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Comic Book Capers

Reviewed: 04/14/2007

Now that is one that'll surprise you!

Well here we go; it's time to rant. No witty opening segment to start here...

The episode is written by John Behnke, Rob Humphrey and Jim Peterson. The story has been edited by Carter Crocker, making his Darkwing Duck debut as story editor . This would officially be the second Walt Disney Animation Australia animated episode of the series according to the airing order.

We begin with Drake being chased in an alleyway in the CITY OF SAINT CANARD by Megavolt which is a complete change from the last eight episodes. I'm loving this episode already and the animation is so far spot on. Drake finds a dead end (complete with heart pounding spot) and Meggy's ready to fry Drake with the plug laser as Drake's teeth chatter. Drake tries to talk him out of it; but Sparky shoots anyway and misses Drake by a few inches creating a hole in the wall the size of Baloo's head. Now that's a lethal weapon that does enough damage that it can be easily repaired. Drake screams for help and the acting is so poor that I suspect that he's faking as Sparky continues to shoot at Drake. More dodging spots; all of them well done. Which is typical in a normal Walt Disney Animation Australia episode. Drake spins Sparky around and gets away. However; Sparky does the fatal laser beam and it stops about six inches short of MURDERING Drake when someone says to hold it. Oh; it's the DREADED VOICEOVER OF DOOM as the real scene shows up with Drake reading his own comic book and complaining about it. So; that EGO TRIP MODE is back in full bloom now. And it took nine episodes to pull it off. Actually we're in the comic book exec's office as he calls it gripping.

You know; this comic book exec actually makes me laugh if he did that comic book because anything that deflates Drake's ego is perfect with me. Which is probably why his company went broke when Eisner got the rights to DARKWING...DUCK. Oh; shoot, I blew the finish right there. I have no one but myself to blame for that one. This is a really interesting episode about breaking the fourth wall to death which has been done before; but never in a DTVA show; nor a Disney production. Unless you count Walt Disney's appearances and those are more tribute than joke as this episode curtails. The company's name is Awesome Comic Book Corporation which I heard was sued for fraud a year after this since someone notices that the comics were not awesome; nor had Mike Awesome in them. Or even Edge making fun of Mike (Mike Not Awesome); but that's overbearing the bounds of reality already as it is...and the animation exec is a pig, what a shock. Probably; Gomer's long lost cousin from Citizen Khan. He has no name and thinks that this smells like a blockbuster. Drake calls it the worst blockbuster ever as he jumps onto the desk. Not quite those words; but close enough. The exec wonders what is wrong. I've got an answer: Drake is being an unprofessional jerk. Being on the desk gives it away. Drake says that this has NOTHING to do with reality.

I'm sure that every parent who brought their children to see that stinker called Left Behind would call Drake an agent of Satan at this point as the exec admits that they took some dramatic license. I don't think dramatic is the correct word to use here since this is COMEDY BABY! They wanted to humanize his character see. Cannot argue with that point and Drake starts becoming even more inhuman with every passing second. Drake is one step below gamer in the inhuman list at this point as he revokes the license. The exec claims that he's too daring which is code word for too violent. Drake then goes into dialog that is so funny that you have to watch the episode to believe it. Little impressionable children patterning their lives after him? Where's Kit THE MIRACLE WORKER Cloudkicker when you need him? So this is where all those politicians got their ideas from? I knew comic books were worse than video games. I just needed the proof in the pudding. Drake storms out declaring that he will do the comic book about his life by himself as he slams the door behind him and his cape gets caught in it. Geez; enough of that spot already guys. Still; this shall be good...

We head to Drake's house as Gosalyn demands Drake to show her the storyboard as Drake is keeping Launchpad and Gosalyn at bay because they want to see the crap and Drake won't let him. The EGO TRIP MODE METER is past 100% now. LP and Gosalyn want to help but Drake still uses the door to prevent that. Drake finally shuts them up as he goes to the typewriter with lots of paper for the wasted paper that is sure to follow. Drake's dialog about rewrites and realism are so bad that they don't deserve any explanation; unless for me to mock...and of course Drake cannot spell phenomenal. Since Spell Checker doesn't exist in this world; there's always Pat Patterson's Rejected Names Book to refer to. Drake continues to be confused with adjectives to describe him while we look at the comic book storyboard pages. Drake has a red mask on for some strange reason. Maybe a pre-production look that they put in for this episode? I don't know since I'm not a Darkwing Duck fan.

