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Easy Come, Easy Grows

Reviewed: 04/27/2007


Please have mercy on Reggie's soul. It's not his fault that he gets these silly episodes. So let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Marion Wells and the story has been edited by Kevin Crosby Hopps. There is NOTHING on Marion's debut so I'm not going to make fun of her...yet. This would be the sixth episode animated by Sun Woo it should be noted.

We begin in the CITY OF SAINT CANARD complete with the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM. Oh great; not five seconds in and all the bane elements for this episode are in place. We head to a bank where someone created square holes in the building which logically leads to DARKWING...DUCK to invoke the MAGIC LENS OF DOOM to look for clues. Because that what all superheroes do; solve bank robberies. Big eye commences as Drake is in full EGO-TRIP MODE early. Launchpad is here as per his contract along with a dogsperson suit feeling like he has a toothache. His skin's darker for some odd reason. Drake decides to invoke the dusting of doom to dust for fingerprints. Now you know this episode is going to blow when he's doing that spot. And yes; blowing in the naughty context does have a purpose in this episode later on in another sense. The suit's prints are his (according to the magnifying glass) so Drake forces the suit to confess to his so called crime. Yeah; Drake has no concept of due process. And you think Mister T is bad in THAT department? He states that he's the bank's president and Drake realizes that he is REALLY STUPID to grab a public official by the suit no less. Drake is upset because there are no clues behind.

LP is upset because there's no safe behind. I just hope LP stays in stupid mode because the previous episode with him was a dull wash if I say so myself. The dogsperson claims that the vault had legs and walked away which Drake completely blows off as stupid. Since this is COMEDY BABY; that means that the dogsperson is not stupid. Drake and LP leave to check on an armored car shipment as we head to Herb's house at night as Herb Muddlefoot is hiding behind his flower garden with an army hat with daises on it. Too funny as he continues to crawl as if someone is trying to bust him. He then tiptoes and hides behind a tree that in real life would NEVER conceal him; but this is COMEDY BABY and anything that'll get those Muddlefoots over before Drake shows up to bury them is A-OK with me. He then tiptoes towards the wooden fence which doesn't make good neighbors because Drake is so full of himself. See he's trying to protect his money because it's not safe in safes anymore. So he's going to bury his money and dig up his own lawn while doing it. He's not quite wacky yet. I guess he's scared that Drake will show up when he gets over. He gets the MONEY OF FUNNY STINK (since this is a Muddlefoot we're talking about) and tries to put it in the hole; but he sees someone who could bust him for stealing (I think) and hides in the bushes.

The buster is Binky watering her garden at night. That is just too funny and her singing is enough to make me spit out my drink in laughter. I'm amazed that she didn't change the lyrics because cradle falling is pretty violent in her own mind. Wait until the safety episode when it gets REALLY good. She notices that a bunch of daisies are near the bushes where Herb is hiding. Instead of busting him right there; she opts with the watering can to force Herb out of hiding. I just love those Muddlefoots when Drake isn't around to spoil their humor. See; she's out to sing at her plants instead of watering them. Well that in fact makes sense and why isn't she Bushroot's sidekick? Those two would ROCK in the villian world and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Herb lies to her of course while swearing in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (darned) and Binky buys into it of course because she's a Muddlefoot. Binky suggest Mr. Mulch fertilizer as Herb manages to bury the funny money and cover it with ground while Binky's back was turned. Don't ask; it's the Muddlefoots. Logic isn't suppose to apply to them. Herb claims that money doesn't grow on trees as he leaves. I just know that line is going to be used to create chaos and mayhem somehow and of course it does as a tree grows inside Herb's lawn at night complete with ka-ching sound.

