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The Incredible Bulk

Reviewed: 01/18/2008

Why does Reggie get these episodes?!

I suspect a lot of Larson and Gary jokes in this one...Let's rant on shall we?!

The episode is written by Gary Sperling and the story editor is Tom Minton. Gary was actually a lawyer before he turned to animation writing. Don't ask me why; it's one of those things I can never explain. The mother ship has arrived!!...This one is animated by Sun Woo and I'm really getting steamed over the use of these hit or miss companies. Never mind what I said...

We begin this one at Bushroot's GREENHOUSE FROM HELL as we go inside and see Gosalyn, Drake and Launchpad coming in to study on plant life. I don't get this; we are inside Bushroot's evil hiding place and all Drake wants to do is study PLANT LIFE?! This is why I hate Drake and the writers as a whole: They treat Bushroot as a henchman who would not amount to anything...unless you are Jan Strnad and Tad Stones. Otherwise; it is just hell on earth for Reggie. If this is some preemptive strike on Nintendo; then it is not working at all and it's only making Reggie Bushroot look bad. Drake in regular clothes eats palm tree branch thanks to Launchpad's pushy attitude to which I approve of. Scene changer (already?) as Honker and Gosalyn steal (it's Bushroot's greenhouse; what do you think it is?) plants from him as Gosalyn whines about her idea being wrong in Honker's eyes. Honker gladly answers that one for me since squids and plutonium don't mix. How in limbo's dance does Drake have these type of chemicals?! Or are the writers grasping at straws here?!

Gosalyn blows it off because they would be fun at parties and plants are major-league boring just to show that we are in 1991 and not 1941 like that pesky TaleSpin show was. That is sarcasm by the way. Drake of course hears it and it's now time for DARKWING...DAD! Yeah; sure Drake. Every time you invoke that; you look REALLY STUPID. Drake butts into Gosalyn's business because he's DARKWING..DAD of course. Gosalyn gleefully blows Drake off for me and I cannot see Drake winning this one. Drake values the power of education. Suuurrre Drake Mallard; if you value the power of education than you shouldn't be walking in the middle of the street to stop a freaking car! Drake then takes the time to cut his full of himself promo and sadly Gosalyn and Honker no sell the whole thing. Oh come on! This is a perfect time to blow him off...and I am proven right about Reggie Bushroot's place because the vine whop is practicing the fine art of going into the storage room and then goes in and opens the window which allows Bushroot to enter. Remember that the babyfaces are stealing and trespassing on his turf; so they deserve what is coming to them even if Bushroot is a sad criminal heel. Bushroot cuts a full of himself promo and does a better job than when Drake does it. He looks for Spike and of course Spike goes through the window panting.

Some things never change. Bushroot then pets Spike on the head while telling him that he shrink due to all the manure he has used on him. You know; this would have worked if Spike was bigger in other episodes; but what do I know?! Sun Woo animates this episode and they never get it right all the way. Oh; and since Spike is a plant dog; the Gidget Pet Shop Joke doesn't work on him. Bushroot goes over to the flask which contains pink liquid. Baloo's soda pop is now super grow solution?! That explains Baloo's weight at least as Bushroot reads the label on it: This untested stuff will make plants grows very large or kill them instantly (death reference #1). That makes Spike feel scared since the stuff can actually MURDER him..for real! Spike runs for the window; but Bushroot stops him and tells him to open up. Wow; Spike grew a brain or stole Reggie's brain. I'll accept either one in this case. They struggle as Spike whimpers like a baby and Reggie tells him to stop acting like one. Bushroot tries to feed him the KILLER SODA OF DOOM; but Spike won't bite as he nails Bushroot good and Bushroot takes a MAN-SIZED bump into the wall and somehow; nothing gets damaged whatsoever. SOMEONE FIRE THOSE POTS!

Reggie then blows off Spike and finds the middle pot in front of him which contains a near dead daisy (I suppose it is considering that it nearly got MURDERED by that MAN-SIZED bump.). He pours the KILLER SODA OF DOOM on it; and the Daisy grows to about three times Reggie's size. How ironic and how vile must Bushroot be after nearly MURDERING Larson and Gary for firing him and teasing him to no end; using their steroids to create the ROIDED DAISY OF DEATH! Bushroot is now a Sustainer gamer or a fundie: No sense of irony. Bushroot calls the ROIDED DAISY OF DEATH Arnold Oleander (oh boy; that is a lot more disturbing in hindsight after reading Respectful Insolence). It would have been funnier if he was called Arnold Terminator; but I guess that is trademarked, so there you go. Spike comes to either greet it; or bite it depending on what mood I was in when I was ranting on this episode; and Arnold punts Spike right into orbit. Ooooo. Arnold is a plant animal hater as Bushroot tells them not to fight. Bushroot puts his bush behind Arnold's neck and asks for Spike's approval because he is marvelous. Arnold pumps up as the power of Larson and Gary is inside his veins (or whatever they are called in the plant world). Bushroot calls him a truly awesome blossom which would go on to be a popular rhyming scheme for other DTVA shows in the future: use awesome and then rhyme it just to tick off those whom follow ANIME DUB CONDUCT RULE #12 (Thou Shalt Not Rhyme...Because Rhyming is COOL!).

