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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

You've Been Brad'd/Sleepover Rant

Reviewed: 02/07/2012

You've Been Sleeping Over My Dead Body Again!

Well; we finally have come to the last episodes of Kick Buttowski (that I can do for the Rant Shack, minus Power Play) with a Brianna focused episode and another Kick VS. Brad episode. And the return of Tina Sometimes too. So let's continue on shall we...?

You've Been Brad'd is written by Derek Dressler and Andrew Patrick O'Connor. The storyboards are done by Erik Wiese and Chuck Klein and direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Sleepover is written by Joe Liss and Dave Lewman, storyboards by Troy Adomitis and Chuck Klein and direction done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. All episodes are done in Flash of course.

Opening Moment #1: The title card features a red shadow Brad with a white talking balloon against a black background.

You've Been Brad'd: We begin this one in front of Kick's house and to the garage as Kick rows out on his wagon with his blue bicycle. He then uses the bicycle to ride, and bounce off everything except onto the pavement. We cut to Gunther's front door as the doorbell rings and Gunther answers to to discover that Kick is hanging from the roof. Gunther gives him a picture of a Krackpotkin plan. See; Kick is trying to win a contest which involves Kick not touching the ground while making it to Skidzeez. Gunther thinks this is impossible; but Kick claims he's already won since Skidzeez has the victory banner made for him already. Which is shown in the "speed up to the destination" sequence. Whatever guys. Kick bounces off the mailbox; but it breaks and he drops to the ground. Heh. Gunther is confused; so he plays with a really hot potato with his hands and fumbling and stumbling with it. Kick doesn't want to play until he wins the contest to get to Skidzeez without touching the ground. So Gunther eats the potato anyway. So we cut back to Kick on his bicycle. Yes; this whole thing is downright idiotic for a lot of reasons; but what can you do at this point? At least it keeps Kick from becoming a vainglorious bastard. So we try again; but the wooden fence collapses and he pratfalls on his face again. And we get another shot of Skidzeez and Hush and Razz showing the victory banner. Why? I have no earthly idea. We try again; and the green canpony folds in and he goes splat and takes a good bump in the chest. Razz and Hush are getting restless as Kick tries again; but the yellow slide in the park screws him over. Now Razz and Hush's dummies (how fitting eh?) are holding the banner as we try again and Kick's bike falls apart in slow motion. Kick checks the damage and is confused as to why. We try again; and the chains of the bicycle come apart while riding on the roof around and around. He crashes into the roof and Kick's face reaction is priceless. So we try AGAIN and the wooden black roof shed moves for no reason whatsoever as Kick splats into the brick wall on a house. Kick slides down as Gunther arrives and Kick doesn't get why he's getting screwed and Gunther wants to play hot hot wings. Okay; that is different at least. He also eats it of course and it's hot.

So we cut tothe steets as Kick and Gunther are on the sidewalk walking in the street pondering why he's crashing. Then he hears a female voice and he's laughing at something (although the shot clearly shows that she's laughing at the Kick video of himself crashing and burning. Gunther tries to tell Kick something; but Kick no sells as the denizens of Mellowbrook are watching from their mobile devices and laughing. I didn't realize how old fashion the Buttowski's are. Then Gunther gets the closeup and the title of the video reads "Dillweed bites it again" and the brand name is Bradto which is basically a cheesy version of Youtube. Which is funny considering how Youtube is supposed to be a rogue site despite making deals with certain copyright holders. Allegelly. Gunther forces Kick to look in the window as Kick realizes that someone is filming him. If you cannot guess who; you have no business reading this rant. Hint: There are two choices and only one has a real grunge against Kick. Yeah; Kick has been Brad'd. Whatever; who cares?! Brad has no heat as a heel anyway. Brad doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's screwing Kick; even showing how he screwed with the bicycle. Everyone including Mouth and Rolando are laughing. Brad cuts his promo about a dozen times and Kick and Gunther try to bail while Brad is looking on; but it's an obvious setup as he's been Brad'd again. Case in point: When Kick runs into Brad's bedroom; he's got whipped topping on his helmet and a cherry on top. Yeap; he's doing it to get the girls and the money since the "Brad'd" shirts are selling like hotcakes, and being stuffed on Gunther's head. And Gunther plays hot potato with it and eats it. Okay; this gag has made me giggle; but that's pretty much it at this point. Kick blows off Brad proclaiming that he cannot be prevented from being to Skidzeez's forever; and he opens the same door he went into it and gets a bucket of water on his head for his trouble. Pfffttt. Brad laugh his ass of; of course because he now has bonus features. So he's doing a DVD special?

