIN. Okay; not quite, but it's close. Sparky is running out of juice and it shows in Sparky's selling. He needs a few more LIVING MACHINES to become unstoppable and Sparky thinks that the hairdryer is the final weapon. Sadly it's not as the real weapon is the K-TEL ALL IN ONE POWER TOOL OF DEATH. Yeah; that'll make Sparky a real tool if you know what I mean there. Sparky does the TINGLE TOUCH~ on it and the shock treatment is too much for Sparky as he flies and takes a wussy bump into the hairdryer chair. K-Tel actually dies as a result.

Rot Brain does a funny Walter Cronkite voice just to amuse me and remind me of Liberty Kids which was a great PBS cartoon that even revisionist history couldn't kill even if it really tried. Sparky is sad because he's no longer glowing because of a broken circuit breaker. Typical K-Tel crap as a female voice beckons and of course hairdryer chair comes alive. Okay; for those who aren't following here: The fridge is Frigid Fridgey, the television is Rot Brain, the guitar is Ozzie Pants and the hair dryer chair is Hazer. They have no canon names so it makes it easy to make up the names and make jokes about it. Sparky is given a chance to rest in Hazer's lap; but of course the fun must fun at exactly nine minutes in as DARKWING...DUCK comes in calling him Sparky. Drake and Launchpad enter as Sparky is toast because he's out of energy. However; the machines are hiding themselves ready to strike at any time as Drake doesn't know that he's going to be screwed by MACHINES. Drake grabs onto Sparky and LP takes Frigid Fridgey's Freezer Door right to the back of the head. And a good one too. Sadly; LP doesn't sell properly. So FF backhands LP out cold with the fridge door.

Atta boy there LP, take the good bumps here. Drake is shaking Sparky like a bad habit. Rot Brain beckons as Drake goes to it as he mocks it. So; FF backhands him with the fridge door (while smartly getting behind Drake which is well animated by Sun Woo). Drake flies right into Hazer's lap and takes a lamp burning right in the head and kisser. Finally; someone is REALLY teaching Drake a lesson in burying someone. Sparky is the most over Fearsome Five villain right now and it shows as Megavolt runs out of store slowly, selling his weakness to power all the way. Sparky enters the GHOSBUSTER ECO-1 CAR OF GHOST SUCKING SUCK and leaves as Drake continues to get his head burned by Hazer. LP manages to get Hazer's lamp off and Drake has a bad Mohawk look. Nyuk, Nyuk! Drake isn't liking this; but I am because he deserves it for being really stupid..and burying Bushroot...and trying to bury Sparky. LP and Drake leave as Drake goes after Sparky because he was teased to death. I knew Drake was a bully from the start which makes him the defacto tweener now.

We go to Sparky's hideout as Sparky enters the room and still selling like a champ. He relaxes on the red couch near the window. Should you use the plug to the wall for a recharge? Finally; Ozzie Pants finally shows up and it's PLAY TIME! Oh wait; that Quackerjack and he's not around until Days of Blunder. It's really PARTY TIME! Ozzie Pants explains himself as the rest of the machine gang arrives through the door. Nice to see that they have actual manners. Rot Brain is using Desi Arnaz's voice according to the Disney captions which isn't so funny. Logic Break #1 commences as Hazer shows up despite not leaving with the party. And this episode was going so well too. Sparky is HAPPY to see them; but Rot Brain has an update because Ken Powers is on the scene at a super power generation plant and it's oozing with power. Now there's something Sparky needs for a change. Oh wait; Ken Powers is really Tom Lockjaw.

That's ironic since he keeps yapping on the mike for so long. Oh; and it's call the POWER COMPANY in case the three people out there don't know what they saw from Rot Brain. Sparky calls this an idea to totally take over SAINT CANARD. He's thinking way too small here as we head to the power company as they enter without any incident at all. Then again; he got Frigid Fridgy to destroy anyone who stands in Sparky's way. I believe Sparky's romance with the machine is nearing its end as they head to the white cover which is where the power generator should be. Which means that it is not and I'm so good because the COVER IS BLOWN and Drake and LP are under it. Curses! Foiled again Sparky! Time for Drake to bury you like Reggie! Sparky order the machines to get Drake and Drake mocks them.

