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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Kart-To-Kart/Kyle 2.0 Rant

Reviewed: 01/17/2011

Kyle To Kart To Kyle Part Annoying, Part Awesome...

Whoopie! Cousin Kyle is returning to do the Squidward routine on Kick Buttowski. And Kick gets banned from a kart racing track. Geez; why doesn't this happen in all places in Mellowbrook? Maybe that will make Kick grow up. Okay; it won't as usual. So let's continue on shall we...?

Kart-To-Kart is written by Derek Dressler, storyboards done by Troy Adamitis and Robert Lilly III and direction done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Kyle 2.0 is written by Derek Dressler, storyboards done by Scott O'Brien and directed by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. All episodes are done in Flash of course.

Opening Moment #1: The title card features faceless Kick driving a go-kart with anime lines in the kart and episode title. Pfft.

Kart-To-Kart: We begin this one with a really great camera angle and kart racing sequence that is negated somewhat by Kick's monologue. Kick proclaims in the sunlight that he will become a man; but he is denied by the operator because the cutout shows that Kick is about a hand shorter than he needs to be to ride the thing. Kick screams and this goes on too long for me to by healthy. I'm sorry; but after last week, my embarrassing moment was a lot funnier than this. The operator asks if he wants it badly and Kick sulks and nods. So the operator does the old "made you look" spot; and Kick falls for it. Then the operator pounds on the cardboard cutout and it's enough to make Kick tall enough to ride the ride. Pfffttt; don't blame me if you get sued sir. Although Kick clearly hates lawyers anyway; so it probably won't happen. Kick is in glee; but he is stopped once again by the operator because he still needs a license. Why?! I don't get it...and we find out that it's another excuse for the slow motion Powerpuff Girls stamp of approval sequence which is a telegraph for the operator's cell phone to ring; and he has a meeting in West Mellowbrook. So his janitor must take over while he is gone; who is scrapping gum and other such treats off wood with a scraper. And of course we discover that it's Brad Buttowski. You know he is desparate when he needs to find girls at a Go-Kart park. Yeah; let's just redo Pool Daze, it's not like Roadrunner was all that repetitive anyway. Strangely; the operator calls Brad Jeff for no reason that I can think of. So Brad is the license operator until he gets back; and he gets the stamp, clipboard and keys. Brad oogles over the keys and even the operator is questioning this. Brad assures him that nothing will go wrong and the operator leaves. Kick is not amused by this as Brad twirls the keys on the floor and goes into a speech about never getting a chance to be responsible. Geez; no wonder Brad, you get buried as a heel and you act babyface half of the time. It's like watching Impact Wrestling. More literal when you consider that both shows get pretty much the same ratings; although Disney XD is on digital cable while Spike TV is on basic cable. Brad proclaims that he becomes a man today; and Kick doesn't care and wants that damn license; thus turning Brad babyface again. Brad decides to train him in the ancient art of kart racing. I cannot take that seriously even if I tried.

So we scene change to Kick emoting like his usual self which is pretty awful to say the least. We discover that Brad is in the passenger side of the pink go-kart with Kick driving. Kick calls this absurd as Brad counters by claiming that he has a record 724 hours of Driver's Ed. I'm guessing 700 hours of pleading for another chance and 20 hours of screwing up badly and crashing cars. Then again; I have never taken Driver's Ed so what do I know? Anyhow; we start with the conveyer belt against a desert background as Kick is driving. Brad clearly comes from the Joe Macgee school of driving and flying tests. Kick does a decent job of driving; but Brad keeps annoying him as Kick dodges cardboard cutouts of the same deer and dog. Kick doesn't get the point of this. Brad then admits that this was a waste of time and Brad taught him good instincts. Kick asks again and Brad relucently gives Kick his drivers license as we repeat the slow motion sequence...and then Gordon Gibble's voice beckons as everyone stops their karts on the starting line and we get a sequence of the go-kart sign being teared down in favor of a replacement sign called Go Go Gordon World complete with neon purple face with hair and goggles. Kick doesn't like this at all and we cut to Gordon Gibble with GUNNER Anthony and MURPHY Michael. So we have Gunner and Murphy shoving everyone in line as Gordon gets in front of them and paces around proclaiming change. That change involves beeping to Kick and bringing out a cardboard cutout of himself and showing that Kick is half a hand short and thus cannot drive. Kick storms off because height or no height restriction; he's not going to deal with Gordon anyway. So in other words; Kick is banned from the track; but Kick doesn't care if Gordon didn't ban him because he want no part of him anyway. Oh; and Gordon owns the go-kart park anyway as he proclaims that he is faster than everyone; and Gunner & Murphy agree with him. I know their real names are Michael Anthony and Anthony Michael and they are the DiPazzi Twins; but my mock names are funnier. And it shows how much new Disney's writing mirrors TNA's booking practices. That's horrifying.