Of course; today the ding sound would follow since that's what banks do I guess. Morning commences as we see Gosalyn pulling weeds out of the Muddlefoot's lawn and whining about the lack of money of course. Honker gets buried in dirt and flowers just because he's the one who get those spots ala Kit doing ALL THE WORK carrying stuff while Baloo does nothing. I guess Marion would trying to show that Gosalyn is a hard worker like Kit; but it doesn't work because Kit's got the ability to be grateful for doing the hard work. After what Kit went through; you have to. Gosalyn sounds whiny in comparison. Honker blows that off because Gosalyn is ruining Binky's real flowers. Gosalyn claims that gardening isn't easy. Watch it there Gos; someone complained when Barbie said that math was tough. She continues to complain until she realizes that there's a MONEY TREE IN THE MUDDLEFOOT'S BACKYARD! Gosalyn double-take spot is screwed by Sun Woo as usual as they are back to original form. Gosalyn takes out a corn husk of the MONEY OF STINK and declares victory because in the DARKWING...DUCK world; money grows on trees. And that's probably why Marion Welles wrote only one episode, I think. Of course; she demands that Honker keep it a secret while covering his mouth. Memo to Gos: Stop doing Baloo spots. Gosalyn uproots the tree and puts in the wheelbarrow and wheels it to Drake's house for safe keeping. Where Scrooge McDuck when you need him to teach these whippersnappers about real money? I sense he's rolling in his grave as we speak.

We head to inside Drake's garage as Gosalyn decides to put it in the garage for safekeeping. Honker of course does the spot of closing the garage which Sun Woo messed up. Gosalyn is putting the money tree in the flower pot. Honker invokes the LIGHTPOLE OF CONFESSIONS; but there is no confession. Wait a minute! I thought Gosalyn couldn't garden if her life depended on it. Logic Break #1 for the episode. Gosalyn sezs that they should wait for their money tree to grow and then in a span of three seconds decides to harvest the money. This episode is beginning to stink. I cannot believe Honker is fully behind this as he gets the basket to carry the money as Gosalyn flicks the money into the basket. Sunwoo's animation is all right here for the most part as Gosalyn is loving this because it beats an allowance. If there was one moment where Drake's violent outbursts were justified then this is it. We head to the living room where they do the flip chair (second time in the series) in reverse as Drake (in normal clothes) and LP are still frustrated from being unable to catch this thief. Drake proposes that they set a trap as he goes to the EGO SAFE OF DOOM (The picture shows Gosalyn in a bad position it should be noted) and opens it to reveal that his safe is stolen. See; his MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN is to use his money to catch the thief.

So much for that plan as Drake admits that he only has $20 in the safe. You can tell he is full of himself when THAT happens. He has family jewels as well as Gosalyn and Honker enter from the front door with dozens of presents that are clearly too big for their own body weights. It's terrible that even child characters in cartoon are now resorting to steroid use to carry THAT much weight. Oh; and isn't this a clear giveaway that Gosalyn is the thief now; isn't it Drake? Too bad Gosalyn doesn't have the salty past to back that one up. And of course Drake notices instantly and demands answers. I should note that the spot involving Gos and Honker having to reclaim their gifts is poorly done by Sunwoo. Gosalyn claims she won the lottery. I guess that's true since the money tree is like a lottery. Drake states that he's not a normal father and then proceeds to do normal father things to Honker liking pointing the finger at him to shutter him. Kind of like saying that I am not a fanboy like a commandant in the sky and then proceed to make a fanboy comment. Drake gets beaned by the falling presents of course. Good for you Honker! Drake demands that Gosalyn return everything despite actually paying for it. Gosalyn decides to confess as they head to the garage where the money tree is and LP and Honker cannot believe the sudden change in Drake.

