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Reviewed: 05/25/2007

It took them 23 episodes to parody Spiderman?! FOR SHAME!!

There have been many episodes in DTVA history that have been taken off the air for PC reasons at one time or another. Deadly Force, Flying Dupes, Lost Horizons, Battle of the Bulge. They are no matter how absurd they were considered television poison and had justification to be removed (although you really have to be on drugs to think Battle of The Bulge was poison due to the word battle in them; then again Flying Dupes had a conspiracy theory that apparently hit way too close to home for Disney so..). However; Aduckyphobia doesn't fit here because it was merely a parody of Spiderman and last time I checked; parodies were considered fair use by copyright law. Still; that didn't stop Disney from removing it from the air. Thankfully; common sense has prevailed and the episode returned (along with every episode removed except for Lost Horizons and Flying Dupes in which TaleSpin Volume 2 and 3 haven't been released yet.)

One final note before I begin: I have updated Open Office to version 2.2. Why did I mention this? No reason...So let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Doug Langdale and the story has been edited by Kevin Crosby Hopps...Sadly; Sun Woo is back animating this episode bringing the total number in this volume to 15.

We start this one outside...A PRISON as the Bugs Bunny spot returns for the first time since Mach One For The Gipper and it's a SPOT OUT OF CONTROL. It manages to get past the sleeping guard at the wooden gate which just makes the whole prison system look completely foolish. Well; the police are more stupid than Drake so that isn't out of place here. The Bugs Bunny takes a good bump into the tree and then wussy bumps elsewhere which includes the damn guard dog from the episode You Sweat Your Life. I swear on my bloody honor that it is the same dog. I guess it got a break as long as it was on the side of good for a change. The dog notices the spot and tries to MURDER him; but the BUGS BUNNY SPOT does a cute spot of noticing the dog without being seen and then hiding under the prison walls as the damn guard dog takes a MAN-SIZED bump into the prison wall. Sadly; the sound production team screwed up the bump by using the SLEDGEHAMMER OF PLOT sound effect. Wow; for once Sun Woo didn't screw up a spot. I need to send flowers for the moment as we head inside the PRISON OF ENTERNAL DAMNATION as they basically destroy the prison floor and out pops...wait for it..THE MOLE PEOPLE! See; Freddy was right after all. They almost look like those moles from Dragon Quest; the difference is the xenon suits that they are wearing for no reason whatsoever.

Moleperson #1 waves to Professor Moliarty (Jim Cummings) as he claims that they are in the lab portion of the PRISON OF ENTERNAL DAMNATION. Professor Moliarty enters and you know something; he might be the first mad scientist to break the stereotype of being a heel because he's actually wearing the goofy glasses as he enters. He also hates his lackeys They are in front of the safe prison which has a lock with six buttons; four pink and two red. He measures the knob with the dividers and then invokes the calculator to make me question something: If Moliarty is REALLY SMART; then why not just do it in his head like all smarty pants do it? And then he proves that he isn't really all that smart as he invokes the wooden mallet on the combo lock and it breaks hard. He opens the safe and it reveals Professor Morliarty's object of desire- the canardium of webs. Well; at least I know what the suits are for as it is radioactive. You can tell that it is radioactive in cartoons because they glow when you see it...and of course the heel needs it to power his latest device which I bet he'll explain later.

The molepeople (I wondered which show Fred was watching in A Pup Named Scooby Doo.) use the metal boxes to put the CANARDIUM OF ROIDED WEBS inside as Moleperson #1 wonders why they need the spacesuits since they are too sweaty. Morliarty blows it off with two death references (kill you till you're dead in this case) as we see a tiny anthro spider start to glow green. The molepeople walk out and shut the door which doesn't leak radiation into the real world in a twist of fate; but they leave the spider inside. Apparently; the professor has issues with the surface dwellers. I wonder if he and Neptunia are close allies since they seem to have personal grudges against the land lubbers for some reason. Memo to Moliarty: The world being your oyster is thinking way too small there....and of course the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM beckons as DARKWING..DUCK and Launchpad appear from behind (as per in Launchpad's contract) and start making lame clam jokes just to annoy me. Sadly; there is no promo cutting from Drake which indicates that he might actually put the professor over..NAH! Moliarty orders the ATTACK OF THE MOLE PEOPLE and they sell complete with the...OUCH....the ice picks.

