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Disguise The Limit

Reviewed: 12/30/2007

I'm A Rotten Kind of Guy!” - Negaduck. “No crap Sherlock!” - Gregory Weagle...

Well here we go folks; my first official rant involving NegaDuck as a solo character. Ironically; he does the EXACT same plot device that was done in Double Darkwings...and somehow he looks a lot more creditable in this episode. So let's rant on shall we....

The episode is written by Doug Langdale and the story is edited by Kevin “Crosby” Hopps....and the streak of episodes without Sun Woo involved ends at four here.

We begin this one with the dreaded STOCK FOOTAGE OF DOOM (Notice how TaleSpin manages to AVOID doing this for MOST of their episodes?) as we zoom in on another CITY OF SAINT CANARD national bank because you have to have at least a dozen bank robberies solved before you become a creditable superhero see. We head inside and the bank guard is sleeping on the job again at his desk. Then the glass breaks and it's STONE COLD, STONE COLD, STONE COLD.. Oh wait; it's DARKWING..DUCK? He sneaks in; blows up the bank safe off screen and then scatters into the night as the guard shows that he is a heavy sleeper. I sense a firing coming in his future. And for those of you who should know; it's pretty clear that it was NegaDuck who stole the money here (check the black mask). At least NegaDuck is a great fit for the role of framing Drake unlike a certain guy who is a foot taller than Drake and has a beak about six inches fatter than Drake. NegaDuck comes back noticing that the bank guard is still asleep and invokes the cymbals to wake up the guard. Geez; the censors are really slaughtering what little of this character is left. Normally; NegaDuck would invoke the cymbals on the guard to MURDER him into a stupor.

The bank guard jumps up awake and grabs onto a ceiling light fixture which is clearly smaller than his body weight and gets scared because it's DARKWING..DUCK robbing a bank (and falls down to the desk with a wussy bump). Of course; this guy fell for LAUNCHPAD dressed up as Drake so they should easily fall for THIS ONE. NegaDuck runs out of the bank as the bank calls out for help. Why not just CHASE HIM?! NegaDuck does the Roadrunner spot to steal a pig dog's (I thought they got all the Wuzzles out of their system by now?) girlfriend on the park bench in the park. Oh NegaDuck you are such a cad. Scene changer beckons as we see a furry paperboy (not sure which animal they are using. I couldn't keep TaleSpin anthros straight either.) hold up a paper on the street and of course NegaDuck invokes the roadrunner spot to steal all his papers. Okay; that was pretty funny; but I'm sure Roadrunner was not. Although; with Roadrunner do you see anything other than glee in his emotions. Scene changer and we head to another angle of the CITY OF SAINT CANARD where we see NegaDuck change back into his original clothes on top of the building. Well; at least he's growing a bigger brain than Drake; I'll give him that much. And then he cuts this really good promo..and I'm paraphrasing here...

NegaDuck: Sure this was a rotten thing to do...But I'm NegaDuck: A rotten kind of guy!! (Laughs)

Post-Production Glitch #1: A two second black slug. Wow; only DARKWING..DUCK could make that one possible.

We head to a tree where Drake (in DARKWING..DUCK gear no less) grab a helpless cat and gets him down as a woman in a green dress thanks him for his support and kindness to save a helpless cat. Well; since the whole bank robbery hasn't been announced yet on the news there is no logic break there. Drake of course cuts a full of himself promo while not giving the cat back to her. Okay; that'll help the creditability of this episode as the green dressed lady tells Drake that Princess doesn't like to be held by strangers. And of course Drake shows that he's REALLY STUPID by baby talking Princess as Princess is pretty ticked off and the urge to scratch Drake is rising. Princess does the WHIRLWIND SCRATCH OF DOOM on Drake and I'm SHOCKED that someone hasn't stolen it for MUGEN yet. Sadly; Princess could only do damage to Drake's gay Zorro hat. Drake falls down as he is dizzy (Nice psychology for a change) as a man calls out Drake Mallard.

