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When Aliens Collide

Reviewed: 05/26/2007

This is what happens if MacKnee was a babyface.

So what do you get when you take Mommy for a Day; make the pet a heel; the hunter a tweener own turns babyface and a finish where the pet doesn't live free? Take one guess and let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Jeremy Cushner and the story has been edited by Tom Minton. Oh boy; I don't like where this is going..Sadly; Sun Woo is animating this episode bringing the total number in this volume to 16.

We begin with the STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM (THE CITY OF SAINT CANARD if you don't get the joke) as we head outside of the cinema as Drake completely blows off Gosalyn's choices of entertainment. I see Honker and Tank have joined for the ride which means that they will probably be used as a joke later on. Gosalyn gleefully responds to that one and her choices aren't too bad all things considered. Although I betcha Drake is ticked off because the rock concert cost him $300 per person ($100 for the kids of course) plus $10 for a bottle of water. Hey; I would be too and that's why I don't go to concerts. Or it might be the loud noise I cannot stand. Gosalyn tries to pop the jawbreaker into her mouth; but Tank pushes her aside and grabs it because he's a real bully I guess. Well; the chances of finding a blueberry jawbreaker is almost zero unless you are in THE CITY OF SAINT CANARD of course so I guess the spot makes sense. Tank tries to escape with the evidence but Gosalyn does the double stomp on Tank's webfoot which Sun Woo gets correct since stamping on people's feet is their forte. I see Kevin Sullivan is booking this episode tonight as Tank doesn't sell it properly. I wish he would sell it like a girl then it would really look cool since Dana Hill is a female voice talent after all.

Gosalyn gets the jawbreaker back of course. Hey; Tank tried to leech off Gosalyn's heat; what did you expect? Drake blows Tank off as Tank physically sells the move properly. I think Drake's upset because Tank does that foot grabbing spot better than Drake; but what do I know? Drake, Gosalyn and Honker walk away as Tank continues the selling. I see Tank has his webfeet boots on today as we head into the park (Yeah; so what?) Drake of course continue to scold Gosalyn because her choices in entertainment are lacking in good taste for Drake to enjoy. This must be some sort of message about movie critics that I'm not getting because Drake's choices in entertainment are villain hunting and burying. That's hardly in good taste; but then again Drake is full of himself so...Gosalyn of course blows him off because Drake lost the coin-toss with Mr. Muddlefoot. Even in a game of chance; Drake is screwed and Drake knows it. But that's besides the point you see because he knows what's best for Gosalyn. So in other word; it's best for Gosalyn to walk into the middle of the street when she is hitchhiking right Drake?! Gosalyn has the “I don't trust you” look Kit invented in the previous series (which is fine since both series were in or finished production long ago.) down pretty good; but the sharp stare needs improvement. Gosalyn just wants Drake to trust her; unlike Kit who just wants adults not to betray him as a furry being. Then their argument is finally interrupted as the cucumber flies around and crashes right into the tree off-screen in a wussy bump. Yeah; I'm use to it since Sunwoo's animating it's 16th episode on Volume 1 alone. Drake is amazed by this as Gosalyn loves it because it's not from earth. I agree since airplane aren't usually cucumbers anyway. Gosalyn runs to it as Drake yells for her to come back. I'm beginning to suspect that Gosalyn's favorite character on TaleSpin was Molly Cunningham and she added Kit as her second favorite character to mimic.

Drake does the give an inch; take a mile line. Give Drake an inch and he's take THE CITY OF SAINT CANARD as demonstrated in the episode involving DARKWARRIOR ..DUCK; and he didn't suck. Drake follow Gosalyn of course because he just has to leech off Gosalyn's heat. Gosalyn goes over and knocks on the door of the alien cucumber to greet this new visitor from another planet. Drake scolds her because he doesn't know where it's been. It's funnier when Mean Gene sezs that to Lord Alfred Hayes on TNT it should be noted (because Awful Alfred is well goofy. Didn't expect that one?) . Gosalyn blows him off because he doesn't trust her. Drake doesn't trust anyone since IT'S ALL ABOUT ME...Oops; that's Emperor's New Skool (and yes; it's intentional since that was the original codename of the show Disney released. The one with Kuzo doing the stiffest flips in the history of animation in the opening.) Drake blows her off because it's justified. If I were the aliens; I would be worried as the door flips open and Drake gets squashed like a grape on the ground (DUH!). Good bump from Sun Woo; awful sound effect from the sound people.

