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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Gym Dandy/Detained! Rant

Reviewed: 01/31/2012

It's So Dandy When Kick Gets Detained...

Well; after going through the worst Ducktales episode ever and being broken in the process; I am somehow in the mood to see these two episodes, no matter how awful they are on paper or how much they feature Mrs. Chickerelli. I'm ready for them now and please let them not suck much; that's all I ask. So let's continue on shall we...?

Gym Dandy and Detained are written by Patrick Andrew O'Connor, storyboards done by Mark Ackland and Ricardo Durante and direction done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Mark's resume is weird as hell: Gruesomestein's Monsters (as an actor and writer), Funpack, Bolts and Blips (writer). Then there's direction for Dunce Bucket and Werner. Ying Yang Yo (TINY TOONS ON CRACK!) is his DTVA debut. He also did work on Anne of Green Gables the Animated Series, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and most recently Mad. That's it. Ricardo Durante has a similar start to Mark's, except for his animation credits: Wayside, The Ripping Friends, Dennis the Menace 1996 edition, Pippi Longstocking and a number of DTVA movies and OAV's from the Disneytoon sequel fest. Ummm; yeah. All episodes are done in Flash of course.

Opening Moment #1: The title card features faceless Kick facing eight bit red dodgeball. Whatever.

Gym Dandy: We begin this one with a closeup shot of a dodgeball. Then a shot of dozens of dodgeball; all with that "fade to black/return to reality" shots. Then we get the fat female gym teacher blowing the whistle and all the students run in and grab dodgeballs. All are wearing matching lime green outfits. Kendell throws like mad. Target of the day: Kick Buttowski...who dodges all dodgeballs. Kendell is not amused so she snaps her fingers and we have three students trying to MURDER Kick with dodgeball; but they all miss. And yes; Jackie The Stalker Whackerman misses too in case you were wondering. Kick motions to bring it on and we continue with everyone throwing and Kick cheats by walking on the roof and walls; and then goes through the basketball hoops. Ummm; hello, stepping out of bounds in dodgeball is an automatic elimination Kick Buttowski. And why bother? You are the only one left; so you already WON the damn thing. Why not have Emokid and you be the last two; and then you use him as a shield for the win? That would make more sense. Oh wait; dodgeball is played like volleyball and with two teams in this world. Okay; that makes more sense as Rolando has the flamming dodgeball of doom; but Kick grabs it and now it's time to MURDER people with dodgeballs. Goodbye Rolando, Emo Kid, Jackie...ummm... everyone except Kendell who is the only one left. And yes; the Matrix Move of Doom is used somewhere in this sequence just to annoy me. So a coach is reading the newspaper on the bleachers which means that he'll be used at some point of this sequence as Kendell notices a pile of dodgeballs and goes to them; so Kick throws the dodgeball in such a wussy fashion; and yet somehow; it turns into a dodgeball containing an anvil because Kendell gets MURDERED with a MAN-SIZED bump into the dodgeball. And of course Kick takes a dodgeball; goes over to the middle line and touches Gunther who is just standing there and calls it well played. Yeah; well played Gunther; since you are "friends" with the vainglorious bastard. So the man with the newspaper grunts and then leaves looking like he has something up his sleeve...

...So we head to an outside shot of Mellowbrook as the bell rings and it's the next day in white letters. We head into the hallway as Kick and Gunther head to the doors leading to the gym. And yes; Kick likes dodgeball. And yes; Kick is the only one allowed to wear his normal clothes while in gym in this school. Why? I have no earthly idea. Kick kicks the door open (oh yeah; I can hear the drops coming a mile away now...) and he gets whacked in the face with a ball of blue yarn. The female gym teacher does the Gruffi pose and doesn't like this either. See; the female teacher doesn't mind Kick playing dodgeball; but she's also under orders to obey whatever the district wants them to do. See; the district doesn't like Kick's "superman" routine; so they are forced to do a sport that everyone can do which is knitoga which is knitting and yoga combined. HAHA! I might try that out sometime; maybe I can convince Nintendo or someone to come up with a video game like that. It'll make millions BABEE! No one likes it; but they are all sore losers anyway. Except for Jackie and maybe Gunther. Kick asks about it and the female teacher proclaims that knitoga calms the mind and eliminates chaos. Something tells me she likes this and is more upset of the fact that Kick screwed her out of her sadistic fetish for dodgeball mayhem. Kick does what all children in the new Disney do nowadays: overdramatic BS pleading. Subtley this is not. Kick talks about sullying gym with knitting because that belongs in home ecomonics class. Sure it does Kick; but who cares? You are not cool; so screw you! Gunther is knitting a helmet cozy for Kick just to amuse me. Nice to see some people making lemonade out of lemons. We all know Gunther likes this sort of thing. I heard rumors that he's the friend of the descents of Dave THE CLEANING BARBARIAN OF LAUGHS. Just a rumor of course. Kick holds a ball of red yarn and wants to get out of gym class. Then the male coach is outside the hallway watching on as Kick addresses him as Coach Belcheck; which he corrects as Sternbeck proclaims that he has skills and he can mold him into a sports star. Yes; he rips off his entire outfit and is naked as a jaybird (although we only see the top half) as Kick blows him off and tries to walk out. Sternbeck states that he can get him out of gym class and Kick asks where to sign.

