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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Say Cheese/Roll Reversal Rant

Reviewed: 09/05/2017

This Is Like Saying That It's A Cheesy Roll Reversal!

Moving right along; the next two plots are first; Kick and company have to replace the smashed photograph of himself, Brad and Brianna for Denise and the second episode is: When Kendall inadvertently outdoes Kick at a Motocross stunt and claims to be “Mellowbrook’s Top Daredevil”, she is challenged to a rematch by Kick. Kendall agrees to only participate in an all-girl Roller Derby, so Kick and his friends must put on disguises in order to compete. Yeah. So let's continue on shall we...?

Say Cheese is written by Mark Yank with storyboards done by Scott O'Brien. The direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. IRoll Reversal is written by Eric Rivera, with storyboards done by Chris Sonnenberg and Troy Adomitis while direction was done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Episodes are done with Toon Boom like all episodes of this show.

Opening Moment #1: Title card features Kick's teeth with red letter on it. Okay? Let's move on then.

Say Cheese: We begin this one with a shot of a photograph of Kick, Brad and Brianna doing the most phoniest smiles ever being propped up by a wooden frame on top of a trophy shelf. Zoom out to a table with Kick, Brianna (dressed like a purple princess) and Brad praying in front of a pizza. Then they sprout angel wings and halos for no reason. Sky shot of table with pizza box as the company is called Don Zaza Pizza: The Best Gabba Gooey as the box is opened by Kick and everyone takes pizza slices from it. There are eight slices among three people; so one slice is left, so this induces the PIZZA RAGE FACES OF DEATH~! So they fight around like complete screaming fools; and destroy a chandelier and then knock over the trophy shelf. Suddenly; the three kids stop and then rush in to save the photograph, because somehow, that is more important than the fact that they already destroyed something that causes more damage to the room and any parent in real life who sees it would be more upset than a easily and cheaply replaced photograph. Of course; it shatters and despite showing wood flying around, there is shattered glass, but no wood splinter damage. However; the picture is still intact as everyone grabs the picture and it gets ripped. Yawn. Denise comes in and she just stops handling life and shows everyone that she is the best emotor in the entire room and shows off photos on the wall because you see, that photo is the only one where she got all three in the picture and it didn't look poopy. If it wasn't for Densie's overselling of this; I wouldn't have cared about it at all. The kids blame each other, Harold comes in as Denise's screaming is awesome; but she loses points by running into the wall before leaving. Harold surprisely takes it well as he simply orders them to fix it while he salvages Meatloaf night and then he takes a sick bump into the wall and concusses himself before walking into the dining room. Denise cannot cook in this state by the way. This is so stupid. Kick proclaims that they must work together and Brad no sells that need; calling Brianna a dillweedette. Since when was dillweed a male insult? More yelling and shouting, don't care.

Kick shuts them up because they have to get along and they cannot get it on. This leads to more yelling and shouting about feeling guilty; so Kick has to break this up because it's all about Denise. The most unlikable character of the show is the only one who has any sanity whatsoever. Ponder that for a moment. So they are going to the photo shop to get a new photo done as Kick will provide transportation, Brianna will be fashion tipper (complete with mirror of vanity) and Brad will bounce his stomach to impress the ladies. Moron. Kick and Brianna are not amused at the Bradmeat and Brad stops belly bouncing. And then does it anyway. HAHA! So they do the hand upon hand sequence for Denise and this leads to Brianna and Brad slapping their hands off of Kick's hand. Kick proclaims that this is going to be a lot of work. Scene change to Harold in the kitchen looking into the living room to see Denise who is sitting on the sofa acting like a coffee table. She's watching a test pattern on television while Harold is checking on her. So Harold brings out a bunch of red roses and Denise eats them whole. Even the thorns are no match for her iron stomach, nor iron mouth. Oh wait; she is now a rose vase; so Harold invokes dental floss to floss out the roses. Harold brings out a toothbrush and starts cleaning her teeth. So yes; Harold is literally the second coming of Hubert Test now. This causes Denise to blow bubbles over and over again as Harold admits that this is harder than he thought it would be. So we scene change to the front door as Brianna and Kick come out and Brianna blows off Kick for wearing a stunt suit. Wait; Kick wore that suit in the picture they tore....Oh come on, Brad! Brad is eating BBQ Babyback Ribs and getting sauce all over himself. And then Brad looks in the mirror and proclaims that he looks Bradastic. Lots of shaking and screaming ensue and Kick has to break it up...AGAIN! Kick proclaims that he looks the best; and we get the FCC FRIENDLY FIGHT OF DEATH....AGAIN! This leads to a montage of Kick taking his clothes out of the dryer, Brad taking his clothes out of the washing machine and Brianna ironing. You got all that?