So Murphy claims that Gordon might be faster than everyone (which is a wink, wink to the fact that Gordon lost to Kick in BMX) and he is not amused. So he turns around and challenges Kick Buttowski to a kart race. Kick no sells because he wants no part of him. Yeah; because you don't want to get exposed for being the cheater that you were in Switching Gears eh? Gordon is not happy with that; so he yells for Brad to come over and Brad stands at attention. So Gordon proclaims that the Buttowski's are banned from the property. Wait; I thought he wanted to race Kick Buttowski? How is this going to help him do that? Kick has no reason to help Brad; despite the babyface turns... Brad whines and cries like a little baby as Gordon strips his dignity away. And the keys. And he screams in Brad's face that he's fired and then Brad throws a Christian-equse temper tantrum. Kick has had enough and he goes over and proclaims that he'll race and if he wins; Brad gets his job back. Gordon blows him off because Kick still doesn't have a license. Brad counters by showing him the paper with the go stamp on it. FINALLY! Someone actually did something during the replace sequence. Good for Brad for not freezing in place like so many cartoons in the past. So Gordon brings him his FCC FRIENDLY DUSTCLOUD OF TRANSFORMERS to change his kart and change into his racing gear. And Gordon picks out Kick Loserski's cart (his words, not mine) and it's rusted up and old. Well Kick; you have no one but yourself to blame for this since you cheated to win the BMX race in Switching Gears. Gordon proclaims that we go to the starting line in one minute and does this "ooo" thing that I don't care to get.

So we head to the shot of the PA announcer announces for everyone to start their engines. Gordon pushes a button; Kick starts his like a lawnmotor. Gordon taunts Kick and him and Gunner and Murphy laugh. Kick blows it off because he will be tall some day; but he's already faster than Gordon. Gordon laughs it off and does some voodoo of some kind because he never touches the panel and we find out that he has GPS scan and auto navigational system, thus completing all the cheat antics. We do a ready, steady, go sequence with three girls dressed up in somewhat tight fitting Gedo style outfits (which really explains why Brad was at the track in the first place) and we are off. I'm guessing that this is going to be a redo of From Here To Machinery. We then see Kick's insides pumping as his foot catches on fire as he steps on the gas. Whatever Kick; don't care. And naturally; Gordon is way in the lead while Kick is sputtering. Gordon laughs badly and races on out of sight as Kick tries to restart his ride; and eats oil for his problem giving him a black face. THAT'S RACIST! IT'S 2012! Kick comes up as Gordon's computer tells him that Kick is approaching. No really; I'm as SHOCKED as you are. Kick bypasses him and Gordon spins out as he blows off the female voice CPU for putting the brakes on. Pfffttt. Gordon drives up and orders the computer to go into cheat mode. Wait; so giving Kick the worst kart in the world isn't a form of cheating? And why should I care since Kick cheated in the last race they had? This turns Gordon babyface which is only going to hurt him in the long run. So Gordon bumps into Kick and he spins out; but Kick recovers and we drive. Brad cheers for Kick in the stands; but is forced to cheer for Gordon when Gunner & Murphy threaten to beat up Brad. Makes perfect sense to me. Gordon proclaims that he has "da skillz" to cheat his way to victory. And then he stops at the zig zag and proclaims that no one can drive that. Wait..WHAT?! Kick drives past him and does a great job riding. Oh lord; way to bury the heel right there guys.

