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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Crumbs!/Stay Cool Rant

Reviewed: 09/09/2017

Stay Cool, Crumbs of DTVA!

We wind down the road towards the end as Honey entrusts Kick with keeping a batch of her homemade cookies away from Harold. Kick is sure it will be easy, but Harold will stop at nothing to get his hands on those cookies, exhibiting Kick-style determination. At least this show who enables who. Then from there Kick and Brianna break Harold's air conditioner and Brad is to blame for it. Guilt trips ensue. So let's continue on shall we...?

Crumbs! is written by Derek Dressler with storyboards done by David Smith. The direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Is this the same David S. Smith who worked on TaleSpin? Actually; it's David P. Smith and he debuted on Aaah! Real Monsters in 1995 as a character design assistant. Best known as the creator of Mixels and did voice acting for said show. Sample credits include: Shrek 2 (and a number of outliers in the series), The Powerpuff Girls, The Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Secert Mountain Fort Awesome, Chowder and Girls Vs. Aliens. Kick Buttowski is his DTVA debut and only appearance. How The Grinch Stole Christmas 2018 as a storyboarder is his most recent credit. He has 12 Acting credits, 10 Writing credits, 14 Art Department credits, 3 Producer credits, 6 Animation Department credits, 5 Misc credits, 2 Art Director credits, 5 Soundtrack credits, 5 Director credits, 3 Music Department credits, 1 Composer credit, 1 Production Designer credit and 1 Thanks credit to his resume. Stay Cool is written by Eric Rivera, with storyboards done by Howie Perry while direction was done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Episodes are done with Toon Boom like all episodes of this show.

Opening Moment #1: Title card features Kick's head as a cookie which is great continuity from the cookies Jackie baked in Obsession For Kick. So at least this show can be funny when it cares enough to.

Crumbs!: We begin this one with a shot of an oven dinging and opening by itself. Are there really ovens that do that in real life? Out comes three pans of cookies and they are slid into a cookie jar on the counter by Denise. Denise is worried and shifting her eyes because you see, in storyline; her cookies are so tasty that Harold will eat them all, almost like a modern day Cookie Monster. I saw this coming a mile away since I was paying attention during the Attic-a episode. So she stuffs international objects into the dishwasher and then sprays Fabreeze around the kitchen in a panic. Denise practices the fine art of not being seen and throws her cooking stuff which includes XXX flour, spoon and bowl into the trash can. Denise has the green tin of cookies to protect and then forces them behind her back, because Harold is right beside her out of nowhere asking if he had seen... Well; something, because Denise cuts him off and shakes with Hanna Barbara teeth chattering sound effects. Denise blows her cover and her cover up sucks as she walks backwards into the house. Jump cut to Kick complaining that there is nothing to eat while staring at an open fridge. Fridge door closes to reveal Denise and she is pleading for Kick's help. Kick asks for a snack and Denise jumps into the trash bin and motions to Kick to go inside. Kick complies and jumps into the small trash bin; which the inside is the size of a small closet and has a light inside. Why? Why not? Denise shoves the green tin of cookies into Kick and tells him to protect them with his life because she needs the cookies for a Shuffleboard game; which no one will see because kids for the most part hate Shuffleboard and most adults aren't too keen on the sport either. Kick asks about one cookie and Denise says no because Harold cannot resist the cookies. This is why you don't make them so tasty, because once you do; you cannot have just one. Anyhow; Denise decides to run interference to get him out of the house; but if that fails, Kick is on his own. Kick salutes her anyway and decides to protect the cookies with his life. Okay. Denise pops down and three seconds later; Kick turns around and there's Harold. Damn!

