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Just Us Justice Ducks Part Two

Reviewed: 05/20/2007

Read my review or else I'll throw....THE SWITCH!!

Yes; that caption does serve a purpose as you will see. This is the last episode with Negaduck in volume one believe it or not. So let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Kevin Campbell and Brian Swenlin. The story has been edited by Duane Capizzi. This is Kevin Campbell's debut as a writer and get use to it since he's also writing that self-centered cartoon that makes Pepper Ann look like a friends cartoon: The Emperor's New Skool....and I win the bet because this is episode #14 for Sun Woo in this volume.

We continue with Drake free-falling off the yellow tower (DUH-As if the writers would stoop to using a Logic Break on par with an Agony Booth reviewed movie) from the ground angle this time around before Logic Break #1 rears it's ugly head because the Fearsome Four plus NEGASLIME are on the top of the tower instead of inside it. Fifteen seconds in and we have a logic break?! That's a new record even for Disney Television Animation. No wonder purists hate Michael Eisner. Sadly; Drake ends up alive and well into the trash truck as NegaDuck is screwed once again. I see that NegaDuck's reign of terror hasn't affected garbage disposal at all. Drake then for no reason; get dumped onto the sidewalk without any context or buildup whatsoever. Wussy bump to boot as well. We then see a gag of doctors walking from right to left with the WHEELBARROW OF DOOM complete with the MONEY OF STINK talking about getting power back to the hospital. If this was supposed to be a joke; I find it sadistic rather than funny and quite frankly; if they are serious, it doesn't quite work for dramatic effect either.

This two part episode is falling faster than Missy Hayatt at a sex addict convention and we're not even thirty seconds into the episode. They go into the yellow tower as Drake recovers and sees an electronic billboard electrified with Sparky's picture on it. Drake wonders how long he was out..It's about ten seconds Drake which is a new world record for knockouts in cartoon history. See; this is why character interactions are so important nowadays since this is a complete waste of time. Bushroot's plant dogs terrorize a few dogspeople in an attempt to show chaos in a funny way and it doesn't quite catch. The dogspeople try to get to the police; but the police are owned by Quackerjack's CHOMPERS OF DOOM! How ironic since most police officers are usually quiet for the most part. Drake then goes into a sulking mood admitting his guilt because he was so full of himself. Funny spot occurs as when Drake claims that he was way over his head; the water level raises and is indeed way over his head. Liquidator is really wishy-washy; but in a good way....

We head to Drake's hideout with Gosalyn, Neptunia, Steggmutt and Morgana (Remember that Gizmo Duck is still looking for the PHANTOM OVERDUE BOOK OF DOOM? ) as Launchpad declares that the Fearsome Four Plus NEGASLIME took over the city in just five minutes. Which is funny because Launchpad is only really a minute and thirty seconds off (NegaDuck took over the city 17 minutes into the first half of this two parter and the episode ended about five minutes 10 seconds later + plus add one minute 15 seconds onto this episodes equaling about six minutes and thirty seconds give or take five seconds). Neptunia blows off Darkwing as Gosalyn is worried about him. LP wants a bowling partner and Morgana wants a savior so when in doubt have Gizmo Duck go through the bridge wall and declare that they will save the city. Now I was going to call Logic Break #2; but Gizmo Duck is pretty fast so I'm not going to call it. Most of the group is ready to fight; except for the selfish Neptuina who claims that she'll dry out if she doesn't go back into the sea. Morgana suggests her moisture cream and Neptuina blows it off because it's not her brand. Nice to see that the selfish Neptuina turn into a diva and commercialism freak all into one. And you think Disney is a product placement whore now?! Neptunia jumps back into the water as Gizmo Duck redoes the plan slightly to make up for the selfish woman Neptunia.

