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Trading Faces

Reviewed: 04/29/2007

Ken and David are vindicated right now!

Well; Rescue Rangers did it with limited success, TaleSpin did it and almost got a **** rating out of it; so I guess it's time for Darkwing Duck to redo the plot device of changing bodies ala Freaky Friday. I think Goof Troop ended that streak; but I'm not counting on it. So let's rant on shall we...

The episode is written by Dev Ross and Julia Jane Lewald. The story has been edited by Tad Stones. This is the eight episode animated by Sun Woo (fourth in a row on Disc Two.)

We begin with a thunderstorm in THE CITY OF SAINT CANARD. Thankfully; they didn't use the STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM to annoy me. However; they make up for it by using the dreaded VOICEOVER OF DOOM. I just cannot win as we head inside Drake's hideout while we see the shadow of DARKWING... DUCK preforming an experiment and being full of himself as usual. He's trying to input information from his brand new super computer to the Thunder Quack for no apparent reason at all other than to insure that Launchpad's contracted appearance is complete. I just cannot stand LP anymore after Water Way To Go. He's using it to get access to his files and to slack off afterward with video games. No wonder gamers are blasted by the press; they listened to Drake THE LOSER DUCK Mallard! That's far worse than Daily Mail who is publishing an obscene (and probably fake) story about Sony launching God of War II by having gamers eat the insides of a dead goat today. Thankfully; Gosalyn's hockey puck launches right into the kisser of Drake and takes a really wussy bump into the brick wall. Boy; they really are censoring those bumps there.

Gosalyn arrives wearing navy blue roller hockey gear (which the jersey's artwork is as poor as Kuzo's doodles from The Emperor's New Skool) as the puck is right on top of Drake's head and he's folded up like a harp. That was pretty cute as Gosalyn calls for Honker as we see Honker trying to get up and roller skate; but he cannot do it right. No wonder Honker gets all the bad spots Gosalyn should be doing. Gosalyn tries to aim; but Drake screws up the shot because he is the star of this show and doesn't like ANYONE getting themselves over I guess. Gosalyn complains about that spot as Drake head to the super computer as he refuses Gosalyn's help because he wants the thing in one he can slack off of course. Gosalyn skates over just to annoy him and amuse me as she tries to press the red button; but Drake grabs her arm and forces her away from the machine. Drake blows her off because this is not her toy. Gosalyn gleefully answers that one for me as Drake continues to play with his toy. Gosalyn complains while Drake continues to explain why he needs the computer in the first place and Gosalyn gleefully blows that one off for me. After all; it was Drake who stated earlier that he's using it to play video games. Drake is mad about that and does the whole cliché line of if you are older; you'll treat things with respect.

Hearing it from Drake's mouth just makes it so ironic since Drake has no respect for the police force and he's about three times older than Gosalyn is and yet she has enough respect for the police to say it in the previous episode rant that I did. Drake rolls Gosalyn away from the machine as Drake prepares for data and video game transfer (my word, not his) by pressing the red button and it refuses to push down. Normally; this would be a screw up by Sun Woo; but this is a million times funnier so I'll let it slide. Screw punch follows and it still doesn't go down. Drake then invokes the tin man's oil can on it and I'm seeing Warner prepping their lawyers as we speak even though there is nothing they can do about it. It still doesn't work as Gosalyn is mocking him now; so Drake steals her hockey stick and that still doesn't work. This is really too funny to recap as LP and Honker sit in the Thunder Quack just blowing Drake off in a nice way. Drake is tired after about fifteen whacks of the hockey stick which makes Baloo more active than Drake despite weighing over 500 pounds.

Logic break #1 commences because the oil is now officially gone and the red button breaks completely. Thanks to said logic break; no spray of oil result to really make Drake look stupid and funny. Smooth one there Sun Woo. Gosalyn rightfully blows Drake off as the sparks start flying inside the super computer which means that the redo plot device can rear it's ugly head as the thunderstorm erupts and everyone changes bodies. Well; this one actually had some buildup unlike TaleSpin's one which came pretty much out of nowhere in comparison. The super computer blows up of course as Drake's voice is now in Gosalyn's body, Gosalyn's voice is in Drake's body, Honker is in LP's body and LP is in Honker's body. Got it?! Now; in the Baloo Switcheroo rant; Kit was called Kaloo, Baloo was Bit, Rebecca was Rarnage and Don Karnage was Kebecca. So; let's try it again: Drake is now Dosalyn, Gosalyn is now Grake, Honker is now Hunch Pad and Launch Pad is now Lonker. Okay; it isn't as funny, but I need something to work with.