Considering that Sparky couldn't move the machines in there; what makes you think that they aren't alive Drake? Then again; Drake is really stupid. FF takes offense and I must remember to put in a defense fund towards his defamation lawsuit to follow. Ozzie Pants takes action as he uses the LASSO CORD OF BANE TO ALL ACTION CARTOONS EVERYWHERE to tie up Drake and LP and then does the twirling hurricane spot which is done well by Sun Woo. LP takes a MAN-SIZED bump into FF's fridge door again and then Drake and LP take the third worst bump I have ever seen into each other complete with honking sound. Oh swell; I hope this doesn't turn into Getting Antsy now. It's enough to knock them out as Sparky grabs LP and Drake by their ankles and moves them to the next scene as we head to the device of death with Drake and LP tied up and hanging right side up against a giant shock machine. I believe you know what will happen if they get caught in it. LP and Drake awaken as Sparky is cheering for death..and sizzling duck. Rot Brain loves cooking shows which my respect to him rises by about three notches. I'm so loving them as Drake and LP struggle as the segment ends about 12 minutes in. This is pretty good so far and Drake's attitude has been muzzled for the most part...

After the commercial break; the zapping commences on the rope and the GANG OF GAG as Sparky decides to take a power and take over SAINT CANARD with the power of the machines. Sparky also gets death reference number one for the episode. The zapper burns the rope so the rope can snap on top. It's still not all there so as the babyfaces humps down one step. Drake suggests swinging in time so the minute arrives to snap the rope and they will be safe. LP is in mortal fear because those ZAPPING BEAMS are going to MURDER them too quick to save them. Drake wants them to swing to the left on three. Drake goes three and LP swings to his left and Drake takes a thunder zap right into the face. LP discusses logistics and Drake is coughing smoke (AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.). Too funny so they just wildly swing around and the rope snap spot occurs.

That allows them to swing to swing away from the giant shock machine. They take a wussy bump on the floor of course as Drake still has the blackface. Nice CONTINUITY from Sunwoo for a change as we head to the LOSER HIPPIE'S apartment building (which is next to Sparky's hideout it should be noted) as Gosalyn and Honker decide to be peeping toms as they walk up the apartment building stairs. They get up as the pink flashes continue and Honker suspect that they are coming from the adjacent room so they look like to see Ozzie Pants playing with Sparky's power transfer device while Rot Brain and Frigid Fridgey tell him to stop. I guess Ozzie Pants is the rebel here as he wants to jam. Hazer sees someone and everyone turns back to normal as Gosalyn and Honker peep through the window. Keen Gear #1 of the episode commences. Gosalyn calls Sparky a mad scientist which is a real comment that shouldn't be a real comment. Honker is frightened as Gosalyn notices Honker's guitar and opens the window to steal it back to Honker. Honker does his usual promo since he doesn't want to break and enter so to speak. Gosalyn blows it off and they break and enter because stealing is worse than break and entering, I guess.

We head to the sky in the Thunder Quack as it uses the binoculars to try to find Sparky. Drake and LP exchange notes and then realize that Ozzie Pants is Honker's air guitar which Gosalyn is trying to find. Now he's realizing how stupid he was to mock Gosalyn back there and they are forced to speed up before Gosalyn finds the guitar. Sadly; Gosalyn and Honker are already inside Megavolt's hideout and sneaking around. Gosalyn stops and Honker bumps into her in a cute spot. Honker wants the guitar; but Gosalyn wants the neat stuff like the power transfer device. Honker grabs the guitar and tries to leave but Ozzie Pants blows his over and jumps out of Honker's hands. Gosalyn and Honker are frightened (which Sun Woo screws up of course) and they run; but FF corners them along with Rot Brain (now using Jack Nicholson's voice). Honker plays Scooby Doo on Gosalyn's Shaggy but Sun Woo doesn't quite get it right as Gosalyn puts Honker down. Gosalyn blows Rot Brain off as he invokes the Pee-Wee Herman voice just to drop my respect for him about two notches.