So we head to Coach Sternbeck's office as Kick is watching Sternbeck try to act all tough; but his shaking negates the effect somewhat. See; he molds cookie dough into star likes Equali Capoletti who is a red headed Boston Celtic star; and triple jump and hurdles champion Lanky Legs Larson who couldn't scale a fish. Kick notices a picture of a noodle goofy arms baseball pitcher as Sternbeck proclaims that he is in the big leagues as a peanut vendor. HEE HEE! The best peanut vendor; so sezs Sternbeck. Kick's reaction is priceless; about as priceless as Oscar Wigglestomper. He has an empty picture and he wants it filled; or he retires. And yes; he sneers in Kick's face and it's like being in a hurricane. He wants someone raw. So he wants a professional wrestler then? Sternbeck keeps yelling; except for when Kick points out that he got him out of gym class; then he looks like he's groaning or something. So we head outside Mellowbrook School with the flag waving about as well as Sternbeck's waving the flag in that last scene. Thought I missed that eh? I didn't; so there! So we head into the gym as we play volleyball and Kick screws up at once by treating it like a dodgeball and throwing it. When Eliza is smarter than you; you have major problems. I'll leave that one as an excercise to the reader. Sternbeck blows the whisle and go over to Kick because Kick has zero idea how volleyball works. Sternback's explanation makes perfect sense in the sense of reality; but this is Kick Buttowski and he has disdain for reality. Kind of like Bubba's Big Brainstorm, which thank you for being it back into my head. Now I need some brain bleach. In other words; Kick thinks dodgeball and volleyball are the same. So Sternbeck threatens to send him back to gym class and Kick decides to listen for a change. Sadly; we repeat the sequence again and this Kick runs up, and uses the net to slingshot the volleyball back into the kids like dodgeball. I got a feeling that the ending is going to be volleydodge; a cross because volleyball and dodgeball. Needless to say; Sternbeck is both not amused and outright confused. Never a good combination when you are a coach and personal trainer.

Kick points out the hard return thing and Sternbeck claims that he likes using the net; so he has a perfect sport for him. I was praying that it was ice hockey; but it's basket ball as Kick tackles a black student down onto the floor and Sternbeck blows him off for not having the subtley to realize that in your face defense is not equal to a Lou Thez Press. It's also a felony in 23 states. Only 23? Sternbeck grabs the helmet and tells him that he cannot play fair; so he must return to gym class. Kick claims that he can; but doesn't know how to play. Wow; Kick Buttowski is the epitome of ignorance. So Sternbeck plops him down on the floor and tells him to put the ball in the basket and screams in his face. Oh; so felony is equal to a foul in this guys eyes. Wait; so a foul is trademarked by the NBA? So why can the NCAA use it? I call bullcrap on that one coach. So we tip off and play for a bit as Kick steals the ball, and dribbes and dodges all and makes it to the basket. Sternbeck tells him to put the ball in the basket. Now; even Kick can do this right? Ummm; he turns around, he bounces off the heads of the players and smashes himself right against the glass backboard, shatters the backboard and brings down the backboard all in one fell swoop. Sternbeck is not happy and tries to rationalize all this. It's not going to work coach; because Kick is not rational see. Sternbeck has the Gruffi pose on and proclaims that he has the sport for him where he can cause destruction and chaos. Kick claims that he had him at destroy see. I'm sure you did Kick. So we head to the football field as we play some football as Sternbeck blows the whistle and tells Kick to throw the ball to the open man and play quarterback. That's all he wants. Kick walks in without question and Kick is playing quarterback. We hike the ball and it forces Kick back about 20 yards or so; then Kick actually avoids tacklers like a pro. Sternbeck is loving this as he yells at Kick to throw it to the open man; who is a white fatso in a green uniform and helmet. Kick throws it to him...