Spike growls which means that he doesn't like his new friend. Oh boy; I think we know where this is going... We cut to inside the GREENHOUSE OF HELL as Drake (still in regular clothes mind you) walking around noticing some vines but saying nothing...until Bushroot starts talking. Drake gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY on that one as I ask the obvious question: How could Drake NOT know this is Bushroot's hideout; when he's been in this hideout in at least TWO EPISODES BEFORE THIS ONE (even in production order)? Logic Break #1 for the episode and I don't accept it one little bit. Not only does this make Drake look REALLY STUPID; but it shows the nasty effects of Cartoon Duck Syndrome. Let's move on shall we....Drake hides behind the door and calls Bushroot's voice insipid and a weed wimp. I see Drake is back in mid-season form as we cut to inside the storage area where Bushroot is pouring more of the KILLER SODA OF DOOM into another flask on the table. And of course; Drake has no shame in allowing Bushroot to say one word as he invokes the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM at 3:32....

Darkwing: I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the weed whacker in the garden of evil.

Just to point something out; anything involving a weed whacker equals a funny promo. Heck; Royal Canadian Air Farce used this joke for their television show several times so you know that it is funny. We cut to Drake at the door as there is little smoke this time around. I guess Sun Woo cannot animate smoke properly anymore. Bushroot hides under the table like the coward that he is; so Drake goes after him and calls him out. Wow; he didn't cut a full of himself promo there as Bushroot climbs up from the table and remembers that he has a roided daisy to do his fighting and the ROIDED DAISY OF DEATH rises from his wooden chair (after reading a blue book mind you) and starts backing up Drake. Drake stammers like an idiot and Bushroot suddenly looks like a good heel. It probably won't last; I'm sure of it. Drake calls Arnold gentle and harmless just as Arnold grabs the rake. Well; it's a daisy, so I guess it has to fight like a girl to get over. Drake does some lame KARATE MOVES OF DOOM and then gets weed whacked by the rake.

Nice bumping from Drake and the rake; but Drake lands on the table of chemicals taking good bumps along the way. The crash allows Gosalyn, Honker and Launchpad to enter like the foolish idiots that they are and the vines tie them up and raise them to the sky. You would think that they would have learned anything from Easy Comes; but I guess not. We head to the table as Arnold completely MURDERS Drake with FLOWER POWER~! Hey; Bushroot said that, not me. Spike walks away wimping and throwing raspberries so bad that they are funny. Honker notices the bottle containing the weed killer (death reference #2 for the episode) and Gosalyn uses her shoes to strain and drop the bottle which breaks despite being nowhere near the vine plant. The vine plant lets the babyfaces go anyway. Logic Break #2 for the episode as Arnold does the ultimate funny plant spot as he literally plants Drake into a planting pot.

I always laugh at that spot; and it's even funnier when it is Drake getting it. Drake complains that Arnold is fighting dirty. Drake must have drank Ammonia Pine's bathwater before starting this episode. Gosalyn and Honker take the weed killer which has multiplied and contains spray nozzles now. Logic Break #3 for the episode. Gosalyn invokes the weed killer to free Launchpad from the vine's clutches. I assume that the vine is dead; but the vine still seems to be kicking. What a way to turn a killer product into a wimp?! Bushroot, Arnold and Spike run through the window to bail. Cute spot as Arnold throws Spike away from the window to go through second and then Spike gets his butt sprayed with Weed Killer. Launchpad unplants Drake and the Gosalyn and Honker walk to Drake as Gosalyn wipes her hands with a white cloth and then blows off Drake's educational powers. Gosalyn wipes off Drake's face as Drake looks peeved as he puts on his gay Zorro hat and some lingering dirt gets plopped right on his beak. Too funny.

We head to Drake's hideout as Drake looks himself into the MIRROR OF VAINITY and admits that his brains have been overtaking his brawn a bit. Drake claims to be in great shape. Drake is in fitness clothes as we see Gosalyn blow the whistle on Drake and calls him a puny trainee. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. Gosalyn has the clipboard and is wearing a goofy blue/white baseball which looked like Kit's baseball cap painted over. Then again; I liked Kit more without the navigator's cap so there you go. Gosalyn is the fitness instructor and she's going to whip Drake into shape. This ought to be good. Launchpad enters and seems pretty interested in Gosalyn's barking promos. Gosalyn invokes the POINTY FINGER OF DOOM on Drake and Launchpad's chest (which doesn't make Drake or Launchpad laugh I should point out) saying that they will be begging for her to quit. Gosalyn's attempt to command respect is downright cute as Drake blows it off because no pain equal no gain. Drake has never entered a high level college science class I see.

