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Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil

Sshhhh!!/Sew What?! Rant

Reviewed: 09/30/2012

Sew What If I'm Unlikable? That What The Kids Want Anyway!

Well; well, well, we finally have two more Kick Buttowski shorts left to do so I might as well do them and get it over with. One of the shorts features Kick doing research on an animal that he has which keeps screwing him and it's the return of the evil librarian from season one. Then Kick Buttowski gets a present from his grandmother; only Kick has poor tastes in clothing. Like I'm going to bash his grandmother over something that she was doing to freshen up the daredevil gimmick. So let's continue on shall we...?

Shhh! is written by Derek Dressler and direction is done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Sadly I cannot find the storyboarder for this time since USIMDB is incomplete and my video doesn't contain the first second or so of the opening. Sew What?! is written by Derek Dressler and Tabitha Vidaurri, story is done by Tabitha Vidaurri, storyboarded by Chuck Klein and direction done by Chris Savino and Clay Morrow. Tabitha has only one other credit besides this episode: Beat The Air as Production Designer. All episodes are done in Toon Boom as mentioned in the new Fish Hooks rants that I have done.

First Note: As you probably have noticed; these episodes are in separate episode blocks because Disney is such a bastard and these were the only two episodes I could find (along with the Fish Hook Little Fish Sunshine, Oscar's Secret Admirer and KB's Trash Talk which will be done as a mini-rant.)

Opening Moment #1: The title card features fangs, a red nose and red glassy eyes in the background.

Shhh!: We begin this one at Mellowbrook School as Mrs. Fritz is giving an extended lunch period to do research on the animal that they have selected and she wants actual research. Kick Buttowski appears to be writing something on the paper on his desk; but we discover on the closeup that Kick is drawing Motorbike Mike making three Japanese guys cry. What a racist bigot this Kick Buttowski fellow is?! And he's doing it in school to boot! Mrs. Fritz makes sure to get on Kick's case as we see Gunther with an eagle warning Kick that most of the good animals are taken as we zoom out and there are lions, elephants, giraffes and a gorilla. Ummm; yeah whatever guys. Kick is stunned and wants a big animal. Oh sure; that is so smart of you Kick and then it can slaughter you to pieces and we don't have to see your fugly mug ever again. And then the class walks away and there is only one animal left; a purple cat like squirrel creature that looks so wrong that it might have come from the rejected Wuzzles camp. It's so lovable that it has hearts and kisses Kick. Okay; he's a reject from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. How bad do you have to be as a cute animal to be rejected on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic?! Kick is replused by it because it's the least deadly animal. Kick asks what it is and Gunther claims that it's a cat. A purple cat? Riiiiiigggghhhhtttttt Gunther. You need to stop watching Alice In Wonderland. Gunther's eagle flies away with Gunther in tow which makes zero sense whatsoever as Kick sulks. Mrs. Fritz calls it a Nuslett which is a totally ficitional animal made from Sandra's pants. Or something like that. Mrs. Fritz tells him to do the research on it in the library and Kick panics because that means that he has to suffer the Johnny Test punishment spot in the promos for said show at the hands of the evil librarian. Yes; she's back and hates Kick still. What a shocker?! And doesn't this prove that Kick Buttowski is basically Johnny Test without the enlightenment of his twin sisters who use Johnny as a lab rat for science?!

