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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Pinch Sitter/Sister Pact Rant

Reviewed: 05/19/2013

Sitting Is A Pact For The Daredevil...

Wow; another "gem" from Kick Buttowski? I didn't think anyone was uploading these suckers anymore, but since the show ended, I guess the show is safe from long term purging now that Disney has stopped giving a crap about it. Apparently; this episode is all about Brad's crappy babysitting skills and thus Denise has hired a babysitter. Who could it be? Our second short features Kick having to be forced to get her sister into a girl's club so he can regain Brianna's trust again. Oh joy! So let's continue on shall we...?

Pinch Sitter is written by Jennifer Keene, the storyboards are done by Mike Kunkel and directed by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Jennifer has some cartoon experience with Johnny Test and Green Lantern: The Animated Series which is her most recent credit. Phineas & Ferb is her DTVA debut; but she started as a writer and assistant writer to the hit show Just Shoot Me! and That's 70's Show. Other credits include: That 80's Show, 3rd Rock From The Sun , So Little Time and The Bill Engvall Show. That's it. Sister Pact is written by Patrick Andrew O'Conner, Joe Liss and Dave Lewman. The storyboards are done by Mike Kunkel and Heather Martinez; direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Episodes are done with Toon Boom like all episodes of this show.

First Note: As you probably have noticed; these episodes are in separate episode blocks because Disney is such a bastard and these were the only two episodes I could find that were not released on this website.

Opening Moment #1: Red background, two shadows of Kick and Brad; Brad is drinking soda. Not much to see here.

Pinch Sitter: We begin this one with a sky shot of Mellowbrook as we see Antonio driving on the street; driven by Denise as it goes around the bend. And as she drives to the garage; she looks at the sidewalks and it looks like a tornado hit it. So much so that Mrs. Chickerilli is just stunned while Oskar is in the garbage can. Then we see a couple of ramps and two water tanks; along with a stand where Gunther is standing on holding a flamming hoop. Gunther greets Denise in a really non-ironic way as even the ramp is destroyed somewhat. We then see Kick's body has crashed through the brick wall. Did we not see this with Brad's Room already? Kick pops from the carnage and Denise is pissed off. Kick does even see her when he does the double devil pose either. What a shock?! And then he sees him and catches himself. Denise demands answers to this outrage; most so the question of why Brad isn't watching him. Would you be shocked if I told you he's watching television in the living room drinking Cheetah Chug? No? Okay; let's move on. And he's watching a brown haired girl in a green skirt and green dress cutting a log with a chain saw. She takes more risk in that single scene than Kick Buttowski does in an entire series right there. Or maybe not. I also discover that it's really called the Tankini Lumberjacke channel. Ooookkkkaaayyyy. Denise finds the remote and shuts off the television as she blows off Brad and apparently his middle name is now Elizabeth. Huh? I thought it was Devin? Is Denise confusing Molly Cunningham's middle name or something? Oh and Kick is doing the Gruffi pose with Denise which is just what I expect from the vainglorious bastard. Even Brad agrees with me; but Denise is so mad that she's channeling Rebecca Cunningham. Denise; I have seen Miss Cunningham and you are no Miss Cunningham. Denise cannot trust Brad and Kick to be alone (as if Tattler's Tale didn't convince thee) as Kick and Brad accuse each other of being bad and then they tackle each other and we have another fight involving Kick pulling Brad's hair. Denise is having a case of Brain Freeze and it's not from any ice cold treats either.

