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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Bad Table Manners/K-Nein Rant

Reviewed: 10/29/2013

Good Table Manners There K-Nein!!

So we have two more shorts of Kick Buttowski to do as Kick must save the day from Harold being the best ping pong player in the world because he's playing to win over the worst table manners in history. Yippeee! Then we have Kick Buttowski trying to do stunts; but some dog not named Oskar is preventing him from doing so because he's a safety dog; or something like that. So let's continue on shall we...?

Bad Table Manners is written by Derek Dressler and Patrick Andrew O'Conner. The story is done by Patrick Andrew O'Conner; with storyboards done by Troy Adomitis, Chuck Klein and Howie Perry. The direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. K-Nein is written by Derek Dressler. The storyboards are done by Scott O'Brien and direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Episodes are done with Toon Boom like all episodes of this show.

First Note: As you probably have noticed; these episodes are in separate episode blocks because Disney is such a bastard and these were the only two episodes I could find that were not released on this website.

Opening Moment #1: Title card features two red paddles which sadly will never be used on Kick Buttowski for all the vainglorious bastardizing ever done by him. Mostly because there is a small Kick Buttowski helmet colored ball in the mists. Yeah sure.

Bad Table Manners: We begin this one in the dining room with Brianna and Brad (and Brad doesn't seem all that happy) as they apparently think that this is as great; if not better than a million sparkling unicorns. And then we see Harold showing off his big screen television mounted on the wall; which it's biggest feature is two safety guides. One in English and one in Haroldlegalese. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Brianna wants to watch Teena Sometimes: The Musical; while Brad wants to watch Bikini Jumberjacks; because he's a dirty rotten sexist. They argue back and forth; and then they literally have a fight in the background while Harold is reading the guide. Yes folks; men and women can fight each other and make contact with each other. Although this looks like they are rolling in the mud; but there is no mud present. Then they do a Scooby Doo chase sequence and Brianna jumps on top of Brad's belly; just as Kick comes in with the bowl of popcorn. Kick looks stunned as Brad is going to MURDER Brianna with the GREEN BOOK OF THE WORLD; but Harold stops this obvious sexual assault after pondering it over how to settle this once and for all. Harold then yells at them to come to the garage because they are going to settle this like he was growing up. So we head to the garage as the kids look confused that Harold is going to the toolbox and brings out....table tennis paddles; all in cheesy orange, which is fitting considering how cheesy the new Disney can get sometimes. We discover that he has a ping pong table covered by a fake shelf cover as he does some cute moves to set it up. See; they settle family matters with a game of table tennis; and the winner gets the spoils of whatever he requested. Sounds reasonable to me. Harold bats the ping pong ball as he declares the winner to be one who get the television show for the night. Brad calls this lame and both he and Brianna argue some more while screaming as loud as possible. Kick invokes the LEGAL HAND OF GOD and states that Harold is the boss; so they should just go with it; and Harold comes over and agrees with him as Brianna and Bard have stunned looks at each other.

SCENE CHANGER OF DOOM as we cut to the doorway as Brianna and Brad have paddles; and Brad is wearing a white shirt; with white tennis shoes (and socks with American stripe trim); an American headband and yellow shorts that even Gedo wouldn't be caught dead wearing. Brianna mocks Brad and Brad blows off Brianna because this is fashionable ping pong wear. Only the Bizzaro World Fashion Police of Law would look the other way on that Brad. So they head to the ping pong table as Brianna is standing on a box and we give jackhammered background eye contact violence from both Brianna (purple) and Brad (red) as Brad screams and then stops and calmly serves. So we play for a while as Harold is the referee while Kick does absolutely nothing while eating a bowlful of popcorn. Then Antonio drives in and Denise screams which causes Brianna to smash the ping pong ball off of Brad's noggin. That was great as Denise drops the food bags in horror and blows of Harold in disgust. See; she hates ping pong because Harold is a dick at it; Harold assures Denise that nothing is going to go wrong because he's not playing ping pong. Come on Denise; Harold has a point here. I mean; do you really want Brianna and Brad to murder each other literally with books? I sure don't. Harold grabs the foodbags and then shoves Denise out of the garage and she takes no bump off-screen screaming. No male on female contact? What no male on female contact? Harold wipes his hands clean of this (which I'm sure the blood will return on his hands after the divorce proceedings) as we scene change to more batting the ping pong as Harold starts to sweat like crazy. Brianna tries to smash it back; but the ball lands on the ground and she is not amused by this. I agree; weak arms is BRAD's gimmick. Harold manages to grab the ball and smell it; and it turns him on. Both kids give him eye contact violence as Harold gives Brianna the ball and it's match point.