Rot Brain doesn't want them to leave and decides to subject them to torture which includes Gosalyn getting two bad hair styles from Hazer. Nice stiff animation from Sun Woo as Honker gets no torture; not even a foot message to tickle him. Gosalyn doesn't like it of course because she likes the Anne Shirley look. FF wants the boss and Gosalyn actually tells them that they should turn on Sparky because they are getting NOTHING..AND THE GOS SEZS NOTHING out of the deal. Rot Brain thinks Gosalyn has a point in William Buckley speak now. They agree that she has a point as the door knocks and Honker and Gosalyn scatter as Sparky enters the room with news for their first robbery. I see that he has recharged since he stopped selling weakness now. FF closes the door and Sparky is finally screwed as the MACHINES OF REVOLUTION'S BANE finally turn on Sparky. Funny spots ensue including the classic ice block spot as Sparky is out cold like an ice block. Gosalyn suggests that Sparky be turned over to the police and the machines decide to turn on Gosalyn and Honker because they want to take over and furries becomes their slaves. Gosalyn doesn't want to; so she and Honker are about to become fried duck as the segment ends a little over 17 minutes in...Well; this is really getting good now.....

After the commercial break; we head to the POWER PLANT as Sparky is hooked up to the generator and the machines are ready to make Gosalyn and Honker burn to ashes. Sparky tries to protest but he's not in their league at all. Gosalyn and Honker aren't tied up though; but then again FF would butt them to death so they aren't worried. Sparky calls the machines insane and Rot Brain blows him off. Can't argue that point Sparky...and sadly; the fun is about to end because the smoke cloud (AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH) beckons complete with the DREADED VOICEOVER OF DOOM at 17:44:

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the repairman who tells you that your warranty has run out!

I'll take that one with two fried orange duck and fries to go please! That was a rambling and Ozzie Pants decides to jam all night as he pushes the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and the power generator is on full tilt as Rot Brain mocks the furries and shows it on television as Tom Lockjaw is at the news helm bringing reports of chaos and mayhem. Tom blows it off of course and then his razor and hairdryer tie him up and attack him with air. Because that's what this episode really needs: More hot air windbags! I'm getting some mileage out of that joke. Razor then cuts off all the hair off Tom Lockjaw's head. That's threatening someone...I guess Tom's a former professional wrestler in that failed reality television series Wrestling For Dollars which was canceled due to hair cutting that turned bloody...and that's the way it is according to Rot Brain. That spot was actually cruel and funny at the same time. Sparky struggles and turns around in circles; but nothing going. LP invokes the water hose and I see parent's group going up in arms over this episode as Sparky takes an awesome shower of water while screaming and protesting all the way. That was a great spot and I'm glad Drake isn't doing really anything to destroy this episode like the last one I ranted. Hazer covers her eyes as Sparky's glow and plug in runs out and he is knocked out cold. Well; water is his biggest weakness. Drake and LP get him down and put him gently down.

Well; Gosalyn's the one who thought that it was a great idea for the machines to turn on Sparky so it's Drake's turn to turn them off as usual. Ozzie Pants decides to play awful music to stun our babyfaces while Hazer actually tries to help Sparky. I would like to say that this is a face turn; but it's not so deal with it. Frigid Fridgey finally lives up to this name as he blows cold air onto the puddle of water and it turns to ice which allows for the babyfaces to slip and slide around. Logic Break #2 for the episode because they would really be stuck to the ice since they were walking on the water. Hanna Barbera leg looping and running sound effects ensue as we are watching a classic. Drake and LP take a good bump onto the ice with their faces as Sparky is dried off by Hazer who is clearly a heel now. Sparky needs recharging and Hazer uses the heat lamp to recharge Sparky as Drake and LP still are slipping and falling on the ice as Ozzie Pants plays cricket with them. Why isn't Gosalyn doing something here?! Logic Break #3 for the episode and one I cannot accept. FF laughs it up as usual because he's the funny fridge here as Honker and Gosalyn are finally DOING SOMETHING by tying up FF.