Denise is pissed about hiring an actual babysitter as Brad and Kick stop in their tracks and proclaim that they love babysitters as we HIT THE FLASHBACK~! Brad and Kick watch on from the staircase as an old lady babysitter is knitting and then stuff happens which involves stuffing raw sewage in her knitting bag. How drole?! NOT! She runs out of the house. Second one involves Kick and Brad setting a mouse trap in the drawers with ink which the Rodeo Clown opens and gets blasted in the face with. And of course; the most henious moment occurs as they wear raditation suit and place their stinky clothes in a clothes basket and drop it onto Miss Chickerelli and Oskar's head as they walk in. And she runs away in a panic after plucking a sock from her person. Remember that this is the same Chickerelli who was punishing kids in Tattler's Tale. And then; oh my goodness, it's Colonel Payload from Kick The Habit!! This is a special day of suck as Brad pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) while he is knocking the door and Payload does the Team Rocket exit. I guess this is Brad's payback for the ending to Kick The Habit. So we return to reality (no, not really) as they slap skin and I'm guessing Denise is more pissed off than ever before. Yeap; she revokes their flashback record in response. Yeah; this family is low tech; we get it. Denise has a super secret plan to get even as she brings in from the front door in shadow....Kendell? Yeah; Kendell, the most boring human being in all of this series. Yeah sure Denise; this'll really work. Brad is not happy to hear this as Denise refers to Kendell's resume as Kick protest this; but Denise blows it off because they brought it on themselves. This is the same Denise that was a stunt person a long time ago and probably enabled Kick for some reason. So we scene change to the door as Denise and Brianna was face to face with Kendell, Kick and Brad as she explains that she is taking Brianna to another pageant. I'm not going to go through how creepy and sexist this is; Lousy Canunak does a better job explaining this than I ever could. Kendell waves goodbye and the door slams shut as Kendell turns around trying to look evil; but I cannot take this seriously even if I tried.

Anyhow; Kick and Brad do Gruffi pose and usher their threats to screw Kendell over; but Kendell blows them off because if she can handle Kick and Brad then she is the queen of the babysitters. Then we get a spot where she talks about doing this in her sleep while multitasking which involves doing math problems while sleeping on a table and vacuuming the floor. Kick is impressed while Brad claims that he cannot spell algebra. So Kendell flips the chalk board and there are three rules to follow: No stunts, no leaving, no fun. Sounds like a good set of rules to me. Kick takes this as a challenge because he's such a dopy bastard; and so he tries to skateboard off the stair railing; but he tumbles and falls as the wheels were taken off by Kendell. I don't get how that is going to stop Kick from doing stunts. Wouldn't that just make the stunt more exciting. And Brad's chances to see more Lumberjackes (as the show implies) are fizzled out by Kendell. Pfffttt. That show was hardly good anyway so it's no big loss. Kendell also deflates the tires on Kick's bicycles, stolen Brad's magazines and threw them along with Gunther into a dark closet. So now Gunther is distracted by sexist magazines. Why doesn't that surprise me? She slams the door and yells in Brad's face and gets in Brad's face to obey her. Even after all that; she is still more boring than a box of hammers. Brad obeys without question and demands them to go to their room. Apparently; Kendell is forcing them into Kick's room as we scene change as Brad panics like crazy while Kick paces around. The brothers of bastardized destruction exchange notes on the situation. Gunner and Murphy (The DiPazzi Twins; Michael Anthony and Anthony Michael in case no one knows) references abound as Kick keeps screwing up the slaps on Brad. They decide never to give up which is hilarious considering that their show ended in December; so Disney forced them to give up since Fish Hooks is supposed to be in it's third season...


