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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Mow Money/Love Stinks! Rant

Reviewed: 06/19/2011

Mow Stinky New Disney Love!

So someone DID upload the season two premeire of Kick Buttowski as this short focuses on Kick and Gunther fighting over tickets to get to a Rock Callahan stage show....And our next short features Brad getting a new girlfriend and Kick liking Brad's new attitude. So does this mean they are turning Brad into a bouncing babyface instead of a bullying babyface with no heat? Let's see if Kick can finally get over the hump and not become a Johnny Test wannabe shall we...?!

Mow Money is written by Dean Batali, the story is done by Sandro Corsano (!!!), storyboards done by Scott O'Brien and directed by Chris Savino. Dean's resume is completely different from most writers as he wrote for The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Hope & Gloria, Duckman, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Fantasy Island, That 70's Show and The 1/2 Hour News Hour. He was also an executive producer for What's Up Warthogs, and Chonda Pierce: This Ain't Prettyville. Kick Buttowski is his DTVA debut and only his second cartoon series ever (Duckman being the other and that isn't G-rated either). He is also the cousin of television chef Mario Batali and was in three documentaries. Love Stinks is written by Derek Dressler. The story is done by Sandro Corasro and David Shayne. The episode storyboards are done by Howie Perry and directed by Chris Savino. All episodes are done in Flash of course.

Opening Moment #1: The opening sequence has been changed a bit since Season One and it's mostly to make Kick even more vainglorious by getting rid of the shots of him with Gunther. How sad that Gunther has improved so much from the beginning of the first season that the most unlikable character in the series now has the spotlight to himself. Even Johnny Test in later seasons had a more selfless opening than this. This is NOT a good sign right for the show's direction right there.....

Opening Moment #2: Today's title card features a lawn mower moving grass and the clipping turn into dollar bills. I've heard of being cheap; but this is silly.

Mow Money: We begin this one high in the sky with the most unlikable hero in DTVA on a fence wearing a twin turbo engine on his back and bottles of soda on his wrists. Of course Kick never takes into account the obvious flaw of having it wired to the house (D'OH! Oh wait; I mean, YAY?) as Gunther runs in with something as Kick wants to recreate the ending to Rock Callahan's Turbo Jet Pack movie. How did Jackass corrupt THIS kid's mind? Kick does it and....BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh boy. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was TOO easy to call. Here's a clue: If you want to make it funny; show the wires attached to the wall AFTER he faceplants onto the pavement. And he gets snapped on his ass after stating that he should go wireless. NO?! REALLY?! Gunther runs in with a laptop (!!) showing Rock Callahan's website. So Gunther not only has wireless internet; but 3G wireless? Does his parents know? Do they care? Short answer: Maybe and no in that order. We click on the Enter button and it's Rock Callahan in a firey background streching his neck. He also has a dolphin in his arms for goodness knows what reason and he's running to the stage as he is going to be in concert in Mellowbrook. In other words; the black version of KISS. I should point out that the person who usually voices Rock is not voicing him in this one; he is being voiced by NBA Orlando Magic's superstar Dwright Howard. Seriously; I am NOT making this up, Disney and the NBA made a stink about it.

Gunther and Kick stare so much that their eyes are as frozen as Chum Chum's as Gunther proclaims that he should lay off the Ligonberries because Rock is going to breathe the same air as them. So he lives on a different planet? We see Rock sitting down in the green seats as two lucky kids will get to sit next to Rock Callahan. At least the jackhammering works here this time around. Gunther and Kick get all giddy as we see the dream sequence involving Kick and Rock Callahan shooting down rockets with lasers. They do the old destroy the heat seeking missiles by moving out the way just enough that the missile crash into each other spot. The world can thank me later for not really calling it blow by blow as we return to reality (no, not really). Gunther has a better dream sequence in mind and damn it to hell if it isn't funny. Hint; it involves a squeezebox, a tuba and both of them dressed up as German musicians. We return to reality (no, not really) as Gunther salivates and we see Rock swinging like Tarzan complete with anime background as he tells them to get their ticket at the Food -N- Fix which is a corperate gas station as per in Wade Against the Machine. Oh; and before Gunther can say three words; Kick leaves him in a cloud of dust stage left. Heh. Sadly; the audio is now completely desync with the rest of the video. So; I'll do my best here.

