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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Bad Car-Ma/Brad's Room Rant

Reviewed: 05/11/2013

Bad Brad's Room Is Karma Without Charm Nor Heat!

Wow; I thought I was done with the vainglorious bastard; but I found these two little gem on Youtube recently. Well; gem in the loosest sense of the word; but whatever. Apparently; this episode is about Kick and company saving Harold's car Monique from the evils of a junkyard. Well; that sounds interesting to me. Our second episode is a doozy as Kick and Brad destroy Kick's own room in another stupid fight. You would think that after Dad's Car and the Swollen Tongue incident that Brad would think twice about fighting Kick again; but he needs to regain his heat back, I guess. So let's continue on shall we...?

Bar Car-ma is written by Derek Dressler. The storyboards are done by Troy Adomitis and Chris Sonnenburg. The direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Brad's Room is written by Derek Dressler. The story is done by Eric Rivera and the storyboard is done by Howie Perry. Direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Episodes are done with Toon Boom like all episodes of this show.

First Note: As you probably have noticed; these episodes are in separate episode blocks because Disney is such a bastard and these were the only two episodes I could find that were not released on this website.

Opening Moment #1: The title card features a shadow Kick Buttowski on top of the car (also in shadow) meditating; which is completely out of character for him. Which means he's likable in that position. He should do that every episode; but that would kill his gimmick as a bump machine, so, NAH!

Bad Car-Ma: We begin this one with a long sequence of the garage door opening as Harold and Kick have various auto repair objects which we jackhammer to the ground just in case anyone doesn't get the obvious here. And apparently; when all else fails: duct tape it! So we open the hood of the light blue car known as Monique (in case anyone missed my rant on Dad's Car) as Harold gushes over her and pets the engine while this cute guitar music plays. Kick's does the first real emoting I have seen in a long time and is about to speak; but Harold cuts him off because he's going to do a lesson on car repair and tune up. Kick is giddy about repairing as he's on the step ladder; but Harold pushes it back. Why? Because he learned the first lesson is to never let anyone else touch HIS car. Harold? Grow a brain? WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT?! Harold claims that he is self taught in the ways of automobile repair and tuning up. So we see Harold using a garden hose to fill up the radiator and it splashes back and it burns; oh IT BURNS! Oh wait; it's Harold being stupid, my mistake. Oil changing; oil spraying; Harold screaming because he can, etc. And the car squashes him and they make sure there is a pool of oil to look like blood. Whatever. Harold stops selling pain and pops up (oh boy...) as Harold's bottom line is no one touches Monique but him see. This assures that nothing happens to him making sure that he uses booking terms no one can understand. Except for the last one because Kick is certain he made that one up. Why do I get the feeling that the last booking term is a real word and not made up? I'll leave those terms as an exercise to the reader.

Oh; it's clunkus by the way which is a video game term. Kick tries to talk; but Harold cuts him off and the moronic genes kick in (Get it?) as Harold cuts a promo about how pure Monique is and leans on the car and the jack falls down and Monique drives backwards on the road and somehow manages to do a perfect backup in the process. Is Monique KITT's girfriend? AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! POW! OUCH! Hey....I was talking about Knight Rider Kit! (Kit: Oh; sorry!) Kick is doing more emoting in the last minute than he has ever done in his own show as Harold goes on and on as Kick bites his glove hands as the out of nowhere red tow truck arrives and tows Monique away. Harold finally lets Kick talk and Kick screams in his face that Monique has been stolen by a damn tow truck. Harold turns around and panics on cue. What an idiot this Harold is? Maybe he shouldn't be touching Monique either. Harold melts into a steamy pile of stretched rubber. HAHA! Kick drags him away proclaiming that they'll get Monique back somehow. So we head to the Impound Lot which is helpfully labeled as such with a chain linked fence and barbed wire. Oooooooo....scary. So we see the front gates open and the tow truck brings Monique into the impound lot and the gate closes behind them. Harold grabs onto the gate and is still talking about Monique like a human being. Kick has his skateboard on retainer just in case he has know...TOUCH Monique. Harold threatens violence on automobiles if he doesn't get Monique back as Kick notices the entrance to the Impound Lot which is wide open and on the opposite side where the lot should be. That's some logic break there guys! Harold is not happy but lets Kick win anyway. Of course you will; he's the star of this show after all. So we head inside as a grey overall, red shirt man with a brown beard and a yellow cap talking to a red haired lady with a yellow dress in a toll booth. And yes; the lady has the shortest breasts without being flat chested.