Kick hides the cookies behind his back and then runs stage right to his room, which kicks up non-existent dust as Harold climbs up the side of the railing (which means he's at least fifteen feet over the floor) and gets all evil and laughing. Harold of course let's go and crashes into something off-screen. Yeah; he needs help for this addiction. Jump cut to Kick inside his room and opening the tin of cookies; the smell instantly makes Kick understand why Harold goes all Cookie Monster on them. I actually like that spot as Harold is yelling for Kick's help in the attic to organize the Christmas decoration. Now; if Kick has a brain, he'll no sell this. But considering all the concussions and truama he has had in this series, I wouldn't put it past him to sell this like a stupid idiot. So Kick backs up to his bedroom and no sells the deal because he's helping Gunther with something something. I was hoping it was a Jackie-resistant shirt; so I could get a cheap shot in, but it wasn't. It was math homework by the way. So Harold is pleading and then he oversells crashing and selling of injuries as Kick nearly fips the tin on cue. Kick is having second thoughts about this. Oh come on now; Harold cannot be that accident prone. He might be over acting prone, but not accident prone. A cat gets involved and Kick instantly is no selling this either. Wait; but if a cat is screeching, that's generally a sign that Harold is legit hurt. Kick then opens the door and looks out to see a mess of decorations on the floor, broken in pieces. Ummm; Kick, Harold's body is nowhere to be seen, so Harold clearly threw all the decorations from the attic to the floor. It's a trick! Don't buy this crap! Don't....Kick touches an ornament and sees the reflection of Harold wanting COOKIE~! Harold does the stupidest pose ever and Kick dodges him, as Harold crashes on the floor like a goddamn idiot. Kick asks how he knew and Harold claims that he always knew. Kick Buttowski, I knew you'd come! Kick kicks the bad "Ho"-ing Santa right into Harold's chest and face and Kick runs down the steps. Harold returns after an off-screen fight, breaking Santa's arm (Damn!) and is generally being evil. Okay.

Kick bails and then Harold drops the arm and smacks himself in the face, and the slap misses by three feet despite Harold overselling it with drool spray. Geez; you are weak Harold. Harold's split personality is a sight to behold as he's wheezing and looking like a devil; which is enough for Harold to rub his naked tummy and he wants them COOKIES~! Pfft; why not? I could use a dozen cookies or three myself. Jump cut to Kick hiding in darkness somewhere, but it's not pitch dark since they don't use the eyes only pitch dark spot. Oh; he's hiding in front of the windows behind the green curtains, which Harold opens like a cocky bastard. Still more likable than a vainglorious bastard, that is for sure. So Harold tries to buy off Kick and somehow has $2400 in his wallet. Even Kick is calling him out on this; so you know this is bullcrap! Kick no sells this deal, so Kick's price is at least $2500. Harold then admits that he only has eleven dollars in his wallet, and Kick blows him off because he promised Denise to protect the cookies until shuffleboard time. Name one person watching this show who gives a damn about shuffleboard. Harold claims that the promise to his stomach trumps Denise, so it's time for COOKIES~! Kick panics and bails upstairs admitting that Harold is crazy. Kick tries to call Denise on the touch tone phone; but the line is snipped by Harold and his scissors. Then we pan over as Harold is shown with Brad shaking like a leaf as he threatens to spray Febreeze on Brad. Yawn. Kick gleefully laughs his ass off on this, and I don't blame him. Come on Harold; you expect Kick to buy that you'll trying to kill Brad? Besides; Brad stinks...well, he is a heel, so yeah. Then Harold simply laughs with Kick and Brad faceplants onto the floor. This was in fact, funny. Brad is angry and brings up Gunther's name; and suddenly Harold is inspired, causing Kick to stop laughing. How convenient, eh? After not buying that Brad would be killed, Kick is selling it like Gunther will die from this. That is freaking stupid! Harold bails out of the house through the front door as Kick goes into the garage and opens the door to reveal a ramp, his only true fan and his blue skateboard.