Grake's head went right through a wall and she gets out of all. I swear that spot is getting on my nerves now. Everyone else is pretty much intact, Lonker does the straight upside down spot just to amuse me. Grake and Dosalyn do the LP/Drake bump from the previous episode and this one has the better bump. They then realize that they have switched bodies and they scream..badly...with over the top screaming spots to boot. Lonker and Hunch Pad REPEAT THE SPOT and it isn't all that funny. Dosalyn goes to the computer to realize that the data transfer transferred their bodies. Yeah; Drake is really stupid, even more so than Baloo and Kit were in their spirit switcher episode. The gang realizes that they are in trouble.

In Dosalyn's case, criminals won't take her seriously. I don't think that's a bad thing since Gosalyn isn't afraid of criminals so this is another case of Dosalyn being full of himself. Grake is upset because she has a hockey playoff game to play. Okay; that one I can accept. Lonker doesn't want to go to school because it was bad the first time. Hunch Pad has nothing to report. You know what folks; The Rebecca/Don Karnage switch is a hundred times better than the Honker/LP switch because Don Karnage was a heel and therefore the switch made for some good moments from Dumptruck, Mad Dog and Kebecca. I don't have that here. Sadly; things go from bad to worse as the mini Thunder Quack returns and that means that this is going to be a SHUSH VS. FOWL episode. Sorry Dev Ross and Juila Jane Lewald; Don Karnage is a much better heel than Steelbeak is so this episode is about to fall after a pretty good start.

I just know it now. Dosalyn goes up to the Central Command and on the screen shows J. Gander after the logo of SHUSH shows up. The SHUSH logos sucks by the way as I expected it to be. Gander is taken back that Drake is now in Gosalyn's body; so Dosalyn is forced to hide behind a chair. Grake takes over and does a really good job in convincing Gander that it's DARKWING....DUCK and not GARKWING....GUCK so to speak. Grake blows Dosalyn off and Dosalyn slaps himself because he's screwed. This episode may not be so bad after all.

Gander gets down to business as Iggy the rocket has been stolen by someone unknown. Oh come on! Since SHUSH is involved; it's clear that FOWL is behind the theft and Grake accepts the mission. Grake declares victory but Dosalyn steals Grake's gay Zorro hat and says that Gander wants DOSWING DUCK on the case as Grake does the twirling chair spot to annoy me. Dosalyn calls himself me despite being a size two petite and is so full of himself that he falls off the platform and takes a decent bump in the process. Even in a different body he's still as full of himself as ever. Stock music commences as we return to Drake's house as Grake and Hunch Pad go to the garage because Grake wants to go to the movie. Hunch Pad does is usual promo because they aren't really adults; they are really child in man's body (my word, not his). Grake blows him off (Grake's in regular clothes by the way) as Grake gets into the blue station wagon. Well; at least they are keeping it constant with the last episode it was in. Hunch Pad claims that Grake doesn't know how to drive and Grake blows him off because she seen adults do it. This cannot end well for Grake and Hunch Pad. The engine roars and the station wagon destroys the garage door which is clearly made of wood. Geez; Drake is SOOOOOOO cheap! Station wagon proceeds to go into a spin-o-rama and then drives forward at great neck speed.

Kit is a better pilot than Gosalyn is a driver at this point. Kit can also say Oh My God which increases his heat even more in my view. The fire hydrant gets destroyed of course; producing the water spout spot. Grake blows the horn and calls it a piece of cake. If she's talking about being in a demolition derby then I agree with her. Hunch Pad covers his eyes the whole time which is funny to see since Launch Pad would have done the same thing right now with Drake. They do the old cliché car being on wrong side of the road and truck is going to crash into them spot; before the station wagon goes stage left and breaks a white picket fence over. So much for fences making good neighbors as the station wagon is nearing a cliff. Grake manages to stop the car as it is stuck against the top edge of the cliff. Clothesline goes over the hill in the process and I suspect that once FOWL is involved; the episode will be over the hill as well. Gosalyn speaks that it wasn't so bad; but speaks too soon as the car finally goes over the hill and lands right towards the swimming pool. Sun Woo got the positioning right for a change so kudos to them as the station wagon lands on the diving board and it bounces the station wagon away. Wow; someone FIRE THAT DIVING BOARD! Stiff animation in the surroundings there Sun Woo. I would have expected a better reaction from the female dogsperson who was sitting in her lawn chair there. The station wagon manages to land on the street and the chaos MUST CONTINUE. They drive through another garage and the amazing part is the station wagon does very little damage in the process during the trip. That's a surprise. I thought Grake would do at least ten million dollars in damage and yet I only see about $18,000 in damages. The station wagon goes up a tree as fuzzy cartoon logic is taking over and the station wagon jumps over the tree towards a church.....