Gosalyn claims that he'll need an exorcism to fix as we head to the glowing money tree as Drake has an evil laugh and is over the tree. Yeah; he's forgiven Gosalyn now. Sadly; Drake cannot channel the restraint powers of Scrooge McDuck so this is going to really bury him. Which is good because it's about time Drake got buried. Drake does a magic trick and then does some cheer leading. And to think that Nintendo was concerned about Elite Beat Agent guys being cheerleaders in the original Japanese version that they changed it to agents. Thanks to Drake's bad acting; I can see why. Gosalyn tries to grab her dollar of the day but Drake grabs it back because she's too young to manage money. Can you imagine Rebecca saying that to Kit? Drake pushes Gosalyn and Honker out of the room completely and slams the door as he decides to get serious. This is what happens when money infects the rational part of an EGO TRIP filled mallard like Drake. Drake then puts way too much feces on the money tree. Well that was apporos; I guess. Drake then goes overboard with the light pole as LP questions Drake. Drake no-sells because he's got MONEY FEVER BABEE! He's going to put it in a saving account as soon as he finishes picking up some stuff which will cost more than anything I could ever buy in my lifetime.

We head outside as the Dixie horn blowing beckons Gosalyn and Launchpad to go out and we see a long limo pull into the driveway. The door opens and the red carpet of Hollywood flies into the house as LP asks about ordering a pizza. Nice to see LP act stupid more than twice in an episode. We then see about three dogspeople in red butler suits comes out with various presents like they were coming out of this clown car (insert circus music here). They enter the house and stack the presents up into the air. Two of them leave and they re-enter with the GIANT JOKEY SURPRISE OF DEATH. I'm praying that it was a bomb; but I'm thinking that it isn't the case. They set it down and leave as Sun Woo doesn't screw up the spots here. Then again it was a simple spot to animate and they can do it well most of the time. Gosalyn wonders how many of those presents are hers. The answer is zero Gosalyn get over it! Drake pops out of the box in a regular blue suit and red tie which is so cute that it would be outlawed by the FASHION POLICE OF LAW. He also has triangle-shaped glasses on just to annoy me with his lack of fashion sense. On second thought; I'll never open a big present like that again. Gosalyn opens the tiny present which is a key chain. Gosalyn doesn't like that as Drake mocks her with rich talk.

Drake drops something that I don't know what it is and therefore don't care about it as Gosalyn accuses him of killing the old DARKWING..DUCK. Memo to Gosalyn: Baloo needed to do stupid things to learn about not being popular and winning trophies; let Drake do the same! Drake blows it off and then proves Gosalyn's point as we see two dogspeople dressed up as DARKWING...DUCK doing his work. Geez; he's got the Baloo thing down pat. I guess this is a redo of Save the Tiger; except Kit didn't start the whole thing like Gosalyn did. Okay; it was Herb planting the money; but he's funny and Gosalyn could know..AVOIDED the tree altogether. Drake cuts a security promo which I admit was pretty funny. The doorbell chimes and Drake thinks it's another present. I guess this is the point which Drake either gets kidnapped or arrested. See the money has one major flaw; the serial numbers are all the same! BWHAHAHAHA!

Drake even tries to bribe the police officer with the money which fails of course. I suggest Drake's Getting-To-His-Head spot is wearing off right about now. Drake claims that he grew it as they head to the garage. Why bother?! If he grew it; then it proves that he's guilty of the crime outright. Drake of course locked up the garage which was clearly the dead giveaway. He opens it up and of course the money tree is dead. Drake is completely screwed as he is handcuffed by the police who makes a crack at cartoons and they leave in a police car. LP and Gosalyn call the police out as the police car drives away to end the segment almost 11 minutes in...and I'm sick of this episode already!

After the commercial break; we head to the police station where Drake is locked up in a jail cell still with his rich clothes on. The police officer decides to lock away the funny money for evidence. I call that a fraud Mr. Police Officer because that would imply that Drake is really funny when he isn't. If he isn't funny you must acquit! Okay; it doesn't work well; but at least I didn't violate ANIME DUB CONDUCT RULE #12 (Thou shalt not rhyme; because it's COOL!) . At least the police officer is showing due process here which shows that he's not as stupid as most the officers in this series. He calls it real important evidence as he laughs with a wheeze (he choked on some ash) as leaves. Well; that was short as we return to Drake's bedroom as Honker, Gosalyn and Launchpad are sulking and Gosalyn then changes her career direction with this awesome line..