We ramp up and skateboard stage left as Kick makes it to Gunther's bedroom and then does the WARNERED spot and opens the window, because BS&P RULEZ~! Here's a clue: When the character says "safety first"; you are telegraphing to the audience that Standards & Practices has censored this spot for your protection from reality. Instead know...having the windows open from the start; which would make more sense. Anyhow; "Gunther" is perfectly okay on top of the bunk bed and wants them cookies. Meanwhile; the animators show Kick his entire covered ass hole. Not just the ass, but the actual tunnel. Kick is about to share and then pulls back because how did "Gunther" know about the cookies. "Gunther" claims he has x-ray vision, which Kick is not buying for one second. Kick asks what's under the helmet and "Gunther" claims that it's another helmet. Kick sells that and then "Gunther" says the word "son" asking for the cookies, which completely telegraphs that this is Harold acting like Clamantha from Flores Dores Gorgous. So Kick is not fooled and tries to pull the mask off; but they tumble and we discover that it really is Gunther. Kick asks why he calls him son; and Gunther is completely clueless. Door opens and in comes "Gunther" wanting cookies and Kick pulls off that mask to reveal Harold and Kick screams. Kick cuts a promo on him and then jumps off his head and bails out of the door. Gunther asks where Harold's legs are and Harold tells him that he doesn't want to know. That's fair as we jump cut to Kick sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S...POW! OUCH! Ummmm...I mean; he's sitting on a tree branch with the tin of cookies. Kick thinks Harold won't get him and so we have Harold literally trying to chop the tree down. Harold claims that he tried to be reasonable and Kick rightfully blows him off, which Harold admits that Kick is right. HAHA! Harold wants cookies, Kick no sells, tiiiiimmmmbbbbeeerrrrr, Kick jumps and an eagle flies in and saves him. Tree falls as Harold is pissed; Gunther comes out and orders him to pay for the tree, Harold hisses at him and Gunther slides away from the window in fear. Yeah; Harold's an evil cookie monster now.

Eagle swoops down and Kick jumps off of him. We discover that the bird's name is Majestic. So the bird is a babyface now; because I swear he was a heel in Brad's Diary? We discover that Kick is at the front door of Mr. Vickie's house as he's banging and ringing the doorbell; because he comes the cookie monster of 2011! Mr. Vickie answers the door and Kick is let inside as it's almost HAPPY HOUR now. Mr. Vickie panics because Denise's cookies are too tasty to be considered a safe thing, you see. I discover that Kick called him Mr. Vickel. Wait, what?! Vickie is the last name; so why change it? Unless his name is Mr. Vickle (as in fickle) all along. Although; calling him Vickie Vickle would have been money. And yes, Kick is mad; we knew this well before this incident occured. Do keep up, please. Vickie tells Kick to give it up as we see photos of Mr. Vickie, Kendell (yes, Kendell couldn't stop him), someone else (either Grandpa Buttowski which makes sense, or Herny Winkler) and Denise fell to the hunger of cookies Harold devoured. However; Kick no sells because a promise is a promise. Vickle tells him to not be an idiot as Harold is ringing the doorbell outside; causing Vickle (I checked the wikia; it's Mr. Vickle. Damn!) to use his fireplace as a rotating door to escape as it's now a book shelf. No escape, eh? More door knocking and door bell ringing as Kick simply runs out into the backyard and somehow is back on the street AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) with Harold chasing him. Geez; what a liar Mr. Vickle is?! Harold offers a new skateboard; so Kick jumps off a trash can and it somehow lands on Harold's head off-screen. Another cat screams; so you know it was real. Jump cut to a house as Kick is ringing the door bell and guess who answers the door? Mr. Perkins, Kendell's father. I just realize that this is the guy who failed to stop Harold's reign of terror in the pictures inside Mr. Vickle's house. Unlike Kendell; Mr. Perkins actually is friendly to Kick and asks what is wrong. Mr. Perkins hears Harold and proclaims that there is only one thing to do: Close the door and the house rockets into space. Did I just type that and wasn't drunk?