As much as Drake is full of himself; at least he isn't selfish and therefore is willing to save the city no matter how hopeless it really is. Morgana gets to find the villion's hideout (Gizmo Duck's words, not mine) and Gizmo Duck gets the Power Company. Steggmutt wants to help as he stomps around and surprisely the bridge doesn't get destroyed as a result. Boy; Saint Canard building codes are so shoddy compared to the bridge. Gosalyn wants to look for DARKWING..DUCK despite the fact that she walked away from him because he was so full of himself. I knew that they were acting all along. Gizmo Duck doesn't allow it because she's too young or something. Steggmutt offers to do that because...say it with he can give him his change. I just love the poor widdle dinosaur now as the Justice Duck Minus One Selfish Fish leave to their orders. Gosalyn and Launchpad stay behind as we head to the ocean as Neptunia swims towards HAL THE EVIL KRAKEN OF DOOM. Hal is trying to warn her about something. Neptunia thinks someone broke their mandible when they fell into Devil's Gorge (Religious Reference number 2 for the series) which is silly because the ocean water would have broken their fall. I guess water has the same gravity as the air in this cartoon world. Hal grabs her as Neptunia complains about the lack of mouth Hal has. Hal swims him into the city as Neptunia questions why her ocean is over the city. They haven't really ticked her off to justify it.

Of course; Hal points to a group of stranded dogspeople on a building while Buddy is taunting them with ad promos and the life raft. Someone tries to climb up as the water rises which is OUT OF NOWHERE and goes about the same place. A female dogsperson complete with bad southern accent carrying the money over to Buddy states that this is all she has...about $100,000 dollars it looks like. Neptunia admits that she should stop being so selfish and actually help the land dwellers. Well; that was also OUT OF NOWHERE and hopefully it goes the same place. However; she swims over and jumps up after Buddy cuts another cute ad promo to amuse me. She invokes the couch horn and tells Buddy to leave them alone while poking him with her fin. Buddy cuts yet another awesome ad promo to blow her off. Even when he's blowing off people; he's cutting an ad promo. Neptunia dives into the water to escape; but the Liquidator cuts yet another brilliant ad promo and dives into the water. Then he actually taunts her without cutting an ad promo. That's the first time I've seen him not cut an ad promo in this two parter. Buddy reveals himself in front of Neptunia and Neptunia invokes the WHIRLWATER OF DEATH on him because this is what this two parter needs: More windbags. They spin around for awhile as Neptunia cuts a scoreboard promo which means the tweener is going to be screwed since they make contact with the wires and Neptunia fires like a bunch of fish & chips. Okay; maybe just the fish. Neptunia is out cold as a fish as Buddy drowns her in his own body and cuts a victory ad promo to amuse me. Nice to see that Neptunia gets taken out quick since she's the least over Justice Duck there is...

We head to the park where Morgana is using her brain power to find the villain's hideout (Gizmo Duck's words; not mine). Since this is a park; I suggest that Bushroot is the one who will take on Morgana in this scene. She calls her spider Archie as she finds the yellow tower using her brain power. Memo to Morgana: You clearly need Brain Age: Train Your Brain In Minutes A Day since it's clear that you saw NegaDuck's face on the flagpole on top of the yellow building. I see Nintendo has been watching all the Liquidator episodes to come up with that subtitle. Growling ensues as Morgana pulls away the bushes to reveal Reggie Bushroot looking SHOCKED ..badly. Morgana then turns like a coward because she wants Drake back and Bushroot admits that he is MURDERED (a smear on the pavement) more or less. Morgana is really ticked off as she commands Eek and Squeak the twin bat duo to attack Reggie. Sadly; Bushroot is whiny like the coward that he is as the bats just simply annoy him complete with nuclear symbol spot to annoy me.

Oh swell; you would think after he MURDERED Drake last episode that he would have lots more luck with Morgana. Thankfully; Reggie stops, drops and lets the Spikes eat up the bats and swallow them. OOOOOO; that was nasty as Morgana screams...badly. Morgana then invokes the SATANIC PIXIE DUST OF DOOM to turn them into daises which release the bats. Wow; a spell that actually worked for once. I knew she was doing the bad spells on Drake on purpose. I just needed visual evidence to prove it. Bushroot is ticked off and the urge to strangle Morgana is rising as he invokes the vines on Morgana. Then Bushroot orders the living oak trees to invoke the POWER OF THE PUNCH off-screen on Morgana. Ah; Disney is still not allowing on-screen punches on women; what a shock?! Then again; they didn't allow Kit to take a punch to the face so why am I not surprised here. Archie is SHOCKED and scared (in that order) as Morgana is knocked out. Well; that was pretty brutal considering that I would have thought Bushroot would use the dreaded sleeping powder like all stereotypical plants. Bushroot takes the daisy out of Morgana's vines and blows her off while smelling the flowers. Okay; he wasn't smelling; but he was enjoying himself.