It sounds like a squashed duck sound. Oh wait; that's an apporos sounds; forget what I said. Drake walks away looking like an end table and Gosalyn decides to follow as the alien shadow appear to build a little suspense in COMEDY BABY as the purple alien arrives (no relation to the alien from Saturn of course) as he takes out the beeping helmet (after the GANG OF GAG PLUS BULLY gasps..badly). I wonder what the swear words sound like in the alien's native tongue? Ponder that one and despair as the alien look like that alien from Phantom of the Asteroids; but has a complete body and is purple instead of red. The ALIEN OF DOOM gasps back..badly and the babyfaces plus bully gasps back...badly. The alien is choking on the collar and bounces around like a Gummi Bear on crack. All the bumps were wussy as per with Sun Woo. He then transforms into the ROIDED ALIEN OF DOOM and everyone hides. He's clearly having trouble with that collar as he is picking on it to shrink him back down to size. Let me guess; Larson and Gary have a rocket ship and they went to Mars or wherever this alien was and gave him a collar than injects HGH in his neck?

How many joke must I make about these two losers before DARKWING..DUCK actually MURDERS these guys and stop their steroid ring? WHY MUST I SUFFER SO?! Drake blows off the collar as Gosalyn sees this alien as a pet and runs to him. Drake follows blowing the alien's owner's off. You do NOT want to blow the alien owner off Drake. That is just asking for trouble as you will see. Tank follows as we see a glowing pickle on the ground which Tank opens up (?!). Well; the pickle opened up by itself and Tank sees the jawbreaker. See; Tank loves jawbreakers which predated Ed. Edd & Eddy by about eight year; give or take. And the creators wondered why that show sucked the meat missile with gusto? Gosalyn goes over to pet the alien on the long stalking eyes; and Drake pulls him back because he still doesn't trust her. Hey Drake; it's not the GREEN BUBBLE OF BURNING HELL from The Idol Rich. Let her pet the creature and LIKE IT! Religious reference (heavens sake) ensues from Drake making him have a bigger jack off than Gosalyn. Gosalyn rightfully blows him off for me as Gosalyn goes to the alien again and he acts like a dog in front of her.

That spot is similar to Kit playing Tailgunner with Molly in Plunder and Lightning Part Two; the difference is no one is on the alien. The alien complains about the collar and Gosalyn wants Drake to take the collar off of him. Drake no-sells because it might make him completely naked and cause the PTC to..Oh forget it! The joke is dead now. The alien turns his attention to Tank with the stressed pink eye on the pickle and basically annoys Tank to no end. Here's a question: Why is it that when gamers tell elders to get a thick skin when they are offended; but elders don't say that to gamers when THEY get offended? Maybe they should start; just to take the high road on the whole issue. Alien wants his jawbreakers and Tank backs up telling him to beat it. Alien no-sells because Tank is stealing his stuff of course and Tank has NOTHING to MURDER him with. Tank continues to back up as Honker is right there behind Tank for him to push forward and take the WRAITH OF THE ALIEN EYES! Honker stutters which proves that Honker's character stutters and it's not just a Drake thing. Tank uses Honker as the distraction as Tank puts the jawbreaker into Honker's backpack (which Penny donated to him after Inspector Gadget was canceled) and replaces the pickle with rocks. Tank; outsmart someone? Yeah right?! The alien gets the pickle and doesn't suspect a thing as he assumes that his jawbreaker are safe. That will be important for later on I bet. Gosalyn grabs onto the collar to size it up; but has no luck finding a way to get it loose. Drake isn't amused; so the alien jumps onto Drake and licks him like a dog. I was hoping that he would kick Drake like a dog; but whatever. If there is one spot TaleSpin didn't life from Fred Flintstone; it was THAT SPOT. And of course Drake buries it by no-selling the spot. Gosalyn proclaims that he needs to be kept safe until his owner shows up. Again; remember that for later on and Drake isn't happy about that because he's screwed and therefore cannot bury anyone this episode.