So we go outside as Kick is checking the wooden fence for defects and so we try again and Brad has decided just to use a trip wire to screw Kick over and over again. Brad cuts his promo; everyone "laughs" inside the show; everyone else sezs "whatever; who cares?". Brad is even selling a pull string Brad doll which even has a phone number. We see Horace "Chip Green" and Pantasy "Three Dee" carrying boxes of shirts out of Brad's room as Brad is loving screwing Kick over; which is basically his MO in every episode involving him. I think it's time to concede that this story is so overused now that the show's cancellation would not be a bad idea at this point. Brad is in the MONEY, MONEY, YEAH, YEAH and is even using it as toilet paper in the bathroom. Whatever Brad. Kick doesn't like this one bit; but isn't going to give up now. Who cares? If Kick was likable; then this would be fine, but he isn't so who cares? Gunther's plan involves buzzing a joy buzzer. I see Gunther comes from the "Revenge of the Rhinokey Joke School Of "Comedy"". AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kick blows it off because we need to think bigger and he won't be a prisoner in his own home. Riiiigggghhhtttt Kick. I feel like a prisoner in my own home everytime I see thee; you guessed it. So Kick walks to the top of the steps; cuts the trip line; tests the railing and it crumbles. Kick thinks he's safe; so Brad pulls the yellow carpet and Kick tumbles down the stairs. Brad'd jackhammer ensues; don't care. Kick goes into the kitchen and there a mousetrap containing Cheeath Chug. Kick blows it off and jumps over the mousetrap to the fridge; and he opens it and gets the LOADED BOXING GLOVE OF DEATH for his problems. Don't care, move on. And we get the shower scene which apparently Kick goes through a hole in the bathtub and lands into Brianna's room with Brianna and her friends cosplaying whatever. And Kick is naked of course and we clearly see his groin for three seconds at least before he covers up. Sorry; there is no penis there at all guys. Oh; and for double standards; the red light on rec in the far shot covers his ass despite seeing it many times in this series before this. Then Kick wakes up and his bed has been moved against Dead Man's Drop; along with parts of his room and he slides off and freefalls down the bunny hill. Then some large object squashes Kick which indicates that the writers have lost their minds at this point. Then the JAWS OF HALF LIFE gets involved to wedgie Kick good. Kick lands on his feet; but they are in hot coals.

Kick bails and he walks in his Pj's hearing laughing and Brad cutting his promo and Kick gets paranoid with bloodshot eyes and green explosion jackhammer of pain beckons. Then we get a dream sequence (background gives it away) as Kick dodges trip wires, plungers, blue sofas, and the like before making it into his room as he barricades every vent and every part where Brad could spy on him. Of course; the rational thing to do is call the police and have him arrested for stalking since the evidence is overwhelming since Brad keeps incriminating himself doing these videos. But Kick is not rational see (well; he never was even if Brad wasn't stalking him) as Gunther opens the door easily and Kick flinches like crazy and Gunther is in shock. Kick shakes and his voice sounds completely different now as he proclaims that he doesn't put barriers up; he tears then down. He is going to get to Skidzeez anyway he can and not touch that ground. He also gives eye contact violence on Gunther wearing a cotton/poly shirt of Brad'd. Kick opens the door and there is Brad taunting him of course because he has the cameras set up to screw him over good. See; he know Kick will not quit; and thus he'll use it against him. Kick claims that he's ready for it this time. So we head outside the garage as Kick sets up his launchpad which contains a wagon and a hockey stick. He prepares himself as Brad has a countdown on a live session of "You've been Brad'd" and we count down to zero; and we are continuing to making me not care. So Kick bounces with the bicycle onto Mr. Vickie's clothesline which Brad cuts. But he forget to cut the far line; allowing Kick to grab that line and miss the ground by six inches. Brad cannot complete his promo as everyone is in shock as Rolando doesn't like this at all. Kick flies through the air and is about to land on the skateboard ramp; which Brad turns around so that Kick can land on the ground; but Kick spins his bicycle and the ramp reverses and he goes back into the air. Mouth leaves his computer in amazement as Brad tries to unscrew the fire hyrdant; but Kick flips down and allows the water to bounce him up further into the air. Rolando runs out in shock as Brad proclaims that his empire will crumble if he makes it to Skidzeez's Unbrad'd. Like I give a crap sir. Evergreening is not your strong suit I see.