So we serve again as Brad smashes it back; and Brianna mistimes it so much that she flops onto the ground and loses. Brad then gets on the table tennis...ummm...table in the kneeling position and taunts her for losing. Wow; I thought this sort of crap was not allowed in the new Disney. I mean; even in a boys only show, you cannot show this kind of...Oh wait; forget about the finish and ending to Pinch Sitter; never mind what I said. Brad pances over to the door as he is going to watch Bikini Lumberjacks: The Musical. He opens the door and somehow Harold teleported from the table over to the doorway; proclaiming that he wants to watch the Mel Cup; which he doesn't say if it's a musical or not. I was hoping he would say that it was a musical; just to make me giggle. Brad taunts him because he's the new ping pong man as Harold grunts like a Mighty Hercules monster and walks towards the ping pong table and he gets out his paddle complete with jackhammered background (green this time) and now we go to ping pong school~! Brad eeps on cue and walks to the table as we serve and smash for a while as Brad is showing effort; while Harold has his head propped with his elbow on the table claiming that it takes hand-eye coordination, bat speed; and an awesome set of kills as he does the JACKHAMMER WARCRY OF GREEN DEATH and kills the ball as it smacks into the forehead of Brad. Brad no sells for about one second; and then screams like a little baby and runs around overselling pain. That was funny! Kick and Harold laugh it up as Brad takes the ping pong ball and smashes it towards Harold; but Harold just sticks the paddle out while he is stilling laughing with Kick and the ball bounces off the paddle and whacks Brad in the face with MAN-SIZED bumps. HAHA! AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN~! Now that was great! Harold also stands on his head in one shot and breaks Brad's paddle in kind. HAHA!

Brad bails and returns with a paddle and serves it as it whizs past the table and claims that he has won; but since the ball has not landed on the floor; Harold goes to the doorway and smashes it back in play and it lands on the table; and sails past Brad for the point because Brad doesn't go after it. Brad doesn't know the rules of ping pong; or he's too lazy. Either answer works fine. So it's match point for Harold as he proclaims that he is going to put Brad out of his misery with his trademarked kill smash called "Return To Sender". Okay; that is a neat name since Harold has a lot of letter puns anyway. So Brad serves and Harold returns to sender by nailing Brad in the right eye and he goes sailing back through the garage and tips over Antonio and it falls on it's side. DENISE IS GONNA KILL YOU~! So we return to the living room as we watch a police officer chasing a crook with a TNA-style taser gun. And I betcha this one generates smoke as Harold is enjoying himself; while Brad has to watch with him for some reason while sporting the PURPLE EYE OF PAIN in his right eye and a red bruise on his forehead. I guess this was a delayed bruise from the first whack of the ball to the head. Brad pleas to watch the musical of Bikini Lumberjacks; and I betcha Harold refuses this. I know Harold is supposed to be dense and stupid; but in order to advance the plot, he must refuse. So Harold shows the paddle and Brad screams and bails like a scalded dog. HAHA! That's even better than refusing to let him watch. So we head into the kitchen as Denise is talking to Brianna who is sitting on the counter as Denise is hating Harold's ping pong skills. See; the ping pong master has returned and if they don't stop him now; he'll continue to grow power hungry until he dominates the lives of his family. Brad whines because they have to defeat him; but he's unbeatable see. Denise proclaims that they need a champion with great hand to eye coordination and is ruthless to kill. All this time we see Kick making a sandwich by juggling bread slices and perfectly laying them down; then proceeds to cut the sandwich in half like a lumberjack. Yeah; I think you know where this is going now, eh?