Drake proclaims that he can take anything Gosalyn can dish out and Launchpad gleefully answers that one for me; just to piss Drake off. So Launchpad then eats a bowl of chocolate ice cream while Drake is on the FOLD FITNESS ARMS OF DEATH blowing off Gosalyn. It's funnier said that way; trust me. And I didn't think they would pay off my jokes about Launchpad's weight; but they managed. Launchpad answers that one for me as Gosalyn (laying on a mat reading something I guess) blows off Drake and tells him to get started. I am so loving this as Drake grumbles like a bad parent. Drake attempt to use the FOLDING FITNESS ARMS AND LEGS OF DEATH; but gets MURDERED by them. Not the best selling from Drake though as Launchpad rubs it in his face by eating more chocolate ice cream RIGHT IN HIS FACE. HAHA! We head to the STOMACH PUMPER OF DEATH as Drake is lying down on the job (of course) while Gosalyn barks some more because it's time to build his stomach. Gosalyn calls for a hundred sit ups and blows the whistle. Drake's protests are for naught as usual.

Drake does one sit up badly and the red light goes off. Then the weight fall right on top of Drake's belly. OUCH! That's going to leave a mark! Sadly; Logic Break #3 rears it's ugly head as the weights are magically off Drake's belly and Drake is off the board with a funny bend in his belly allowing Launchpad to invoke the giant bandage while blowing off Drake. I admit that the joke was funny; but Sun Woo's editing is getting on my nerves. Drake looks ticked off on that spot. We cut to Launchpad in the boxing ring as he is punching away at the punching lung of doom. I guess the Mallard's ran out of chocolate ice cream. It's not like Gosalyn was going to put him through the motions since this is an attempt to gain heat back from Drake Mallard. Drake is in the right corner as Gosalyn calls Launchpad's punching skills very nice. Gosalyn then invokes the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH to Drake and it is LAW as Drake stands up and goes to the punching lung. And just to make Drake look even more bad (Thank you writers!) Launchpad puts a wooden footstool in the middle of the ring so Drake can even reach the punching lung.

Too funny and I think we know what happens next. Drake takes a good bump on his face with the punching lung after punching it for a while. Back inside Drake's living room as Drake is now doing pushups as Launchpad is sitting in the spinning chair (the one Drake sits in). Drake jumps around and of course cuts his full of himself promo. Even pain is no match for the promo. Gosalyn comes in with a tray of orange juice and a bowl of mushroom which Drake hates judging by him eating one. Drake asks for nuts and tofu and Gosalyn blows it off because Drake is the one getting into shape; not her. Normally; this is hypocritical; but since I don't like Drake, I don't care. We head to the bedroom which Honker is studying something with the microscope as Gosalyn and Drake enter the room. Drake gets behind Honker and tells him that he spends too much time indoors. Despite the fact that all the exercise Drake did was INSIDE to begin with.

Look; as much as I think this angle is funny; it's funny because I don't like Drake and seeing him suffer is funny. It's not as funny as it could be because Baloo did it better since Baloo was grossly overweight and he got the fat farm angle which was even funnier since Baloo was so dense into believing that a fat farm was equal to a prison in Thembria. That is what makes it funny. Honker get petted (AGAIN! NOOOOOOOO!) as Honker blows it off because he's studying Bushroot's growth solution and it is really strong. Drake invokes the arm weights for more fitness as he blows off Honker and tells him to forget about it. Drake opens the window and tells Gosalyn and Honker to go outside for some fresh air and Honker blows it off because it's dark outside. So? That never stopped anyone in this world as Gosalyn blows off Drake for being so mean to Honker. Drake blows it off in kind because he doesn't need help. He crumbles a piece of paper and shoots a basket (I knew that thing would be used at some point) allowing to nail Honker on his smart little head. Meanie! Honker thankfully explains that if Bushroot wants more fertilizer than he would have to go back to the arboretum.. or the GREENHOUSE FROM HELL.

Same thing as Drake does the ultra lame repeating of the spot as we head to the GREENHOUSE FROM HELL AFTER HAPPY HOUR (Read: After Dark) as Bushroot returns to the storage room with Arnold and Spike as he grabs the KILLER SODA OF DOOM flask and the SOMEWHAT KILLER SODA OF DOOM (the blue liquid) flask and declares that he will make an army of steroid flowers. And of course Drake had to bury the planting joke as he and Launchpad pop out of the planting pot in the right pan and Drake calls Bushroot a lowlife legume. Nice to see the plant puns are still there to be used and abused by Drake. Drake and Launchpad do some lame karate moves while chopping a flower from Launchpad's hair and producing more plant puns. Drake jumps forward and shows what kind of idiot he is in front of Arnold. Double Ax Handle from Arnold misses so Drake invokes the DOUBLE FEET KUNG FU KICK OF DOOM to knock Arnold down onto the ground. Well; at least Sun Woo didn't screw it up this time around. Drake and Arnold fight like a bunch of girls as Bushroot is sulking because Arnold is floundering. Spike of course laughs it off and that is greeted with the mean stare from Reggie to end that one.