(Finally;) we head to Drake's house as Drake, Gosalyn and the alien enter the house. Gosalyn proclaims that the collar is history. I suspect that it will be a factor later on as Drake proclaims that Launchpad won't believe this which should signal his contractual appearance any second...NOW! That outfit of Launchpad is too funny to see. Gosalyn doesn't get the point. I do; it's COMEDY BABY! The alien gets scared and takes a pretty good bump while hiding in the wastepaper basket. Nice animating from Sun Woo as Launchpad doesn't get it either. Gosalyn pops alien out of the waste...Oh swell; let's do that again and this time: GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER! Gosalyn pulls the alien out of the wastepaper basket and slams him on the table with the alien taking a MAN-SIZED bump on it. OUCH! Gosalyn's treatment of aliens is like her treatment of Drake. No wonder Kit turned out to be a well-rounded character in the end. Gosalyn runs to find the method to her madness as the alien opens up the pickles and finally notices that it's full of rocks.

He panics and even more so as Gosalyn arrives with the flamethrower. And she wonders why Drake doesn't trust her? Well; at least she's wearing safety gear; too bad the alien isn't. The alien comically over-sells it to my pleasure. I'm loving this episode; but then I love Mommy for a Day too so there you go...and we head into the living room as Launchpad tells this crazy story which only Baloo would ever think of. Wonder if they were exchanging notes in between series. Then again; there's this one Ducktales fan who swears on his bloody honor that Launchpad was the first choice for a main character for TaleSpin. Personally; in retrospect, Baloo was the best choice for TaleSpin in the long run since it eliminated the overexposure of mallards and dogspeople that populated those shows. TaleSpin also aged a lot better than Darkwing Duck and Ducktales did (and those two can still go.). Drake doesn't buy or sell the story as the alien runs into the living room and Drake gets squashed over the sofabed...ERR... sofa which flips over. The bump is much better; thank you very much Sun Woo. Gosalyn enters with the chainsaw and is still not getting why Drake doesn't trust her. I mean; a ten year old with a CHAINSAW?!

Then again; a 12 year old got to drive a steamroller in Pizza Pie For the Sky so this is not out of place in a Disney show. Well; she is wearing the safety goggles so at least she's being politically correct here unlike Kit who doesn't even have a drivers license. The alien is so scared that he touches his collar and chokes himself into Yokozuna times 100. And you thought Yoko was TOO FAT before he died?! He blows a hole in the roof which means the old NEEDLE IN THE BUTTCHEEKS spot occurs from Drake which allows the alien to shrink like a balloon. And man did that suck badly. I mean; there is no COMEDY BABY spots in that spot. Drake blows off Gosalyn and Gosalyn bails because SHE CAN HANDLE IT. Drake blows her off again because she's going to cause $100,000 in damages. Okay; he didn't say that, but the implication is there. We head to the roof as the alien gets himself loose and we hear a phone ring and a female voice telling Tank to answer the phone which is Logic Break #1 for the episode because if Tank was home, it would be Binky's voice and Binky doesn't sound like her at all.

Honker blows it off because he didn't hear it ring..Or maybe because he doesn't care to answer it. Or maybe Tank was playing with Honker's mind as Honker leaves to answer the phone himself. Drake is now rubbing off of Honker since he must be REALLY STUPID to fall for that one. Or maybe Tank wanted to pound him if he refused. The alien uses the stressed pink eyes to look inside as Tank is helping himself to Honker's backpack. Remember that the jawbreakers are inside so the spot is within the correct context. Logic Break #1 is popped out of the episode. I'm amazed that Jeremy has held it together for this long. Maybe TaleSpin does have some long term effects on writers? Or maybe not. Mr. Alien so said Gos as she is climbing up the ladder as Mr. Alien looks on. Gosalyn gets up onto the roof and the alien runs away from her. Gosalyn doesn't call this fair. Life's not fair Gosalyn otherwise; Kit Cloudkicker would have been the next Mickey Mouse and you would be Minnie. Drake would be Donald and Baloo would be Goofy.

We head inside Tank's gay closet (Yeah; I wrote a homosexual joke; so shoot me..) as Tank admires his jawbreaker collection. I cannot believe this throwaway spot was used as the premise in a cartoon a decade later. And they say Spongebob Squarepants was scrapping the bottom of the barrel. At least Spongeguard was FUNNY; something serious purists will NEVER GET and wonder why parent groups HATE THEM?! Tank puts the jawbreakers into the jar and goes back into Honker's bedroom to hide the evidence. However; Honker enters the room just before Tank re-enter and accuses Tank of being a liar while saying the line was dead (death reference #1). Tank grabs him by the shirt and bullies him because he's the bullying brother of the Muddlefoot's family and doing something else would be completely out of character for him. We head back to the roof (The Mallard house still) as the alien tangles with the television antenna and swings right into the window and assault Tank while doing flips stiffer than Kuzo on a bad day out of Honker's room. That was entertaining for some perverted reason as the alien gets off and invokes the steroid alien spot on Tank. Yeah; squash Tank flatter than a grape; that will get both of them over for my sick pleasure.