Kick swears in dubbed anime style; but is happy because Kendell is gone. Yeah; because Kendell's a dull pain in the ass...Ooops; here she comes demanding answers to this outrage. Hee hee. Kick is not impressed as Harold runs in with a trash can on his head. I cannot believe that this is less believable than Kendell's house being a space ship. Kendell asks, Kick says yes and then Kendell has rocket shoes and rockets into space. Now I know someone is drunk, and it isn't me. Although the diet soda drinking will likely increase after I finish this episode. So Kick bails stage left and pleads for help and at least five houses rocket into space, because overkilling the joke is funny. Kick bumps into Harold; Harold tries to grab Kick and Kick literally runs in between Harold's leg and Harold does the most awkward pose in history. His body went right through his legs in the process, and that was the most cringeful thing I have ever seen that doesn't involve a head injury. Kick jumps over wooden fences in backyards, Harold runs through them and Harold catches Kick in the swimming pool with Kick trying to jump over said pool. They fall to the floor as Harold somehow can talk underwater and still hold his breath, Kick no sells, bounces Harold off of him and swims towards the surface. Here's where ASL or even telepathy would have been a better spot. Harold grabs Kick, cookie tin goes flying as we then have a race. Geez; this swimming pool is somehow bigger than in Cole Harbour Place despite this backyard swimming pool being a quarter of the size of the CHP pool. Kick grabs the tin and swims up on the right side while Harold is grabbing the left edge. Kick than opens the tin and threatens to soak the cookies in the swimming pool and ruin their texture. Ummm; there's two flaws in this plan: (1.) Denise needs the cookies for shuffleboard (2.) Most swimming pools have chlorine in it. Even if it doesn't kill you, the taste is completely unbearable. Ruining the texture is less of a problem; then having the cookies taste bad considering the first problem.

Harold treats them like Kick is going to commit capital murder on them and Kick shows no remorse, because a promise is a promise. Harold then backs off and it's over. Riiiiiggggghhhtttt. Harold has clearly watched Louie's Last Stand and apparently, he has Dhalsim's ultra stretchy legs because he kicks the cookie tin and grabs it on the rebound. IN YOUR FACE, KICK BUTTOWSKI~! Then we get a gaping logic break: Harold opens the cookies and they are completely missing. WHAT?! Then we see Kick running into the garage with the cookies in tow. That makes no sense considering that there's no time for Kick to move the cookies out of the tin without Harold seeing them. Listen; I can tolerate the houses and Kendell rocketing into the sky; but this is unforgivable! So Kick is pushing the garage door button over and over again, and slowly the garage door closes as Harold slides off the door, ala Kit Cloudkicker on Baloo's plane from Plunder and Lightning part two. Kick breathes a sigh of relief as the door from the garage opens and out comes "Denise". Kick is happy to see her...until "Denise" is going all cookie monster on us. Yes folks; it's Harold dressed up as Denise, which is why they have the same height and weight. So Harold surrounds Kick and the lights are switched off, as we hear eating noises, but for some reason, Harold is protesting this outrage; which completely gives away that Kick is eating the cookies himself. The garage door opens and in comes Antonio with Denise driving it, and yes, Kick is eating the cookies to stop Harold from eating them. Denise is pissed; because Kick wasn't suppose to eat them either after Kick was cheering that he did it. Denise apologizes for making the cookies and burdening Kick with a responsibility. Yes and not getting Harold help for that addiciton problem as Kick is a cartoon fat guy as he proclaims that he learned a lesson and that is: COOKIES~! Kick scares off Harold and Denise to end the episode at 10:00 approx. This was a silly episode; but it was fine, outside of some logic breaks. *** (60%).

Opening Moment #2: Title card features sunglasses with red stripes on the lens against a mustard background. Stay cool...WITH MUSTARD~!