So we head to the Food -N- Fix and then inside the store as Wade informs the two that the tickets cost a lot of that MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH. Gunther decides to bring out his horn which he uses to collect coin at the Battlesnax. Kick asks how much he saves in that horn and sadly he spent it all on a new horn. Kick decides to check his pockets and he has toilet paper, a sandwich, a wrench, a canister of whip cream, a book about whatever and a frog. And you thought Eleroo's pouch was absurd? Kick proclaims that they need money fast; so Wade suggests that his step mom needs her lawn mowed fast. Kick and Gunther agree to be partners and they do the fist bump complete with the words Kick and Gunther jackhammered into the background. Whatever guys. Funny how the jackhammering censors the actual fist bump which indicates someone in Disney is a racist. Gunther is giddy because they get to work together and it's Gunther & Kick words jackhammered which censors Gunther. This is somehow less funny. And then we do it AGAIN this time with them dreaming of sitting beside Rock. This one actually makes sense if you can believe it. We return to reality (no, not reality) as they will be lawn mower services.

However; Wade tells them to hold on for a moment. See; he only have one expensive ticket off as he shows it with the jackhammered background. The boys are SHOCKED and then they play reverse psychology on each other offering to give THEM the ticket. And then Gunther decides to give in and say okay. HAHA! Kick gets on Gunther's belly and blows him off for not saying after you. HA! When Gunther is in on the scam; you know Kick sucks. So they finally get into the argument on who's the bigger Rock fan. Hey; Kick, according to Disney, Gunther is distracted by shiny things. Use that against him. See; Gunther showed him the website and Kick responds by showing him how to stump his neck. If that is all Kick has; then Gunther must win this one. Wade talks gibberish; Kick proclaims that he'll earn that ticket and Gunther squashes him like a bug. Gunther talks like Popeye so Kick throws him away and tells Wade to keep that ticket safe as he somehow slides off the counter backwards. Whatever.

So we go to Mellowbrook as the sun rises and then cut to a shot of Rock Callahan's clock going 7:00 am. Ah; I see Kick bought a new alarm clock since Snowpocalypse. I think you can guess what the alarm clock does when it's set here. Kick wakes up and slingshots himself via the blanket out the window it seems (and he was sleeping in his suit and helmet BTW) as Kick sets up his lawn cutting equipment including garden shears he probably stole from Darkwing Duck in It's A Wonderful Leaf. We get the old garage door opening sequence as it sounds so exciting...and then he walks out with the lawn mower. Kick tries to start it up and damn; it looks like me trying to start a lawn mower; which means he has less strength than I do. So then we see Denise handing out dollar bills to Gunther as Gunther is going to mow Denise's lawn. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kick complains of course as Gunther cuts an early to rise promo while Kick cuts his usual dubbed anime style swear. So Gunther plants a sign on the front lawn just to show that he can outdick Kick in the vainglorious bastard department. Geez; I thought the fat ass would already give him that title. POW! OUCH! Ummmmm......Gunther cuts more lame promos and then leaves as Kick proclaims that Grass Man has won round one and Gunther will be eating his mulch. I'm SHOCKED Capcom didn't make Grass Man a robot master. Then again; that would have made Spring Man and Bubble Man respectable and we cannot have any of that. Can you imagine Lawnmower Joes in the stage?