Arnold is thrown around like a rag doll and thrown away like a bad habit. Well; at least Drake hasn't done anything to bury Arnold...yet...Bushroot then feeds Arnold with the KILLER SODA OF DOOM and Arnold is back to full strength..The bell gives it away I should point out. Drake calls this no fair. If life were fair Drake; then we would not exist because we are useless according to our creator. I don't believe a bit of it; but I need a wisecrack for your REALLY STUPID comment there. Drake and Launchpad go to the table as Arnold stalks Drake. Arnold is now ten times it's original size I should point out as Launchpad calls him a pistol packing petalhead. Despite the fact that he is not carrying a pistol of any kind to begin with. LP has got to choose his words better here. Drake of course is REALLY STUPID (what a shock?!) and walks right into the ROID RAGE DAISY OF DEATH which pounds him good into the ground. HAHA!

Launchpad runs to the entrance and grabs the shovel. Launchpad tries to MURDER Arnold; but Arnold MURDERS him good. I don't know how; but it was funny anyway. Arnold crumble Drake into a ball and I must say that Arnold is grasping the subject of international object equal funny bit quite well. Arnold plays basketball and then stuffs Drake into a basket case. Bushroot gleefully cuts a funny promo to make me laugh at Drake. It is so true BRUTHA! Bushroot grabs the KILLER SODAS OF DOOM (Sunwoo coloring mistake either way since it was either earlier when one of them was blue; or it was blue to begin with and changed pink. Either way it's a mistake by Sun Woo as usual.) and the heels bail out again.

We head inside Drake's hideout as Launchpad apparently carried Drake still in the basket case and then shakes it to pop Drake out of it. Too funny as they cannot get him out. Gosalyn arrives with the crowbar and that pops Drake out allowing Drake to take the wussiest bump this side of Getting Antsy. Well; Sun Woo did that episode; so it makes sense. Drake shakes the cobwebs as Honker arrives to reveal details on the fertilizer. It's unstable and it promotes incredible growth so Drake steals the KILLER SODA OF DOOM and drinks it. Honker panics because it has never been tested on a duck while stammering as usual. Drake blows off Honker of course as he goes to the MIRROR OF VAINITY and cuts a full of himself promo. And of course nothing happens as Drake goes over to Honker to proclaim that it doesn't work and of course he starts to become ROIDED. I guess Larson & Gary didn't wait long enough to try it on a duck.

Yeah; this whole thing is basically an episode about the dangers of steroids, but since Drake is REALLY STUPID I think it will have the opposite effect and encourage people to take steroids. I don't trust Cartoon Duck Syndrome; what can I say?! And Drake get off the blocks quickly as he cuts a beauty promo while looking in the MIRROR OF VAINITY. I am SHOCKED that he doesn't have one in every room. SHOCKED!! Drake runs around and throws Launchpad, the Rat Catcher and the Thunder Quack like rag dolls. Honker and Gosalyn panic on those spots; but Drake tells them not to worry because it's time for action and burying Bushroot for good. I made the last one up of course. Honker tells him that the condition is very unstable as Gosalyn blows off Drake for being hypocritical because he was supposed to believe in deduction. Remember that it was Gosalyn who wanted to whip Drake into physical shape; so Gosalyn has no sense of irony here.

Drake grabs Gosalyn and calls thinking for eggheads and then pets Honker (UGH!) because it wasn't personal while putting Gosalyn down. Honker takes it rather well; lest Drake starts bullying him again. Drake calls himself a manly duck and basically becomes an insult to manly people everywhere. Drake believes in direct action and Launchpad points out that there is no transportation. Drake blows it off as he jumps up towards the window and dives off the bridge proclaiming that he is no wimp. Okay; I agree with that statement; but he's getting more REALLY STUPID by the second here. The babyfaces looks on in horror (That's what ROIDS will do to you.) to end the segment ten minutes in. Hey; this episode is looking good thus far....

After the commercial break; we go to the pan shot of the broken Thunder Quack and then the pan extends to the back shot of the babyfaces looking out of the window. Launchpad comes out and claims that he is still falling. I didn't know steroids made you light as a feather?! Boy; Larson and Gary look like geniuses now. Dead geniuses; but still. Gosalyn screams but Drake manages to land on the bridge road and it manages to crumble under his weight; but somehow the bridge doesn't collapse. SOMEONE FIRE THOSE STEROIDS. Scene changer (that quickly again?) beckons as Gosalyn is going to Honker as she states that she's going to market video tapes for her workout program. I knew this is all about the MON-EY!! God bless Vinnie Mac for that promo. Honker tells her not to get excited because it was the fertilizer (EWWWW! I just realized it ten minutes in.) that made Drake and Arnold so ROIDED. He shows some ROIDED rats training in a cage to prove his point. I guess rat's are immune to the height properties of the formula. Gosalyn of course see the MON-EY~ and wants to market the stuff. This is just ASKING for an governmental probe here Gos.