Interesting Moment #1: Anime purists prepare to go to your e-mail to complain about how American is a bigot when it comes to anime because I just saw a Christian Cross on top of the church steeple. That would be edited out of anime. See Shaman King for that edit since the X-Laws use that symbol a lot. (Note From The Future: After all the hexagrams, pentagrams and crosses from even the new Disney; this hyperbole was beyond absurd.)

The car misses the church thankfully as it is riding on the power wires; but since the wheels are rubber; no frying occurs. This is getting entertaining for me at least. The car bounces up and does some flips before finally crashing right back into Drake's house from the roof inwards which should add on about $100,000 more in damages. The house takes better bumps than Drake and the car takes a MAN-SIZED bump on the floor. The station wagon takes more damage than the house as Grake decides never to drive a car again. Hunch Pad sells it although we don't get to see them in all that dust picking up from the damage they caused. We now head to the desert where Dosalyn is having problems with security officers at a metal mesh gate. Probably because Dosalyn is about three feet shorter than Drake as the dogsperson guard isn't buying it at all. Lonker tries to convince the guard he's DARKWING...DUCK; but he isn't selling and he's going to call their mother and father on them. Now there's a plot device waiting to be used but Disney is against the traditional parental unit (I guess) so it isn't going to happen.

Dosalyn and Hunch Pad retreat into the night as guard #1 swears in DUBBED ANIME STYLE (darnest) so Dosalyn and Hunchpad decide to do the old disguise as a colonel trick and it works as they get it for about three seconds as the guard notices that a duck's tail is showing and he goes for his rifle and forces Dosalyn and Hunch Pad to leave the area with their hands up. Undertaker music commences which is quite funny in COMEDY BABY! Dosalyn decides that they will wait until dark...However; it is 9 pm and it is still not dark yet. Memo to Dosalyn: Bring Grake into this now since Grake has the body old enough to get in. You can wear matching outfit to amuse me too. Dosalyn and Hunch Pad are in the motorcycle as they ride on a road. However; a police officer in a motorcycle spots the adults in child's body and goes after them. Dosalyn believes that Iggy is to blame for the sun set not happening. Sadly; the exchange of notes must wait as they spot the officer.

They stop the motorcycle as Dosalyn asks the officer what is going on and the police isn't happy to see two kids riding a motorcycle. Dosalyn is screwed as usual. Well; that wasn't as funny as Hunch Pad and Grake so we return to Drake's house as Grake and Hunch Pad look at the sun like a bunch of stupid fools and wonder why it's 10:00 and the sun has yet to set. Hunch Pad uses has science sense to answer that one as police officer in motorcycle arrives with Dosalyn and Lonker in tow. Grake is loving this as he gets to play the game that Drake always plays against Gosalyn. This will be fun as even Dosalyn has to play along. Grake and Police Officer #1 exchange notes as Dosalyn blows his cover badly. Grake restrains Dosalyn and states that her shrink expects this. Police Officer decides to let them off with a warning and Grake nearly blows his cover. Thankfully; the officer is way too stupid to see that and leaves without further incident. I guess Flight of the Snowduck was an exception after all.

Grake really lets Dosalyn have it and then blows it all off. I am so loving this. It's too bad that FOWL is going to get involved soon to ruin it for me. Dosalyn storms off accusing Grake of lying (yeah right?!) and opens to door to find that the station wagon is in the house and destroyed. Dosalyn screams the same thing Grake says back. Thank you for proving Grake's point there Dosalyn, you full of yourself idiot. Mini Thunder Qack arrives (called a Flash Quack) with a message from Gander and Dosalyn sets up the computer from the living room table and then throws Grake (and dressed him up like DARKWING...DUCK to boot) onto the sofa. Gander appears on the monitor and he's hotter than hell as he has his only fan to cool himself off. Oh come on; you knew that fan joke was coming?!