Kick bounces off the roofs as Brad pours a bucket of glue onto one of the roofs as Kick sees it right away. This pretty much destroys any hope of this being a decent episode now as Kick bounces on the glue roof; pops the front wheel; and bounces away onto the trash cans with the back wheel as the crowd chases him. Brad slides down the roof and pretty much breaks his back. Ho hum. Brad gets up with roof shingles on his back as he calls Chip Green and Three Dee (who at least are more colorful than Gunner & Murphy) to launch a barricade as we head to the front of Skidzeez as everyone is there including Hush and Razz holding the victory banner. So Chip Gunner and Murphy Dee put the barricade in the street which is taller than the actual store as Brad has the camera and he's proclaiming that Kick will never win. Kick rides off the rim of the swimming pool; bounces off swings and notices the barricade and cuts his biscuits promo. Brad takes it as a sign that he has won and Rolando thinks that this is impossible due to the laws of science. Sadly; this is the world of Kick Buttowski where science and logic do not apply; so Kick bounces off Brad's shingle roof back and over the barricade with ease and lands on the sidewalk in front of Skidzeez for the win. Whatever; it's over, who cares? Brad gets shirts thrown at him which apparently have anvils and other international objects in them because he takes MAN-SIZED bumps off of them. Brad wonders what went wrong. Answer: This feud is overexposed and dead. That's what is wrong Brad. Kick goes over and wants no more pranking or Brad'ing. Brad is dazed and agrees to it. Umm; that is signing under false pretenses Kick. Kick wants to shake and Brad does and gets joybuzzed. Gunther claims it works everytime and Brad has been Kick'ed. Yes; I know that this is wrong for Kick to stoop to his level; but Baloo did the same thing with the super glue on Don Karnage's jacket at the end of Stuck On You; so there you go. It's hard to get angry at Kick since he's unlikable to start with; so this doesn't anger me nor bother me. Cue the Kick'ed jackhammer; end the episode at 10:00 approx. Nothing special here; as it was the usual clustermuck; but it's so tired and overplayed now that it means nothing at this point. ** (40%).

Opening Moment #2: The title card features faceless Kick's arm and a female arm trying to grab the remote in the middle against a red background.

Sleepover: We begin this one with the GREEN SCREEN OF DEATH on a television; as the preview has been approved for all ages. We then see Rock Callahan resting on a golden sofa eating grapes as the narrator does his movie spiels about Callahan being known to the Greek as Perseus. He disappears in a flash of smoke after being tended to by female wavers and appears in a flash of lightning in the middle of a street in Pittsburgh, PA. I know this because they jackhammer the move name "Perseus in Pittsburgh" in purple and lime green letters. Rock turns around as a bus is heading straight towards him honking it's horn. And Persues punches it like a touch guy MURDERING a mat truck. Then he rides on a horse and the horse hates him so much that he gets dropped. HAHA! That's the first funny thing that has happened in the last two episode; at about 11 minutes give or take five seconds or so. Rock does a hurricana on the horse in response. I'm not making that one up folks. And apparently; none of that mushy stuff as Perseus shows his "enlightened" side by throwing a girl in a one piece pink bathing suit like a javelin. No male on female contact? What no male on female contact? Where did Nightflight ever get that idea from? Apparently; Kick and Gunther are watching in Gunther's room as we discover that Rock's real name is Rodney Callahan as he wants everyone to tune in and see romance get all wet. Kick and Gunther claim that he is still working on his catchphrases. That one sounds all right to me. See; Kick and Gunther are going to stay up at 2 AM to watch the movie on the Insomniac Channel. Must be the same channel that runs Spyro The Dragon Marathons. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kick and Gunther have seen every movie; except this one see. Gunther has the binoculars as he teases opening the blinders on a "window" as this movie is only available on the IC; and not anywhere else. Gunther claims that they have everything including the Gunther channel which he calls awesome. Which we discover that he's looking at himself at the mirror. HAHA! Kick is not amused. Kick pokes on Gunther's back and Gunther cuts a promo about the episode he is watching and then catches himself. HAHA! Kick wants a sleepover tonight and Gunther agrees to it; even on the packing part.