Jump cut to outside as Brianna is the first to get out of the house as Kick and Brad follow. Kick checks his watch and now the photoshop closes in 15 minutes due to the fight in the previous segment. Brad of course blames the dillweed and there is more shaking, pointing and yelling. I don't understand why this appeals to kids; I just don't. Kick breaks it up as they run on the sidewalk and then they start yelling about shortcuts and get into another FCC FRIENDLY FIGHT OF DEATH and this is getting beyond absurd now as they somehow manage to get on top of a transit bus. Sadly; it's going the wrong way as another bus in the opposite direction shows up. Kick steals Brad's belt and uses it like a rope as they swing like Tarzan, Jane and the great big ape onto the opposite bus without incident. In a shock; Brad's pants do not fall down at any point of this; so what is the point of wearing the belt other than as a device for Kick to use? I thought pants falling down was a cheap laugh? Never mind; let's head to Denise's room where Harold is taking care of her like she's an invalid. Harold lifts Denise's head to let her look in the mirror as her eyes are blood shot now as she drops her head on the desk like someone watching this show with a brain. Harold cries subtley and we head to Photo Hut Hut with camera statue on top. What does football have to do with photography is a mystery to me as Brad, Brianna and Kick arrive at the photo store with one minute to spare; which wouldn't be enough to get the photo done anyway; so the vendor comes to the door; twists the open sign to closed and leaves. I don't see why this is a problem. If they arrived ten minutes early and then closed the shop ten minutes early; then I could have sympathy for the kids. Humanity? What's that? Kids loves little monsters; don't you see that you smelly old fart?! Yes, and you are projecting, you big fat monster! The vendor returns to the desk as the kids are banging and screaming at the door; the vendor don't care as Kick admits that she's not amused. So Brianna tries the old charming routine which she probably uses to win her beauty contests. It fails, the vendor yawns of course.

This completely gives away who convinces this person to let them in because they have to advance the plot to make this work and yes, Brad bounces his belly like a creepy moron. This torments her instead of giving her pleasure. You know; this angers me because, if it charms her; yes, it's sexist in a way; but at least she is getting pleasure out of it and consenting to it. Here, it's tormenting her and it's creepy to her. I get that Brad is a heel in the show, but he's playing babyface here. She should be calling the cops on Brad for indecent exposure. Nope; she'll let them in, in order to make him stop. By the way; the vendor has the exact voice Shellsea had in Fish Hooks. Yip; Brad cheers for victory. I would be disgusted by this; but after seeing Chargeman Ken, just pointing it out is all I need to do now. If I want to be angry at this show; have Kick kill his mother in cold blood. Not happening. Although Denise's soul is getting murdered by this point for the pleasure of her emoting like mad. Speaking of Denise, we return back to the kitchen as Harold is pushing Denise to the bowl on the island as he wants to help Denise make meatloaf together. Denise needs help; she hasn't growled in the last five minutes. Somehow; Denise turns around off-screen when Harold is in the kitchen throwing meat, eggs and stuff right into Denise's kisser. And who says man on woman violence wasn't allowed in DTVA? Who said women cannot be embarrassed and made to look like fools in DTVA? Seriously; these MRA people need to go away and let the social justice warriors take over, because at least they want animation to get better. The MRA's simply want to go back to the 1950's, warts and all. I should note that Denise has a complete loaf of bread stuffed in her mouth. Harold walks Denise over to the counter after profusely apologizing for being an idiot. Harold wipes the stuff off her and puts it into the bowl and then they kneed the stuff in the bowl together. Normally; this would be a romanatic thing; but since Denise is acting like an invalid, this comes off as mega creepy. This ends with music being cut off as they somehow made a meatloaf vase. I think you can do that in real life; not as in the show.