Tank is scared stiff (as stiff as the animation from Sun Woo would allow) as Scott Steiner..oh wait; SCOTT ALIEN (that's better) grabs Tank; but before he can do anything the collar chokes him again which shrinks him back down to size. That collar has GOT TO GO and Tank is more than willing to help him. And since Tank's taunting spot sucks worser than crap Gosalyn enter and invokes the kick which actually connects for a change and Tank is popped right into the wall with a MAN-SIZED bump. Tank struggles to get his head free while we laugh at him..and laugh..and laugh some more. I cannot believe the crack Disney captions team can understand what he is mumbling because I don't. Then again; the crack Disney captions team gets it messed up half the time so this is to be expected. The alien grabs the backpack and SPRINGS out of the window back onto the roof; I guess. Honker wonders why the alien wants his homework. I wonder why I love this episode as much as Mommy for Day now? Gosalyn gives him the answer and Honker panics of course because he doesn't want failing grades. I can just see the excuse “An alien ate my homework” coming soon for some odd reason.

We head back on the Muddlefoot's side of the roof as Drake and Launchpad check the damage on their own roof. Drake wants to MURDER that alien and I hope the alien MURDERS him for leeching off his heat. So Launchpad sees him and that should cue the Fred Flintstone spot to commence as the alien uses the television antenna to squash Drake back into the living room. The bump was MAN-SIZED of course; in typical Hanna Barbera fashion (off-screen of course). I just wish all bumps were like that in Disney; but Sun Woo won't bite. And they break the coffee table of course because it wouldn't be a Disney cartoon without a table spot. Drake throws off the alien like a bad habit as Gosalyn re-enters and Drake has HAD IT. The alien walks out and Honker appears for a meeting of the minds..and it wasn't at the water cooler. Yeah; I stole that from Jim Ross; so shoot me. Nice bump though as Honker asks for his backpack back while stuttering. Why can't Honker ask someone without stuttering? Even Kit in timid state doesn't do it that badly.

Alien is not amused and he turns to SCOTT ALIEN in no time flat. Oh good one Honker; you ticked RICK ALIEN off now. Honker is grabbed and tossed like a piece of trash on Monday collection day. Honker takes wussy bumps as usual as Honker thinks homework is their food while adjusting his glasses. We head back inside as Gosalyn blows Drake off; remembering to say crock in her speech. Oooo; swearing in DUBBED ANIME STYLE OLD FASHION STYLE there Gos. I thought TaleSpin would have that. Instead it's OH MY GOD instead. My head hurts again as Drake tries to explain to her that he's lying in a nice way; but the ground rumbles once again and I suspect that the next alien ship arrives and it does at the cabbage rocket arrives to land and it does without incident as the alien shrinks down and re-enters the Mallard house, while Drake and Gosalyn bounce around and Launchpad falls off the LADDER OF DOOM while commenting and doesn't take a bump at all; although the rumbling would interfere with such a function so I'll let it slide. Remember kids: TALKING AND RIDING A LADDER IS DEADLY!

Honker is worried about his term papers now. That will be the least of your worries young man. Nice animation from Sun Woo it should noted; but it's still no WD-Japan as the door inside is taking a pounding and the alien whimpers and runs to find a place to hide. Drake tells Gosalyn to take cover and for once; Gosalyn should trust him for a change. Drake tries to answer the door; but the door is BUSTED from it's hinges and Drake goes flying into the kitchen complete with Scooby Doo Snow Angel Spot. Not to mention Sun Woo screwed the scene up because inside the kitchen; there is nothing but blackness. How cheap was that?! Doesn't matter because in comes another alien who is wearing blue armor and looks like a dog robot with a nasty temper. I would suggest that this is the alien equal of Mcnee right now judging by how nasty he looks. He looks at Gosalyn and twists the red knob in order to change his alien dialog to English.