She brings out a red card because Monique was parked near a fire hydrant and so the fine is $1000. Harold panics on cue while hiding behind something. Now the rational thing to do is to pay the $1000 fine; but that would end the episode too soon. Although they could book it as the tow truck man having a personal grunge against Harold and refuse payment (or the lady, or both.) which would justify him as a heel and Harold and Kick would have justification to steal back Monique. But this is the modern cartoon era where heels are babyfaces, babyfaces are heels, black is white, freedom is slavery, power is good, money is better, etc. I hope I covered the bases here. So Harold gets the DREAM SEQUENCE OF DOOM as we see a chart with red stickers and blue stickers. A red sticker is $1000; while a blue sticker is $0. So Harold has evil intentions as he sneaks to the left side and plasters a blue sticker over the red sticker which was placed on the windshield. He doesn't even make an effort to make it look like he has created misdirection here. We then see Harold and Kick walk over to the booth and Harold proclaims that he is here to pick up the car and since there is a blue sticker it is $0. The lady then points out that it's worth $0 because it is going to be turned into scrap metal. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH...BISCUITS! That is why you PAY the fine you idiot! So a tow truck drives away with Monique stage left as Harold confesses that he put the sticker over the original one. The lady claims that this clears everything and the out of nowhere phone shows up and she "calls" the cops. Harold and Kick scream and bail; and then she puts the phone down and calls them babies. WHY?! Why didn't see call the police on them? I don't get the joke here guys! So Kick and Harold run to the gate as we see the magnet crane attach a yellow car and get raised. I'm calling it: That might or might not be Antonio and I bet it will play into the ending. So this rugged blue overall wearing sleaze bag in the crane is having fun as someone lets those damn guard dogs out and they surround Kick and Harold. So we are going to have six minutes of nothing but gags and spots. Might as well; it fits Maxie Zeus' "To 11" angle to a T.

So we smash the yellow car into a block as this guy might be Boog's father since the button is the "SMASH" red button. Did I mention that the car spits BLOOD from the tailpipe after crushing? And now Harold is biting his hands and shaking better than Kick could ever do. Harold sees a blond haired man in overall as he demands him to stop. The man no sells as he does the same "too right" promo Monty cuts. Kick proclaims that he will stop this outrage themselves as Boog's dad uses the magnet to pick up Monique and Harold panics. Kick bails stage left; Harold tries to, but the damn dogs stop him and surround him. I guess Harold is going to get arrested after all. Harold does the ultra stupid nice doggy spot that NEVER WORKS and then gets chased away stage right. So Kick does some skateboard tricks off the pillars of tires and then smacks into Boog's Dad's kisser and knocks him out. Kick takes over the magnet crane and operates it as Harold somehow smacks into the gate which opens and the dogs are now officially let out. The gate slides back as Harold tells Kick to put Monique down gently. Can cars be animals? Because if so; that is not a good idea Harold. Kick rests it on some bushes outside the lot as Harold is happy. Except we still have not even reached the halfway point of the episode yet. Yeap; a red tow truck bed tows Monique away stage right as Harold panics again. Yeap; we are CDS this episode good now aren't we? Kick proclaims that he is not going to let Monique die as the two evil impound guys block the exit because they are pissed off that the dogs were let out; and Monique is being towed to the Demolition Derby and thus Monique WILL DIE! Come on guys! You knew this was going to happen. Remember that Kick is a vainglorious bastard? Remember that he has to do stupid stunts? It's all in the thinking out process. Blond haired guy asks Boog's dad what to do with Kick and Harold and then Boog's dad suddenly grows a brain and wants to detain them until the police arrive. So she did call the cops.

