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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Power Play/Trash Talk Rant

Reviewed: 10/14/2012

Sounds Like The NHL Lockout To Me.

Well; we have our final new Disney episode and it's Kick, Rolando and Kendell in a school play and Kick doesn't want to kiss Kendell apparently either in this play. Then we end this whole mess with Kick and Gunther getting in trouble with the police with littering and they sound like the hosts from Pardon The Interruption. So let's continue on shall we...?

Power Play is written by Patrick Andrew O'Conner, storyboards by Heather Martinez and directed by Clay Morrow and Chris Savino. Trash Talk is written by Eric Rivera and storyboarded by Chris Sonnenberg and Mike Kunkel. The direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Eric has only one writing credit which is this show. Chris has been a character layout since 1994 with The Critic, and breakdown artist for The Swan Princess. The rest of his credits are mostly Disney feature with some Futurama and Kung Fu Panda on the side. This is his DTVA debut and his most recent credit is Gravity Falls. He has 19 animation credits, 4 storyboard credits and 2 other credits to his resume. He also did animation for the live action movie Fat Albert. All episodes are done in Toon Boom as mentioned in the new Fish Hooks rants that I have done.

First Note: As you probably have noticed; these episodes are in separate episode blocks because Disney is such a bastard and these were the only two episodes I could find that were not released on this website.

Opening Moment #1: The title card features faceless Kick in the spotlight on stage in a black background sweating and wearing Shakespearian outfits. I thought new Disney felt that this would be something the kids would never get in a million years; even though old Disney had no trouble with it. Oh well; what can you do?

Power Play: We begin this one at Mellowbrook school with the flag flying and then we head to the theater and a sign featuring Romeo & Juliet starring Kendell and Rolando on opening night. And the writers think that the adults couldn't spell Kendell and Rolando; so they only show their pictures. Whatever turns you on guys. We pan over to the stage as Kendell is dressed up like Juliet (I suppose) reading her lines from the script (anyone who has watched a million cartoons should know what lines Kendell is referencing here) while Rolando keeps praising her to an unhealthy extent that Kick blows it off while watching from the seats. Emo Kid is also involved; probably to play Tybolt or someone who gets killed...with a dodge ball of course. Kick continues to blow this off while Kendell and Rolando really get into the swing of things acting wise. Kick wants out so he tries to spring off the chair and go to the exit; but a Chinese director wearing all black dramatically enters the theater and catches Kick on the rebound. Nice one dude. Kick drops on his back and gets up wanting out. We discover that the director's name is Mr. Wang and he cuts a promo while getting his kid team of makeover designers as he turns Kick into a pirate (even though he clearly looks like Nepoleon in the makeover. Trademark problems again new Disney?) ; a suitor, or a cat (Too funny!). He should try "or a terrorist" and have him dress up in a Kit Cloudkicker suit. That would make me laugh. Although it would probably piss off every Kit fan out there (considering my rants on Plunder and Lightning; that has already happened.). Kick rips the suit out and states that he wants no part of this. Mr. Wang wants to involve everyone as we pan over to a dumb fat kid holding a rope and grunting. Whatever. Kick claims that he's not cut out for this as Mr. Wang counters that Kick doesn't have the passion for the dramatic arts and makes Kick the understudy of Rolando. Kick asks about studying and Mr. Wang claims Kick has to do nothing; unless something happens to Rolando, in that case Kick replaces Rolando as Romeo. HAHA! Kick is SHOCKED AND APPALLED (in that order)...

...and we hit the dream sequence as Kick is Romeo and the fangirls of this show's dreams come true. Sadly; we never get to actually see him and Kendell kiss and Kick screams no so badly that he should have his acting license revoked. Oh wait; he never had one to begin with. My mistake as usual. Dr. Wang blows him off because the understudy is important and from a technical standpoint; Kick needs only to recite his lines. Gunther claims nothing will happen and if it does; he'll distract the audience by tap dancing. HAHA! Dr. Wang blows it off because we take acting seriously. Dr. Wang = Mr. Hardcore. Must hate him already. And to show the irony (and hypocrisy) of him he flies away on a rope with pixie dust with giddy glee. Kick is stunned to see that one. So we head outside to the picnic tables as Kick is having lunch while drawing blueprints for his next stunt I guess. The model skateboard ramp on the table gives it away. So he's using the laws of science to draw up the next stunt. Doesn't that contradict the laws of awesome? Never mind; the more interesting part is watching Rolando acting while a student pushes a cart containing a television set up a ramp. The television set is clearly not secured as it wobbles off the cart and Kick snickers over Rolando's possible plight...for about five seconds as the VOICEOVER OF RACISM forces Kick to catch himself. We get the flashback as Rolando gets MURDERED by the television set; and then we see Kick Romeo getting kissed to death on stage by Kendell Juliet. HAHA! Back to reality (no, not really) as Rolando gets off the first kill reference of the episode. Lovely. Kick springs up and forces Rolando to duck down as the television cord whips around the conveniently placed lamp pole and then Rolando walks off. Kick breathes a sigh of relief and then gets caught in the wire and tied up against the lamp pole and gets MURDERED by the television set. HAHA!