So Drake goes head on into battle complete with the LEAD GRIP KUNG FU ACTION WEB KICK OF BRUSHOFFS since Sun Woo screwed that up and then the fight is on via the dust cloud because Disney either couldn't allow so much violence in 1990; or Sun Woo cannot animate a fight properly. I would take both in this case. Launchpad gets involved unintentionally (check the tug on his scarf) as this fight is getting old. The professor swears in DUBBED ANIME STLYE (Oh Blast!) and goes into the radioactive safe as he blows off DARKWING...DUCK! Geez; that is just asking for you to be buried there Molely. From now on; I'm calling him Molely because it's easier to type. And of course; the spider grew into a spider who is about six feet tall allowing Molely to swear in DUBBED ANIME STYLE again (drat). The spider is voiced by the late Lorenzo Music in case you didn't notice before as Spider was looking at himself. Molely panics and does the old SCOOBY DOO SNOW ANGEL SPOT on the door which proves to be about six inches thick at best. Logic Break #1 for the episode.

Nice acting from Jim Cummings though on the spot. The MOLEPEOPLE are of course defeated by DARKWING...DUCK and Launchpad who is taking the photographs just to allow Drake to become full of himself again. So much for Drake's character being bruised for life. And see; I told you that the dust cloud signals the babyface comeback as Molely grabs onto Drake and pleads for mercy. Mercy? From Drake? The same guy that would nail Gosalyn with a SLEDGEHAMMER OF PLOT if given half the chance. Molely sobbing is really awful as Drake blows him off of course. The spider comes out and Launchpad does the scared look spot which Sun Woo screws...badly of course. Drake blows it all off because it's only a radioactive mutant spider. Well; Drake would be a mutant by proxy in the real world so this actually in apporos. Drake goes into battle as we get the thrilling showdown between Drake and a giant spider. I guess canardium is the main ingredient in Larson and Gary's brand steroids. You thought I forgot that joke of a team. Drake with his ultra-lame karate moves which Bugly doesn't sell at all. Why bother selling?

Drake is REALLY LAME when he does that. Bugley blows Drake off since his moves might hurt somebody. Geez; you think it might hurt somebody there Bugley? More lame karate moves from Drake and he tries to invoke the LEGAL HAND OF GOD and Bugley bites him on the thumb. Good; he deserved that one and Bugley is over by proxy. Drake's RED THUMB OF BOUNCING DOOM spot was pretty funny as Bugley apologizes and wants to shake hands. Aww; ain't that sweet and Drake of course blows him off so Bugley invokes the spiderwebs to tie up Launchpad and Drake. That'll teach you to bury someone Drake Mallard. The webbing is strong as steel of course. Moley backs up as Bugley goes after him and then Moley trips over the webbing and gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRITY. Why not turn the spider heel and use him to your advantage? Moley ponders the moral question of taking advantage of a child-like babyface and then decides it is perfect so he goes over to him and offers Bugley a job. Bugley agrees as long as he gets a cookie and Moley more than happily agrees.....

...and then we cut to Drake's house as Launchpad wraps the thumb into the size of a soccer ball. Too funny...Wait a minute?! Why are we here now? Shouldn't Moley have finished off Drake since Drake was basically at his mercy? Logic Break #2 for the episode and one I cannot accept. That makes Moley look like an idiot now. We then see Gosalyn and Honker returning from the excellent world of building rocket devices aimed at destroying Drake's house and causing about one million dollars in damages...Okay maybe not. They enter and Gosalyn instantly blows him off because he was apparently trying to fix something. Yeah; he was fixing something; fixing to MURDER a giant mutant spider.

Gosalyn thinks this is cool which I guess it is if you get the RED THUMB OF BOUNCING DOOM. Of course; Launchpad screws up and gets him thumb caught in the bandage and that forces Drake to pull it out in a cute spot in which Drake takes a MAN-SIZED bump off-screen. He comes back without losing a step to proclaim that he is still full of himself. Okay; he didn't. He was just saying that he hates the bad guys getting away. See; Drake still thinks Bugley is a heel since he thought that Moley had him as a solider of the MOLEPEOPLE OF DOOM and Moley's attempt to beg for mercy was just a coup in order for Drake to screw himself. Hey; I say it's a great plan except that Bugley was NEVER Moley's soldier to begin with and is really a childlike character ala Steggmutt. Thankfully; Langdale managed to make it so that Drake doesn't look REALLY STUPID this time around so it's a lot more believable than Double Darkwings for sure..and maybe about every bad episode in this series and when Drake sezs I HATE IT about four times; he grows four arms. Logic Break #3 for the episode because spiders have eight arms; unless the writers are counting the feet as arms. In that case; Logic Break #3 is popped out of the episode and the joke actually works since he said hate four times and grew four arms. I'll let this one slide.