However; he goes into ABYSS MODE~ and growls. Whatever. So Harold does the stupid "shoelaces are untied" gag from I Only Have Ice For You. And they look up instead which allows Harold and Kick to bail; as they do the whirlwind spot. These idiots are dumber than Dumptruck and Dumptruck doesn't wear shoes. I then discover that Boog's Dad is Smashing Sam and the blond haired guy is Grubby Schmidt. No one cares about you two since you hicks failed badly to stop these two lawbreakers. Sam drops on his back in shame as we head to the Colosseum Crash at the Mellowbrook Stadium as the tow truck drives into the stadium while Kick and Harold chase after. So we cut into the stadium as we see monster trucks and smashed cars everywhere. For some strange reason we see Monique has already been released and is between the monster trucks. Why? I have no idea. Harold calls for Monique; but is blocked by Tony Kornheiser or Officer IR-WIN! Yes; he is security for the event because only drivers are allowed beyond this point. That have jump suits and helmet. Just as I predicted would happen. Kick skateboards forward as IR-WIN gets in Harold's face. Harold proclaims that his car is in there and IR-WIN counters that lots of people's cars are in there. Harold sobs like a baby for a freakin car. This would be offensive; if I DIDN'T see Baloo do the same thing in Plunder and Lightning Part One! IR-WIN looks at him like "What a baby?!" as he grabs Harold and takes him away to his seat. So Harold yells at Kick to get Monique. So the "no touching" rule is waived now? So Kick runs in and hops into the car and tries to start it; but he cannot reach the pedals. What a shock?! So a bald fat black guy with a brick and a cheese like suit enters and appears to be ready to MURDER Kick; but puts the brick on the gas instead. Luckily we discover later that the thing was in park, so it made sense that the car didn't move. Kick screams about stopping; but the man laughs it off and leaves. I'm guessing Kevin Michael Richardson is the guy's voice.

So we get the split screen of doom showing the exit and Kick's fugly mug. So the announcer proclaims that we are off as Kick is driving around dodging stuff and basically giving Harold a heart attack. I almost thought we had a major logic break; but I realized that the little cars are racing against the monster trucks. Isn't that just DARING for a wrongful death lawsuit?! And yes; Harold is in the stadium watching so I'm guessing that he hasn't been arrested. He should be arrested and charged with non-support. You know how Antonio gets when he is denied his Monique. Hey; even cars can have sexist tendencies. Watch the PIXAR movies for once in your lives guys! So the little cars all surround Monique to give Harold another panic attack. Harold is trying to play misdirection; but that fails. Harold covers his eyes and shakes like a leaf. Dude; there is one problem with this: Monique is backed up near an EXIT and all Kick has to do is drive in reverse. IDIOT!! And Harold stuffs popcorn bowls on his head and hot dogs in his ears. Ahh; I see he played Star Tropics in his early days. Which begs the question; how did he get an NES when his technology is back in the 1960's?! And all of this is a moot point because Kick floors it and races faster than any car should go and the other car crash into each other and explode. Yeah; taking the obvious way out is bad see; even though Kick is unlikable to begin with. If Kit was doing this; this is awesome. So we have the monster truck with the spike rollers chasing Kick and Harold does the over the chair faint spot as Kick dodges it and the spike roller car gets sideswiped. Then more trucks and car crash into each other while in the same area as Monique as Harold is almost ready to kill himself; but the shiny car manages to come out of the explosion. Whatever. Harold oversells joy as he jumps down and squashes IR-WIN. UH OH! That's a no-no Harold. Harold runs over to Monique and hugs her like a human being. Harold kisses Monique as Kick emotes and is happy to help Dad save a car. Oh joy!

