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You Sweat Your Life

Reviewed: 05/12/2007

The only sweating I did was writing this rant!

It's Muddlefoot time as we prepare for Darkwing Duck to face those exercise freaks. So let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Juila Jane Lewald and Marion Wells. The story has been edited by Carter Crocker and Bruce Talkington. The animation is done by...say it with me...Sun Woo animation. Only two episodes on Disc Two are from other studios.

We begin this one in the CITY OF SAINT CANARD at the museum as a robbery is taking place in almost total darkness with merely a flashlight shining the light. They take the giant pearl along with a ruby ring. One of the robbers is Flex as the flashlight shines on two fake masks that look like Launchpad and DARKWING..DUCK. Oh wait; it's really is Launchpad and DARKWING..DUCK with really ugly looks on their faces. Drake and Launchpad decide to sell selling as the robbers leave and that allows Drake to go into this full of himself voice mode. We then see the two robbers for real as they are two furry dogs. One is a brown, tall, hound and the other is a gray short fat dog wearing a bad version of Rebecca Cunningham's perm. They are wearing exercise gear and have the white sacks as they are about to rob a poor knight's armor. Flex apparently blows his cover and she invokes the ELBOW OF DOOM onto the shin of Flex. That is one devastating elbow as she wants a boost from Flex because he's taller.

Why not just let Flex steal the helmet instead of her because she's TOO FAT? However; Flex is strong enough to allow her to take the samurai helmet without incident. Oh; she only wants the feather from it. Huh? So her boss is a tickling machine? Did Don Tortelli invade this episode or something? She is Slim and I think you can take a guess that they are exercise freaks just from that. Hey these are good heels for a change since I hate exercise freaks so it's easy to gain heel heat from them. It's easy material. Flex wants to know why DA BOSS (FAIRY..Oops! Wrong pun) wants the feather. If his name is Don Tortelli then I know why and all helpless babyfaces should run for cover when he appears. Kit in particular. See; the feather is from the tail of Mel the Conqueror. I thought Mel was just the KILLER ROBOT OF HORRIBLE MISTREATMENT? I didn't know he used to be a Phoenix, or a Cardinal. Mel is the greatest hero of all time. I think Kit Cloudkicker might have something to say about that. Flex wants to know the next plan and the DREADED VOICEOVER OF DOOM gives it to him: prison time...That signals the smoke cloud in front of the windows (AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR MOVIE RATING) and it's the DREADED VOICEOVER OF DOOM beckoning at 2:07:

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the metal key on the sardine can of justice.

Okay; that one was a pretty cute relationship to prison. I guess it's a canned heat match and a prison riot will break out with Gosalyn and Splatter Phoenix as the leaders...Or maybe not. The two exercise goofs call out his name and Drake goes into EGO TRIP MODE. You would think that he would go for the gas gun and tie up these losers (in a good way I should note; not Jake) and finish this episode in record time. However; cartoons that grow up are obviously taboo to Disney and the American public. Geez; that's some misplaced value system there guys. TaleSpin knew at least when to grow up and when to relapse back into original character and therefore it was a lot more natural and more believable. That's a very important part of an adventure/comedy series. Slim (which is an ironic name since she's heavier than Flex is) calls for Flex to MURDER Drake just as Launchpad enters beside Drake and of course he's as stupid as Drake because he throws the helmet at them and Launchpad catches it. Slim calls Flex a nit and basically threatens him on that spot. Launchpad is having trouble with balance as Drake gets in close while Slim is distracted. Oh man; that is just like her as Drake even sezs that this is basically easy and invokes the DOUBLE KUNG FU WEBFEET OF PAIN to send them away.