Drake gets up on his seat and cuts another full of himself promo. Geez; Drake if someone was calling me out on the street; it's not because they want to sign autographs. It's because they want to beat my butt into death. He even adds the old change room spot (which was in the bushes just for these moments I guess. And you thought hardcore matches were contrived?) just to boost the EGO TRIP MODE even more. Drake has the 8X10 autographs on retainer and here comes the BAD EPISODE POLICE~! Hey; I thought Ron Sparks BAD MUSIC POLICE~ was funny so it was just DYING to be used here. Drake of course rapid signs the autographs before finally taking the hint and runs away like a scalded dog. Scene changer and we head to the outside of a television store where Drake turns around and pant right beside the only television that is on. And of course Sun Woo fails to animate the set that does work; what a shock?! Drake gets off death reference #1 (kill me) while wondering why they want to kill him.

Ken Powers in the television set cuts a really good promo on Drake's so called misdeeds which include arson, hijacking, kidnapping, cat-kicking....HUH?! We just saw Drake get his mallard kicked by a cat. Typical PRESS OF FRAUD; what a shock?! He's also accused of insider trading which I doubt because even Drake Mallard doesn't know finances. Otherwise; he wouldn't be doing this job. And let's not forget spitting on the sidewalk. Okay; since when was THAT a crime? I can understand it being a little disgusting; but hardly a violation of someone's self-determination. SOMEONE GET ED BRAYTON ON THE PHONE! Drake does some cute spots of fear to amuse me as Ken Power declares that the mayor thinks that Drake is worth one million dollars and Drake gets ticked off for that...because he's worth at least ten million dollars. Oh; snap!! And of course the BAD EPISODE POLICE~ show up and they are PACKING HEAT BABEE! I betcha that was cut out on Toon Disney; along with Drake's reaction of voting for gun control and the smoke bullets that follow. If it isn't; that officially makes TaleSpin's editing of gun pointing worthless...

We head to SHUSH as Gander is in his office telling Vlad that they must find DARKWING...DUCK before something which was never explained because here comes Drake Mallard filled with smoke (AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH AND MOVIE RATING!) and Swiss cheese cape. Sadly; the White Air fanfic someone wrote for my site makes this scene pretty wussy because Kit went through a glass window to escape the OOZE OF DEATH and basically was covered head to toe in blood with glass shards stuck to his back. Now that was a MANLY bump. Vlad of course grabs Drake because he wants the million dollars; remembering to grab him by the throat. Drake of course still manages to correct him. Memo to future chokers: SQUEEZE HARDER YOU DUMBASSES! Gander orders him to release Drake at once because they apparently know who is behind the robberies. Or Gander wants the reward to himself. You the viewer decide...oh wait; it's because they know who's behind it. Vlad is forced to release him before he gets accused of assault. Although that would be one that I'm more than willing to take. Vlad wants to know why and Drake unloads on Vlad cutting a really really nasty full of himself promo about his moral fiber. You can tell this guy has a short memory since he basically KIDNAPPED Gosalyn in the pilot episode.

Thankfully; Gander puts Drake in his place by telling him that he was playing a game while the crimes were taking place. So; how do you explain Drake with the cat? Logic Break #1 for the episode; although this one is a borderline one at best. We cut to inside the SHUSH lab as Drake is scared (nice pointless sell there Drake) stiff at the DISGUISE RAY OF DOOM as Sarah Bellum explains the device while showing us a badly drawn Mr. Potato Head. I'm surprised someone didn't sue them for that spot. See; everyone in the city thinks that Drake is a criminal (which is fine since only the black mask was the give away this time around) and so he needs a disguise. Now this is getting a wee bit over the top here since changing appearances should be easy for Drake. And of course; Drake gets zapped and it does NOTHING..AND THE ROCK SEZS NOTHING. Vald blows him off because he's the same stupid as before. He may be a Russian stereotype; but I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. And of course it finally works and he turns into Vladrake! HA HA! Drake then blows off Vlad just to amuse and annoy me at the same time. Gander asks if Drake is all right and Vladrake cuts another funny promo before changing back to Drake again (complete with drugged eyes).