So Kick and Brad are the Buttowski Brothers and they are pulling out the classics. Which involves Battlesnaxs and fish sticks. Pfffttt. So we scene change to a desk where Kendell is using tong on some white object while her blue backpack is attached to the chair. So the fish sewage of doom get pours into her backpack while her back is turned; but in the next scene, Kendell takes the stuff and pours it into the bowls of the Buttowski brothers. Kick doesn't like it; but Brad seems to be enjoying himself and eating this crap. Would you be shocked if I mentioned that they are using the exact same techinques they used on the other babysitters and Kendell throws it back in their face? It's obvious Denise knew about this and warned Kendell beforehand; because I'm certain the previous babysitters did; most so Mrs. Chickerelli. And yes; they used the exact same lunch scene despite the fact that Denise is supposed to come back in a few hours. So we scene change as Kick cannot believe that Kendell has beaten them to the punch. Brad seems more amused and about to give up as Kick proclaims that he never gives up. Well; I call Kick a liar since he couldn't save his show from cancellation. So Kick brings out the SLEDGEHAMMER OF PLOT and it's so wooden that even Kendell has to steal it for her personal pleasure. We discover that she has done the exact same thing either with her sister; or to her sister who is also a babysitter. Does it really matter which; since Kendell is boring me? She calls Kick's antics rookie in design because she uses year old hotdogs; and Kick wants Brad to play along, but Brad has a notepad and writes it all down. Kick is flustered (either about Brad's antics and/or his show being ended before Fish Hooks) as Kendell relates a story about her sister and her being babysitter mockers and such as she goes to the window to reflect.

Anyhow; she returns and mocks Kick as she offers help on her soap statues and Brad is giddy and ready to want to do something. Wait; doesn't that contradict the "no fun" rule? FACKING BULLSHEET! Kick grabs Brad and goes upstairs blowing off soap statues and juice boxes; along with giving up. What a sore loser this Kick Buttowski is?! Kendell watches and claims that she's ready for them as we head to the sky shot as we get the latest Krackpotkin plan from Kick as Brad is giddy about himself being Brad. Whatever. Anyway; Kick wants Brad to distract Kendell and play along with her soap sculptures scheme while he goes outside and hides somewhere. Brad cosplays the wooden doll of himself with the wooden doll of Kendell for fun and giving me the only source of entertainment for this episode. The plan is to wait until Denise comes home and notices Kick is gone; so she fires Kendell and Brad comes out and finds Kick and that shows that he's responsible he is. So we scene change to Kick doing the ramp skateboard spot with the bed rope sheet spot which will never retire at this rate; and Kick swings outside onto the ground; but exact two seconds later, Kendell is right there to block him. Kick is shocked and appalled by this as Kendell shows Brad and proclaims that she gave him the code to unscramble the Tankini Lumberjacke channel. Okay; now THAT's a great spot as Brad couldn't resist. So Kendell drags Kick back into the house along with Brad which is kind of useless since Brad has pretty much turned on Kick with this. Brad is plopped on the sofa and he gets to watch his channel after all. So Kick is plopped at the table with the soap sculptures as she orders Kick to get used to this. Kick has a screwdriver as Kendell tells him that she promised Denise that the house would be spotless. That is the biggest mistake Kendell could ever make; and why didn't Kick just do that from the start shows that his IQ is lower than Brad's. And Brad's a lot more amusing.

So yes; Kick creates a snowboard out of soap and we do the Fairly Oddparents jackhammering of the words on screen with announcer saying it. Was that really necessary? Apparently; so. After all; if you don't induce your daily dose of contrived jackhammering, kids will change the channel, or something. So Kick surfs on the floors multiple times as he proclaims that he's trashing the house and there is nothing Kendell can do to stop him. Ummm; can you spot the tiny fatal flaw in Kick's plan; or do I have to spell it out for you? He annoys Brad who is sitting down enjoying girls chopping wood with a juice box and Brad blows him off. Kick surfs in the living room and stops on a dime and the place is spotless. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kick's dumbfoundedness is PRICELESS here as Kendell pretty much retorts that for me as Denise's car is in the driveway. UH OH! I think we all know where this is going as Brad panics like mad. So Kick stops and gives up. Yes; Kick Buttowski gave up! He goes on about how Kendell and her sister felt when they were upstaged as Kick sulks more and more as he is about to go upstair and accept defeat. However; Kendell rolls up her sleeves and proclaims that she is going to help it; and then she goes over to the bookshelf and shoves it down. Yeap; they are going for the "sympathy card" finish. Personally; I would have let Denise in and she sees Brad illegally watching the Takini Lumberjacke channel and then fires Kendell for letting him do something illegal. That would have more fitting end to Kendell and still make Kick look like a doofus. Instead; she submits to Kick's sulk feast which makes him more annoying and only makes Kendell look weak. Look; I know Kendell is bland and boring; but she's far from unlikable compared to Kick Buttowski.