Gosalyn: Oh; this really blows!

OH...MY...GOD!! Gosalyn said blows in a sexual context and it was cut by Disney in 1995! Even funnier; Kit took God's name in vain in Baloo Switcheroo and GOT AWAY WITH IT! Someone at post-production has some misplaced values that I'm not getting here. See; she doesn't want to return all the stuff that Drake stole using the unfunny money! See; it's only funny money when Drake is actually funny see. LP decides for them to shake those clouds away because he'll make bail. Sadly; he has no money. Honker fares only 25 cents better and Gosalyn's really upset because she only has change and funny money remaining which will basically put her in jail (my word; not hers). She goes to the piggy bank and it starts to oink and move about. Oh great; the piggy banks are suffering from ROID RAGE. Where is the police when you REALLY NEED THEM?!

LP sezs that it wants to do the hokey-pokey and it turns itself around, lands on the floor without breaking and that's what it's all about in DARKWING.... DUCK'S WORLD! Yeah; that joke blows just like this episode so far. The piggy bank grows legs and it hops away beyond Gosalyn's gasp. Honker tries to run interfere but the jumping piggy bank crashes into Honker with a decent bump and it hops right out of the house with Honker in tow and causing a Scooby-Doo Angel Spot (STOP DOING THAT SPOT!) on the door . More bad spots ensue as LP and Gosalyn give chase to Honker and the piggy bank as they go into Herb's house I believe. Gosalyn and LP REPEAT THE BAD SPOTS! Now you know this episode blows goats. Nothing actually happens as the piggy bank leaves along with LP and Gosalyn. Herb comes out with his pink pj's which makes him officially funnier than anyone in this episode by default basically.

Although Binky does come close as she appears and sezs that there is a prowler afoot. Herb panics and invokes the shovel to get the money out of the ground. He also blows his cover sadly as in the far shot Sun Woo completely screws up the scene because while there is dirt coming out; there's no hole to where it came from. Logic Break #4 for the episode; the near shot does fix the problem however. Really cheap animation there Sun Woo. He finds NOTHING..AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING! So Herb digs the hole deeper. While if you're going to get buried by Drake; then why not do it yourself. Binky is unamused as the funny is gone from her. Herb admits that he buried the money to protect it. Of course; he thinks he got it wrong and it's near the roses so he gets out of the hole and digs another one while destroying the roses in the process. That would be funny if Sun Woo didn't screw up the spot.

We head back to the police station as Police Officers #2 and #3 (who are dog furries outright) booking a dog furry wearing a red jumpsuit. Don't ask who it is; I don't know and I don't care since it is pointless. Police Officer #1 puts the unfunny money file in the filing cabinet which doesn't invoke MOLLY VIOLENCE when it opens sadly. Sadly; the unfunny money inside shakes around and the filing cabinet grows vine-like legs. I think it's safe to say that this gives away the real thief well in advance. It hops right into the holding cells as Drake is pondering about getting out of this mess as the living filing cabinet blitzes Drake right out of jail. OUCH! That was a sick bump and thankfully; the back of the cell is also damaged so there's no logic break there. The vine filing cabinet runs away from the police station as Drake does his ultra lame monotone speaking and hides into the filing cabinet. Oh wait; he's changing into DARKWING..DUCK! Wait a minute! How could the police NOT see the breakout? Oh wait; they are dumber than those officers in Bullethead Baloo. I'm sorry; I goofed up.