The red lights have come on as we are ready for the MAIN EVENT FROM HELL as a black monster truck drives in and it's the DARK GOD or DOG (not sure) and would you be shocked if I told you that Grubby and Sam are inside and they want to murder Monique. Okay; this makes perfect sense actually; so kudos to the writers for having one thing paid off here. Harold of course is cutting a promo and Kick doesn't like this at all. The crowd pops for them; or the idiots' death. Who is playing who here is pretty interchangeable at this point. Kick tries to talk; but Harold cuts him off AGAIN! So Harold cuts a promo about admitting that Monique is just a car and Kick is more important to him than Monique. All this is happening just as the monster truck is about to drive in and crush Monique and Kick (and by golly I hope it happens. It's not like Kick hasn't sustained major injuries in the past). Kick is panicky as Harold finally let's him talk and then turns around and sees the skull like bumper on the front of the monster truck. Harold then steals Kick's swearing (So Harold's the one who taught Kick that phrase. Dammit!) and hops into the car and we bail. So we dodge as the monster truck kills everything not named Monique as we get explosions and crushing for fun.

Then we drive towards the exit (which is what he should have done in the first place. IDIOTS! Yes; Kick is driving the car at ten years old. Does it really matter at this point? I mean at least with Kick's voice, I can pretend that he's a dwarf or midget.) and the black monster truck is much faster and it touches the back of Monique so Kick has to drive right around and complete a cloud of dust as the monster truck blocks the exit. See what happens when you don't listen to me Kick? Harold proclaims that he put Kick in harm's way. Umm; no, Kick did that himself Harold. But he's going to put Monique in harms way to save Kick. So he places Kick in the passenger seat and Harold take over the wheel and drives straight at the black monster truck and goes off the front bump like it was ramp and it lands safely onto the ground without any damage whatsoever. Whatever. The monster truck loses it's sight and then crashes into the wall and it's done for as Harold stops the car and the crowd pops loudly. The little blue car won as the announcer would say as Harold is glad that they are safe while Kick is happy Monique is safe. We segueway onto the street as Harold is happy for Kick's help. Kick asks about the grand prize and Harold is grateful for it since Monique needs an upgrade and he is going to save a ton of gas too; as we zoom out to see Harold driving with big ass tires on. Pffftttt. Whatever; the important thing is, this episode is over at 10:00. Started off okay; and then turned into a CDS fest that I don't care about. ** (40%).

Opening Moment #2: The title card shows a black fly buzzing on the title of the episode against a bloody black background. Whatever. I should note that the footage I got is reversed; so I might screw up some stuff in the process.

Brad's Room: We begin this one as Brad punches Kick in the helmet and Kick goes flying and lands on his face with a bump that is the poor man's Lord Chuckles The Silly Piggy bump. Brad mocks him as Kick acts all cool despite having a black eye. Then we fight and bump into inanimate objects that are not up to code at all. Ceiling, walls, drawers, beds are more broken than Kick and Brad who are actually showing signs of injuries. They pant as Brad proclaims that this is it and tackles Kick as Kick gets thrown into the wall outside and somehow manages to cause Harold to faceplant onto the front lawn. Ummmm, yeah, Harold is not amused. Needless to say; Kick's room is destroyed of course. Again; for no reason whatsoever. Harold blows off the room as unacceptable as the bed is unmade. Ummm; that is the least of this room's problems Harold. Kick points out that Brad is the one behind this (yes; but you enabled him because you are unlikable Kick, so screw you); and Brad is in his room and claiming that he is studying. Sure he is; studying ways to illegally get the Bikini Lumberjack channel...AGAIN! Kick claims that Brad is lying but the Scooby Doo Snow Angel spot in the wall states otherwise. I told you those spots were going to cause trouble; but nooooo. You wouldn't listen because you are Kick Buttowski and you are "awesome". Harold then states that Kick is grounded until the room is fixed and has no alternative, but to share a room with Brad. Brad is not happy to hear that for some reason. Kick whines like a spoiled brat; so Harold sits on the broken bed and offers Kick a seat. We have the "heart" to heart talk about the toughness of sharing a room with Brad "Needs Larson & Gary like a heart transplant" Buttowski. However; it's easy for Harold since he always shared a room; which we HIT THE FLASHBACK~! Apparently; all of his roommates watched Bad Tidings and thought Drake/Grizzlikoff was a social rule book on sharing a room. And apparently, Denise has also taken the episode to heart. And they know about using duct tape. And Harold's sex life bans him from kissing Denise too.