We now head into the city as Steggmutt is running to find DARKWING...DUCK because he still won't take his change. He quiets down because someone could find him. I think Quackerjack's already found you. I want to thank Disney Home Video for releasing art that gives away Steggmutt's opposition on the back of Disc Three's cover. Steggmutt decides to invokes the GLASSES NOSE MUSTOCHE DISGUISE THAT WOULDN'T FOOL ANYONE IF THEY WERE LIT ON FIRE OF DOOM. Well; Steggmutt is so dense so this is apporos for him. He finds the dogspeople still terrorized by the chompers of doom and they scatter because Steggmutt's a FREAKIN DINOSAUR WITH FAKE NOSE AND GLASSES. Too funny as Steggmutt lies about it which actually blows his cover which is just too funny as well. Memo to Steggmutt: You have power; use it for a change. Quackerjack is right there the whole time to make it even funnier. So the battle is Steggmutt VS. Quackerjack in a psychology VS. Power battle. Quackerjack doesn't think it's funny because he really is funny and Steggmutt's a rookie.

Or something like that. Quacky pulls the disguise off Steggy's face as the TOY SOLIDERS OF DOOM show up. Steggy loves toy soliders so Steggy foolishly picks one up and gets a explosion right into his kisser. Now that's funny as Steggy blows Quacky off because it was not nice and he's a villain. Well; Steggy right about both; but it is certainly funny so he loses out. Quacky calls him a genius so Steggy looks around and manages to MURDER Quacky with the DINO TAIL OF DOOM, taking a MAN-SIZED bump off of it and flying about three miles right into a bus that return to the scene of the crime thank you very much. Quacky gets off and now he is ticked off and the urge to kill him with Mr. Banana Brain is rising..Or maybe not. He orders the toy soliders to attack with the pop gun bullets on Steggy as he doesn't even try to dodge them and grabs them with his hands. Wow; and none of them explode in his hands. That's Logic Break #2 for the episode as Quacky goes to his TOY BERTHA CANNON OF DOOM and inserts the sleeping canister in it. I think Steggy's done for as Quacky invokes the toy cannonball onto Steggy and the canister dumps right onto Steggy's head with a decent bump. Steggy cuts an awesome failure promo before taking a MAN-SIZED bump onto the ground and is out colder than Neptunia. What a freaking bummer?!

That match was getting into it's groove before that spot. His snoring isn't all that funny. And now we head to the Power Company which makes Sunwoo's animating look even more stupid since it looks even MORE PROFESSIONAL than the previous episode. Did WD-Japan invade this episode or what? We see the doctor from earlier in the episode plead to Sparky to give them power and Sparky blows them off for being a bad joke..or maybe not. We head to the top where Gizmo Duck appears and he calls Sparky a cad. Why not just call him Sparky...That's what sets him off Fenton. Gizmo Duck shows Drake how to really be full of himself when cutting the promo as he dives down righnt on top of Sparky's foot with the WHEEL OF MORALITY and it is on BABEE! Hey Drake; this is how you make an entrance as Sparky sells the pain well the entire time. It's too bad that NegaDuck is the star of the villain side and this is going to end quickly as Sparky's selling is just priceless. Sparky hangs onto Gizmo Duck as the doctors thank him for being a real hero. Finally; Sparky gets his foot loose (complete with EWWWWW blowing spot to amuse me) as Gizmo Duck is screwed because he's REALLY STUPID.

Sparky puts the cord in the back of Gizmo's Duck's suit and Sparky tells him to eat volts. Gizmo Duck is finished as the electrical power MURDERS Fenton right into the middle of next week with the very gadgets that help him. So we head to the yellow tower as NegaDuck looks at the barriered city and declares victory despite doing absolutely NOTHING but counting the money. Archie the spider is still alive despite our silly heroes being out colder than cod and he escapes into the night without anyone noticing. NegaDuck and his Fearsome Four laugh it up and decide that they should be basically killed more or less to end the segment just nine and a half minutes in. Well; that was pretty quick and painless since NegaDuck has only had thirty seconds tops in this segment. However; I suspect the real pain will be happening in this next segment because it will be time for...THE SWITCH...