He has the video tape and it is FOWL that is behind it. He shows a logo to prove such a statement. Sure Gander; a bad logo proves that FOWL is behind it. Okay; here comes Steelbeak who messes up his appearance because he's NEVER been on TV before, and I wish he wouldn't be on television ever again. He decides to do a cooking show called How to Cook Up a Crisis. Memo to Steelbeak: You're not the narrator from Goofy's How To... series ; get over it and get to the point now! The bottom line: He stop the rotation of the planet with the IGGY ROCKET OF DOOM and one half will freeze and one half will fry. To stop give FOWL $100 trillion and you get the chicken salad while smoke appears (AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!). The GANG OF SWITCHED GAG goes outside as Steelbeak is end the segment 11 and a half minutes in. That first act was almost as good as a Baloo Switcheroo was; but it's going to get worse now with Steelbeak around...

After the commercial break; Gander explain it in full detail using pictures for the three of us who didn't get what Steelbeak was saying. Anyone under six years old perhaps and they wouldn't get what Gander is saying anyway. It's not a bluff says Gander as the sun should have set seven hours ago. It's 10:30 pm in Saint Canard and the sun would set at about 8:00 pm so it would be two and a half hours top. Logic Break #2 for the episode. Gander does bring the information that the babyfaces really needs and that is that the rocket is in the North Handle of the Midriff Mountains. Leave it up to the writers to use a joke about midriff shirts and insert it into the name of a mountain. SHUSH agents have failed to get inside it's defense which shows how useless they are so DARKWING...DUCK is their only hope. Now you know why SHUSH sucks.

I mean; if SHUSH cannot do it; why does SHUSH need to exist when Drake is the only one who can do it? Sadly; Vlad is not involved in this episode so I can have some fun seeing Grake getting grilled by him. Grake agrees to go gleefully and Gander is impressed by the voice impression. Dosalyn chimes in and Gander calls Dosalyn a puppet basically as Gander signs off. Dosalyn wants to go to the Thunder Quack; but Grake stops him because Dosalyn won't be taken seriously. Lonker agrees with Grake and Dosalyn reluctantly allows Hunch Pad and Grake to go. The man children are HAPPY so they carry Dosalyn and Lonker to the flipping chairs and Grake even cuts Drake's dangerous promo to amuse me. Sadly; Grake needs to learn to cut it when the finish arrives instead of doing in at the start of act two. Then kids won't yell that the show is running too long for them. That statue that Grake hits is Basil from The Great Mouse Detective in case I failed to mention it last time. We head to the desert in the Thunder Quack as Lonker is driving it of course as we see a scene of two face halves of the world. Not unlike how George W. Bush sees the world I guess.

Interesting Moment #2: Gosalyn sezs totally schizoid which is a terrible joke on schizophrenia, a mental illness that shouldn't be made fun of. Nice going writers. Even TaleSpin didn't go that far. WildCat was a good character for mental illness it should be noted.

More science stuff from Hunch Pad as Lonker mulls about the lousy choice the planet has right now and Lonker notices the IGGY ROCKET OF DOOM up ahead. Dosalyn is determined to get this planet rotating again and he pounds his fist in his hand so you know that he's serious. We head to a gate where two FOWL Eggmen (the only funny part of FOWL unless you count Ammonia Pine) marching from side to side in front of the gate. That's their only defense?! SHUSH: Finnish for crap. Dosalyn even agrees with me in a nice way as he decides to put Gosalyn's body to good use. If there is one body you don't screw more than Kit Cloudkicker's body; it is Gosalyn's body. Grake hates that and Dosalyn apologizes because Grake is bigger than Dosalyn. Dosalyn of course is going to use her cuteness to beat them and Grake hates that even more.