So Rolando walks off into the soccer field and walk through the soccer practice as kids act all stupid and kick soccer balls at Rolando in clear plain sight. Kick (who magically managed to escape the television unhurt for logic break #1 of the episode) panics and runs in only to be MURDERED by about five soccer balls. HAHA! See; a lot of fans hate this episode because Kick is a complete meat shield; but Kick is so unlikable that rendering him to Drake Mallard as an international object makes me laugh. Glad to see the creators are paying attention. Too little, too late to save this show though as a whole; but I do give the devil their due here. Kick is shaking as Rolando heads inside the school continuing to act and not care about his safety. Kick has to slam locker doors; assault a black girl to close another locker door; keep a shelf of international objects from falling onto Rolando's head after moving a step ladder. Ummm; yeah. And Kick gets MURDERED by the ANVIL OF NEIDHARTS of course. Okay; who in the hell keeps that at school on a wooden shelf? Kick uses his thumb to blow himself up and notices Rolando in the hallway heading for the slippery floor of doom and Kick blows him off for not looking up. So Kick uses himself as a mop to mop the floor and slides. Rolando finally notices him and blows him off before giggling and going to the bathroom. So we head to the classroom as Rolando continues to act right in front of the class at his desk; for no reason whatsoever. Kick lays back on his desk because he thinks Rolando is safe. So we cut to Gunther as he is threatening to sneeze. Kick yells no in slow motion and gets in the way of Rolando and takes the sneeze like a man. Then Kick brings out the GERM AWAY HAND SANITIZER OF DEATH and sprays it on everyone; including Gunther; who sneezes in Kick's face anyway. HAHA! Gunther claims he cannot stand hand sanitizers. So we scene change to on stage with Rolando continuing to recite his lines while Kick looks on and notices a sandbag about to fall down on Rolando's head. Yes; it's the Looney Tunes clustermuck show today.

So Kick jumps over Rolando; grabs the rope and ties it to the post; then pushes the small handle into the wooden post and then ties it up. And after five minutes of this stupidity; Kick has had enough of this (BOO! HISS!) and has a Krackpotkin Plan in mind as we scene change to see Rolando completely wrapped in bubble wrap. Oh swell; The Coast was going to have a field day with Safe Communities on that spot. Too bad that was eight years ago for anyone to care at this point. Rolando is not amused by this; until he starts to realize that Kick is protecting him. Kick denies it like a heel of course because he's unlikable. Rolando then brings up that Kick would go from understudy to Romeo and Kick admits that he's protecting him until the play is over. Rolando flops onto his back with glee because he gets to do stuff on him that he couldn't do otherwise; all while popping the bubbles on the bubble wrap. Okay; that was a neat spot. So we scene change to the playground as Kick follows Rolando around as he continues to remind Kick to keep him safe. He's going to ride "the Wiggler" which is a kid's ride shaped like a green worm. Kick thinks this is no problem and then a bunch of kiddie second graders drop from the sky and behind the playground stuff to proclaim that Rolando is forbidden from riding the Wiggler see. Rolando tells them to deal with Kick is they want to get to him. Kick is not happy about this; so the toddlers are insulted and they spray juice into Kick's face and he sells it like acid. So spraying stuff in face and complaining that it burns is a motif in this show? Whatever. Massive toddler heel beatdown on Kick ensues. Rolando is on the Wiggler riding it as the toddlers tie down Kick and we tease a tickling spot; but then we cut to Kick and Rolando on bicycles in the forest. DAMN YOU BS&P!