We cut to inside the city as Drake and Launchpad are walking on the sidewalk. Drake is fine; Launchpad is panting because he cannot walk without ROIDS I guess. Must be the chocolate ice cream freezing up his legs. Launchpad wonders how he is going to find Bushroot and Drake states that he'll go door to door. And of course he does Comet Dumb Guy's spot from Planet of the Capes complete with better animated shower scream spot which confuses Drake. Yeah; because you are now knowing how Comet Dumb Guy feels. He replaces the house which Sun Woo badly drawn flowers. Drake then proclaims that he'll find Bushroot even if he has to lift every building in the city. Boy; is Jim Cummings sounding like HHH here or what?! I think even Launchpad is taken back by this. Sadly; Drake is REALLY STUPID because Bushroot is back in his GREENHOUSE OF HELL thus making me look REALLY STUPID at the start of the episode. Thanks guys for NOTHING..AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING! Nice animation of the windmill from Sun Woo since it looked pretty choppy.

We cut to inside as Arnold is sitting in his chair and eating manure more or less in front of Bushroot and Spike. Bushroot is wearing doctor gear so you know that this is SERIOUS COMEDY BABY! Bushroot wants to trim Arnold a bit as apparently; the formula has shrunk Arnold back to normal size. I guess Larson and Gary created temporary steroids after all. Arnold belches much to Bushroot's disgust because he's Arnold of course. Reggie invokes the scissors to trim Arnold's petals a bit as we get sad music in the background just to make the scene even funnier which was probably intentional. Arnold just keeps eating as we cut to the floor where there are three pots of soil and Bushroot uses the eye dropper to feed the soil with the KILLER SODA OF DEATH. They break the plastic pots and reveal three more ROIDED DAISIES OF DEATH! Now Bushroot has a family of criminal roided daisies. How could you ask for more?! Bushroot asks for approval and of course Spike growls at it. I'm guessing Spike believes that those daisies will turn on Bushroot.

I disagree because what flower would EVER turn on Bushroot (Easy Comes Easy Grows notwithstanding)?! The Family of Daisies apparently hijacked a truck filled with plant stuff and the Daisies are joyriding in the streets with it as morning arises. Okay; the daisies have good timing so there is no logic break here. Bushroot is in the back trunk as he blows off Arnold's eating of manure and proclaims that the joy ride must come to an end. Arnold doesn't care as he belches and then the truck hits a convently placed rock (how contrived can you get?) and Arnold flies out of the truck and takes a MAN-SIZED bump onto the pavement. OUCH! Arnold is all right of course and sees something in the alleyway and then runs and starts eating in the dumpster. This goes on for a while as it's HAPPY HOUR again and the whistle blows while the shot pans over to the tea factory (HUH?!) and we head inside as tea is being made. We pan over to the conveyer belt ( containing popcorn kernels. HUH?!) as an English style man sorter (check the glass on his left eye.) talking to a female sorter about loving tea. Okay; what exactly is the point of this?! And the second one is a male with hair over his eyes.

Isn't that bad for the tea to not properly groom your hair. Now considering that I haven't seen a barber since November due to crappy roads and illness; I'm not the one to talk about grooming tips; but still. We get the HOW IT'S MADE sequence (If you live in Canada; How it's Made is on 6 o'clock or 7 o'clock local time seven days a week with two back to back episodes. And on Tuesday at 9 o'clock for two more episodes; usually the new ones. It is AWESOME BABY! This is not awesome however...) to waste some more time. Sadly; the Sun Woo animation makes the tea bags go and we don't see them fall onto the floor at all. More talking from the English man because tea making is the most peaceful job on earth. Sadly; his duck mate is hung upside down by the legs from the ROIDED DAISY FAMILY OF DEATH and therefore cannot comment. Yeah; this makes no sense; but at least Bushroot is funny so I'll let it slide. English Tea Sorter makes the obvious mistake of calling flowers gentle and harmless; so Arnold arrives from behind to wrap his vines around his neck. Sadly; it's not Drake because I want him to choke Drake out so I never have to hear his full of himself promos ever again.