Now there's a neat feature we need and maybe we wouldn't sound so goofy when we are overseas. Or maybe not as one of them sounds like the Tazmanian Devil from Bugs Bunny. I smell a lawsuit in your future Jeremy. Gosalyn doesn't get it as Captain BigNasty finally gets it right and demands for Wacko the Alien. Sorry Captain BigNasty; Wacko is in Hollywood right now trapped in the Warner Brother's water tower. You must mean Sucko since Socko is in New York with Mick Foley. Gosalyn doesn't get it until he invokes the LONG ARM OF THE LAW and grabs Wacko to prove his point and Gosalyn gets it. Nasty wants the seismospheres which I believe that would be Tank's jawbreakers since they are sphere shaped so to speak. Nasty storms out with Wacko as the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM beckons at 10:54 complete with the smoke cloud (AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH AND MOVIE RATING):

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the squashed bug on your flying saucer windshield.

Nasty then invokes the cannon from his midsection and blows Drake away to shut him up. HEE HEE! Then again; it would be funnier if he was smacked right into the cabbage rocket's windshield; just for the heck of it. Gosalyn jumps onto Nasty's shoulders and invokes the Katie Dodd clubbering of doom on his jaw. Gos has perfected the sissy pounding spot down to a science I see. Nasty grabs him and gives him the nasty talk. Gosalyn blows it off and does the something in the eye promo before invokes the ear muffs onto Nasty's nasty eyes. He drops Gosalyn and Wacko and Gosalyn throws Wacko right into the cabbage rocket ship; with Wacko taking a MAN-SIZED bump into it which suggests that he is a heel actually.

Wacko gets into the cabbage rocket as Honker apparently goes after him because he wants his homework back. BigNasty struggles inside and takes a wussy bump after tripping on the floor. You win some you lose some with Sun Woo animating. Drake tells Gosalyn to go to his room and Gosalyn HATES that. She sells anyway and goes up without a fight because it's better to be sneaky than violent, I guess. Captain BigNasty gets his line of sight back and he's ticked off already. LET'S GET DANGEROUS ensues at about 11:45 with Launchpad in tow. This is going to be brutal; I just know it. We then see Gosalyn go down the window with the old sheet rope spot and takes a wussy bump onto the floor complete with the sound that makes all wussy bumps great: The SQUEAK SOUND OF LAUGHS. Ask Chuckles The Silly Piggy about it since he made a living doing those ultra wussy bumps.

Gosalyn runs to Honker and the engines of the cabbage ship start so that means Gosalyn and Honker hops into the ship because they are children and cannot help themselves. We head to the shot of Drake's house as the MOST BRUTAL SQUASH IN DARKWING ...DUCK HISTORY continues. We see Drake and Launchpad losing to BigNasty of course as BigNasty blows off Drake's blowing off. Captain BigNasty reminds me for someone in real life for some reason. See he's the Captain of the Outer Space Patrol and Drake finally realizes that so Drake has to respect him now. Geez; Drake do you realize how stupid and criminal that was...Oh wait; it's DRAKE I'm talking about. It all makes sense now. I'm surprised Captain BigNasty is ONLY holding them at bay and not MURDERING Drake. Code of honor perhaps?! Of course; shooting Drake with the cannon pretty much ruins that code if you ask me; but what do I know?! Drake calls him ugly and he's too loud so BigNasty blows him off with the mean stare. Rumbling occurs again as the engines are purring like an earthquake happening. BigNasty realizes that it's his ship being stolen and runs outside; but it's too late as the cabbage rocket flies into space.

Captain BigNasty blames Drake for it and I agree with him. Drake blows him off because Nasty cannot catch a stupid pet. Except that Wacko is really a criminal who stole the most dangerous explosives in the universe (his words; not mine) and BigNasty basically shakes Drake in the process. Now that's is BIGNASTY for ya! Brutal animating by Sun Woo as usual as Drake is basically drunk again. Launchpad points to the cabbage rocket as we see Gosalyn in the trip waving to Drake because SHE CAN HANDLE IT. She has NO IDEA what she is dealing with here as Drake screams back at her...badly to end the segment 13 minutes in. WOW; that's the longest segment in DTVA history. WAIT A MINUTE! Now I know who Captain BigNasty reminds me of. That bounty hunter who catches criminals in a nasty way and got in trouble with Mexican law: Dog The Bounty Hunter. I knew there was a connection here. I mean; BigNasty even looks like a pitbull. Great episode so far as Jeremy has actually gained something since TaleSpin; unlike Dean Stefan who's heat is gone after two episodes with Jamalya Jake in them. And Captain BigNasty has turned face; while Wacko has yet to turn heel which is good in this case.