So we head to the door of the Buttowski's house AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) as Kick opens the door and Gunther drags a trunk of goodies inside the house. Kick thinks this is going to be awesome; and then catches himself as we discover that Brianna and her friends in their Tina (Teena) Sometimes outfit are watching television and eating popcorn. UH OH! Kick demands answers and Brianna claims that this is her living room now and she's having a slumber party. To which the black girl cheers for the slumber party. One of the girls looks like a female version of Gunther. See; the girls are watching the Tina Sometimes marathon as they cut the promo on her being sometimes a spy, sometimes a princess. Kick tells them that he's watching Rock Callahan and nothing going to stop him. Memo to Kick: You clearly forgot what happened the last time you screwed with Brianna and her show. It was really ugly. On the other hand; it did provide me with enjoyable entertainment value; so go ahead and forget what happened Kick. Brianna blows Kick off because she booked the living room showing the book on the podium. Gunther goes to read it with his glasses on and apparently; Brianna is right since they have it booked until 8 am. Also; at 2 pm Kick is getting a pie in his face by Brad. Female Gunther blows them off and wants Brianna to watch the show as it's on right now. They have seem this scene 138 times as we see Teena and the prince dancing in the ball room (which looks like a Beauty & The Beast reject set) and they do a closeup of their faces and we kiss. In a shock; Kick doesn't bail and throw up on cue. Brianna blows him off and Kick sulks away stage right. Behind the couch as Kick notices the remote control on there and goes to Gunther as Gunther explains that they can watch the movie at their house. Kick refuses to. WHY?! So we discover that we could watch the damn movie at Gunther's house without interference; but Kick refuses because...WHAT?! Gunther isn't so sure; but Kick shoves him out of the house because it's only Brianna. Oh lord; this is stupid, stupid, STUPID! Gunther pleads, but Kick slams the door on him and then practices the fine art of not being seen by the Teena Sometimes Fan Club; population three. I feel really sorry for Brianna for having such crappy brothers; I really do. Kick is in the couch pillow as he tries to grab the remote; but it's swiped away. Cut back to Gunther outside as we have the FCC FRIENDLY OFFSCREEN CATFIGHT OF DEATH and Kick gets stuffed through the letter hole and he's has been MURDERED. HAHA! Serves him right for underestimating Brianna. Kick has just been Sometimes! Yeah; I'm starting to write like the new Disney. That's horrifying.

So Gunther and Kick go over to Gunther's house and into his living room as Magnus and Helga was on the green sofa. Why didn't they do this from the start so that Kick would at least have some justification to kick Brianna out and not look like a sexist pig?! I'll never understand new Disney writing; my old fart logic doesn't allow it to. Magnus and Helga no sell because it's Wolf Hair Night. Kick takes it as they don't mind them watching television. Gunther wants to get the hell out of here and panics. Kick doesn't seem to care as he is at the television and tries to turn it on; but Gunther continues to panic as the clock chimes and Helga's hair grows like Repuzsal on HGH. I shake my head that even Helga has seen Larson & Gary recently as the entire house gets swamped with hair. HEE HEE! So Kick and Gunther pop from the carnage covered in hair as Gunther wants to get a high paying job and buy a television set with cable and Kick blows him off because there is no time since the movie is supposed to be on soon. Gunther then panics and runs around Kick of course because Gunther is a chicken little with an eating problem. Kick tackles him down and proclaims that they must see the movie at his house. Gunther panics about Brianna and her henchmen. I shake my head at Gunther as Kick has to find a way to sweet talk himself into this as he pulls Gunther away screaming that this is madness; while shaking like a leaf. So we head inside Kick's house to the door between the living room and kitchen as Kick looks down and sees that they have gone to commercial on Teena Sometimes as Kick tells Gunther to walk in. Gunther isn't so sure about this as Kick calls Gunther "Sometimes Wing Man, Sometimes Spy". Ooookkkkaaay. Gunther walks in as Kick has the Gruffi pose on thinking this will be too easy; but Gunther returns with a tiara, female hairdoo and lipstick on his mouth. Geez; they really let Gunther off easy didn't they? Kick wants to know what they did to him and Gunther admits that they did a makeover of him and he's a fall instead of a spring. HAHA! Kick is flustered on cue. Sorry; but Brianna is the clear babyface here and Kick is the slimy sexist heel; so forgive if I'm booing Kick out of the building here for trying to screw Brianna over.