So we see Brianna, Denise and Brad looking at him as Kick looks confused at them looking at him. Denise is so happy to see him because he's going to be the champion; but Kick refuses to because this is their problem. So they grab him and go to the garage and tie him up to a chair. I don't why; but I don't care, if only they do this everytime Kick is unlikable. Brad yells in his face that it's his fault since he agreed with Harold on the ping pong thing. Ummm; no it's not Brad. It was you and Brianna's fault for arguing and giving him ideas to settle things. Denise is slightly more diplomatic about it; because if he doesn't play ping pong with Harold then he'll dominate the family. Kick no sells because it's their battle and he's watching every second of the Gnarly Games tonight. Harold then comes right in and blows him off because he has control and he'll be watching a marathon of Mel Cop every night FOREVAH~! Now; with all the technology and the fact that he only means "at night forever"; then you can watch in the daytime or on the net. However; since that makes sense; Kick manages to break out of the ropes as we discover that he has been on steroids all his life. Jackhammer background ensues as Kick is pissed off in roid rage and demands that he play ping pong with Harold right here and right now. Kick proclaims that if he wins; there will be no more ping pong games. Harold proclaims that if he wins then ping pong will be the only way to settle disputes and he goes all monster evil on us with that face. HAHA! He then walks out and tells Kick that he has three minutes to prepare for his defeat as he walks out because he is watching himself make tea; or something along those lines. Kick flips onto the table proclaiming that he's ready to kick buttowski; and in comes Harold telling him not to write check his cattle cannot cash as Harold appears looking literally like a king; which makes him look like a funny tool in that outfit. HAHA! I love cocky evil Harold! He needs to do this a lot more often. Denise asks how much it cost; and he claims it was $12,000. HAHA! Harold forks over the robe and crown to Denise and Denise walks away as Harold is in his underwear. HAHA!

So we begin the battle and Kick is so distracted that he gets beaned by a ball by Harold for the easy point from him. Kick is pissed off because he wasn't ready. Yeap; he is writing a check his ass cannot cash. Harold proclaims that once you start a ping pong game; you FINISH IT~! He is intense BABEE! We serve and Kick does a decent job of playing here; and manages to return the forehand from Harold and it bounces off the right corner and drops to the floor for the point. Harold is shocked and appalled of this occurance as Kick is a vainglorious bastard in response; which pisses off Harold. About damn time too! He is really pissed off; as in jackhammer intensity. So we serve and smash as they literally hug the wall to return the shot; and Harold manages to smack it into Brad's mouth or nose; which Kick slaps the back of Brad's head with the paddle to dislodge it; which the ball literally has mustard on it. Nice one writers! It bounces off the upper right corner and it drops onto the floor for the point. I see Harold has a weakness of having a blind spot on his left. Denise and Brianna are loving this as Harold yells to finish this now as it's match point and Kick is serving for the win. After just two points. Kick serves and it bounces around; hitting the garage door opener; which opens the garage and then the ball bounces violently around the walls and unhooks the ping pong table while somehow not landing on the floor which makes absolutely no sense at all. So the table rides out of the garage as Kick follows it with Harold on the opposite side and they still continue to play as if nothing had happened because when you start a game; you finish it! I'm calling the finish now: Kick wins; but both get seriously injured and then they fight over the remote at the hospital. They go through the garden as Mr. Vickie waters his lawn and they do this slow motion smash return which both Harold and Kick slam into the water from the hose and both manages to somewhat no sell the shots. So we continue on as they ping pong in the park while Brianna and Brad bail to watch television thinking that Kick has won this. Denise just stands there like an idiot since I would call the hospital right now.

So we continue this clustermuck through the city; into the performing arts theatre as there is an opera going on as the viking siren is wearing a cone breast like bra made of bronze; and while the music instruments go flying; the table does little or no damage whatsoever on the way out. Cats get involved of course because this show hates them..or something. They go through the alley and literally get trashed as Harold screams and that was funny when he got a million trashbags stuck to him when he made contact with the trash cans. And then we get the always cliched car wash spot; which I thought was retired in the new Disney. Kick is literally force to emote like a Ren & Stimpy cartoon on the way out as we have another marriage ceremony outside of a chruch; which is the exact same spot they did in Runaway Recital, and I betcha it is done the same way too. Yeap; it's almost the exact same spot as Runaway Recital as Harold bumps, and she bumps off since she got beaned in the head with the ping pong ball on the return. And yes she thanks Kick again for breaking up the marriage. Why is she getting into these marriages is what I want to know?! Kick goes backwards to return the ball and then takes a MAN-SIZED bump into the safe driving door of the car. HAHA! Kick no sells the shot anyway and returns to the table as Harold returns it. At this point; Harold has to do the "Return to Sender" move and lose; otherwise, it's a wasted spot with no payoff. So we head to the old house with a clock that it is three o'clock as both realize that it's time for the Mel Cop marathon. So they spin the table back into traffic and we go to Skidzee Shop as we get cameos from Chip Green, Three Dee (Horace and Pansy) and Mouth (Christopher) as we do the skateboard ramp spot. Hush and Razz also make appearance as the ping pong table flies into the air; and where it lands, do we care? As long as someone wins. I hope it's Harold; but we know Kick is going to win because he's in the main event and Harold is a mid carder at best.