Mrs. Fritz isn't buying it; but Kick claims that it could happen because she's pure evil. There's projection and then there's KICK BUTTOWSKI PROJECTION~! The Nuslett chuckles as Rolando comes in with his pet rabbit getting all cute and such. So the bunny rabbit bites him in the nose and Rolando screams and bails stage right. See; Rolando has no problems with the librarian; probably because she fears physics and hates awesomeness. Well; Kick's brand of awesomeness. Mrs. Fritz doesn't care and wants Kick to blow the roof off with this report. Kick decides to get this one over with as the Nuslett kisses him on the cheek. When the cute ficitional character is more over than the "real" character; you might as well pack it in and try your hand on Gravity Falls. Or anything not related to daredeviling. So we scene change to the stormy weather library as Kick looks at the sign which states that no animals are allowed. Kick doesn't even think a Nuslett is an animal; but he stuffs it into the backpack anyway just in case. Yeah; there's no air in that backpack, real smooth move there Kick. So we open the doors and practice the fine art of not being seen by the evil librarian who has Wanda's voice. The evil libraian is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee who started with Saved By The Bell: The New Class in 1995 and a few cameos in live action series before getting into full voice acting starting with Cow & Chicken and I Am Weasel in 1998. This is when Oh Yeah Cartoons started as she started there as Wanda which would be her typecast for the Fairly Oddparents later on along with Mrs. Turner (Timmy's mother) in the same show. The Legend of Tarzan as Kala is her DTVA debut and she was the animated version of Cruella DeVil (which was probably the reason for getting the evil librarian role here) in House Of Mouse and was in various Disney Toon Movies. She was also in Amercian Dragon: Jake Long as Principal Derceto. She has 100 credits to her resume; not including five credits for soundtrack. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (as Maleficent), Diablo III (as Maghda), Green Lantern: The Animated Series (as Sayd) and Kingdom Of Amalur: Reckoning are her most recent credits. I realize she appeared in the third episode of the series in season one; but I didn't have my notes back then. So I pretty much got all the voice talents down in this show.

Kick thinks he's won because there is no librarian anywhere. Except she rises from the dead behind Kick. HAHA! That is a neat visual; even if they already did that spot with Koi Fish. Even Kick realizes that she is behind him and panics. Libra (because it's easier to spell) welcome him to the library making sure to sound like she's shaking and not evil. Kick assures her that he's only here to do a report in the library and nothing like last time when he broke and enter into the library to steal a book back to Gunther. Libra seems to be tottally turned on by that episode (which was a negative star episode by the way) and she wrote a children's book on that adventures; complete with red cover. I knew she had issues; but if she wanted to have issues, the book should have been a magazine. It's a picture book as we get various scenes from Books Could Kill of course and the last scene shows a graveyard with Kick's tombstone on it and Kick screams...badly. Ah; I have seen picture books that were much more gruesome than this. Mostly from manga; but they are picture books from a techincial standpoint so... Libra wants absolute slience from Kick if he wants this to not happen again and Kick backs away and steps on a floor board which is so badly animated; it looks like paper. Libra screams like mad; so Kick pushes the loose board down and backs away as it's not a peep starting now. Then stop talking you idiot. So we scene change to Kick looking at books from the Obsure Animals section which has spiders and webs on the trim of the shelf. And of course Kick peeps just ten seconds into this thing. The Nuslett book does exist; but it's so damn thin that it's not funny. Kick grabs the book and blows it to get rid of the dust. It's a stapled first grader type book called "Nuslett & You". Kick then opens the backpack so he can research Nuslett; but Nuslett has somehow bit through the backpack and runs away. You just knew he would screw Kick at some point; which is A-OK with me!

So Kick gets the bug eyes out of head spot that needs to be retired as we do some chasing; but Kick stops because in the library crossroads is Libra pushing a cart of books from left to right. Kick manages to read a book and does the Shh! sound as per the episode title. Libra buys it and walks off. Damn; she isn't as bright as I thought she was. So we give chase as Kick grabs the library ladder and slides to try to catch the critter; but no dice as Kick is forced to stop and do a three point landing behind Libra. He has a poop-eating grin on his kisser as Libra turns around and claims that she has her eyes on him. Libra; your eyes are on him; but your brain isn't functioning properly. She does some hand signs which make no sense as she tries to put a purple book and squash Nuslett; so Kick has to yell at her because he needs the book right now. The book so happens to be a body building book as Kick claims that he's working on his pecks. Well sure you are Kick; I mean at least it's something to counter Brad even though you have beat him a half dozen times already. At least. So she gives Kick the book and storms off stage left. Kick throws the book away stage right and no sign of a sound of the book dropping on the floor as Kick grabs Nuslett and blows him off before stuffing it in the front of his suit. That is not smart Kick; ask Molly Cunningham about it. Anyhow; we scene change to a far shot of the front of the library as Libra is at the counter and we pan over to see Kick at one of the reading tables. Kick has his book out as he drops the backpack and Libra stares at him with the last scene of Kick Buttowski's tombstone in the graveyard. She slams the book forcing Kick to smile with the fakest smile ever as he opens the books and Nuslett chrips forcing Kick to yell in his suit. So Libra does the hand motions spot and then falls asleep and snores. Ah; I see she is drinking the same coffee as Mr. Baldwin.