After the commercial break; we head to Drake's hideout as the Thunder Quack is ready to rip as the bridge tower opens up and the Thunder Quack flies up into the sky. Okay; that was different. Drake is really CONCERNED with Gosalyn because he really wants to blow her off for being in league with an ALIEN MEANCE. We head to the cabbage rocket as we get the old spot of Gosalyn looking from space and sounding like Chucky while doing it. Gosalyn calls it cool as Wacko is choking on the collar again so Gosalyn and Honker run to help him. They do not suspect a thing. We head to the main control room as Wacko is trying to remove the collar with the old tooth pulling spot. It NEVER works in cartoons; what did you expect Wacko? Gosalyn comes over and declares that the collar has to go. Gosalyn looks around and find the seat which has a no collar sign on it. Oh yeah; like Gosalyn's NOT going to fall for that little move and she puts Wacko onto the seat. She goes to Honker and asks him what his favorite color. Honker's answer: Medium Cadium Red and so Gosalyn pushes the red button.

Sunwoo screwed up here; since two of the buttons of red which allows the seat belt to tie up Wacko and do some cute spot before finally cutting the collar off. Again; she doesn't suspect a thing..Yet! Wacko grows into SCOTT ALIEN once again and proclaims his freedom in English no less. So English is a forbidden dialog in the alien world I see? No wonder most people don't believe in them. And it's valley girl talk to boot which is far worse! On second thought; his bad acting makes me yearn for the collar to be put back on him as he grabs Honker's backpack with the stretch arms. He looks in and then goes into the dramatic overselling because they are gone. And Honker's papers get destroyed of course and I won't mention the punchline for the joke ever on this rant because I already have. Gosalyn agrees to help Wacko find his explosives.

Umm; Gosalyn, if he's talking about his plans; then that's the signal that he's a heel maybe? Honker puts his term papers back into the backpack and he's safe from the WRAITH OF MRS. WISEMAN for now. See joke from last episode I ranted on. Wacko cries like a little baby as he states that Tank Muddlefoot has his jawbreakers. Gosalyn declares Tank as the thief. Considering that we have seen Tank stealing them; he doesn't have a hope in hell of winning a case here. Wacko goes to the controls and turns the space cabbage around back to earth. Wacko's acting is terrible when he's speaking English I should note.

We head back to Tank's room as Tank is playing with the UNIVERSEBREAKERS OF DOOM as he throws the puny bomb away and it destroys the Muddlefoot's house of course. Tank drops dead of course just to show how stupid he really is. Good animating from Sun Woo there and I'm SHOCKED Tank is not DEAD after that spot. We return to space in the Thunder Quack. Stupidity question of the episode: Since when did the Thunder Quack become space worthy? I guess NASA was hired to build that thing for Launchpad in the pilot. I can only dream of the hijinks involved here as the space cabbage cuts them off in cross formation (without hitting each other) and the Thunder Quack is forced to follow them without any VOICEOVER OF DOOM beckoning. I guess Captain BigNasty is one of those I like silence scene types. The cabbage is out of gas and Wacko begins to panic inside as he pleads for Gosalyn to not take them away. Gosalyn agrees to do it which is apporos since she can accept heel offers on short notice. Another reason why she's different from Kit. The Thunder Quack does the MAN-SIZED bump into the cabbage which is some sight gag because it's funny.

Drake and BigNasty fight over who gets to go into the cabbage first. It's so like them to fight. Drake wins by outsmarting him and then invoking the LEAD GRIP KUNG FU ACTION BOOT OF DEATH to knock him away and no bump is present. Bad form there Sun Woo even by your standards. Sun Woo is ruining a perfectly good episode here as they always do. Ask TaleSpin fans about it. Drake climbs down the pink rope as he declares that he's here to rescue Gosalyn. Gosalyn blows him off right on the cue when Captain BigNasty slides down and squashes Drake flatter than a grape. Nyuk! Nyuk! Great spot there and the bump was MAN-SIZED. BigNasty invokes the roller skate to look around as Drake blows himself up again. And Drake demands answers so Gosalyn blows her off because he doesn't trust her. LP and Drake decide to help BigNasty look around and Gosalyn cues Wacko to spring into the Thunder Quack as he steals that. She still doesn't suspect a thing as Drake really lays it into Gosalyn.