So the table tennis lands perfectly safe on the road as Harold finally goes into THUNDER INTENSE MODE~! YES! He's finally going to do "Return to Sender"! The joke gets paid off! Bravo writers! Kick looks scared as Harold screams with fury and intensity as he spins around as the ball is litterally set on fire out of nowhere; and he whacks it with HOT MUSTARD~! The fireball whizs past Kick and smashes into Kick's house and into the livingroom as it breaks a table; windows and various other objects while Denise, Brianna and Brad look on. Note that the ball has not hit the floor once in this sequence. That is important as the table rams into the living room and flies into the air. Then we go in slow motion as Kick manages to get to the ping pong ball; hit is and it bounces off the right side of the table and this time; Harold manages to get there, but the ball is so fast that it cuts literally in two when Harold tries to whack it and it lands on the floor. Everyone cheers as Kick lands on the table and does the double devil pose for the win; however, the wall mounted television also got nailed in the process because it falls; shatters and lands on the ping pong table causing it to explode. That makes no sense at all; but who cares? So we see the family cramped around a small television set AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Kick is watching the Gnarly Games while Brianna squashes Brad and Harold's spines complaining. HAHA! But wait; Denise blows them off. See; Kick won, Harold, Brianna and Brad lost in the ping pong game and Denise has yet to play. And since the table exploded in the last scene; it's time for Denise to bring out her way of settling things when she was young....It's time for BINGO~! Everyone is scared and bails stage left to end the episode at 10:00 approx. Denise just surpassed Harold in making the most awesome creepy monster face ever. And outside of injuries and hospital spots; I called the finish flawlessly. This was a great episode with a decent clustermuck as they paid off Harold's RTS move perfectly and making it look like he lost on a fluke by Kick. I like things settled this way actually. **** 1/4 (85%).

Opening Moment #2: Title card shows a shadow of a dog holding another Kick Buttowski ball. Wow; that was luck that we found Kick's balls and they are as small as his manhood too.

K-Nein: We begin this one with a ground to sky shot of an airplane in the sky. So we see a plunger on the tailsection of the plane as we discover that there is a rope connected and we discover on the ground that Kick is an archer. So Kick is sliding on the pavement on a sled while being towed and as he flies into the air off the hill; we see in the trees and bushes; a female dog who looks like a new Disney-fied Scooby Doo looking and it jumps out and chomps on the rope and Kick drops like a stone and lands in the bushes with a thud. HAHA! Kick gets up and runs to the dog and blows him off for ruining his stunt. He's standing in the middle of the road as a white car with the license plate called basketcase drives towards him; so the dog rushes in and pushes Kick away from the car; making the save. Kick is an ingrate; what a shock?! We do a slow motion tumble to the sidewalk as I discover that the dog is named Jazzy when Kick checks the dog tag underneath the black tag with the yellow dog paw on it. Seriously; he looks like Scooby Doo if Disney got it's dirty paws on it. Oh; and Jazzy broke his leg; but no sells the pain when he is called Jazzy and licks Kick in the face. And in fact; Kick actually feels bad about it since the dog did legit save his life. The white roofless car stops and we see an old lady with white hair and wearing green blowing off Kick and sounding like a Southerner. Kick states that this is not his dog; and she cannot hear him. She wants to come over and Kick offers him Jazzy thinking that it might be hers. So the old lady stops; goes back in the car, blows off Kick again and then speeds off stage left. Then trash gets littered and out comes Papercut Peterson blowing off Kick from the bushes for no reason. Kick then proclaims that he cannot leave Jazzy here; so he offers to take him home until he finds the owner; which causes Jazzy to stop selling the injury and get on all fours; but the leg is broken so she drops like a stone. HA! Kick can only groan and sigh on cue as we head to Kick's house outside and hear Gunther say that he has to "put her down" which Kick panics inside because it's only an injured leg and thus shouldn't be killed.