Gosalyn does the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH on Drake and Drake blows her off with the secret weapon of just being full of yourself. It takes only one extra arm before Drake realizes that he's got about four extra arms to work with...and they hate it when Drake's cutting promos. Drake screams really badly as we go to the helicopter shot of Drake's house to get the full effect. If you're going to do that spot; have him swear and then cover it up with church bells; and then have Binky says something to the effect of “Geez; that's the foulest dialog I've ever heard.” It's so loud that it reaches the planet Saturn (which is a solid planet in Drake's world apparently) as a pink eye/ear alien hears it and that goes NOWHERE which is fitting because it was OUT OF NOWHERE.

We head to Drake's hideout as we see Honker getting a book from the bookshelf (complete with the ladder) as Gosalyn tries to come to terms with the fact that Drake is now a DUCK SPIDER OF DOOM. Geez; I wonder why Marvel never got the joke? Gosalyn then blows him off because if it happened to her; she would be in the emergency room faster than you can say rabies. Keep blowing Drake off; and Drake will test that theory soon enough as he blows off Gosalyn in kind because he's the DAD of this episode. Drake makes Baloo look like the role model in comparison it should be noted. Launchpad is invokes the rope pulley to pull down the Thunder Quack for no reason at all as Honker does the speed reading spot with tons of books bigger than his body weight on the desk. Launchpad wants a couple of Drake's hands as Drake is not amused at that request. So the SPIDER ARMS OF DOOM choke Drake in response. I guess those arms are for justice and Drake is no lawman. Or law duck. The spider arms are rebelling on Drake since Drake isn't use to having four extra arms in a neat realism spot as Honker finally finds something about spider bites. Drake of course demands answers harshly as Honker and he stutters..badly. Drake makes Gosalyn look like a saint in that department as Honker does an over dramatic oversell of gasping (cute spot again) . Apparently; the solution is to get the venom of another spider to get the antidote to work. Drake is happy and walks towards the pulley. One problem: The spider must be the same kind that bit him and Drake wonders how hard it could be. So one of the spider arms grabs onto the pulley and Drake is screwed badly once again.

One thing I've got to mention: What is wrong with the sound people today?! I mean; making an odd sound every screw up that Drake has is complete overkill in my opinion. Drake takes a wussy as per usual from Sun Woo. Drake is ticked off at the ARM OF DOOM now as the beeping sound beckons and apparently there is trouble at the mall. We know this because Drake invokes the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH right onto the computer map. Drake wants Launchpad, Gosalyn and Honker to find the correct spider while Drake fights crime at the mall alone..because he's SO FULL OF HIMSELF. That will NEVER die. Gosalyn wants Drake to stay but no dice because crime waits for no duck. Most so one with the six spider arms. The arm still screws with Drake as Drake screams for it to let go of the pulley and it finally does! Sadly; the pulley pulls down the Thunder Quack and Drake just knows he's going to get squashed by it; so he has his hardhat to protect him. HEE! HEE! Wussy bump ensues which is a complete SHOCK to me. UGH! UGH! UGH! Sun Woo! Did I mention UGH?!

Interesting Moment #1: Scene changer is a large spider. Yeah; we're not parodying Spiderman; no siree! Actually; if I did this rant about three weeks ago; then this would be fitting actually for the Spiderman 3 movie. But I'm horrible with timing; so let's move on...

We head to the MALL OF DOOM which looks more like the bowling alley. We head inside to the fan store (helpfully labeled as such) as Professor Moley and Bugley look like their only true fans. The pig furry is completed wrapped up in the spider webs as Bugley questions this whole thing of stealing fan blades since it doesn't seem so nice. Um; Bugley compared to making sure that PIG CASHIER is not breathing; stealing is nicer. The MOLEPEOPLE OF DOOM are wearing suits it should be noted as Moley convinces Bugley that stealing is nice. Kind of like Borat telling that buying his movie is nice compared to feeding family. Moley then goes over to Moleperson number one (He's dressed in dark brown) and shakes him like there's no tomorrow because he cannot stand nice. Well; at least he's getting some cheap heel heat, otherwise, he's just another villain. I believe that this is the first time in DTVA history that a series used the word pacifist. He wants to maul Mole person #1 to prove that he cannot stand Bugley and is only using him for his SPIDER WEB OF STEEL; but Bugley taps him on the shoulder to stop him. Why? Because he wants some chocolate cake and Moleperson #1 wants some too.