So we go to the scene changer to a shot of the sun as we go to the montage of Kick sweating as he cuts the lawn. Sadly; he only gets about six inches of work done on the far shot. Here's a logic break for ya: Gunther can cut an entire lawn despite being out of shape; and Kick cannot cut six inches of lawn yet he looks in much better shape when he does STUNTS. Kick doeses water and then panics as he sees Gunther mowing another lawn with his Gedo lawnmower. You know this show is classy when even the Gedo fashion sense is infinite times better than anything on Fanboy & Chum Chum. It also makes the logic break even more glaring as he writes his name on the lawn. Whatever as Kick looks dumbfounded. Okay; that stupdor face on him when he's drinking water is pretty funny. Kick calls him out and then suddenly puts in a 500% workrate on the lawnmower. Wow; that water must have steroids in them. Why not drink Cheetah Chug like he usually does? Or has BS&P finally stepped in after being threatened by Red Bull? Hey; if I had a _Red Bull_ threaten me; I'd change my tune too. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Then we pan left to see Gunther cutting grass with Magus' weapon of choice from Chrono Trigger while on ROID RAGE. Nice to see the rabid dog spot has not been censored by BS&P. He throws bales of grass and just to overbook the obvious; he throws it to a cow who eats it. Gunther gets paid by the OUT OF NOWHERE hand (which makes sense for some reason) as Kick is not amused. So Kick mows faster and completes the job as we see a one legged, one eye guy who might be Glenn's father arrives in the front lawn as Kick puts his hand out; but the man no sells as he points to a piece of grass on his wooden leg. So Kick trims it off and he gets his money. Then the man disappears Star Trek style. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? Geez; the out of nowhere cow made more sense than this.

So we head to a shot of the cupid bird fountain which I bet is the home of Mr. Vickie. And damn it to hell if I'm not right. Sadly; it's not as we zoom out to a rich cowboy mansion as we see Kick with his lawnmower talking to a cowboy wearing black with white trim cowboy hat and coat. He offers the contract and Kick signs it without reading it which is absolutely dumb. Kick rotates around the fountain and then finishes up and puts his hand out as the cowboy rich guy proclaims that he has a backyard and it's a billion times larger despite looking only about five times larger than the fountain. Kick sulks; but agrees to do it anyway. The cowboy proclaims that it's huge; so he has a riding mower in the shed as Kick's eyes light up. So we get a shot of the shed as it opens and it reveals a riding mower that looks like a race car. Oh yeah; that lead to the montage of Kick riding out of the shed and cutting the lawn while green paint splatters on the screen. He destroys a tree of course and after some racing around; he basically destroys the lawn and turns it into a dirtbike area as the cowboy argues. Then the cowboy guy gets inspired and realizes that he can charge good money for dirtbike rallies; so he pays Kick anyway for the job. So much for that contract spot which went OUT OF NOWHERE and gone to the same place.

So we head to the sidewalk as Kick drives the mower and sees signs of Gunther's handiwork and signs planted on a lawn as Gunther appears OUT OF NOWHERE from them to scare Kick out of his wits. I see the video is back in sync with the audio as Gunther talks about getting more money minus the signs of course. Kick claims that he got more money from not just mowing someone's lawn (and making a dirtbike arena) as we go to the flashback and see Kick in slow motion getting wet from a hose poured by Jackie The Stalker Wackerman for an extra dollar. HAHA! This episode deserves 1/4* on that spot alone. We return to reality (no, not really) as Kick tells him not to judge. Too late Kick; you still suck as Gunther proclaims that he only has one job left before he can steal the ticket from Kick and see Rock Callahan. Kick claims that he has only one job left and then they turn their backs on each other like evildoers planning an evil scheme. They scan the neighbourhood and it's only Miss Chickerelli's lawn left judging by the tall grass and pink house. Gunther and Kick blitz pushing and shoving off-screen as there is a bump present and the door opens to reveal Miss You Know Who From Frame Story.