...and then Kick somehow out of nowhere gets into the open man's hands and grabs the ball and runs back. The open man cannot be it and he gets MURDERED by the football players. Well; Sternbeck has no one to blame but himself for that one. He should have Kick as a nosetackle because he's perfect at that. Kick runs back the other way much to the coach's hatred and Kick jumps up and faceplants himself into the uprights and fumbles the ball. HAHA! Maybe you should have just stayed away from the open man there Kick Buttowski. Kick slides down and apparently squashes the cat's tail since we hear a cat scream again. Kick goes over to the coach; and this is NOT going to end well for either person in this conversation. It's Screamin Coach Vs. Vainglorious Bastard and neither one really appeals to me in anyway. And the goalposts assure that the vainglorious bastard wins by the way. So Sternbeck has had enough and throws him back into gym class and the female teacher grabs him and needs help as Rolando has screwed up the Lotus position worse than Fanboy and Chum Chum ever could. HAHA! Kick doesn't like this at all and runs out of the gym and walks behind Sternbeck. Oh lord; here we go, we knew this was coming a mile away. Sternbeck is retiring because Kick is not cookie dough; but a ticking time bomb. Kick then reminds the coach about him not quitting on Capoletti or Larson or Noodle being the "best dang peanut vendor" (Kick's words, not mine) ever. Sternbeck decides to give Kick one more chance as there is one sport left. Fail and he's back to gym class. And Sternbeck screams of course. Kick smiles and we head to a long sequence at the track & field track...

We see various students running, jumping and throwing stuff in their respective events as we cut to Sternbeck with Kick as Sternbeck tells him to run the 400 metre run; and keep well within the rules which means running with just his feet, within the lines and not touching anymore. Kick gets it crystal clear as Kick is at the starting line on the far right side. The starter's pistol sound goes off (but we don't see the gun of course due to BS&P) and we are off in glorious Powerpuff Girls slow motion and Kick does indeed cross the finish line within the rules according to Sternbeck. Sadly; the logic is thrown out the window because he finished 32nd, even though there were only eight racers tops; and Kick was FAR ahead of them on the early sequence and NO ONE passed him at all during the race. What a copout finish that was?! The runners simply cool off on the grass as both the coach and Kick sulk since Kick is back in gym class and Sternbeck's retiring. Sternbeck concedes that Kick is only good at dodgeball and nothing else. Kick ponders this over and...we have dodgeball as a team sport in Mellowbrook. Oh lord; what a copout ending this was; although I'll take it because at least it makes more sense than the copout finish. It's the entire school rival against Kick Buttowski as Sternback proclaims that he'll finally get his championship after all; and he gets whacked in the back of the head with a pack of peanut as we pan over to see Noodle Arm Norman in a vending outfit. HAHA! See; make the joke and then pay it off. Gunther is rooting for Kick while knitting a flag using banana yellow colors. Memo to Magnus: Teach Gunther some fashion sense please. So we have Kick getting targetted with a dozen dodgeballs and Kick grabbing one and taking the fuglist picture taken ever of that shot and it hangs on the wall of fame in Sternbeck's office. Yeah; whatever. That ends the episode at 10:20 approx. This was pretty much okay until the logic breaking finish as there were a few cute moments and everything was solid enough; but that finish sucked hard. The ending was a copout; but it really was the only one that made sense. ** 1/4 (45%).

Opening Moment #2: The title card features Kick's helmet inside a black keyhole with a red background. If only they could lock Kick's brain into restraint mode.