Harold takes the meatloaf vase and puts it in the oven and twists a knob, while acting like a knob who has no concept of kitchen skills. So yes; Denise has Hubbert's cooking skills, while Harold has Hubbert's cleaning skills. Pfft; whatever. PING! BOOM! Roof gets blown off; off-screen and Harold wants to call the fire department. Scene change to the photo studio as Brianna is sitting on a purple roped swinging bench with Kick and Brad posing in between her standing up. The Shellsea camera operator proclaim that they have time to do one photo and tells them to smile, but then doesn't care. HAHA! Kick of course does the stupid thing of premature cheering instead of waiting for the photo to be shot. Because the plot demands that they screw this one up. They taunt each other on the best smile and on three, they fight at the nine minute mark as the photo is taken. I have even less sympathy for them now, because the store is already closed at this point. If they had changed it from one minute to spare to ten minutes to spare; then the kids would have sympathy until this fight. Now; I absolutely have zero sympathy for them and they can go to hell for all I care. Change "one" to "ten"; that's all they had to change. Literally two lines, literally one word in each line could have been changed and this would have worked. Flash goes off and they jump cut back to the house as they complain about the picture in the frame, which looks like the second best picture they ever done together, and a much more accurate picture than the previous one, considering their behavior in the entire episode! And of course; they get into a fight again! This is I believe the sixth time they have done this in this very episode alone! ENOUGH~! Where is Mama Izzy and her cheekbone breaking slap when we most need it? The picture goes flying and it lands in front of Denise...and for the first time, Denise finally stops selling and grabs it to look at it. She stammers; which means she got her agency back. Extremely hollow apologies from the kids ensue...and Denise loves it. Of course she does; it's the most accurate picture of them in history. Denise claims that they worked together to get the picture and that's what counts!

Yeah; I guess fighting six times in a single episode is a sign of "working together". Remind me never to invite this family to any gathering I ever have; unless it involves getting them therapy. So the kids embrace mother and get into another arguement and they fight again! That's seven times they have done this in the same episode. Denise just doesn't give a damn about the fight as they rolled towards Harold with a bowl containing burnt meatloaf which shatters away. Harold and Denise have a bonding moment as Harold is cheering and elbows a conveniently placed picture of themselves away and it breaks while landing on the floor. Denise and Harold go nuts, scream and emote like crazy to end the episode at 10:20 approx. Oh lord; this was a really stupid episode with more fighting than most shows where fighting is the gimmick! * (20%).

Opening Moment #2: Title card features Kick Buttowski degrading the Ying/Yang sign with his body and skateboard. THE ZEN GODS ARE ANGRY~!

Roll Reversal: We begin this one at a cul-de-sac complete with giant silver wire globe, skating ramps, and Gunther with a megaphone on top of globe addressing a small crowd as Kick Buttowski is about to do another stupid stunt. Gunther claims that this is a motorcross without the moto and is impossible for anyone but Kick to do. Kick is at the chalk written start line on the pavement as Wade and Jackie are standing with posing animation and no signs of animation whatsoever. Then Gunther gets cut off by Kendell who calls him a runt master. The crowd boos Kendell and Kendell cuts them off because she's study for a test on Friday. Ah! So Kendell's pissed because Kick is being too loud. Kick blows her off as Gunther acts like Mellowbrook is some kind of joke; I don't think the name was a joke or anything. Kendell proclaims that there's nothing more important than studying and everyone boos her. Kick tells her to sod off because it's all about the stunts as he does his double devil pose, and Kendell is so shaken up by this that she unintentionally sways back, lands on the skateboard, and does the stunt even better than Kick ever did and lands on the skateboard on the pavement perfectly, all while screaming the entire time. She had no idea what she was doing and she nailed it. She buried Kick Buttowski completely; the star of the show. Oh, who cares? The show is almost ending anyway. Kendell is confused, Kick is not amused and the crowd pops and gives Kendell the football victory spot. Even Jackie is cheering on Kendell. HAHA! I notice the person holding Kendell in the air is Chip Green (Horace) as the purple punk haired dood praises Kendell and we get more cheers. Gunther is pissed off at this; but Kick tells him it's no use because then he would do the stunt second. Kendell is let down as she taunts Kick for being second and then the crowd grabs her and spirits her away stage right; like she just won the Wrestlemania main event. Gunther tells Kick not to worry; Kendell will forget Kick's shame like he forgot the joke. Kick points out, it's Mellowbrook. Gunther laughs it claiming that it's still funny. It wasn't Gunther, it wasn't. Kick is not amused.