She notices the goofs of idiots knocked silly on the front door and asks if they are here to mow the lawn. She has to decide who gets to do the deed (so she can then make up a good excuse to have him punished later) as she grabs Oscar the Dressed Up Dog and asks him. Oscar barks and seems happy which means his character has been neutered like his sex life. POW! OUCH! Ummmm.....She decides to have them race and once the deed is done; they split the money 50/50. Gunther and Kick look at each other and act like that if they finish the job first; they win the money and thus the ticket. Okay writers; does THAT make any sense? Shouldn't she say that the one who finishes first gets the money? Unless they are trying to make the kids look stupid which I'm sure is a bone thrown to the old Disney fans. It doesn't work guys; you might as well have them look smart. So we get dueling lawnmower starts as Miss Chickerelli and Oscar are giddy and cheering for their lawn mowed or the kids death. It's hard to tell here actually. So we get the longest sequence of Ready....Steady.....Still Steady.....Go in history as we even get a How's It Made slient version of how a lawnmower starts and a sparkplug sparks. Explosion, blades start and they are suck up grass clipping as Oscar drops from her perch and runs after him. So we get the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE LAWNMOWER EDITION~! as Gunther has a turtle to rabbit switch which he pushes up. Okay; that was cute as Kick dodges a tree 90 degrees in Powerpuff Girls slow motion. Gunther rides off the fence Dragon Ball Z style; complete with FPS shot. We decide to mow around the house on the sky shot (silly logic break: the pavement grass) as we go back to the FPS shot as Chick is ready to come into the living room as she has the money ready. Kick thinks he's won; but then he has to dodge Oscar on the rebound and grabs the money first winning the bet as Gunther takes his money. Okay; now it makes sense as they go through Chick's house and cause no damage whatsoever and go the opposite way out and then drive the mowers right into the store of the Food -N- Fix.

So Kick comes in first; but Gunther throws a watermelon right in Kick's kisser. Then Kick sprays ketchup and Gunther shows his ninja skills with cookies. Wade doesn't even bother to intervene while sipping some yellow slushie. He walks in between the carnage (as little as it is) and goes over to the counter; grabs the ticket and then tears it in half. TOTAL MARKUP CITY FOR THAT SPOT! Gunther and Kick are SHOCKED and APPALLED because the ticket is now worthless. Wade gleefully answers that one for me as he give a piece to both. So we recycle the footage from the beginning of the episode (as per the internet video Gunther showed) as Rock is on stage and does the splits in the spotlight. We then zoom out to the BI-TELESCOPE OF DOOM shot as we see Kick and Gunther are basically watch the show without paying. Yes folks; the idiots have come together for no rhyme nor reason and are best amigos forever. It sezs so in the contirved jackhammered words superimposed on the screen; so it must be true. We then go to a back angle as apparently Gunther eats a ligonberry and farts once back finally fading to black to end the short at 10:00. Well; it's better than the pilot episode; but it's still the usual clustermuck with a great finish but a contrived ending. Oh and Dwight Howard barely got thirty seconds of voice time. ** 1/2 (50%).

Opening Moment #2: The title card shows an angelic Kick shooting an arrow right into a shattered heart. That is so symbolic of old Disney fans seeing the new Disney in it's full unadultered form. Nice to see someone paying attention and making an interesting title card; instead of the usual lameness this series is known for.

Love Stinks!: We begin this one with Kick sleeping with his clothes on in his bedroom (complete with Rock Callahan alarm clock to maintain CONTINUITY if nothing else). So we get the OUT OF NOWHERE FCC HORN OF DOOM and we zoom out to see Brad showing his glorified ass and then we cut to outside the bedroom as Brad farts off screen. Why bother showing it off-screen when it's been shown on-screen in the pilot? Anyhow; Brad walks out as Kick's room stinks to high hell. Usually Kick's room stinks to high heaven. So we scene change to Kick taking a shower behind the curtain and Brad runs in and flushes the toilet. Man; did Brad really have to go there or what? Kick opens the shower curtain protesting this outrage and he's naked as Brad hoses him to cool him off. Scene changer to Kick at the table having his favorite cereal (the one with Billy Stumps on it); and he eats an OUT OF NOWHERE stinky sock with the spoon. Oh man; that is officially more disturbing than Chum Chum having Mr. Mufflin slam his stinky foot into Fanboy's nose. Brad sets his legs on the table feeling like a dick. So we see Kick at the bus stop and in comes 3D Pantsy and Chip Green Horace (Yes; I know who their names are; my names of them are a lot funnier) set down a couch with Brad lying in it right in front of Kick. So Brad literally gets up and rips Kick's suit off and he's completely naked as a jaybird. Wait a second; did someone pull a coup on BS&P or something? The heels leave as the school bus conviently shows up and a girl whines why inside bawling his/her eyes out.