And speaking of the devil himself; we head back to the street as Launchpad and ROIDED Drake continue their search for Bushroot. Launchpad talks about clever tricks and promo cutting while Drake destroys a perfectly innocent lamp post in the process. Launchpad's promo cutting sucks as he is left behind by Drake as they make it to the dumpster. Drake calls psychological tricks as being wimpy. Wow; the roids have succeeded in MURDERING his ego. I never thought that I would accept steroids in any way; but they somehow managed to make me accept them...well; in QUACKERIA anyway. I still hate them in the real world. Drake lifts the dumpster and then notices that it went to the tea factory despite not showing any foot prints to prove such a point. I guess Sun Woo stopped trying to animate a show properly as we head to the eye ball against a black ground which is usually the signal for the microscope and I'm right as Honker is still studying the formula in Drake's hideout and this doesn't look good. The muscle rat (which is out of the cage now) goes from being muscle to being so FAT!

I guess the water sacs are merging with each other. HAHA! The other rat in the cage grows a water sac in his head. HAHA! Gosalyn hates this now because they cannot sell the formula. Honker thankfully reminds her that Drake drank the KILLER SODA OF DOOM and now this is absolutely terrible. That is what usually happens when you abuse steroids and Drake abused them. Kudos to the writers to showing some realism here. We head back inside the tea factory as the DAISY FAMILY completely vandalizes the place. Take that PETA, you plant haters!! You talk about caring about animals (See Danny Phantom's female vegan friend) and give no regard for plants. Plants have feelings too you know. Yeah; it's sarcasm but this is QUACKERIA and therefore logic and reason do not apply here. The two tea loving ducks are thrown into the Limes of course which makes absolutely no sense and we put there just so one of the tea loving ducks cuts a lame Limey promo. Bushroot actually defends the ducks as the plan of the DAISY FAMILY OF DOOM is to destroy this tea factory because tea leaves are made of plants. Bushroot? Showing remorse for animals? Did he just turn babyface and I didn't notice?!

And the doors break down and here comes Drake ROID. HA! I KILL ME! Drake cuts to the chase; so the DAISY FAMILY jumps on his belly and starts pounding him again. Geez; even plants love Drake's full of himself promos because there is no reason to attack him. Bushroot then eggs them on and thus turns heel again. I guess he hates Drake as much as I do and if so more power to him. Drake gets up and peels the wimpy flowers off of him while pondering about if Morgana loves him or not. Hanna Barbera walking sound effect beckons so you know that you are watching a classic. Bushroot is scared stiff (at least it's apporos this time around) and Arnold steps in full of fire as they are now about the same size. Sun Woo just cannot make up it's mind here and the logic break is obvious here. Drake goes for the POWER OF THE PUNCH; but the water sacs in his body all merge into his hand of course. Drake is now officially screwed as Arnold laughs on that spot. Drake strains and now his belly is like a water balloon and he's completely hapless and screwed. Drake Mallard: Poster duck for why steroids are EVIL!

Drake whines on that (with the DAISY FAMILY laughing their butts off) and of course the water sacs now merge with his webfeet allowing Drake to stand up and look unbalanced. How he pulled that off without looking drunk I'll never know. The flowers invoke the POWER OF THE PUNCH as Drake is now the punching lung. See; make the joke and pay it off. Launchpad arrive in time and grabs Drake to save him; but the water sac webfeet make that really difficult. Launchpad cuts a lame promo about athlete's feet so the DAISY FAMILY punishes him by sneaking up from behind, laugh in his face and he's screwed...We cut to the conveyer belt as Drake and Launchpad are on it tied up. Yeah; it's the old Death By Blade Moving Sequence that I love so much. Sadly; Drake's feet are still too big (Is this a joke on my pointing out Sunwoo's ability to make Kit's feet look bigger than usual?) and they get caught into the low bridge and of course Launchpad and Drake get stuck into the giant teabags. Okay; that was really silly. And of course we go to the real death trap which is a large tea kettle and cup where Teabag Drake and Teabag Launchpad hang around to be soaked with boiling water basically boiling them to death. Okay; this is somewhat threatening. At least the kettle is colored red; because if it was black then Shawn Michaels would not be allowed to watch this episode. Bushroot wants some nice duck tea so he pushes the button on the remote control and that allows the blue flames to heat up the kettle which ends the segment nearly sixteen minutes in.

After the commercial break; we get the top shot of Drake and Launchpad struggling but no dice as Drake complains. Bushroot decides that waiting for the kettle boil will make the kettle not boil. However; the FLOWER POWER ARMY decides to bail on Bushroot for no particular reason. Bushroot goes after them wondering why they have bailed on him. Bushroot wants to watch and they won't let him have any fun. Spike decides to watch anyway. Considering that he hates the DAISY FAMILY OF ROIDED DOOM; I suspect that he'll turn babyface right here and now. And Spike teases a babyface turn by pulling Drake and Launchpad up until Bushroot starts calling for him. Spike then bites one of the ropes (the one with Drake) and bails. Drake drops to the ground with a MAN-SIZED bump (and somehow manages to get his original body back together. To quote Bill Crosby: Yeah right!) and tears the teabag. Drake proclaims that he'll save him way before the kettle whistles and does tear Launchpad from the teabag. Launchpad drops to the floor was a safer bump and then the kettle whistles right on cue.