So Gordon decides to use off-road mode and drives on the grass and catches up with Kick as they are kart-to-kart. Ummmm; yeah. So the mud laser gets involves and that fails for Gordon; so we head to the plank of wood bridge and Gordon uses the circular saw arm to cut the board in half (making the crowd gasp in horror). Kick goes backwards for no real reason that I can think of and pushes to his left to force the kart to ride on two wheels and make it across the bridge. The plank dislodges; so Kick does a backflip with the kart and flips over Gordon and past him to take the lead. Kick turns around and blows smoke right into Gordon. Ah; the true mark of a sportmen, Kick has the Orange Goblin down to a T now. Gordon coughes and cannot see; and then in one of the worst animation sequences in this series ever, he somehow flies into the tires despite being the middle and no where near the corner before hand. Bad, bad logic break there guys. Gordon corrects course as we head to what looks like the Golden Gate Bridge. So Mellowbrook is in San Francisco? Gordon calls on his cellphone that he needs backup from Gunner & Murphy. And Kick notices (after the Flash Animation fuzzes out in one shot) Gunner and F'N Murphy riding in front of him on go-kart. They do the squeeze play on Kick and Gordon rides past him easily. Gunner seems to like the Jersey Shore orange tan for some odd reason. They head for the ramp which leads to the lake as Gunner and Murphy try to spray Kick in the face with their tanning sprays; but a blue kart bumps Kick right out of the squeeze play and is replaced by...Brad Buttowski?! Wow; an intentional babyface turn? Do me eyes decieve me? Intentional character development for a change? Brad blows off Gunner and Murphy as Kick races on as we see the heels fly off the ramp into the drink in the background.

So we cut back to Gordon laughing and the female voice screws him by proclaiming that he has not been eliminated. Don't be shocked Gordon, the writers don't like Kick to look weak in anyway. Gordon decides to bring out the NITRO BLUE FLAMETHROWER OF DEATH to speed up on the candy cane tubing stretch. The sign sezs one car at a time as Gordon thinks he's won. But like Switching Gears; Kick breaks all DA RULES (FAIRY GODPARENTS!) by spiraling up the ceiling and driving past Gordon and then bumping him causing the turbo to frizz out. Gordon has control problems; but one of Kick's tires breaks and we do some arc sparking for a bit. We head out of the tunnel and we race the final stretch and Kick of course wins by a slow motion nose, thus meaning From Here To Machinery retains it's dignity. Gordon spins and crashes into the tires; while Kick's kart is destroyed ; but walks away in vainglorious fashion. Calling Maxie Zeus; I need you to pound a certain vainglorious bastard's face in. And the operator goes over to Gordon and he is not selling the track after all because Gordon is such a jackass. He came up short and he is shorter than the cardboard cutout. Gordon blames everything but himself; and so the female voice does it for him. HAHA! Everyone celebrates with Kick and somehow Brad has teleported back and is not wet at all. Kick proclaims Brad taught he everything as the girls oodle with Brad; but Brad decides that he's quitting his job because he has the ladies he wants now. Why doesn't that surprise me? We end with them getting into the conveyer belt car as Brad rides them and Brad tells them that he doesn't have a real license. The girls are not amused as we circle fade out to end the episode at 10:20 approx. Average, inoffensive for the most part; but it is simply a combination of Pool Daze and Switching Gears; and neither one was good anyway. ** 1/4 (45%).

Opening Moment #2: The title card features shadow Kyle with EVIL RED EYES~ with K2 and shatter blood glass. I'm guessing Kyle is Disney's answer to the Terminator.

Kyle 2.0: We begin this one with a shot of a boom box and we zoom out to Kick Buttowski sitting down listening to another of his Z-Grade heroes; this time it's Dirtbike Mike as he is offering two tickets to see his "awesome" Demo-Cross event. And then the radio fizzles out and we see Kyle in the flesh complete with camera boing effect. The clouds come in and Kick screams as usual. Kyle's voice has been clearly neutered for this episode which leads me to believe that Nickelodeon threaten to sue Disney for gimmick infringement; namely Spongebob SquarePants. Proving once again that copyright holders are leeches because without Tom Kenny's voice (who voices Kyle) there would be no Spongebob Squarepants right now. Sometimes; that piece of paper is still not worth the ink it's written on. Kyle is so overwhelming that he creates static just on his presence. HAHA! Kick busts into his room with the boom box; but if you watched Kyle Be Back; Kyle comes right back at Kick doing what I like: Annoying Kick for my pleasure. It's the same formula when dealing with Squidward: Spongebob and Patrick make fun of Squidward whenever possible; even better when its not intentional. Kick tries to explain that he wants to win some tickets; but Kyle keeps going on and on. HAHA! Sadly; it's not quite as funny without the Spongebob Squarepants voice. Apparently; arcade tickets are passports to Chinese finger cuffs which is demonstrates so well. HEE HEE! Kyle drops down and the radio somehow stops causing static as we get the announcer again and Kyle wants to do what a Demo-Cross is. Well Kyle; it involves Dirt Bike Mike; so it's a bike racing event. It's so simple as we discover that it's a combination of a bike race and a demolition derby. Yeah; because crashing motorcycles is so cool. This is where Kick getting his ass kicked by a biker gang would be effective in any sane universe; but this is new Disney and sanity is not allowed. Although the new Disney is a lot more sane than Rupert Murdoch has been in recent days.