The story begins as the storyboard GROWS A LIFE OF IT'S OWN~! This is going to be fun to rant and mock at the same time as we head to a wooden door from the opening sequence of the show which Drake opens with his KUNG-FU FOOT ACTION~! He's checking on the mysterious disappearance of Safety Inspector #16. I guess whistle blower laws were in effect in the Darkwing Duck world. Launchpad is with him looking stiffer than a statue. Only the eyes are moving as Drake does his usual silly dance spots while holding the gas gun. He discovers that he was blown through his bathroom wall by some unknown force as he see the Scooby Doo Snow Angel spot on the wall. He probably run through the wall after seeing you with the GAS GUN OF DOOM in your hands Drake. That would be the logical explanation; but this is DRAKE COMEDY BABY; so it was really the hair dryer being tampered with which was demonstrated as LP plug it in and Drake gets blown away by the HAIRDRYER OF DEATH right into the wall to do another Scooby Doo Snow Angel spot. Drake's look after that was pretty funny. More mysterious accidents commence. I'd love to invoke my usual Safe Communities jokes into this; but I no longer work for HRM so I'm out of luck. Sorry if I'm not giving details here because I want to get to the really fun part of this episode.

Thankfully; we only get one as Drake and Launchpad are on the motorcycle declaring that Megavolt is behind it. So much for due process in this world. Then knocking occurs; but it's really the door is knocking. Drake acts like an idiot, as usual for him. He answers the door and it's Gosalyn with a glass of lemonade on a tray. See; she's doing it to get Drake's creative juices flowing. That translates into Gosalyn wants to read that crap comic book Drake is trying to kill. And of course; Drake falls for it as he grab the lemonade with the tray shrinking to a plate I should note which is the first animation mistake by WD-OZ. Gosalyn goes over to the typewriter. Sadly; the drink is really the JALPENO LEMONAID OF HOT SOUR DEATH! No rocket spot through which is sad to see. Geez; Drake after falling for the obvious; you deserve that spot. Gosalyn sees the re-write and sezs that it is as exciting as watching cement dry. Which is about six minutes to overnight depending of the type of cement. Drake is out of commission due to the JALPENO LEMONAID OF HOT SOUR DEATH as he's in the bathroom; so it's Gosalyn's turn to give it a good. This shall be good.

She does the crack the knuckles spot to annoy me and we are underway with the funny as the story takes a turn as a smily green monster from Mars appears in the CITY OF SAINT CANARD and it is ticked off. This story has improved 500% and we're not even into the first page yet. The motorcycle is forced to stop as the slime monster is hungry. Drake backs the motorcycle away (complete with tire squeal) as the slime monster chases after them. Drake corrects LP because it's really a FLESH EATING SLUG MONSTER FROM MARS or hell depending on what mood that I was in when I was doing this rant. Megavolt will have to wait as Drake goes into action againest the slimest monster to date. Drake tries the lame KARATE KICK OF DOOM which Drake literally bounces off the FLESH EATING JELLO MONSTER FROM HELL (That's better!) and takes a decent bump off of a poster wall containing a pose of DARKWING...DUCK. LP cries because they are going to die because of a mutant version of a garden pest. Drake has a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN as he gets a few bucks from LP and runs off as the jello monster is about to eat LP for years of eating his JELLO friends but Drake saves the day by using....table salt?! I know that this is a slug; but it's a JELLO slug so why not use about one hundred hungry kids from Kids Say the Darnest Things with Bill Cosby? Oh come on; you know that one was coming!

The slug turns into a little slug because Comic Book ethics forbid actual killing and it goes away. Sure; the scenes suck; but I'm laughing my butt off here as Drake continues his assault on the hapless Megavolt. Gosalyn wants to add a zombie but Drake grabs her and the entertainment is over as Gosalyn runs away like a scalded dog. Her bike's double parked. After all; it is a banana yellow bike. Get it?! Yeah; that was terrible. Drake takes his work and the typewriter into the attic complete with turning the lights out of the living room and then turning them on again into the attic. I don't get that one as we return to the exciting comic book writing as Drake is on the motorcycle as he finds Sparky playing with the lights and a bank called the Daylight Savings and Loan...because all watered down superheroes must have at least a dozen bank robbery plot devices before they can be in a comic book, I guess. Drake calls Megavolt out, using a dry cell as a metaphor to threaten Sparky. Har Har Drake. Sparky blows him off getting death reference #1 for the episode. Sparky fires a BEAM OF DOOM which fries the top of Darkwing Duck's hat and Drake threatens him again with the ultra-stupid crime doesn't pay promo.