Apparently; the disguise ray is now the atom disguise ray in that it changes people completely. Sarah smells Nobel and I actually agree with her. However; Gander wants to play spoil sport and asks for Sarah to zap Drake back to normal. Sarah sells with caution of course and of course the atom disguise ray smokes and is disabled. You know you are screwed as a scientist when THAT happens. Drake complains and he changes into Sarah Drake Lee. Sarah tries to fix the device but Sarah Drake Lee grabs onto the wire and it's GIRL ON GIRL TUG OF WAR BABEE! Kenny Blankenship would be in DA ZONE so to speak. I cannot believe YTV's own block by the same name got so over as to me using it as a pun. And of course; the atom disguise ray is destroyed DUH! Sarah Drake Lee blows if off since the Nobel prize is gone and changes back to regular Drake (complete with goofy selling in between). Drake loves being Sarah apparently as the whole thing makes Drake change whenever he looks at a person. Drake wonder how this will be solved and Sarah comes up with the best solution: a blindfold. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Drake tears it off and looks rather mean after that spot. Considering how morally blind Drake is; this was truly apporos.

We now go to the streets as Drake is riding the Rat Catcher while Gosalyn is riding behind him and Launchpad is riding in the side seat. Logic Break #2 for the episode is right there: HOW ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH DID DRAKE MANAGE TO...Oh wait; the change is short. Logic Break #2 doesn't exist after all. Pay no attention to the ranter behind the curtain. Gosalyn is making faces for the camera to show just how intense she is. Of course Drake blows her off because it has to be the person in front of him. I guess Drake managed to find a way to conceal it without them noticing it. Launchpad suggest wearing a blindfold and Drake blows it off because he's going to police to explain that it was NegaDuck that was committing the crimes. Yeah; Surrre Drake. Just remember the last two times you did that: Pilot episode part one and Double Darkwings. And NegaDuck has A LOT more creditability than that last episode so your tough climb is even steeper now. And of course there is a dog standing in the middle of the street looking like he's ready to whiz on a manhole cover and the RATCATCHER OF DOOM is forced to stop; allowing Drake, Gosalyn and Launchpad to fly right out of the thing despite only one of them not wearing their seat belts (Drake in this case). Logic break #2 is now official.

They do manage to find a conveniently placed bush to break their fall. Oh TAG Doug?! Wussy bumps arise and Gosalyn and Launchpad pop up looking for Drake and then Gosalyn panics because Drake is now apparently Drake Taco Bell. Hey; if Taco Bell thought it was a good idea to use a freakin dog to sell tacos then they deserve all the condemnation coming to them. The dog runs away and Launchpad and Gosalyn follow him into the city as the real Drake gets up complete with bump on his head. We cut into a park as NegaDuck is really enjoying this seeing the reward poster and them crumbling it and remembering to throw it right into the baby carriage right next to a lady reading on a park bench. Drake pops out beside the baby carriage and calls NegaDuck out for littering. NegaDuck grabs him by the throat because he's going to collect the reward money by giving Drake over to the police. One small problem with this guys: He's supposed to be a terrorist/master criminal. How is he..? Oh wait; the police force is even MORE STUPID than Drake is. My mistake as usual. Drake goes over to the baby as the lady tells the two to be quiet because the baby is sleeping. Memo to lady: There is a criminal next to your baby; you may want to call the police now.

Drake looks at the baby and changes into Drake Baby (nice little rib on You Sweat Your Life by the way) and NegaDuck is screwed. NegaDuck looks at Drake Baby looking confused and here comes the BAD EPISODE POLICE~! And they are no longer fooled by the yellow suit because he still looks like DARKWING...DUCK. Wow; the denizens of this city grew a brain?! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! They order him to unhand the baby as NegaDuck tries to defend his actions (HA!). No one buys it as he gives Drake Baby back to Grandma and backs up trying to defend himself; but the BAD EPISODE POLICE~ jump on his and they fight in the cloud of dust right into the middle of the streets and into the CITY OF SAINT CANARD. Grandma drops Drake Baby into the baby carriage with real baby and they baby talk for a while. Drake turns back into his original self as the baby sees the reward poster. And of course Logic Break #3 arises because the baby can now speak English and goes loco on Drake with the BABY RATTLE OF DOOM.