Anyhow; back to Kick as we do the dream sequence to the demolition derby in a wired globe (as seen in several episodes already) in an arena as we have cars and bikes crashing into each other thanks to Dirtbike Mike. And the ambulance gets involved of course. We return to reality (no, not really) as Kick wants to stay focued; so Kyle helps him by causing more static. Oh wait; I should have said: So Kyle helps me by causing more static. My mistake as usual. Kick is not happy and asks Kyle if he has any friends. Kyle sezs no and actually shuts up...for five seconds anyway. He then shows some pictures of his imaginery friends which is a guy who wears some funny clothes and takes baths outside and bobs for earthworms. Oh; and he does RPG's too as Kick acts with sarcasm as Kyle thinks he wants to take baths outside. Kick blows him off and then recoils as he wants to play a role playing game and then we do the old "do nothing of note and see if the kids laugh at it" spot. This is what happens when you overdo something; it ceases being funny and it makes us realize that the only reason they are really doing it is because they need to pad the running time on an otherwise flimsy premise. And Kyle screams and the animation is priceless here. Kyle offers some games to play including one involving a Chuwawa. HA! I'll leave them as an exercise to the reader as Kick grabs onto Kyle's lips and blows him off. Kick wants Kyle to pretend that he doesn't exist until the Demo-Cross is over. Kick then goes over to Kyle's watch and sets the alarm on it proclaiming that Kick Buttowski does not exist until the alarm goes off. Kick takes his radio and proclaims that if he wins then he'll spend all day tomorrow with him. Kyle loves that and then does another funny face to amuse me and annoy Kick. That later one is the key to all this. So starting now; Kick Buttowski does not exist. I suggest starting your stop watches on now and Kyle breaking his promise within 30 seconds. Starting now...and Kyle screws up by greeting Kick when Kick greets him. HAHA! Memo to Kick: Leave now if you are going to want him to think you do not exist.

Kick slams his head and blows him off of course. So Kyle rubs his buck teeth and Kick tries the old repeat trick to brainwash him into Kick not existing. Which allows us a zoom in shot of Kyle's head as we see in his mind Kyle invoking the giant ass green fly swatter to squash a fly like Kick like a bug. HAHA! We pop back to reality (no, not really) as Kick greets him again and Kyle is stunned. And I do mean stunned. Kyle walks out not noticing Kick at all; and Kick slams the door behind him as Kick is smug as a bug. Now I need that giant flyswatter as the boom box as the announcer announces the moment he has been waiting for. To win those tickets; you must be the first person to reach the Skidzee Shop. Which means Razz and Hush are making another appearance. And yes; he busts through the wall of his house. For no logical reason whatsoever. So Kick slides into the Skidzee shop and Razz and Hush are waiting to declare the winner and Kick thinks he's won. And then we zoom out and... BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I wondered how they were going to make sure Kick kept his word with cousin Kyle. Apparently; Kyle got Skidzee confused with Stringzee which is opposite of the street. Very easy to confuse when you are a Spongebob Squarepants wannabee. We have a black person playing with his puppet in front of the store; allowing Razz to ask the usual silly questions. Tugs is not the puppet since the puppet actually speaks. Well; that is different. Kyle wonders on who to give the tickets to; and Kick praises him and asks to join him. However; Kyle gleefully ignores him because you know that in his mind Kick Buttowski doesn't exist. I wish we could do the same thing. Maybe Super Dave Osborne can file a copyright claim against Disney; that would be a huge start. Bob Einstien is AWESOME BABEE! In a B-movie sort of way. Kyle walks out of the store acting awesome, as Kick slides out; gasping in horror because his hatred for Kyle has screwed him. HAHA! This is why I stop hating the new Disney. Because I actually WATCHED the shows for what they really are and not some Anti-Disney movement talking point. So Kyle heads inside Stringzee as Kick demands that Kyle take him with him.