Of course crime pays Drake; if it didn't, there would be no comic books using it as a plot device or premise. Sparky blows that off because he missed paying a power bill. So in this world; you go to jail if you miss paying a power bill. Yeah; that's Drake's twisted sense of realism. See why he has no life? It was in the middle of his greatest scheme. We don't know because LP is too busy blowing him off as Sparky continues to shoot Drake with the laser gun. And you thought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was bad? Stupidity question of the episode: Why does TMNT use all lasers; while TaleSpin (and Darkwing Duck to a lesser extent) allowed real bullet shooting guns? And they say TMNT was the worst influence? LP distracts him as Drake is floating in mid-air and Sparky finally smokes him to ashes with the laser gun. That was just great as Drake flops to the ground.

LP wants to know about washing machines and the comic grinds to a halt because LP has entered Drake's private space. See; LP wants to know what would happen if the washing machine was filled with a box full of suds and Drake answers that it would explode into a mountain of suds which it does off-screen. Drake is forced to deal with that as he leaves the room while LP just stands there with a smile which indicates that he did it on purpose just to get to the comic book..and of course; I'm right as Drake opens the door to the attic and it floods the area with suds. Well; the bottom half anyway. Launchpad goes to the typewriter and let the fun begin again as LP wants a more western touch. So that logically leads too....

The wild, wild SANDBOX OF DEATH as Sparky was shooting an arrow right into Drake's cowboy hat as Drake is changed into a cowboy complete with horse. He's now Death Valley Duck. Drake calls Sparky Big Chief Power Bill complete with bad western accent. Launchpad of course gets the horse that looks like a donkey as Drake asks about his voice being different and LP denies. Like all good heels; always deny stuff. Too bad Launchpad is a babyface. The horses ride down with LP off his of course because he's supposed to be the stupid one of this outfit. Nice to see LP making sure that he does his role properly. Drake stops his horse as it gets buried in the sand (ala Ric Flair in WCW) and demands Power Bill to surrender and Sparky blows him off looking like a bad Indian. Yeah; that isn't bigoted, no siree Sparky!

His aim is off since it's Tucson and not Miami that they are in. If it was Miami; then they would be in TaleSpin land. More arrow shooting as Drake hides like a coward behind a rock and LP manages to blow them both off. One intentionally; and one unintentionally. I'll let you figure out which is which. Drake demands peace and gets the pie right in his face as it was thrown by...wait for it...wait for it some more...Chief Little Running Gag. Memo to Disney: Scott Keith just called. He wants his joke back so Kronic can squash him at the next pay per view. And he's got another pie for Drake and he throws it which kills Launchpad dead. I'm DYING watching this episode. Drake demands for them to surrender because he's got 12,000 soldiers. Like 12,000 of them would agree to work for Mr. Ego Trip.

It's a lie of course and Power Bill cuts the morality promo and sounding less contrived when the FCC does it. And Power Bill is a heel here. Sparky's giant feathers are annoying me to heck here as Drake blows him off again. Sparky shoots about 18 arrows and that's enough to deflate Drake's hat. 18?! SOMEONE FIRE THAT HAT! Drake does the PC speak thing which is too late now as Sparky does the rapid fire arrows and Drake is forced to scatter as the scene ends and LP is having trouble with the typewriter of pain as it lives up to it's name on LP's finger. LP screws up the paper as well of course. Drake comes back up to accuse LP of reading his comic book as he gets the typewriter off his finger and Drake is forced to catch it on the downfall. So that's it for Launchpad's attempt at writing as Drake is forced to go into his garage to type some more on his adventures.

Post-Production Error #1: Cross black slug fade in. Careful with those Disney...that can be constructed as a religious symbol.

Drake notices LP's handiwork but ignores it and continues on because he really is dumber than LP. Might as well accept it and move on...We return to the CITY OF SAINT CANARD as the CONTINUITY is shot all to hell; but I don't care. Drake wants Sparky to submit; but Megavolt refuse and reveals his patent pending remote control which will vary the electrical company's power at will. Just that? That's thinking way too small there Sparky. He also uses it to flip the trap doors and cause Drake to fly into the poster and take a really wussy bump. I thought WD-OZ was above such crap? Anyway; the chase begins as they go into the power company. Sparky is in an elevator (huh? Just an elevator?) and it closes so the GANG OF GAG goes into the right handed elevator.