Stay Cool: We begin this one with a shot of a thermometer against a hot sunny background as it's apparently 300*F outside. Doods; if it were 300*F, everyone would have been dead and maybe even on fire. Thermometer breaks as red liquid (not blood; so that is okay) breaks out and white skies ensue outside of the Buttowski's residence as Harold is complaining about the heat. Jump cut to inside the room near the window as Harold is sitting in front of the air conditioner like it was a campfire. Harold hugs it like a human being and gives away the fact that it's the cheapest air conditioner on the planet and he kisses it and has freezie face. Cut to outside as Brianna is painting a purple clock of Rock Callaghan with lipstick and being all evil. Wait; what?! Kick calls her out on it and demands the clock. Why is Brianna vandalizing Kick's stuff now? Kick jumps in and they have a tug of war with the alarm clock; and Brianna wins as Kick smacks into the air conditioner; and that doesn't break it. Then the alarm clock breaks into tiny pieces and lands into the air conditioner. Is there anything that doesn't break in this show? Air conditioner short circuits and smokes. Kick and Brianna gasps as Harold hears it smoking and then does CPR on it. HAHA! Kick and Brianna panic as Brad comes in listening to his walkman as he notices two Takini Lumberjack magazines hidden in the bushes. Brad is so loving these magazines as Harold comes out. Kick and Brianna hide behind the bushes and since Brad is the only person withing three feet from the air conditioner, Harold blames Brad for it. I pefer this over Kick and Brianna turning on their brother and lying in Harold's face; because at least here, Harold is an idiot for not being a forsenic scientist. However; Kick and Brianna tease coming clean and then Harold grounds Brad for the rest of the summer, and Kick and Brianna shut up about it, because there are stunts and Camp Sometimes to go to. So yes; this is the lying episode plot. Brad begging for mercy was funny though as Brianna and Kick agree not to say a word about it. Why is Mandouga shocked when Webby and Louie do the exact same thing in Ducktales 2017?

So we head into the living room with Kick saying and sitting on the couch. Brad's screaming in the background is outstanding here and it even makes Kick shake and cover his eyes. Brad needs to get grounded more often. Not because he deserves it; but because Brad's workrate increases eight hundred fold. Brianna comes out of nowhere sizing Kick up and accusing him of feeling guilty. Brianna tells him to stay cool and then does her nails proclaiming that there is only seventeen hours left until Camp Sometimes. The clock is ticking and Kick runs out to the back to open the air conditioner in order to eliminate the evidence, so he has watched Forsenic Files before, but doesn't realize that this only creates more. As Kick is about to touch the evidence, Brad opens the window and goes into melodramatics which includes going to the moon and winning the lottery; along with getting a real girlfriend. One of those is impossible and I have a hard time telling which one it is. And then Brad proclaims that he got tickets for him and Kick and Kick feels gulity already. Riiigggghhhhttttt. That is totally absurd! Kick of course sells guilt as Harold opens the window and he's in his underwear. Whatever; he doesn't look even close to being ugly, and someone off-screen is crashing like he is some sort of stud. Which he is not and Harold tells the dood to sod off. He also tells Kick to go away because he's blocking the slight breeze. So we jump cut to Kick opening the door inside Brad's bedroom as Brad is lying on his bed eating cereal with the bowl on his belly screaming. Man; Danny's screaming here is much funnier when he heels it up compared to Dave The Barbarian. Kick taunts him because he can stay in his room and work out, watch television, eat bad food (So cereal is evil now?) and brings in five Tikini Jumberjack magazines to cheer him up. I betcha Harold comes in and steals the magazines because Brad is grounded. I check the video...Wow; didn't happen at all. What happened was Kick admits that they were stashed behind the bushes and Brad asks how he knew that. Kick recoils, does the stupid salute and then bails stage left like a coward. Oh wait...