We head to the piggy bank with Honker as he pleads for it to stop; even giving up ham sandwiches. Good one Honker; make yourself even more thinner than LP is right now. We then track back to see Gosalyn in a shopping cart complete with the LASSO OF BANE FOR ALL ACTION CARTOONS EVERYWHERE while LP is carting her. There's DARKWING..DUCK'S role in ECW weapons. The lasso is dead on but that piggy bank has ROID RAGE written all over it. Might as well enjoy the ride for now as pointless honking sounds commences. This episode is falling apart; just bring Bushroot into this episode right now because we are slowly approaching our first DUD in DTVA here. We see more Drake riding the filing cabinet as a safe breaks out of another store; allowing Drake to do a lame banking pun. Then the cartoon train wreck spot occurs and everyone is down and out. It even has a train whistle so you know that it was lame. Drake slowly recovers and accuses Gosalyn of being out at night. Gosalyn blows him off because she was chasing her piggy bank which shows a money tree. Drake realizes that the unfunny money are seeds and that explains the vines growing around. Yeah; it's Reggie Bushroot and Drake admits that he is stupid. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Gosalyn agrees and Drake blows her off for that as he manages to get his gay Zorro hat off his neck in a cute spot. So we finally head to the GREENHOUSE OF HELL as Doctor Reginald Bushroot finally appears about 15 and a quarter minutes into the episode! He's growing a MONEY TREE OF STINKS to show that Drake is right. Of course; Nintendo doesn't need a money tree, all they need is 100 million Nintendo fanboys just like me to fuel their empire and grow the rest by appealing them with games that aren't escapist games. Bushroot is loving life as he pluck a dollar from the money tree. Wait a minute?! How did Bushroot plant the UNFUNNY MONEY?! Never mind; I'll continue without talking.

At least with Bushroot, he'll save this episode. I hope. The vine walking safe arrives as he's stealing real money as well as growing fake money. He gives a young money sapling the imported bottle of steroid water and it grows into a money tree. Well; it's ironic to see that Larson and Gary's steroid experiments being used by the guy who hated them for teasing him. He also goes over designer painted pots. Sadly; none of them are big enough to plant Drake or his ego. It's all to help a tiny mutant sunflower. Hey; he's the president of PETP; what did you expect?! The sunflower giggles of course as Bushroot declares that this world is ripe for mulching. I guess getting mulched yourself in the origin episode does that to the rational part of Reggie's brain. Sadly; the fun ends quickly as the smoke cloud beckons (AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH) as the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM beckons at 15:58:

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the clipper that trims your hedges!

He also uses the hedge-clippers to cut the vines who try to stop Drake. Great; he's still burying Bushroot and Bushroot is in mortal fear rightfully so. Drake figured out the whole scheme except for the stealing money thing. See; the money doesn't last which explains why the money turning back into seeds. Then again; real money doesn't last in the hands of a greedy guts either. Drake threatens Bushroot with prison time and the hedge-clippers. Thankfully Bushroot decides to run interference by whining about lack of sunlight as the babyfaces gets tied up and hung upside down a-la Kit Cloudkicker from Plunder and Lightning Part One. Sunwoo screws up Honker's feet; so the effect isn't all there.

At least the episode is picking up steam for here as a vine taps Drake on the shoulder blade and knocks the hedge-clippers out of Drake's hand and ties him up and hangs him upside down. At last; someone actually gives respect to Bushroot. Too bad it won't last long enough to save this episode as Bushroot teases him. He takes the money from the safe and leaves remembering to tell the vines to do the squeeze play. Now why didn't Don Karnage think of that when he had Kit..? Oh wait; TaleSpin is not COMEDY BABY! My mistake as usual as the babyfaces is going to be squeezed to death as the segment ends 17 minutes in...Well; it's going up at least...