Yeap; Dosalyn is really stupid. So the MIMI JOKE ZONE commences as Lonker runs around the FOWL EGGMEN and Dosalyn whines and chases Lonker because he took her bow. Oy vey; what a stupid spot that was! The FOWL EGGMEN look to beat up Lonker; but they love Lonker's style despite Lonker defending himself. The FOWL EGGMEN look to beat up Dosalyn instead; but they get bashed in the head with the 2X4's OF DOOM. OUCH! That was a good shot too and it makes up for the really stupid spot. The FOWL EGGMEN are out cold as Dosalyn and Lonker tell Grake and Hunch Pad to stay put despite the fact that the man children did all the work here! Dosalyn and Lonker enter the gate as Grake cries FOWL on that one. I agree with Grake on that one. Hunch Pad doesn't agree but Grake claims Dad needs help because it's what he means. One FOWL EGGMEN won't stay down; so he gets another 2X4 shot to the head to knock him out again. I love it when EGGMEN are MURDERED with wood. Hunch Pad wonder what he means and Grake sezs she never pays attention. And people never pay attention when I say Kit and Gosalyn are completely different either so there you go.

We go inside the place to the space suits lined up in a row like men as Dosalyn and Lonker enter from a vent placed right in front of them. Dosalyn and Lonker climb down talking about Gosalyn's body as usual. Dosalyn and Lonker try to walk around; but Steelbeak catches them instantly. You know this episode is in trouble now that even Steelbeak won't give them enough time to look around in order to buildup the capture. Steelbeak makes fun of DARKWING..DUCK as usual. Like that is ever creative for Steelbeak to call him a Doofus. Dosalyn tells him to surrender or face the wrath of the double-flip KUNG FU LEAD GRIP ACTION KICK! He patented it you know. Well; he's got shoes on so it might just work. Steelbeak mocks him as usual and Dosalyn goes for the kick. However; Steelbeak grabs Dosalyn by his shoe.

If there is one guy who shouldn't bury that move; it's Steelbeak. Steelbeak places Dosalyn and Lonker (who put up no fight by the way) into the SPACE SUIT OF DOOM. Steelbeak considers them to change role models. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. That's two spots in all of two episodes that I liked Steelbeak. He calls for the FOWL EGGMEN to trash the SPACESUIT OF DOOM and of course one of them sounds like Grake. They take the space suits away from Steelbeak's line of sight and then reveal themselves as Grake and Hunch Pad in Eggmen suits which they stole from the two guard they destroyed earlier. Dosalyn is screwed again and good for him to get what is coming since the camera busts them in the act while we head to Steelbeak's Master Control as he's on the phone blowing the world leaders off because Steelbeak won't take a check. Yeah; because he thinks cash is in. He then notices the babyfaces and calls it the peanut gallery. Speak for yourself Steelpeak! He hates party crashers too. I hate FOWL VS. SHUSH; so there you go into pointlessness there Steelgeak! Dosalyn orders them to put the helmets back on because they will be spotted; but Grake is itching because FOWL EGGMEN have head lice I guess.

Sadly; they are already spotted as Steelbeak orders the FOWL EGGMEN to capture them and if successful; they get to get away from FOWL for two weeks. Act now and they get Quackware which no one would ever buy. The FOWL EGGMEN find them (about three of them) and Dosalyn tells them not to panic. FOWL EGGMEN run and Grake and Hunch Pad panic and run away with space suits in tow. The Scooby Doo chase is on as they head into a control room and it's a dead end. Grake and Hunch Pad run in opposite directions which flexes the spacesuit allowing the FOWL EGGMEN to get into a fist fight with Dosalyn and Lonker. Alarm sounds commences as the FOWL EGGMEN are tied up by the space suits and something got damaged as the red light is on and finally GRAVITY GOES ON STRIKE! Everyone floats up; including a dazed Dosalyn and Lonker who slip out of the space suits like Paper Mario sliding right into a bed at an inn in Paper Mario 1 & 2. Grake is loving this; Dosalyn is not; what a shock?!