So we get a green shadowed background of houses with "The Next Day..." in black letters. Sorry; but without a deadpan narrator, it's not funny. Scene change to Kick and Gunther walking on the sidewalk. Kick is not amused while Gunther is joyfully amusing himself and no one else. And I do mean, no one else. So they head into the Food -N- Fix as Kick wants Wade to give him a double something, and then Kick is shocked and appalled as Wade and Kendell are at the Slurpee machine exchanging notes and pleasure thoughts. She also claims that she was not scared at doing the stunt. YOU F*CKING LIAR~! You were screaming like crazy Kendell. Kendell leaves as Wade calls her Danger Dudette which shocks Kick. So Kick wants a Cheetah Chug freeze; but Wade claims that this flavor has been discontinued in favor of Kendell being able to pick the flavors now, known as Omega-3 Freeze because it's X-Treem Flavor. Despite all this; Kick is still Danger Dude anyway; which, if Kendell is the Danger Dudette and the one picking the flavors, shouldn't Wade be calling Kick by his name "Kick" or even "Clarence"? Kick is instantly repulsed by the fatty acid; which I'm confused. I thought kids love fatty stuff. Kendell proclaims that it's out with the old and in with her as he walks out which Kick is not amused by that as we head to Skidzeez with Razz and Hush at their counter doing nothing as Kick is pissed off to see that Bonesaw (Kick's bicycle) is still on the rack and hasn't been repaired yet. I'm sorry; I've been out of the loop for a long time on this show, so I have no idea why it's in the shop. I'm certain that somewhere in my rants, there was a storyline reason for the bicycle being in repairs. The guise of this is: Razz and Hush failed to repair his bicycle since they were custom building one for Kendell which she tries out. It's purple as Kendell taunts Kick some more and Kick snarls in response. Since when couldn't Kendell ride a bicycle? That makes no sense. Head to the BattleSnax as Gunther and Kick are at the table and Magnus is taking their order as Kick wants the usual. Magnus proclaims that it has been changed as it's now a Kendell sandwich for $6.

Yes folks; Kick is so special that he had a sandwich named after him; but not Gunther, who is his legit son. Hell of a parent Magnus is?! Kick calls him a traitor basically; and Magnus keeps up with the latest trends, including wearing shades that look straight out of Randy Savage's closet. A bunch of girls squeal behind Kendell; who is now wearing Kick Buttowski's suit. Uh-oh! I think Kick is about to be triggered here! Kick has had enough and challenges Kendell to another stunt and Kendell asks on what grounds. Kick claims that she picks the challenge and he'll be #1 again irregardless. I just love how Jackie is cheering on Kendell and Kick don't care at all. That is actually a great moment. Kendell gets all nervous and notices that there is a board on Magnus' wall featuring Rusty Cagematch (a wrestler) on Thursday; Flame Jumping and Roller Derby. Now; since the previous stunt Kendell did involved motorcross with a skateboard, then Kendell should have picked Flame Jumping like a panicky idiot. But no; she picks the Roller Derby because you see, it's an all-female event and no males are allowed. Kick shakes hands on the deal; and Kendell proclaims that he has no chance in hell. Now; if she had just said: "The Roller Derby event is for girls only"; I would have been fine with this; but she says it like only girls are allowed to be in roller derbies, which implies it's a girl only sport; which is total BS. Why does she need to draw heel heat with that is a mystery to me. Kendell taunts Kick some more; but Kick starts to smile because he doesn't have to and Kendell is confused; then catches herself and proclaims that Kick wouldn't dare. So yes; Kendell already knows what Kick's plan is to get even with Kendell. Basically; Kick and his friend dress up like girls to face Kendell. Logic hole: If Kendell already knows Kick's plan; all Kendell has to do is expose Kick in front of the audience and his team is DQ'ed. She wins. I betcha that she will not do that on purpose. She'll do everything, but expose Kick, just to prove she's better than Kick. So why bother with the "girls only" stip then? Oh wait; I know, BS&P RULEZ~! Except man on women violence is clearly allowed in DTVA. STUPID!