Anyhow; Rolando takes off the training wheel while mocking Kick as Romeo. So we proceed with the mountain biking sequence down the mountain as Kick follows Rolando who has having so much fun at Kick's expense. Seriously; he is. Sadly; he is out of control now as Kick is forced to jump onto the bike and use the handle bars to dodge trees, ditches, and the grizzly bear of doom (per his contract). Kick turns around; rides up a tree and over the bear before it can do the SWIPE OF PAIN on Rolando and Kick rides to safety allowing him to pant with relief. Rolando claims that he can get use to this as we head back to the sidewalk as Rolando is talking to Brad and Rolando takes Brad's homework and proclaims that he's done doing his homework and rips the papers up. Brad grabs Rolando and wants to recycle his face. Rolando snaps his fingers and Kick is now doing Brad's homework from now on according to Rolando. Geez; that surprises me. I thought Kick would already be forced to do Brad's homework. Kick invokes the Gruffi pose and no sells the deal. So Rolando sarcastically brings up Romeo again and Kick sulks and accepts the deal. And then gets MURDERED by the big ass Calculus book for beginners. HAHA! Show your work indeed; something Kick is short of. Anyhow; we scene change to the chemistry room and Kick is doing a chemistry experiment which involves exploding compounds and a brick wall with barb wire on top for Rolando to hide. You can guess the result (invokes the FCC FRIENDLY OFF-SCREEN EXPLOSION OF DEATH). Okay; that is taking it a wee bit too far there. A normal human being would take kissing Kendell now. Rolando comes out and taunt Kick because a good scientist double checks his results. Kick has had it as he storms out and everyone screams and bails on cue because the explosion caused Kick to be naked again. And we get a clear bare ass right on camera. Child pornography? What child pornography?

Rolando comes over and taunts Kick again thinking he would make a perfect naked Romeo. Now there's something I would like to see. It certainly would be different from the dream sequence of Kendell Juliet kissing Kick Romeo the same way that is for sure. So we head to the arcade as Rolando is doing the new Disney version of Dance Dance Revolution. I'm not going to dignify the name of that dancing game anyway. And we have Anthony Gunner and Michael Murphy again. The Dipoopsi Twins (so sezs Rolando) want him to beat it or get MURDERED. So I'm guessing Rolando is not friends with Gordon Gibble after all. Rolando blows them off and snaps his fingers to get Kick to take the beating. And Kick gets grabbed and MURDERED in slow motion complete with gray jackhammer background to force the point. Kick even loses his lips at one point. What? No jackhammer Fairly Oddparents wording? That's pretty sloppy guys. Rolando dances, Kick gets beat down and...we head to the theater with the sign as it's opening night for real. Then we cut to a closeup of Kick with injuries and shaking like a leaf as he won't have to be Romeo anymore. Mr. Wang motions everyone in position on stage and we go to the stage as Rolando and Kendell do their scene on the window look out. Kick then breaks logic by stopping the sell of injuries and looks completely unhurt doing the Gruffi pose. Ho hum. Then Kick panics as the conveniently placed sandbag (the exact same one Kick tied down) comes apart and drops down MURDERING Rolando in the head in the process. Looks like the laws of awesome have a "karma" factor in them after all. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Rolando is injured and knocked out. You know what that means; do you. After all; fangirls want this scene to happen since they think Kick and Kendell are a future couple. In your dreams guys and girls. If there was ever a time where a Jymn Magon could be pulled; this would be a perfect time to do it.

So Mr. Wang brings in the understudy as Kick is dressed up by the kid makeover team and Kick Romeo is born. HAHA! So Kick slowly climbs the ladder wondering what happened to the peg; and we discover that Kendell pulled the peg out. WHAT THE HELL?! What? Not shiny enough for Gunther to grab onto guys? Kendell sucks guys; and having her with Kick is asking for trouble. Kick actually agrees with me so he throws his sword onto the next conveniently placed sandbag and the rope is cut and Kick gets MURDERED by it. Problem with this is; the helmet negates the damage. Kick still sells it as if he is dead. Mr. Wang proclaims that the play is ruined (just now?) and then Gunther walks in; puts on his ta pdancer outfit and tap dances in front of the stage. Good enough for me. The crowd pops on cue and Mr. Wang joins in for fun as we end the episode at 10:30 approx. The final shot has Gunther and Mr. Wang finishing their tap dance and then jumping away like a bunch of pixies. Great episode and they found a way to take advantage of Kick's unlikable factor: Make him Drake Mallard at his best which is to make him a meat shield. I cannot argue with that. Although; the finish was pretty dumb and some of the spots were stupid. If you like Kick; this is a DUD bordering on negative stars, on the other hand, it you hate Kick; this is the right rating: **** 1/2 (90%).