The babyfaces flies out of the control room as the FOWL EGGMEN untie themselves and chase after them. Grake and company glides away from Dosalyn as Dosalyn realizes that the FOWL EGGMEN are ready to pounce on him. Dosalyn does a stupid swimming spot when he should be gilding, complete with Hanna Barbera looping visual effects. If there was the sound effects then you know that you are watching a classic. The babyfaces attempt to glide to their left; but the WINDBAG OF DOOM from Destiny Rides Again is too much for them and they are forced to fly to the right. They go through one or two rooms as Grake and Hunchpad get locked up into the second room while Dosalyn and Lonker take a few decent bumps into the locked door and the floor as the WINDBAG TUNNEL OF DOOM stops suddenly. We suddenly head into a room where we see Stealbeak tie up Grake and Hunchpad against the back of the IGGY ROCKET OF DOOM; right in front of the jet impulse rocket. This is going to leave a mark if it hits. I'll give Steelbeak this; at least this death trap is a real death trap. We get a far shot of the IGGY ROCKET OF DOOM as the segment ends 17 and a half minutes in. This is like the previous episode; as the minimal screwiness of Steelbeak has allowed a good episode to shine, albeit a redo episode.

After the commercial break; we see Grake and Hunchpad tied to the back of the rocket as Grake declares that Dosalyn will save them any second. So Grake counts and it looks hopeless as we return to the air lock cell as Dosalyn is walking around yelling about how they wouldn't get away with this if they were big. LP brings the funny since they would pay full price at the movies if they were big to continue the movie censorship joke. Dosalyn is upset because the man children are going to fry and then he gets inspired as he sees the air pressure controls. Dosalyn wants Lonker's head and Lonker thanks him for saying that for the first time in his life. Dosalyn gets on Lonker's shoulder and invokes the twisting knob to increase the air pressure. They turn into cartoon pancakes. Okay; that was pretty funny as they crawl underneath the door like Paper Mario sliding into a bed at an inn. They get outside and pop back to normal since air pressure outside is normal and they don't get killed in the process. Lonker wants to swear off pancakes. I would personally swear off Steelbeak episodes; but I have to watch them since I'm ranting so Boo Hoo to me! The adult kids go after the man children as we head to master control as Gander is on a monitor sweating to death with his only fan as he pleads for mercy. Steelbeak blows it off since they could always raise taxes while laughing really badly now. Gander wants more time and Steelbeak accuses him of stalling. Geez; I wonder why? Oh; he states why and Gander no-sell it complete with ice-block on his head. You're not Kit Cloudkicker Gander; so take the heat LIKE A MAN AND LIKE IT! Steeldeak says that Dimdork is finished as he goes to the monitor where the back of the IGGY ROCKET OF DOOM is and Grake and Hunchpad are gone. Steelbeak is ticked off now and the urge to kill is rising Warner Brothers style! Sadly the smoke clouds beckons along with the DREADED VOICEOVER OF DOOM at 19:16:

Dosalyn: I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the butter that burns in your pan!

One problem Dosalyn...According to James Barber fuzzy cooking logic; butter only burns if the heat is hotter than medium heat and even at high heat, as long as it melts for a minutes and then turn down the heat; it will not burn. That was a sad promo as Gander approves of the small fry. The television set glass breaks with the power teeth or whatever Steelbeak had in his mouth that Sun Woo blinked during the promo cutting by Dosalyn. Steelbeak brings out the machine gun and wants to play connect the dots on Dosalyn's body. I'm still not completely over the Va. Tech shootings you stupid rooster! Dosalyn is forced to dodge the machine gun and the gunshots that look like they came from a bazooka. It doesn't do damage sadly. Logic Break #3 for the episode as we head to a floor vent where Grake tries to get in; but is stuck. They have to find another way in to help Dosalyn because Steelbeak is no pushover; so says Lonker.

Well; he does have a machine gun so I guess it's safe to say that he's no PUSHOVER! Grake isn't worried because Dosalyn will beat him soundly. We head back to prove Grake wrong for a change Steelbeak shoots more bullets to kill as Dosalyn is forced to dodge them. The shots miss of course as we head to 0.3 Trigun at this point. Dosalyn is glad that Gosalyn is in such good shape as Steelbeak runs out of ammo. You know you're screwed when THAT happens. So he decides to pounce on Dosalyn which Dosalyn dodges easily as she goes to the control panel and presses various buttons to start the rocket up and the IGGY ROCKET OF DOOM outside power up and the nose goes down which is enough to cause the babyfaces to fly downwards towards the left. They take a wussy bump against a steel door as Lonker is confused as to what's going on. I'll tell him: Dosalyn is screwing with a rocket! Hunchpad gladly answers as Grake is loving this. Steelbeak manages to grab Dosalyn put they fall right into something that couldn't cause them to switch bodies; but they managed.