Well; that was a closeup of Kick's face because we see Gunther with Jazzy in his arms proclaiming that he must "put her down" because she's too heavy and Gunther finally sets her down on the ground. Gunther has a doctor's bag and BS&P finally found a way to keep the cross on the bag without violating copyright by turning the cross neon green. Okay; that works fine. So Gunther wraps a bandage around the injured body part and tells Kick not to let her move the part for a day or two. That makes no sense. Bones in the real world do not heal in two days; it usually takes two days to two years depending on how bad the injury is. For her; it might take a month or two to heal. Kick is taken back by this; so Gunther forces the point on the second day. Kick states that he cannot wait two days for it to heal because he must find it's owner and Gunther wants him to stay put. Wait; so Kick cannot put him in a baby carriage and ride him around in it to find the owner? How stupid is that? Kick insists that it's not his dog and it's no one's dog because he couldn't find the address on the dog tag. However; there is a weird symbol dog tag which is the one with the yellow dog paw. Kick calls that weird?! He seriously needs to stop doing stunts because he has suffered too many concussions now. Gunther rips the dog tag and leaves to study it because he is a WSA; which means Weird Symbol Analyst. Well; that is still at least three steps up from a video game analyst and two steps above Sideshow Pii Wii. Kick blows off Gunther for still thinking that Jazzy is his dog and then turns around and bumps into Brad. Kick drops on his ass because Brad is here to give Kick his six o'clock pounding. Which causes Jazzy to get mad and she jumps in and tackles Brad to the ground off-screen (despite having on off-screen fight; there is no damage done to Brad whatsoever) as we see Brad on his back with Jazzy panting on him. Brad is pissed off and he's going to double the pounding and that makes Jazzy even more angry as we go off-sceen for the fight and then see Brad gets rolled up with Jazzy doing the kick ball spot and then she kicks him and Brad hits the wall with a MAN-SIZED bump. OUCH!

Brad has another black eye as he screams and bails like a scalded dog because a dog squashed him like a bug. Yawn. Brad has no heat as a heel anymore; so it's pointless to be offended by this. Kick comes over and proclaims that she is not his dog; but she is awesome. Okay; I can accept that since she's working on one leg which she shows again as she quivers and drops on her back again. Kick groans and realizes that there has to be a way to find the owner. Then he notices on the floor the out of nowhere skateboard and has a Krackpotkin plan to make this work. So we segue way to a power pole with steel ladder grips on it. We see Kick putting "Missing Jazzy" signs on various places including a postal mailbox. Then we see Kick with posters in hand walking Jazzy; as he uses his skateboard and a crutch to cradle Jazzy's left paw while he walks. Okay; that is acceptable enough. And then here comes Jackie The Stalker Whackerman as she has gone insane on Kick with the smelliest sandwich in the land. You know what; Jazzy beating up Jackie would be mighty sexist on the writers part; but seeing Jazzy going insane on Jackie would be a great payoff to all the times Jackie went insane on Kick. Sure; I'm not a fan of it because Jackie is much more likable than Kick Buttowski. It's Kick's favorite sandwich as Kick grabs it; but the smell causes Jazzy to stop selling his injuries and he grabs the sandwich and stomps on it and then buries it. HAHA! I can accept that as a BS&P measure. Jackie is insensed and then she brings out the out of nowhere marshmallow bag as Kick wonders why Jazzy did that; and Jackie claims that the marshmallows have expired; which she used marshmallows from 20 years ago. This is perfectly fine since marshmallows last up to eight months unopened and up to four months opened. So yeah; Kick's life is saved as Kick thanks the dog and he gets licked in the face as Jazzy is selling the injury again.