Stupid move Drake as Sparky says going up and the elevator moves so fast that Drake and LP are flatter than pancakes. LP speaking in there is funny; almost sounds like he's drunk there. The elevator stops and they take a sick bump into the top of the elevator. Okay; the spot is older than dirt, but it's still funny. Sparky turns the elevator down and it's not so good this time around as the elevator shoots up so fast and it breaks all logic and reason as it flies right into the moon. That cartoon exec is looking more realistic by the minute in this one and I'm loving it. It misses the moon and it starts to free fall towards the earth as WD-OZ makes another coloring mistake with Drake's face as the segment ends almost 12 minutes in. I'm loving this episode and the best is yet to come...

After the commercial break and I just have to say this: HEROIC HICK ON FIRE! As the elevator plunges to it's certain we hear Binky's voice OUT OF NOWHERE which means I don't get to hear Drake's death scream. Drake doesn't like it because Binky is actually pretty funny. Binky just wants to burrow some ground cinnamon from him like a good stereotypical neighbor always does. Drake hates that because the Muddlefoots are dumber than dirt; but he leaves the garage anyway to get the CINNAMON TREE OF DOOM. Remember when a cup of sugar would make you smile? Okay; it would make you lose your teeth; but whatever. Binky sees the comic strip and decides to give it a go herself because it's way too violent and it will turn children into despot dictators. As if Adolf Hilter cares about comic books anyway. English tsking sounds commences and Binky decides to start the re-write to make it adorable as we head to the peaceful plains as Drake has turned into...wait for it..Mr. Bunny! TOTAL MARKUP CITY FOR THAT MOMENT!

It is so like Binky as the violence level (on her) has gone up a notch. Mr. Bunny won't sell for her though as Miss Binky Bluejay is in trouble. Okay; I'm making up the names as I go; but this is just plain funny. Sadly; we see Drake Mallard behind her with the cup of cinnamon and Binky's writing days are over quickly. BOO HISS! Those two are meant for each other and the safety episode proves it. Drake decides to pick the only place to go is on top of his hideout. Because really Drake's ego cannot be held up in some hellhole such as his house. Drake sips some coffee and we continue the story in peace (so sezs Drake) as the HEROIC HICK ON FIRE crashes into the peaceful plains of Mr. Bunny and Miss Binky Bluejay which destroys it. I can sense that PETA and PETP are calling their lawyers as we speak even though there's really nothing they can do. Drake and LP come out as the HICKS IS NOT ON FIRE. LP calls the place cute and Drake takes another pie to the face from Chief Little Running Gag.

Drake wants to MURDER him and I can sense Native Americans everywhere are calling their lawyers as we speak too and they have a much better case here. Chief Little Running Gag runs away looking like a goof while doing it. LP wants Drake to calm down as Drake yells at Chief Little Running Gag as he bumps into the giant ass coffee cup. This episode is just too easy to rant on without me making a joke on it. Drake uncorks the grappling gun and we're back to THE CITY OF SAINT CANARD as we head to a tall office building where Megavolt decides to play the role of Shere Khan here..except Khan would talk in deadpan mode all the time. Stupidity question #2: Who would win in a fight: The Auto-Aviator or Megavolt? I suggest Sparky by a laser beam pin...and so Drake and LP swing into the building as Drake threatens Sparky again. I'm amazed Drake hasn't called him that since it's a really nasty pet name and it ticks him off. Sparky goes into deadpan mode and uses the remote control to turn on the mutant electric lamp to tie up LP. Drake sadly gets the vacuum cleaner as usual. That must be the running gag when Drake and Sparky fight: Always invoke the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner ties up Drake for awhile as Sparky declares that the city is his. Where's Mr. Khan when you need him? Drake manages to uncork the vacuum cleaner (of course) while losing about 50 pounds around the waist in the process.

He pulls the plug on the electric lamp to free LP and more electrical puns ensue. Hey; it's Megavolt, what did you expect? It's time to get dangerous at 15:34 which means the unofficial finish is commencing. Or the MIMI JOKE ZONE comes back. It's hard to tell which one. Notice that there are really only three scenes in this episode with two of them are the beginning and the real finish. The middle is one big long scene involving everyone writing Drake's comic for him while he's trying to write it himself. Drake and LP jump off the building which proves that Binky is right about this comic all along as Sparky leaves the building on the ground floor sensing victory. However; Drake and LP floats down with his cape onto the ground safely right in front of Sparky. Cruses! Foiled again! More electrical threats and Drake invokes the lame KARATE KICK OF DOOM on the remote control and he grabs it on the rebound. Sparky wants it back because it's private property. Just call the police Sparky! Oh wait; that wouldn't work. Just kill Drake Sparky! That's better. Sorry Binky; some violence is needed when Drake is around. Drake starts kicking while swirling his cup of coffee around, in the last gasp attempt to win a lawsuit from MacDonalds.