So we head inside the puppet shop of doom as we get a shot of Humpty Dumpty. And Kick tries to go nuts as he turns basically into cousin Kyle. Yes folks; Kick Buttowski is a freakin hypocrite. Kyle gleefully ignores him as Kick skateboards on railings, then we scene change to Kick being a human yo-yo to Kyle. I am actually liking this change in Kick because it forces him to learn how to have actual workrate to get over instead of proclaiming how cool he is thinking that alone would get him over. Kyle ignores him as we see Kyle in a wading pool and Kick acts like Kyle on speed. Which in Kick's case is pretty horrifying. We head inside as Kick is crawling all over Kyle like his cousin and then he looks like Kyle only uglier. Then he catches himself the instant he sees a conveniently placed mirror. Kick realizes that Kyle is ignoring him as Kick Buttowski; so he must be someone else. Yeah sure Kick; whatever you say. So we scene change to the door as it rings and Kyle opens it to reveal Kick Buttowski dressed up as one of Kyle's RPG buddies. You know; the one who takes baths outside and bobs for worms. Pen Pal Dolf Kyle claims is his name which I admit is a pretty awesome name to use. Wow; I didn't expect to hear "religious" in a Disney show; but Kyle talks about the travel bans. Kyle is so pleased that the travel ban has been lifted and he wants to do all the things he claims he does in the letter; and play with marrionettes because Dolf claims that he enjoys them too. Kyle prays and the animation on his praying is so hilariously hideous that I had to giggle. So we actually head to the arena as the Demo-Cross is underway. Oh wait; it's the most contrived child corrupting dream balloon of doom ever by Kick. Kick claims that he loves their ideas and America; which I doubt anyone with a sane mind would say without lots of caveats. Kyle is giddy and pulls Kick in and we do the dueling outdoor bath sequence. Kick is like Fanboy & Chum Chum in wearing his clothes while bathing; thus making Kyle look "normal" in comparsion. Of course Kyle is talking a mile a minute and of course I cannot understand half of what he is saying. I think he is talking about pumpkins and squash.

We segue to Kyle in a Robin Hood outfit and Kick in a wizard's robe and has angel wings on him and then we segue to them bobbing for worms. Okay; I realize the obvious logic break of Kick changing clothes and thus his cover should have been blown; but this is Kyle we are talking about and of course he is denser than Harold and has even less foresight than Jackie. In other words; Spongebob Squarepants. Kick is clearly sick since his face turns a greenish yellow. I'm amazed that Kyle can talk with his mouth full and still talk as if his mouth is not full at all. It's easy to say that this is a logic break; but it's Kyle, don't ask. You are better off sleeping at night not knowing why this is so funny. We then segue into the dining room as Kyle has prepared Kick a feast which involves eating a live yak who is supposed to be dead. I take back what I have been saying about this being Sara Palin's Universe; it's truly the air breather reality of Bikini Bottom. Which is still more amusing than Kick's reality; so I'll take it. And then we segue to Kyle and Kick playing with puppets for a while; while puppets watch on on the couch. And we do some singing to waste time. I'm surprised Ken Fosse didn't steal this one first; it would have been perfect. It's basically knock knock jokes involving a king, fool and an owl puppet. Kick claims that this doesn't make sense. Considering that Kyle is a human Spongebob Squarepants (with neutered voice in this case); it does make sense now. And the cat muskteer gets involved of course as Kick seems creeped out. Kick tries to open a can of Cheetah Chug; but that is stopped as Kyle grabs Kick's arm and it's now time to play as puppets. HAHA! Kyle's knock knock joke is: Orange you glad I didn't say old lady. Kick's answer: yes. And he storms off into his bedroom as Kyle is confused. Kick cannot take this anymore. At this point; the moral person would come in and say: "Is Demo-Cross really worth the pain and heinous of playing with the mind an innocent like Kyle? No matter how strange and clueless he ultimately is." I know Kick's answer would be yes (because he's a vainglorious bastard see); but at this point: I question even that. Kick wants to quit; but the boom box proclaims that the Demo Cross is one hour away and Kick proclaims that he's almost there and he just has to hold out for one more hour. Actually writers; it's three hours since the Demo Cross starts in an hour and still has to play out.