Launchpad is still having problems with balance and is ready to fall so Drake decides to do NOTHING but state the moral code. Geez; Drake, wouldn't be easier to just catch Launchpad instead? Okay; he does manage to save Launchpad from certain death off the window sill. Slim goes into her BAG OF TRICKS and she throws the dumbbell with the pointed end no less; right into Drake's butt which manages to stamp some No something symbol message on the end of Drake's butt. Drake and Launchpad fall right out the window of course. Flex and Slim scatter as Drake and Launchpad do the free fall. I've accepted now that Kit's fall means nothing anymore due to the trivialization of it by Baloo and other cartoon character so I'm going to move on from this. Launchpad asks for a backup plan and Drake is full of himself as he grabs the flex rod which actually works (despite the fact that Drake claims it would fail) and they bounces right back into the building and take a pretty good bump into the wall. Well; Launchpad does anyway as Drake is squashed by LP and those bumps were wussy as well. It's Sun Woo animating; what did you expect? Drake recovers instantly and proclaims that they have escaped. No crap Sherlock as Drake searches for clues on the samurai armor while being full of himself as usual.

I hope that I have shown that Drake has no life and we can move on now. I thought he would use the MAGIC LENS OF SIGHTS; but it's only just a magnifying glass. I guess the writers wrote it out just like the sonic screwdriver from classic Doctor Who shows. Sadly; he doesn't have a clue because the biggest clue is tattooed right on his can. It's a No Pigs Allowed sign which is silly because the only real pig in this episode is Slim herself. Launchpad thankfully helps Drake with that one and Drake notices the big tattoo on his butt as it is the symbol of Jock Newbody's Hale and Hearty House of Health, or JNHHHH. At least I can figure it out better than STTITD or STITID or...ah forget it. Reason #299 why TaleSpin was screwed out of 35 more episodes. Drake decides to go under cover to pay the felons a visit as...Regular old Drake Mallard of course...

As we head to outside of Drake's house as Drake and Launchpad are packing Drake's station wagon which has been fixed since the previous episode I see. Drake claim that Launchpad cannot come because that would blow his cover of course. Sadly; a pair of hands that look like they come from Binky and Herb Muddlefoot put more luggage into his station wagon. Oh wait; Binky's voice beckons so it is the Muddlefoots. Drake does not like these turn of events. The reason for Herb and Binky's trip to JNHHHH: Herb needs to lose weight. Which is obvious since he's only about 100 pounds lighter than Baloo is. Herb is disinterested of course because there's no incentive for him except for Binky having a 3-for-1 coupon as she's in the front seat to be Drake's backseat driver...and show him how to drive a car safely in preparation for her big episode later on in the series. Binky calls the deal criminal. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Herb of course has to do ALL THE WORK so he can prepare himself for the hard work ahead of him. Binky thanks Drake for basically stealing his station wagon and Drake is in a stupor.

Too funny as we return to JNHHHH as Slim and Flex walk towards the safe and Slim stops allowing Flex to fall over her head and takes a wussy bump onto the floor. Slim blows him off on that spot. Why is she calling flex a nit? See the boss is 122 years old which is 22 years older than William Stansbury was when Baloo and Louie met him in Her Chance to Dream. I think we know the plot device for this episode now as getting back his youth. A dull plotline done before; but the Muddlefoots are around so it should be good enough as Slim tells Flex to show some respect more or less. Slim is good with the words when she's not calling him a nit. Flex sells it like a dumb goof and he opens the safe and yells right into it. Too funny as Slim grabs him back as the alarm sound beckons. Oh; Jock's in the sauna because it's good for body, mind and spirit right? The steam pours out as well (AND THAT'S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH!) as Slim and Flex scatter.

The safe door opens to reveal a really old dog fury wearing a diaper. We know he's old because he has a white beard and he talks like an stereotypical old man. And he's ticked off and the urge to kill is rising. If he was only 60 years old; he would MURDER those two right now because they destroyed his blissful little world of seventeen hour avocado and kiwi fruit bath. He then stops being angry and decides to do some yoga because it will take ten minutes off his life. He give new meaning to the phrase inability to leave this world gracefully. He's Jock if you noticed and this is really cute as Slim and Flex are hiding behind the giant pot. Slim proclaims that they got everything on his list and Jock rubs his hands and proclaims victory. Well Kit you are now officially safe because Don Tortelli is not in this episode. We head to the MUD FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH as he puts the items Slim and Flex stole into the mud fountain as Slim and Flex annoy him to death to say if it is completed. Jock is voiced by the late Hamilton Camp if you didn't notice that voice earlier and Jock is mad because he still doesn't have the ultimate item: a feather from a pure and true hero. Sadly; the helmet from the museum is in Drake's hands and Jock is ticked off because he hates wrinkles. Well that makes two of us right? Slim blames Drake for this because it's NEVER the heel's fault. Lesson #2 of being a good heel: Always deny unless the babyfaces are near death. Jock then decides that this is great because it can come from a true hero and DARKWING..DUCK is a true hero! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