So we head to the Star Dust Roller Derby arena as Kick does his dress up sequence and puts on his roller blade; only Kick is dressed like a rigid female stereotype with a lot of red curly hair and lipstick. His alias is now Kiss Buttowski; which is really symbolic in this case; considering how much ass kissing he has to do in order to get into this event. So we head into the roller derby event with a packed crowd (showing why Flash animation is awesome) as Kick roller skates in and faces Kendell, who looks like a badass in her outfit, so good for her. Kendell calls Kick's disguise pathetic and will not fool anyone. So why not just expose him right away and win the match before it happens? Kendell is of course, mistaken because the woman referee (who looks like a WWE referee, only female and is huge enough to not be screwed with in any manner, complete with earpiece) doesn't suspect a thing as The Widow Makers arrive, which are four punk girls looking like badass, with zero personality. Kendell can barely rollerskate as she is slipping. Despite Kendall claiming that she has known the girls for a long time, the reason the Widow Makers are helping her is because she does their homework for them and thus prevents the girls from having to repeat the 4th grade. This turns Kendell into a babyface. She was helping a bunch of people who others would claim that they would amount to nothing on their education, and Kendell is supposed to be the heel in storyline. Kick is staggering; but he's rollerskating fine. So the referee introduces Kiss Buttowski and the Lipstick Killers; who are Gunther, Emo Kid, Mouth (!!!) and Howie the cello player from Garage Banned. I'm shocked Mouth would want anything to do with Kick at this point. I guess Mary was too old to compete here. Sad; because that would have reunited the Chimi-Changas (minus Jackie; who turned on Kick and Kick don't care) from Garage Banned. The Widow Makers are laughing as Kendell blows off Kick for managing to convince them to dress up like girls. Which leads to a flashback of Mouth, Emo Kid, Howie and Gunther agreeing to dress up like girls the instant Kick asks them to do a favor for him.

We return to reality (no, not really) as I discover that the referee is in fact Ms. Dominic from Gym Dandy! So we get a wide shot of the track as Dominic explains the rules of engagement: Kick and Kendell are the captains in white helmets (sort of in Kick's case) and are jammers. They score points by passing each other while the rest of them act as blockers to run interference in order to let the jammers pass. The one with the most passes wins. I should note that I read the summary of this episode in the wikia beforehand, and there are two halves to this event. So; it's really simple to follow. So the Widow Makers are clearly professional rollerskaters as they shove Kendell to the front as the male skaters are weak kneed and cannot skate to save their lives, including Kick/Kiss! Kick is supposed to be the professional skater and even he cannot do this properly. At least show Kick actually doing well and getting blocked by the Widow Makers like a pinball. The males are wiped out as Kendell and the Widow Makers squash Kiss and the Lipstick Killers as The Widow Makers run up the score as Gunther pumps his fist in rage and blows his cover; but no one notices because in storyline; he acts like a woman. The viking outfit does him no favors. Running ensues, skating ensues and we get violent shot after violent shot of the Lipstick Killers getting murdered. Apparently; the jammer can also be touched as well. Someone gets punted and dumped into a trash can outside. I have no idea why they need to do that. Lots of cartoon spots ensue with the track as the LSK's get dropped on the starting line of the track and the first half ends with the Widow Makers leading 74-0. Somehow; there were no fouls in this, despite at least three violations by the Widow Makers, like that matters anyway. Gunther is groaning as he cannot feel his ponytail and Emokid don't care and Howie doesn't know what to think. Gunther proclaims that they cannot outwoman the Widowmakers; but Kick has a Krackpotkin Plan and calls for a huddle. Dominic blows the whistle and orders everyone to the starting line for the second half. Everyone gets in position and the LSK's make kissy-kissy faces.

Now; in real life, if a badass punk sees you try that, they usually will either yell at you, or punch you in the face; regardless of gender. Not here! The Widow Makers are scared to death of this. I am so not buying this crap! And the fatass one actually loves it and kisses at Howie and Howie bails. So it's basically three on three now. Okay; that last one was funny at least. Not believable, but funny. Kick taunts Kendell and rollerskates and now he's selling it like he's a pro. Granted; this makes sense, but it should have been done from the start. DUMB! Kick makes Kendell eat his non-existent dust and we rollerskate as Kick starts piling on the points as Kendell yells at everyone and gets whirlwinded and it's so stiff that Butterbear would hang her head in shame, and she falls on her ass. At least her doing that makes sense with the story they are telling, in that Kendell is not good at this and cannot get it through her head. Kick passes Kendell and he'll see her at the finishing line. In a game in which the most points win. Kendell tries to get up; but appears to have broke her left leg as the score is now tied at 74. And then Kendell gets up and decides to put on some lipstick as Kick comes straight at her. Fans are going nuts for this because in their bubbley little world; Kendell secretly is in love with Kick. Anyone with a brain knows that this is unpossible of course as Kendell kiss Kiss...ERRRR...Kick.....ERRR...Who gives a damn?! Thankfully; it was on the cheek this time and in slow motion, because we have to really milk this for the clueless fans out there. I'm sure they were so happy to see this; but I was like...whatever makes them happy. This somehow causes an explosion and Kick bounces off the track; just in his underwear. You know; if they really want to make this shocking, full nudity would have worked here in order for Dominic to disqualify Kick since he has a penis and therefore is a CIS white male. Everyone notices and he's DQ'ed. Kendell cheers; but then Dominic blows the whistle on her and Kendell is DQ'ed for kissing Kick because there is no kissing in roller derby. So crying is allowed? I was hoping one of them cried and Dominic came in to answer my question. No luck.