Kick finally tells Nuslett to be quiet so he can figure out who he is. Ummm; Mrs. Fritz already said that it's a Nuslett Kick. Idiot! So Nuslett chirps as Kick has three gumballs and Kick blows him off because it ran away so no gum for him. So Nuslett chrips louder and Kick decides to give him a green gumball to shut him up; which the thing swallows whole. So Kick opens up the book as Kick notices chapter one which states that you should not feed Nuslett's candy. Why? The book doesn't say for chapters on end; other than a "we mean it" and a picture of a nuclear explosion. So Kick panics as he sees Nuslett on Libra's desk and she has a jar of candy. We get another shot of the book's chapter of not feeding him candy which seems to give him a candy addiction. Which is 95% of the children of this world. And 75% of the adults of this world too. So we get another shot of a nuclear explosion and that causes Kick to rip the book in half and run in to grab Nuslett from the desk. Kick tells him no more candy and the Nuslett turns around and roars violently. The Nuslett then does the greatest spot I have ever seen in this series; all time; all my life as he PUTS OUT THE ASSOWSKI~! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I betcha Stegmutt wants to do it too; but he's buried under GeoX's grave of hate right now. Then the tailspin (BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) throws Kick as he takes a wussy off-screen bump into the book shelf and books drop down. So Kick runs in and takes Nuslett away from the candy jar and yells at Nuslett because he is banned from candy. Kick blows off the Nuslett who invokes the POINTY FINGER OF DEATH. Which the Nuslett bites in kind. HAHA! Kick grabs his mouth and goes to the bathroom; enters the toilet stall and screams. Then he returns and we REPEAT THE SPOT at least a few times just because we need to jackhammer the point home. Memo to Kick: stop pointing at him. That is not nice.

So Kick stops pointing at him; and blows him off. Nuslett does the Spongebob Trick and bites his finger anyway. HAHA! Memo to Kick: stop yelling at him. That is not nice either. Better yet; steal the candy jar and let Nuslett have the candy. It's not like you have not stolen stuff on a regular basis in this show anyway. Kick tries to go to the bathroom; but it's occupied. That's logic break #1 for the episode because we show that it was a public washroom and with multiple stalls. Even worse; Kick steals an empty bottle from a girl who just drank out of it; yells into it and seals it with the cap. He runs to the window and throws it into the red wagon towed by Papercut Peterson. He opens it like an idiot and he gets screamed right in the face. Peterson still like it though as Kick turns around and Nuslett is throwing books off the book shelf at him. Kick does the balancing fragile objects spot which just doesn't work here. It amazes me how idiots can say that the old shows of out of style; and yet the new shows steal from the old shows like crazy. Of course the old shows did the same thing to the even older shows and so on and so on; but at least we were not calling those older shows "out of style" during that time. Because there was no internet and sharing back then either; so you needed to be an old fart in order to notice the similaries. And yes; Kick does a save a book with his tongue which he probably stole from Deranged Kermit. Nuslett comes down and invokes the scissors forcing Kick to eat a book for good measure. HA! Too bad; he'll only have the knowledge absorbed in him for three minutes. Did I just say...?! Oh wait; never mind. So we continue on with the Nuslett running away; so Kick counters with the trashcan and sits on top of it. Nuslett manages to move trashcan around and somehow Libra is still asleep despite Kick yelling all this time. That Seanut Butter Coffee is one FDA drug sting away from destroying the coffee industry, let me tell ya!