Even with the roids; Drake is still REALLY STUPID. Sadly; the water sacs merge to make Drake look like a balloon; but that allows Drake to roll around and flip the tea cup upside down and shatter it into a million pieces. The boiling water misses them by a mile of course as Launchpad and Drake climb out of the carnage. The boiling water floods the place as Launchpad cuts another lame promo while struggling to get Drake out. No dice is forthcoming however. Launchpad manages to get Drake's roided body out just in time before the boiling water can harm them. Remember fans: Steroid jokes are not a toy! Only professionals should be using them. Whitewash scene changer (at least the timing is better this time around) as we see Gosalyn and Honker on skateboards riding to find Drake and Launchpad. Honker of course has trouble with the stairs but hangs on anything. They go around the corner as Honker is unsure that the new formula is going to work. So that logically leads to the playground as the DAISY FAMILY OF ROIDED DOOM is swinging on the swings without a care in the world. Bushroot explains his latest evil scheme which is to turn the park into a plant only paradise. Arnold drinks some water from the fountain and I suspect that he'll belch right on cue here...I check the DVD and it DOESN'T HAPPEN. Fiddlesticks! Launchpad and Drake hide behind a bush which with Reggie around is akin to hiding behind a puppy at this point. LP asks for a MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN and Drake cuts a full of himself promo and stammers just as the water sacs have now merged with his hand. Too funny as Launchpad doesn't get it at all. Drake crawls and does a funny spot of dragging his knuckle on the ground which hits way too close to home; right HHH?! Scene changer beckons and we head to the swings as Launchpad and Drake sneak behind the swinging daisies and somehow makes more noise than ever thought possible.

The daisies don't suspect a thing because all flowers are more stupid than Drake is. It was clearly shown in Easy Comes, Easy Grows. Launchpad sneaks up and invokes the LEGAL HAND OF GOD to kidnaps the daisies and then they are planted right into the ground with the GIANT LEGAL HAND OF GOD from Drake. Yeah; Drake just had to bury the best joke in plant pun history. Live with it and move on. Arnold destroys the fountain of course because he's a greedy guts which allows Bushroot to blows him off because he cares about fishes or something. Whatever as Bushroot turns right and he's SHOCKED AND APPALLED (in that order due to the ringing bells spot) and sees his daisy family planted in the ground crying their petals off. Now that's selling as the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM beckons and it's not that cute as Drake arrives with the ROIDED KARATE CHOP HAND OF DEATH. Ooo...That is so scary..NOT! And of course; the water sacs hate Drake as much as I do (YAY! I mean D'OH!) and they merge with Drake's beak. If this doesn't prevent Drake from cutting a full of himself promo than he is truly Satan himself. Bushroot gleefully blows off Drake's big mouth. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments.

And now Arnold arrives carrying Launchpad and screeches like a pig as his sons are over selling the crying like Ricky Steamboat overselling a throat injury. Arnold is pissed off now and grabs Drake by his big mouth (YIPPEEE!) to prepare to MURDER Drake; but cue the run in as Gosalyn and Honker arrive on their skateboards. Gosalyn throws a flask right into Drake's kisser and it shatters. OUCH! No blood is present since this is pre-Gargoyles era. Man; that is just asking to be cut from Toon Disney. Drake grows bigger and of course squashes Arnold flatter than Alexander the Grape. Oh dear; I don't like where this is going. Gosalyn blows off Arnold so Bushroot somehow is around Gosalyn and steals the KILLER SODA FLASK OF DOOM. Oh; that wasn't contrived in the very least; no siree! Reggie runs like the wind and pours KILLER SODA OF DOOM on Arnold's feet (EWWW!). Reggie bails and Arnold grows bigger than Drake. Can you smell the overbooking; or do I have to spell it out for you?! Drake gets dumped and takes a good bump on the ground with some nice selling of dizziness to boot.

Drake runs like the wind (easterly wind again) to avoid the Dumptruck Turn Down Punch and heads to the Jungle Gym where Gosalyn is sitting on top of it along with the GANG OF GAG. And that leads to Gosalyn pouring more KILLER SODA OF DOOM on Drake. For God sakes guys; the moral is about not taking steroids and using your head instead of encouraging them to take roids. This show is seriously screwed up thanks to Cartoon Duck Syndrome. And it's nineteen minutes in; what a shock?! Arnold bails and sticks his head into a barn to eat some more fertilizer and he grows even bigger....and destroys the barn of course. I can understand the heel doing it; but what is Drake's excuse?! Bushroot calls Arnold a daisy dynamo which Homer Simpson would later steal for himself just because he is SO MONSTER OVER with the public at large. Drake's promo on his slip showing was ultra lame of course as Bushroot violate ANIME DUB CONDUCT RULE #12 once again. Drake bails once again and runs like the wind (almost blowing Gosalyn off the jungle gym in the process; which Sun Woo screwed up again.)...another easterly wind and it's the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE ROIDED STYLE~! Launchpad is up on a tree with some KILLER SODA OF DOOM which shows just how overbooked this episode is. Thankfully; Drake has to bail and Launchpad loses the substance.