Scene changer of doom ensues as we walk the dog some more and then he stops on a dime because we are near the front lawn of Miss Chickerelli's house as Oskar the Dressed Up Dog is on the front gate growling at Kick. Oskar runs out as Kick bails stage right and Oskar chases him for a while which causes Jazzy to look into his soul and stop selling the injury and kick Oskar's ass after grabbing him with his legs. He then kicks Oskar right back in towards the front door as Mrs. Chickerelli opens the door and before she can say more than three words; Oskar gets stuffed in her mouth. She then turns around and walks back in the house; to call Denise or do something involving revenge on Kick. Kick looks at Jazzy who returns to selling the injury again as Kick declares him awesome with complete hyperbole; so much so that he rips off the posters he put up earlier. Wait; so Kick is keeping Jazzy now? I thought no pets were allowed in season one? So we HIT THE MONTAGE~! Mainly doing stuff with dogs as Jazzy becomes more and more like Scooby Doo; and now she's completely stop selling the injury to her leg. So we end the montage as Kick is on his skateboard heading towards the ramp; which causes Jazzy's senses to tingle; and so she grabs Kick's ass and stops him from going any further. So we see the skateboard coming back to Kick; and Kick calls this weird. So he'll try it again and does; same result. And Jazzy just stands there panting as Kick jackhammers the point home that Jazzy hates Kick's stunts. Actually; this dog would make a great foil for Kit Cloudkicker actually. And hopefully; it will talk like Scooby Doo because it would be worth it even for the lawsuits that will come due to this moment. So Kick deduces that she hates ramps; and then grabs the skateboard because there are other things to do. Then Jazzy gives Kick eye contact violence and growls; causing Kick to put the skateboard down. Kick lifts it, growling, put it down. Rinse, lather, repeat. Now; this is funny because it means something to the storyline; instead of being a throwaway spot like most "do nothing of note & see if the kids laugh at it" spots. Kick deduces that she hates skateboards and bails.

So we scene change as we have more ramps and a ring of fire which I have to see Jazzy stop Kick from. Even Kit Cloudkicker couldn't do this one as Kick drives his bicycle and Jazzy uses the fire extinguisher and puts out the fire. Kick goes through the hoop anyway without much fuss; so I think Jazzy does have a limit on what stunts Kick can do instead of just hating stunts in general. If it's the later; this has to be Mrs. Chickerelli's doing. Kick deduces that Jazzy hates flamming hoops and we scene change to a lawn with a lawnmower which has a bottle of Cheetah Chug on it. So the lawnmower get started up; the stuff is shaken, Kick takes it and puts the bottle at the back seat of his kart and pulls on the string to start it. So Jazzy comes up from behind the open bottle and drinks all the Cheetah Chug and stops the kart racer. HAHA! Kick deduces that she is no fun at all. That is lame Kick! You are supposed to say; she hates kart racers; but loves Cheetah Chug. You writers killed the continuity you were shooting for here. And to think; this episode was good so far. So we scene change in the backyard as Kick is bouncing on a trampoline and Jazzy stands there watching; but does nothing. So Kick bounces about 20 feet and does some cannon ball flips which is enough for Jazzy senses to tingle as she catches Kick with the butterfly net of doom. HAHA! I'm starting to not like the injury angle now; because Jazzy just keeps no selling the injury half of the time. Then Gunther comes in and discover that the tag she was wearing designates her as a safety dog who is like a seeing eye dog; only to prevent "accidents". Sadly; she cannot prevent the "accident" that is Kick being unlikable 85% of the time. Anyhow; Kick puts her back on the skateboard as Kick is taking her to the animal shelter because it's not his dog and she needs a compatible home and they are incompatible. This is actually a reasonable, rational decision on Kick's part; which Gunther blows off because she's Kick's dog. Gunther: Prove that it is Kick Buttowski's dog; because evidence points out that it is not. I should note that when Kick calls himself a daredvil; Gunther calls him a protected devil. That was funny!