So we scene change and see Kick on his skateboard not naked at all as he skates off his rampway filled with hundreds of red balloons. Oh; that means that it's in mid-air as then we get the MACHINE GUN PENCILS OF DEATH and that pops all the balloons and the rampway turns into a ]. Kick takes a wussy bump with his face on the ground. I blame the helmet for padding his face on that one. Must be wearing the visor again. Brad appears Don Karnage style as Kick struggles to grab Brad; so Brad unloads with the pencils to pin Kick's cape over his helmet before running off. Kick proclaims that for once he would like a normal bigger brother. Ummm; what Brad is doing is actually quite normal for his age Kick. So you are so damn screwed. Scene changer of doom and we REPEAT THE, not really as the alarm clock sounds and Kick has a gas mask on ready for some Kick-fu. Kick then notices Brad dancing outside telling Kick to enjoy his normal day. Something is wrong with Brad and it's not his girly prancing either. So we REPEAT THE FOOTAGE as there is a knock on the door and Kick has his...WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING KICK HAS IN HIS HANDS? It sounds like he was cocking a bronze gun there. Brad states that it's occupied and there are no worries as he'll come back later. So we REPEAT THE FOOTAGE with the rampway. How many balloons does Kick buy? They must be from the dollar store; there's no other explanation. Kick has two tennis rackets as he lands safely on the pavement below and Brad comes in, slaps skin with Kick and leaves. Then in comes Gunther as they exchange notes on the situation. No, not really; it's just silly random humor that makes no sense as Kick claims something is wrong with Brad and they must find out why. So he wants Gunther to tail him as Gunther brings out the raccoon tail and then we get the zoom in red screen martial arts jackhammer as Gunther has been waiting for this for years. Riiiiiiiiiggggghhhtttttt Gunther. Somehow; methinks Gunther has an issue with Brad that escapes me at the moment.

So we head to Pansies Flower Shop. I know this because the sign in golden letters on a green background tells me so. Does this mean that all the flowers can be seen in true 3-D? We head inside as Brad is sniffing a batch of roses with a face that screams "I got assaulted by Jerry Bomb's Pucker Punching regin of terror and it felt good". Then we inhale like a drug so we see Kick and Gunther hiding in plants as Kick is shocked to discover this. He wonders what he is up to as Brad leaves the flower shop with the roses. We see him go into the Battlesnax as Kick and Gunther stalk him. Kick and Gunther are SHOCKED as Brad introduces himself and his flowers to Kelly as a black haired; purple sweater wearing girl accepts them and kisses her fingers and smears the lipstick right on Brad complete with jackhammered heart background. Rebecca Cunningham Kelly isn't. This allows Kick and Gunthers to do backflips out of the Battlesnax, front flips into the Battlesnax and then drop flat on their backs. HAHA! So we get the old holding hands as Kelly asks Brad to attend Mellowbrook School to see her become a cheerleader and Brad agrees to it without question. Then we go to the slow motion girlfriend zoom in of Brad's mouth as Kick REPEATS THE SPOT. Leave it up to the most unlikable character to repeat the spot. Gunther points out that they got the romance platter which is a live pig on a tray with veggies put by Mangus and the pig bails like a scalded pig; or in this case, ham. Brad and Kick slap skin complete with blue star jackhammered background because this means no more evil brother. So we go to the montage as Brad and Kelly simply become quiet and do love things like a walk on the beach, sitting in a cafe, and going to the movies; all while Kick and Gunther act like a bunch of misbehaved children. Gunther is wearing a shark fin and an usher uniform on his head for goodness knows what reason.