Detained: We begin this one at Mellowbrook School as it's a new school year and it's fall and the students of Mellowbrook are chatty. So we head to a sidewalk as Kick and Gunther are walking towards a fountain as Kick is trying to take a drink; but the fountain screws him. HAHA! Gunther agrees with me I see as it's called the trickler. Kick is not amused and walks off stage left because he's going to fix the tricker's little wagon. Gunther doesn't seem to care as we cut to the teacher's lounge as Principal Wrinker has return and he's having a submarine sandwich from Subway today. Sadly; Satino Mallera isn't around to steal it. A pity really. So we head back to Kick pedalling his bicycle with a rope attached to the fountain as Gunther tells him to keep pedaling. Well; we need some justification to bring Mrs. Chickerelli back as the fountain works and Kick pops the fountain out of the foundation and the water somehow manages to find its way into the teacher's lounge and swamp Principal Wrinker. His submarine sandwhich melts like butter (logic break #1) as Henry notices the fountain in the lounge somehow and Gunther claims that it's catching on as Wrinker even admits that it's the trickler. It's hard to blame Wrinker for being angry at this vandalism; but seriously, if he got that damn thing fixed, this episode would never happen. Then we hit the flashback of Kick doing crazy stuff; including making a legit volcano in class; and everytime this happens; Wrinker gets trashed while trying to eat his damn submarine sandwich. Herny seriously needs to go home and enjoy that sandwich FOR SUPPER instead of bringing it with him and eating it in convenient places where he can get screwed by Kick Buttowski doing something "awesome". Scare quotes intentional. Oh wait; that last spot isn't a flashback as the place gets swamped with orange baking soda and vinegar. Wrinker pops up from the carnage and calls on his cellphone. And anyone who has seem the godawful Tattler's Tale episode knows exactly where this episode is going and is instantly repulsed by it. Yes folks; Miss Chickerelli is coming out of retirement BABEE!

So we head back to Mellowbrook as the whole place is deserted and the wild west song is played. Kick stops on his skateboard and smells evil in the air. And here comes Oskar the Dressed Up Police Dog. I crap thee not guys! So Kick bails and we have the SCOOBY DOO CHASE SEQUENCE THE POLICE OSKAR EDITION~! Kick does no damage while Oskar does lots of damage that will be blamed on Kick on the count that he resisted arrest. And Kick thinks he's won and then he bumps right into Miss Chickerelli; who looks like herself with a detention notepad, whistle and appears to have lost her lipstick look. And then we break logic as we cut to a side shot and the she looks like normal Chickerelli. Oh boy; this is going to be brutal, I just know it. Kick wants to know why she is here. Oh come on Kick; you remember the last time she was involved in a school setting. Frame Story comes into my mind instantly. Mrs. Chickerelli is the new vice principal and she writes a pink ticket for Kick to stay in detention. Kick asks why and Miss Chickerelli point out for causing all of Oskar's destruction. HAHA! Nice to see someone make sense for a change. Kick tries to point out that it was Oskar's fault and if Chickerelli's smart she'll point out that Kick was resisting arrest and that's why it happened. Of course; I doubt that because she's a stereotype and wants no defamation on Oskar the Dressed Up Dog. I can just hear the "Ah; Snokums!" oozing out of this scene now. Damn you Miss Chickerelli! Oskar does make up for it somewhat by whacking Kick in the face with his tail...and so we fade to black.

We return as Kick opens his locker in the hallway as Gunther runs in and proclaims that there is a bad rumor that there is a new vice principal at the school. Kick slams the locker and proclaims that the rumors are true and it's Miss Chickerelli. Gunther screams beautifully as Kick shows his detention slip and Gunther screams more beautifully. Then Janitor Frame Kick enters and states that Miss Chickerelli is a legend as she went into retirement and gave out detention slips to set a record for no reason other than to be evil. She even gave one to the future janitor who was merely just a kid. I don't buy this because in the past Miss Chickerelli looks exactly the same as present Chickerelli. She cannot be the devil incarnate; even the devil has standards...OF EVIL~! The janitor proclaims that when he sees her; he'll give him a piece of his mind because that one mark ruined his life. Oh please; I am so not buying that crap. You just suck at life sir. And here comes Miss Chickerelli with Oskar and the janitor uses his SHANE DOUGLAS MOP OF DOOM as a hairpiece and talks like an old lady and then bails like a scalded janitor. Gunther screams and Miss Chickerelli gives him a detention on cue. Gunther claims he didn't bark; and Chickerelli and Oskar bark for no reason whatsoever and Gunther gives up and puts the slip on his head. I can't blame him for that; Chickerelli is making no sense whoatsoever here. So WE HIT THE MONTAGE as everyone gets detention for the silliest of reasons which is Rolando and Mouth getting to be #3 and #4. So we cut to Kick returning the detention room and sitting down next to Rolando; but Chickerelli yells at him because that is the wrong seat. See; he gets to wear the hooligan dunce cap and sit in the corner like a prisoner. HAHA! And Kendell gets detention of course as there is one rule in detention which is silence, which includes no sweating, nor gulping. She claims that they have no discipline. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Projection much there madam? She has a disc that she will give to the principal first thing in the morning and they will behave knowing that it's on their record. I think the writers are acting like the police record and school record is the same. And it's difficult for me to buy that Kick should care because of the crap he's done already in Frame Story. So forgive me if I don't buy this at all.