So we see Denise and Brianna (with trophy because she wins another one again) enter the house and we have the entire room be a total disaster area and Denise is pissed off. Kendell apologizes and proclaims that she couldn't handle them and walks out. Denise surprisely sighs and she doesn't yell at her for this as she gives Brad the babysitting job back and Brad thanks her. So Kick comes outside and exchanges notes with Kendell as Kendell is doing it as a one off because she didn't want to deny the Buttowski's their loss; but since she did it on purpose; she wins anyway. So Brad pops up with the out of nowhere lever (WRONG LEVER!) as they proclaim that they were acting on the sulk fest all along. WHAT THE HELL?! So Kendell gets fish sewage, ink and clothes sprayed all over her. WHAT THE F***?! See; they are the Buttowski Brothers as Brad pulls the lever (WRONG LEVER!) and Kendell does the Team Rocket exit into the sky and out of sight. Yes; that is how this all ends: The most sexist moment I have ever seen, and that INCLUDES Miss Chickerelli getting stinky clothes. Now Brad doing this is fitting since he's the heel brother; but Kick is a babyface, the side of right. FACK THIS SHOW!! They slap skin and Brad does his selfish promo and that ends the episode at 10:20. Well; Kendell tried; but she's too bland to save this one. That ending is living proof that my purposed finish is the BETTER one. DUD (0%)

Opening Moment #2: The title card shows Brianna and Kick shaking hands on the deal in shadow against a yellow explosion with red background. Nothing special about it at all.

Sister Pact: We begin this one in the sky as Kick's shadow on skateboard flies into the air and lands on the ground creating lots and lots of flames. Whatever. Kick races down the hill and then Gunther shows up with a blue diaper and angel wings; and a golden harp. Kick is even questioning this as Gunther is his guardian angel see. So he wants Kick not to screw up as Kick has got this and then Gunther sings and it is awesome here as Kick is losing his conceratation. So Kick S-curves and flies off the ramp and off his skateboard as we discover that this is all just a dream. Why doesn't that surprise me. Anyhow we are in Kick's room and Brianna is singing to him as Kick wakes up and blows her off. Brianna is wearing a pink dress by the way. That's awfully cruel of someone here. Brianna reminds him that there is an audition going on and that Kick promised her that he would take care or everything. See; Brianna is auditioning to go to a girl's club called Poise Posse and Kick promised to get her in a year ago. So we HIT THE FLASHBACK as we head to a stage as a blond man in a tux is dancing on stage with Penelope Patterson from Trike X-5 (she made about three non-speaking cameos since I ranted on her and three more cameos after this) and they finish in style as the Poise Posse and the girls cheer while Penelope gives Brianna eye contact violence and an evil smile. Brianna is not amused as she is called up. So Brianna is dancing with a guy named Lenny who has a brown like tuxedo with glasses, pink bow tie, dimples and braces on. He licks his hands and splatters the drool all over his face. Ooooookkkkaaayyyy. So they appear on stage and attempt to dance; and we doing a decent job until the doors fling open and Kick races in and jumps over the dancers while spraying cheese all over Brianna and Lenny and messing up the stage in general. Lenny panics in horror over this as we discover that Kick indeed was testing his new engine on his bicycle as he is recording this.