If I were you Jock; I'd consider writing up my last will and testament right now because we now head on the road as Drake is driving the station wagon out of the CITY OF SAINT CANARD and he looked ticked off as Binky decides to sing the 99 bottles of beer on the wall song. However; since Disney and Binky are against alcohol drinking it is milk that takes it's place. It doesn't matter because Binky's singing is downright funny! TOTAL MARKUP CITY OF THAT SPOT! Drake hates that torture so Herb decides to torment him even more with pictures of Tank Muddlefoot. Now there's some pictures that I need to see. I'm amazed that Tank was the only member of the family that is mean and nasty. Apparently; Herb's father is an amputee. I wonder why as Herb keeps distracting Drake with the pictures by showing them in his face. A truck honks which means that the lame Car is on other side so it's right in front of the big truck and it moves back into the proper lane with about two seconds to spare spot beckons as well. Binky is basically singing the whole time up until the truck honks...and after the honk you can barely hear her continue to sing. Now that what I call a masterful singer..since this is COMEDY BABY! It's about time the Muddlefoots got back at Drake for burying them in Nightmare of the Living Spud. So we finally head to JNHHHH's front lawn which looks like a pink version of Wall Street with the golden globe and the JNHHHH symbol on top of the building.

Interesting Moment #1: If you look closely and quickly on the bottom right portion of your screen, the dog holding the golden globe is completely butt naked with roided muscles. This is one of those moments that will test your reflexes with the pause button on the DVD.

We see Slim and Flex going out of the building as Flex proclaims that they are the bad guys and Drake should find them. Slim doesn't care because Drake might be in disguise and until then they must be babyfaces. Considering that Drake is so full of himself; I suspect it will take about five minutes for him to blow his cover. The station wagon arrives as Herb walks out and breathes the air which means all those nasty pollutants will duck and run for cover as well. Herb comes out and he actually likes the air so he's probably game as usual. Drake falls out of the car to sell the torment he took earlier. Good for you Drake; take your lumps LIKE A MAN! Sadly; the bump on the mouth was wussy as usual from Sun Woo. Slim calls Herb as fat as Flex is stupid. Oh TAG as Flex sells it like a moron. Flex proves her wrong, Flex is even stupider than DARKWING..DUCK! Binky calls the trio the little pleasant attendants they read about in the brochure. Yeah; Binky is dense, but she's not REALLY STUPID. Those two attendants are uglier than ugly and aging gracefully is not in their word usage at this point. Even Jock is better in that department. Slim goes into full drill-sergeant mode as Drake, Herb and Binky fall in with her. Soggy birdseed? Oy vey as Herb isn't liking this anymore. We head to the exercise room as Herb and Binky are in their gym gear on the mats and doing exercises with Drake in regular clothes. I guess purple would make him too gay (in the light hearted sense of course) and blow his cover. Ahhh; Binky's in pink and Herb's in blue. Drake is himself of course. Herb is doing pushups while the rest are doing jumping jacks. Herb cannot do them because he's TOO FAT! Slim is insulting them with sea puns and they aren't really that funny.

Interesting Moment #2: Look at the breasts on Slim!! Holy crap! Did she get the Reebok shoe pump inserted into those things?! WOWZA!