Chickerelli slams the door and everyone bawls their eyes out which allows Kick to throw down the dunce cap and he is going to screw Miss Chickerelli again. See; he deserves the detention; but no one else does. Wait; so he's incriminating himself on this when he claimed it was Oskar? Yes; this is turning into Pool Daze again with a hint of Tattler's Tale. Not a good combo. Kick claims that they need to take down Chickerelli together to win. Rolando has the smarts and Kendell is a teacher's pet which Kendell is shocked to hear. HAHA! Kendell is not amused. Well; Kick said "teacher's pet"; not "Disney's Teacher's Pet". Mouth gets things which Mouth claims that is a rumor; and then he shows the Destructo Con 1998 which is bootlegged. As for Gunther; he is the master of disguise, tuba playing and has such extreme modesty that he blushes on cue. Kick proclaims that only they have the right to ruin their own futures (HA! From what I hear; you might not have a future on television Kick is Disney has anything to say about it. This is rumor of course.); and they will get back the disc and prove their innocence. All the males do the friendship bond wheel spot; except for Kendell; who does it with only one finger, to indicate that she's not happy about this at all. So we head into the hallway as the students hear a whistle and stand at attention like soliders while Chickerelli and Principal Wrinker head to outside Chickerelli's office as Wrinker is impressed about this. Chickerelli proclaims that in her room is a disc containing a few rotton apples that will be added onto their record. And then Kick skateboards pass her and Chickerelli and Oskar chase after him. Wrinker doesn't care as he is going to have some fun eating a submarine sandwhich because it's his destiny see. Who gives a crap? Anyhow; Kick gets caught by Chickerelli and he gets another detention slip. Kick asks if it's after school; and Chickerelli blows it off because it's right now. Kick walks with her as we cut to Mouth playing on his headphone as the janitor and Mouth do a seamless exchange with a bottle of luster and Chickerelli's office keys. So Mouth goes to his locker and opens it allowing Kick to take a shot to the face. Chickerelli laughs and wants Kick to open his hand and he does revealing a doggie treat which he flips to Oskar and he eats it. We walk some more as Kick has the keys now behind his back in another seamless exchange. Whatever guys.

So we head to the teacher's lounge as Kendell is doing nothing but watch outside as Rolando is unscrewing the security camera. Why? I have no idea as Kendell notices that it's 12:01 pm and she screams for Rolando to hide as Wrinker opens the door and Kendell runs interference with Wrinkler who doesn't suspect a thing because she's a teacher's pet see. Yeah; even the principal is so dense. No wonder he rehired Miss Chickerelli. Wrinkler needs some ketchup and he goes to the top cabinet and opens it clearly showing Rolando hiding in there and Kendell yells that having a packet of ketchup is beneath him. She left boxes of imported ketchup in her office beforehand and Wrinkler is so stupid that he pets her on the head and puts the bag down on the table and walks out of the lounge to get said ketchup. Kendell blows literally as Rolando comes out of the cupboard (which is only slightly better than being in the closet) and we cut to Kick on a stool with a dunce cap on as Chickerelli and Oskar snarl at him. What? That's his punishment? I am so disappointed in you Chickerelli. You should just expel him and become his new teacher and pay off Frame Story instead. I'm just saying madam. Then she hears a noise and runs out to discover that Gunther is in the hallways playing the tuba. Chickerelli blows the whistle and runs out to chase Gunther while Oskar stays to prevent Kick from moving. Kick counters with the dreaded doggie treat and taunts Oskar inside and the chase is on both ways. So Kick leads Oskar into the teacher's lounge and does the slow motion throw of the doggie treat right into Wrinkler's paper bag. How convenient of all this eh? Oskar runs in panting as Chickerelli follows him and notices the doggie treat in the bag and takes the bag and gives Oskar the submarine sandwhich while being record on video. UH OH!