I wish I could have some too. Moley blows him off; but he's cut off by his only fan in the world which misses his head by about a foot or two and cuts into the shelf. And here comes DARKWING...DUCK (complete with shadow) inside the store; not cutting his promo nor with the smoke cloud (AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH AND MOVIE RATING). I wonder if the censors have gotten to this show now. And of course Drake blows his cover which causes the heels to gasp...badly. Why bother covering the arms Drake? It's not like they are going to help you set up a sneak attack anyway since they are as full of themselves as you are. Moley has to rub his eyes to believe that Drake has grown six arms. Check your GOOFY GLASSES Moley; I think they are defective....and of course Drake gets choked by the spider arms. I love that spot; but enough with the stupid sound effect guys. Moleperson #1 is SHOCKED..badly.. as Drake blows him off. Moley calls this act a lame duck trick. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comment. Moley calls for the ATTACK OF THE MOLEPEOPLE once again (okay; really two MOLEPERSONS and one gullible mutant spider.) . Drake invokes the spider arm karate which is actually a slight improvement from his usual lame karate moves. The ATTACK OF THE MOLEPEOPLE is forced to move backwards; but Drake is screwed again (no stupid sound effect this time- and keep it that way guys) as he takes the sissy slaps. Now that's a quality screw job as Drake cannot control himself. The MOLEPEOPLE PLUS SPIDER run out of the store as Drake continues to look stupid with the sissy slaps. Moley calls Drake DARKWING..DODO which is a quality pun in my view so Moley finally gets some heat.

We head to the mall connectors as the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM finally beckons almost ten minutes in. Well; you cannot win it all as Drake follow the food court trail because Bugley is a hungry spider. Well; I heard that steroids give you the munchies; so there you go. And so to make it overkill; he invokes six magnifying lens to search for clues. Geez; Drake, there's a trail of garbage left by the heels. Why not use that as a clue? It took ten minutes for Drake to look REALLY STUPID which is a record for him I think. Drake finds the hole and jumps into it without taking any precautions whatsoever because he's REALLY STUPID of course and takes a MAN-SIZED bump onto the floor in the mole cave. Drake walks around looking drunk after that spot as Moley calls him Darkwing Dweeb which isn't so good as a pun and violate ANIME DUB CONDUCT RULE #12 (Thou Shalt Not Rhyme; because it's COOL!). Drake blows it off because he's an anime purists (I think) and Moley swings his sack as Drake blitzes him and the dust cloud beckons as the two punch each other to death. On second thought; I suspect it is a form of censorship (and by the way; I'm saying it only because NO ONE understands that real censorship involves the government. Besides; it's usually government pressure that parent groups threaten to get their way (which is blackmail I should note) so in a sense it is censorship; albeit indirectly). Bugley is the smart one here because he's doing NOTHING. Funny thing here is that we don't see the shots making contact, but we do see the punches thrown. That makes the toning down absolutely pointless. The dust clears and Drake is a big fat loser as his arms tie him up. Those arms have more sense than most bad villains in this show. Moley goes in for the kill; but Bugley cuts him off because he's doesn't want Moley to MURDER him.

Moley backs off trying hard not to say that he's going to hurt him. He pats him on the head which the sound people screw up because it sounds like he's punching him. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE SOUND PEOPLE IN THIS EPISODE? Really; I don't get the point of using sounds that don't fit in this episode. Moley tells Bugley to leave as he'll show DARKWING..DUCK the way out..and Moley runs to Drake and kicks a FREAKIN FIELD GOAL right in the butt of Drake and that's enough to make Drake fly about 20 feet and fall into a deeper hole while Drake is still tied up no less as he takes some really wussy bumps against a stone slide (?!) and takes another really wussy bump on the ground below. Oh TAG Sun WOO! Drake manages to get one arm free as he invokes the cigar lighter (first time in the series no less) and that's enough to bring out the MOLEPEOPLE OF DOOM complete with spiked clubs. I suspect that's the new Disney censors to demonstrate what will happen to you if any character dares to light a match or cigar lighter in any context on DTVA. One of them blows it out as Drake yipes to end the segment 11 and a quarter minutes in. This episode is good so far except for the screw ups from Sun Woo and the sounds people.