It fails of course as the papers fly right towards the LIGHTHOUSE FROM HELL in a upward twister motion as the real Megavolt is making love with a light bulb at his own desk. I cannot wait until he write his memoirs on his life. That would be an allagory of what happens when you watch too much television. The comic book pages smash into Megavolt's ugly little kisser and he doesn't like it. Hey; Drake is slandering his good name, what did you expect? Megavolt actually praising Drake? He decides to give this a go and I cannot wait for Drake to get his butt whipped in this one as Sparky puts the paper into the typewriter. Hey he needs one to write resumes for his new gig as an electric writer of wrestling, I guess. Anyhow we return to the CITY OF SAINT CANARD as the misunderstood genius (so sezs Sparky) and Drake struggle to grab the remote control and Sparky wins that one as Drake is fried, roasted and basically dead duck at this point. This will be even better than Binky's thirty second run in and a lot longer too. He uses the remote control on himself to make him grow about thirty feet tall. LP and Drake are scared teeth chattering bunny rabbits (figure of speech of course) as the segment ends a little more than 17 minutes in. It's too bad that this has to end in about four minutes from now because I would love to see how Honker or Herb Muddlefoot would have handled this. Then again; Drake's goal in life is to bury the Muddlefoots so it's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

After the commercial break; we see Sparky trying to squash our heroes as LP and Drake are forced to retreat due to the laser beam shooting from Sparky. Drake and LP hide behind a store as Drake sezs that smarts always kills size and power and Sparky kills a mailbox with his laser gun to dispute that one. Drake and LP scatter again and more laser shooting commence. I guess being a laser-toting terrorist is being misunderstood; but what do I know? They go into a regular house and it gets burned to ashes by the laser gun. The frame and the babyfaces are intact sadly. Drake and LP are doomed, doomed I say...and Drake takes another pie in the face from Chief Little Running Gag of course. I'm laughing my buns off seeing that spot, and the writers are smart enough to insert it at the right moments rather than hammering the joke into the ground (Your Baloo's In The Mail; I'm looking at you BRUTHA!).

Drake wants to kill him; but since Sparky's around Chief Little Running Gag walks away without a care in the world. Now; Drake and LP are doomed, DOOMED I SAY! Drake and LP go underground into the sewers for the attempt to leech off the ultra-popular TMNT heat spot (and fail as the ratings didn't dethrone them one bit.) Sadly; the laser beam fries their butts and they are forced above ground again. Why didn't Shredder try this? More shooting as we head to the real CITY OF SAINT CANARD as Drake grabs all of his papers that blew away despite the wind being againest him. The papers blow towards the LIGHTHOUSE OF HELL as Drake realizes that he's back where he fought Megavolt in Duck Blind. Nice bit of CONTINUITY from the writers. Notice that I didn't post any Logic Break in this episode. The answer is simple, it's all fourth wall breaking and therefore the episode's all one big logic break. Back inside the lighthouse as Sparky is enjoying smearing Drake so called good name in the mud and of course DARKWING..DUCK enters in full EGO TRIP MODE. Sparky is ticked off and the urge to kill is rising now. Drake calls him a revolting revisionist. So it was Sparky who is revising history for Vinnie Mac. I knew there was a conspiracy afoot. Drake grabs the paper so he can finish him off in the comic book and probably real life too; but Sparky gets it back as Sparky tells the truth and calls Drake a hack. That's what Gosalyn's being calling Drake since the pilot episode. Drake looks at the strip and calls Sparky's work science fiction. That's irony that really writes itself and too funny not to mention. Drake decides to shrink him; but then decides to bury him and expands Sparky again as the COMIC BOOK FROM HELL continues. Drake and LP scatter and they are stopped by... wait for it...SUPER BUNNY! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! I sense Max from Max and Ruby watch this show...or not...I've got to rant on Max & Ruby at some point since Max was a riot... SUPER BUNNY!