I'll forgive the logic break because it's downright funny; although the yellow impact stars were rather pointless since it didn't cover the scene enough to clearly show the baby whacking Drake in the head on-screen. Apparently; Drake manages to escape in all the chaos and is back on the Rat Catcher tearing up all the wanted posters of himself. He blows it all off because it's criminal, it's evil and it's..... [long pause]...not too bad a likeness actually. And before he can REALLY go into EGO TRIP MODE; here comes NegaDuck who somehow managed to survive his beating. Drake rides rat catcher and NegaDuck takes the most pussy bump I have seen this side of Getting Antsy on the front. They then fight like a bunch of weak girls and Drake changes into NegaDrake; or so we thought as he actually rode past the conveniently placed classical musical band. Okay; now this is getting a wee bit overbooked here.

I mean why would a classical music band be playing outside with ZERO people watching it?! Is this some rib on the state of classical music Vs. Junk Music that I'm not getting? And Drake becomes Violin Drake of course as NegaDuck is still wondering how he does that. The Rat Catcher crashes into the weakest barricade in history and then rides off the bridge, flies for about six miles into the air (Remember: Most of the people who worked for Disney at the time were from Warner Brothers?) and then free falls while Drake plays violin the whole time. I'm actually digging this episode as NegaDuck end the segment ten and a quarter minutes in....

After the commercial break; we have more screaming from NegaDuck and more violin playing from Drake. The Rat Catcher is still free falling of course and there's no illusion as to what NegaDuck is screaming for. Sadly; Violin Drake changes back to REALLY STUPID Drake as he invokes the parachute and attaches it to the front of the bike instead of the back of the bike. The results are not pretty as the Rat Catcher ejects NegaDuck and Drake out of the ride and it's time to scream for real. Well; if you are going to screw someone it might as well be your badly designed opposite. Drake screams while NegaDuck doesn't. I guess he got lazy or just wanted Drake to sell his end of the screaming. Sadly; we don't even get to see them bump onto the ground as the scene changer beckons and we go to Drake's hideout as Drake is sitting on the table while Gosalyn and Launchpad feed him dog treats. Launchpad actually has the nerve to eat one; probably to show that the food is not poisonous. He must have bought those not made in China I guess. Launchpad suggest a doggie door and Drake Mallard finally enters the room greeting Gosalyn and Launchpad which shows just how full of themselves BS & P was. Thankfully; Sun Woo kept CONTINUITY by Drake not wearing his Zorro hat at least. Gosalyn thinks it's the dog talking and then Drake comes over to prove that he's NOT a dog and the two have a bonding moment while Launchpad stuffs his face with the dog treats.

Well; he NEVER gets fed properly on this show; so whatever. Drake and Gosalyn try to exchange notes; but Drake changes again (remembering to do a goofy oversell in the process) and now she's Gos Drake. Gosalyn cannot believe that he would be her twin. I cannot believe it myself since the twin looks as close to the real thing as humanly possible while still making it obvious that it is Drake Mallard. Gos Drake does the worst version of Gosalyn's voice (male female voice mixing doesn't mesh well) and invokes the hockey stick onto a conveniently placed puck. It's HOCKEY PINBALL TIME and of course Launchpad eats puck in the end for the goal since Drake is not around to take that spot. Well; the real Drake anyway. Gosalyn praises Gos Drake's skills (even though Gos Drake voice sucks) and then states that she got barred from the ice hockey rink. Gosalyn is showing how she can separate herself from being a Kit clone which turned out to be better for both characters in the long run. Yellow flash beckons and Drake is himself once again with more goofy selling as Drake blows off the fact that he was Gosalyn. He then proceeds to the change room and Launchpad is in disgust because of some repressed moment during Drake I guess. Drake rightfully blows him off and changes back into DARKWING..DUCK; complete with gay Zorro hat. Drake wants to know how he looks and Launchpad reminds him of the wanted poster.