So Kick puts up all the posters back on the places he posted them on and he still won't get arrested for posting bills. So we walk around as Kick looks at Jazzy and we HIT THE FLASHBACK which is reshowing THE MONTAGE~! Only with classical music involved. This actually is pretty good since the build up for this moment is rather solid. Again; if Kick was a fraction of Kit Cloudkicker's likability; this would be tear inducing. It's all done in slow motion as it ends with Jazzy licking Kick's face near the beginning of the episode. We return to reality (no, not really) as Kick stops and looks down on the ground. Jazzy notices this and Kick lifts his head and does the most ugliest puppy face frowning ever; and then cries and admits that he loves him. He then proceeds to dive at Jazzy and apologizes for taking him to the shelter; and proclaims that he doesn't care about stunts anymore and declares him his dog. This wasn't awesome; this was okay and it made sense even if Jazzy is not his dog. So here comes Basketcase (the white roofless car) as it drives right on the sidewalk; heading straight for Jazzy and Kick. Jazzy runs forward and takes off the bandages which prompts Kick to say that the leg has healed. So Jazzy jumps into the car and starts driving and it flips right over Kick in slow motion doing about five or six flips as Jazzy pulls the old lady down (voiced by Paula Aldon by the way) and they land perfectly on the sidewalk as the car takes about a dozen MAN-SIZED bumps and crashes through the barricade and into the abyss below. Yeah; that was nuts. Old lady goes over and teases wanting to blow off Jazzy; but Jazzy stops being mean and just pants right there. The old lady is so happy that her life got save as she leans on the crashed barricade piece and nearly drops; but Jazzy comes in to make the save on her. The old lady is so happy about being protected as she asks if this is Kick's dog; and Kick claims that it's not and proclaims that he found the perfect owner because she needs protection and wants it.

The old lady is so happy about this as she gets on Jazzy and offers Kick to visit her ranch anytime he wants as it's nearly sunset and we rides off with Jazzy as the horse away from the hard camera and out of sight. That was the right booking decision and Kick didn't act like he was happy to get rid of Jazzy; so that is a win. So we scene change to Kick doing the exact same stunt as before as he gains air and does the double devil pose on cue; and then the plunger unsticks from the tailsection of the airplane and Kick goes flying right into the abyss below and splats off-screen with a MAN-SIZED bump. Kick does his biscuits swear on cue and I laugh out loud as we end the episode at 10:00 approx. This was a really good episode; but the injury angle was pointless because Jazzy refused to sell the injury half of the time. It's too bad Kick is unlikable; because he did a really good job looking like a good kid here and Jazzy screwed Kick out of his stunts and even screwed Jackie; so that is a win. *** 3/4 (75%).


So we had two really good episodes this time around. Bad Table Manners is the best Harold focused episode ever because he was legit funny as a cocky badass ping pong dominating heel and he made Kick Buttowski look like a million bucks in every way possible. There was a really silly clustermuck near the end and the point scoring system is laughable; but seeing Harold donimate Brad Buttowski was great and it made Kick wanting to get back at Harold look wonderful in hindsight. There was also a decent storyline to this too. Although; I could have lived without seeing the church/bride getting married and then thanking Kick for screwing it up because it wasn't funny the first time and it's even less funny now. The finish was awesome as they played off Harold's Return to Sender move and they designed it so Kick still looks like he won on a fluke; and kept Harold strong. I also loved Denise's look at the end of this and had no problems with Kick winning this. It was really great and this is how matters should be settled. K-Nein was almost as great as a story and an episode; and Kick looked great here for a change. Sure; the pathos aren't there; but I blame that on apathy for Kick in general more than anything else, because Kick finally acted like he was likable. Jazzy was fine despite the awesome stuff he did including the roll over car finish. However; they shouldn't have done the injury angle here because Jazzy was forced to no sell the injury half of the time to make the plot work; so it looked like overwritten crap that was pointless. Jazzy screwing Kick out of his stunts was great and Jackie was Jackie in both episodes so that was a win too. Overall; I enjoyed these two episodes and thought that they were better than expected. So next up is going to be Jock Wilder's Nature Camp and Swap Meet; and then it will be Bromance and Only The Loan-ly. Right now I do have an English subtitled episode of Pertified and Kyle-E-Coyote which is in Spanish; but it's only eight minutes long and there is no talking in that one; so it should be easy to rant on. I might do them after Christmas as mini rants. After all this; it's Recess School's Out and maybe some Fish Hooks on the side over the next two weeks. Either way; we are almost done ranting for 2013. So...

Thumbs up for Bad Table Manners and thumbs in the middle pointing up for K-Nein and I'll see you next time.

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