Well; he is a space criminal and for once I'm on Drake's side. Gosalyn is confused and then really blows him off in response because Wacko is a cute widdle alien and wouldn't do anything like that at all. Wacko invokes the crazy villain which the best acting that alien has done since speaking English. It is so heelish of him. He locks the Thunder Quack doors as BigNasty grabs the door with the LONG ARMS OF THE LAW but Wacko counters with the red button to pull the Thunder Quack out into space leaving a gaping hole in the cabbage and causing a black hole. Well; there's logic break #1 for the episode right there; but we're 17 minutes in and Jeremy has done his part in keeping it together so I'll allow it. The Thunder Quack speeds away as the space cabbage is taking out oxygen faster than you can say POPPED HOMER & BART heads. I'm amazed that they are still standing at this point. Well; BigNasty doesn't need oxygen; so that explains him at least. Memo to Drake: GET SPACESUITS! Everyone tries to hang on; but Gosalyn is flying out of the cabbage to end the segment about 17 and a half minutes in. Other than the obvious logic break there; this is just great.

After the commercial break; we see as Gosalyn hangs on the edge and BigNasty saves the day by invoking the big ass plunger which seals up the room perfectly with a tight seal. Gosalyn falls down and Drake makes the LEAP OF FAITH to save her. How charming of him?! Drake wants to MURDER Wacko because he's evil. Why not just tell her about the explosives Drake?! That would be a better solution than storming off while Gosalyn is questioning your morals. Gosalyn blows him off for that and wants Honker's approval. Honker decides that Drake making him stutter is better than getting bullied by Gosalyn so he takes Gosalyn's side and then he turns on Gosalyn. PSYCHOLOGY! Gosalyn bullies him of course like Tank as the UNIVERSEBREAKER OF DOOM falls onto the ground and it doesn't explode. Those are tough celled ones.

Ugotium has NOTHING on the safety of sesimospheres. BigNasty looks at it and realizes that and panics of course. The babyfaces exchange notes basically agreeing that the explosives are more dangerous in Tank's hands than in Wacko's. Big Nasty decides that they would use the bomb to jump start the engine; or fry to a crisp depending on what mood the maker of this device was in. Drake gets the spacesuits and once again; the logic break is popped out of the spacecraft. And Drake is REALLY STUPID of course because we head back to the destroyed house (good CONTUINITY from Sun Woo for a change) as the Thunder Quack crash lands onto the front lawn. I guess Wacko still hasn't learned how to drive human spaceships. He slips into Tank's room as we see Tank Muddlefoot bandaged up like a mummy in a medical facility (HAHA!) and Wacko decides it's torture time for Tank. Tank screams..badly as he struggles but he's stiffer know. So we finally head to outside the space cabbages as Drake is near the engine.

Drake tries to insert the bomb into the rocket engine; but it won't go in. More time wasting ensues as BigNasty is upset because the cabbage is entering earth and they are going to lose control of the ship if Drake doesn't jump start the engines. And of course; the cabbage enters earth space and loses control. Drake grabs the ORB OF PAIN; but he's riding the cabbage like a bad jet skier as it free falls towards earth. Drake loses his spacesuit of course which is pointless because he's in earth's atmosphere and it's just an excuse anyway for Drake to invoke the blow dart while being full of himself. Notice how few times I've said that in this episode. He manages to blow the bomb into the engines and they start up quickly.

And I suspect Drake is burnt to a crisp on that spot. Oh boy! That makes Trading Faces look dumb as BigNasty realizes that the engines have re-started and takes over the cabbage. I suspect the explosives are made from engine oil. BigNasty pulls up the cabbage (HEE HEE!) and we we the charming truck in the headlights spot just to amuse me into boredom. The cabbage is over the cars; but Gosalyn wonders where Drake is. Don't worry; he's just being an freaking bug on the windshields of those cars you managed to avoid. Just too funny as Drake looks like he's been in a car wreck. And it ends with Drake shattering the window into the cabbage of course. No bump is present and I hate Sunwoo for that.