Kick asks anything about the girls and Gunther sniffs his armpits and admits that they hate stuff that stinks. Kick sees this as money and we scene change as Gunther has the gas mask on and Kick brings in a little pig and lets the pig run into the living room. And I thought the ligonberry jar of massive fart destruction (as per in Kick Out) was classless? The pig squeals and then Kick and Gunther celebrate by dancing around for a bit like a bunch of redneck hicks and then Kick catches himself. HAHA! Idiots! The pig gets a makeover; in case you didn't notice. Kick is not amused; so we go to Krackpotkin Plan B: Tire them out. Gunther isn't so sure; but Kick claims that they are girls. Can't we have a boy who isn't sexist againest girls...other than Kit Cloudkicker? Kick and Gunther enter as Brianna comes in and blocks the way and blows them off. Kick does the old "suckup and tireout routine" on the girls which he asks if they have played any games. Brianna claims that they haven't and Kick is shocked to hear that. The black girl loves games as the fat one wants to spin the bottle and has eyes for Gunther. Gunther is not liking this as Kick explains that he can show them some awesome slumber party games which Brianna blows off. Kick claims that he knows as many slumber party games as there are Teena Sometimes episodes. The henchgirls are in awe over this; but Brianna doesn't like it. The girls want to play like Teena Sometimes on Game More Island. It's an episode of the show of course and Brianna decides to do it. Brianna puts the remote control under her shirt and proclaims that the marathon is still on. Gunther doesn't like this as the fat girl is having a flashback with Gunther while Kick seems to be happy about this. So we scene change to a sky shot of the living room as we do some sleeping bag races. Brianna wants to know where Abby is which is the fat girl hanging off Gunther's back when she pops out of Gunther's sleeping bag. So the race starts and Gunther collapses to the ground complaining about his spleen. Kick goes over to check him out and Brianna and the other girl MURDER him with the sleeping bags, bouncing off his body. HAHA! IN YOUR FACE KICK BUTTOWSKI~!

Scene changer and we see the girls watching the marathon again as Kick and Gunther run in with pillows because no female stereotypical slumber party is complete without a pillow fight. Even Brianna is gritting her teeth over the sexism which tells you how smart she is to know that Kick is screwing her over. Sadly; the other girls do not care as everyone has a pillow and Kick and Gunther go over and Kick tells them that they are just little girls. Kick has never met Molly Cunningham before, and he should be thankful Disney wants nothing to do with TaleSpin ever again. Thankfully; Brianna has enough sense to act like Molly Cunningham and the girls just plain MURDER Kick and Gunther with the pillows. HAHA! We play cricket for a bit and Kick smashes into the ceiling. THAT CEILING IS NOT UP TO CODE! Kick has a chipped tooth and probably a concussion. Kick and Gunther get grabbed by Abby and sat down as she brings out the bottle since it's time to Spin The Bottle. Oh goody; this could be good. Kick bails behind the couch and we spin the bottle complete with blurring effects and where it stops; only these dumbass writers know. Oddsmakers: Kick 2:1, Gunther 2:1, Brianna 5:1, Black Girl 10:1, Abby 10:1, Me 1.5:1. Answer: Gunther of course. That bottle is soooooooooo rigged! Gunther gets grabbed and kissed off-screen which makes no sense whatsoever since we see on screen kisses all the time. BS&P is so whack in this show. Gunther tries to escape; but gets pulled back and kissed some more. So Gunther is kiss drunk and he faceplants into the couch next to Kick. Brianna is loving this now; and wants to play another game. The other girl climbs onto Kick's back and Abby gets on Gunther's back and we play Chicken Flight; or the gunless version of Tailgunner. I'm sorry; this is not cool without the machine gun noises. Book another spot writers of the world if you are going to BS&P it. Gunther pratfalls on his face of course because Abby is JUST TOO FAT!

So Kick and Gunther bail behind a wall panting. Kick claims that one of them is yawning. Kick proclaims that they need to step up the pace since it's almost time to watch the damn movie. So Kick and Gunther walk back in and it's time for the next game which is tag. Abby still has eyes for Gunther; but Kick declares himself it and gets chased by the girls upstairs. Wait; shouldn't it be the other way around? Kick chasing..Oh wait. I CLUB BS&P! Gunther gets MURDERED again on the ground of course as Kick runs; dodges and does things to slow down the girls. Girl#2 and Brianna have a meeting of the minds. And it wasn't at the Teena Sometimes Rock Concert. Gunther sits on the couch and eats popcorn to amuse himself. Sadly; Abby still has eyes for Gunther and gets grabbed and kissed off-screen in that order. We run around some more as this spot has gone long past it's expiry date as we whirlwind the spot and Abby tires out first, followed by girl #2 and then Brianna after about ten more rotations. Kick is also tired as we head to the night as the lights go out and Abby and girl #2 are asleep in their sleeping bags. Brianna is watching on the couch; but she's tired out and pooped out as she falls asleep. Kick grabs the OUT OF NOWHERE remote control despite it being in Brianna's shirt the whole time before this. Kick changes the channel and is just in time to watch the movie: Rock Callahan in Perseus In Pittsburgh. The IC logo is boring as it's a tree with an owl on the branch. No one cares; like we haven't seen that a million times before this. Gunther and Kick look tired and then the sun is up and they are now asleep as they wake up and then claim that they missed the movie. WHAT?