Scene changer as we see Kick on his skateboard heading outside looking like the vainglorious bastard that he is. Kick loves the smell of no Brad in the morning and tries to skateboard; but takes a wussy bump into Brad's old couch as we see Chip Green and 3D sulking. Kick asks why they are here; and they explain that they are lost without Brad. See; Brad gives them meaning in their lives and now that he has a girlfriend; they are useless like Meg Griffin. Okay; they didn't say that; but it's implied. They point out the bodily fuilds on the couch and then sob like a bunch of babies. Something tells me someone in creative felt that they were losing the battle with Fanboy & Chum Chum in terms of gross out humor; forgetting that this show is a satire of a stuntman which doesn't need this type of humor to get over. Kick leaves on the skateboard to let them cry as we head to the park on a bench as Brad and Kelly are exchanging love in a non-sexual way. Brad has given Kelly a box of heart shaped chocolates since he needs his real heart to live. When the evil brother is the honest one; you know Kick sucks. Brad gets a hug from Kelly as Kelly claims that he is thoughtful and tells him that she'll see him tonight. Brad and Kelly leave in opposite directions as Kelly throws the chocolates in the trash basket for no real reason that I can think of as Kick skateboards in. Kick hides behind the bushes as he wonders what this means and Gunthers runs in because it's free chocolate. HAHA! Kick stops him (BOO! HISS!) as Gunther wanted a wish from the magic bush and Kick pops up. Kick thinks that there is something messed up with Kelly. No?! Really?! I mean she hates chocolate. Who in this world hates chocolate?! Kick wonders why and Gunther tells him to go ask the magical bush. Well; it cannot be any worse than using the Magic 8 Ball or any other religious device; so why not?

Kick isn't so sure about Brad's girlfriend as Gunther has a famous saying in Norway: It's the same one used in Transmission Impossible in Quack Pack. Oh lord; why do you test me so. Gunther then recoils admitting that he puts bacon in his pants. So THAT explains why Oscar gets so rabid then! It all makes sense now. Oscar has a BEGGIN fetish. Kick proclaims that it's tailing time again and Gunther brings out a real raccoon with bacon as both losers panic and bail like scalded dogs. So we head to Mellowbrook High School (which is basically a similar school to the middle school; only with a brick building) as we head inside to the doors leading to the gym. The doors open and we see Gunther and Kick practicing the fine art of not being seen and then they slide down the floor on their bellies and dunk themselves into two big ass jars of Cheetahrade aka Gatorade in Stoneham. I got to find something to amuse myself. We see Kelly rubbing her arm after a hard workout cheerleading as the girls mock her. Kelly calls Brad a lame dork which I disagree. He's a bullying dork. The girls laugh at her and the rules to being a cheerleader are to date a loser for a week like Brad (as Kick and Gunther repeat for me). I see the rules for enlightenment in this school do not exist yet. Made worse so by Miss Steinmess as we see an old lady cheerleading to an old record player just to force the point about being a cheerleader for life. She also breaks her hip as Brad walks in and Kelly greets him. The girls mock Brad's cargo pants and smell as Brad was working out twice acting completely clueless. The two embrace while Kelly sends the signal that she is vomitting behind Brad's back. Brad has a great idea in singing about his girlfriend at the pep rally and the girls oodle over that one in a fake fashion. Brad walks backwards out of the gym blowing kisses all the way and when the doors shut down; the girls all blow him off as a loser and laugh at his expense.