Scene change to Kick in the bathroom looking himself in the mirror. Then Bianna comes in out of nowhere after Kick cut a promo about not being able to take it anymore. Cue Yuuchi from Chargeman Ken! Anyhow; Brianna cannot take it anymore....about Cape Sometimes. Something tells me the original plan was to have Brianna be grounded for breaking the air conditioner and have Brad and Kick be the ones to deny it; and it was changed for obvious reasons. Because Brianna is acting a lot like Brad in this episode for some reason. She apparently is limited to twelve suitcase and her wardrobe needs more than that. Twenty to be exact. Wow; even Webby wasn't this vainglorious in Attack Of The Fifty Foot Webby. Maybe Kevin is right; maybe Webby hating her Quacky Patch doll in Ducktales 2017 was a bad idea in hindsight. Brianna then realizes that Kick was going to confess and tells him that if he confesses before she goes to Camp Sometimes; Kick will never be able to do stunts again. Implying that she is going to kill him, basically. Kick shakes and looks awkward as Brianna is basically threatening him to stay cool. Kick shakes yes twice and then Brianna walks backwards out of the bathroom yelling "never again". Kick nods again and then we jump cut to Kick walking down the stairs proclaiming that he should just let it go for a couple of days; and then we see Harold sitting down whining about the heat in his underwear as Harold is hugging the damn thing and still accusing Brad of murdering it like the air conditioner was a human being. Harold then slides over to Kick and is begging for Brad to be the good son just like Kick. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I cannot take anything in that sentence seriously, Harold. Your parenting skills suck! He calls Brad a cheapo-murdering brother as Kick is sweating and teases confessing; but Brianna rushes in and throws him into the wall; and causes the wall to crumble. In any other universe; this is a confession by Brianna without her actually confessing. But since Harold is not a scientist, Brianna covers Kick's mouth and nothing happens. Not even punished for breaking the wall.

Brianna drags Kick upstairs as Kick is knocked out as Harold praises them. Jump cut to Brianna's room as Kick is tied up to a chair and a bear is stuffed in his mouth as Brianna sips some tea accusing Kick of being yappy. Good thing it's Kick Buttowski; if it was Drake Mallard, he would confess and not regret it. BLAM! Hee hee. Missed ag...POW! OUCH! Ummmm... Kick spits out the bear and protests this because the guilt is too much and Brianna laughs in his face and then jackhammers rage because Brad is a doofus. Because you see; calling him a donkey would make kids think "jackass" and moral guardians are some heroic assholes who have somehow earned the time of day to be heard, when they are really projecting themselves as jackasses. But I digress. Anyhow; Brianna implies that Brad taking him to the Gnarly Games is a setup; which is true because the Gnarly Games were happening when Kick was dealing with Kyle in Kyle E. Coyote. Brad also dyed Kick's jumpsuits purple; which was in fact funny and Kick agrees with me. The rest are painful as Kick finally admits that the reason he wears the helmet is because Brad superglued it to his head. Brianna basically tells Kick that Brad deserved revenge and this is perfect for him. There's one problem: Kick has always gotten back at him all the time in the show. Well; most of the time, so revenge is pointless and it has nothing to do with the air conditioner which you and Kick broke. This is turning into a CSI episode now as Kick asked to be untied and Brianna complies and tells him to stay cool. So Kick walks back to his room and opens the door to reveal...Brad sitting on Kick's bed. Okay; I expected that, it's Brad. It's not like Brad doesn't break DA RULES (FAIRY GODPARENTS~!) on groundings or anything, since he's supposed to be the heel. Brad proclaims that he did some investigating and Kick zings him claiming that he founds his like brain. Which Brad sells for three seconds before catching himself. HAHA! Brad shows off the head of Rock Callahan and he tells Kick that he knows who killed Harold's air conditioner. Nice to see Brad is the only one who actually looks for evidence.