Logic Break #4 for the episode which is a surprise since I thought this episode would have a lot more. Everyone is affected of course which makes no sense as the rocket manages to position itself to pointing to the right even though there is no way that it could happen. Logic Break #5 for the episode and the episode is DYING before my very eyes. Grake sees Hunchpad and Lonker doing the shock treatment (on all hardcore gamers there) and is confused. The end result is that they are in their correct bodies so the joke ends for Honker and Launchpad. They hug each other in a cute spot as Grake is HAPPY to see that. We head back to the master controls as Steelbeak is mad now while Dosalyn is hanging on to some wires....Now...Wait a second. If Steelbeak and Dosalyn got the shock treatment a few seconds ago; shouldn't Drake's voice be in Steelbeak's body and Steelbeak be in Gosalyn's body. Logic Break #6 for the episode and this is looking like Getting Antsy again. Grake and Dosalyn then get the shock treatment because we needed Logic Break #7 to happen because it's COMEDY BABY! So much for few logic breaks. Drake and Gosalyn get their bodies back and it's bad because Gosalyn is at the mercy of a pistol whipping Steelbeak.

Steelbeak takes a swing with the machine gun like mighty Casey and he misses as usual. Gosalyn blows him off for trying to MURDER her as she foolishly jumps onto Steelbeak. Steelbeak blows her off in kind; rightfully so because he's the heel in this episode. Gosalyn realizes the error of her ways and scatters; remembering to run underneath Steelbeak's legs for good luck. Then she runs and jumps on Steelbeak's butt (EWWW!) and jumps onto the top end of the control panel. Steelbeak protests this because she's on the spot where the white button is and she presses it; which starts the rocket's engines. Now that's real heat guys! The planet is moving again and Launchpad and Honker cheer. Drake isn't because Gosalyn is nowhere to be found. We have thirty seconds left in the episode so this will be quick as Gosalyn pops out of the ceiling vent and jumps right into Drake's arms.

She greets him and then runs away from him because the rocket is about to get away from it's mountain grip. Steelbeak busts right through the steel door using his beak as a battering ram; I guess. That's enough for the babyfaces to exit the rocket through the door. Steelbeak makes it to the door; but the rocket rumble a little bit and that's enough for Steelbeak to fly backward and the door locks because that's what this episode needs: A contrived finish. The IGGY ROCKET OF DOOM breaks free from it's rocky grip and flies right into space. Thankfully; they don't insult my intelligence by having Steelbeak take a big bump like bumping into the moon or something like that. Drake is glad that it's over and that Steelbeak is in trouble forever. Gosalyn and Drake hug each other as the episode ends at 21:16. Oh man; this was better than A Baloo Switcheroo before Ross and Lewald ruined it completely with a contrived third act, finish and logic breaks out of the wazoo. *** 1/4 ( 65%)


The first fifteen minutes of this episode was shaping up to be better than a Baloo Switcheroo was with the great spot of Gosalyn trying to drive and showing more chaos than Kit did. The Oh My God line Kit said was replaced with a visual Christian Cross in this episode. The Drake/LP combo wasn't as funny; but it was pretty good. The scene where Gosalyn scolds Drake for his actions and then accuses him of yelling was priceless because the writers paid the joke off by proving that Gosalyn was right all along. Even Steelbeak's presence was kept in check which was a good thing. Almost zero logic breaks and good animation was the call of the day for this episode and I thought this would end up being the best of the switching souls episode of the three. However; the last six minutes ruined it as logic breaks that I don't accept whizzed by including Steelbeak getting the shock treatment with Drake in Gosalyn's body which should have Steelbeak speaking with Drake's voice and Gosalyn speaking as if she was Steelbeak.

It didn't happen at all. The switch back between Gosalyn and Drake was contrived and made no sense since there was nothing to build on or create to allow them to switch back. Then there was the contrived finish where Steelbeak tries to get out; but a love tap rumble forces him back in and the doors would lock. Really stupid spot which was made worse when there a big bump was expected; and it didn't happen. So in the end; A Baloo Switcheroo was the best episode of the three with Rescue Rangers second and Darkwing Duck last. It wasn't as painful as I thought it was and it was so close to proving me wrong. It proved me right in the end and the result is a middling episode.

Thumbs in the middle for this episode and I'll see you all next time.


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