We return to reality (no, not really) as Harold does ponder over the thought of never having a room to himself, and then waves it off anyway. Kick thanks him somewhat and then the bed finally breaks and their legs rise into the air as Harold tells him not to look. Whatever. So we scene change to Brad's room as Harold comes in with Kick and Brad protests this outrage. Yeah; because apparently, Kick is hell's poison. Oh wait... Brad calls Kick a little fart which only serves to imply that Kick is a midget and not a child. Kick blows him off; but Harold stops both of them before it can be rendered into another fight. Kick has a parcel as Harold threatens to double the grounding if they don't get along and he orders Kick to stay away from his remodeling. Wait; so Harold is going to ground him for double the time; but we don't know what the time was with the original grounding. Harold walks out as Kick grabs the box and tries to walk; but Brad steals the box from him. Brad takes the parcel and puts the stuff into the out of nowhere red paper shredder and the stuff goes flying out of the window. HA! Kick protests this and Brad blows him off because no fish bowls with fish in it allowed; except for his leftover fish sticks. So Brad IS doing drugs?! Figures; knowing him. Too bad; he forgot to talk to Larson & Gary. Since Kick is on Brad's turf; it's time for Brad's rules see as he slams the door. Brad claims that he has some "guidelines" to being in Brad's room. Oh; this should be fun to mock..So Brad proclaims that he wants nothing looked or touched and kicks Kick in the face for fun. HAHA! See; make the joke and then pay it off. Brad goes on a rant about having a model of how his room is coordinated and a slight change would alert Brad instantly. Also; his model of the place is accurate and Kick claims that it stinks. You seriously need to lay off the weapons grade projection there Kick; it's not helping you in any way.

Brad also tells Kick to not touch his chewing gum collection we clearly see. See; it's from every member of the Mellowbrook High School Cheerleading Squad. Nothing sezs "Sexist" like a chewing gum collection from bubblegum popping cheerleaders doesn't it?! Apparently we see an empty space because Lisa Bancroft doesn't chew gum at all; or at least not yet in Brad's tiny little mind. And then we HIT THE FLASHBACK as we see Brad in doctor's gear with a mask on (thankfully he has more sense than Fanboy was when he played the school nurse in Pick A Nose) as a brown haired teenage girl wearing blue overalls and blue shoes is in the dentists' chair. Apparently Brad claims that she has some case of bad teeth breath and needs to chew gum to freshen the teeth up. I have heard all of the sexist's fantasies in the world; but this one takes the gum cake so to speak. We return to reality (no, not really) as Brad goes nuts and laughs on the bed like a maniac. Then Brianna comes in and asks Brad to lower the music he is playing because she is having a furneal for one of her unicorn dolls. Ooooookkkkkaaayyyyy. Brad obeys and Brianna thanks him and walks out. Kick wants to compromise; but Brad ignores him anyway because he is reading what appears to be the swimsuit issue of SI. What a shock?! Kick wants to make the best of this; but Brad blows him off and brings out the duct tape and splits the room up into two sides. Well; Brad is a heel brother, so it makes sense and another reason why Drake's version of this was awful since Drake is supposed to be the #1 babyface see. Kick does the Gruffi pose and acts all smug because he has the half of the room with the window on it despite Brad having the door; thus making a cooler exit. Ummm; whatever makes you happy Kick. Brad brings out some mold with flies on it; and Kick counters sitting on a green cushion which Brad protests and brings out a broken red yo-yo.