Opening Moment #2: Just a lot of splattered blood. It amazes me how people can claim that it's red paint just because BS&P sezs no blood. Ummmm; blood is red in reality; so why not use blue or green colors instead?

Trash Talk: We begin this one with a shot of sunny skies and then pan down as Kick is putting bags of trash in the yellow hammock. Apparently; he gets ten cents for each bag and he has ten bags. Gunther gets all giddy about one lousy dollar; which is barely a dollar here in Canada. Kick slingshots the bags as Gunther has the trashcan open and the slingshot goes over everyone's head including the roofs of houses and far away. You just cannot put the trash in the trash can can't you? You just had to do it because the episode would be over in thirty seconds flat. Another idiot plot by a bunch of idiots what a surprise? Gunther and Kick just ignore it and go back into the house looking in the sofa cushions for dimes and Gunther brings out a piece of gum which he eats. Even Kick was taken aback by this so you know this was a gross out spot. Then the doorbell rings which means trouble as Kick opens the door and there are two police officers (one white, one black) covered in green trash. So the thing landed in front of the police station. Gunther calls them dirty cops. I love real comments that aren't supposed to be real comments. I think we know where this is going now don't we? The black police officer sounds awfully fimilar; it sounds like Michael Wilbon. The white one sounds like Tony Kornheiser. Okay; it's because it is the guys from Pardon The Interuption in a desperate attempt to make the show sound relevant. Now Tony and Michael are funny guys (and they were the guys who unleashed trampoline bear on the unsuspecting public.); but they are at their best when they are ab-libbing and when you are on a show that requires a script; Tony and Michael don't seem to know how to pull that off properly. This is why a lot of critics don't like celebrities. Most of them are ab-libbers which is great to have; but they don't have the skills to make a pre-determined script sound better nor natural. And they come off as cardboard cut-outs as we see here.

By the way; what in the blue hell is the point of naming one of the officers Irwin? Why not use Tony and Michael's real names? Or use Kornheiser and Wilbon? Same difference; less confusion. So Korn (I don't care if their names are Irwin and Mack; those names suck) brings out the handcuffs; but Wilbon brings out the letter to stop that. We make a crappy joke about being broke on a $300 bill from Ace's Windows. So Kick and Gunther are fined $300 and Kick's parents cannot afford that. Wait; WHAT?! They cannot afford to pay a $300 fine? What BS is Kick trying to pull? So Wilbon has a perfect plan to screw Kick over and both officers get all evil like they are going to beat down someone. I realize how vile and digusting this is; but this is KICK we are talking about and so we scene change to the side of the road which is full of trash and yes folks; the punishment is road cleaning duty. More unfunny handcuff jokes from Korn as the Korn's booking name is Irwin; so Wilbon's booking name is Mack. Mack is a lot bigger than Michael Wilbon that is for sure. Apparently; this road is trashed 16 times a day which explains why these cops aren't fighting real crime. Korn calls Kick a punk which is so true as Wilbon wants this side of the road as clean as the other side of the road which is absolutely spotless. A spotless side in sububria. FACKING BULLSHEET!! And even the beautiful highway sign gets a shiny jackhammer and angel music. We also see coming out of the hedges a guy named Chuck Garmet who is an ordinary man with glasses on who so happens to be talking faster than most kids nowadays. It's bad enough when child characters talk too fast; but they at least don't know any better and thus the character isn't so bad. When the adults get ADHD; that is a serious problem and very telling of the writers desperate attempt to save face with the kids; which even kids see through.

So Chuck shakes hands with Kick and talks so fast it is making me have a headache. Then he notices bird poop on the divider line and goes to clean up with the Febreeze of Doom. Wilbon proclaims that if they can make their side of the road clean as Chuck Garmet; they will reconsider the $300 fine. Korn is going to reconsider putting handcuffs on them; so Gunther offers his wrists instead. HAHA! Finally a good spot; and it took three minutes to pull it off. So we scene change to a fugly mug shot of Kick as we HIT THE MONTAGE~! So we get various shots of Kick and Gunther cleaning up the trash with various extreme sports. I guess Wilbon and Korn decided to let them clean up their own way which is really lenient even by the lowest of police standards. The boys are having limited success and it's slow going; but they do make some progress. Kick uses the Extreme Hydro Cannon to wash the trash away and it ends with Gunther and Kick trimming the hedges of them doing the double devil pose. Whatever guys. And to make matters even more silly; a conveniently placed limo arrives with a English woman with her eyepiece on a stick opens the window and tells us that Kick and Gunther could give Chuck Garmet a run for his money at some highway judging contest and will see them at the judging. The limo leaves as Kick and Gunther leave to show the officers their fine work. However; Chuck Garmet overhears everything as he is cutting the grass with a pair of scissors. HAHA! He cuts his tie to spite their faces as Kick returns with the officers to show them their fine work. If you cannot guess what happens next; you know what happens don't we? Damn; I'm so good. Needless to say; neither officer is amused. So we get more unfunny arrest jokes from Korn as Wilbon blows him off. He gives the kids until Friday to clean up the mess; or they will decide to do things the unfunny way.