Brianna is so pissed off that she screams and destroys the entire theater in the process in one huge explosion. Kick records on his recorder not to screw with Brianna. The black lady judge (who is nameless) wearing a green dress and clipboard points out to Brianna that she must keep her temper in check at all times even if the world is collapsing around her since that is the rules of Poise Posse. With rules like that; I wouldn't bother joining. Not keeping your cool in a panic situation is more dangerous, so Brianna is not in the Poise Posse. Brianna is mad as a rabid dog (can you blame her? Kick ruined her pink dress. That is extremely cruel to the pink dress and even more so to Brianna.) and the judge proclaims that the newest member is none other than Penelope and she even gets a jackhammer background picture of herself at the newest member stamped on the screen. Brianna is mad on the split screen as Lenny whines and the girls pop for Penelope. Brianna is really mad at Kick (join the club madam) as Kick offers her a ride on the handle bars. Brianna blows him off as Kick promises to give her an escort for next year's audition as Kick records it on his tape player which segues back to reality (no, not really) as Kick realizes that he forgot. Brianna then channels Phirana and blows him off for forgetting as Kick proclaims that he'll get her an escort because he's Kick Buttowski complete with the rainbow border body jackhammer background. Oy vey. Thankfully; Brianna blows him off and proclaims that he is Clarence and he let the family down as she goes to the door; slams it and then opens it and yells AGAIN before slamming the door and storming out. Ummm; OW! Kick walks to Steven and admits that he screwed up and broke his word; which even Brad never does as Brad comes in and insults him and punch buggy's his arm proclaiming that he always keeps his words and walks off. HA!

So Kick then wonders what to do and then proclaims that he needs to find Brianna an escort and he knows the man to pull it off. So we head inside either Gunther's room or Kick's kitchen, it's hard to tell as Kick and Gunther exchange notes on the Poise Posse. Gunther then sings better than Brianna as I will relay the lyrics here:

If you want to join the Poise Posse, listen to me.
There is really only one thing you always have to be.
Calm and collected, never lose your cool.
Keep your temper and your poise,
and you'll glitter like a jewel!

Kick stuffs his glove hand into Gunther's mouth because that song gets stuck in his head. Sod off Kick; that song is less sticky than the Spin It theme; so take it like a man and LIKE IT! Gunther mentions that Kick forgot to get Brianna an escort and broke his word about it a year ago. Kick asks how he knew that and Gunther proclaims that he is here to help as we hit the flashback where Kick promises Brianna the escort and we see Gunther looking on from a wall as Kick puts the recorder into the back pocket. Gunther than channels the powers of Plastic Man and grabs the recorder and speaks into the recorder that Gunther will help Kick because he expects him to go back on his word as we segueway back into reality as Kick reminds himself to read his log entries. Yeah; there's your stupid running gag. Here is the obvious logic break here: If Gunther got a hold of the recorder and we didn't see him put it back, then how did Brianna get the recorder? So Gunther proclaims that he got his tuxedo in the closet and he has been taking care of it; including twice on Sunday. So he has been wrestling in them? Okay. So Kick orders him to get the tuxedo and Gunther skips to his lou to the closet and opens it to find a big ass cloth eating moth. Ummmm; yeah. It chases Gunthers and then they encircle Kick as he does the Gruffi pose and does nothing but his usual weak emoting. Kick then sighs and goes to the window and opens it. He brings out the SOCK OF DOOM which gets it's own jackhammered background and the moth sees it and blitzes towards the sock. Kick throws the sock out and the moth flies out of the window. Kick slams the window shut as Gunther has a moth hole in the front of the tuxedo; but Kick doesn't see it as a problem; so Gunther turns around and the entire ass is torn wide open showing Gunther is wearing heart shaped white underwear. That's fine with me; I have had enough of naked booty in this show anyway.

