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Kick Buttowski: The Suburban Daredevil Rants

Update #11 (09/17/2017)- Kick Buttowski: Bwar & Peace rant is now up.

Welcome to the SHACK OF THOUGHTS. This is the place for reviews of your favorite (and most hated) television shows and VHS/DVD content. It's time for all shows to get what they rightfully deserve. Before you select a link to your favorite review; I should point out that all opinions are solely mine and may or may not reflect the views of the people who vist my site; or even people who don't visit it. Although I'm sure that there are people who completely agree with what I say. For the protection of the innocent (and even the guilty) I shall not name names unless I am forced to by a court of law.

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Kick Buttowski - Dead Man's Drop/Stumped Rant:- When Sadism Comes Calling; I Usually Answer.

Kick Buttowski - If Books Could Kill/There Will Be Nachos Rant:- There Will Be Stinking Ass That Will Kick You!!

Kick Buttowski - Kick Out/Kick The Habit Rant:- Forget Kick's Habit; How About DTVA's Contempt For Quality?!!

Kick Buttowski - Knocked Out/Not Without My Cereal Rant:- I Always Get Knocked Out Watching This Vainglorious Bastard!

Kick Buttowski - Kickasaurus Wrecks/Battle For The Snax Rant:- Time For The Perfect Wreck To Screw Itself....

Kick Buttowski - Obsession For Kick/Flush & Release Rant:- Why Don't We Flush Kick & Release Jackie?!

Kick Buttowski - Snowpocalypse/According To Chimp Rant:- The Chimpocalypse Is Upon Us! We Gonna Go Banana!!

Kick Buttowski - Runaway Recital/Trike X-5 Rant:- Brianna Is So Creepoawesome!

Kick Buttowski - Drop Kick/Box Office Blitz Rant:- Wrestling With The Dumbest Usher In History!

Kick Buttowski - Those Who Camp, Do/Dog Gone Rant:- Those Who Walk With Oskar, DIE!!

Kick Buttowski - Dad's Car/The Treasure Of Deadman Dave Rant:- This Is A Written Report! Not A Video Show & Tell. Oooooooo.....

Kick Buttowski - For The Love of Gunther/Father From The Truth Rant:- For The Love of God; We Have A Live One Here!

Kick Buttowski - Exposed!!/Wade Against The Machine Rant:- The Disney Machine Gets Exposed....AGAIN!!

Kick Buttowski - Mellowbrook Drift/Gift of Whacky Rant:- The Gift Of Whiplashes Is More Like It!

Kick Buttowski - Things That Go Boom/Kyle Be Back Rant:- Does That Involve Admiral Grimitz?!

Kick Buttowski - Rank of Awesome/A Very Buttowski Mother's Day Rant:- Too Bad This Show's Rank Doesn't Place.

Kick Buttowski - Abandon Friendship/Braking The Grade Rant:- Braking For The End of Season One!

Kick Buttowski - Dancing With The Enemy/Tattler's Tale Rant:- Dancing With The Awesomeness of Widowmaker's Peak!!

Kick Buttowski - Morning Rush/A Fistful Of Ice Cream Rant:- I May Need A Fistful Of Ice On My Head After This Rant!

Kick Buttowski - Frame Story/And....Action! Rant:- I Feel Framed Watching This!

Kick Buttowski - Mow Money/Love Stinks! Rant:- Mow Stinky New Disney Love!

Kick Buttowski - Kickin Genes/Clothes Call Rant:- Kicking Into Clothes Without The Crank Calling!

Kick Buttowski - Clean...To The Extreme/Stand & Delivery Rant:- As Clean As Dave The Barbarian?! Riiiiigggghhhhhtttttt!

Kick Buttowski - Switching Gears/Garage Banned Rant:- Do Be Like That, Little Girl!

Kick Buttowski - Truth Or Daredevil Rant:- I Dare Kick To Try To Be Likable!

Kick Buttowski - Faceplant!/Sold! Rant:- Sold To The Idiot Who Thinks He's Better Than Kit!

Kick Buttowski - Stumped Again/The Kick Stays In The Picture Rant:- I'm Still Stumped As To Why Anyone Could Like Kick!

Kick Buttowski - Hand In Hand/Luigi Vendetta Rant:- I Thought He & Mario Reconciled After The Mario Kart DS Debacle?!

Kick Buttowski - Pool Daze/Live-In Wade Rant:- Ah; The Daze Of Wade!

Kick Buttowski - Kart-To-Kart/Kyle 2.0 Rant:- Kyle To Kart To Kyle: Part Annoying, Part Awesome...!

Kick Buttowski - Gym Dandy/Detained Rant:- It's So Dandy When Kick Is Detained...

Kick Buttowski - You've Been Brad'd/Sleepover Rant:- You've Have Been Sleeping Over My Dead Body Again!

Kick Buttowski - Deadman's Rollercoaster/Kick Or Treat Rant:- Smell My Heat! Give Me Something Good To Like!

Kick Buttowski - Shh!/Sew What?! Rant:- Sew What If I'm Unlikable? That What The Kids Want Anyway!

Kick Buttowski - Power Play/Trash Talk Rant:- Sounds Like The NHL Lockout To Me!

Kick Buttowski - Bad Car-Ma/Brad's Room Rant:- Bad Brad's Room Is Karma Without Charm Nor Heat!!

Kick Buttowski - Pinch Sitter/Sister Pact Rant:- Sitting Is A Pact For The Daredevil...

Kick Buttowski - Dude, Where's My Wade/Bee Awesome Rant:- Dude, Where Is This Awesomeness That You Speak Of?

Kick Buttowski - Bromance/Only The Loan-ly Rant:- Bromance Is Only For The Loan-ly!

Kick Buttowski - Bad Table Manners/K-Nein Rant:- Good Table Manners There K-Nein!!

Kick Buttowski - Jock Wilder's Nature Camp/Swap Meet Rant:- Swapping Nature's Wild!

Kick Buttowski - Poll Position/Petrified! Rant:- The Polls Positions Kick As A Petrified Asshole!

Kick Buttowski - A Cousin Kyle Christmas/Snow Problem Rant:- Cousin Kyle Is Snow Problem For Christmas Cheer!!

Kick Buttowski - Attic-a/Free Gunther Rant - In Old Country, Attic-a Frees Gunther~!

Kick Buttowski - Brad's Diary/Sleepy River Wild Rant- Brad's Sleepy While the Diary is River Wild!

Kick Buttowski - Kyle E. Coyote/Locked Out/Rocked Rant:- Rock It To The Lockout of Kick's Mouth!

Kick Buttowski - Meathead Justice/Bwar-Mart Rant- The Payoff To Gunner & Murphy~!

Kick Buttowski - Say Cheese!/Roll Reversal Rant- This Is Like Saying That It's A Cheesy Roll Reversal!

Kick Buttowski - Crumbs!/Stay Cool Rant- Stay Cool, Crumbs of DTVA!

Kick Buttowski - Goodbye, Gully/Big Mouth Rant- Goodbye, Christopher "Big" Mouth, The Gully Of Buttowski Is Still Open!

Kick Buttowski - Last Fan Standing/Nerves Of Steal Rant- The Last Fan Standing Is The One With Nerves Of Steal!

Kick Buttowski - Bwar & Peace Rant- Involving A Mayor From The NCAA! - NEW!!

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