I know that they were tired; but they didn't fall asleep visually beforehand to make the next scene make sense. Idiots! Brianna is up all dressed up as she greets her brother and Kick blows it off. Brianna then gives Kick a disc of Perseus in Pittsburgh. Gunther thinks she recorded it in her sleep. Brianna claims that she couldn't sleep since Gunther and Kick were snoring as Brianna wakes up goes to the DVD player and hits record and then walks out. She did it because Kick made her slumber party fun. Awwwww; how sweet of her. Kick doesn't deserve it; but it shows that this family doesn't have a crappy daughter. A creepy daughter on the other hand...POW! OUCH! Ummmm.. Kick thanks her and we cut to a shot of the house as Kick and Gunther are watching the DVD movie. The scene involves the villian proclaiming that Perseus thinks he has wings on his feet and he's going to fly away. Perseus does and manages to get behind the Mad Dog human with purple outfit on and states that the heel is going to fly away and he throws him away like a spear out of sight stage left. Jump cut; but it looked cute so I'm fine with that. Kick and Gunther proclaim that this is some of his finest work ever. That ends the episode at 10:20 approx. So we end with Kick and Gunther watching the movie as the police car siren beckons and Kick gets a pie thrown in his face. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! See; make the joke and then pay it off. Gunther admits that this was going to happen so it makes perfect sense. Great final scene in a pretty good episode too. A few logic breaks and Kick's sexism aside; this was a fun episode to watch, mostly for Abby/Gunther. **** 1/4 (85%).


Well; for Rant Shack purposes; this is the final set of episodes I can do for Kick Buttowski (Power Play will be a mini-rant) and it was the usual clustermuck for You've Been Brad'd. Nothing in it offended me; nothing annoyed me, none of it was nonsense, but it was so dull, boring and so played out at this point that Brad Buttowski comes off as a really dull sadist with no sense of creativity nor excitement. I simply did not care about this episode at all; it was solid, but nothing clicked enough for me to care. Sleepover on the other hand was entertaining; but Kick annoyed me to death on his sexism since he should know not to underestimate Brianna in any way. The Abby/Gunther sequence did make me laugh and some of the games that backfired in their faces also made me laugh. I also ended up liking Brianna for the finish because Kick didn't earn or deserve anything but scorn for tricking Brianna into not watching the marathon of Teena Sometimes just to watch a pointless Z-Grade movie, but only because in her own mind, Kick entertained her which is perfectly true and she rewarded him by recording the movie for them. So there was no zero sum game in the end and everyone looked good. Loved the ending too.

So minus Power Play; that is the last rant for Kick Buttowski since there are no more episodes to rant on at this point. Season two's totals: Nine thumbs up, Seven thumbs in the middle and nine thumbs down. So far: 14 thumbs up, 26 thumbs in the middle, 25 thumbs down. The number of great episodes has increased in season two; and there were no negative star episodes so far compared to at least four in the first season, so it is a marked improvement. Sadly; I have heard horror stories that the more recent episodes have really dropped in quality even by Kick Buttowski standards; so who knows. I have also heard rumors that Kick Buttowski will stop at the end of season two due to low ratings. It would not surprise me since some of Fish Hook's ratings have dropped to half it's maximum (which is around 4 million viewers; now down to around two million viewers). Kick never got the ratings Fish Hooks had and any drops in those numbers could be trouble at this point. We'll see what happens at the end of Season two if Disney is going to renew Kick Buttowski. I will say this; Kick Buttowski is still a whiplash series in terms of quality and if they don't nip that in the bud soon; they will be canceled. Next Tuesday; I'm going to do the two Fish Hook shorts that I can do; then the next Tuesday after it; it's the mini rant for Kick Buttowski called Power Play. After that; it's Ducktales and Quack Pack in March and April. So.....

Thumbs down for You've Been Brad'd, thumbs up for Sleepover and I'll see you next time.

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