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Update #127 (10/19/2014)- Gravity Falls: The Legend Of The Gobblewonker rant is completed and posted.

Welcome to the SHACK OF THOUGHTS. This is the place for reviews of your favorite (and most hated) television shows and VHS/DVD content. It's time for all shows to get what they rightfully deserve. Before you select a link to your favorite review; I should point out that all opinions are solely mine and may or may not reflect the views of the people who vist my site; or even people who don't visit it. Although I'm sure that there are people who completely agree with what I say. For the protection of the innocent (and even the guilty) I shall not name names unless I am forced to by a court of law.

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Fish Hooks - Could You Tell The Difference if the name was replaced with "The Buzz On Maggie"?

Gravity Falls - Welcome To The New Disney's Scooby Doo!

Kick Buttowski - The Suburban Daredevil - The Art Of War Against A Vainglorious Bastard!

Phineas & Ferb - They May Truly Do It All!

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