So we drive away with some cowboy music as Nuslett hides in a grate (yes; a metal grate with carpet on; how drole?) as Kick takes another wussy bump and destroy another box of newspapers which causes Kick to go dizzy. So Nuslett walks to Libra's desk and Kick makes a paper airplane from the newspaper stack that he destroyed and throws it. I betcha it hits Libra (missing Nuslett by a mile) and that wakes her up. I check the video...It doesn't (BOO! HISS!) and Nuslett is flown and dropped into the filing cabinet containing index cards for research. So the shelf closes in as Kick walks to it and gets bashed in the face with the drawers, (NOT THAT ONE! Although that one would be funny.) Nuslett pops out and does a decent raspberry on Kick. I see he's training to become the Psycho Molly Cunningham in TaleSpin: Friendship Is Flying. AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And thanks to me; I betcha if and when the new rumored comic comes out; that's the title they use for the first issue. This continues on as it's perfectly okay to nail someone in the face in children's cartoon as long as it's not someone's fist. Kick walks back and gets buried underneath the cabinet for fun. HAHA! And Libra finally wakes up. Yes; it took Kick getting murdered by a filing cabinet to wake her up despite sleeping through the much louder Kick Buttowski. Libra needs to stop being friends with Mr. Baldwin, STAT!! Which causes Kick to jump over the desk and cradle the chair like a cradle and rock her like a baby. Oh god; if she sells this then she is the worst authority figure since Miss Finster. And yes; she sells it so she's only better than Miss Finster from Recess. At least her evilness is perversely entertaining; unlike Miss Finster who is just a cranky teacher with no soul. So we give chase again (with cowboy music no less) as Nuslett steals the chair with Libra in it which is kind of stupid because if Nuslett is going to dump her out of the window and lock the library, that sort of works in Kick's favor.

So we do the Scooby Doo spots for a while and Kick gets MURDERED by the index filing cabinet for fun. HAHA! You know you are worse than Johnny F'N Test when the filing cabinet and the rabid candy addicted animal is five times more over than you. Each I might add. And we break logic as we have an empty chair in one shot and then Libra is back on the chair sleeping on the next sequence which leads to Libra going into the conveniently placed elevator. Yeah; as much as it's perversely entertaining to me; this episode is now completely overbooked and it's time to mercy kill it before the entertainment become a wee bit too sadistic for even my liking. So Kick pushes the elevator buttons as we discover that this library has three floors (a basement, a library and an office hallway no doubt) and Kick keeps pushing buttons like a mad man; until it opens and the filing cabinet MURDERS Kick again. I wish it would murder the writers and get them to stop this overkill. Nuslett hovers the chair over the filing cabinet as we discover that it is NOT UP TO CODE! What a shock that was? Kick pops up and sees Nuslett pushing Libra's chair into the front door and out of the library. Wow; they really did go for the dumbass moment here. Kick's eyes bug out again because cartoon bug out makes kids laugh. You know what also makes kids laugh? Tickling their bare feet. So Kick brings out a shelf of books and uses it as a safety blanket to catch Libra's chair. Wait; wouldn't getting rid of the drugged librarian be a good thing? She's supposed to be pure evil since you said that yourself Kick. So Kick brings her back into the library and lets her head rest on the desk. Nuslett grabs the lid of the candy jar and Kick misses and smacks Libra right in the glasses. And she instantly wakes up and is in a rage. I don't blame her; that Seanut Butter Coffee came from Larson & Gary too I bet. Then we see a book called Sleepy Time Bear with a picture of a bear sleeping in his night cap. Yeah; this is as close as you are going to see TaleSpin on television again; so get use to it guys! And she sleeps again. Damn you Kick Buttowski for denying a suitable perverse ending to this.