Logic Break #3 has been lopped off from the face of the earth! Gosalyn and Honker slowly go towards Ozzie Pants as Rot Brain bashes Drake around on the ice. Drake as an international object equals funny. Just saying people. Ozzie Pants is tied up by Honker and Gosalyn. Sparky is finally recharged as Hazer turns around allowing Sparky to shatter the glass containing the safety ax. Sparky goes up to the top of the mountain and declares himself the power man and the MACHINE OF REVOLUTIONS IS OVER as he invokes the safety ax onto the generator. You would think that Sparky would have learned not to use himself as a lightning rod; but it's funny so he gets SHOCKED OUT O HIS BOOTS! Gosalyn and Honker invoke the step ladder which is wooden by the way as Gosalyn invokes the WIRE LASSO OF BANE TO ALL ELECTRONICS EVERYWHERE and it connects to Sparky. Gosalyn instantly lets go to avoid being shocked which is good CONTINUITY for a change and the machines are SHOCKED as well. Death reference #2 for the episode commences as well. Now that's a creative finish with electricity which should shame Pikachu and Ash forever more!

Drake and LP crawl off the ice to avoid the shock waves as well which is sad because Drake getting shocked would have been a blast too. They make it to the stairway as Gosalyn and Honker realize that their plan has one tiny flaw: They cannot shut them off! Which means Drake is going to do the final spot as he invokes the gas gun onto the sprinkler systems (which has some buildup to it for a change) and it is raining inside the power plant as everything short-circuits and the power is off. Megavolt's screaming was beautiful to listen to. The lights turn on again after about two seconds and Megavolt is toast as he is knocked out on the floor. The electronics are also out of commission as DARKWING..DUCK once again takes all the credit of the work from others. Gosalyn goes towards Drake as Honker stops and discovers that his guitar is right there to his right and goes to get it. He plays a tune and it sounds good as Drake admits that he was wrong about Gosalyn's clues.

How about apologizing for taking her heat when she was saving your butt Drake? Although Gosalyn was the one who made the machines go berserk by telling them about freedom of thought. Freedom of thought is bad; just ask the Thembrians. LP and Gosalyn sit back to watch Pelican's Island (one guess which Television show they are parodying here?) together as Sparky is arrested by Drake. Drake says that power corrupts and I agree with him for once since I've been telling people that for YEARS! Keen gear #2 for the episode commences as Gosalyn wants to see Pelican get nailed by a coconut. I thought Ape of Wrath had enough of that spot to last a generation of television watching? Honker gets some grapes and joins the babyface for some rest like Pelican and then blow up the island with a nuclear weapon. Now that's entertainment and LP agrees with me. Drake doesn't in a nice way though; but he's a joke so who cares? Drake says everything is back to abnormal as the episode ends at 21:20. A few blown spots aside; this was fun and it was awesome to see Sparky dish it out and TAKE IT LIKE A MAN. Plus; there was little screwiness from Drake as well which helped a lot here. **** 1/2 ( 90%)


I now love this episode and it was a cliché story in tribute to Ghostbusters with electronics having a soul. It really helps that Darkwing Duck did little in this episode because it really allowed the rest of the characters to actually do their thing without resorting to cheap and contrived stuff from Drake. I also liked the fact that Megavolt did a great job of handling the living electronics with respect and only because of Gosalyn's attempt at unrestrained freedom of thought that screwed Sparky over. Honker was doing well too and even Tank didn't stink up the episode like he usually does. There were a few animation spots blown due to the usual Sun Woo animating and a few logic breaks; but otherwise this episode was on. My first impressions of this episode were on the money and it deserves what it gets. Some good performances; even from Drake for a change. Sadly; Trading Faces is a redo episode of A Baloo Switcheroo and the last redo episode was the terrible Easy Come, Easy Grows and that was from a really excellent episode in Save The Tiger.

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you all next time.


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