After the commercial break; we hear the MOLEPEOPLE say that Drake got what was coming to him for screwing with Professor Moley. I think the no-selling arms were punishment enough as they leave and Drake is no more than his Zorro hat which of course has Drake stuffed in it. Yeah; the BS&P GUYS OF EVIL are touching this episode. I knew TaleSpin would get them into trouble someday. Drake un-pops himself and becomes the squeeze box as a result. Too funny because Drake as an international object equals funny of course. Drake blows them off and the arms blow him off in kind using the banana. Too funny as Drake is screwed once again. Drake walks away as we head into the sewers and I'm having an anger fit that that moral midget has returned's only Launchpad, Gosalyn and Honker looking for a spider to get the venom for the antidote. Launchpad has the flashlight of course. Gosalyn apparently got their tip from the pet-store owner. I assume it's the same one that Kit is in now. Oh come on; you knew that one was coming.

Launchpad of course talks without looking forward to see what is in front of him and get tangled in the spiderweb causing him to MURDER it. Then the spider shadow arrives and everyone panics..badly as of course we all know that it's only a small spider and the pan down proves my point. Gosalyn wants to MURDER it after scaring her like that; but since it's the exact same one that bit DARKWING...DUCK; then it means that they will chase it instead. The spider gets the hint and runs away....Well; that was quick since the spider scene changer beckons and we go to the roof of two buildings as the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM beckons again. I was hoping that the Spider man arms would choke him out ala Taz to shut him up; but no dice as usual. Even those arms are REALLY STUPID when they want to be. He does this pointless sequence in shadow which would have worked if we didn't get to see the suit in profile in the middle of the sequence before he jumps onto the motorcycle. Oh; and he's ArachnoDuck. I guess SpiderDuck was copyrighted by Marvel as a possible spinoff before it was axed because it was a REALLY STUPID idea of course.

He looks like a complete tool in that outfit of his; even more gay than usual. Doesn't that suit clash with the motorcycle there Drake? Enough with the fashion faux pas guys. Hire a fashion sense guy! He attempts the numbers game on the arm and it works on the helmet. However; number six shifts the bike in reverse and Drake takes a wussy bump into something off screen. Oh for goodness sakes Sun Woo; if the bump is off-screen, a wussy bump is really wussy. Drake blows off number six arm of course and it gets it right this time as the motorcycle rides off into the streets in the CITY OF SAINT CANARD. Some pointless dialog from Drake and number six beckons to make it apporos to the pointless driving as we head to the traffic as Drake takes another wussy bump and rocket right into the spiderwebs which Drake calls a clue. No?! Really?! Geez; the web is about 30 feet in height and 60 feet wide; so it's probably a clue Drake. Also the planes are stripped of their propellers. Is there some sort of anti-TaleSpin message that I'm seeing and no one else does?! Never mind as number six points to Drake that the HELICOPTER OF DOOM has arrived and Moley and Bugley are here to MURDER him.

Drake yells at number six to let go; but now Drake's web mouth can shoot the spider webs. We're even now; I guess as the helicopter is nearing Drake as the spiderweb still won't let him go so Drake unintentionally invokes the spiderwebs and it tangles into the helicopter blades. Finally; an effective move from Drake in this episode. Too bad; it's a power he has to lose because STATUS QUO RULEZ BABEE! The helicopter takes a decent bump onto the ground and suffers no damage whatsoever. I guess the POWER OF THE CARS broke it's fall. Drake swings down onto the traffic jam and it's CLOBBERING TIME. Okay; wrong show; but I like it anyway so there. Drake then throws away his gas gun because really; Drake cannot go more than two minutes without doing something REALLY STUPID. Drake is still full of himself even in ARCHNODUCK mode as he invokes the spider spit and webbing comes out. Sadly; this goes on longer than it should and Drake is caught in his own web again. He struggles but no dice since the webbing is packed with steel sezs I! Drake missed Moley and Bugley even though his spit was at the proper angle to tie them up easily without a fight. Logic Break #3 for the episode and I'm getting a little tired of Sunwoo's bad animating. Moley blows Drake off and he and Bugley leave in the same helicopter without incident despite not even taking off the webbing that ensnared it in the first place. Logic Break #4 for the episode.