After the commercial break; we see the babyfaces is being tormented by the BELL HORNBLOWERS OF DOOM. Now that is funny as Drake manages to get his arms loose and there goes Bushroot's plan right there. So much for the squeeze play! Drake takes away a horn from the bell-flower hornblowers and Drake does the ultra stupid snake charmer's spot to free the babyfaces. Oy vey. The vines goes into the trash in the symbolic form of burying from Drake. The plants have the actual gall to actually POP for that spot. If there is one thing dumber than Drake it is plants. Unless it's Reggie; then he's smart. Drake threatens Bushroot with the jailhouse blues. I wish Drake was back in jail after THAT contrived spot. Thankfully; the scene switches to Mr. Mulch's fecal matter as Bushroot tries to channel the power of Douglas Benson to Mr. Mulch (who is an old mallard with a white lab coat who sells manure basically) and sadly fails.

It's sad because Bushroot's heat is gone after Drake indirectly buried him with his plants TURNING ON HIM. He then smells it which makes him even more insane than Reggie is. Bushroot touches the fecal matter and eats it! Ewwww!! I'm surprised Disney didn't cut out that spot for Disney channel. Bushroot gives Mr. Mulch the MONEY OF STINK and Mr. Mulch doesn't sell because he's a TERRORIST who is also a PLANT DUCK! Bushroot is trying hard as usual; but he's now officially a joke villain thanks to DARKWING...DUCK!! After about ten million dollars give or take; Mr. Mulch decides that greed is good and accepts the deal and leaves. Mr. Mulch thankfully was nothing so he couldn't stink up this episode anymore than it already is. Bushroot dives into the mulch and takes off his coat declaring victory and dinner parties for his takeover plants of doom. This is like me after Nintendo wins another week in the battle for respect so I'm happy to see the spot. He calls for guests and gets the twin oaks complete with suitcases. Must be from the same park where he met them after becoming Bushroot the Plant Duck. Bushroot throws more fecal matter as we clearly see DARKWING..DUCK above him with a rope. Memo to Sun Woo: Suspense is your weakest point and it blows!

Drake sezs he's in deep; but cannot say the obscene sh that rhymes with hit because it's Disney. Bushroot gets off the fecal matter hill; but Drake stops him with the gus gun. As if that's going to work and it does as Bushroot's arms grow about thirty feet long. Bushroot reels them in as he whines in a cute spot. Drake calls the spot disgusting. Rolling in fecal matter is disgusting Drake. Thankfully; Drake didn't shoot because if it worked that would be a real logic break that I don't accept. Bushroot calls Drake a sap-sucking fungus. UH OH! That's a no-no Reggie! LP chimes in that Drake always gets the bad guys. Fair enough; but he has no right to bury Bushroot unless it's in real ground of course. Gosalyn and Honker come in and do nothing because this episode is almost over anyway and nothing they do will ever save it at this point. Bushroot tries the old Batman: The Animated Series villian trick (don't know which one) of paying him off just to leave him alone with the money. Drake no sells and pushes the gas gun right in the kisser. There better be a flamethrower in that gun Drake; because gas has no effect on him. Gosalyn tries to steal the money but Drake stops her and Gosalyn sulks as usual. She deserves it since she's the one who used the money tree first. Drake with the stupid crime doesn't pay line. Memo to all superheroes: It DOES PAY. Otherwise; it wouldn't be used as a plot device. Bushroot gets behind the twin oaks to try to escape while Drake is distracted with stupid one-liners.

Bushroot claims that the gas gun shouldn't hurt them. However; Drake claims that he's packing heat in that gas gun; or a fan blower because that's what this episode needs: More windbags! It blows their leaf hairs away and they run towards Drake and stop the leaf blower with their branches. So the trees now are roided as Drake does the whirlwind spot to annoy me and then get tied up by the oak tree. Bushroot rightfully blows Drake off as I'm cheering for him. Reggie demands that the other oak trees grab the remaining babyfaces and it bounces on the metal floor which is enough for the babyfaces to go sailing into the fecal matter. Gosalyn agrees with me on that one as LP gets Honker out of it. Honker's been upside down more times than Kit has in this episode and he looks so cute doing so. The oak tree grabs them as Drake protests this outrage by trying to hit the oak trees. Sadly; he's hitting air. That's just sad folks as the babyfaces are headed to the giant wood chipper! Bushroot even questions this horrible form of death as the oak tree throws the babyfaces into the machine. I would invoke the lever spot; but this episode blows so I won't. Babyfaces runs to buy some time as Drake decides to invoke the BURNING LENS OF DOOM to set the oak tree's roots (read: feet) on fire which frees Drake.