So Kick is hanging from a ceiling lamp as he sees Nuslett chewing at the iron statue as Kick runs over and blows him off. So he gets the head shoved down his neck and is blinded. Kick's balance is bad as the head crashed through the window and lands right in front of Petercut Peterson. Who in turn opens the screaming bottle of doom and it screams...badly. As usual. So Kick gets his focus back and panics as Nuslett finally climbs up Libra's legs with that look of "Screw you for denying my candy fix!" Kick runs in and looks up to notice Nuslett inside Libra's mouth (oh lord; I feel so sorry for Nuslett now) so Kick stuffs his hand inside Libra's mouth and get bit by the false teeth which Kick yanks out and throws away after landing on his behind. So Kick steals the candy jar just as Nuslett laughs in his face; so Nuslett teleports to behind a book shelf (wow; Kick is really getting a lot of original research in this one) and pushes the bookshelves down like dominoes. Kick has to drop the candy jar and grab onto the bookshelf with all his might. This allows Nuslett to open the jar and after a long tease of Kick pleading, Nuslett dives into the candy jar; breaks said jar, eats all candy and then explodes, destroying the entire library in the process. Kick does a Scooby Doo Snow Angel into the wall just to annoy me and Libra is still asleep in that chair and is perfectly fine. Whatever guys as Nuslett burps and some green vomit comes out (Wow; it took them eight minutes to do a body fluid spot and it wasn't disgusting at all.); as Libra is still asleep and Kick breathes a sigh of relief. And Nuslett is back to his happy self. Kick grabs Nuslett and runs out of the library just as Rolando enters without noticing that the entire library is trashed and noticable from the outside too. Rolando cuts a promo and then walks on the creeky floorboard and that is enough to wake up Libra for real. What a dumb payoff that was? Rolando; run NOW, because you are ROOM FEED~! So Rolando gets the Johnny Test torture laser of doom for his troubles; just to bury him further. How peachy of the writers to do that.

So we return to class as Gunther is giving his report on his dog which is a bird. Mrs. Fritz gives him an F; but Gunther doesn't seem to care and neither does Fritz apparently. So next up is Kick Buttowski as then we come to what should demonstrate to be the lousiest logic break ever: Rolando has somehow teleported back to the class with his tiger. Umm; yeah. Kick opens the door and is a mess as he puts the Nuslett on the desk and describe it as the meanest, nastiest creature that ever lived. This would have worked a lot better if the creature was real guys! No one; not even kids are going to buy that thing as any sort of threat. More so when the guy calling it a threat is completely unlikable. On the other hand; at least he is telling the truth here as no one is selling it. Kick proclaims that there is no information on it because no one has lived to tell about it. Mrs. Fritz doesn't buy that at all and gives Kick an F since he did no research on it. I would give him an F just on the general principle that he sucks as a character. So Mrs. Fritz gives Nuslett a candy as Kick hides inside a desk and we cut to outside with the explosion of death happening inside as per BS&P. That is of course enough to give Kick an A and extra credit. Which he will get when Kick finds her spleen. So we fade to black and return with the final segment which is the same stupid Charlie Brown spot they have done several times in this show already. Gunther and Kick blink eyes and then Kick gets murdered guessed it to end the episode at 10:00 approx. Nuslett carried this whole episode to a perversely entertaining episode; but the ending still sucks and too many logic breaks prevented it from passing average. And the episode was way overbooked; although the filing cabinet is awesome and should get a book deal soon. ** (40%).

Opening Moment #2: The title card features a skyline with sunset background; and there is a needle and white thread.

Sew What?!: We begin this one with said sunset background in the middle of the cul-de-sac as we have more white skateboard roller coaster ramps. Stylizied trim on the screen ensues as Kick is on top of the ramp with the blue bicycle because we need to do more dumb stunts with no rhyme nor reason. The style of the artwork allows Kick to ride and rip off Gunther's Guy Ladouce outfit and make him naked as a jaybird again. Thankfully; the art blurs the naughty parts again. He rides into the air and does skywriting his last name and then returns to put Gunther's clothes back on along with the binoculars. Then we discover that this didn't happen at all as we return to reality (no, not really) as Kick and Gunther (in the outfit) look at the front lawn surroundings. Apparently; the ramp is being built out of pop treat sticks and some have called him crazy. We know who called him a genius as demonstrated by Gunther licking a red popsicle treat for fun. Then Harold comes up from behind as we discover that Kick's grandmother is coming to Mellowbrook to visit the Buttowskis BABEE! Kick is stunned and I'm shocked because Harold has some whip cream pies ready to slam her in the fact with. Wait...WHAT?! Why?! Even Gunther is as confused as I am. Kick blows Harold off because Grandmother Rosery is the master of pranks and Kick got one to show up Harold as he shows his evil face. Okay; he can emote two faces properly; that isn't much of a impressive feat. Gunther blows this all off as not being nice. Gunther calls this one upsmanship a form of foreshadowing as the Buttowskis get all giddy as the taxi arrives and as the window opens, Harold throws the pie into the back seat; but it goes right through the car without hitting anyway. We see her behind Harold (Ah; the ultimate prank on logicatians eveywhere: The dreaded Spongebob Trick.) as Harold is startled and the pie flips into the air and lands on his head. HAHA! Rosery blows him off as the second splats right into Miss Chickerelli's kisser. That's even better! Sadly; it's too high to be at it's best which is hitting Oskar The Dressed Up Dog (Jay Leno: YOUR DOG IS NOT GOING TO WEAR THAT!).