Kick does the Gruffi pose and basically tells him to tell Harold about it because he cannot live with the guilt anyway. Brad no sells because he wants revenge and Kick will never see it coming as he bails stage left. Because you see; Brad is a jackass and tattle tailing would end the suffering for Kick. Kick don't care, and decides to confess right now which invokes the WRAITH OF MEDUSA BRIANNA~! Kick is shocked and appalled as Brad slams the door and somehow gets something jammed on it (which we don't see); but still does his catchphrase at the end. So we head to the kitchen table with Brianna, Kick and Denise sitting down as Brad comes in and is offering them soup for supper. So yes; the terms of grounding mean Brad must be the cook. Brad gives Dillweed Kick his bowl and claims that it's his last meal. Now I would have teased it as poison, and then have Brad say that it's actually dillweed, just to pay off the insult. However; these writers believe random jokes are funnier and a fish jumps out of the bowl and engulfs Kick's head. Yawn. Kick drops to the ground and then we discover that it's all just a dream sequence as Kick simply walks away to make his own lunch. So we head outside to the BBQ as Brad is checking the device while Kick walks in with tongs and a juicy steak. Brad walks off saying that he refilled the propane tank. Kick puts the steak on and turns the BBQ on and it explodes, causing Kick to fly into the tree with blackface; and then it's another dream sequence as Brad is laughing. Kick runs into Brianna's bedroom as Brianna is eating a banana. Kick runs in and runs around in a circle claiming Brad already knows and is trying to kill him. Brianna blows him off because Brad makes good soup and Harold brought a cheap grill. Because you see; in the real world, we use Occam's Razor; which doesn't work all that well in cartoons. Brianna calls him paranoid, Kick don't care and he's going to confess because he would rather go on living as a mock stuntman. Which would be great for everyone else, including you Brianna. Hey; Brad thinks only Kick did it anyway. Jump cut to Harold crosslegged on the floor with a jar of jalpeno peppers and tongs.

Harold calls them "Atomic Peppers" and takes one out as Kick runs down the stairs and Brianna rushes in and tackles him onto the floor. They have an off-screen fight and roll in the background as Harold tells us about hot peppers making you sweat more as Kick and Brianna come inside as Brad walks in with a tray of lemonade in three glasses. Kick nods no; Harold orders him to drink up because in Brianna's words, you need to stay cool. Harold eats the atomic pepper and then asks why they are time delayed. And then it's CHEAPO-COOKIE MONSTER ON FIRE~! I rate that as a ten-alarm pepper spot, complete with jackhammered background and lots of flamethrowers. Nice. Scene change back to the living room with Inspector Finecomb returning to inspect the air conditioner, as he was mentioned in the previous scene. Harold is talking as Brianna is powdering her nose, Brad has the most drunk Gruffi pose ever and Kick is guilt striken. I should also note this since I forgot: In the previous scene, at the end of the scene; Kick's lemonade splashed onto the floor and it ate up the floor like a strong acid. So yes; Brad is trying to kill Kick legit, thus killing all the sympathy I had for him in this episode. As well as Brianna for that matter. Ironically; the one guy who we are suppose to hate for not telling the truth, is the one I feel the most sorry for, besides Harold of course, is Kick himself. So Brad taunts Kick and Brianna threatens him more and more as Inspector Finecomb notices the problem and the pressure reaches the boiling point as Kick decides "F*CK THIS~!" and then confesses that he and he alone broke the air conditioner, basically throwing shade on Brianna, who by the way, started the whole chain of events by vandalizing Kick's alarm clock. Everyone is shocked and appalled by this as Kick apologizes and Brad is so giddy to see Harold punish him in torturous way. Harold shoves him aside and basically docks his allowance for breaking it. Okay; I'm fine with that, because he was partly to blame for it at least. So; end of the episode, right there, right?! Ummm; no, because Inspector Finecomb tells them to take a step back and they do so literally. HAHA! Then Finecomb tells them that the thing broke down because Harold's air conditioner is the cheapest thing known to mankind, therefore it's all Harold's fault.