And Chickerelli doesn't give a crap as we head back to the office of Chickerelli as Kick steals the disc after acting like he's ashamed. Everyone cheers; but Miss Chickerelli grabs him and screams that since he stole school property; he's going to be expelled. Whatever madam; do I care? No...Kendell hugs him (again in an attempt to make us think she has eyes for Kick; when she doesn't because she needs someone to screw over and Kick is perfect for her.) and then Chickerelli grabs him and drags him to the principal's office...So we head to the principal's office as Kick sits outside ashamed as we have shadows in the windows in the office as Chickerelli hands Wrinkler the disc and he puts it into the computer and he watches the footage. It's Chickerelli offering his submarine sandwich to Oskar and he eats it. Chickerelli is seriously screwed now because you don't deny his destiny to eat a Subway sandwhich. She's the female Santino Marella now. Which hopefully means that she becomes a Don Karnage and becomes funny. Or maybe not. Chickerelli also proclaims that she cleaned up this joint and that she becomes principal. Wrinkler doesn't like this at all as Chickerelli panics as we flashback to Kendell and Kick hugging and just to prove my point; she hugged Kick only to allow Kick to put the disc in her backpack. Nice try Kick/Kendell fangirls. It's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Jackie/Kick will. Get over it. Chickerelli claims she has been set up and she goes outside and points to an empty chair as Kick doesn't even have the class to wait and let Chickerelli look even more like a paranoid sandwhich thief (so sezs Wrinkler). So Wrinkler fires her and gets detention as she sits down in the same spot as Kick did earlier complete with dunce cap. At least this finish makes perfect sense this time around; unlike Tattler's Tale; so there you go.

So we see Kendell taking the disc and pouring it into a cup of acid prepared by Rolando and the disc is destroyed complete with skull and cross bone cloud to force home that it is poisonous. Okay; I can accept that jackhammer. Kendell then walks away and out of the chemical lab and into the school as Rolando follows her as he wonders how she got detention. Kendell proclaims that she had issues with her pink pen and we see that there is pink glitter pen on the locker with "I Love KB" and a heart on it. What a lowlife Miss Chickerelli is; for framing Kendell like that?! She deserved to be fired and in detention after that one? Like I'm buying Kendell did that herself; sure fangirls?! The janitor takes the luster spray and shoots the substance on the vandalism and wipes it off to complete the cycle of the Krackpotkin plan and wipe Kick's hands clean in the process to end the episode at 10:00. Better than Tattler's Tale; because the actual plan Kick Buttowski had was dead on perfect and the finish made perfect sense. Still; Chickerelli was completely brutal as usual and I didn't care when she was going to expell Kick because Kick incriminated himself from the start. Call it * 3/4 (35%).


Well; after Bubba's Big Brainstorm; I was expecting better episodes and these two did deliver as promised. However; since BBB was a negative star episode; these two could beat it easily regardless of effort or quality on it's own merits. Gym Dandy was actually on it's way to being a decent middling episode until the horrible logic breaking finish which was a copout finish just to set up a copout ending with Kick being in the sport of dodgeball instead of track and field when the logic made more sense since they show it as if Kick won the thing easily instead of being 32nd which makes no sense. The rest of it was fine and at least it made sense. As for Detained: Think Tattler's Tale with a much better finish. I did not care about this episode at all; but unlike BBB this didn't offend me at all, I didn't care if Kick won nor Chickerelli won and Chickerelli's creditability continues to be horrible when it comes to trying to be a heel; it's like a chipmunk crossed with Ren & Stimpy. It's nice to see Wrinkler back for a cameo role; but the magic was gone now like Hush is with Tony Hawk's voice. Still; the finish makes total sense and the plan was pulled out almost perfectly and made perfect sense setting up the finish and ending. So it's not a total write off. It's too bad that it wasn't done with a better character, like Brad Buttowski who I have some sympathy for as a sad heel. So I got three episodes of Kick Buttowski left to do; and next weekend is You Have Been Brad'd and Sleepover. Then I'll do Power Play in three weeks as the second weekend will be Fish Hooks Break Up, Shake Down and Just One Of The Fish. All on Tuesday of course. So.....

Thumbs down for both shorts and I'll see you next time.

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