Binky is having a blast while wearing the ultra goofy wrist weight which look more like mini hand bombs. I don't want to know what exercise she is doing as we see Herb and Binky exchange notes as Herb is getting the hang on those pushups. Well; half of one as he belly flops with a decent bump onto the mat. I'm amazed the floor didn't break on that one. He wants a brisk nap and he won't get one I assume. Herb tries to leave but Slim jumps onto his belly and the DA RULES (FAIRY GODPARENTS!) state that exercise must be done or face the barrel of her gun as she points the gun right into Herb's face. Herb is in mortal fear and rightfully so. I suspect that spot was cut by Disney as we head into a hallway with Slim and Flex talking about how to catch DARKWING..DUCK. Huh?! That was certainly OUT OF NOWHERE. Their plan to catch him: He's the one who breaks DA RULES (FAIRY GODPARENTS!). It cannot fail. They head into the gym to check on the joker Herb Muddlefoot and of course Drake blows his cover because he's in his DARKWING..DUCK getup. They are checking until they get the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and they finally notice him. They blow their cover of not being self-employed (so sezs Drake) and Slim and Flex go after him. However; Drake jumps up onto the RINGS OF SATURN and does some really silly spots with the uneven bars (including the tailspin spot (BWHAHAHA!)) and then jumps off the trampoline and the two exercise freaks crack heads together. I was hoping that in this episode the exercise goofs would realize that it is Drake in regular clothes and then proceed to try to kill him ala Inspector Gadget in that episode with the sexy exercise lady who manages to pull her hair out about a foot more than it can be possible to pull; but that would be piracy right?! Drake lands near a basketball as his foot was on the basketball as he lands. I'm amazed he didn't shatter his leg in Sid Eddy fashion there. He kicks the basketball away as he leaves through the window.

Slim and Flex try to recover from the meeting of the minds (well; one mind anyway) and Slim runs away. Sadly; Flex tries to do the same and takes a really wussy bump off his head from the basketball. Drake lands safely on the ground and has forgotten to take off his wrist weights. He's forced to scatter as Slim and Flex run outside and they notice Herb Muddlefoot hiding behind a tree and Slim declares that he's DARKWING..DUCK! Riiight. Because he's the MASTER OF DISGUISE right?! Even Flex has enough brains to see that it isn't Drake Mallard at all. Maybe because Drake is 200 pounds lighter than Herb at least and about two feet taller than Drake? Now Julia's confusing me here. Herb is running away (complete with luggage) because he cannot take it anymore so Flex and Slim grab him and they get into the dust ball fight spot that I saw in Polly Wants A Treasure. Well; it was interesting as they pluck the feather from the tail of Herb. I'm calling Logic Break #1 for the episode because Herb's butt was completely covered in that spot. Herb is left alive as Slim and Flex scatter.

That just gives Herb even MORE incentive to get out as the exercise freaks hide to declare victory for their old boss Jock as Drake was hiding in the BARREL OF LAUGHS all the time. Slim and Flex leave as Drake believes his investigation is now complete as they will lead him straight to him. However; Herb screams as Drake turns around and notice Herb with the pole to do some POLE VAULTING OUT OF THE NASTY HEALTH SPA~! He doesn't make it sadly and thankfully because if he were about three feet closer; he would have been fried. Herb falls into a prison where a nasty guard dog lives. Herb notices him as he turns around and he's trapped like a cat in a dog's chew pen. Drake blows him off because not burying Herb is completely out of character for him. So he invokes the gas gun which is in plunger rope mode this time around as Herb runs away from the dog. Drake invokes the Tarzan spot to save him; but Herb is clearly TOO FAT so they stay low and take a MAN-SIZED bump right into the electric fence to...well...fry. Oh; that's going to leave a mark. X-RAY Spot commences on that bump as Drake and Herb take a wussy bump onto the ground as the guard dog is ready to MURDER them. Drake and Herb try to scatter in different directions; but the wrist bands were clearly made of plastic because they are melted together and therefore this is turning into a Stuck On You episode. Except that Don Karnage isn't around for making it funny and Jim Cummings' voice doesn't count here. The guard dog runs in for the kill as the segment ends about 11 and a half minutes in. I suspect that Electric Fence spot was cut for Disney Channel; then again, Baloo's version of it was kept so what do I know?