After the commercial break; we see Archie the spider climb up the bridge towards Drake's hideout as Gosalyn and Launchpad pace around in a circular fashion wondering where they could be. Archie appears in Launchpad's eyesight and he screams..badly..and squashes the spider with his foot. Gosalyn blows him off because it's Morgana's spider friend and she lifts LP's foot to peel Archie off as LP apologizes. Gosalyn wants answers and Archie just speaks gibberish talk as LP REPEATS THE BAD JOKE of Devil's Gorge from earlier in the episode. Yeah; sure that bad joke from Neptunia will get you over...NOT! Gosalyn realizes that the Justice Ducks are captured and she'll never see Drake again. So what happens?!

Drake walks into his hideout just as Gosalyn is going to leave. She notices him right away and greets him as she kisses him in a really disturbing spot as Archie drops to the group. Drake is sulking because his ego is once again deflated to zero as per usual when he's so full of himself. Drake then cuts his promo while sobbing...badly... in Launchpad's arms which is too funny not to mention. Gosalyn and Launchpad try to explain to him that the Justice Ducks are captured; but Drake is sulking so much now that he's managing to be full of himself unintentionally which is a new low even for him. Gosalyn tries to explain to him that the Justice Ducks need him and Drake goes back into his full of himself mode which earns Gosalyn to do a smack her head spot in disgust. Drake finally asks where they are and Gosalyn blows him off. Drake realizes it and shows absolutely no concern whatsoever as he's back into EGO TRIP MODE. Well; it's COMEDY BABY and therefore reedempation is such a bad concept to comic writers in cartoons. Ask Seth MacFarlane about it...

And now we finally head to the worst spot in the entire series bar none. A scene so disgusting and so heinous that it makes Sun Woo's bad animating, sound productions bad sound timing and post-production's bad timing of Kit's tickling scene in Polly Wants A Treasure look like the best scene ever made in spot history. I give you: THE SWITCH! Yeah; Neggy flips on the light switch to set up the worst joke in history as the Justice Ducks are basically at the mercy of the dumbest torture devices known to furry kind. Religious Reference # 3 for the series beckons (devilish) as NegaDuck is basically going to torture the Justice Ducks. I'm not going to bother calling the spots here because it's not worth the paragraph. This is why I hate NegaDuck the most. It's basically NegaDuck explaining the torture and then saying it will happen when he throws...THE SWITCH; the victims denying it and then NegaDuck throwing THE SWITCH to basically torture the Justice Duck in question. It's so unfunny and it takes forever to finish up. Gizmo Duck gets fried which at least is apporos for him; Neptunia gets fried by sunlight which personally is the only character I don't mind NegaDuck torturing; Steggmutt is going to lose all the air from the sealed chamber he is in which is really stupid and lame. Why not just use laughing gas or tickle his feet? Why must the torture involve death?

Steggmutt is literally a child and holding him breathless isn't funny, it's sadistic; Morgana is going to get her brain sucked out which is just as lame but isn't sadistic enough. I think NegaDuck squashing the spider in that sequence was funnier than any of this and the switch is the yellow button which renders the joke pointless and unfunny since it should be a double lever (WRONG LEVER) device rather than a button. Sadly; the joke continues because he pushes the wrong buttons and then attempts to throw the real switch which is a double lever (WRONG LEVER!) which is shown in dramatic fashion just to waste more time as finally the joke apparently ends as Sparky and Bushroot are having a fight and NegaDuck is ticked off because he cannot have his little fun. So he invokes the dreaded LEAD GRIP KUNG FU ACTION WEBKICK OF DOOM on the door to storm in as the Fearsome Four are fighting over something for no reason and quite frankly I don't care. They are more over than this clown and their form of torment would be infinite times funnier than...THE SWITCH!