So the police car drives away as Kick proclaims that someone is trashing the highway. He lists the suspects; except for the obvious one which is Chuck Garmet. Why? Because the woman judge in the limo pointed out that they were giving Chuck a run for his money and he wants to win money from the contest. See how easy it is to figure that one out. Then we see a pinata OUT OF NOWHERE which apparently is Gunther new shiny object. Kick blows it off and speaks a full sentence of Spanish complete with subtitles. Never trust a strange pinata. Never trust an unlikable character trying to shield his suckiness with something that can be used to accuse me of bigotry. Gunther grabs a shovel and bashes the pinata and eats the contents which Kick panics because it's garbage. How symbolic can you get? Gunther doesn't seem to care as they turn around and notice a shadowy figure jumping over the bushes. Kick wonders why the side Chuck Garmet works on is always clean and then Chuck Garmet comes out and admits that he is the one. Well; Kick figured that one out too; and only about three minutes after me so that is an improvement on the smarts scale for Kick at least. So we run through the backstory as Chuck doesn't listen to his mom about cleaning his room and then the government used Eminen Domain to bulldoze his paradise and put up a highway. So Chuck went crazy and cleaned up his highway and will never allow anyone to outclean him. Now THERE'S a perfect foil for Dave the CLEANING BARBARIAN OF LAUGHS right there. And to really jackhammer the point home; he brings in trash from the trash truck, trash plane, trash vehicles, etc. And apparently; he has pink hair now. Yeap; we have a neat freak with a burying personality. Which is perfect for all the crap I had to take with Kick Buttowski throughout the ages. We finish off with the yellow helicopter dumping pea soup on Kick and then fly off as Gunther proclaims that he will shut up. If only Drake Mallard would take such advise to heart.

Kick proclaims that they need to do something and Gunther wants to inform the officers; but Kick blows off that idea because the officers won't believe him. Kick wants to plan out something; but not here as a trash can bops him on the head which would look like a sick shot if it wasn't for the helmet. So we head to the Food-N-Fix as Kick and Gunther try to do a plan with some Cheetah Chug; but Chuck keeps throwing trash at them. This happens in everyplace Kick and Gunther try to get off a plan. HAHA! I'm beginning to like Chuck now; he's the enity of what I want to do to Kick everytime I see his fugly little smug mug. Even his home is not safe as Chuck makes a trap door in the ceiling. So we walk on the sidewalk as Chuck keeps pelting trash at Kick and Kick turns around and asks what it will take for him to stop pelting him with garbage. Chuck responds by saying that they grow up (Won't happen Chuck) and be police officers and arrest him. He laughs and runs off; which is what Kick sees as his saving grace. He tells Gunther to bring out the white flag and Gunther claims that he loves surrendering. So that is his plan? So we head back to the highway as Kick walks up to Chuck and informs him that he surrenders outright and throws a Cheetah Chug can on his side of the road to prove his point. Kick agrees to never come back to the highway which Chuck loves. If Kick returns in anyway; he can pelt him with garbage full force. Chuck loves the idea and Kick and Gunther walk out. We scene change to Chuck talking to all the trophies on the ground and then he notices the top of Kick's helmet hiding behind the hedge and brings out the vacuum cleaner. Now this episode really sucks. HAHA!

Ron Sparks: It sucks more than Shuan Desmond.