After the commercial break; we see Drake and Herb running to the non-electric fence and Drake attempts to climb over; but the wrist weights drag him back down. Herb admits that he cannot climb and Binky does ALL THE WORK. No wonder she wanted so badly for Herb to go to this health spa as Drake is now forced to do ALL THE WORK in forcing Herb over the fence as the guard dog bites him on the butt as usual off-screen. Drake flies into the sky and manages to take Herb and Sun Woo's badly animated blue stars as they take a decent bump into a garden bush on the side. Herb is shown which means Drake got squashed because Herb is TOO FAT! Well; say it with me. Drake as an international object equal funny. Herb even gets death reference number one for the episode and he's on a roll here. It's a miracle indeed!

We head back into the mud founation room as Jock as the feather and is declaring victory as he drops the feather into the fountain. It does a cute flash spot to show that Sun Woo is animating this episode. Jock takes the life mug and dips into the mud fountain and then drinks it. EWWWWWW! I thought he would bathe in it; but EWWWWW! Slim asks if he feels younger and Jock rumbles and flashes as he feels like bowling. His clothes turn into Herb Muddlefoot and he's only about five years younger and probably fifty years stupider. He goes to the MIRROR OF SHATTERED DREAMS and realizes that the exercise freaks brought him the wrong feather. Well; Flex was the smart one so this one goes to Slim in order of blame. Jock demands the antidote because this body is wrong (BOO HISS!) as Flex gets him the antidote and he drinks it at once to revert to his original form with a side effect of bad beard.

Too funny as he screams for them to get the right feather and the exercise goofs scatter before he can MURDER them. So now we head to the shack as Herb is torturing Drake with his stories as Drake tries to chisel the plastic wrist bands away from them. Drake is mighty ticked off judging from those really sick eyes that Sun Woo has animated for him. Drake tries the flamethrower and the chainsaw; but still no luck. That must be some special hard plastic that doesn't break. Drake is hating his stories and lets it known to Herb so Herb tells another good story. Too funny as Drake uses his chompers to bite the plastic. Still no luck as we head outside with Flex unleashing the guard dog from earlier to get the scent and find Drake and that feather. The guard dog finds it and runs allowing Flex to do the force pull spot as we return to Drake and Herb as Herb is really laying the smack down (verbally) on Drake. When I mean smack down; I mean basically tormenting him with his pointless stories. I am so loving this episode now as Drake hears the dogs and tries to run away. However; Herb won't move because he wants his Binky. This is really getting too funny and I love it that Drake is finally getting what is coming to him after trying to bury this funny family in general. The door opens and Drake and Herb are screwed stiff as the guard dog is ready to sick Drake.

Meanwhile; back inside we see Binky having her nails done by the professional nail filer. That lady doing it has some big lips; but she's not African American so it's all right. Binky has never had a manicure either. I find that a little hard to believe. Then again; Binky is dense so I expect that. I'm surprised that she didn't sing there since it would be funny to hear again. We head back to the fountain room as Drake and Herb are marched into the room with their hands up due to Flex and Slim using their guns to threaten Drake. Notice that Slim has not used her breasts as guns in this one. Drake is in his VOICEOVER OF DOOM mode at the worst possible time. Drake demands answers in a way that in real life would have people shooting him dead; but it's a cartoon so Jock just demands Drake's feather. Slim invokes the JAWS OF HALF LIFE to pluck a tail feather from Drake's can. Drake jumps up about ten feet on that spot and would have been more if Herb wasn't TOO FAT! Drake calls it private property. Umm; Drake, it's your butt, not your groin that they attacked. Jock declares victory and has no more use for Drake anymore. We do the spot again from before except Sun Woo did a better job in animating and there was a little awe out of Drake and Herb. Death Reference #2 beckons (you have to die now) as Drake blows him off because he's DARKWING...DUCK. Sadly; Herb is still TOO FAT! He drinks it and turns into Jock the BOUNCER OF DEATH! And he's got a red Mohawk on his head. Aww; that's so cute. Beautiful sequence to show him change by the way ending in a nuclear spot. Drake calls him Jocko (Ooooo) and tries to invoke the LEAD GRIP KUNG FU ACTION WEBKICK OF FEAR; but he's got ABS OF STEEL! Drake does the foot ouch spot again. Jock blows him off in a threatening matter with the ABS OF STEEL and Drake is forced to cower in fear as the segment ends about sixteen minutes in. Finally; Drake is being put in his place and the Muddlefoots are actually funny as a result.