Harold disappears without a trace just after Miss Chickerelli gets the whip cream off her and demands answers to this outrage. Ummm; yeah Mrs. Chickerelli murdered Harold Buttowski. So we cut back to the kids as Rosery greets her grandson. Harold has been screwed again into throwing a pie into a senior citizen not named Rosery. Gunther is horrified of all this; since it was a waste of good whip cream pie. Rosery notices the rampway and realize what it is right away as Kick shrugs it off because it is merely an old stunt he does all the time. You cannot even lie properly Kick Buttowski. See; he has grown out of stunts and elbows Gunther which Gunther no sells. His ribbing is also weak sauce too. Gunther's attempt at eye winking is hilarious I might add. For all the wrong reasons I will also add. So we scene change to the zoo as we get a shot of a sloth hanging onto a tree as we cut to Rosery and Kick watching a sloth in the sloth farm. Kick's eyes are so dangerously wrong I think even Rosery wishes she was clueless as to what is going on. Sometimes giving someone enough rope to hang themselves is a BAD idea. I don't need to explain Kick's attempt of making Rosery do the Gruffi pose here; it explains itself nicely. Sadly; the audio needs to be up to 150% in order to hear half of what they are saying; which is bad because other stuff is at normal sound and it is hurting my eardrums worse than Baloo getting his eardrums killed by the WRAITH OF BECKEY. Then we watch a shot of a conveyer belt in some factory doing the same spots from the previous scene. Kick counts to 100 and then drags Rosery as she sarcastically calls this excitement. She is feeling my pain when watching this show; and the one responsible for it too.

Then we get a shot of the statue showing a drywall taper and we are at the Drywall Museum. Probably the same museum who sells that drywall which is so anicent that it violates building codes in this show. Rosery comes out and calls this dry as Kick is giddy. It amazes me how crappy Kick Buttowski is when he's hating stunts. If this is some attempt to get critics to shut up; it's not working because it's BS all the same. Kick is not likable; nor ever will be. Get over it. Stop trying to mimic Monteray Jack guys! Not even Rescue Rangers' smart marks think he's over. Apparently there is a difference between drywall and sheetrock. Maybe in Mellowbrook Kick; but that's FACKING BULLSHEET! Kick tries to grab the arm; but Rosery has had enough of this crap (Thank you Rosery!) and calls him out for acting like a moronic liar. Well; she didn't say that; but it's implied. She calls it offensive and Kick punks her off because he was just pranking. Geez; Rosery is not very smart then. Which makes Harold look even WORSE now. Rosery has a good laugh with Kick as they return as Rosery pretty much admits that she fell for it since the suit and helmet made it so obvious. Rosery is in front of the car in the driveway as Rosery tells her that he should enjoy it because she won't be fooled by that again and also she is required by her gimmick to counter prank Kick. She assures that none of her pranks cause bodily harm as Brad walks in and he's bald. Huh? Brad looks at his watch waiting for that prank and blows off the Dillweed for giggling at him. Sadly; he doesn't kill him and just walks off. So Harold comes in from behind and tries to throw another whip cream pie at Rosery; but she ducks and it goes through an open window which happens to be Miss Chickerelli's house and you can guess who gets it too. It's so sad as a heel when bumping off cream pies from Harold is more fun to watch. Harold disappears again as Rosery gleefully sums up Harold's attempt at pranking.