Too funny as Drake blows him off for reminding him and then looks Launchpad square in the eye while cutting his usual full of himself promo. I betcha he changes into Launchpad complete with goofy overselling..I check the DVD..Damn; I'm good as the illusion of creditability is shot because Launchpad is about a foot taller than Drake still. He still has his beak though so at least Sun Woo is trying not to suck in Logic Breaks. It's doesn't work though as Launch Drake and Launchpad talk about eating and going to Hungry Hippo for lunch doing the circular dance much to the fear of Gosalyn Waddlemayer-Mallard. Gosalyn blows the whistle on that goofy spot (Why? It looked rather funny to me..) because she wants her regular dad back. Which one Gos? Drake Mallard; or the biological one Disney always kills off because it's somehow cool? Launch Drake goes into Launchpad mode and hops into the Thunder Quack and speeds off as Gosalyn and Launchpad eat smoke (AND THAT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH AND MOVIE RATING!). Gosalyn protests this because Launch Drake might hurt somebody. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. We head to the Thunder Quack flying as Launch Drake searches for Real Drake. That was funnier than I intended. And of course Launch Drake turns into Real Drake (complete with selling) and the Thunder Quack goes into a tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAA!) because Real Drake doesn't know how to fly. That officially makes Kit Cloudkicker so HAPPY that he'll use it as evidence that kids can fly as good as adults. Right Ted?!

Sadly; we head to an alleyway as NegaDuck opens the dumpster which I suspect will be used by Mick Foley one day in 1998; and looks around and then does the close the dumpster spot and then magically appear behind a lamp post spot. Logic Break #4 for the episode as he is looking for Drake. I wish animators would realize this: Have NegaDuck come out of the dumpster; then close it. Then it makes SENSE!! And then he runs and magically pops from under the manhole cover. Okay; that makes more sense I guess. He then notices the Thunder Quack tail-spinning down (BWHAHAHAHAA!) and then comes up to greet him with the chainsaw. Yeap; NegaDuck is as REALLY STUPID as Drake is; which is weird because if he's the opposite shouldn't he be smart? NegaDuck takes the MAN-SIZED bump WITH CHEESE AND BACON of course because taking such bumps is funny I guess. And the crash just happened to be the next scene changer as we head back to Drake's hideout as Drake pops up from the moving trap door and he's all right; although his Thunder Quack has been quacked to death. HA! I KILL ME! Gosalyn and Launchpad come over to see that he's all right as he basically cuts the most idiotic lie promo I have ever heard. If he was suffering from internal injuries; there would be blood coming from his mouth and he would be really weak instead of strong. And like the army and navy would be chasing him since martial law doesn't exist in this world. Maybe in Kristof's world; but not here.

Although I do believe the Girl Scout part; but that's was funny so that's why I allowed it. Oh; and he pulls the steering wheel from his hands using his feet just to waste some more time. Launchpad is grateful that he isn't hurt as Drake blows off the thought and then takes a wussy bump on the floor flat on his kisser. Some things never change with Sun Woo around. Drake recovers quickly as he accepts defeat because every time he catches NegaDuck (He was actually THINKING about catching NegaDuck in that previous scene? I though he was more concerned about landing IN ONE PIECE?!) he turns into something awful. Launchpad tells him not to give up and Gosalyn basically threatens him to find NegaDuck to prove that he is innocent. Drake mopes around because he doesn't know where NegaDuck would strike next. Launchpad claims that NegaDuck knows though. And of course Drake gets the LIGHTBULB OF BLOODY CLAIRTY and goes to the FILING CABIENT OF MOLLY VIOLENCE and sadly it doesn't commit MOLLY VIOLENCE on Drake. SOMEONE FIRE THAT FILING CABIENT!

Drake pulls out NegaDuck's wanted poster and looks at it hard. And of course; step one of Drake's MIMI JOKE ZONE PLAN works as he turns into NegaDuck. Sadly; Drake shows how REALLY STUPID he is because now he's got NegaDuck's personality. NegaDrake pulls out the flamethrower (now why can't the REAL NegaDuck use that?) as Launchpad and Gosalyn are having second thoughts. I'm beginning to realize why NegaDuck sucks now: He sucked because the fake version of himself was BETTER than the real version of himself. Evidence #1: The computer launches the screen and Sarah's kisser shows up to tell Drake that the ray is fixed. NegaDrake blows her off perfectly with a nasty promo and then MURDERS the computer screen. Launchpad and Gosalyn are SHOCKED and SCARED (in that order). He even creates chalk outlines in triple time just for fun as now he turns around and sics the flamethrower on Gosalyn and Launchpad. HOLY CRAP?! Gosalyn and Launchpad are scared to death as the segment ends 15 minutes in. As much as I think NegaDuck is better as a loner (as proven here) Disney really slaughtered the upside of his character thanks to this episode. Well; at least Drake's burying of NegaDuck is unintentional since I don't think he realized just how much personality that disguise ray gave him. So Drake is safe from my wrath; for now anyway...