Kick tells him to enjoy it; because he has Brad's chewing gum collection and Brad panics and begs for mercy. Brad goes nut and runs out of the hallway to the door to Kick's room and knocks on the door so weakly that he needs to guessed it. So Harold slowly opens the door and tells Harold that he is glad Brad is being mature about this and mature people will get their very own cars which causes Brad's eyes to light up. Brad dances like a ballerina against a light blue background which looks pretty cool. Brad proclaims that he will prove it to him as we hit the dream sequence and see Lisa walking on the sidewalk and stops at the Bumblebee-equse turbo car of doom. The windows open and Dr. Brad appears and throws sticks of gum at Lisa proclaiming that 4 out of 5 Brad's recommend it. No male on female contact? What no male on female contact? We return to reality (no, not really) as Brad is loving this; but Kick barges in and protests this outrage. Kick offers to help Harold with the repairs; but Brad grabs him and pushes him into Brad's room proclaiming that they will be the best roomies ever. Oooookkkkaaayyyyy. So we scene change to Harold in the hallway with safety goggles and a step ladder as we see Kick and Brad outside the room and Brad is hugging Kick in such a creepy fashion that I'm laughing my ass off seeing this. Brad talks about brotherly love and all as Harold is liking this and that look screams that he's glad Kick is getting his. HEE HEE! Brad squeezes Kick and Kick's eyes seem to be ready to pop out of his eye sockets to boot. So we scene change to Kick asleep in a small basket like bed as he wakes up and there are mouse traps everywhere. So Kick steps into them like an idiot and bumps around the floor for a while as they force him to crumple into a heap of buried mousetraps.

Brad blows him off and throws the model at him for fun. Kick blows him off and storms off to find Harold as we see Harold arrive with a huge box that clearly sezs "Billard Table" on it. Kick asks about it and Harold claims that it's his new bed as he pushes it into Kick's room and cuts a promo about shifty eyes and then slams the door behind him. I do believe we know where this is going. I like it. DISCO~! POW! OUCH! Ummmm... Kick is not impressed and demands the door to be opened; so Brad brings out the stinky underwear of doom and covers Kick's face with it to knock him out. Wow; a use for toilet humor? In a children's cartoon? WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! So we go to black and return as Kick wakes up and is sitting down tied up by lots and lots of duct tape. Kick is doomed now! Duct tape works on everything but ducts. He'll NEVER get out of that stuff. Brad yells at him that he is getting that car through hell and high water. Kick protests this outrage and threatens Brad; but Brad mocks him and the lights go out; and we are left with Kick's eyes showing. So it's morning and we break logic and reason as Kick is awake and unwrapped. WHAT THE HELL?! And his hand is in a bowl of water and now Kick is PISSED off. Over a bowl of water? What a whiny little baby this vainglorious bastard is? So we head to "Kick's" room as Kick kicks down the door (again with this?) and we discover that the room has been turned into a man cave for Harold; complete with giant screen television. I should also point out that it's playing the commercial that we saw in the ending of "Live In Wade" which is a nice touch.