We return to the Muddlefoot's house as Wacko threatens violence and Tank submits and tells him to go to the closet. And you thought Spike from Mister T was a wuss? Then again; Tank is in no position to bully ANYONE unlike Spike so it's apporos here. Wacko goes to the closet and grabs the JAWBREAKERS OF DOOM and declares victory. Wacko you should know better because here comes the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM as we see Drake enter through the window ready to MURDER that alien. Wacko goes to the door but that's closed off by BigNasty. Wacko is finished now..or is he? Hey Wacko; invoke the JAWBREAKERS OF DOOM. You have the most powerful force in the universe; use them NOW! Thankfully; Wacko threatens them with the JAWBREAKERS OF DOOM and Drake and BigNasty cower like a bunch of chickens. Or not as Wacko exits through the window which means Drake is the one who let him get away. He heads to the cabbage as Launchpad exits and he's force to bail when Wacko is threatening him with the bombs. Okay; that will work. Drake and BigNasty are sneaking up on him of course and he blows them off as he proclaims that they'll never stop him from destroying the universe right in front of Gosalyn and Gosalyn finally GETS IT!

Wacko then throws the ultimate insult by proclaiming that Honker is Gosalyn's boyfriend. Oh; that is just asking for it Wacko Jacko. And Gosalyn is ticked off so she invokes the Jesse The Body Special Times Two! Wrestling fans should know that move as Wacko loses the JAR OF EXPLODING JAWBREAKERS. Well; Wacko's physical selling is still there to amuse me as they play the suspenseful Will it explode spot?! However; it doesn't work because Honker grabs it without incident. No LEAP OF FAITH spots. NOTHING. That is the only lame spot of the episode it should be noted. Gosalyn allows Drake to mop up as we get the ultra-exciting fist fight between Wacko and Drake. Just to make it even funnier; the dust cloud is so badly animated that it deserved to be mocked as the babyfaces cheer for death. Well; Wacko's death anyway. Drake wins easily as he invokes the collar on him (Huh?!) and Wacko is forced to say uncle as he shrinks back to him little self. Drake then cuts his usual full of himself promo as BigNasty coughs to inform to get it right or get MURDERED. Drake admits that BigNasty helped him. And that's so true too. I love it was Drake's ego is deflated....

So we see the end as BigNasty has Wacko chained up as he leaves in his cabbage. Gosalyn tells him not to forgot to recycle which makes absolutely no sense in this episode and it looks like a throwaway moment as the babyfaces wave goodbye to the real babyface BigNasty as the cabbage sails into space forever. Then Herb Muddlefoot comes out of the destroyed house (Huh?) and thanks Drake for protecting Honker as he goes to Herb. Yeah; he's that dense and Drake doesn't like it. Herb slams the door with Honker and Herb inside..and the house gets completely destroyed of course. Too funny and Sun Woo animated it right for a change as Gosalyn giggles under her breath. Drake blows her off as Gosalyn winks as the episode ends at 21:20 with the Hole Fade to Black .Oh my goodness; Jeremy wrote a perfect episode which was marred by blown spots by Sun Woo, Awesome effort here as it was as good as Mommy For a Day in script; but lost due to bad spot blowing. And no logic breaks; although Jeremy cut it close near the end. **** 3/4 ( 95%)


I absolutely enjoyed this one as it was a twist to the Mommy For a Day episode in that Drake plays careful while Gosalyn accuses him of not trusting her. Then the alien shows up and makes everyone think he's the babyface as much as we believed that Captain BigNasty was a heel. Until BigNasty admits to being a police officer and turns face. However; Gosalyn doesn't know that Wacko is a heel and defends him until pretty much the end when Wacko himself admits to being a heel. Gosalyn turns on him; Drake MURDERS Wacko and that's it. This episode was well written and the spots were mostly on unless Sun Woo was there to blow them of course. Walt Disney Japan should have done this episode; since they did Mommy for a Day as well and that was perfection salad for Libby Hinson. Jeremy was teasing a few major logic breaks; but managed to pull it off very well. Tank gets clobbered by Gosalyn and the heelish side of Gosalyn was shown in this one since Kit would NEVER kick someone's butt unless provoked. Gosalyn wasn't even provoked here. Everyone was on and Drake actually put everyone over and didn't bury them. A rare feat in itself. Even Launchpad was funny when he needed to be. Overall; a near perfect episode marred by Sun Woo's inability to not screw up an episode. Next up is Steggmutt's heel debut along with Doctor Fossil's. Oops; I gave away the plot right there. I'm SO NAUGHTY!

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you all next time.


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