We head to the WIND-O-MATIC OF DOOM (Moley's words; not mine) as Professor Moley explains that his new device will create a wind so powerful that it will blow every surface dweller off the face of the earth and show that ugly Neptunia how to REALLY MURDER those evil surface people. Okay; he didn't say that last bit. Moley giggles as if he has victory in his sights. However; Bugley taps him on the shoulder again; because he wants Moley to help him fly a kite. I'm loving this poor guy; it's too bad that Moley's patience is wearing too thin at this point. He almost blows his over (actually he completely blows his cover; but Bugley too dumb to notice..Silly me. I get those two confused) and then slaps himself in a comic way with an evil grin which means that it's not working. Dan Dawson's much cooler than you when he slaps himself so it's pointless to try it Moley.

Moley gives him a pink sucker to distract him from actually questioning him on why he yelled at him. This is like Stormy Weather; except Bugley is much dumber than Kit , Dan is much cooler than Moley and Drake is more stupid than Baloo. And speaking of the full of himself one; here he comes complete with the RADIOACTIVE SONIC TRACKING DEVICE OF DEATH. Moley swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (curses) AGAIN as he is ticked off and the urge to kill is rising. If only Bugley wasn't around to bug him. Drake tries to invoke the SPIDER WEB OF SPLATS; but he has none left since it wouldn't be Spiderman without THAT happening. Drake calls it a minor setback which would be if he didn't throw away the gas gun in the first place. I don't need to say it; let's move on as Bugley finally turns heel for some odd reason and ties Drake up with the webbing. Geez; that look on Bugley's face was out of place guys. Shouldn't Bugley be more unwilling to do it because he doesn't want to hurt anybody? That subdues the whole character of Bugley being the child babyface who doesn't want to act like a heel. Moley and Bugley go over to Drake on the far overhead shot as the segment ends a little more than sixteen minutes in.

After the commercial break; we see Moley pull the lever (WRONG LEVER!) as he opens the trap door and brings the WIND-O-MATIC sky high..and Drake's going to be the first to get MURDERED by it as he's helpless to do anything about it. Drake blows him off as the sky is nightfall and basically invokes the lame You Won't Get Away With It spot. I'm not even going to bother dignifying it; so let's move on. Moley helpfully blows it off for me as he's got the kite in his left hand as he bids goodbye to Drake as he pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and the WIND-O-MATIC OF DOOM starts up and all HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE on Drake. Well; it's apporos to create a WIND-O-MATIC because Drake is such a windbag to begin with so I guess Drake deserved that one. Drake plays the role of bungie sideway driver as he unwinds about half of the webbing he was tied up with and tries to reel himself back in. We return to Moley and Bugley as the Professor finally give Bugley the spool and he's going to get to fly his kite after all; with Drake being the kite of course.

Bugley still thinks it's dangerous as Moley calls him Webbypoo. Oy vey; I'm sure Webby Vanderquack was very happy to hear that out of you. And of course; the Thunder Quack arrives as it's homing device finds the Rat Catcher (helpfully shown as a yellow dot on the screen; or not). Honker notices Drake in trouble and Gosalyn notices as well. The Thunder Quack tries to enter; but the WIND-O-MATIC is a windbag and blows the Thunder Quack's head CLEAR OFF IT'S SHOULDERS! Launchpad makes a lame wind joke as the Thunder Quack is destroyed and free falls to the ground below causing everyone to scream...badly..And it takes a really wussy bump onto the floor in spite of breaking apart so that everyone is apparently dead on impact and the sound effects people use a lame bonking sound as a result. WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! Moley laughs it up because that spot deserves to be mocked; I guess. The GANG OF GAG are all right as Launchpad notices the costume that Drake is wearing.