Kick opens the door...and of course Kyle is behind him and yells. HAHA! Kyle wants to do more stuff; but Kick claims that he's tired. He asks about the super secret surprise and Kyle stops talking...and then proclaims that it's time for it. Kick thinks he is going to the Demo-Cross as he closes the door and walks away. Kyle calls for him as he is near the garage. Kick asks if the Demo-Cross was the awesome surprise and Kyle admits that he gave the tickets away. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! IN YOUR FACE KICK BUTTOWSKI~! Kick almost blows his cover (which is pointless now since Kyle has already screwed him) and asks who he gave the tickets to; and we segue to the arena as we see that he gave them to Tugs and his puppet. HAHA! And it also explains why he went to Stringzee in the first place. Well played Kyle; well played. And now Kick is PISSED! And I don't give a crap. You got what you deserved Kick Buttowski and it's nice for the writers to finally turn Kick's vainglorious attitude into a negative consequence rather than a positive one. Kick goes over to apparently MURDER Kyle; and so Kyle rises the garage and shows off the Kick Buttowski Museum of Awesome. Wait a second? WHAT? If Kick Buttowski doesn't exist; then according to logic, Kyle should be ignoring this. UGH! UGH! UGH! You ruined the episode guys. SCREW YOU GUYS! SCREW YOU IN YOUR BUNS...please. Kyle also shows the Rank of Awesome book as they at least showed the photo of the stunt from Kyle Be Back. Kick is in tears and Kyle admits that he was playing all along and that he wasn't the dense guy after all. In other words; actual character development for Kyle that I didn't expect; nor want. Kick then hears beeping and it's Kyle's watch as Kyle's brain has now confirmed that the deal is over and Kick Buttowski now can officially exist. I smell Deus Ex Machina finish commencing here as Kyle runs out with glee as Kick is coming back. He rocks on the steps as Kick finally blows his cover and walks to Kyle. Kyle is so happy to see him come back and now Kick has to spent a whole day together as we repeat the spots from earlier in the episode as Kyle talks about all the stuff he did with his pen pal. HAHA! Good for the writers to avoid the DEM finish here. They stop at the bobbing worms part as Kick is sick as ever and we circle fade out to end the episode at 10:20 approx. Gapping logic break (just after Kick gets screwed by Kyle out of the tickets in case you wondered) and Kyle's netuered voice aside; this was really funny and well written. And they actually wrote a finish with Kick getting what he deserved for screwing with Kyle's mind and made it work without a DEM ending. The finish shows the real pen pal Dolf ringing the doorbell with the chicken and Kyle answers it. We stare for a while before Kyle finally calls him an imposter and slams the door. HAHA! I betcha it was the chicken he had that Kyle came to that conclusion. **** (80%).


Well; that was a mixed bag of shorts. Seems like a broken record for me. Kart-To-Kart was basically a solid, all right story that allowed Gordon to try to be a heel but made him look like a babyface. Brad's babyface turn was noble; but it meant nothing since it was the usual “I'm doing it because I hate Gordon a lot more for making me cry” kind of turn. And Kick had to be smug and cheat again (although this time; the cheating was a lot more clever and made more sense). The writers combined Switching Gears and Pool Daze; and the end result was an average episode with some logic breaks and some bad animation in places. Kyle 2.0 is clearly the better short as the writing was awesome for the most part; Kyle was his usual awesome annoying self and Kick got one of the best screwjobs I have seen in a long time. And damn it to hell if he didn't deserve it. While the finish had a gaping logic break in Kyle's brain somehow allowed him to see Kick existing when the brainwashing Kick performed clearly should have killed that; I'm glad that the ending was what it should be: Kick getting punished by spending time with Kyle and not succeeding in seeing Dirtbike Mike's Demo-Cross. Kick dressing up as Pen Pal Dolf also made me laugh as well as the knock-knock puppet show. So overall; Kyle pulls another very good episode out of his ass; but he doesn't sound as funny without the Spongebob Squarepants voice. Then again; I think we know why Tom Kenny didn't use it here. And it wasn't due to health issues methinks. I will not be doing a Kick Buttowski rant next week because I have a dentist appointment (I might do a Fish Hooks mini-rant); but next weekend will be Ducktales: My Mother The Psychic and Metal Attraction: Both involve Fenton and both involve Fenton getting screwed. So.....

Thumbs down for Kart-To-Kart, thumbs up for Kyle 2.0 and I'll see you next time.

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