After the commercial break; we see NegaDrake backing up Launchpad and Gosalyn off the suspension bridge with the flamethrower as he cuts another good promo. Gosalyn and Launchpad then do the funniest spot I have ever seen in this series as they bounce off the top rope of the suspension bridge repeated times and somehow do not fall. Either gravity has taken sick leave; or that's QUALITY BUMPING BABEE! NegaDrake slides onto the top rope looking for them and doesn't take the required two seconds to look down as Gosalyn and LP hang on to a wire below to hang on. Well; NegaDrake is still as REALLY STUPID as Drake; then again it's Drake we are talking about so it works here. NegaDrake decides that there are bigger fish to fry so he turns up the heat on the flamthrower and leaves. Launchpad and Gosalyn stand up onto the top rope and decide to find Sarah right away. Launchpad wonders how they'll find NegaDrake and Gosalyn points down to the city streets as the flamethrower suddenly does enough damage to set off one deadly bomb. NegaDrake is more insane than NegaDuck EVER was. No wonder NegaDuck never got over..and speaking of the character himself; we head to the abandoned fish plant (I guess someone was watching Batman: The Animated Series while doing this one) as we cut into NegaDuck's room where he watching Ken Powers/Ralph Lockjaw/Doug Rather/Whoever in the television set blowing off Drake for his crimes. Only one day of crisis?!

Geez; these people are REALLY STUPID after all the chaos that has happened in half the episodes already in this series. We then cut to the picture of DARKWING...DUCK as NegaDuck basically throws as many sharp objects as humanly possible into it. Well; there's ONE way to get over with me Neggy. Neggy is sitting like Drake Mallard without the sense to clean up of course throwing more sharp objects including the dreaded kitchen cleaver! He then blows off Drake as a Pollyanna (If only...) and then threaten to break every bone in his body twice. I like Don Karnage's version better since he wanted to tear Baloo's body apart and then sew it up with null needles. It's funnier as a promo and more painful to the victim. Plus; picking on big bad Baloo is much more manly than picking on pussy whipped Drake Mallard. NegaDuck slides up onto the floor and slips on the banana peel garbage which just makes me want to break every bone in Doug Langdale's body twice and then sew it up with dull needles for making NegaDuck look really foolish. NegaDuck thankfully doesn't sell it properly and then goes to the television set and kicks Ken Powers teeth down his throat (We can only hope can we?) while blowing off his choice of hideout..and then does his full of himself promo because he likes the smell. Oh snap; here comes the chainsaw which misses NegaDuck and the poster by a foot.

Typical Sun Woo spot blowing as NegaDuck turns around and here comes the dreaded NEGAVOICEOVER OF DOOM ready to MURDER NegaDuck because he's dressed up like DARKWING..DUCK. This should be fun since eliminating the gene pool was a favorite pastime of ours in the TaleSpin Comment Board. NegaDuck and NegaDrake (doesn't matter who since they both rule now) grab each other and it's FIGHTING WORDS TIME~! We then get the oldie; but goodie I bring a weapon and the other brings a stronger weapon, blow off the guy, Rinse, Lather and Repeat. Sadly; the scene changer ruins the effect as we get NegaDrake with the Thembriyak from Flight School and NegaDuck only has a weenie cannon. I think NegaDrake wins this one hands down...and then he brings the battleship. Okay; now this episode is getting really silly now. NegaDrake brings out the rockets as Gosalyn yells out stop and we get to the entrance as we see Sarah, Launchpad and Gosalyn in front of it. Sarah has the ray gun and Gosalyn orders her to zap Drake. Sarah cannot tell which is which and then just zaps both of them; although she does a spot of picking one to zap beforehand; so I'm calling this one Logic Break #5. Drake is back to normal (I think); but NegaDuck is zapped as well (check the yellow barrier around him) which Drake blows Sarah off for. Sarah rightfully blows him off because she's a doctor; not a duck picker.