After the commercial break; we head to the GYM ROOM OF DEATH as Drake is hanging upside down from a rope (and Herb is tied to a exercise chair) as death reference #3 beckons from Jock. Don Karnage is such an evil one because he tied Kit in knots in Plunder and Lightning Part One when Kit did that spot. See; Jock doesn't want anyone trying to be young and they can kick his butt so he's going to invoke the TNT dynamite to kill Herb and Drake. Then he even turns on his faithful retainers as he throws them into the closet. WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?! The thing has a timer so he has enough time to get out with the elixir of course. Drake protests this outrage as Jock leaves without saying a word as Herb wants his Binky to be all right. Drake sezs it doesn't have to happen as long as Herb does a situp. Herb no-sells because he can barely do half a pushup. Or cannot do one if his life depended on it. Drake yells at him which is enough for Herb to finally sell. However; it hurts too much. Drake tries the old hamburger on a midsection trick and Herb still won't sell because he's useless. I take exception to that remark o'fat one. Drake then suggests that he do it for Binky. Sorry Disney captions; Open Office clearly states that Binkie is a misspelled word.

He finally sells and with a lot of effort; Herb finally does the first (and probably last) situp of his life and it works! Drake unties himself and Herb as they leave to find Jock. Umm; wait a second? Shouldn't have Drake defused the bomb first? Logic Break #2 for the episode and one I cannot accept. We return to the fountain room as Jock is filling up the oil drums with elixir. I sure hope terrorists don't watch this and get any ideas because we would be in deep trouble. Not that he revealed the actual recipe anyway. Jock declares immortality and victory too soon as Drake's voice beckons and the fourth reference of death beckons out of Jock. Jock is surprised for about three seconds and then he laughs because he cannot lose. Drake attempts the LEAD GRIP KUNG FU ACTION WEBKICK OF FEAR again (with Herb doing the work to keep up); but Jock catches the stray webfoot. Jock then pushes his fingers in between his toes in a really disturbing spot as Herb has had enough of this as Herb now wants to fight Jock one on one. This should be good.

Herb twirls Drake like an international object and they do the silly whirlwind spot right into the mud fountain with a resounding splash! When they come too; all three of them are babies. BWHAHAHAHAHA! Jock even acts like a baby just to make it even more funny than before. Drake blows him off because he goofed with nature while acting like Baby Einstein. Herb acts like a smart baby and gives a raspberry on par with Molly Cunningham against McKnee. This is really getting funny as the wrist bands come off the wrists of baby Herb and baby Drake..and they are free. FREE I TELL YA! To kick Jock's diaper rash. And Drake gets off Keen Gear reference #1 since Gosalyn not around just to amuse me because he's a baby after all. They get into a fist fight and Drake bonks Jock right on the head in a cute spot and that causes Jock to want to cry for his mommy! Too funny as this episode is really getting good now. Jock notices the antidote and runs towards it complete with Hanna Barbera looping visual and running sound effect. Now you know you're watching a classic. Drake runs after him as Jock grabs the antidotes and tries to drink it. However; he talked before he did that so he gets caught by Flex as Slim takes the antidote away.