Gunther and Kick are seething (only because they lose their only chance at being free from Brad's reign; not because this is horrible) as the girls mock Brad some more and they want Kelly to dump him right on stage just to twist the knife into his back good. Kelly isn't so sure about that; which K&G take it as her having a heart (and some sense) ; and then Kelly decides to douse him with cafetera garbage complete with blazing jackhammer background. Okay; that was a neat jackhammer as Kick is SHOCKED AND APPALLED (in that order). The girls all cartwheel out of the gym mocking Brad some more and Kick proclaims that he must tell Brad about this. Gunther asks why since Brad is getting what he deserves for being such a love sick bully. Kick proclaims that Brad is his brother which is just a weasel word saying anyway as Gunther wants him to do it right away because his clothes are getting wrinkled.

So we head in Brad's room as Brad is at the piano keyboard singing the lyrics to the song he is going to do at the pep rally. You know; this is the first time I truly feel sorry for Brad because he really IS putting the effort in being something other than a bully brother. Kick opens the door and asks if Brad has a minute and Brad actually does as he presses on a key and sings badly. Kick slowly enters the room and sees that the entire room is filled with Brad's love for Kelly. Kick calls this not being easy. I disagree Kick; I don't think it's possible. Kick tries to explain; but Brad keeps cutting him off because he's the romance expert see. See; Kick thinks in Brad's mind that girls are icky and gross; but when he finds true love, it is beautiful. I am so loving this love sick Brad character as Kick tries again; but Brad cuts him off again. Kick then just decides to act like a heartless bastard and yells at him that Kelly's a fake and only interested in cheerleading as Brad murders the song on his keyboard. Brad is surprised because he thinks Kick is jealous. Brad is correct about being jealous; but not because Kick wants a girl Brad. Kick explains that it's a hazing ritual as Brad is slowly getting pissed off as Brad wants Kick to go out doing his usual stunts as Kick continues to pour it on so we cut to Kick's room as Gunther is reading a comic book and Kick gets punched off screen and takes a MAN-SIZED bump into the wall. Gunther asks how that went and Kick proclaims that love is blind and deaf as he slides down the wall. We then see Brad skipping to his lou with the keyboard to the pep rally. Kick wants to follow as he leaves having a Krackpotkin plan in mind. Gunther follows hoping it doesn't involve hiding in sports drink since his underpants just got dry.

So we head to the pep rally concert stadium as there is a packed house outside and the stage is featuring a lot of cheerleading and cartwheeling. Kelly takes the microphone and proclaims that they are breaking protocol to allow her "love" to sing a song for the pep rally. So she introduces Brad Buttowski as Brad enters with a goofy smile wheeling his piano keyboard onto the stage. He stops as the girls giggle and Kelly tells him to stand the piano right onto the logic breaking X on the floor. Brad foolishly of course stands on it. So Brad starts playing and singing about Kelly and that might just well be the crowning moment of awesome for Brad in this series ever. Meanwhile; we anime pan up to a sack of smelly garbage with flies flying around. We see Kelly has the rope as we cut to the crowd as Gunther is sitting with two hot dogs in his hands wondering where Kick is. I betcha he eats both hot dogs too. He eats one and brings out his transmitter asking where Kick is. Kick states that he's on his way for Operation Broback (Oooookkkkkkaaayyyy!) as the BIG ASS BALLOON SKATERAMP OF DEATH arrives over the crowd and the stage much to the surprise of Kelly. Brad apparently doesn't suspect a thing as Kick stands with his skateboard on top like the vainglorious bastard that he is. Kick gives Gunther the signal and he unleashes the PENCIL MISSILES OF DEATH which pops all the balloons. Buildup? Context? A finish that makes sense? Am I watching the new Disney here? The ramp drops onto the ground with a thud as the denizens scatter and Kick is on the skateboard as he flies off the ramp towards Kelly; but Kelly calls checkmate and lets go of the rope as the big ass trash bag (which has gain about eight times it's normal size when it falls onto Brad's pinhead); but Kick jumps up and grabs the rope at the last minute stopping the bag from landing on Brad.