Oh man; that was more disturbing than I think she actually intended it to be. NegaDuck turns into Wacky Mackerel (since he saw the cardboard cutout of him) which Launchpad helpfully labels as is favorite canned fish mascot. Nega Wacky cuts the fish ad promo and I think he should leave ad promos to Liquidator. It is REALLY STUPID and even Drake hates it so he jumps on Nega Wacky and we get the worst Sun Woo fighting dustcloud scene in a long time. Man; Sun Woo should spot doing that spot if it is going to suck animation wise. Drake chokes the fish as they dance around like a wheel. This is like watching a Mighty Hercules episode; but without the cheap shoe string animation and charm that goes along with it. They break a window and fall down onto the docks as Gosalyn becomes pushy and leaves. Sarah blows her off as she and Launchpad follow. We cut to the docks as Drake and Nega Wacky continue their wussy fight (with Drake clearly winning this one of course) Logic Break #6: Why are there sailors in the background in an ABANDONED FISH PLANT?! Or are they drug dealers and we didn't notice?! Drake then gets off and gets the only real punch of the fight: The LEAD GRIP KUNG FU ACTION KICK OF DOOM which Nega Wacky takes a pretty wussy bump in front of the lobster cage. NegaDuck changes back to himself as he gets up and does his usual selling.

Drake tells him to give up because he cannot win in a fair fight. NegaDuck gleefully blows this one off for me as he grabs the lobster from the lobster cage and throws it right at Drake as the claws attach to his beak. If this doesn't shut him up than Drake is truly Satan. Drake grabs the lobster and gets it off his beak and then looks at it because it will give him an unfair advantage. He changes into the Drake Lobster.....Ummmm...Wait a second?! If Sarah zapped him in the previous scene than that means Drake shouldn't be able to CHANGE ANYMORE!! UGH! UGH! UGH! This is the THIRD STRAIGHT EPISODE THIS HAS HAPPENED!! Almost nineteen minutes of excellent action and now they HAVE TO RUIN IT WITH THIS CRAP?! Logic Break #7 for the episode and the first one I don't accept. And then Lobster Drake circles NegaDuck around with NegaDuck looking at him and then Lobster Drake invokes THE CLAW~ on NegaDuck's behind. Oh come on Neggy! You could just PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE! He's a lobster now; so BS&P rules do not apply! Logic Break #8 for the episode and this episode is dying before my very eyes. Chase scene beckons and he has a meeting with the minds with the dog fury sailor in the background earlier. Oh swell; you wasted time and character just to do THAT?! And then we get the real purpose for them existing as NegaDuck changes to Nega Sailor. I hope Nega Sailor swear like a sailor so they can show Spongebob SquarePants how to do the spot properly.

Sailor #1 runs away like a scalded dog (at least it works this time) and Nega Sailor peels Lobster Drake from his butt. Sadly; he doesn't swear like a sailor. Why should I be surprised that he didn't?! Lobster Drake pinches his finger to escape the grasp and it's Scooby Doo Chase Sequence #1546 which we got tired of back in the third episode of Scooby Doo; Where Are You?! Drake changes back and he screws up the oversell (what a shock?!) and it doesn't change the sequence any. Out comes Gosalyn, Sarah and Launchpad from the door. Wait a minute?! The building wasn't that big and they should have been out about thirty seconds earlier. The timing of this episode and logic breaks are REALLY getting on my nerves now. Gosalyn steals the ray gun from Sarah. Good for her; she's done enough damage already and she's NOT over anymore. Gosalyn goes up to Drake and then shoots him at point blank range (much to Drake's protests) and Drake turns into Gos Drake of course. Gos Drake steals the ray gun while getting off the first Keen Gear of the episode. Leave it to Gos Drake to ruin that catchphrase. Gos Drake shoots the ray gun at Nega Sailor and he changes back into Nega Duck which does nothing to help him. D'OH!