NegaDuck tries to show his compassionate side and then yells at them as the Fearsome Four complain that the other one are leeching off their heat. Considering that Reggie's been buried by Drake I don't really blame him. NegaDuck then kicks up the really moronic levels as he invokes the chainsaw to threaten them and they finally sell fear. WHAT THE HECK?! Now I can understand Quackerjack and Bushroot being afraid; but Liquidator and Sparky?! Buddy could never be affected by a chainsaw and Sparky could destroy it easily. Logic Break #3 for the episode and one I cannot accept. This episode has finally fallen down below average now. Thankfully; NegaDuck splits the CITY OF SAINT CANARD up into four parts. Oh; how generous of him to not take one for himself..NOT! NegaDuck gets the money and they try to protest but the chainsaw prevents them from protesting. Oh please! NegaDuck goes back into the TORTURE ROOM OF DOOM as Buddy cuts another ad promo on the double-cross. How stupid are half of these villains since that CHAINSAW would have no effect on them? Never mind; let's go back to the torture chamber as NegaDuck gets off direct death reference number one (Eat hot death!) as the buzzer rings before he can throw..THE SWITCH!

I'm glad that the writer think this joke sucks and therefore are burying it for me. NegaDuck goes to the intercom on the wall and of course it's Drake Mallard on the another side of it bringing flowers in a girlie voice because Neggy is prone to violent outbursts when non-violent items come his way. Neggy blows him off of course; so Drake has skulls for him instead and Neggy sells it. Yes; NegaDuck has the REALLY STUPID levels of Drake as well. So much for NegaDuck being the opposite of DARKWING...DUCK at this point. Well; at least it destroys the switch joke as NegaDuck heads to the elevator and foolishly goes into it and closes the door. We head downstairs as we clearly see the slingshot in effect just as NegaDuck foolishly exits the elevator. Yeah; he is as REALLY STUPID as Drake is as Drake invokes the ANVIL OF NEIDHART on Neggy and that knocks him out cold complete with the usually bad Sun Woo animated stars. Drake is in sorrow as it dented his ANVIL OF NEIDHART. I don't think anyone is going to send sympathy cards to it as Drake decides to grow a brain and invoke the perfect disguise as NegaDuck himself. Curses!

I knew that NegaDuck disguise angle on SHUSH would be used. We head back into NegaDuck's office as the Fearsome Over Four are sulking that they cannot have the money. Quackerjack's use of Mr. Banana Brain is downright funny as everyone wants to MURDER him. UH OH! Drake's MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN is going to go up in flames. Well; I cannot say that he's REALLY STUPID here because he doesn't know that the Fearsome Four are going to turn on their boss. Death Reference #2 beckons as they have a plan to kill Drake as NegaDuck. This should be tons of fun. Drake in disguise enters the room cutting his usual full of himself promo and the Fearsome Four are about to jump on him to MURDER him as the segment ends with a freeze frame 15 and a half minutes in. Well; it's time for the Fearsome Four to do something because this episode is crumbling down fast thanks to NegaDuck of course.

After the commercial break; Drake manages to get away as the Fearsome Four fights each other in a dust cloud. Drake hides behind the TOWN OF SAINT CANARD as Drake protests this outrage. Bushroot gets off death references #3 and #4 (Kill NegaDuck twice) just as NegaDuck arrives complete with ANVIL OF NEIDHART in his mouth. Neggy spits out the ANVIL OF NEIDHART and gets off death reference #5 as Bushroot is SHOCKED to see two NegaDuck. It' bad enough that we have to repeat the Devil's Gorge's joke; now we have to REPEAT the Double Darkwing's spot. Memo to Bushroot: The fake one is wearing a purple mask just so you should know. The Fearsome Four are confused as death reference #6 and #7 beckons as this spot drags the episode down even more. Thankfully; NegaDuck yells to prove that he's NegaDuck and the Fearsome Four finally decide not to do the tweener turn and get off Death Reference #8. Bushroot screams that it's a ghost as Buddy cuts another ad promo as NegaDuck orders them to kill him complete with the CHEAP HEAT OF LAUGHS.