So...ummmm...about this: Okay; Kick getting DQ'ed for being a male in an all female event is one thing. Kendell gets DQ'ed for kissing is a really bad BS rule because it implies that badass girls do not kiss at all. That's even worse on the sexism scale than a boy entering the event because at least in the case of a boy entering a girl event: the orders of magnitude would show that many events in the world are male only; and often, for no real reason. Badass girls not kissing at all is a bad stereotype. That being said; I'm fine with the double DQ finish here because Kick would have won anyway and Kick was using similar tactics on the blockers anyway, so there you go. So we head to Mellowbrook School and into Miss Fitizpatrick's class as it's test time. And it's the difficult SAT's of course. Kendell is behind Kick at the desk as Kendell admits the roller derby is a wash; but she still wins the crown anyway. Ummm; anyone watching that would have seen that you couldn't win without the The Widow Makers blocking and they got scared by the threat of being kissed; thus Kick came back and would have won; if you didn't expose him with a kiss of your own and it ended in a draw anyway. Kick had the thing won; so Kendell is a cocky idiot. Kick is pissed about Kendell being the smartest in Mellowbrook as well. Kick breaks his pen in two and the ink somehow splashes on the test. Wait; I thought only #2 pencils were allowed? Also; somehow the ink is dead perfect on the answers that were correct as Miss Fritizpatrick is shocked and takes the test and declares it a perfect score and the fastest to completion in Melllowbrook history. Oh give me a break here, guys! Problem #1 I already mentioned. Problem #2: Most SAT's have more than one page. Problem #3: The test hasn't even begun yet; so Kick jumped the gun and therefore should be DQ'ed and get a zero. Am I the only one who gives a crap about the rules?! Kendell stands on the chair and rightfully calls this out as Kick taunts her with the "if you take the test now; you're second" promo. A test that hasn't even begun yet. Screw you show; and Kendell is rightfully screaming on this. Kick skateboards out of the school, does the double devil pose sign on the way out. What a stupid finish and ending to this? Oh wait; there's one more scene: Back to Wade drinking a slurpee too fast and he cuts a geometry promo and screws it up; so he drinks some more to end the episode at 10:40 approx. Okay; that last scene was funny. Thanks Wade; no thanks to this episode as it was an okay clustermuck until they did a sexist finish and a terrible ending on top of it. ** 1/4 (45%).


Well; what a downslide of shorts this time around. Roll Reversal was sort of fun early on with the Roller Derby and stuff; and Kendell was pretty good in playing the lucky klutz who couldn't rollerskate but had a posse who owed her a favor for furthering their education. That was great. It was a fine clustermuck; but then came the double DQ finish which was all right, but I hated how Kendell got DQ'ed due to the fact that she knew Kick was Kiss Buttowski and all she had to do was expose him; but she kissed him and got DQ'ed over an ultra crappy kissing rule. As stupid as that was; the ending was worse because there is no way I can suspend my disbelief over Kick luckly acing an SAT test. Wade did help a bit with the final scene; but whatever. Say Cheese! was bad as the whole point of the story was they were supposed to be working together and they fought like six times during the whole thing and Denise did not care. Denise was the best part of this; and only because she was emoting like crazy. There were logic breaks out of the wazoo and I stopped caring about the kids fighting over and over again; because they overkilled it to the point where I wanted to call in Child Protection Services to protects the parents from their own kids. I had even less sympathy for them during the store closure since they had it as one minute to spare instead of five or even ten; when their charming angle would have worked better and had time for one photo. Harold was fine in his role; even if his role made him look like half of Hubbert Test. Bradmeat is creepy by the way. Overall; a lousy pair of shorts and I'm done for this Labour Day weekend. Sadly; I still have seven episodes to go before I'm done, including the final episode Bwar & Peace. Yeah. So...

Thumbs down for both shorts and I'll see you next time.

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