So Kick ponders the next step and we go straight to Magnus' bedroom as Gunther throws out stuff including a shield and an axe which flies at Kick. Sadly; the shield blocks the blow and Kick doesn't die. So Gunther comes out with the black tuxedo and even though Gunther is a fatass; the tuxedo is still three sizes too big. Gunther tries to dance in them and the flinging arms make him look like a joke. Oh wait...Kick proclaims that they are a little big; but they'll do. Whatever Kick. So we head outside to the sidewalk as Brianna goes to a trashcan and opens it. She has her pink dress and proclaims that she no longer needs it. Bravo Brianna; rigid gender roles suck. Now if only you would stop going to pageants... However; I doubt that will happen in the future because here comes Penelope Patterson and she's in full mock mode today. So we cut to the street as Kick is driving his bicycle with Gunther so it was Gunther's place after all. Gunther is singing to screw Kick in the head as he is heading for the construction zone and he swevres to the right and ramps off the man hole cover and they fly into the trees and Kick does his double devil pose in style. Whatever Kick. Gunther complains about his cumberbund as we continue with Penelope taunting Brianna some more claiming that Kick has probably waited until the last minute to get her escort as usual. Which is absolutely true in this case; and even Kick feels awful about it. Too late Kick; you had a chance to be likable about thirty episodes ago. Now; you are Johnny Test only less amusing. Brianna is brimming with hope that Kick will do it right this time which Penelope mocks again.

So Penelope leaves and Kick drops down from the tree as Kick proclaims that he has the perfect escort for him and Gunther drops down on his ass with a MAN-SIZED bump as Brianna is not liking this one bit. Kick then shuts Gunther up before he can officially greet Brianna and Kick proclaims that Gunther is not the escort. Quite frankly; I would take Gunther and take my chances Brianna. Kick then proclaims that he will be the escort instead since they are Buttowskis see. And Kick is now Clarence again as Brianna seems to accept this and we segue to Brianna behind the curtain seeing the lady judge from earlier and the Poise Posse and she looks nervous. She is also wearing purple gloves. Brianna goes over and Kick assures her that things will be all right. Brianna then yells at Kick to get a tuxedo and Kick waves it off. So Kick goes over to a table which has a container of black paint and duct tape. So Kick tapes his suit in duct tape and then sprays a smoke cloud and jumps in it to create a makeshift tuxedo.Now remember this because some people think there is a major continuity error here. Now; there is gray on the edges which means the coloring was done poorly, but that is not a major problem here. So Kick offers Brianna her hand and Brianna is frightened that she'll fail for sure. Kick assures her that she won't and it's time to be awesome. So the curtain opens and out comes Brianna and Kick hand in hand as Penelope has the Gruffi pose on and mocks this. I think we all know where this is going now don't we. Remember the rule of the Poise Posse? Because this will obviously factor into the finish. So Brianna does her pose and then motions to Kick to do the same. Kick is confused about the entrance so he does some flips and kneels down and does the double devil's pose which impresses the judge. Penelope is shocked as is Kick and Brianna.

So they hold hands and we dance as Brianna tells Kick to sing the song. You know; the one that gets stuck in your head. Allegedly. Kick stammers like an idiot as Brianna scolds him for forgetting the words. Kick claims that he knows them and thanks Gunther as we get Gunther dressed like an angel in diapers again. Somehow Gunther singing this song is a lot more amusing than Kick trying to sing it. Penelope smells failure in her voice as Kick sings the song in the most contrived manner known to mankind and bad stuntmen who have no sense of taste nor talent. Kick then somehow sings better and Penelope is pissed off now as she storms off and the judge is so dense that she doesn't hear her nor see her. So Penelope goes backstage and undoes a rope leading to a background scene. CHEAT TO WIN! Or in this case: CHEAT TO DENY ENTRY! AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Kick notices this right away and dodges it keeping Brianna away. Brianna is not liking this; but Kick assures her that everything is all right and we keep dancing as Kick and Brianna's singing are dead on now. Now this is getting good. So Penelope continues to untie ropes to scene props and Kick/Brianna keep dodging them. Then she splatters cans of paint onto the stage; but the two Buttowski keep dodging them. I am so loving this and Kick is once again proving that when the writers know how to write a babyface, then Kick can be likable. Another stage background prop is lowered and Kick and Brianna end up in between the window section as Penelope rips her own hair and hat out. HAHA! Maybe you shouldn't have mocked Brianna after all as Penelope then notices her one saving grace as there is a rope leading to the ceiling chandelier. So Penelope shakes complete with Hanna Barbeara teeth chattering sound effects as the two Buttowski continue to dance and Penelope has that evil look on her face as she unties the rope and lets the chandelier go. I take 2:1 odds Kick/Brianna will dodge it easily; 5:1 odds that it hits them and exposes Penelope as a loser.