Gos Drake crawls underneath NegaDuck's legs (how low will Drake go? REALLY LOW!) after NegaDuck calls her out and Gos Drake makes it to the conviently placed FISH CANS OF DOOM. Oh yeah; this doesn't conjure memories of Dave THE CLEANING BARBARIAN OF LAUGHS; no siree! At least they aren't labeled as conviently placed fish cans; or we animation fans would have a basis of a lawsuit for causing most cartoons to suck....badly...Gos Drake takes a can and whacks it at NegaDuck which misses by a mile and NegaDuck blows it off. I'd say he is toast as it's the same spot from about 12 minutes into this episode and he gets canned right on top of the head in a wussy bump. And of course NegaDuck oversells it because CARTOON DUCKS RULE BABEE!! So much so that they don't need good plotting, logic and meaning. It's all about the funny despite being a DTVA show. Gos Drake jumps on NegaDuck's belly and of course NegaDuck fails to sell that. MAKE UP YOUR MIND HERE!! Gosalyn jumps up and down onto the board which is in the right position for it to knock the ray gun out of Sarah's hands and it goes into the air.

Where it lands I don't care because I want this episode to end for all I care about it because they ruined another one. And of course the ray gun falls onto the floor with a wussy and it's STILL enough to zap Gos Drake back to normal. Gosalyn is afraid of what she did as Drake grabs onto NegaDuck and cuts his usual full of himself promo forgetting that the police still think he's a criminal and the BAD EPISODE POLICE~ arrives to surround him complete with about 20 guns pointed at him. If this doesn't get cut; I don't know what will. Okay; let's see Drake get out of this one. Drake calls to the Officer and then turns NegaDuck's costume inside out to reveal DARKWING..DUCK's costume (nice underwear there Neggy!). That is clearly enough to convict NegaDuck as the police handcuff him. Well; this at least makes sense, although the black mask would have done a better job in revealing him. Then again; the police are more stupid than Drake is so there you go. The officer ask about forgiveness and Drake forgives them because they are more stupid and less full of themselves than he is. Drake then grabs the ray gun and hopes that no more harm comes out of it. However; Drake steps on the loose boardand takes a good bump into it while dislodging the ray gun. The ray gun flies into the air and it lands onto the ground and zaps the entire GROUP OF GAG MINUS DRAKE and they do the oversell and turn into DARKWING..DUCKS! HA HA! Drake doesn't like that one as he covers his eyes and they do the VOICEOVER OF DOOM at 20:56:

Darkwings: [At Once] I am the terror that flaps in the night!

FINALLY; those fools finally give that full of himself Drake Mallard just what he deserves for burying them by burying his favorite catchphrase. TOTAL MARKUP CITY FOR THAT MOMENT! Drake just looks stunned as then the DARKWING...DUCK clones cut Drake's Dangerous promo RIGHT IN DRAKE'S KISSER! HA HA! Drake does the toothache spot on that one as I laugh at his expense to end the episode at 21:10. Well; Drake you earned that blow off after about 30+ episodes of making everyone look bad. Again; this is another episode that got into a huge groove with NegaDuck looking decent for a change and of course seeing Drake and NegaDuck try to kill each other was funny. However; after nineteen minutes, the episode descended into silliness as logic breaks and bad timing threw this episode off. However; it redeemed itself with a decent finish and an excellent blow off ending. For one episode; NegaDuck did NOT SUCK! I guess Koosh was wrong after all. **** ¼ ( 85%)


What's this? A good episode involving NegaDuck?! And NegaDuck doesn't suck here?! Did everything I believe in was wrong?! Well not quite. For the most part; this episode was pretty good with few logic breaks and the usual spot blowing from Sun Woo. However; there was a rough patch of about two minutes of silliness as they created a huge logic break where Sarah zapping him despite the fact that it should have rendered Drake unable to change (although the spot itself was treated as if Sarah was going to shoot one and then she shot two of them) and then he changes into a lobster later on. Call me crazy; but I think this episode was the one that hurt NegaDuck's creditability as a villain when they decided to make Nega Drake more violent than Nega Duck.

That ray gun makes Drake into stereotype versions of the characters he sees and while it was funny for the most part; it hurts NegaDuck since Nega Drake was ultra violent while Nega Duck was merely violent. However; seeing them trying to kill each other was funny in a Mighty Hercules sort of way. While the climax was silly; the finish and ending were done really well and kudos to the writers for finally giving the characters a chance to bury Drake for burying them. Sadly; I cannot do more than four or five episodes at a time for this series (thanks to Drake Mallard of course) so I don't know if I'll be doing Heavy Mental to end 2007 or wait until the first weeks of 2008. Either way...

Thumbs up for this episode and I'll see you all next time.


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