Which isn't funny today since it's NegaDuck doing it. Drake tries to run; but the Fearsome Four finally grabs him and proceeds to MURDER him in another Sunwoo dust cloud. Clearly; Drake loses because Drake is held captive by the Fearsome Four because we head back into the torture chamber as NegaDuck gets to repeat that heinous spot known as THE SWITCH! And finally he throws THE SWITCH to torture them. Drake manages to jump from Bushroot's grasp to make him look even more foolish than before because we now get that really stupid spot I saw with Drake and NegaDuck flipping THE SWITCH in opposite directions on the front cover of Disc Three. This episode is going to approch DUD at this rate. The sighing and screaming sounds like the Justice Ducks are having a really bad organism just to make the spot even more self-parody. Bushroot thankfully grabs Drake from THE SWITCH to redeem himself somewhat and the torture MUST CONTINUE since NegaDuck once again throws THE SWITCH! NegaDuck then invokes the chainsaw and goes after Drake as Bushroot scatters. Because NegaDuck is the star villain of this show even though all his heat is gone because he threw...say it with me..THE SWITCH! Then just to make it even more dumb the SATANIC PIXIE DUST comes OUT OF NOWHERE and NegaDuck is handed a bull which squashes him. Logic Break #5 for the episode and I don't care because hopefully that'll shut NegaDuck up.

The Fearsome Four try to..ummm...make NegaDuck look stupid as they look stupid because Drake invokes the gas gun which destroys the torture device. Good; this joke will hopefully be over for good. Morgana was responsible for the shot so the logic break is popped right out of the torture room. Drake pulls the ring off of Morgana head as she wants approval from Drake. Drake claims she did fine and he and Morgana release the other Justice Duck from their stupid torture devices. These losers make Kit's tickling scene look brilliant in comparison and now most of them are better off as heels at this point. Drake and NegaDuck do the staredown as the Justice Ducks and Fearsome Four follow in kind. So now it's down to the dramatic showdown that would have been great if not for the stupid spots beforehand to completely deflate the entire two parter as a whole. They back up a bit and then commence the attack as the biggest dust cloud in the entire series beckons as everyone tries to MURDER each other. No clear winner is apparent; just like all cartoon fights. Quackerjack is the favorite though with the CHOMPERS OF DOOM. Sparky tries to invoke the ray gun; but Buddy slams into him and Sparky gets fried along with Quacky.

Who would have though Neptunia's WHIRLWATER OF DOOM spot would actually work?! Bushroot backs up Steggy; but as Steggy runs away, he MURDERS the LIVING CACTUS JACK OF DOOM and Bushroot screams..badly. Steggy grabs Bushroot by the throat and ponders how he should MURDER him. Drake goes over and tell him to invoke the only funny spot in the entire two parter: THE PUT OUT THE DARKWING~! Excellent bumping from Bushroot as those are really SICK MAN-SIZED bumps to the face. Gizmo Duck gets Quackerjack which doesn't make sense since only Neptunia is fighting the one who captured her in the first place. Logic Break #6 for this episode and it's too late to save this one. Quackerjack tries to invoke the CHOMPERS OF DEATH to beat Gizmo Duck; but Gizmo Duck counters with the dentist drill which is funny in the correct context as the CHOMPERS OF DEATH scatter away. Quackerjack is done for now as even his false teeth scatter from Quackerjack's jaw in a funny spot. Gizmo Duck puts Quackerjack out of his misery with the LOADED POWER OF THE PUNCH GLOVE and Quackerjack is knocked out.

That leaves Morgana with the Liquidator as she invokes the SATANIC PIXIE DUST OF DEATH and keeps on missing everything. Buddy cuts another ad promo as he scatters away. Drake comments on her aim and Morgana blows him off because he wants to turn him into pudding. Drake then offers Morgana the pudding box which Morgana makes disappear and reappear on top of Buddy's head (while cutting another ad promo) and he is officially pudding done..and it doesn't taste FOWL either. Gizmo Duck and Drake invokes the egg beaters on Buddy to completely MURDER him. Bushroot is out as well as Steggy has him by the neck just as NegaDuck scatters like the coward that he is. Well at least his yellow suit matches the stripe down his back now. Drake of course foolishly goes to the door and opens it while cutting his dangerous promo to reveal the cannon. Yeah; Drake is still REALLY STUPID; what a shock?! Drake is pretty much MURDERED on that spot as NegaDuck goes to the elevator and goes in. Didn't this clown ever learn that an elevator's the worst way to escape in a cartoon?! Drake and company blitz him as we go to the top as Logic Break #7 rears it's ugly head since there is no buildup and NegaDuck manages to escape when they go to the roof...and it's nighttime now which is Logic Break #8.