I would be more concerned about the WINDBAG OF DEATH than the WINDBAG OF DOOM at this point. I think you can tell which is which. The DOOM one's wearing the red costume. They finally caught the spider and it slips from their grasp so they can prove that they caught it. Oh yeah; let's make Drake look like a genius again. Gosalyn, LP and Honker fly around as they hang on the lightpole to save themselves. I should note that if this were real life; they would be dead now due to the wind slicing their flesh; but this is COMEDY BABY! Moley gets off a cute flight insurance promo as it seems to be over for our GANG OF GAG as Moley is ready to cut Drake out of his misery. Which of course provokes Bugley to question him about hurting people again. Didn't you just turn heel about two minutes ago? My head hurts. Moley finally decides to stop selling nice and he cuts the LIFELINE OF LIFE as Drake goes sailing to his death of course; but is saved by the airplane of tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!). Wow; the first spot in tribute to the series in this series at last. Drake is saved for about two seconds as the props turn around the webbing like a pulley and Drake gets dragged towards his death again.

The rebel known as number six (which Drake continues to blow off of course) then manage to grab the gas gun and throw it into the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and the plane stops spinning. That is Logic Break #4 for the episode because Drake threw out his only gas gun earlier. Sadly; the wind stops and Drake free falls taking a decent bump onto the ground off-screen. Okay; that's slightly better Sun Woo. Drake is down for a second as he pops back into his full of himself self complete with flashing glow to show that Sun Woo is animating..Moley and Bugley are SHOCKED and appalled in that order (well; Moley is appalled anyway). Drake declares victory as the babyfaces joins us and Moley laughs in everyone's faces because the plan just signed the city's death warrant (reference #3) since the generator is overloaded (more or less) and it will explode killing the entire world a dozen times over. Okay; he didn't say the last nine words; but it's implied. Drake isn't done yet and invokes the cartwheel towards the generator; but before he can open it; Bugley invokes the webbing to tie Drake up and move him away...Drake cannot believe this as he gets off death reference #4 for the episode as Bugley walks towards the generator and ties up Molely with the same webbing to stop him from interfering. He cuts a cute promo while going to the generator very slowly confusing Launchpad to death of course.

He's going to screw Moley's plans because it's the nice thing to do. He sezs goodbye to the babyfaces and enters the generator inside and it invokes the radio flash before finally stopping dead before anymore damage can be done. Slight dramatic pause ensues as Bugley comes out and is glowing again. He hiccups violently and he turns into a little spider once again which Gosalyn picks up. I guess hiccuping kills radioactive waves in this series. Remind the little kids never to take cartons seriously; even the serious one, or they'll grow up to be Mr. Hardcore who want to oppress fun even more so than anti-gamers. And Moley is screwed of course as he cannot move and Drake cuts a promo just to bury him. Well; he at least waited until the end to do that so it didn't do any damage.

We head back to Drake's house as Gosalyn lets the little spider go via the BOX OF DOOM because Drake wouldn't let him keep him. What a stick in the mud?! Then again; Drake doesn't want to invoke the wrath of Mrs. Wiseman that's for sure. Gosalyn has the antidote (violet liquid inside) as Launchpad doesn't want to do this until tomorrow because we head into the kitchen as Drake is doing the dishes! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..Oh boy...BWHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! I betcha Dave THE CLEANING BARBARIAN OF LAUGHS is so proud of this moment. Well; after many episodes of burying your own family; you damn well deserve it Drake. And number six breaks a dish on the floor of course because he's the rebel of the arms race see. Number six goes limp as the episode ends at 21:14. Mistakes from Sun Woo and sound errors dragged this production down; but it was still a good parody. Still; I was hoping for Bugley to be a better character than he really was. Oh well; it's still good enough **** ( 80%)


Hey; after that last episode which left a foul taste in my mouth, this one was pretty impressive. I still don't get the amount of screw ups by the sound production team. More than half of the sounds didn't fit the spot at all and when combined with blown spots by Sun Woo it made for a hard experience to watch. Four logic breaks didn't help either. However; the episode was pretty good otherwise. I didn't seen Molarity as anything special; but he wasn't terrible either. I mean he was just a parody of the Mole People spot every young kid likes to call for conspiracy theories. Bugley wasn't nearly as special as I though either; although his saving the day was pretty good and in context with everything his character stood for and that's being nice. Drake in the Spiderman wasn't blow out special; but he played the part well enough until the end where it was laugh out loud funny. Number six rebelling was also pretty funny. Overall; despite the attempt by Sun Woo and sound production to ruin this episode; it held up pretty well and did what Molly Coddled did when I ranted The Incredible Shrinking Molly and in this case this episode needed to do a lot better and it almost did. Next up is When Aliens Collide; which is Mommy For a Day with a twist.

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you all next time.


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