And Kick dodges it easily as the chandelier springboards Kick and Brianna into the air and they land perfectly in the center of the stage and they finish the song which I gave the lyrics to earlier. Now that was great as Brianna looks around and I could have done without the eye blinking sound effect here. The judge calls this the most unbelievable display she has ever seen and Brianna sulks in defeat; but the judge calls this amazing and points out that she didn't cave when the world collapsed around them. What a great finish and that's the right booking decision on the writers part. Penelope is now completely pissed off as they show Brianna's jackhammered picture on the screen and she's missing her eyebrows which I guess is the dues that she paid. Penelope storms in and blows off Brianna because she was supposed to lose her temper and fail. That is some serious projection there Penelope. The judge notices it right away and Penelope is dismissed from the Poise Posse for turning against everything they stand for. UH OH! Penelope throws a tanturm and does the puppy dog face as she stamps her feet and a board with a bucket of purple paint flies into the air and lands right on her head. Brianna winks at the camera and Penelope storms off stage left. So; no Penelope never addressed Kick's fake suit. I don't get where Wikia got that Penelope never seeing Kick painting himself ; but she never noticed Kick once; she was all on Brianna. Brianna and Kick embrace as Kick proclaims that he always keeps his word. Whatever; no one cares anymore. Brianna asks where Gunther is and we cut to outside on a dusty road as Gunther is running away from the big ass cloth eating moth and that ends the episode at 10:00 approx. Really fun episode; and it really went good once Kick became her escort. Again; why can't the writers write like this more often? **** (80%).


Pinch Sitter might be the worst babysitter episode I have watched to date. It was made so because of a number of things. For one; Kendell is such a bland character and nothing she did was any worse than what they were doing to her. For two; Brad was really too stupid; although some of his stupidity was amusing enough. For three; the worst finish and ending they could have done. The sympathy card finish is so bad here because Kendell could have been fired because Brad was illegally watching the Tininki Lumberjacke channel and all Denise had to do is see him watching it and firing Kendell. Kendell would still be strong and Kick would be a total doofus; but it's better than Kick playing sympathy games on Kendell which was all an act to make Kendell destroy the living room and then it ends with the boys basically assaulting her with fish, ink and clothes before casting her off with the spring pad. The misogny was thick in that ending; and it pisses me off because Disney is supposed to know better than this. Say what you will about the Disney Princesses; but they are treated MUCH better than what Kendell got; in spite of the rigid gender roles. Also remember that Kick is the defacto babyface; so this misogny is totally heelish and makes Kick into a vile heel. What a horrible ending to a blah episode and it deserved it's DUD hands down! Finally; a great episode after a long stretch of below average to poor shorts. Sister Pact was actually a really good episode and Brianna came off as the biggest bad ass and the most calm person in a span of a year. I felt that the storyline was done well; and Kick really had one of those moments where he was actually likable. Sure; there have been few moments of these; but all of them show that Kick could be more than just Johnny Test. Yes; the dance was corny and the song was corny; but who cares? It all made sense in the context of the storyline of Brianna battling her temper and finally winning while Penelope was hell bent in keeping her out of the club and ended up getting kicked out herself. There were a few logic breaks; but nothing to mar the experience. I enjoyed this episode and maybe there is hope for the rest of those Kick Buttowski episodes assuming that I see them at some point. Next up if it comes (and it hasn't yet); is Fish Prom and I hope to get that done soon. For now; I have video game catching up to do. I hope to have these transferred tomorrow if I cannot get to rant on Fish Prom tomorrow. Or if more KB episodes are available. So...

Thumbs down for Pinch Sitter and thumbs up for Sister Pact and I'll see you next time.

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