Harold turns his chair around and then stammers like an idiot asking Kick about how he likes the room; but Magnus comes in and blows Harold's cover within ten seconds. Harold explains that he believes Brad and Kick are straight up room mates that he converted the room into a family room. Magnus brought a container of sandwiches and ox nector (old country way of saying ox milk by the way) as Kick is not happy to hear about this. Magnus is confused because he thought this was a man cave for men. That means Magnus is the only one who can use the room. After all; it's only for "men". POW! POW! OUCH! OUCH! Ummmm... Kick is forced to leave somehow as apparently; Magnus slammed the door in his face while Harold is flustered. Magnus goes on about something; no one cares. So we see Kick putting on a yellow raidation suit and kicks down Brad's door and has cleaning stuff handy as he proclaims that he is getting his room back right now. I do not like where this is going. So we head outside of the high school as Lisa is with two other girls who are wearing the exact same outfit as her. One of them is African American and Lisa is Mexican American I do believe as they exchange notes on Dr. Brad trying to make her chew gum. They go past the trash can as Lisa spits her gum into the can and walks out stage left. We then see Brad pop up and proclaims that it's a Gum Shine Get in roundabout terms. So we jump cut to Brad opening his door saying that his collection is "gumplete". LAME-O! So he gets punished as his room is so clean that it's sparkling while Kick has the Gruffi pose on acting like a school boy. Nothing was spared; not even the model Brad made to make Kick follow the "guidelines". Brad screams like a maniac who needs his medication STAT!

So the two "brothers" blitz each other and we get the FCC FRIENDLY OFF SCREEN FIGHT OF DEATH (this time in the hallway as we get a shot of Brad and Kick hugging each other in a picture that is so framed that it's funny. So we head inside the room as it is now a disaster area as Brad is drooling and getting up as he spots a black eye. He turns around and demands to know where the gum collection is and Kick shows him that which he seemly didn't touch. Why? I have no idea. So Brad turns around and uses his hair as horns. Don't ask me why; I have no interest in knowing. So Kick uses a blanket as Brad charges and Kick gets out of the way and Brad goes through the wall and the bricks and stuff fall right onto Harold's BBQ grill. I think you can guess Harold's and Magnus' reaction to this. So we head to Kick's room as Kick is in bed glad to get his room back. Now; the logical finish would be for Harold to make Kick share his room with Brad and thus the vicious cycle of toxic manliness would continue. However; they went for a finish that is much better as we head to Brianna's room as she lays down her "guidelines" which is no dirty stuff as we zoom out and see Brad dressed up like a princess with purple slippers, a purple dress and a purple bowtie. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Brianna; you are a genius. Gender roles suck. So we head to the MAN CAVE OF DOOM as Magnus and Harold grill steaks on the hotplate and drink up to end the episode at 10:20 approx. Great ending to a blah episode. Not much to see here. ** 1/4 (45%).


Pretty much a nothing of note episode is Bad Car-ma. The beginning was fine until they started unleashing the guard since the "Harold must do the idiot plot" since he should have just paid the damn fine anyway. Smashing Sam and Grubby are just a bunch of rednecks who love destruction and after Monique got towed to the crushing machine; it was basically all spot and not much substance. Kornhieser's is just not funny when he has to read from a script. Funny how that works; since many voice talents do ab-lib anyway and Tony is one of the better ab-lib guys in the sports world. And the ending didn't make sense; but then again, it stopped making sense when Harold started acting like an idiot so it was to be expected. Overall; not much to see here. Nothing offended me; nothing good happened. Let's stop. Brad's Room is just another average episode of Kick Buttowski. There wasn't much to see here as it was the usual mess of stupidity and hilariously boring stuff. I did love the ending with Brianna; but the setup for it was just the usual clustermuck and it wasn't all that bad, as much as it was dull and uninteresting. They done this a dozen times already and it was cute the first three times and now; it's just an example of a writing team who thinks that they are cool and witty when they are dull and lame in that order. And there was the Kick waking up to a bowl of cold water on his glove hand that made no sense whatsoever. Yeah. So next up is Fish Hooks Fish Prom for Victoria Day weekend (assuming I see a full version of it. I have already finished the first six minutes of that. I might do the first eight minutes of Principal Bea as well. I have also done the last five minutes of Poll Position); and that should do it until June. I might do Mighty Ducks the first week; then Teddy on Father's Day and then Gargoyles to follow. Goof Troop Christmas special in December, maybe the Recess movie in between; and then Phineas & Ferb will commence in 2014; along with the rest of the Mighty Ducks episodes. After that is still up in the air. So...

Thumbs down for both shorts and I'll see you next time.

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