Wow; the oak tree sells better than Drake does. Honker cannot keep this up much longer as LP saves him by doing the Baloo/Kit Jungle Book head spot. That just kills the suspense that they lamely tried to build for this as everyone knows that Drake is going to save them. Gosalyn calls for Drake as Drake climbs up a steel pole as the oak tree continues to sell well and goes into the wood chipper. Bushroot then foolishly orders the oak tree to get him out and he sells it while Bushroot helps. Oh yeah; that's not contrived in the very least. Thank you for making Bushroot even dumber than Drake. They all go into the wood chipper as Drake tries to grab Honker's hand which the babyfaces is really close to the wood chippers' blades now. Drake orders them to climb and they climb up the oak tree to safety as the idiot plants get mulched to death of course. Drake does the lesson of the week which is weak to say the least as Reggie's bush root manages to crawl out of the carnage (money of course) and his head sticks out in a disturbing spot as he calls money the root of all evil. No Bushroot; power is the root of all evil. Money is merely a symptom and Drake demonstrated that in this episode.

We return to Drake's front yard as the GANG OF GAG relaxes despite giving probably one of the worst performances I have ever seen. Gosalyn is barefoot here by the way as Drake admits that the money tree was really evil. Gosalyn blows it off as LP proclaims that Herb got some benefit from it as we see Herb Muddlefoot is playing golf with the various holes that he dug. That's just funny and he's more over than even Honker in this episode. Herb says you cannot hardly miss and Drake corrects his double negative. OH SHUT UP DRAKE! No one cares about your grammar points since you were not funny in this episode. Herb thankfully beans him in the noggin with the golf ball and he's even more over just for that. Drake looks stupid as the episode ends at 21:11. Well folks; there is our first official DUD of the series right there. Not even Herb , Honker and Bushroot combined could save this episode from the compost heap. It's so bad that it blows..badly! DUD ( 0%)


It doesn't surprise me that this episode is a redo episode of Save The Tiger. The problem is that the writer tried way too hard to top it and everything she tried to pull off was so contrived and forced that I couldn't enjoy the episode at all. Drake's burying of Bushroot continues to disgust me despite Reggie's attempt to get above the suck. The flowers turning on Bushroot as a result of Drake's stupid snake charmer spot was the tipping point for me. The Muddlefoots were good when they have screen time; but the suck overcame them as well. The arresting of Drake was also insulting. Drake basically admitted that he had a tree growing money; that's as good as counterfeiting as far as I'm concerned. Drake's attempt to be taken over by money was also completely contrived and forced as well with no buildup along with a finish that was also contrived and forced. All Bushroot had to do was not grab onto the oak trees and simply escape. He might also have won since the police still didn't know that he did it.

Even Honker was making mistakes with him going onto LP's shoulders and basically killing any suspense that running scene had. Add on quite a few logic breaks and the usual spots blown by Sun Woo and this episode was deader than Bushroot getting mulched. It's so sad because I like Bushroot and I was looking forward to at least seeing it go up. His stock went down; but don't blame Bushroot. Blame the writers for thinking of Drake as a cartoon duck and giving fans the mindset that DUCKS RULEZ and nothing can hurt them. That's an invincibility myth; ala Sony. Sony's myth is getting cut down piece by piece in spite of fanboy's attempt to prove that they cannot be destroyed. The duck myth is the same. The previous episode was an example of brilliance of Darkwing Duck; this episode is an allegory of the Disney Afternoon downfall and it hurt Goof Troop most of all.

Thumbs way down for this episode and I'll see you all next time.


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