Super bunny (BWHAHA! This just writes itself. Seriously; that's what the writers called that little rabbit in the cape) decides to give it a go and it gets kicked away from Sparky as Max is mad right now. Drake grabs him by the cape and tells him to butt out of his comic book, more or less. I (and Max) hate you Drake and Sparky agrees with me as he is ticked off. LP and Drake go into another building as they are now into the cute plains scene that Binky wrote earlier as the FLESH EATING JELLO MONSTER FROM HELL returns to kill Binky's innocent world. Is there no justice in this comic strip?! And the horses from the Western world of Launchpad return as well; so logically Drake and LP use them to escape. Sparky calls it cheating. I call it fourth wall breaking myself as the babyface ride into the western front scene which ultimately leads nowhere as they dismount from the horses and face Megavolt in the western front. More laser shooting from Sparky as LP thinks they are finished.

Drake sezs he doesn't know the meaning of the word defeat. Actually; Drake doesn't know the meaning of most words. Thank you Michael Eisner for nothing. Drake finally finds his MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN in the form of the giant ass coffee cup. I knew that pointless bump earlier would end up being the finish for this comic strip and Drake and LP push the cup over spilling the java on the ground as Sparky steps on it and it fries him into ashes. Or something like that. We head back to the real CITY OF SAINT CANARD as Sparky complains about losing to Drake in a comic book. Drake responds by saying that it's HIS comic book and leaves without further incident using Baloo's ultra-insulting to Kit promo of seeing him in the funny papers. Sparky just sits there looking dumb as a doornail; sliding the typewriter against the scene to use as a scene changer. Don't worry Sparky; at least you're the only villain other than Taraus Bullba to be monster over right now.

Drake finally has the full storyboard as he is in the animation exec's office as he looks at the full storyboard. The final verdict: About eighteen different ways to say that it's terrible more or less. Drake is SHOCKED and appalled (in that order). The president does however, find one good part of it and decides to spin it off as...wait for it...wait for it some more.... Super Bunny! BWHAHAHAHA! Max's boyhood hero has come true and Drake is ticked off of that. You can thank this guy for Max being under the influence of... SUPERBUNNY! Too bad poor Binky is not going to get the royalties off of it. Drake decides to calm down and resort to the response that all comics used that isn't racist: Having Chief Little Running Gag throw the pie at the exec. Nice to see Chief Little Running Gag warm up for WCW although we never see him know...THROWING THE PIE at the poor talentless animation exec. Drake and CLRG decides to leave as he'll try to give his storyboard to Disney and hope to get a cartoon series out of it as the episode ends at 21:11. I think we can safely say how THAT conversation with Michael Eisner went. I just hope that Drake didn't say anything in front of Rebecca Cunningham because I shudder to think of the consequences of the WRAITH OF BECKEY (Nine full episodes without making a reference to it) on a poor duck. I'll say this though: First perfect episode of the series right there! Absolutely funny! ***** ( 100%)


Okay; if you try to paint this episode from a technical aspect then it's really just above average for an episode since the gag has been done before with Bug Bunny and Daffy Duck. However; Drake Mallard is a bigger ego maniac than Daffy ever was (and a bigger jerk to boot) so he had this one coming. It started to get really good once the other characters butted into Drake's business and the little setup with LP and Gosalyn at the beginning assured that the appearances wouldn't be contrived, something that was missing in other episodes. Most so; Megavolt and Binky of all people as her perspective in life was downright funny and made for a funny moment at the finish when the comic book exec deflated Drake's ego into anger with SUPERBUNNY! Then when in doubt; throw in a pie or four from Chief Little Running Gag who are a one note joke that the writers were smart enough to insert when the time was right and the joke was still fresh enough in the end when the comic book exec got it in a fourth wall breaking reference. The entire episode was one big fat logic break; but it worked for once and it made ranting on this episode fun. There were a few animation coloring mistakes; but it was spot on for the most part. Normally I say that having more than two writers is a curse; but this episode was a blast to watch and I revise my opinion on that matter. Than again; Looney Tunes: Back In Action used ten writers so having three wasn't much to begin with.

That is it for Disc One of the DVD and only 18 episode left to rant on with Water Way to Go being first. I saw five thumbs up, 2 thumbs down and 2 thumbs in the middle. The first disc of the TaleSpin DVD was all nine episodes with a thumbs up; but TaleSpin is too good early on so it's not really fair to anyone let alone DARKWING...DUCK. I just hope that I can keep this up and not get burned out again.

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you all next time.


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