Sadly; the editors in post-production did a bad continuity job here as we cut to Bushroot and Spike scared stiff as Gosalyn and Honker threaten to make Bushroot and Spike suck Weed Killer (Death Reference #3). Spike however; no sells and knocks the children away in a pretty good bump. Who sezs Disney children cannot take good bumps? Bushroot and Spike bail so they can see Daisy finish off Drake. We waited almost 20 minutes and you gave him a weak-ass name?! FOR SHAME REGGIE BUSHROOT! Drake continues the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE ROIDED STYLE~ and then hides in the trees. Oh great; it's bad enough that we had to do a Scooby Doo Chase Sequence; now we have to add a Find the Doo sequence to follow?! Arnold (I'm not calling him by that weak-ass name!) storms off as Drake pops from one of the trees and of course the bee just magically shows up to screw Drake. It lands on Drake's beak and of course Drake is REALLY STUPID and tries to piss it off. Thankfully; Drake is smart enough and does nothing...Oh TAG guys!! We cut to more Arnold walking in the forest as Gosalyn gives Drake even more KILLER SODA OF DOOM. And now he's at the Jungle Gym just to make Arnold look weaker.

Logic Break #5 for the episode. Drake then pours some of the stuff on his hand much to Gosalyn's surprise. Drake then declares that he'll use brains instead of brawn. Arnold arrives and Drake then reveals his smarts by unleashing the GIANT ROIDED BEE OF DEATH. Okay; that was an interesting finish and it works under the context of the episode. I still think the whole sequence is too contrived to be believable; but this is COMEDY BABY so there you go. Arnold sells it like he's screwed and then it's the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE ROIDED BEE STYLE~! I like this one better for some perverted reason. Drake then blows off Bushroot allowing Launchpad to arrive with the KILLER SODA OF DOOM and uses the see saw to spray more on Drake's head. HAHA! Drake grows to the size of the tallest mountain in the world. Gosalyn blows off Launchpad for his mistake of course. Launchpad apologizes for that (Whoops!) and both Bushroot and Spike bail into the woods. Bushroot calls this one a diaster and judging by this Act; he's got a point. Bushroot then pets Spike and admits that he is useless without him.

Spike is dumb so he accepts Bushroot's petting before they both bail into the unknown. We cut back to the far shot of Drake (since that's the only shot that works now) as Drake blows off the whole situation and hopes that the formula will wear off. We cut to Drake's face as he cuts a morality promo about brains making the difference over brawn. Well; at least we're going to get a proper ending here as Gosalyn calls Drake to lower himself because Gosalyn and Honker are inside the pink booth selling tickets to skateboard lovers because Drake's is now the SKATEBOARDER'S PARADISE~! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now that is taking Drake as an international object into new heights in my opinion. Too bad this won't last long. Good animation from Sun Woo as everyone (Gosalyn has the popular science fair project and makes some MONEY OF STINK) except Drake is happy...The way it should be as we circle fade to black to end the episode at 21:11. Great two acts; but the third act got out of hand quite a bit before the ending redeemed itself at the end. The moral lesson was unconvincing though despite the attempt at a proper ending which was pretty funny. *** ¾ ( 75%).


I didn't think that this episode would be good; but it was and it gave Bushroot a good boost in this stock since he was very good in his role and Drake didn't bury him much at all. The episode was really good until they got into the climax to set up for the finish as I didn't feel that they convinced me that brains were more important than brawn. It was written almost as if steroids are not only good; they are encouraged. As much as I give kudos to the writers for writing in negative consequences of the steroid like substance; changing the formula by Honker only gave the excuse to redo The Idol Rich; and the result was a contrived mess that sent a pretty ugly message with the proper message being as an afterthought. Thankfully; using Drake's beak as a skateboard ramp is really funny and the writers at least gave this one a proper ending rather than an overkill ending like they did with Planet of The Capes. There were five logic breaks which dragged this down a little; but the screw ups from Sun Woo were small at worst.

Overall; a better episode than I expected; but it could have been so much more. However; it builds up Bushroot as a good heel rather than a second rate henchman; so it works on that level at least. That officially ends Disc 2 of this volume. There were four thumbs up, four thumbs in the middle and one thumbs way down (second negative star episode in history). Now I'm going to do Disc One and it will be done in reverse sequence of the DVD so Dry Hard is next on my ranting list. So that means....

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you all next time.


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