So we head to a zoom out shot of the cul-de-sac (with rampway of course) as Kick explains the rampway to her and they both watch the same "birds of prey" show. This must be the Mellowbrook version of TaleSpin which has got to still be better than Kick Buttowski; and on par with Rosery Buttowski. They play the Kit/Baloo "Polly Wants A Treasure" repeat the same thing spot and it's decent enough I guess. Until Gunther ruins it by injecting himself into the conversation. And he cannot stop winking as we head inside the living room and watch television showing the same bird Gunther was researching in the previous short I was ranting on. Our Guy Ladouce wearing tough guy (I don't know this name; I missed it; don't care to rewind) tells us that they go for the eyes and the eagle swoops in and we go to a shot of Kick and Rosery eating popcorn, laughing and cheering for the poor nameless guys' death of his eyeballs. Well; I think we found out what kind of guard bird Sting used to screw Easy E on Impact Wrestling a year ago. Apparently the tough guy's name is Pain which is perfectly fitting for him as the eagle is flying into the sky with his talons attached to his eyeballs. OUCH! That was cringeful to say the least. Still beats toilet and random humor though. So Kick claims that this is how he does it. If it's getting his eyeballs killed by an eagle; then that would be awesome, but I doubt that will happen. Rosery flaps her arms and at least she's enjoying herself. Now we are halfway through this episode and you would think Rosery would have already pranked Kick by now. So we get another whip cream pie thrown as Rosery ducks and it goes out the window; and Miss Chickerelli ducks and thinks she has screwed Harold this time; and then the pie somehow boomerangs back and hits her in the back of the head. HAHA! That might not be a prank Harold; but that shot was pretty damn funny though.

Harold slams the door off-screen (thus reducing himself to Carlton the Doorman; ala the late Lorenzo Music) as Rosery claims that his jumpsuit is ripped; and Kick calls it another prank. Rosery points out that she is not joking and Kick's suit is legit ripped. Why do I get the feeling that she is lying and that she pranked him as a starter course for the big ass prank later on. Kick proclaims that he wears his suits out all the time. Rosery is interested but has some business to take care of. Kick asks if she will return to see his stunt tomorrow and Rosery doesn't know since she has all these appointments with mail sorting and other boring stuff. And she GOT HIS LAST~! HAHA! Yeah; this basically a shorter version of One Upsman-Chip from Rescue Rangers as Kick get slapped in the back of the head; which would have looked cooler if it wasn't for the helmet. Kick waves goodbye and leaves as Rosery admits that she still needs adult diapers though. Why did she need to say that in a serious manner is beyond me; because it's not funny. So we scene change to Kick sleeping in his bed with his helmet on. So Kick scratches himself and wakes up to find the JOKEY SURPRISE OF DOOM on his bed. It also has a note attached to it which is from Rosery. Basically; Rosery made him a new jumpsuit and spent all night making it for him. We get some "do this in an accent; but not this and this" just to see if the kids will laugh at it. Memo to writers: It doesn't. So Kick opens the gift box and is surprised at what he sees; but thinks this is the counterprank. Gunther somehow joins us and does the most absurd DUBBED ANIME STYLE swearing ever seen in the new Disney (Holy funky chicken meatballs. Hey; it sounds dumb to me.) as Gunther thinks that Kick is right about this. Kick claims that this is the uglist jumpsuit ever and he has seen a Philly version of it too. He thinks it's a prank as he walks out with the present to bust Rosery's chops about it. Gunther warns him to be gentle since she's old and apparently his eye winking has come back. Would have been funnier if he did that and talked at the same time; if only as a funny visual.

So we cut to the living room as Rosery and Harold are on the couch exchanging notes. Kick is watching behind them from the top of the stairs. Rosery proclaims that she got enough rest at the drywall museum and cannot wait for the stunt since he'll be wearing the new jumpsuit he made. Kick then starts to feel terrible because it's not a prank to him. Ummm; Kick, she's pranking you. When anyone sezs "Interesting" and sounds evil; you have been Rosey'ed. Which is much cooler than getting Brad'ed. Rosey coughs as Harold gives her a glass of water OUT OF NOWHERE (well; you knew that one would come) as she admits that she's getting old and might not live past one more stunt. Kick gasps and goes back upstairs as Rosey looks down at the floor and Harold brings out another whip cream pie and she blows him off as an vile inappros piece of crap. And still it's not a prank. So we head back to Kick's room as Kick doesn't like this one bit as Gunther proclaims that he is the laughing stock of the neighbourhood which is only slightly better if he was laughed off because Gunther made him a jumpsuit. Now I'm praying that Gunther pays off that joke somehow. Kick groans as Gunther explains that you do not make a rampway a mile away unless you attract a crowd. The problem with this is; he does this in almost every episode and yet this is first time he is attracting a crowd. Kick proclaims that he doesn't care anymore because he doesn't want to break Rosery's heart. Wow; it took HER prank to make Kick be likable as Kick proclaims that he is going to get this over with and wear the suit outright. So Kick does the sequence from the beginning of the introduction; only we discover as he walks out of the garage, he is dressed like a canary...head?