Okay; this is stupid because this only proves that Kick is jealous of girlfriends. Kick swings around and missiles right into Brad with a nasty whiplash bump (I see he was watching Plunder and Lightning for pointers) and they loop around the steel post causing some half decent bruising on Brad as Kelly acts like an idiot in stepping on the X as she runs in and the trash bag explodes and the green slimy trash explodes right onto the stage and covers everyone within a 50 meter radius. Good plan there Kick; NOT! Brad recovers and goes over to console his love Kelly who pops from the carnage. Kelly is PISSED off as Kick returns the favor and accuses her of cheating him. Brad blows off Kick for lying as Kelly looks like she's about to cry and then Kelly finally admits that she hates him because he's an unhip loser. DAMN YOU KICK BUTTOWSKI~! Brad blows her off for being stinky and Kelly returns the favor without the garbage as she leaves. Kick; the baston of sensentivity loves every moment of this as Brad proclaims himself as useless and dunks his head in the garbage. Kick goes to the transmitter and commences operation Broback as 3D and Chip Green run in with the couch and Brad notices and has that touchy feeling coming back to him. He is in love of his couch again as he blows off his friends and lands on the couch as the sun is setting. The heels walk away east as Kick's job of being a heartless bastard is complete. On the other hand; Brad got all his heat back as a bullying babyface, so it isn't a total loss.

So we head back to the floating stunt rampway as we see Kick fly down and land with his skateboard perfectly on the pavement as he notices a sack of pencils on the ground, and then he gets MURDERED with the big ass fly swatter. HAHA! Take one guess who is welding it. Yeap; Brad has got all his heat back. I'm starting to like him again. Both brothers are glad to have each other back to normal as Brad calls him dillweed and MURDERS Kick again onto the pavement and that ends the short at 10:15. Maybe the best short involving Brad ever. Despite the stinky smelly grossout humor of this short; this short had Brad at his best, a really good heel in Kelly and an actual finish that made sense in the context of the entire short. Love may stink; but this short was AWESOME! Too bad Kick still isn't.  **** 1/4 (85%).


Well; Season 2's debut was better than Season 1's; but since Deadman's Drop was crappy; the vainglorious bastard didn't have to do much to improve. Mow Money was the usual silly episode which was mostly made of decent parts; but stuck together with chewing gum. The whole Kick/Gunther battle was all right; but the reuniting was out of nowhere. I did love the finish with Wade and the scene with Jackie was priceless as usual; but once again it does nothing to make Kick likable and this make the situation worse now that Kick is clearly the focus of the series as the opening sequence suggests. Dwight Howard was wasted in his role as Rock in my view. Despite the risk of Howard sucking; using him for thirty seconds of air time didn't even allow me to get a good feel for him. He felt like a plot device to set up the cluster muck. So a middling episode mostly due to some good spots.

Hey; there is finally some hope for Brad Buttowski as a character. I actually liked Love Stinks; although I could have done without the gross out humor in the beginning and the BS&P sacking. Brad came off looking like a million bucks here as he showed that he could become a character that was more than just a schoolyard bully. All he needed was some love; despite the fact that Kelly was a heel. A slimy heel too; as she was pretty cool; but dishonest with at least some resembles of a conscience. I liked the plan Kick drew up for the finish from a context standpoint and it paid off all the gross out humor nicely (something Fanboy & Chum Chum cannot claim) ; but it ended up only proving Kick's jealousy as a babyface and he turned even more unlikable than he was at the start in spite of the reunion with Brad's partner's in crime. On the other paw; the ending was great and Brad is back as a evil tweener brother and hopefully; he won't piss it all away this time like in Kick Out. Overall; a rare great episode from the new Disney. Next time; it's more Kick Buttowski with Kickin Genes and Clothes Call; all involving Denise Buttowski. So.....

Thumbs in the middle for Mow Money, thumbs up for Love Stinks and I'll see you next time.

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