Great; let's add two logic breaks in one at the end of the two parter like we did with the beginning of the two parter. So NegaDuck goes to the edge of the roof and threatens the Justice Ducks with the remote control (complete with red button of course) to destroy SAINT CANARD with the shield! They gasp...badly complete with Hanna Barbera Teeth Chattering Sound Effect. Now you know you are watching a classic! Then NegaDuck decides he's going to push the button anyway; but the Justice Ducks invoke the SCREAM OF DEATH on NegaDuck which pushes him over the edge by about 20 feet. And you thought the butt on butt bounce from the first episode of Mister T was bad? I believe NegaDuck is finally done for (because we have 90 seconds left in this episode) so he runs around before free-falling as Steggy sezs Oops. I think the writers should be saying that after this abomination as NegaDuck makes contact with the power wires and gets SHOCKED as a result. That is Logic Break #9 for the episode since Drake didn't get shocked in Dirty Money doing that same spot.

He bounces up towards the window (How does that work?) as Drake invokes the pie on him and it's the bounce up; take international objects to the head and then fall down. Okay; seeing NegaDuck getting it is pretty funny though. And the ANVIL OF NEIDHART gets involved of course as NegaDuck finally manages to get away from the power wires and falls just short the trash truck to complete that lame running joke. Drake is responsible for that MAN-SIZED bump WITH CHEESE AND BACON it should be noted. NegaDuck of course gets up and gets knocked out by the remote control which shatters on impact. Man; that skull must be as thick as Dumptruck is as the barrier is no more.

We head back to Drake's hideout as Drake and the Justice Ducks exchange notes and the bad jokes continue as Gosalyn hugs Drake which is the best spot in the whole two part episode. Gizmo Duck accuses him of not wanting to be a team and Drake lies out loud which invokes the KISS OF DEATH from Morgana. Gosalyn tells Drake that he can resume his date as Gizmo wants the TEAM EFFORT DATE OF DEATH just to get access to Morgana and Drake rightfully blows and bumps him off as Morgana and Drake leave. The circle fade to black slug beckons as Gizmo Duck tries to reason with Drake but no go. Drake goes in front of the circle black fade out as Steggy opens the circle fade and gives Drake his change to complete the only other funny joke. See; make the joke and pay it off. Drake give it back to Steggy because he can keep it. Steggy looks giddy as Drake and Morgana leave the scene for their love in as the episode mercifully ends at 21:14. Oh God; that was terrible as NegaDuck completely ruined this one with THE SWITCH...Nine logic breaks and a lot of repeating unfunny spots also dragged this one way down. I'll be generous and go ** ( 40%).


Well; this two part episode is over and it was NOWHERE NEAR TaleSpin's quality or any of it's two part episodes. This one started off well since Act One didn't have NegaDuck in there for more than thirty seconds. The Fearsome Four was actually good and Bushroot finally improved from his funk the last two episodes that he was in. Sadly; once Act Two started it was all NegaDuck all the time and he sucked. Oh lord he sucked. It wasn't just THE SWTICH joke that deflated this episode; it was the repeating of the unfunny jokes and nine logic breaks on top of it that dragged this episode down. NegaDuck is not only an uninteresting character as Koosh claims; he's an unfunny character at that. The only time I was impressed was when he was going to torment Neptunia who I couldn't stand either. THE SWITCH joke was so awful because it wasn't funny and it was there to waste time..and it went on forever.

Thankfully Sun Woo was on this episode and the finish was all right except for the awful two logic breaks in one segment that really got my goat as a whole. I wanted to like the Justice Ducks; but NegaDuck buried them as babyfaces which shouldn't be happening because he's supposed to be the opposite of Darkwing Duck. Morgana thankfully redeemed herself as a babyface later on; but Steggmutt was buried as a babyface and he will now only be seen as a sad heel and no more since he had a much better episode later on. This is why NegaDuck should never has been used as a character and sadly we are going to have to deal with him in Volume 2 and onward. Sadly; it gets worse for me because Double Darkwings is next to rant and this two part episode already makes that one self-parody despite not even seeing a second of it. Smooth move guys. All in all; another bad episode which signals the downfall of Disney Afternoon and why the DUCKS RULEZ mantra is a complete and utter red letter lie.

Thumbs down for this episode and I'll see you all next time.


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