Well; Jock has no one but himself to blame for that one. Flex and Slim are still heels because Flex grabs Drake as well. Herb just slides away in his yellow underwear in a funny spot in between Flex's legs. Slim declares that they will get Herb later and they declare victory. However; as they go towards the fountain; Herb comes back with the TNT BOMB TRAY OF DEATH! Logic Break #2 has been popped out of the episode! Herb sounding like a train is too funny to listen to as Drake and Jock take wussy bumps onto the floor as the TNT BOMB TRAY OF DEATH nails Flex and Slim onto it. They drop the antidote and Drake grabs it which should end the whole baby mess to my sorrow. Drake as a baby is awesome. Herb as a baby even more. Slim and Flex's hope chest is gone as they collide against the side of the fountain and dive into the fountain as the whole thing explodes. OUCH! That's going to leave a mark...On the fountain.

The youth elixir completely vaporized on that spot as Jock looks down and sobs like a little baby. Drake drinks the antidote and reverts back to DARKWING...DUCK! Herb grabs it and drinks it after some veiled suspense on if he deserves it or not. Herb reverts back to himself as Herb grabs Slim and Flex who are now babies. Drake then overshadows Jock and calls him a naughty boys. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments as Jock screams that he didn't do it and thus the cycle begins of a life of crime for him. We then see him repeating himself as he, Flex and Slim are locked in a cage. Geez; that's pretty cruel there Drake. Then again; Gosalyn was chained to her seat in the last episode so it works. Drake and Herb leave as Drake blows him off with this classic line...

Drake: By the time you get out; you'll be old enough to vote...AGAIN! Youth is wasted on the young.

Now that is some sage advice Drake. I hope you didn't pay for that. Herb and Drake exchange notes as Drake actually thanks him for saving his life! CALL THE OUT OF CHARACTER DEPARTMENT! DRAKE JUST PUT HERB OVER! Herb sells it like he's goofy as usual. He thinks Binky will never believe it and then realizes that he forgot about her in the action and goes to the doors as Binky appears wearing an awesome violent work dress, purple belt and blue high heels. Complete with pink teardrop earring. Now that is HOT BABEE!! I suspect that was Rebecca's outfit in original plans before they decided on the more down to earth fashion in the final TaleSpin version. Sexy jazz music plays as Herb is slightly awed because he loves Binky no matter how she's dressed. Now that's a real couple there. Herb of course screws up the romance as usual with his funny comparisons and Binky blushes and blows it off as nicely as she can. Herb hugs and kisses Binky a couple times and it's all in the right context as Binky declares that Drake is coming and Drake in regular clothes finally appears. They never suspected a thing. They walk towards the station wagon as Herb declares that there is a 13 hour drive ahead of them and them torment for Drake begins all over again. BWHAHAHAHAHA! They continue to walk to the station wagon as the episode ends at 21:07. Juila Jane Lewald finally wrote her first perfect episode with a great effort and finally put Herb and Binky Muddlefoot over for good. And Drake actually put on a show and took it LIKE A MAN too. ***** ( 100%)


What a way to end Disc 2 as nearly everything was on in this episode. Great animation for the most part (a few spots blown), only one logic break and no contrived spots at all. The greatest thing about this episode is that this was the episode that made the Muddlefoots. They were funny and they tormented Drake to no end. Plus; Drake deserved it and instead of burying them; he put Herb over when Herb deserved to be put over. Herb was funny in Act II and Binky was awesome with her funny singing and hot look at the end. The villains Slim and Flex were pretty good as well; and I can forgive them if they didn't do the old Inspector Gadget exercise episode since this was still funny enough.

Jock was all right until he became a baby and then the real fun started. Not to mention some really sick bumps into an electrical fence and of course Drake and Herb as a baby was really cute. In the end; a perfect episode which is the third episode to do it in this series. So that officially ends Disc 2 as I saw five thumbs up, one thumbs in the middle, three thumbs down. Next up is Disc three and Days of Blunder with the debut of Quackerjack. As he says: IT'S PLAYTIME! TaleSpin Volume 1 Disc 2 had six thumbs up and three in the middle. However; it's TaleSpin I'm talking about (21 of 27 episodes had a thumbs up and only six episodes with a thumbs in the middle) and comparing it to almost anything is really gay when you consider it.

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you all next time.


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