So Chuck reverses the vacuum cleaner and pelts garbage onto the helmet and hat; but then Korn and Wilbon arise from the hedge. Wait; WHAT? Didn't Kick already tell us that the police officers wouldn't buy his story about Chuck? They couldn't use the dummy and then have the officers conveniently show up? So Korn slides onto the hood of the out of nowhere police car and he finally gets his first arrest and a tear falls from his glass eye. Whatever Officer Irwin. You should be working for the I.R.S. now. Chuck asks how they knew and Wilbon shows him his stinky shoe; which gives us a graphic shot of Chuck's sock foot. So we scene change to a clean highway as the lady judge from earlier presents the trophy for the clean highway to Kick Buttowski. Kick refuses to accept it and gives it to the officers since they cleaned it first. The officers are happy about this as the lady then proceeds to give the officers a $10,000 check as well. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So Kick not only cleaned their highway; he even gave them the $300 plus $9,700 in probable fines for damaged property over the last dozens of episodes of this series. Gunther sums it up nicely as Kick is so stunned that he doesn't notice that it's AFTER HAPPY HOUR (after dark) nor a can bops off his helmet. So we fade to black and return to the roadside area as Chuck is in a red jumpsuit picking up trash and then gets trashed by about three bags of trash. Chuck is mad as we anime pan over stage left to see Kick lying in the hammock not learning the lesson that it was his slingshotting that got him into that crap in the first place. Because learning lessons will make kids change the channels right? Right? Circle fade out to end the episode at 9:49. Wow; that went faster than I thought it would. Plus; the episode was better than it had any right to be thanks to Kyle talking neat freak who looks like a parody of Johnny Test's dad. Everything else was the usual clustermuck and the PTI officers were a major disappointment. Call it ** 1/2 (50%).


Power Play's episode quality is dependent on one thing and one thing alone: Do you like Kick Buttowski the character? If you like Kick Buttowski, then this is one of the worst episodes in the entire series bar none because it's basically ten minutes of Kick being a punching bag for no reason and no payoff because Kick still gets screwed and must kiss Kendell. Not to mention that Kick gave a middle finger to the fangirls with the finish by knocking himself out. The only good spot was the ending with Gunther tap dancing. Now if you hate Kick Buttowski, then this episode was AWESOME because it was ten minutes of Kick getting his ass kicked for my pleasure and deserving every bit of it for being a rotten sexist who cannot take kissing a girl even when there is consent. Now; the chemistry blowup and naked Kick scene was stupid and the finish made no sense since Kendell is supposed to not like Kick Buttowski anyway; the rest of the episode made me laugh because I hate Kick and thus don't have to worry about being sympathiec towards him. Reminds me of the old Looney Tunes cartoons (like that anvil in one scene). And the ending was good enough; so I cannot complain. Yeah; a contrast indeed.

As for Trash Talk; this episode could have been a trash heap rather easily; since the Pardon The Interruption guys looked crappy out there. Tony Kornheiser was doing the same one joke and it wasn't all that funny; and Michael Wilbon didn't do much other than sound trite. Again; when it comes to ab-libbing on a live show like PTI; they are gods. Even Ed Brayton likes them; so that accounts for something. However; when it comes to pre-determined scripts; they get really exposed as unfunny. While ab-libing is great to have; the best comedians in the world should be able to ab-lib and do scripts in advance equally well so that no one notices the script; but notices the character performing the script as natural. Kick and Gunther were their usual norms and this was the usual clustermuck. Chuck turned out to be the best thing of the episode and carried the episode to average thanks to doing what needed to be done and that is symbolize Kick as the crap character that he is. Plus the finish made no sense because Kick already said that the cops don't believe him; so why have the police with him during the arrest? Chuck does look like a parody to a similar neat freak known as Johnny Test's dad.

So that ends Kick Buttowski probably for good since there are no new episodes to rant on. There is still Fish Hooks left with the Halloween stuff; but that will be done on October 30th. I was thinking about doing Bea Dates Milo and Milo's Magical Shake; but the footage for both episodes is so terrible; I cannot see a thing and the voices are muffled to the point that it became unwatchable. If anyone has better footage; be my guest and tell me. Besides; I need to start working on Recess next weekend anyway which will be a nightmare of sorts; although I would rather do that than Quack Pack in 2013. It will be the series debut episodes for Recess; then the bonus episodes on the two DVD's I have; then we'll be doing the two OAV's for real after that. There are only four rants for Recess so I should have half of them done next week; maybe get one of the OAV's done on next Tuesday and then finish it off on the last weekend before Halloween. At least; that is the current plan. After that; it's Kim Possible which has five rants; three OAV's and two episode rants. No big as Kim Possible would say. Should be done in two or three weeks; then it's prep work for Fanboy & Chum Chum, Teddy Ruxpin and Gargoyles and that is it for 2012. So.....

Thumbs up for Power Play and thumbs in the middle for Trash Talk and I'll see you next time.

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