My seniments exactly people! This has to be a prank guys! What else could it be?! Brad calls him Chick Buttowski as everyone laughs as we see the Rodeo Cowboy and Rolando laughing in the background. We cut back to Kick's bedroom as Rosery enters and probably sees the horror of Gunther being unable to stop winking too. Gunther is not there as Rosery admits that indeed; it was a prank. HA! I knew it was from the start. See; verbal tone cues are just as important as non-verbal cues too. How do you think Japanese anime got so awesome in it's original language? She notices the empty box and then hears Gunther in his Guy Ladouce outfit on the megaphone of Jimmy Harts calling on Chick's stunt which is bicycle riding with a compromised jumpsuit. He then apologizes to Kick; but Kick doesn't care as he rides the bicycle down the ramp and goes into the loop-de-loop for 15 cents and flies into the air like a bird (which actually makes using the suit even more useful); writes the skywriting and then makes a perfect three point landing down onto the ground. If he was 2000 feet higher in the air doing that; then it's on par with Kit Cloudkicker in Stormy Weather. The crowd groans and walks away. Yes; they wanted to see Kick get MURDERED in the canary jumpsuit and he disappointed them. That's my kind of people! Brad is pissed off as Rosery arrived a good 30 seconds too late as Kick takes off the suit and they both embrace. Brad walks off because Kick screwed him. What a shocker?! Rosery then admits that he wasn't supposed to wear the suit and Kick finally realized that she GOT HIM LAST~! And Harold knew about it too. Harold goes into dramatics about finding the perfect prank as he knows the difference between a prank and a "not prank"; but he doesn't care as he throws another whip cream pie at Mrs. Chickerelli and Harold panics yelling at her to duck. That's really stupid of you either way; because the pie hits the conveniently placed police officer in the face. UH OH! That's a no-no Harold.

I think you can guess that Harold tries to disappear himself; but gets arrested and put in the police car and is driven away. At least Harold looked ashamed when the handcuffs are put on; but he still vows revenge on Rosery anyway. Rosery calls it not a prank; but is still damn funny all the same. They pat each other on the back because they are even steven now. And we are not talking about the live action show Disney made several years ago. They then notice an eagle flying in the sky as we see that they taped "Kick me" papers on each others back. Well; that is sort of still being even as the episode ends at 10:20 approx. Really fun episode; more so when the chicken suit when into effect. Rosery was the one who carried the episode of course and she got Kick last; so it was a perfect payoff to the pranking this show has done to me. **** (80%).


Another whiplash set of episodes on Kick Buttowski as usual. Shhh! was solid enough I guess; but it was mostly Nuslett screwing Kick Buttowski after Kick foolishly gave him candy. It was funny; but it got overbooked and the ending and finishes were dumb as I expected them to be. The evil librarian sucks still though as she is only slightly more entertaining then Miss Finster now. Otherwise; I have not much else to say about that episode. Sew What?? was a lot better as I loved the climax and finish to this episode when the chicken suit came into effect. Rosery was great and the kind of senior citizen I want to see: full of energy and not afraid to one up a whippersnapper and show that the young ones still have a lot to learn. Harold's pie throwing routine was cute; but Gunther's eye winking was not cute. So it wasn't a historic episode; but it was fun and Kick was actually quite likable and friendly for a change throughout the episode which made this a special one too. So this leaves Trash Talk left to combine with Power Play; which features the leads from Pardon The Interruption on ESPN. However; that can wait until much later since I'm going shopping on Tuesday and next weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and we finally start Goof Troop for the first time ever. So.....

Thumbs down for Shhh! and thumbs up for Sew What? and I'll see you next time.

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