Now; I know what you are thinking: This is horrible because we saw Kick and Brianna break the thing and Brad even had evidence to support that claim! Nope; all of it was thrown aside by an expert as Finecomb yells at Harold because he was shocked this lasted as long as it did and it's going to cost him big time. Harold offers Brad bucks and Finecomb tells him no and this applied since last winter as Finecomb walks out. Harold apologizes to Brad; which is fine regardless since Brad wasn't to blame for any of this anyway. Brad's response was funny as Kick teases walking out; but Harold cuts him off. Because you see, even though the storyline shows that Kick broke the air conditioner (and Brianna; but Kick threw shade on her) and Kick told the truth (remember Kick had not said anything to Harold despite teasing confessing to Harold, but got cut off by Brianna at every turn) about it in front of Harold; because Inspector Finecomb completely overruled Kick's confession (and since Finecomb's word is law since he's an "expert"...), Kick's confession is a lie and Harold grounds him for lying that he broke the air conditioner. This is straight out of Axed By Addition; except Harold is supposed to be a upstanding babyface. Harold did this to save face, despite in reality; he did nothing to deserve it. This is so stupid; it burns like Usher's flaming swimming pool. So Kick is punished by bicycling the only fan he has to create air conditioning for Harold, because he's cheaper than Scrooge McDuck at his most heelish. Harold and Brad are in swimsuits enjoying lemonade while their feet are in bowls of water. They tell each other to stay cool and laugh their asses off as we fade to black. We return with more pedaling from Kick as Brianna is shown throwing her luggage on top of the Camp Sometimes bus and she gets in it. She complains a lot as Kick whines about nothing ever happening to Brianna, so yes; they all but admitted that Brad was supposed to be the denier and Brianna was supposed to be the falsely accused in the original plan. I don't care anymore because I'm perfectly fine with Brad being the accused here; but at least change the start of the episode so it doesn't make Brianna look like Brad. Anyhow; the episode ends at 10:20 approx, with the Camp Sometimes bus slipping on a banana peel -- which wouldn't work in real life -- causing all of Brianna's suitcases (which were only three of them) into the jaws of an alligator (this show's answer to the space alien from Quack Pack) and it goes into the sewer as the bus drives away from the hard camera. This was an okay episode with a dumb beginning and a really dumb ending. The middle was funny and Brad earned my respect as a heel. Yeah, Brad indeed! *** (60%).


Well; this was mostly a middling pair of shorts this time around. Crumbs was basically Harold acting like a modern day Cookie Monster and Kick being his foil for ten straight minutes and there's nothing wrong with that. Outside of a few stupid logic break, it was fun from start to finish. Like Bryan paraphrasing before: What is wrong with loving a fun episode? NOTHING! This was perfectly acceptable cartooning. Say Cool was less fun, although Brad made this episode a lot better than it should have been. I think the original plan was to have Brianna be the one wrongfully convicted and not Brad since the setup involved Brianna stooping to Kick's low. Personally; I was fine with Brad getting accused wrongfully since Brad's acting was amazing in this one, before he went into full monster heel mode near the climax. I did not like the ending because Kick's confession meant absolutely nothing and his confession got him grounded, even though Kick was telling the truth all along. This is not like War Of The Weirds, or even Woo-oo where the confession meant nothing in the end; because when Baloo was lying, and then Rebecca keeping up the charade; they seriously believed that they were going to prison if they were caught. However; as it was shown, General Tamult pretty much assumed that the fake alien invasion was phony and Colonel Grog basically wasted his time. So even if they did tell the truth (which they didn't); they wouldn't have been thrown in jail anyway since it was the paranoid Grog who threatened that in storyline and they had to believe it, due to appeal of authority. As for Woo-oo; I'm going to defer my response and reason until I review that episode because I need the full context of the episode. However; I do know that at the end of the two parter, Mrs. Beakly forgave Webby for lying, so the confession meant nothing. So...

Thumbs in the middle for both shorts and I'll see you next time.

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